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tv   Today  NBC  June 6, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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local news update. >> join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. hope you have a great tuesday. we'll see you then. good morning. breaking overnight, new details open the mysterious woman arrested for leaking a top secret nsa document to a news website. the file filled with explosive evidence that russia was making con certificated efforts to hack into u.s. voting systems just one week before the election. how a 25-year-old contractor got access to such highly classified information and what the kremlin is saying about that leak this morning. could it have been prevented? questions this morning over why british officials didn't arrest the alleged mastermind of the latest terror attack in london before the rampage. the man showing support for isis. his neighbors saying the threat was obvious. how was he missed?
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drawing the line. a group of would-be harvard students get their admission offers revoked for sharing offensive and racism memes online. how the posts got them booted and the lesson every student and parent needs to hear. today exclusive. a first look at the unbelievable video of the climber scaling yosemite's mountain without a rope or safety equipment, standing on a length that doesn't even appear to exist. he is speaking out to us for first time since that death defying feat today, tuesday, june 6, 2017. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today." so glad to have you with us on a tuesday morning. we have a lot to get to.
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>> it's busy. can we go back to the video? i can't even imagine this. i've been to yosemite and stood beneath that. i don't know how this guy did that. >> we aren't loaded with courage. we feel woozy watching that. he is speaking out for first time. we will have that in a moment. we have to start with breaking story. a young woman, a contractor from georgia, behind bars accused of leaking a top secret nsa document. this is a big story for two reasons. first of all, the information highly classified was publicized at all. also, what it is revealing about how far russia went to hack into u.s. voting systems just one week before the presidential election. let's go to pete williams with the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. she works for an intelligence agency contractor. she's charged with sending classified information to a news organization. the document contains new details about russian government efforts to hack into the u.s. election system.
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25-year-old reality winter of augusta, georgia, is charged with sending a classified report about russia's interference in the election to an online media outlet. the young woman worked for a private contractor located on this george military base that did work for the national security agency. prosecutors say winter now admits she was the leaker. the online website quoted from the top secret national security agency document. the intercept says it told the government it had the document and the nsa asked certain things be blacked out. the discovery of the leaks set off alarm bells at nsa which launched an discover who gave it to the intercept. they discovered it had been printed out and folded and six people with access to the top secret document had printed it out. her arrest is the first criminal leak case in the trump administration. the president has repeatedly vowed to crack down on leaks that he says undermine his administration. >> i have actually called the
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justice department to look into the leaks. those are criminal leaks. >> reporter: as the presidential election was reaching its peak last fall, the classified document says russian military intelligence operatives were hacking into a u.s. company that sold election related software. more evidence despite denial from putin, most recently in an interview with megyn kelly. >> that's what the intelligence agencies concluded. that's what the republicans and democrats on the congressional oversight committees who have seen the report have said. are they all lying? >> translator: i haven't seen once any direct proof of russian interference in the presidential election in the united states. >> reporter: her lawyer says the public should give her a chance to let the facts unfold in court. this morning a kremlin spokesman says allegations that russia tried to hack into voting software suppliers are false and unfounded. on a related note, the white house says president trump will
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not try to block james comey from testifying. >> before we let you go, more on this suspect. she's 25 years old, hadn't been working at that contractor that long. do we have any clue as to potential motivation? >> reporter: not motivation. she's -- we know she's an air force veteran, she has no criminal convictions. before she was in georgia, she was stationed at fort meede, maryland. her mother said she's shocked, scared and a caring christian. she will have a hearing thursday. >> the leak investigation is interesting but not to be missed is this underlying document that she revealed which seems to suggest the russians were trying to hack into voting systems just before the election. >> reporter: it contains new details about how the russians were trying to get into local election registration databases. the broad outlines of russia's activities have previously been disclosed by u.s. intelligence agencies.
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>> pete williams in our newsroom. president trump under fire for what he is saying on twitter. among his latest tweets, a renewed push for a travel ban and jabs at london's mayor. peter alexander joins us this morning from the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in case you missed his point, president trump was tweeting about his travel ban again overnight. the president, of course, cast himself as his administration's best communicator and during the campaign he used social media to his advantage. legal experts say president trump's latest round of tweets could complicate his administration's effort to defend the travel ban in court. with the white house trying to regain control of its message, the president is again veering off course. his latest twitter barrage igniting backlash among the president's allies. for taking a swipe at his own justice department for its strategy to defend his travel
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ban. now in the hands of the supreme court. his aitd aides forced to clari. again, insisting it's a travel ban, all right. >> i don't think the president cares what you call it. >> reporter: for months his administration sure did. >> when we use words like travel ban, that misrepresents what it is. >> reporter: the president's words could undercut his case in court. george conway arguing mr. trump's comments won't help get five votes from the supreme court. which is what actually matters. sad. kellyanne conway here on "today" blasting the media attention given to the president's online statements. >> this obsession with covering everything he says on twitter and very little of what he does -- >> that's his preferred method of communication with the american people. >> that's not true. >> he hasn't given an interview in three weeks. >> reporter: the white house trying to cover its bases when it comes to trump tweets. >> gives him a communication
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tool that isn't filtered through media bias. but i do think that the media obsesses over every period, dot. >> reporter: the latest flash point, targeting dl ining londo. among those weighing in, republicans. >> probably it's best to refrain from communicating with 140 characters on topics that are so important. >> reporter: new this morning, london's mayor is suggesting the british government reassess its inhave invitation to the president for a visit. the mayor said you stand with them in times of adversity but you call them out when they are wrong, there are many things about which donald trump is wrong. back to you. >> peter alexander at the white house. we thank you. the london bridge attack this morning, new developments in investigation. all three alleged attackers have now been named by police.
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their identities are leading to new and disturbing questions about whether police missed crucial warning signs. richard engel in london this morning. >> reporter: good morning. british authorities just released the name and a photograph of the third suspect in that attack describing him as a 22-year-old east london resident with italian nationality of moroccan descent. downtown london is returning to normal this morning. but with elections here in just two days, extra security has been put in. including barriers to prevent cars from climbing onto the there are growing questions today, angry ones about why police didn't arrest the
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attackers before they murdered seven people in london, including a canadian woman who died in her fiance's arms. one of the attackers, butt, a british citizen born in pakistan, was well-known to police, featured in a tv documentary about isis supporters attended protests yet still reportedly kept a job for the sub did the way system. neighbors say they reported him to police. >> they don't look -- they look radicalizing the kids. >> reporter: this guy practically had a sign on his chest. he wasn't hiding at all. he wasn't hiding in plain sight. >> he is not the own one. there have been >> there have been several of that group who have been very vocal about their opposition to british society and their support for jihad who have been on the radar for a long time. >> reporter: police say they are overwhelmed, that there are thousands of radicalized people in this country, and they can't follow them all.
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>> in addition to identifying the attackers, british police have released the name of an australian woman who was killed in that attack. her family said she died while trying to help others. matt, savannah, back to you. >> richard engel in london. thank you. there is more fall-out this morning over president trump's decision to withdraw from the paris climate agreement. david rank, america's top diplomat in china, has resigned as a result of that move. rank made the announcement on monday. he says he was asked to do something in support of a policy that "as a parent, patriot, and christian" he could simply not do in good conscience. former iowa governor terry brand stad, president trump's pick to ambassador to beijing expected to take up the post a little later this month. bill cosby heads back to court this morning. day two of his sexual assault trial. this after an emotional opening day that saw him come face-to-face with one of his alleged victims. nbc's stephanie gosk at the courthouse for us in norristown,
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pennsylvania, this morning. stephanie, good morning. >> good morning, savannah, where well, this case is about andrea constand and what happened to her one night in 2004 in bill cosby's pennsylvania home. this morning the prosecution is going to begin with testimony about another woman to help establish a pattern of behavior. kelly johnson says she was also drugged and molested by bill cosby. >> reporat 79, staring at what decades in prison, bill cosby gets the support of a familiar face. a grown-up rudy huxtable from their days together on "the cosby show." >> it's not always easy to do what you feel is truthful and what you feel is right when there's so much controversy. >> reporter: the comedian denies he drugged and molested andrea in 2004. prosecutors began their case with testimony from another woman, kelly johnson, a former
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assistant at cosby's talent agency in l.a. johnson testified that cosby invited her to his room at the bel air hotel and said he told me it looked as if i needed to relax. offering her a large white pill. he would not tell me what it was. johnson told the jury. after taking it, she said, i sat on the couch. i felt like i was underwater, drugged, johnson says cosby molested her. >> to relive what she alleged mr. cosby did to her was very, very difficult. >> reporter: the defense hit back hard, challenging johnson's memory. at one point asking, did anyone tell you to get selective amnesia in this case? the defense will also go after andrea's credibility whether she takes the stand. during opening arguments, the lead attorney pointed out inconsistency in her testimony to law enforcement, including telling police she didn't contact cosby after that night. but phone records show otherwise. she called him 53 times, the
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defense shouted in court. sometimes 30 to 40 minutes a pop. >> don't let them break you, bill. >> reporter: cosby left the courthouse leaning on his cane and the cheers of his supporters. the trial has only just begun. it's expected to last roughly two weeks. that critical moment will be when andrea takes the stand. if what we saw from this defense team is any indication, the cross examination of her is going to be tough. back to you. >> thank you very much. we have a major update for you now on last december's deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland, california. we covered this extensively. new arrests have just been made in that case. here is more. >> reporter: the deadliest fire in oakland's history. 36 lives lost inside this artist warehouse. now master tenant and the warehouse director face 36 counts of involuntary
7:15 am
manslaughter. >> the defendants knowingly created a fire trap with inadequate means of escape. >> reporter: the d.a. says they lied to city officials about dozens living there illegally. show says the building was packed with highly flammable materials and unpermitted electrical work. >> it's not a good morning. what am i doing here? can i just say i'm sorry? >> reporter: after the fire, almeda spoke out. >> i'm only here to say one thing. i am incredibly sorry. everything that i did was to make this a stronger, more beautiful community and to bring people together. >> reporter: he also told us exclusively firefighters and police knew artists lived there. did they say you were breaking code? >> never. never. >> reporter: never said fix this, address that? >> never. >> reporter: harris blamed the building's owner. >> they knew that was going to happen. part of the issue that we have
7:16 am
been having with them is that a lot of this stuff was kind of failing. >> reporter: almena admitted he had done electrical work on the warehouse. his attorney says he is a scapegoat. are you worried you may be blamed? >> worried. >> reporter: this morning, both men are now hievebehind bars. we have dramatic video. since no one was seriously hurt, we can say it shows you shouldn't cut someone off in traffic. watch this. the black audi swerves in front of a dump truck. the truck tips over dumping its entire load of gravel onto the top of the audi. this happened in china. the truck driver climbs out and good issamaritans dig through t stones. they were able to pull him out. neither driver suffered serious injury. that is a lesson right there. >> out of a movie.
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the nashville predators evened up the stanley cup final two games apiece last night. they had a win 4-1 over pittsburgh. predators never looked back. the series now heads back to pittsburgh, that will be game five. see it thursday night, 8:00, 7:00 central right here on nbc. >> good series. mr. roker, what do you got? >> feels like hockey weather out there. >> don't say that. >> it's like 60, tops, today. >> if we're lucky. we are looking at more wet weather for our friends down in florida. mid-atlantic not too bad. up to the northeast, more heavy rain again for today. pushing through. scattered showers, isolated storms with heavy rain. that will continue on into tomorrow. the good news is the rain will lessen and we will see better weather coming into the northeast. a real soak are for our friends down south from the gulf, new orleans, into central and southern florida.
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heavy rain through thursday. we're talking about anywhere from five to seven inches of rain through thursday. hourly rainfall rates through florida, two to three inches. you get up into the northeast, lighter amounts. the good news is temperatures will start to moderate, too. we will look at that coming up in the next half hour. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. anything. even a coupe soup. [woman] so beautiful. [man] beautiful just like you. [woman] oh, why thank you. [burke] and we covered it, november sixth, two-thousand-nine. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ i'm meteorologist kari hall. and we're starting out with some sunshine for the inland areas
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and some mild temperatures now in the mid 50s. and it's foggy for the north bay and in san francisco, 52 degrees there. 57 for the east bay, and then as we go into this afternoon, just a little cooler in a few of those inland spots, up to 80 degrees for the south bay. 75 for the peninsula. and for the tri-valley, we're also going to see some low 80s there, and in the north bay, 82 degrees. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> all right, al, thank you. could your teen's social media post come back to haunt them? what one group shared online that has harvard rejecting theiredtheir admission offers. the first person ever to climb yosemite's el capitan without safety gear. our exclusive interview with him coming up, as well. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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welcome to unlimited what's in your wallet? manager derrick a very good morning to you. 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. former ghost ship tenant and manager derick almena is scheduled to be arraigned after his arrest yesterday in connection to last year's deadly warhouse fire. authorities arrested him in lake county. they transferred him to santa rita jail in pleasanton. authorities arrested a former fellow tenant max harris. prosecutors say they knowingly created a fire trap. both men have been charged with counts of manslaughter for each death in last year's fire. if convicted, each could face up to 39 years in prison. let's get a look at the forecast for this tuesday morning. >> it looks foggy along the coast, as we get a live look at the golden gate bridge in san francisco. and some mild temperatures and
7:27 am
then you go inland and it's all clear. here's a look at pleasanton as the sun continues to rise. we will have clearing today. and san francisco see the high temperatures reaching into the mid 60s for the next few days. we'll have a chance of rain late thursday into early friday before it clears out this weekend. also a chance of rain for the inland areas, especially in the north bay. that moving in during the late evening hours and this weekend is looking really nice. high temperatures for the valleys reaching into the mid to upper 70s. let's check in with mike to see what's happening on the roadways. >> we continue to see the build doctor the. volume around the bay. it's tuesday, but we're relatively drama free. in the south bay, we had northbound 85, there was some slowing there, and then a crash. it sounds like it's unrelated at the expressway north of 87. another crash at cupertino, and then a slow drive down the upper east shore freeway. it will continue to improve after the crash cleared around sunol valley road.
7:28 am
more slowing through berkeley. >> thank you. thank you for joining us as well. another up dot in half an hour. see you then.
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♪ we're back, now. 7:30 on a tuesday morning, june 6th, 2017. it's a rainy, cold fall-like day out on the plaza. we may be lucky to see 60 degrees. >> what is going on? >> it's okay. there's ponchos out there every day. >> stop it already. >> no, al roker. >> stop it. it's going to get better. in about a month, you're going to be whining about how hot it is. >> we would like that to happen. >> yes. ready to whine. >> in the meantime, al, thanks very much. look at what's making headlines on this tuesday morning. a top-secret nsa document leaked to a news website, detailed
7:31 am
russian efforts to hack voting systems in the u.s. just days before our presidential election. reality winner, a 25-year-old that works for a contractor in georgia has been arrested and charged with sending the classified file to a online lead ya o media outlet. learning more about the tragic shooting in orlando, florida. authorities say john neumann jr., an army veteran, walked in and killed five former co-workers. his singled out his victims. police suspect it may have been retaliation after he was fired in april. george bush and paul ryan paid a visit to a facility in dallas. the gym works to bridge the gap between basic rehab and heavy fitness regimens. they say the fitness programs not only have an impact on the
7:32 am
vets but the nation as a whole. an emotional visit. >> nice of them to do that. let's talk about a story that's going to have you talking to your kids about what they share online. ten students, who were accepted to harvard university, had their admission offers revoked because of things they posted online. morgan radford is on the cambridge campus for us. good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning. almost 40,000 students applied to come here to harvard this fall and only about 2,000 got in. it was a dream come true. except for a handful of students that had that dream shattered before they made it through these gates. it's one of the nation's most exclusive universities. but for one group of incoming harvard students, their coveted spots have already been taken away. at least ten incoming freshmen had their recent acceptance withdrawn, after posting offensive images and statements in a private facebook group. the students posted peoples, images or short videos that
7:33 am
spread on social media. often poking fun at pop culture. but these made fun of minorities, in the holocaust and abuse. >> it showed a lack of maturity and judgment that would bring discredit to the school. >> reporter: the students, connected to the official class of 2021 facebook page, before splitting off to start their own group. in a statement to nbc news, the university says, we do not comment publicly on the admission status of individual applicants. >> the university does represent a certain image. and the students that attend that university reflect that image. >> reporter: the revelations first appeared in the school's newspaper. revealing that they revoked the admissions in april. wyatt hurt will attend next fall but did not participate in the group. >> you have to sign an honor code, that says if they question your morality or your july or maturity, they're going to
7:34 am
rescind you, if it becomes apparent you tonight have those things. >> reporter: a warning for a new generation of students who have always had social media in their lives. 35% of admissions officers say they check the social media sites of applicants. 42% say what they found has hurt the applicant. this at a time when college meme wars have skyrocketed. college students compete for the sharpest and witiest means. >> this is a way for students to gain clout. show they have a unique sense of humor and ultimately gain popularity. that has a flipside. school administrators look at these groups. and if you post the wrong thing, you can suffer some serious consequences. >> reporter: harvard's admission policies say they have the right to pull admissions from anyone whose behavior doesn't show strong moral character. they also said those decisions are often final. back to you guys. >> morgan, thank you very much.
7:35 am
the idea of splintering off into a separate group and sharing things like this, when you don't technically know any of those people and who might reveal some of the contents. >> think about the kids now who are looking at their pages thinking, oh, my gosh. look at the stuff on there that might -- >> it's the same thing, too. there's a high-tech spin on it. but it's kids trying to impress each other, trying to show off in the worst possible way and paying a heavy price. >> as we were saying during the piece there, where do the kids go now? >> yeah. >> once it's revealed they were accepted and had their admission revoked? what are the university that are going to look at them and say this is someone worth taking a chance on. >> how do you explain that? other than a lesson learned a hard way. >> tough discussion with their parents. al, we love your forecast. we think it's fantastic and have no complaints about it. >> you're going to if you see what's coming up. >> in july. >> even sooner.
7:36 am
look at the jet stream, way up to the north, over the great lakes of the northeast. we have temperatures, minneapolis today. 81 in memphis. tallahassee, 83. tomorrow, oklahoma city, 82. in south dakota and pierre, 86. 84 in orlando. and because you've been good, look at what happens as we make our way, even though it's nice and warm and atlanta, des moines, little rock, later this week, by sunday, 80 in boston. 86 in new york city. 80 in burlington. buffalo, 82. >> tell us about the good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have temperatures in san francisco that will be reaching into the mid 60s for the next few days. also starting out with some morning fog and some afternoon sunshine. we'll have a chance of rain in the forecast. that's between late thursday night and early friday morning. and the north bay will have the
7:37 am
highest chance of seeing that rain. our temperatures will be cooling off as well for the inland valleys up to 72 on friday and the weekend is looking really nice with highs in the mid 70s. >> don't forget to get the weather you need. check out the weather channel on cable. >> all right. >> don't bite our heads off again. it was scary. >> i sometimes have to be the dad. >> i know. coming up, conquering el capitan. no ropes. no safety gear. remarkable video of one of the greatest rock climbs ever, as the man behind it speaks out the man behind it speaks out exclus ( ♪ ) a dog's big life is measured in wags. and when you feed your dog nature's recipe, you fuel the wag with our 35-year history of premium recipes like chicken, sweet potato and pumpkin. ( ♪ ) (bark) the bigger the life, the bigger the wag.
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7:42 am
hearing from the man behind it. gadi schwartz is at yosemite this morning. hi, gadi. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. it is impossible to convey how massive this wall is, this is el capitan in yosemite. 280 stories high. that's the top up there. alex honnold conquered this mountain using climbs shoes. for his hands. yosemite's granite cliffs, the mecca of rock climbing. and el capitan, the mightiest wall of all, now for the first time, conquered in a free solo ascent. >> you feel like you are your best you. you -- i don't know. it makes you feel pretty good. >> reporter: free solo means just that. one climber, no rope, no safety equipment, going 3,000 feet straight up. in 2015, the world watched in amazement as two climbers spent 18 days working their way up the
7:43 am
wall to a historic milestone. >> they both stayed totally positive. they both stayed totally committed. >> reporter: back then, their friend, alex honnold told them they could do it. he watched it from the valley floor. now, with no protection, honnold has taken the sport to new mind-blowing heights. >> it's something i thought about for years. i dreamt about and thought might be possible. it became possible. and now, i've actually done it. >> reporter: this clip from national geographic, part of an upcoming documentary film showing just a few seconds of the nearly four hours it took honnold to climb where one wrong move could mean death. >> there's a few key moments where, i don't know if nervous is the right word. but i was overtense. where i wasn't testing my feet quite right or holding on a little too tightly. >> reporter: but honnold says it's all about preparation and he's been at it for years. free soloing all over the world. and on the ledge, he seems to find his zen. he was featured in the climbing
7:44 am
film "valley uprising" back when he climbed the half dome of yosemite also without a rope. but the latest announcement, garnering rock star status way beyond the granite. his actor friend, jared leto, celebrated with his fans at a concert. >> amazing. congratulations. >> reporter: back at yosemite, honnold is taking it in and trying to decide what, if anything, can come next. >> something i wanted to do forever. and it seemed too daunting. and to finally do it, it's time to relax. >> reporter: a man who has conquered fear and conquered el capitan with his bare hands. alex told us yesterday that on his way up, he left very early in the morning, he was actually passing some climbers that were hanging in the porta wedges in the rocks. some of them actually woke up and looked outside and saw alex
7:45 am
climbing by with no ropes. must have been bewildering to see him do what it took them days to do in a matter of hours. >> incredible. we're not worthy. >> i love there's a picture that's his moment of zen. >> yeah. >> i mean, if you look where he is perched at that moment of zen, i mean, that foot slips once -- >> don't even. >> -- and there's no question of what's going to happen. >> talk about a head game. >> you have to be tough. i think my moment of zen is a glass of rose and sweats. a little different. coming up, the surprising things that matthew perry is saying about a "friends" reunion. and sheinelle is over in the orange room with the dad search that's taking the internet by storm. that's right after this. 's somes present. you're always thinking about it. what if my cancer comes back? i've been working on this therapy for 5 years now and we're getting ready to go to the clinic. my son definitely keeps me fighting. i want to be there for him when he needs me. that's what motivates me. i want to see patients have gray hair.
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[ cheers and applause ] back -- this is awkward. >> this is a little odd. >> oh, no. no. >> thanks for coming. >> goodness. >> sheinelle jones. >> the show goes past 8:00, right? >> what was happening? >> i wept to the lady's room. and so did he. >> i had to go talk to a guy about a horse. >> it was the 7:50 break. sheinelle, what do you have in the orange room? >> good morning. okay. we're talking about grill dad. you got me all thrown off. these guys are roommates from spokane, washington. they're hosting a barbecue next weekend. when they felt they were missing a key component, they went to craigslist to find a fix. they were speaking a generic father for a backyard barbecue. some of the duties include, suffering to all attendees as big guy, chief, sport or champ. now, to find the perfect image for their dad, the boys searched
7:51 am
grill dad. and they went with the second option that popped up. but this is a real dad. after their post went viral, their so-called generic grill dad, also known as doug sherman, he connected with the group on skype. unfortunately sherman lives in toronto and won't be able to make it to the barbecue. but he did offer to skype with the kids that day. the roommates are sifting through the applications. if they want to do it right, there's no question, we have your perfect barbecue dad. that would be a meal to remember. a little birdie told me somebody made this last night. was this dinner? >> well. >> you can come any time. >> speech, speech. >> you guys take over. >> we'll get it from here. >> nice talking to you. >> sheinelle, thank you very much. >> could have happened to anybody. >> i know. speaking of grilling, coming up, we have a story about how grilling might be related to some serious health problems. the potential link you need to know about. and the new nonsurgical
7:52 am
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good tuesday morning. we're coming up on 7:56 and a clear view looking at mt. hamilton over the south bay as we get sunshine there. still cloudy in san francisco, and the clouds will clearing out in the next few hours. and our temperatures now looking at some mid to upper 50s as you get ready to head out the door. high temperatures today reaching into the low 80s for the north bay. for the inland valley and the south bay. it will be up to 79 degrees san jose. 68 degrees in oakland, and san francisco, looking at a high of 65 degrees today. temperatures just a little cooler than yesterday. and that will be the trend as we go through the week, as we'll see a chance of rain in the forecast. late thursday night. i'll keep you up to date on that. heading over to mike now. >> the roads are moving well. b.a.r.t. does have a delay just reported out of 12th street oakland city center station.
7:57 am
police activity, nothing serious, but it does cause a minor delay. the roadways through oakland move well. 880 north shows slowing a the bottom of the screen coming up to the coliseum. this is pretty mild for a tuesday, but a slower for the nimitz away from 238 in both directions. in the south bay, northbound routes as they cross highway 17 or 880, still slowing. the crash in cupertino looks like it's about to delir. >> happening now, parents in palo alto plan to attend a school district meeting to raise questions about the sex ed curriculum for seventh grade students. >> michelle obama scheduled to take the at the apple worldwide developers conference. we're posting details in our twitter feed. >> a classified report published online raising questions about russian hackers infiltrating voting companies last fall. another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
♪ ♪ >> it's 8:00 on "today", weight loss without surgery. people looking to shed unhealthy pound without going under the knife. how one hour could change your life. plus, mummy dearest. the pyramids of egypt as we look to uncover the key to a murder mystery involving a pharaoh, his son and his wife. and message to our daughters. in our new love your body series, we share letters to our girls about growing up happy, healthy, and strong. >> just so you know, vale, you are, in fact, quite beautiful. >> your smile. share it often.
8:01 am
>> i have never seen anything more beautiful than the two of you. >> today, tuesday, june 6th, 2017. >> where are you guys from? >> tucson, arizona. >> do you want to meet savannah guthrie? >> yes, we do. >> matt, i've got some ohio people here. do you want to he meet matt lauer? you came to new york city. who do you want to see? >> al roker. >> you want to do more than see. >> how about a nice hug and kiss. >> what are you celebrating today? >> 50 years of marriage. >> where is he? >> i abandoned him at the hotel. >> there's always one person who is very prepared. is that a hokies? >> yes. we're are from virginia. >> let's get a selfie. good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today", a tuesday morning. we thank you so much for being with us, especially folks out here on our plaza.
8:02 am
because let's just be honest, it ain't pretty out here this morning. a little drizzly, a little chilly. we're happy to have everybody here with us. >> we're doing our best umbrella sharing. coming up, picnic and barbecue season is heating up. there's concerns over grilling and its impact on your health and what you can do and grill safely. first, a check of the morning's other top stories. time for news at 8. good morning. i'm bill neely in london. a city that stopped for one minute to honor the dead of saturday's terror attacks. before that, there was another police raid. but all 12 people who were arrested immediately after the attacks are now being released. this as we are learning more details about all three killers. at the scene of the killings across britain, the nation stood
8:03 am
in silence this morning, still stunned by saturday's slaughter. police identified the attackers, one manuel known to them. rashchid redouane. anti terror police just named a third killer as an italian more rock can. butt was filmed confronting police in london after an isis flag was displayed in a park. british intelligence monitored him but dropped surveillance because he wasn't planning an attack. he worked in train tunnels beneath britain's parliament at westminster. >> we do have a little bit really thousands, in fact, tens of thousands of people we would regard as subjects of interest. >> security forces in britain are overwhelmed. >> one killer can be seen outside this restaurant, statute barricading the doors as he
8:04 am
tries to force his way in. james mcmullen didn't escape the killers. >> he didn't deserve to die, not alone. >> london's muslim mayor furious. >> as a proud and patriotic british muslim, i say this. you do not commit these disgusting acts in my name. >> silence here this morning. but for police, hard questions. >> and more late details about that third killer. italian police sources are quoted as saying that he tried to travel to syria last year but was stopped and then came to live in london. it's not known if he was under police surveillance here. matt? all right. bill neely in london. bill, thank you very much. the arrest of a georgia woman accused of leaking a classified government document is shedding new light on russian efforts to influence the 2016 election.
8:05 am
nbc's justice correspondent pete williams has the latest from washington. pete, good morning to you. >> matt, barrel an hour after an online news site published a story about the document, the justice department disclosed that a woman had been charged with leaking it. prosecutors say 25-year-old reality lee winter who works for an intelligence contractor in augusta, georgia is accused of mailing classified information about previously known efforts by russian hackers to get in voter registration systems. she will be in court for a detention hearing. her lawyer said let the facts unfold in court. >> pete williams, thank you very much. the number of drugs soaring faster than ever. according to records compiled by "the new york times," more than 59,000 americans died from overdoses last year. that's a startling 19% jump from the year before. it's a rate that has accelerated
8:06 am
over recent decades. drug overdoses are the leading cause of death on those under 50. it is blamed on widespread release of opioids. something didn't seem right when a man walked in to convenience store. the plains clothes officer was watching. he excourted the shoplifter back inside, where he removed 30 dvds from his roomy slacks. then he fished out, not one, not two, but 15 quarts of motor oil. unfortunately for him, it was the man's third arrest for petty theft. that makes this one a felony. >> those pants are like the clown car. >> you put all those dvds in their, you get chafing. that's why you need the oil. just in case. >> i didn't see that coming at all. chafing. >> the plain clothes officer did. coming up next, a
8:07 am
nonsurgical weight loss procedure shows some promise. is it the answer you may have been waiting for. then, is a "friends" reunion in matthew perry's future? what he has to say about that. al heads to the nation's top company for millennials. you'll b i'll call you back. is this my car? state farm knows that for every one of those moments... what? this is ridiculous! there's one of these... sam, i gotta go... is this my car? what? this is ridiculous! this can't be happening! this can't be happening! oh, it's happening sweetheart. oh, it's happening sweetheart. shut up! shut up! that's why state farm is there, what a day... with car insurance, for when things go wrong. but also here with car loans, to help life go right. state farm. what a day!! ♪ "mm mmmm" "it's a sweet and salty dream come true."
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8:10 am
i usually do my fashion sketches on the computer. i love drawing on the screen. there's no lag time at all. it feels just like my markers. with fashion, you can dress people and help people. it's really cool to see your work come to life. we're back. it's 8:10. we have news about a weight loss alternative. until recently, many procedures involved surgery and were reserved for the morbidly obese. but now there is a new nonsurgical treatment for people trying to lose at least 40 pounds. it's called end of sleeve angioplasty. it's known as the accordion procedure. john torres is here to tell us about it. hi, dr. torres. who is the ideal candidate for the accordion procedure? >> the ideal candidate is somebody who wants to lose 40 to 60 pounds. they're obese or beyond obese. they tried other weight loss
8:11 am
procedures. medical weight loss techniques. they've tried exercise. they've tried diets and things that haven't worked for them. and it's for somebody that can't have surgery because they have other medical conditions. because this is much less invasive. >> it's not a surgery. but it is endoscopy. which is quite an ordeal go through. how does it work? >> it's scarless. they put you under general anesthesia. lay you on your side. they put a tube through your mouth. the doctor sees the stomach and sew up the sides. they pleat the sides of the stomach. they make it into a tube about the size of the banana. you eat less and you have less calories and that causes the weight loss. >> is it general anesthesia? do you go completely under? or kind of a light sedation. >> it's general anesthesia. but they send you home the same day. you recover after a couple of hours and go home right away. it's again, less, less invasive. >> all right. you go home the same day, but you don't bounce right back. what's the recovery like?
8:12 am
>> a two-week period of drinking liquid diet. that's to let the sutures settle in. let the tissues on the side heal a little bit and then you get the small stomach. what the doctors say, i agree with them, this is not a procedure by itself. it's a procedure like the other surgeries have come hand in hand with diet, as well. you have to maintain another diet, which is small portions. is what it is to lose the weight that way. >> what kind of results are you seeing? do you see dramatic weight loss? >> especially for the fact this is not invasive. for people that don't want to go through big surgeries and the weight loss is dramatic. after a year, people are losing 17% of the weight. they're losing ten inches in the waste -- waist size alone. and for me as a doctor, they're getting their health parameters under control. the cholesterol is better. the diabetes is better. the blood pressure is better. >> we have to get -- a lot of people say his sounds good to me. what are the risks? second of all, what are the costs?
8:13 am
would insurance cover it at all? >> this is a very low procedure, invasive-wise. the risks are minimal. people had nausea, and stomach cramps. they go away after a few days. one person in the study had leakage that took care of with antibiotics. the risks after two years were minimal. insurances sometimes cover it, sometimes don't. it's not like bariatric surgery because it's brand-new. insurances sometimes might cover it. if they don't, $10,000 to $15,000 is the procedure. we talked to a woman who had it, she said well worth the cost. >> it's not just morbidly obese. for those who of can, it's obese, a wider group of people. >> it opens up it up more people. >> dr. torres, thank you for being here. let's go over to al. >> fascinating. let's show you what we've got going on right now around the countries. fair skies out west. wet weather through the gulf coast. look for rain in the northeast. southern florida and central florida going to agreement pounded with rain. look how hot it is in the southwest. 90s and 100s. 50s and 60s in the northeast.
8:14 am
for today, we are looking at the chilly wet weather in the northeast. torrential downpours through the southeast, especially down through florida. sunshine through the upper ohio river valley. plenty of hot, dry weather in the southwest. and pacific northwest, looking fantastic, with temperatures into the mid-80s with plenty of sunshine. anthony, do me a favor. look at this high-tech way we protect our steady cam. saran wrap and ziploc bags. yeah. necessity, the mother of invention. that's fantastic. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's ha happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we'll have a sunny afternoon and temperatures down a few degrees. up to 65 degrees in san francisco, santa rosa a high of 82 and for the inland areas, it will be in the low 80s, for the valleys from concord to livermore down to morgan hill 83 degrees.
8:15 am
palo alto today expecting a high of 75 and oakland will see a high today of 68 degrees. >> and that's your latest weather. guys? >> all right, al. thank you very much. it's 14 after the hour. as always, we say that's a great time to trend. >> it is. and this first story, i think we should have the tissues handy. because it's really touching when i saw it this morning. oh, i couldn't believe it. christine stone is expecting a baby in october. and she wanted to share the news with her mom. her mother has been battling alzheimer's for ten years. every time christine tells her about the baby, it's as if her mom is hearing it for the first time. look at what she's posted. >> you know, i'm having a baby? >> what? really? when? >> october. >> good, christine. >> you know, i'm having a baby? >> what? >> yep. >> when? >> october. >> oh, good, christine. i'm so glad.
8:16 am
>> mom -- do you know i'm having a baby? >> no, are you? >> yep. >> good. when? >> october. >> oh. >> it's so lovely because, of course, her mom gets to experience that joy. but also bittersweet, of course, because she's struggling with alzheimer's. but her daughter said she wanted to show people, yes, this is a terrible disease. but you can find moments of joy through it. if you want to see the video, go to the today app. and i have to say, it touches your heart. >> and she says she does it several times in an hour. and she'll tell her and get that same joyous reaction. every single time. it's lovely. it really is. let's turn to another subject that's trending. ivanka trump is trending. not for political reasons. fashion designer and now adviser to the president who happens to be her dad, stepped out wearing a sleek little black dress from none other than target. >> cute.
8:17 am
>> seen here in an image from "the daily mail," the dress is from victoria beckham's line at the popular retailer. think this is pricey? it sells for $35. but it's currently on clearance for $17. and you know what? it's still available. >> i like that. >> i have a feeling it's going to go pretty quickly after that. good for her. >> it's cute. earlier, guys, we mentioned that the nashville predators won 4-1, against the pittsburgh penguins. this series is fantastic. they are in the stanley cup finals. the fans are beside themselves. and this is uncharted territory for nashville. they've never been in the stanley cup final. so, during a live shot, one news reporter was trying to describe the excitement and the love for the predators and the fans. but something happened. a couple seemed to want to show their love in a different way. just take a look. >> and again, they evened up the series at two games apiece. i mean, people are fired up. you see what's happening here? we may have conception going on. >> whoa.
8:18 am
>> wow. >> are you kidding me? are you kidding me? this is how it is in smashville, baby. >> they call it smashville for a lot of reasons. the reporter was cracking up after that. how much fun is this series? we were saying for people who aren't that interested in hockey, just to watch carrie underwood cheer for her husband, the captain of the team, is fun enough. >> everybody is -- go ahead. >> he kissed her so much her helmet always fell off. >> opposite of a hockey fight. >> people say going to see a predator's game in that arena is awesome. >> we're going to have our show live from nashville tomorrow. >> that's right. >> how about that? >> just in time for the series to return to pittsburgh. >> i know. we're not talking about that. >> it will still be a good time. >> fair enough. sheinelle, "pop start" duty. >> everybody is still talking about the one love manchester concert that took place sunday night. you couldn't beat the lineup.
8:19 am
miley cyrus, katy perry. previously announced to take the stage wasn't there, usher. the singer was noticeably absent. he explained why he couldn't make the concert. saying i would have loved to be there. it was my son's first day for camp kudzu. it's a camp for kids living with diabetes. it was an important day for him and myself. we understand that. usher told the people of manchester to stay strong. it seems like reboots are happening all over the place. with "will & grace" and "roseanne" coming back. what be about our beloved "friends"? "variety" sat down with matthew perry. and he was asked if he would consider doing a "friends" reunion. he responded when i'm asleep, i have his nightmare that we do a "friend's" reunion and nobody cares. i want to go on the record and
8:20 am
say i think everyone would care. >> i would like to see that. but he says no. >> from perry to berry. halle berry is speaking out about pregnancy rumors. she was photographed at an event, resting her hands on her belly. do you see this, causing some to question whether she was pregnant. berry took to instagram to say, can't a girl have some steak and fries? can we relate? she's not pregnant. just living her life. i like the commentary. that was an impromptu. >> amen. >> thank you very much. it is day two of our special series, exploring millennial misconceptions. we teamed up with the website and we surveyed nearly 4,000 millennials to find out all about them. >> according to the results, on a scale of 1 to 10, the important of a work culture scored 8 1/2. we sent al roker to a top company for millennials to find out what that means. >> a lot of folks stereotype millennials as being self-absorbed or entitled.
8:21 am
we discovered that a more personalized approach is actually unlocking the generations passions and potential. what's the one misconception that other people have about your generation, about millennials? >> just staying around my parents is that i just play around on the computer all day when that's not the case. >> reporter: to be a millennial is to be misunderstood. and maybe nowhere more so than at the workplace. one of the companies looking to change that is elite sen, a digital marketing company that's been rated the top workplace for millennials. what's the stereotype of millennials? >> they are never satisfied. they're lazy. we found it's the opposite. they're not lazy at all. they're actually really hardworking. it's just they like to work on their time. they like to have a flexible work schedule. >> reporter: they have an approach to a millennial workplace environment that's different from the game room offices you might be expecting. >> we hear about companies like
8:22 am
google and facebook. and there's the snacks and ping-pong tables. >> and nap pods. >> reporter: i don't see those? where are the ping poth tables? >> those are important misconceptions. it's not about going to the fraternity house where they work. people want to come here for a purpose of whether it's succeeding in their career. sometimes it's making more money. >> reporter: no nap rooms. and also, no offices for executives, meaning no closed doors. >> we want to show everyone that, you know, we're accessible. there's no one better or greater than anyone else else. >> reporter: while there is no ping-pong, the perks for the 160 employees are there. flexible hours, working remotely. and policies where employees themselves pick their own peers. they call it a culture interview. and every prospective hire goes through one. >> you get a group of the peers. they're going to sit in a room with them and say, do i want to be stuck in the airport with this person for three hours. >> this is the culture part of the interview.
8:23 am
>> reporter: it's something they tried on me. >> at your current position if i was to go up to one of your colleagues, matt lauer, and ask him to describe you what would he say? >> reporter: i think he would say, he's a good co-worker. little bit of a flatulence problem. and that would be somebody you could depend on. if it seems different than your normal 9:00 to 5:00, that's the point. >> we're living in a different world than when my grandfather was in the workforce 50 years ago. our employers in new york and california, if you were 50 years ago, they wouldn't know who they were. now, they talk to each other every day on video conference. they're friends. the workforce is so different. the problem was, that employers didn't adapt. and it made millennials say, this isn't the way the world works. forget about the way millennials work. this isn't the way the world works. >> reporter: author of leaders eat last, the cynic tackled the
8:24 am
millennial question in a talk that went viral last year. >> i get pushback from companies saying it's not their responsibility to take care of millennials. millennials need to figure things out themselves. that's all fine and good, but the reality is these are your employees. and if they're coming with new challenges, doesn't the company bear some responsibility to create an environment in which someone can feel like they're learning and growing? >> reporter: a shift away from the workplaces of the me generation of baby boomers. >> i think boomers bear a lot of responsibility. they were the ones who sort of pioneered the new business techniques in the '80s and '90s. and many are senior executives now. those boomers are the ones sort of demanding that they do things the way they see the world. i think it's the gen-x and the millennials that will change the workplace. >> reporter: is this changing for everybody? >> this is becoming the new norm. you will see some of the companies that are struggling. and a lot will go back to the people because they're not setting up the organizations for their people to be successful.
8:25 am
and that's the key. >> another reason to think that a shift in a work culture may be coming. in our survey, one-third of our respondents said they started their own company or plan to. i have a millennial at home or -- and her idea is she wants more flexible hours. and wants to run her own business. >> a lot of millennials are very entrepreneurial. and i think that is a distinction. >> that's one of the ways you get your own hours and your own working conditions, you start something yourself. for the record, i would say great family man. dependable, hardest working guy i know. especially in this case. and you underestimate yourself. i mean in the flatulence. >> that's so close to a compliment. it's right there. >> by the way, there's more tomorrow, al will sit down with more millennial it's and their
8:26 am
counterparts to explore how love and communications have changed over the year and what's stayed the same. i )m ... ==topvo== former ghostship tenant and manager derrick lm . good morning to you. 8:26. former ghost ship tenant and manager derrick almena is scheduled to be arraigned thursday after his arrest yesterday in connection to last year's deadly warehouse fire. authorities arrested him in lake ro county and transferred him to santa rita jail in pleasonton. authorities arrested a former tenant max harris. prosecutors say the pair knowingly created a fire trap. both men have been charged with 36 counts of manslaughter for each death in last year's fire. if convicted each could face up to 39 years in prison. burj check that morning commute with mike. how is it looking? >> for a tuesday that's the qualifier things are looking pretty good. we have a slower track and a pretty typical pattern. this tuesday is the start of the
8:27 am
summer months for a lot of schools, they got off from break last week. the week before. a lot of universities are off now. the next couple weeks lighter tra#fic flow. we're working towards west 80, crash has cleared some lanes, slowing down towards richmond and a break, more slowing down towards berkeley and the bay bridge toll plaza still has the metering lights on. no major issues, though. we're looking at oakland, live look past the coliseum shows you traffic bunching up here, the fast track lanes of the bay bridge toll plaza are definitely the ones that have the most backup. >> thank you very much. we'll be back in half an hour with another update.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ we're back, now. 8:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 6th day of june, 2017. our crowd, dodging some early morning rain showers today. and yet, seemingly unaffected. look at them. they're all -- well, some of them look a little -- >> meanwhile, on the next episode of when umbrellas attack. >> tomorrow, they're going to be chasing waterfalls because tlc
8:31 am
will be here for a very special live performance. >> what? >> on the plaza. it's part of the "i love the '90s the party continues" tour. we can't wait for that. >> that's not the only concert. friday, we have halsey here. and what message is most important for little girls? that's what savannah, jenna and i thought about. we wrote letters to our daughters. hopefully it will resonate with you, too. >> it will be sweet. and then, a royal family. a back stabbing plot. a shocking punishment. we're taking you to egypt for a remarkable look at a 3,000-year-old mystery that will get you ready for the new "mu y "mummy" movie. >> nice. and your guide to grilling safely this summer. and the truth about the health risks of preparing meat on the
8:32 am
grill. first, mr. roker? >> fantastic grill weather. >> don't take my umbrella. let's soo show you what is going on for today. sunshine out west. we're looking at more rain, making its way into the northeast. and the plains. we'll see some showers, as well. tomorrow, the wet weather continues in the mid-atlantic states into the southeast. the heat builds out west. we're looking at rain in the . >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. the fog in san francisco will be clearing out we'll have breezy winds and temperatures reaching the mid 60s today. also 65 degrees tomorrow. but then by thursday afternoon, we'll have a chance of rain, especially late into the evening and early friday morning. clearing out in time for the weekend. for the inland areas. low 80s today. also that chance of rain especially for the north bay but as we head into friday,x72 degrees and some mid to upper 70s for the weekend.
8:33 am
>> that's your latest weather. don't forget, we're going to show the people. >> where are you going? >> get the weather anytime you need it. check out our friends at the weather channel on cable. guys? >> al, thanks very much. summer comes backyard barbecue season. when it comes to cooking meat, fish and poultry on a grill, studies indicate cancer-causing particles can form. natalie azar is here to show you how to grill safely this summer. the study did not say eating grilled food causes cancer. it stops short of that. >> the concerns are the pesky chemicals that can form when meat is heated over high heat over a grill. in animal studies the evidence is pretty clear that consumption of these chemicals in animals can be associated with an increased risk for cancer.
8:34 am
but in population studies in humans, not definitive at all. there might be an association. but nothing definitive. that leads us to tips that you can pass on to people, as we look at the chick en and the steak cooking. >> temperatures that get to 300 degrees fahrenheit, can be associated with this. you want to cook at a lower temperature. and you want to flip frequently. you don't want to get the char. you can use lean meets. the fat droppings creates the chemical compounds. >> you can marinate. you can add spices like pepper and garlic that reduce the formation of the kem talls. and more vegetables. they don't contain the proteins. >> alex, come on in here.
8:35 am
alex bornacelli, the chef at butter restaurant. you have four simple things we need to remember when grilling this summer. >> i'm interested in the delicious part and keeping it as healthy as possible. i like tasty. moving the grill around cooking on the hottest zone, you get a brown. and just sticking with salt and pepper with the steak is really great. for chicken, we're talking about for chicken thighs, marinate them, make them flavorful. take the skin off so there's less drippings on the grill. we love our chicken. chicken breast, sear it. >> sear it inside, before you bring it to the grill. >> we spent time marinading, seasoning. sear it inside. and drop the flesh side down. and you get a little char andri.
8:36 am
>> i like the chicken skin, people tell me to do without it. what about seafood? >> we have tuna steaks here marinading in ginger and soy. you spun off the marinade. took them slow and low on the grill. take them out and get them room temperature. it's warm to begin with. >> step down for a second. one of the things i noticed. look how clean your grill is. that's one of the things they talked about in the study. get that black char off the grill surface because that's not good for you. >> that's true. you want to get a brush and clean it. i take a towel, a little oil. and i wipe the grill clean. you wipe a table or a surface you cook with. if you have steak right, and you have char on it. just trim it away. i mean, i personally would
8:37 am
probably eat it. >> my goodness. >> i know. but you can trim this off right around the edges and just get that off. and just slice the rest of the meat and enjoy it. >> we just parted xae eed compa. i get it. coming up, the moms of "today" will share their letters to their daughters to help all women love their bodies. first this, is "
8:38 am
8:39 am
welcome back, everybody. look who is joining us. our girl, jenna bush hager. she's for a special series from our website, >> the website asked hoda, jenna and i to write letters to our daughters. and the idea was to empower them throughout their lives. and our idea was to share the letters with all of you. my dearest, vale --
8:40 am
>> dear, haley -- >> to my darling girls, mila and poppy. >> i hope as you grow up, i can teach you to embrace the miraculous vessel that is carrying your heart and soul. >> i've never seen anything more beautiful than the two of you. >> some thoughts about the perfectly put together you. your eyes, use them to see the good in people each day. your smile, share it often. >> be kind to your body. treat it well and respect it. this is the only one you'll be getting. >> your belly -- it will be tickled by the pom-poms i will be shaking for you constantly. your heart, listen to it, follow it, figure out who and what makes it beat faster. >> you, too, will look in the mirror and not always like what you see. but if we do our jobs, you will look in the mirror and like who you see. >> just so you know, vale, you
8:41 am
are beautiful. i love your xraz si golden curls. your blue eyes. your sweet cheeks and the superwattage smile that wakes up the world. >> your back, i have got it, always. your soul, float next to mine forever. >> so, my precious, babes, always, always know, that just by being authentically you, you are more than enough. >> now, i'm going to hug your little bing. >> that's why i'm so proud of you. love, mom. >> i and ddore you, my beauties. love, mom. >> love, mom. >> where do you go from there? that's so nice. did you have people in your lives at an articleearly age, t communicated those things to you? >> no. i think it was a different generation. >> i wrote about my parents that
8:42 am
emphasized our creativity, our humor. maybe my humor a little too much. if i looked in the mirror at 13 and thought, this is not looking so good, i didn't worry about that as much. i worried about what i could do, you know? >> even now, i look at my mom. and she wears a two-piece bathing suit on the beach and doesn't care. and i rememberedthat seems likeg i can try to do. >> i feel like the message of love your body or be happy with the physical self was not explicit in my household. but my parents cared about our character and our hearts and our kindness, than anything. and my dad was so cute -- when i was in junior high, i won't show you the pictures because they're to atrocious. he would say, i shouldn't let you out of the house today. and i didn't. but it was so lovely, it made me feel good. >> my 4-year-old puts on my
8:43 am
clothes and smiles at herself. and you tonight want that to go away. our goal is to put the seeds so they doesn't go away. >> can we have a little of that for ourselves? it's easy to write the words for my daughter. and henry said, say that for them. henry says, look at yourself and feel that same way. >> that's great. >> it's true. let's spread that to everybody. >> we love your bodies, too. >> thank you. >> a lot of estrogen on this couch right now. the entire letters at thank you. here's a turn coming up next, the screaming mummy. we're going to egypt. >> from mommies to mummies. >> a 3-year-old murder mystery. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
we're back. 8:45. the new movie, "the mummy" is about an ancient egyptian princess who awakens and goes on a rampage of revenge. >> keir simmons unearthed the true story that has eerie parallels to the movie. >> reporter: in "the mummy" tom cruise finds a mysterious tomb. and an evil princess comes back to life. >> she will claim what has been denied. >> reporter: it's a movie that echoes a dark story, of a queen that used sorcery in a plot to kill a pay rharaoh. >> nobody survived. >> reporter: and in cairo, this, the so-called screaming mummy is a key to a 3,000-year-old murder mystery. this is so gruesome. ♪
8:47 am
we begin our journey in the sahara desert. the valley of the kings was the last resting place, or so they hoped, for the greatest pay rhas of egypt. this is the tomb of ramseys iii. entering it is like descending into the underworld. ramseys was murdered in a plot master minded by his wife. the pharaoh was entombed here 3,000 years ago. but his mummy is not here. where did it go? the answer to that question was buried at the top of this mountain. >> they're singing for you. >> reporter: this doctor is egypt's leading archaeologist. he's taking me into a narrow shaft 50 feet down inside the mountain. >> hi. how are you? >> reporter: to a sealed entrance. >> whatever is in there, has
8:48 am
been safely hidden for 2,000 years. >> reporter: it's really claustrophobic. in these tunnels 150 years ago, archaeologists made an astonishing discovery. >> they found mummy after mummy after mummy. the greatest pharaohs who ruled egypt in the time of the golden age. >> reporter: like in the movie, the mummies have been buried for thousands of years, in real life, to protect them from tomb raiders. here, they found ramseys. and -- >> a screaming mummy. >> reporter: to find out why the ancient egyptians had buried the screaming mummy beside the king, who he was and in connection to our evil queen, can only be explained back in cairo's museum. looks like he's screaming. the screaming mummy has been executed, experts think, for the murder of ramseys.
8:49 am
>> you can see evidence of hanging here. they put him -- he could -- and stay like this. that's why the screaming mummy has opened mouth. >> reporter: the body of the screaming mummy holds other secrets, too. dna tests show he was none other than the king's own son. and using the latest scanning technology, radiologists have discovered what happened to the young man that became the screaming mummy. >> the organs and the brains were not removed. >> reporter: the screaming mommy was left to rot. his crime, plotting with his mom to steal the father. his punishment the worst of all egyptian curses, to deny him unhappiness in the afterlife.
8:50 am
>> this son who killed his father will go to hell. >> she will not stop. >> reporter: and while in the movie, the princess comes back to life, seeking revenge. our queen, queen tia, is still missing. almost more chilling that we don't know what happened to her. >> definitely. >> reporter: perhaps, says the doctor, she is among the countless unnamed mummies in the cairo museum. or maybe, she's still out there. for "today," keir simmons, nbc news. >> keir is going to be in the sequel. >> isn't it amazing how captivating those stories are. >> and you know that expert. >> he was a guy that took me to the sphinx and the first pyramid in the first where in the world? he's the real deal. >> i'll say. >> missing still, or is she?
8:51 am
>> the cairo museum plans to put the screaming mummy on display. if you can't wait for "the mummy," that movie opens on friday. >> look forward to that. back in a moment on a tuesday morning.
8:52 am
welcome to maxx you. you are whimsical, vibrant, statement making. we see what makes you unique. so we have something for everyone, at a price that's just right for you. maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx that music can only mean one
8:53 am
thing. birthday time. >> let's spin the smucker's jar. happy 100th birthday to millie epifanio of new jersey. a sergeant in the women's army corps during world war ii. we salute your service. leonard eckardt from california, age just a number for this guy. he drives around town in his car every week. and look who we have here. happy 111th pibirthday to doris wood ferrari. this registered nurse is from freeport, maine. she says the secret to living a long life is going forward. bill buckhort, a medic in the united states navy. we salute you, sir. rita huard. she bakes the best molasses cookie you'll taste. and happy 100th to bessie powell
8:54 am
of maryland. she played miniature golf for the first time at 99. way to go, bessie. we want to learn about something in your life celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary. head to >> thank you. we're joined on the couch by a guy who believes he can fix america's gun issues in one hour. >> jordan klepper from "the daily show." and it's called "jordan klepper solves guns." >> a country in 2014, 33,000 people died due to gun violence. a country where citizens are more likely to be murdered by a gun than any other civilization. welcome to america. you overshot it. back, back. >> jordan, nice to see you. >> good to see you guys. >> you spend time talking to
8:55 am
people on both sides of the issue. it's an incredibly divisive issue. what surprised you? >> i was surprised by what common ground there was. i've gotten to do pieces on "the daily show" about the gun issue. the people that are hyperbolic are more interesting for tv. but the more moderates and i wanted to get their take. guns mean something different to people than on the coast. >> it must be difficult to try to weave humor in this. how difficult was that to strike that balance? >> i think humor is a great way to satirically attack any topic. for me, i can take the blind spots that i have about any argument. and that can show the blind spots that other people might have with guns. people that want to make a change but don't know how. that allows other people to bring their expertise and experience to it all. >> you tried to listen.
8:56 am
and you have your own show coming up, too? >> congratulations. >> i won't be listening during that show at all. now that i'm a big star, i'm going to trust my gut. >> we remind people, the special on comedy central sunday night. 11 i'm sam brock. the east bay times reporting on the sad death of a popular teacher who died one day after his retirement. 65-year-old eric thiel a biology teacher in pleasonton. friends say he retired on the last day of classes on friday and saturday died. medical examiners right now trying to figure out the exact cause of death. but thiel leaves behind a wife
8:57 am
and four children. a gofundme page set up for his family members as you can see here it is already exceeded its goal, looks like at almost $25,000. at this point. happening right now, pete suratos is reaching out to fellow students and teachers of his. working on a full report for our midday newscast. former first lady michele obama scheduled to take the stage any time day for the apple's conference in san jose. and a classified report published on-line is raising new questions about yann hackers who might have infiltrated voting software companies last fall ahead of the election. link to that story and details on the arrest of the suspected leaker. that will do it for us right now. back with more news in just 30 minutes. for now back to the "today" show. ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience.
8:58 am
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♪ this morning on "today's take," two big stars join us for dinner and dancing. then, get ready for ken fashions from ken jeong. and find out what got me thrown into detention when i head back to high school, coming up, right now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller pla. >> it is tuesday morning, june 6th, 2017. you're listening to "bite my tongue," by the beach. >> how do we pick our songs? >> i don't know. >> aaron kim picking our songs. >> aaron. what's your mood like?
9:01 am
>> she didn't pick our co-host. we lucked out. we got actor and comedian ken jeong. >> thank you. bite your tongue. bite your tongue. >> the first time you and i have been here together. >> yes. >> how is that possible? >> i'm on remote, ken fills in for me. >> poor man's al roquer in t er house. >> we're as unhip and urban as you can drn. >> yeah. >> you said west side because of california. aren't you on the upper west side of new york? >> i'm on the upper east side. >> we're back with the whitest guys on earth after these messages. >> last time, ken had an emic entrance. it's hard to top. >> look at that. >> it was even better was when you -- when you gif it on twitter and online. >> when your kids see this, are
9:02 am
they like mine where they google changing your name? >> they are so over me and my brand. they are so over this. they are over -- as long as those $30 checks come in every week. >> are they watching today? >> no, they're not. they're at school. the next-to-last day of school. >> already? >> already. >> we have a few more weeks left. >> they're not as smart on the west coast. not saying my kids are dummies. they're not going to hear it. they're in school. they better be. if word gets back to them, they're playing hookie. >> they're cutting class. >> they're twins, right? >> alexa and zoe. >> your daughter is named after alexa. that's fantastic. >> her name was alyssa. but the amazon product was so outstanding. i said, you know what? alexa -- >> and the other daughter named
9:03 am
siri? >> boom. that's how you do it. drop the mic. >> did al tell you his going off to a secret undislowe'sed location? >> yeah. >> going to hang out with the guys from "better late than never," with william shatner and henrich winkler, george foreman. who else? >> everybody. >> that looks amazing. >> terry brad show. george foreman. i think i'll be the youngest guy out there. >> is it top secret or we don't know? >> i have no idea where i'm going. they're going to blindfold me. >> california. >> that would be fun you're kidnapped and you're dropped in a location. you have to figure out where they are. >> that sounds like a great segment for al. they say it's going to happen. and it will.
9:04 am
>> you better hurry. we have one of our favorite games, we like to call ken-f ken-fesions. here comes jerry. >> thank you, jerry. >> can you appreciate the art. there's popcorn mixed in. that's something. >> okay. you pick a question and go ahead and answer. >> great. if we receive a gift of "the hangover 4," who would be your wish for a cameo in the film? >> the o.g. himself, al roker. >> i wonder what it would be like to be in a movie like that? it looked like it was a blast. >> it is crazy. it's so much fun. it's so crazy, the setting is crazy, you act normal off camera. you know? when i've done kids' movie, when the subject material is not edgy
9:05 am
enough, off camera, the actors get giddy and edgy. when we're in boangkok, at the seediest strip joints. are you partying? no. just having dinner at a nice restaurant. >> plain rice and steamed broccoli. >> it is. >> next question. >> okay. you made your debut delivering katherine heigl's baby in "knocked up." what do you remember most about your first day on set? i remember everything. that was the first movie i was in. i just quick my day job. jud apatow discovered me. i remember being in the room with seth rogen and katherine heigl. and i didn't have any lines. jud apatow says, you're going to improvise for ten minutes and just go.
9:06 am
i didn't know what to do. this was supposed to be a montage scene where i thought the camera was going to show us together. we did a ten-minute improv. i was doing a history and physical on katherine heigl asking questions like, do you smoke? do you smoke cigarettes? that came out of improv. >> wow. >> that's how judd apatow works. and it was just magic. >> that's a high bar to start with. >> the highest bar to start with. >> of course. >> absolutely. i owe my career to judd. >> do you pay him off? >> i pay him off in popcorn. >> one more. >> okay. good one. you guess starred on "glee." >> really? >> yes, i did. what's your go-to karaoke song? one of them is "word up" by cameo. >> really?
9:07 am
♪ pretty ladies around the world got al roker and sheinelle jones ♪ ♪ us three are here partying with you today ♪ ♪ we all here on "today's take ♪ word up >> yes. you want to talk o.g. >> end, scene. that couldn't be better. >> did you grow up wanting to be a black guy? >> yes. >> i just was wondering. >> why you say that, al roker? why do you say that? >> the whole production of meetings. call me al, please. okay, al roker. >> "call me al" is paul simon. >> that's good. >> the big announcement. let's get ready, alexa, there's new competition. >> ken's daughter. >> apple announced yesterday.
9:08 am
i saw they will be releasing their own siri-powered home speaker device. this is called the home pod. >> as opposed to home boy. >> you have to take the tight shots to make it look cool. this is apple's first new product in nearly three years. it will integrate with other products. and it will be allow you to turn on your tv, turn up the temperature, if you have apple devices. >> anything with the home kit. >> they should have a home line, home boy, homey, like a little pod. they should have, you know, integrated to my brand, yo. >> my goodness. >> me and al, how street we are. we only into the street app products. i'm going to do the rest of the show like this, in this voice and annoy the world. >> home pod will go on sale later this year. it costs $349. you guys are a mess. i give up. you want to toss to commercial?
9:09 am
>> i guess so. >> they haven't been ever able to work together and now, line genuine buddies. they can't stop. it's the question that can make or break any relationship. does this dress make me look fat? we have the secret to telling we have the secret to telling little white lies. can you actually love we have the secret to telling little white lies. wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. no other sunscreen works better or feels so good. clinically proven helioplex® provides unbeatable uva/uvb protection to help prevent early skin aging and skin cancer all with a clean light feel. for unbeatable protection. it's the one. the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. see what's possible. ♪ sun to the farm ♪ ♪ to the seeds that you sow ♪ ♪ seed to the oat ♪ to get made to an o ♪ put in the good and the good will grow ♪
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nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. ♪ ♪ choose your favorite pasta,or piadina or sandwich. it all comes with our never-ending soup or salad. and all the breadsticks you want. starting at just $6.99 get never-ending value for lunch, today at olive garden. enamel is the strong, wof your tooth surface. the thing that's really important to dentists is to make sure that that enamel stays strong
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and resilient for a lifetime. the more that we can strengthen and re-harden that tooth surface, the whiter their patients' teeth are going to be. dentists are going to really want to recommend the new pronamel strong and bright. it helps to strengthen and re-harden the enamel. it also has stain lifting action. it's going to give their patients the protection that they need and the whiter teeth that they want. ♪ we don't know it. >> back, now, with more of "today's take." our guest co-host ken jeeong. there's a new article whether white lies are as little as we think. >> whether the white lie gives them false confidence. you say the lies but you don't fix it. does that make it a little white lie or are you just lying? they say the golden rule for telling a white lie is to ask yourself whether you want to be
9:13 am
told the same lie as the one you're telling. do you tell white lies? >> look, if somebody asks you how does this look? and they have the option to change it, well, you know, what i really like. >> you say something positive. >> that one dress you got, i really like that one. and try to direct it away. what about this outfit. >> are you okay? >> you get something in your throat. and you walk away. >> oh. i see. whoa. whoa. >> that's what you do. >> the white lie pivot. yeah. wow. and you're out. >> they ask us the question, what are you most guilty of when it comes to lying? >> what are you most guilty of? >> when you lie, you feel bad. you feel guilty, right? >> what about to your kids? if there's something -- >> i lie to them all the time. that's part of my essence. >> no. >> yes.
9:14 am
no. you're going to grow a path in life, just like your old man. >> life is perfect. you won't day drink. you'll do a lot of things. you know, at the jeong household, to me, to tell the truth would fracture the whole family. >> yeah. >> they're happy. that's all that matters. >> we're living a lie. i'm in show business. i'm phony by nature. that's like -- st >> wasn't that a rap group. >> naughty by nature was taken. i invented naughty by nature. in a was a white lie. >> speaking of happy childhoods, "home away" and "family fun" travel asked kid opinions. they asked which magical destination they want to travel to. the number one answer, no surprise, hogwarts. 27% wishing they could go to the castle. number two was the "star wars"
9:15 am
galaxy. if you could go to a fictional place. >> toon town. "who framed roger rabbit." this isn't town town here. eventually eddie gets to toon town. >> and everything is animated. >> everything is animated. he's in a giant cartoon. when they're handcuffed together, wait a minute, you wou could have gotten out of these handcuffs at any time? yes, but only when it's funny. and jessica rabbit, i'm not bad. i'm drawn that way. >> we'll be back with stage reading of "roger robert" with al roker. >> you would be a kid in a candy store. >> i want to go to lego batman's bat cave. that's amazing. i saw that movie recently with my kids. and seeing l ining will arnett'. >> can you do his voice?
9:16 am
>> a lot of people think that superman's great. he is not great. he's an alien. i'm a guy that's real. >> i didn't have a picture of. but secret garden. >> it's secret. >> i used to dream about it. >> you found it. there's a door. and there would be -- you open that door and go in. and there's a magical, peaceful, quiet place. >> isn't that your dressing room? >> if i had one, that's what it would be call. instead, i use whatever room is open. yeah. my vision would be more floral. this is a bromance from i don't know. what's going on. >> you get a johnny carson going. let's show you what's going on. hay-ho. sis boom ba, the sound a sheep makes before it explodes.
9:17 am
>> what's in his coffee? let's look at what is going on. wet weather in the northeast. low pressure moving through. scattered showers. isolated strong storms and more for tomorrow. the good news is, the rain will enter the northeast, in new england. in the southeast, heavy rain. we're talking frequent lightning, torrential downpours. and in florida through thursday, we could be talking five to seven inches of rain. that's what's going on around good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a lot of sunshine as we take a live look outside at san jose toward the south bay. we are also seeing dense fog over the golden gate bridge. and it's starting to clear in parts of san francisco. that's where we'll see the high temperatures reaching 65 degrees today, tomorrow. also on thursday, too. but then we'll have a chance of rain late thursday night into early friday morning. clearing out for the weekend. inland valleys will be in the low 80s today, but 70s in time
9:18 am
for the weekend. >> you want to leave, don't you? >> they're like the same person. when somebody meets somebody. it's like a bromance. >> asian roker in the house, yo. >> that's it. up next, he was hand-picked by jennifer lopez. who wouldn't want that? to be one of the judges on the hit competition show "world of dance." we hand-picked derek hough to jub judge some of ken's dance moves. judge some of ken's dance moves. you don't want to miss this. hey katy, i'm going to go ahead and invade your personal space to run some things by you. it's going to look like i'm listening but i'm actually just paying attention to nugget. cool. i'll pretend you're answering the questions i have. i'll scroll through my feed and avoid making eye contact. i'm just going to keep hovering. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? hovering away. boo boo boo [making noise at nugget] the citi® double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back with 1% when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi® double cash card double means double.
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or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. see me to know... ...clear skin can last. don't hold back... ...ask your dermatologist if cosentyx can help you find clear skin that lasts. he became a tv superstar from his show-stopping routines on "dancing with the stars" over the past ten years. >> now, instead of being judged for his dancing, he's doing the judging. >> yes. >> on the hit nbc competition series "world of dance." >> derek stars alongside j. lo, neo, and jenna dejuan tatum. here's a sneak peek from tonight's episode. ♪ ♪
9:22 am
>> your range of movement is endless. endless. and i'm like, whoa, he can do anything with his body. the parts i connected to the most, when you lost control. you feel that stuff. you feel that stuff. >> good morning. >> good morning. doesn't it make you want to stretch? >> well -- >> i could stretch for a year and never do that. >> that would take a team. >> you and me both. it's difficult being a dancer. i've never been that flexible. i'm in awe of that. it's incredible. >> how much are you enjoying the judging part of this? >> i am a fan of dance. i love dancing. to sit there and watch this talent in all different genres from contemporary, hip-hop, tap and flamenco. i'm a big fan. i love it. it's exciting. and judging is the same. i'm a teacher, mentor, coach. i've been doing it for so many years. now, i do the same thing, analyzing. and critiquing.
9:23 am
>> is it true, j. lo picked you? >> we were salsa dancing one night. and she was like, i pick you. >> hold on. >> i was salsa dancing with j. lo. >> how is bragging camp going, derek hough? >> to make you feel better, we were salsa dancing, i dipped her and i stepped on her head. and i pulled her up, i ripped her hair out. it wasn't a cool move. >> it worked out. you're on the show now. >> yeah. >> my golly. >> as a judge, do you see yourself as a compassionate judge. are you a hard liner? >> i guess i have some compassion, absolutely. what breaks my heart is when they make a mistake or something goes wrong. you know when you've aced it in rehearsals. and where it's important, you make that mistake. and it's for $1 million. we have to be nitpicky.
9:24 am
they are incredible dancers. it's a lot of fun. a great show. high energy. and i love being a part of it. >> could you put your judging hat on? ken here, when he was on our show earlier, another -- i think we can roll this. >> the good take. the good one. yeah. >> yep. >> you see there. a little prince. look at that. >> first of all, i know you're joking around. but that's actually really impressive. >> i'm disheartened by the snickering going on. that couldn't be more serious. >> i'm truly impressed. don't worry about it. you have a future in dance. fast footwork, too. the shuffle. >> i made it. i made it. i made it. >> come here. give me a hug. >> i get a million. lei hey. i won't step on any hair.
9:25 am
>> you can catch "world of dance" tonight. up next, from the hit tv shows like "nashville" and shows like "nashville" and "friday night what is this? it's like a little vanilla tastey thing. shows like "nashville" and "friday night a vanilla bean? mmm. they chopped it up in little pieces. like this little dots. i found one! i found one! breyers natural vanilla. milk and fresh cream, and only sustainably farmed vanilla. very simple. mmm! breyers the good vanilla. it's simple. we're proud to use non-gmo sourced ingredients in some of america's favorite flavors. the beswith neutrogena® beach? beach defense® sunscreen. helioplex™ powered, uva uvb strong. beach strength protection for the whole family. for the best day in the sun. neutrogena®. nature valley almond butter biscuit sandwiches. made with a delicious layer of creamy almond-butter filling.
9:26 am
between two tasty, crunchy whole-grain oat biscuits. we've packed good things in here, so you can be great out there. ==topvo== former ghost ship warehouse )master tenant ) and me good morning, it's 9:26 on your tuesday. i'm sam brown. the former ghostship manager is scheduled to be arraigned on thursday after his arrest came yesterday in connection to the deadly warehouse fire in oakland last year. he was arrest in lake county and transferred to san arita jail. and max harris was also arrested. the pair knowingly created, quote, a firetrap. and both men have been charged with 36 counts of manslaughter, one for each death in last year's fire. if convicted, each could be facing up to 39 years in prison. and in other news, "the east bay times" is reporting on the unexpected death of a popular teacher who died one year after his retirement.
9:27 am
65-year-old eric till was a teacher in hamilton. he retired on the last day of the classes. the medical examiner is now trying to determine the exact cause of death. he leaves behind a wife and four children. a gofundme page that be set up for thiel's family members. it has already exceeded the initial goal. we'll have a look at weather and traffic coming up in a minute after this break.
9:28 am
good morning, i'm me meteorologist kari hall. we have a lot of sunshine for the inland valleys. and temperatures are starting to warm up. we are in the low 60s for the trivalley and the south bay. and 60 degrees in the north bay as the fog clears out. and san francisco, also seeing the low clouds. it's 53 degrees there. well, as we go into this afternoon, it will be a little cooler for some of the valleys, but still very warm in the tri-valley. 85 there. 82 in the north bay. and the east bay today will see a high of 68 degrees.
9:29 am
what's happening now on the roads, mike? kari, we have a thinning traffic volume around the bay, but look over here, we have the gum barton bridge near the bottom of the screen approaching the peninsula side. that causes more slowing, late slowing across the span. the san matteo bridge on northbound 101 at third there is a crash. one lane is blocked. that's a problem north of 92. a recovery here for west 580 at highway 13. the other crash cleared there. just about ten minutes ago, look how quickly the spids aeeds are starting to recover. thank you, mike. we'll be back with more news coming up in just 30 minutes.
9:30 am
connie britton has a knack for portraying unforgettable characters. she was on the texas football drama, "friday night light." her character's shocking exit on "nashville" where she played rayna james. >> now, connie is starring in the film "beatrice at dinner." and the hostest of a memorable evening. take a look. >> i don't know what to do. >> stay here. >> i feel bad. >> what? >> don't you ever feel bad. you can stay here in tara's room. >> are you sure? >> i insist. >> thank you. >> the only thing i ask is that
9:31 am
you take tara ice g's guitars ay for dinner. >> i have to call my friend to check on my doggies and my goat. >> oh, yeah. do that. >> connie britton, good morning. >> good morning. >> this is an incredible cast. and sometimes uncomfortable to watch. but purposely done that way. >> it is. one of the more uncomfortable dinner parties. it is a fun story. the cast is incredible. the script is written by mike white. it's about people having to face their own humanity and their own value systems. >> prejudices. >> you know, and it's about greed. selma is -- every actor is amazing. and i give credit to our
9:32 am
director, miguel arteta. >> i'm not in the film. it's one of my favorite films i've seen all year. one of the best movies of the year. i honestly say that. it's hard in comedy to make things that you can tell, you want to go big. it's right there. and you can -- >> and especially with mike white's writing, we wanted to so badly. there were so many funny lines. we wanted to punch them. you know? and miguel, the director, he felt it was really important for us not to go there. he did not want to make the characters into cliches. every character needed to feel like a fleshed out human being. and it makes the story so much stronger and palpable. >> like my nuanced work in "hangover 2." >> i channeled you a couple times. >> is this bangkok monkey? or "the hangover 3" credit man
9:33 am
c monkey. >> i would think to myself, monkey. to pull from all of it. >> we'll be right back from "inside the asian actors studio." starring monkey. okay? >> wow. just before they shut us down here. >> forever. >> so, "nashville." >> there's nothing about an actor knowing when it's time to exit and your character -- i'm going to get calls from people that haven't seen the ending. >> well, i mean, they probably heard. if they're fans and committed to the show, they have a sense. >> why did you decide it was time to go? >> there were different reasons. some were creative. and some were personal. but for me, what was really important was doing it in conjunction with the writers.
9:34 am
doing it in a space and time that felt right and appropriate for the show. we spent a lot of time figuring out how that's going to work. it was hard and sad for everybody. but the people who are fans of the show, love the show so much. they love the characters so much. and "nashville" is a rich world. it can go on indefinitely. >> i love that. connie, thank you so much. >> thank you. what was that? >> your one thought. >> i thought the ending was beautiful. i'm a big fan of your work. not just because you mentioned my influence on you. >> but that has something to do with it. i understand that. >> any chance of a "friday night lights" reunion? >> you know, i just saw kyle chandler said it was because of me that we're not doing a reunion. and i thought this time it was because of him. my feeling is, listen.
9:35 am
>> you're open to it? >> i love kyle. i'm just saying i don't want to be the holdout here. >> gavin, get kyle on the phone. >> i'll play the football. >> up to you, kyle. >> "betriz at dinner" opens up this friday, june 9th. up next, cue the marching band. >> i'm taking a trip to my old high school. doesn't quite go the way i expected. >> what? >> what? >> can you say summer took a hit this morning >> what? >> can you say when frankie popped the alligator floaty. plus, the snacks and drinks are gone, people. and one of us used up all the sunscreen! i wonder who... . we're gonna need some reinforcements...quick. copy that. walgreens makes it easy when summer needs a little help. your summer base camp is just around the corner so you can get in, out and back to those summer shenanigans. walgreens. at the corner of happy & healthy®. this week, buy two and get a third free on sun and skin care.
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watching this breath savers protect mint neutralize the plaque acids in my mouth. i can't see anything! that's because it's working so hard. hey, what are you guys doing? karen. we're neutralizing. maybe i want to neutralize. you ever think of that? this week, we've been taking a trip down memory lane, visiting our old schools. yesterday, i went back to my college alma mater, northwestern. >> al, i hear you went back to
9:40 am
high school? >> i did. a few weeks ago, i went back to xavier high. turns out i wasn't as cool as i thought. i never thought that. ♪ >> al. al. al. al. al. al. al. >> join me in welcoming back al roker. >> this is xavier high school. an all-boys jesuit school located in lower manhattan. >> we have a lot of distinguished alums. and al roker is one of the most famous. >> my back to school day started with my own school assembly. where i shared some of my xavier experience. i was in the cool clubs. i was in the a.v. squad. we're so nerdy we had our own call sign, a.v. my graduating year, 1972. this is the al roker of 1972. >> and that was the most hair
9:41 am
i've ever had. at 18, i had a semblance of an afro and big dreams. >> your yearbook quote is here. it reads watch out america. >> al got it pretty right. >> at xavier, no assembly is complete without the school song, "sons of xavier." ♪ we'll fight before you >> yeah. when i was here, military was mandatory. next, i hit the roof to check out our drill team, the x squad. mackenzie wise insisted i give a try. >> you're going to let go with your right and catch it. >> yeah. that's fantastic. ta-da. if there's one thing i learned at xavier, it's never give up. >> we knew he wasn't going to go
9:42 am
very far. but it was good to see his effort. >> seven. >> if i had to give al a grade, "a" for effort. "f" for movement. >> is the nursing office still where it used to be. that was good. so good to see you. ouch. next, i hit the band room. ♪ how are you? >> thank you so much for being here, mr. roker. >> this is beautiful. >> isn't it? >> where i relive my days playing flute in the regimental marching band. you had to march and play. and i couldn't keep my lips -- >> considering it's been a generation since al played the flute. i think moving him to the drums was a great idea. >> one, two, three. ♪ once he got in with the guys, he
9:43 am
let the foot and the snare go. i would say that incomplete would be the right assessment at this time. >> that was horrible. because i wasn't in tune with dr. pace's standards, i stopped by a place i always felt more comfortable, the science lab, where i was just in time for a pop quiz. >> mr. roker, eyes on your own computer. >> he was taking a code quiz and we had to get him back on track. >> i just had an itch. >> he picked up where he left off back in 1972. i probably would have given him an "a" plus. there was that one incident. c-minus. >> i decided to cause more trouble before the final bell. cattle drive. yah. cattle drive. get out of here.
9:44 am
>> if al was a student here now, he probably would have gotten some detention for what he did. >> yeah. it was called jug. and you had to march in the quadrangle for an hour. >> wow. >> the x squad, those arer is moan ral rifles, not real guns. at the time, we had live ammunition back then. >> not anymore. >> and it turns out, the rifle range was behind a gas line. >> oh, gosh. >> by the grace of god the we didn't blow the place up. >> that was fun to watch. i noticed that school. i never knew there was so much magic good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're getting clearing skies in san francisco. and today expect a high temperature of 65 degrees. we'll have increasing cloud cover with a chance late
9:45 am
thursday evening and friday morning. this weekend is looking nice for the first part into next week. we'll see the low 80s today and tomorrow. a slight chance for rain in the north bay. and more sun and dry weather for the weekend. your latest weather. up next, he's starring alockside tom cruise in one of the most anticipated thrillers of the summer. jake johnson revealing some of the secrets from the set of "the mummy." mummy." right after the toothpaste that helpstax, prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste. it's clinically proven to remove plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums. for healthy gums, and strong teeth. leave bleeding gums behind. new parodontax toothpaste.
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9:49 am
he is the actor and comedian you might know best playing nick miller on "new girl." >> now, jake johnson is turning from comedy to thriller, st starring alongside tom cruisey "the mummy." here's a sneak peek. >> you did not just call in an air strike. >> oh, yes, i did. >> where are you going? don't leave me. >> there's nowhere to go. we're going to die. >> please, let me think. >> we're going to die because of you. >> let me think. >> what? >> i'm thinking. >> what are you thinking? >> i'm thinking we're probably going to die here. >> i knew it. >> that's so good.
9:50 am
jake johnson, good morning. >> good morning. he's the best, by the way, tom. >> together, though, you guys are a great duo. >> thank you so much. i didn't know what to expect. and i started laughing when you entering the picture. there's a perfect amount of comic relief. >> thank you so much. i was really fun. he is the scariest guy i ever worked with. he does everything. every time we're jumping off buildings, there's no pads. we're just jumping off buildings. we jump off of a three-story building that collapses. and there's no wires. i kept being like, this is terrifying. i said, we could die. he's like, i know, don't. this is the best part. every guy wants to be the buddy in an action thriller. >> yeah. >> you want to be with tom cruise. >> you know, when the opportunity came up i jumped at it because i wanted to see what
9:51 am
it was like to do a tom cruz movie, more than an action movie. i heard about tom cruise and how he does things. it was nice to know that he's the real deal. he's a blast to work with. and he's passionate and he cares. this was a dream experience. >> because of his passion, it is like doing a fantasy camp with tom cruise, in terms of what you're talking about, with stunts. you go through -- does he have rehearsal time? >> we train for about 4 1/2 months. >> wow. >> we knew what we were going to get into. he puts you through it. he has a gym he has the pan cave. >> what's that? >> the pan cave. >> the pain cave. >> did i say pan? >> i heard wrong. >> everybody in this room is hungry. >> like pancakes. >> in the waffle house. unbelievable. >> you get sausages, and pancakes. >> he owns an ihop.
9:52 am
>> this is the tom cruise pan cave right here. >> the pain cave. what do you do in the pain cave? >> terrible squats. jumping on boxes. you just work. and you just work so you can do the scenes with him. he does that five days a week, nonstop. >> do you get a grand slam when you finish? >> i did. he didn't. >> did you have a trainer for the movie? >> all his team. >> he has people? >> he has trainers. >> trainers, waffle cooks. >> i didn't do "the mummy." i went to ihop. >> before you leave us this morning, really quickly, because you have so many girl fans, next season, season serve. >> fox is doing a final season. and i'm hearing it will be a jump forward.
9:53 am
>> okay. >> but we're thrilled. we're happy to the fans get it. and wae wanted an ending for the show. >> you're a busy guy. "the mummy" in theaters this friday, june 9th. back in a ment. thismo i
9:54 am
9:55 am
♪ this has been so much fun having you here, ken. >> i feel like i should let you guys have a moment. >> thank you. is sheinelle out of here? >> i'm out. >> thank you so much. it was good. >> we're going to let
9:56 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. there's a lot of sunshine in this forecast again. for the south bay, we are looking at slightly cooler temperatures. milpitas, 78 degrees. the east bay will see temperatures ranging from 84 in
9:57 am
antioch to 68 degrees in oakland. for the peninsula, the upper 50s. half-moon bay, 70 degrees. same for belmont. san francisco will generally be in the low 60s. for sonoma today, expect a high of 83. let's get an update on the roads from mike. we're looking at a smoother, lighter tuesday because the summer commutes have started to kick in. that's the dumbarton bridge with the crash over on the peninsula side. two out of the three lanes are still blocked. that's the trouble. use the san mateo bridge slowing itself southbound with the crash there still causing a distraction for the northbound side. the southbound side, one lane is blocked. thank you, mike. happening now, parents plan to attend a school district meeting to raise questions about the sex education curriculum for the seventh graders. you can get the backstory right now on the facebook page. also, a security scare near
9:58 am
notre dame cathedral in paris. police shot a man that attacked an officer with a hammer. updates in our twitter feed and also the classified report published online is raising questions about russian hackers infiltrating the software companies. you can find that story on our home page.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is today. with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody, it's booze-day tuesday. hoda's favorite day, spanky tuesday when we give it away a little bit later. she likes it as much as i like i hoda on thursdays. that's called the road less travelled. >> yes. >> i think i would like it if i could hear it. >> i think you would too. >> do you think we've got a good show today? >> we've got great show. if you're stressed out and trying to figure out what to cook for the kids, we actuall


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