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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 6, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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coming up at 5:00, right now on dot on your tuesday morning. taking a live look at san jose. folks making their way to work. you see some patchiness in the back in the cloud cover. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check in with kari. don't feel left out, mike. it's ladies in red day today. >> yes, it is. so it's going to be a beautiful day, no matter what you'll be wearing as you head out the door. we're going to have some weather starting out for some long sleeves and then short sleeves later on. in san jose, the temperature starts to rise, 55 right now, heading up to 79. we will have a nice and cool start, but it will be a beautiful afternoon for all outdoor activities. we'll take a look at what's
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ahead. slight chance of rain, and mike has a smooth commute. >> i do. i did say i would be there, but i'm here. just so you know, i changed locations. looking at the debris, that has not changed location, not has cleared from chp's 680 southbound report as you head down past scott creek road. no major incidents, and a crash over here heading throughout dublin. we're talking about the approaches toward the bay bridge and a nice easy drive. look at these travel times. no delays approaching or at the toll plaza, but we'll track it. it's tuesday, we expect it to build, and you know it will. back to you. >> thank you. it's 5:01. a controversial sex education curriculum will be up for debate after by the palo alto school board. >> joining us with the reason some parents really feel this content is not appropriate for seventh graders. >> all right, so the palo alto high school has been in the headlines recently because of allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment.
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this is a different story. this is a school board deciding how to go forward with its sexual health education program that includes education for seventh graders as well as high schoolers. by law, the palo alto unified school district and all school districts that are public have to provide sexual health education once in middle school and once in high school. some parents are protested the lessons saying they're too much for their seventh graders. palo alto unified school district by law has to include education on birth control, stds and decision making related to sexual choices. the district's nursing staff will partner with the nonprofit health connected, but according to the school board agenda, parents will have access to all materials before their children do, and they'll have which thois to opt out, and all those opt out materials will be in several different languages. that's part of the discussion coming up. >> at 6:00 this morning, i'll
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show you some of the material provided by the nonprofit that some parents say is just too much for their kids. that's at 6:00. kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> thanks for the latest there. >> at 5:03 this morning, new, the search is on for a person who abandoned a child near the san francisco zoo. police tell us the young child was left behind in the area of great highway at about 9:00 last night. the child has been taken into protective custody. the age of the child has not been released. 5:03, happening today, day two of apple's worldwide developers conference, and former first lady michelle obama is expected to make an appearance. bob redell is joining us with what she's expected to talk about. morning, bob. >> former first lady michelle obama will be here in san jose, the heart of silicon valley to speak at 9:00 at the mchenry convention center behind me, the site of the apple worldwide developers conference.
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apple ceo tim cook says obama is expected to talk about empowering people from all walks of life. now, the format will be a fireside chat. obama's hour-long talk will not be broadcast or live streamed from the convention center. apple kicked off its week-long conference yesterday with the introduction of software updates and new products, including the home pod, a speaker that connects you to sera, apple's virtual assistant. you can ask it to play music, send texts, control gadgets in the home. it's their first attempt to compete with amazon's echo and google's home. >> i feel they have been left behind with the devices, both google and amazon are advertising heavily, getting people used to the devices. >> apple also demonstrated neuvirchual reality technology that will be available on its new desktop computers and among
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other things, an updated ios that will allowia to send money to a friend vee aapple pay. >> thank you very much. 5:05 now. now to london where the terror investigation continues. the third suspect has been identified. first, a minute of silence was observed around the united kingdom to honor the seven people killed in saturday's attack. flags will remain at half staff today. in the meantime, we're getting new images of how people barricaded themselves inside one restaurant as three men roamed outside, stabbing and killing people. overnight, the third suspect was named. he's youssef zagba from east london. he's believed to be an italian national of moroccan descent. there are reports he was stopped last year in turkey while trying to enter syria. >> the san bernadino man accused of killing an australian tourist
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is expected in court today. he's expected to be arraigned on murder charges. he got into a fight on frietd with matthew bate. bate later died from his injuries. >> life in prison is the sentence handed down to antolin garcia torres. a judge recently overturned another murder conviction based largely on statistics by the sime sergeant who testified in another trial. even if there's a new trial, he will not face the same punishment. >> if there was a new trial, it wouldo lane be for life without the possibility of parole. the death penalty could not be reinstated since the jury did speak today. he will never face the death penalty. >> if there is a new trial, it would be likely held in another town, and given all the media coverage of the case.
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the hearing to discuss a new trial is expected in september. >> a south bay family grieving this morning after a freak accident involving a golf cart. debra beenered from san jose died on friday in the small town of wallace, southeast of sacramento. she was a passenger in a golf kaurt when the driver turned sharply, throwing her from the cart and onto a wine glass that she had been holding, cutting her badly. chp says the driver of that golf cart was her partner of 17 years, and that he was in fact drunk at the time. he was arrested but has been released since. >> 5:07. oakland police officers reportedly speak less respectfully to black people during traffic stops. stanford researchers looked at body cam footage of nearly 1,000 traffic stops in the east bay. the east bay times reports the language used by officers showing different levels of respect and formality depending on the race and age of the driver. the study also found in general officers spoke fairly
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respectable to all people. police in fremont offering a new secure location that allows folks to safely complete deals they have made on the internet. if you're concerned about your safety, this is an exchange zone that is basically an alternative for sellers and buyers who typically use sites like craigslist. it's located in the police department parking lot and it's monitored 24/7 by video surveillance. police say the exchanges have to be person to person and exchanging illegal items is not allowed. >> happening today, a progress report on san mateo's plans to sewer rate hikes. sewage treatment costs could go up more than 30%. tonight, city leaders will host a meeting to update customers. it's 5:08 and we're starting to get light in the sky. in pleasanton, all clear skies here and our temperatures starting out in the lower 50s.
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we have mostly mid to upper 50s for most of the south bay and over towards the peninsula, as well as parts of the east bay. then as we go into this afternoon, expect the high temperatures to reach into the low 80s for concord, livermore, morgan hill also at 83 degrees, 65 in san francisco, and santa rosa will see a high of 82 degrees. we'll have chance of rain in the forecast. i'll talk more about that coming up, but mike saw some brakes tapping on the bay bridge. >> we know we have more than a chance of slowing as you approach the bay bridge. i saw brake lights starting to sort of stack up right here at the berkeley curve. it rippled back. then it took about 90 seconds and started to ease once again. someone maybe a little anxious. that's okay. back to the maps, the approaches are moving well out of the east bay, the north bay across the golden gate bridge into san francisco. the bay bridge had no backup at the toll plaza. and we have this crash still going on, so that may be an issue. i'll get an update from chp,
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bring it to you in the next report. >> thank you. coming up, taking to the skies. the technology nasa is expected to showcase in the bay area today. >> cool story. plus, caught on camera, the man who risked his life and jumped into action to stop a driver from hitting oncoming traffic. but first, a live look outside. s-curve in san rafael. i see a little haze, a little fog in many parts of the bay area. cooler temperatures expected today. a lot more ahead on today in the bay. it's 5:10.
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look outside at fremont, a light breeze and partly cloudy skies. as we have seen low clouds and fog near the coast. inland areas still mostly clear. we'll see the sunshine throughout the day and temperatures that will be starting out in the upper 50s, reaching the upper 60s later today. we'll talk about what to expect and some slight chances of rain move into the forecast coming up in about five minutes. and we're checking your transit systems. no major delays by any of the agencies. b.a.r.t., just 46 trains in service, no delays. >> all right, perfect record so
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far, mike. thank you very much. a developing story right now out of australia this morning, where a hostage situation turned shootout is now being treated as a terror attack. three police officers were wounded before they shot a gunman dead who had already killed a man and had taken a woman hostage yesterday. all this happening in a suburb. victoria state police say the gunman also attempted a suicide attack at a sydney army barrack back in 2009. isis has claimed responsibility for the violence. new details on the man who shot and killed five former coworkers yesterday in florida. authorities say he methodically planned his attack. the gunman is now identified as 45-year-old john robert newman. the orange county sheriff says he is a disgruntled former employee at the small awning manufacturing company. he's also an army veteran who was recently fired. seven workers managed to escape. >> how are you doing? >> keep the families in prayer. >> newman apparently had some
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kind of disagreement with at least one of the victims and singled out he shot and killed. then he killed himself as police arrived on scene. >> today is day two of the bill cossexual assault trial. yesterday, one of the comedian's accusers delivered pretty dramatic testimony. the woman claimed she was drugged by cosby and then molested in an l.a. hotel room in 1996. during cross-examination, experts say the witness struggled with her memories and also with the consistency of her testimony. in the meantime, cosby arrived at court yesterday with actress keshia knight pullman who played his daughter rudy huxtable. >> i came to support because this is where you hear the facts. >> cosby right now is on trial for allegedly drugging and molesting andrea constand in 2004. she's also expected to take the stand in this trial. >> some investors in google's
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parent company are reportedly calling for a closer example of what critics say is the deep gender pay gap. one group of investors will ask alphabet share holders to demand a report on what they claim is a massive pay gap between male and female google employees. alphabet, google's parent company, denies such a gap exists. >> 5:16. happening today, nasa testing its uned aircraft. mostly just drones, at moffett field. the goal is to refine the technologies involved. if you're near the nasa facility, you might see some drones flying around this morning. don't be alarmed. >> a federal judge may reportedly name ken feinberg to oversee the $1 million takata will pay for faulty airbags. feinberg haa lot of experience in this area. he previously oversaw funds for 9/11 victims. the bp oil spill, and gm's
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faulty ignition switches. some shocking video out of illinois this morning as a man leaps through a car window to stop this driver from hitting oncoming traffic. police dashcam capturing the heroic moment as he stops the car. the driver of the sedan rolled through a stop light, nearly hitting other cars coming toward him. the driver was in the midst of a seizure. that's when randy tompkins ran out of his truck, went through the window there and saved the day. police later thanks him for his wmp and coming to the aid of a complete stranger. the right place at the right time. >> and being a little daring too. >> i would say. through the window. >> all right, let's check the forecast with kari. cooler temperatures today. >> a little june gloom, people are saying. >> especially in san francisco, but it will be clearing out in the next couple hours. we are going to start out with the typical clouds we see along the coastline and low visibility in spots. then as you look at what's happening now in the valley,
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it's all clear. it's 51 degrees, and 56 in the peninsula. it's 57 now in the east bay. look at the north bay now. we're also seeing some mostly clear skies temperatures have dropped down to 47 degrees. after the cool start, it will be a warm afternoon. but not as warm as yesterday. you may be able to leave the air conditioning off all day, except for in the tri-valley. it's going to be up to 85 degrees there. 65 degrees in san francisco. and 68 degrees in the east bay. it may be a nice day to head to santa cruz. looking at the planner for today, we'll start out in the low 50s at 8:00. but then by noon time, up to 70 degrees and mid 70s later on today, and then the breeze kicks in and the temperatures drop once again. for oakland, we'll also start out in the mid to upper 50s there, but then at noon time, at 63 degrees, seeing a high today of around 65 degrees. we also have a moderate amount of tree pollen and the grass
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levels are coming up, too. we're at moderate, a lot of the grass pollens, but mold and weeds are still low on the pollen report. as we go through the week, we're going to have a chance of rain moving into the bay area. now, this will mostly be for the north bay. as typical for this time of year. a lot of showers, once they hit the coast and the mountains for the north bay, it will start to fizzle out as it moves to the south. this will be between thursday night and friday before the system moves on. but we willival a good chance of some late season rain around the bay yeah, especially once again for north bay, and in for san francisco as it clears out heading into the weekend, our temperatures in the 60s there. upper 70s for the inland valley. looks like a very nice weekend there. a look ahead at a few egoing on coming up in 20 minutes. now you have an up on a crash in fremont. >> i told folks i would check on that, i did. this is a late update just as
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refreshed the report. near the bottom of the screen, southbound 680, the crash that had been sort of stagnant in the system for about 2 and a half hours, they said we called an ambulance to the scene. doesn't sound like anything major. perhaps some scrapes someone decided needed to be taken care of, but this has been here for a while. note that as you head down toward fremont and milmilpitas. i said be note, i don't know what that means. we'll check waze. as we look over here, as you drive from san ramon to fremont, you can check thee routes. 680, the purple route, is clearly the best. 15 minutes longer if you go to castro valley y, but we'll track your commute as it builds. you can track your commute as well. the summertime shift is on. a lot of folks changing their hours, routines, and where they drive. make sure you take us with you and our time. nbc bay area wazers, and we're
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going to share the information. >> you know the spelling bee was last week. >> 5:20. a do-over at a california middle school. the racist image that forced the yearbook to reprint,000offs year books. >> a look at the golden gate bridge. you see a little haze out there, cars on the road this morning, and plenty of fog in the city by the bay. no surprise there. back with more news in two minutes. ♪ ♪
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brief concerns about racism. a central valley middle school is reprinting its year book after an inadvertent mistake left to concerns about racism. students created an eighth grade page for a teacher. the teacher was not part of the design, but she did teach a history class that included re-enacting components of civil war era. some parents believe there should be more oversight. the school apologized for the mistake and the teacher issued a statement saying it does not reflect who she is as a teacher or person. >> new details on a graup incoming harvard students kicked off after the school says they posted offensive images on social media. members of a private facebook group sharedages offensive to
5:25 am
minority groups. members apparently formed a splinter page from harvard's official class of 2021 page. even digital footprints are important to maintain. >> the university does represent a certain image and the students that attend the university reflect that image. >> it demonstrated a lack of maturity and judgment that would bring discredit to the school. >> according to the school newspaper, university leaders learned of the group in april. they then conducted a review before revoking students' admission. >> new details now, the band can play on at stanford. have its travel ban lifted. they're dropping sanctions against the marching band that were first issued last december. they couldn't travel to any away games due to violations of the campus drinking policy. the school said students have been working hard on changing the band's culture. >> this morning the warriors are
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waking up in cleveland preparing for the big game toom. >> if everything goes according to planned, they will return to oakland with another nba championship. kevin durant and the rest of the guys boarded their plane headed to ohio. the next two games in cleveland and the warriors need to win just two more to become champs. game three is tomorrow night. if you want to watch the game with thousands of your closest friends, there are two big watch parties in the bay area. for $20, you can watch the game at oracle arena. if free is more your thing, you can head to the civic plaza in san francisco. >> that's fun. it would be nice if the games were competitive. >> coming up new evidence in the russia hacking investigation. the leaked document that's shedding new light on what happened during the u.s. presidential election. we are live in washington as lawmakers prepare for several pivotal hearings this week. you're looking at the two
5:27 am
men arrested in connection to the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. one is in custody in the east bay, the other is on the way. i'll have details on the charges and what's next for the case.
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a very good tuesday morning to you. wipe those monday blues away, as we take a live look outside. city by the bay this morning, san francisco, a little haze out there. should see some clearing there and make way for a nice day.
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thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. not wiping away the fog, but really nice in parts of the bay area to wake up. kari hall tracking all that. >> yes, we're less than 20 minutes away from sunrise. as we get a live look out is there from mt. hamilton. there are some low clouds in spots, but they're very thin for the south bay. much lower visibility for the north bay. in san francisco, looking live from tiburon. and it's 52 degrees. we're all stepping out the door with temperatures in the 50s. heading into the upper 60s to low 70s today for much of the inner bay and the coastal areas. low 80s for the inland valleys. i'll have a lack at the weekend forecast coming up in seven minutes. but mike is looking at the bay bridge toll plaza for some changes. >> there you go, not unexpected. the metering lights just turned on a couple minutes ago. we do have a gentle build. this is tuesday, so things are not slamming down at the poll
5:31 am
plaza, as we often see in the fall months and coming into the school year. this is exiting the school year, a lighter flow. some low clouds. not a problem for visibility. look at the beautiful sensor reads on the approach to the east bay, north bay, south bay, and peninsula, all close to the speed limit. back to you. >> thank you very much. it's 5:31 right now. it's been more than six months since the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. two men are behind bars facinginal charges in connection to the tragedy. pete suratos live at the santa rita jail, where derick almena, the master tenant who lived there, is next in the case. victims say theses couldn't come soon enough. >> yeah, good morning to you. as you mentioned, derrick almena, the master tenant is behind bars here at the santa rita jail here in dublin, and max harris, his sidekick of sorts, is also charged and brought up at some point this week. we're going to show you the new
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mugshot from authorities of almena. both men are facing charges, according to the alameda county d.a., criminal charges in connection to the ghost ship warehouse fire. after an exhaustive six-month investigation, the d.a. announcing yesterday both men will face criminal charges in connection to the fire, which include 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 36 people that died in december during a party at that building when the warehouse went up in flames. also, the d.a. added that the two men knowingly created a fire trap with an inadequate space to eskwap this fire. if convicted, they could face up to 39s in state prison. we did get a chance to speak by phone to season slocum, the mother of one of the victims inside thehouse, and she hopes justice will be served. >> you feel like you're in a state of limbo waiting to hear something. it feels better to know that there's movement going on. >> almena's bail is set at $1
5:33 am
million. he's set to appear in court on thursday morning. he was arrested in lake county before he was brought here, and harris was arrested in los angeles county. he's scheduled at least to be brought here to this jail at some point this week. live in dublin, pete suratos for today in the bay. >> thank you very much, pete. >> as we await harris' exdition, derick almena and max harris no strangers to law enforcement. our senior investigative reporter vicky nguyen looks at their past and where they have been since the ghost ship fire. we posted her story on our website, >> live now to washington this morning where new information is coming in overnight on the russia investigation. >> a leaked document provided more evidence that russian officials tried to hack the u.s. presidential election. >> tracie potts live in washington this morning with what we're learning about the documents and the nsa contractor who leaked it. good morning. >> hey, good morning. we haven't verified the
5:34 am
document, the online website that posted it did, say that the nsa last month had new details on how russian military operatives tried to hack into our election. launching a cyberattack on election software, and even sending out phishing e-mails to more than 100 local officials all over the country trying to get their credentials to get access to your votes. while you were at the polls last november, russia wasn't just trying to influence your choice with fake news. they were literally trying to hack your vote, according to a leaked document from the national security agency, published by the online news website the intercept. >> there should be no doubt here that the russians were behind this. this fits with a pattern of what they have done in the past, the digital and cyber forensics point to the russians. >> russian president vladimir putin denied it in an exclusive interview with nbc. >> i haven't seen even once any
5:35 am
direct proof of russian interference in the presidential election in the united states. >> the justice department quickly charged a 25-year-old contractor for allegedly leaking the report. congress investigating russian interference hears from fired fbi director james comey on thursday. >> there may still be a bigger bombshell that we haven't heard yesterday. >> the key question, did president trump pressure comey to back off the russia investigation. >> he'll have an opportunity to clear it up. >> the white house now confirms. >> president trump will not exertative privilege. >> no attempt to stop comey from telling his story about a private conwith the president. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> 5:35. in the meantime, president trump is trying to put the focus back on his agenda today. he tweeted early this morning, quote, big meeting today with republican leadership concerning tax cuts and health care. we are all pushing hard. must get it right.
5:36 am
speaking paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will be heading to the white house. congress is scheduled to be in session for another fours before the july 4th recess. >> happening today, opponents of a proposed east bay jail expansion plan on voicing their concerns. county for visors are considering a nearly $100 million expansion of the center in richmond. opponents plan on attending the supervisors meeting held in martinez. >> walnut creek leaders will consider new options to tackle homelessness. issues include improving relations between businesses and the homeless and assistance resources. a special meeting is scheduled for 4:00 p.m. >> closing sections of san francisco's hall of justice may save the city close to $100 million. that is the conclusion of a new study by city analysts first reported by the san francisco chronicle. they say that san francisco could save $95 million over a span of ten years by moving
5:37 am
offices and detention facilities into a new lease space. that building was almost 60 years and in need of major renovation. >> a new legal victory for california's high speed rail. a sacramento judge has ruled regulators were within legal bounds using money from the state's greenhouse gas emissions program to fund the bullet train program. the lawsuit accused agencies of downplaying the harmful environmental impact. the state argues it would help reach greenhouse gas reduction targets. >> high speed rail has had a low-speed arrival. we have seen that, a lot of things to consider. over here, considering this crash, which did suddenly become an active incident. once again, southbound 680 at scott creek road. no lanes blocked but we're tracking chp's report and we have a little slowing north 101 at 680. that's the first build through the south bay. meanwhile, this, we hope, stays clear of the roadway. there is a disabled vehicle, west 580.
5:38 am
the last i heard it was in the center divide. it may provide a little distraction in toward livermore. no major problemser the travel times approaching the bay bridge, a smooth flow of traffic, and transit also reporting no delays. 47 or 48 trains by b.a.r.t. now. >> nice to see it all green, right? >> love it. >> all right, a check right now of our weekend weather. kari hall is like our social planner for the bay. >> what are we doing this weekend? >> i think we may be hitting up a couple festivals. a sand sculpture contest or maybe we can hit the road. if you're planning on staying here at home, well, the coastal areas will be reaching into the mid 60s. upper 60s by the bay. and inland valley, 74 degrees. so it's going to be very comfortable. and looking at sunday's forecast, 65 degrees for the coast. the bay, 70 degrees. and 75 degrees inland. so we're going to check out the forecast for the sand sculpture
5:39 am
contest happening in alameda. it will be in the upper 50s to start out in the morning, but with all of that sunshine, we'll reach into the upper 60s throughout the day. going to be a nice one for that. heading to napa valley on friday. low 70s, but by friday, also at 74 degrees. sunday, a little warmer, 83 degrees. then here's a look at squaw valley. a live look at the sun rise this morning, and the temperatures for the weekend, there will be a chance of rain on friday that will be moving out of the bay ar area. coming up in three minutes, a look at the temperature trend for evergreen. >> thanks. >> coming up next, about yosemite all the time, a stunning feat. we're going to hear from the climber who reached the top of el capitan without any ropes. the exclusive interview you'll only see on nbc. >> a possible new requirement for cal state admissions. what students need to know before applying.
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it is 5:42. and we're seeing a few clouds rolling over the south bay right now, as the sun rises and it will start out in evergreen, and then mid 60s by 9:00. we'll see our temperature trend going up as we go through the day, up to degrees at 2:00, and low 80s for this afternoon. it still will be a warm day, but we're in for cooler weather heading into the end of the
5:43 am
week. a chance of rain moves in. i'll talk more about that coming up in five minutes. and here are your travel times. look, you see 238, showing a little slowing. more traffic into the castro valley y. the build is a little different as far as the pace. we'll show you that coming up. mike, kari, thank you very much. >> truly a tragic story to report on the east bay times reporting on the sad and unexpected death of a popular teacher who died one day after his retirement. 65-year-old eric theil was a biology teacher in pleasanton. friends say he retired on the last day of classes this friday, then on saturday, he died. the cause at this point is not known. a go fund me page has been set up for his family members and it's already exceeding its goal. >> that's too bad. >> the option of taking a year off from map may soon be off the table when it comes to taepding cal state university. students have the option of
5:44 am
taking three years of math before attending cal state schools. cal state leaders are talking about a new rule requiring math for four years. that's in part to keep their math skills fine tuned. the idea is several years out before it wouldcome a requirement. >> 5:34 right now. here in san francisco, former secretary of state john kerry is putting the focus right now on the threats facing the united states. he says there are two in particular. climate change and nuclear weapons. kari was speaking at a ft. mason event yesterday. as far as nuclear weapons is concerned, he's urging president trump to honor the iran deal. >> my hope is that we will not open up a possibility for confrontation when we have so many others that we already are trying to deal with. >> as far as climate change is concerned, kerry voicing his frustrations about president
5:45 am
trump's decision to withdraw the u.s. from the paris climate accord, but he remains optimistic because so many states, cities, and american are already onboard. >> speaking of local government supporting the paris climate accord. santa clara county supervisors are voting on a deal to follow the deal. >> new this morning, scary moments onboard a plane in australia. police say a passenger was arrested after an omnote was reportedly found near an airplane toilet. an australian newspaper alleging the passenger wrote on a sick bag that he had stashed a bomb on the plane. so far, police aren't commenting on the report. the flight was heading from sydney when police say the security incident happened onboard. within five minutes, the plane landed. the suspect arrested. passengers say they had no idea there was a security concern until the plane was surrounded by police.
5:46 am
>> everything seemed normal. we came to a halt on the tarmac, and then the air hostess in the back said we had to evic wait, leave all your belongings. evacuate, evacuate. they tore the window things out of the side of the plane, and we had to jump down out of the windows. >> the passenger has not been identified. >> 5:46 right now. and happening today, california's supreme court hearing arguments over whether or not the public can see how data collected from your license plate is used by law enforcement. the acla is suing the lapd and sheriff's department to see a week's worth of data to show how officers are using that technology. license plate readers can scan millions of vehicles in a day. >> zip codes matter when it comes to raising your family. walnut creek came in at 28. west san jose at 29, and san anselmo took the last spot on the list.
5:47 am
the best zip code went to blue springs, missouri. the list was compiled by a real estate firm. if your zip code didn't make it, don't get down. 90210 didn't make it either. >> the climber who did something on saturday believed could never be done is talking about his historic assent. he did not die. he did do something amazing. >> that is a zip code that very few have visited here. some call this entire thing crazy. he climbed the granite wall of yosemite's elcaptain without ropes, without safety gear. there he is with his fingers, just kind of buried into the nooks of the rock. that's about 3,000 feet above the ground without a net. american climber eric did this over several hours. he speaks exclusively this morning with nbc's "today" show. >> sort of gradually built up in my mind.
5:48 am
it's taken a long time for it to seem possible to me, but eventually it did. now i have done it. >> this is old hat, by the way. he said he probably climbed el capitan 50 or 60 times before realizing he could pull it all off as a free solo asent. that's what it's called here, with no safeguards, no ropes. this is smaking me nervous watching this. he'll be appearing on the "today" show following today in the bay in the 7:00 hour. >> i want to see his fingers now. probably all blistered. >> nails down to nothing. >> can you imagine? i mean, the grip. it's like spider man. >> the selfie? probably worth it. >> i couldn't do it. i'med of heights. >> i don't think my heels would work. >> laura is always wearing the heels. >> and not coming off. >> we're going to have great weather heading to yosemite, if that's what you plan to do, just don't try that at home. we're going to have osic
5:49 am
weather. here's a look at the sunrise this morning. walnut creek, all clear there. looking toward mt. diablo. in san rafael, you start out this morning with no visibility issues as you're driving down towards san francisco. as we go into this afternoon, we're going to see temperatures just a little cooler than it was yesterday. up to 78 degrees in milpitas. morgan hill, a high of 83 there. at 83 in concord and walnut creek. hayward up to 72 degrees. and 68 degrees in san mateo. and the embarcadero up to 63 degrees. outer sunset, 62. novato, you're expecting a high of 78 degrees. it's going to be very nice. as you're looking out the window, seeing the sun coming through the blinds, and getting ready for the day, we will have a day for short sleeves and shorts once again, but we start to add on layers as we go through the week. still very warm today, spaelths for the inlnt valley. as we go through the planner in san francisco, we are starting out with clouds, but there will
5:50 am
be some sunshine, some breezy winds. temperatures reaching the low 60s. as we head toward the end of the week, we're watching out for a chance of rain that moved in late thursday night into the north bay. we'll also see the showers around san francisco, but that's usual for this time of year. kind of fizzles out as it moves into the south bay. i always love your weather pictures. send them to me on facebook or twitter. this one was sent last night. she said here's the sunset tonight in pacifica. beautiful there. and as we go into the next several days, more beautiful weather. with that chance of rain thursday into early friday, our temperatures in san francisco in the mid 60s and inland areas cooling off as well. a nice weekend ahead. and mike now has a new crash in the east bay. >> do. this is affecting the upper east shore freeway, which is just starting to see more traffic off the carquinez bridge. while the bay bridge has the metering lights, the toll plaza, things are lighting partially because of the summertime shift, and also because traffic is held
5:51 am
up here, getting down to san pablo. two lanes reported blocked. that's the latest update from chp. we'll track that. no major injuries reported. the south bay does show a build, so does the tri-valley. we'll show you the waze system and focus on the south bay as folks are traveling north, the purple route is the quickest from almaden valley to mountain view. each up to ten minutes difference for the longest of the routes. you can compare that on your phone as well and make sure you take the quickest route or the route you prefer. your team, of course, your profile, and selecting teams. nbc bay area. that's the team where we'll share the information. >> thank you very much, mike. >> coming up next on today in the bay, a northern california firefighter charged with taking advantage of a patient while she was having seizures. what the fire department is doing to regain the public's trust. first, happening right now on our digital platforms, jerry lewis in the hospital. the actor/comedian treated for a
5:52 am
urinary tract infection, but he is expected to recover in time for his next movie shoot later this month. he's 91. he was admitted on friday. >> plus, british airways says human airs is what caused a computer meltdown that affected 75,000 passengers and wreaked havoc on the airline operations. a technology was working in the company's power room when the electricity was disconnected accidentally, causing a major blackout. back with more news in two minutes.
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5:55 am
camera this morning... live look outside right now. san francisco, city by the bay, all covered up in. that's our san francisco camera this morning. it is going to be another warm day in parts of the bay area, not in the city. tracking the potential for rain on thursday. new this morning at 5:55, a northern california fire department trying to regain the public trust after a firefighter paramedic was charged with taking advantage of a female patient. 32-year-old firefighter jared evans was placed on paid administrative leave after the incident happened in april. this week, he turned himself in after a warrant was issued for his arrest. evans is accused of placing his hand down the shirt of a female patient. a paramedic intern witnessed the incident and reported it to authorities. sacramento fire chief walt white
5:56 am
says he understands the public has questions and the apartment shares their concerns. >> a cornerstone of public safety is public trust. and that will be our focus moving forward. when these allegations were brought to the attention of fire administration, we immediately notified the office of public safety accountability and requested a full law enforcement investigation. >> investigators say the incident happened inside an ambulance while a 19-year-old woman was having seizures. and she was, quote, out of it. >> 5:56. and happening later today, the state supreme court here holding a hearing over a voter approved measure to speed up executions in california is in fact unconstitutional. the measure was aimed at reforming what many call a dysfunctional system to begin with. been more than a decade since a condemned killing was actually executed in california, but death penalty opponents are challenging it saying it would
5:57 am
disrupt the court system and undermine the appeals process. >> an l.a. firefighter who was injured in a training exercise, well, we have learned has passed. 29-year-old kelly wong had been in critical condition since falling on saturday. he died yesterday. the l.a. fire department says that wong fell from a lad during a weekend training exercise in downtown los angeles. fire department and other safety agencies are trying to figure out how he fell. he leaves behind a wife and a young son. >> happening today, a delivery driver who is accused of burglarizing several bay area homes while working for fedex is expected in court. kevin baker is a convicted felon. he was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of burglarizing three homes in menlo park and atherton. investigators say he went inside the homes after realizing the front doors were unlocked, and stole a laptop, wallet, and two ipads. he's due in court for a preliminarying this afternoon. >> also happening today, the
5:58 am
woman at the center of a sex scandal that rocked the oakland police department is expected to testify in court. a preliminary hearing is held for one of the officers charged in the wide ranging scandal. jasmine abuslin came she had sex with several officers, some when she was underage. just last week, the oakland city council voted to approve a near lay $1 million settlement with her. >> happening right now, cleanup way after a series of storms swept through a louisville, kentucky. that's what the scene looked like last night. moving storm hit around 6:15. several trees were knocked down. some, as you see, fell on top of cars. no injuries reported. >> police in fremont offering a new secure location that allows people to safely complete deals they have made on the internet. exchange zone is meant to provide a safe alternative for sellers and buyers who use sites like craigslist, located in the police department parking lot on
5:59 am
stevens boulevard. it's monitored 24/7. the exchanges must be person to person, and exchanging illegal items is not allowed. this is definitely not allowed, but it didn't stop this guy from trying something ridiculous. new video in to our newsroom showing a thief stretching his jeans to the limit at a florida convenience store. you see he's having trouble even walking. he jammed 15 bottles of motor oil and 30 dvds down his pants. now they're coming out. security video shows that man walking into a 7-eleven store and literally waddling out the door holding on to his pants to keep the items from falling out. what he didn't realize is that a detective happened to be sitting right outsiding the entire thing through the front window. the detective escorted the man back in the store where he unloaded the items from his pants. >> are the movie selections at 7-eleven even that good. >> are dvds even usable in 2017? >> coming up, curriculum
6:00 am
controversy. the reason some parents are unhappy about a new sexual education program. plus, new developments in the london terror attack. new information we're learning about the third suspect the attack. >> and high-profile guest. michelle obama getting ready to speak at the apple developers conference in the south bay. the major issue she's expected to talk about. today in the bay continues right now. >> thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it might be foggy and mild on your tuesday, but we're already talking about the weekend, at least we were. sand sculpture contest. you need beach weather to do that. bl we'll have have cooler temperatures heading into the weekend. that's the trend we have been on. yesterday the warmest day of the week, and each day, we'll see the temperatures dipping a few degrees, all because of this, low fog and rolling bob in this morning. you can take a live look from the c


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