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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  June 5, 2017 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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the oakland warehouse fire. they filed criminal charges, two people are under arrest for the charges. one of the two charged, the master tenant at the warehouse, this is a new picture of him in custody. >> live team coverage for you. first we go to sharon katsuda who joins us live from oakland. tell us more about who is in custody and what the charges are. >> reporter: well, anyone that closely watched the case will recall the very outspoken leaseholder of this space, derrickal mean a, he is in custody with another, matt perez. six months after the devastating fire that killed 36 people in this oakland warehouse, the alameda district attorney says master tenant will face criminal charges for involuntary manslaughter. another tenant faces the same charges. almena allowed him to live in
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the warehouse. he collected rent and mediated disputes at the site. >> they acted knowingly with disregard for the risk when they did the following. they allowed individuals to live in warehouse and deceive the police, the fire department, and the owners of the building to that fact. >> reporter: the district attorney's office says it is likely the cause of the fire could remain undetermined because so much of the building and contents were consumed by the fire. about 100 people had attended the music event that december night in the warehouse. the memorial to the victims still stanlds today, and visitos are relieved to hear the news. >> i believe justice will be done for the families and their loved once. >> reporter: almena was arrest this morning and harris in los angeles. they'll be brought here to face charges. >> the defendants knowingly created a fire trap and are now
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facing consequences of their actions. >> reporter: almena's lawyer said his client is being used as quote scapegoat. >> thank you, sharon. minutes after today's charges were announced, the attorney representing the families spoke out about the d.a.'s decision. bay area jodi hernandez joins us with that part of the story. >> reporter: that's right, an attorney for some of the families told us that they believe the owner of the building here should also be held criminally liable. i talked on the phone to one father who said he is relieved but frustrated. >> we are very pleased that they have been criminal charges filed against two of the people who contributed in the cause of this fire. >> reporter: attorney mary
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alexander says families that lost loved once are relieved that leaseholder almena and tenant max harris are being criminally charged with criminal manslaughter. she represents families she says have been waiting for this very day. >> we just want justice. we just want justice. >> reporter: david gregory lost his 20-year-old daughter in the fire was too emotional to talk on camera but told me while he is glad charges were filed, he is frustrated more people aren't being prosecuted. his attorney echoed that. >> they believe that they owned this building and allowed this to happen and didn't prevent it. >> reporter: again, we did try to reach out to the building's owner today but were unsuccessful. we even went by one of their homes. we also reached out to almena's
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attorney who calls this a mischami miscarriage of justice. he believes the truth will come out and his client will be found not guilty. again, that is the latest from oakland. reporting live, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> who are they? what kienlt of contact did they have with law enforcement and city officials before the fatal fire. >> where have they been since. senior investigative reporter vicky win is contact. >> reporter: we met with max harris after the deadly fire, one of the last to leave the building alive that night. harris tipped us off that funds donated to victims weren't being distributed. his wife contacted is by facebook and text to talk about the struggle facing her family and three children. a struggle now worsened with the arrests announced today.
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>> the ceiling was on fire, there was a sheet, it was like a sheet of fire that was just rolling toward the door. >> reporter: the day after the fire max harris sat down with nbc. he called himself a senior member of the warehouse space who acted as an event coordinator. in later talks, harris told us he made jewelry in his live work space and helped almena collect rent. he says the building landlord and owner knew people lived there. >> the owner of this space from what i know leased out this space as a place where we were going to host events, where we were going to be doing dance class, workshops, converts. they knew that was going to happen. >> reporter: so far it is only these two that face charges linked to the warehouse fire. harris was named in 12 civil suits. almena in 27 suits. >> we're sorry to the families
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and all of the friends that loved loved ones. >> reporter: after speaking with nbc, he and his wife allison were tweeted to the spotlight resurfacing in march in a group text and facebook message senltd to the investigative unit. allison asked for a loan for their housing crisis, said she had been looking for work. >> we haven't been in any way hiding from this. >> there's nothing more important than lives that were lost there. >> reporter: almena was arrested in lake county, convicted on a misdemeanor, receiving stolen property. another arrest in 2015 for an altercation over rent at the ghost ship. neither the almena family or harris responded for comment. the d.a. won't say if she plans to charge the building owner. the ing family are holding off on comments at this time. >> thank you very much. we are following the ghost ship fire since the beginning.
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for the latest on today, continuing coverage and more reports, head to we have everything there for you. life without parole. that is the decision from the jury today in the sierra lamar case. the jury declined the death penalty for antolin garcia torres convicted of killing the 15-year-old. i know especially her father says he is not happy with this part of the jury's decision. >> reporter: surprise to a lot of people, nearly all court watchers and experts thought the jury would come back with death penalty but that wasn't the case. when i asked jurors personally after they were dismissed why they made this decision, they had no comment. our camera was the only one to capture jurors as they walked out of the courthouse through a side door, escorted by several deputies. they custoasked us not to show
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faces and didn't answer the question about why they didn't pick the death penalty. the d.a. and sierra's family did speak. >> the jury made it so he will die in prison, never take another breath as a free man. >> reporter: his father shook his head and buried his face in his hands. >> i would be lying if i didn't say i was disappointed in the verdict. he'll be able to live, sierra won't. he'll be able to breathe, sierra doesn't. >> reporter: she disappeared more than five years ago walking to a school bus stop in morgan hill. the same jurors convicted garcia torres of kidnapping weeks ago. with the penalty phase over, the family says they hope he will reveal where her body is so everyone can finally be at peace. >> yeah, that's always a hope.
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that's really something that would help us, you know. just grieving. >> reporter: and the defense has filed a motion for a new trial. that hearing is set for mid september, so no sentencing date has been set just yet. and through his lawyer, antolin garcia torres declined our request for interview. >> thank you. we now know the name of the man arrested in connection with the killing of an australia and tourist in san francisco. david murillo got in a fight outside the motel friday. he later died from injuries. although an arrest had been made, investigators ask anyone with information in this case to call san francisco pd. the gunman behind the shooting in florida told a new employee to run. this is john newman from a 2010
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marijuana arrest, after killing five former co-workers, he took his own life. it is a business that makes awnings for campers and vans. it followed a physical altercation with a co-worker, that person was not among the victims. >> at least one of them he had a negative relationship with. he was certainly seeking out the individuals he shot. >> investigators were seen looking for evidence outside his mobile home. say he lived by himself, did not appear to have family members close by. new details in the london bridge terror attack. authorities identified two of three suspects, one, a 27-year-old scitizen from pakistan. the other claimed to be moroccan and libyan. no word on the third attacker. police shot and killed all three. seven people killed in the attack were mourned. 40 others injured, some
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seriously. all the latest products from apple laid out. i'm scott budman. coming up, a very first look from the first day of the developer's conference. google cars, that not only map where you live, they also measure the air you breathe. mark matthews in san francisco. a pollution map that surprised even the scientists putting it together. that story coming up. we're seeing temperatures in the 70s and 80s around the bay area today. similar trend tomorrow before a bigger change arrives, which includes a chance of rare rain in the month of june. when you can expect rain to arrive and how much when we come back.
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choosing to unveil its newest products in san jose for the first time in nearly two decades. the silicon valley tech giant kied off its week-long apple went south, choose to go reveal the latest products in san jose in nearly two decades. the tech giant kicked off a week long developer's conference with
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new products and big names. business and tech reporter scott budman has been there all day, a first look at what's coming our way. scott? >> reporter: hey, terry, developers love this conference, they get to hear from big name speakers like michelle obama who will be here tomorrow and they get to get their hands on apple did i vices like the much buzzed about digital assistant. and here's the first look, apple's upcoming entry into the digital assistant space. home pod. a voice activated way to find what you're looking for around the house and unlike amazon or google, apple wants you to start with music. >> with apple, it is the other way around, you listen to music, you start trusting and using siri more. >> this will also be the year apple digs into virtual reality and augmented reality. augmented like adding this coffee cup to a table.
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>> that was a close one. >> reporter: virtual as in creating entire worlds that aren't there. and then there's this little guy. 5,000 developers at this year's conference and apple ceo particular cook put a ten-year-old on the big screen. then reviewed his new app. >> he was astonished. he couldn't wait to see my next app and it was amazing to actually meet a very cool guy. >> reporter: a developer of the future. speaking of the future, today we saw the next wave of software and operating systems from apple, saw an upgrade to the ipod. if you're interested in the home pod, it is shipping in december. price tag $349. live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. governor brown is promising
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california will continue to follow the paris climate accord and work with china while doing it. he made the announcement at an environment summit in china. he made that before the president's decision to pull out of that deal. governor brown says going green is just common sense and calls trump's withdrawal from the paris accord, quote, insane. we have all seen the google camera cars that map our streets. now they're mapping the air we breathe. four specially equipped google cars have been measuring air pollution in oakland. nbc bay area mark matthews live in san francisco where the study was made public today. mark? >> reporter: terry, we are in embarcadero, the study was unveiled today, just across the bay google teamed up with a san francisco based company that deplois sensors in the the environmental defense fund to measure air pollution there. this video supplied by google shows the air monitoring cars
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driving through west oakland, downtown and east oakland for 150 days last year. sensors picking up and measuring the air from block to block. >> it all starts at the front of the car. >> reporter: a scientist showed it off. >> fairly large on the order of 10 to $100,000 each. >> reporter: data analyzed by a researcher that found big, consistent differences within a few hundred yards. >> there are promise one end of the block is eight times more polluted than the other end. >> reporter: the more you know about wear the air pollution is coming from, the easier to address it. >> we need to find sources of pollution, not just highways but individual sources, the sub lot, small factories, facilities. we need to see it and understand it. it is not an abstract, it is real and it is effecting us. >> reporter: you can see the
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pollution map for west oakland, east oakland and downtown oakland on the environmental defense fund's website. we'll have a link to it on our website. in the coming months they say they're going to roll out more cities and have more google equipped air monitoring cars in years to come. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. seeing mark matthews in san francisco, sky is blue, sun is out. change is on the way. >> air quality, high temperatures which we expect for june, maybe rain chances not so much. that's what's in the forecast, we are watching that closely today. temperatures five to eight degrees warmer than yesterday. outside, look at the air quality. mark mentioned in that report how highly variable those numbers can be. tomorrow, moderate levels for the coast, peninsula and north
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bay, some ground level ozone and smoke pollution east bay and south bay. tomorrow, winds pick up a little during the day. 78 degrees currently in san jose. look at concord, almost 90 degrees. 89 after 4:30. dublin and tri-valley heating up, 87 degrees. belvedere back to san francisco, 81 degrees, mostly clear skies. thanks to sea breeze and a few passing high clouz over golden gate bridge. 66 in san francisco. wind speeds gusty at times. san francisco up to 26 miles per hour. 15 to 30 through 8:00 tonight. eventually we will see patches of low clouds heading towards tomorrow morning. similar start to today, similar finish to tomorrow afternoon. highs in the upper 70s to low 80s around the santa clara valley, sea breeze picks up for the afternoon. highs around the tri-valley in the mid-80s from pleasanton to
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the south. dublin highs in the mid-80s. concord down. peninsula temperatures in the 60s and 70s. mid-60s around san francisco and north bay temperatures in the 70s to low 80s. the weather is holding steady through tomorrow, wednesday. a few high clouds. look at this thursday. this low pressure system will weaken our approach, still provide enough moisture that we'll see a chance of showers on thursday. skies clear friday. good news for weekend plans, high pressure building in and dry conditions next weekend. let's track changes hour by hour. wednesday, increasing clouds as we head through wednesday evening. thursday morning a chance for showers in the north bay from 9:00 a.m. around noon to midafternoon, here come shower chances moving out of the north bay, across the bay area, clearing skies getting into friday. best chance for finding rain, north of santa rosa, 2 to 3
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inches towards eureka thursday night. seven-day forecast, mild temperatures the next couple days, then chance of showers. keep in mind, the bay area averages a tenth inch of rain for the month of june. we may beat that in some spots in the north bay thursday. stay tuned. >> not too much. >> not too much. >> thanks very much. still to come. targeting uber and lyft. what the san francisco d hopes to find out about drivers and the impact on the city. keep an eye on uber and lyft.
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that )s what a san francisco ciy leader wants to do. ==vo== city attorney dennis herrera issued subpoen for keep an eye on uber and lyft. the city attorney issued subpoenas asking the ridesharing companies to turn over four years of records on drivers and service in the city. the information he wants is driving practices, rider accessibility and disability service. he says he wants to make sure drivers follow local and state laws as well as insure vehicles
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aren't a public nuisance. the age of technology, there's a blurry line between information available to police and user privacy rights. today, the supreme court agreed to address the issue. they'll hear appeal from a man arrested in 2011 for a string of robberies in the detroit area. police used information from his own cell phone carrier to place him at robbery sites. the suspect says investigators should have obtained a warrant to get that information. lower courts ruled a warrant wasn't needed. still to come, taking aim at traffic which is horrible. >> yes, it is. the meeting tonight t oakland food vendors can start
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applying to be a part of the city )s new program. =vo= the city council expanded the areas wre food vendors oakland food vendors can start applying to be part of the city's new program. city council expanded areas food vendors can set up shop. it happened back in march. today the city began accepting applications for the vending program. applications are due a month from now.
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a look at the evening commute on 101. it might have been the lead story tonight, there's no backup. it is usually congested at this time. the question is can something be done to cut down traffic. if you drive it, you know what i am talking about. caltran is thinking about several options, creating a toll lane, a lane for solo drivers, extended car pool lane. public meeting taking place at redwood city hall, 6 to discuss options. we will be right back.
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they )re now up two games to nothing against the caliers in has it sunk in yet? halfway to a championship. warriors with another big one last night. now they're up two games to nothing against the cavaliers. we are halfway there. >> the series now moving to cleveland. you see kevin durant. san francisco mayor ed lee announced a watch party for game
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three of the finals wednesday, civic center plaza, and it is free to the public. >> good thing it is not thursday. wednesday. rain free. we're going to join the stanly cup final next. gnanashville and the a t&t building. today, tallest building in tennessee at 33 stories. not far away, bridgestone arena, where local super heroes in hockey gear try to make it 2-2. >> let's go predators. >> after 19 years, nashville was ready for a hockey


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