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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 6, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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a "fireside chat" with the former first lady. michelle obama speaking at t right now at 11:00, a fireside chat with the former first lady. michelle obama speaking at the apple developer's conference in the south bay today. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm sam brock. this is a rare owe appearance by the former first lady. she's only held a few events since the election. nbc bay area's bob redell has been staking out the san jose convention center all morning as they have not allowed cameras inside, and, bob, you saw the first lady leave a while ago in a big motorcade? >> reporter: we did. good morning to you, sam and kris. unfortunately, first lady michelle obama's appearance here at apple's worldwide developer's conference at the mchenry convention center was closed to the media and was not tweeted live but show did leave the convention center about 45
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minutes ago. you can see in this video right here in her secret service motorcade. headed in the direction of norm manetta international possibly for a flight out of town. a conference attendee posted this video of obama and show spoke for an hour with lisa jackson, the head of epa, now an apple executive and ceo. tim cook said obama's talk would talk about empowering people in all walks of life. people we spoke to who listened to the played it said she was inspirational and focused on core values and finding a higher purpose in life, in or out of tech. how did she inspire you? >> i think the best thing she said was stick to your core values. that's what makes you big. >> i'm a woman in technology, so she's inspiring in that sense. i mean, she keeps telling us to keep working and -- and keep doing what we should do, an -- and keep striving to be awesome pillars in our economy and our
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community. >> reporter: while michelle obama did speak about her own experience in politics in her role as first lady, she did not talk about president trump or the current state of politics in this country. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> a big buzz to see the former first lady. bob, thanks very much. a developing story. let's take you out to paris, whether there's a counterterrorism investigation under way after an unidentified man attacked police with a hammer outside the notre dame cathedral. officials say that the attacker cried and had officers patrolling in front of the famous landmark. the officer likely saved lives. dozens of people took cover inside the cathedral as this was all playing out. paris remains under high security alert ever since a series of shootings and bomb blasts last year that left more than 100 people dead and hundreds other wounded. a new at 11:00, a central
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valley man is under arrest accused of trying to kill three of his doctors here in the bay area. 58-year-old yahiaoui chen of visalia near fresno was arrested last wednesday by chp officers on highway 101 in san jose. investigators say the suspect intended to shoot his doctors at their homes. palo alto police tell us that chen was upset about the treatments he had received. palo alto pd among several law enforcement agencies here in the bay area that worked together to track this man down before he could hurt anyone. >> we feel pretty confident of what his intent was and that if he hadn't been able in sort of a time-sensitive way coordinate our efforts that we would be investigating at least one homicide if not multiple homicides at this point. >> officers did find two guns in chen's vehicle during the arrest, and he now faces three felony counts of attempted murder. we are tracking another warm day here in the bay area, but we're also tracking a chance of
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rain later this week. >> what is this, a late, late, late spring shower? a live look outside right now. not that way at the moment. san francisco on the left side of your screen, nice and clear. on the right side fremont with just a little breeze. let's turn over to meteorologist keri hall. a very different picture than this morning. >> all clearing out. a look from mt. hamilton over the south bay and there's not a cloud in the sky so we are going to feel some warmer temperatures everywhere except near ocean beach. look at the clouds still overhead and it's 61 degrees there, so we'll see that clearing out here. soon a view in santa rosa. looking good. all clear blue skies. temperatures in the low 70s and 65 now in napa. we're in the upper 660s for the south bay and going to see the high temperatures today. still fairly warm inland but not as warm as yesterday. we'll take a look ahead to some even cooler temperatures and we'll talk about that rain. that's coming up in a few
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minutes. >> thank you, keri. one east bay school is mourning the unexpected death of a popular teacher. 65-year-old eric thiele died one day after he retired, a biology teacher in pleasanton. pete suratos joins us live and it's clear he really had a big impact on the community there? >> reporter: yeah, community to you, kris, that's correct. a huge impact on the school district as a whole as we're talking about eric thiel, the longtime science teacher, teaching thousands and thousands of students in this district during his tenure. there's a memorial set up here at the high school behind me. you can see the flowers and notes here expressing condolences to the family after his unexpected death. according to "the east bay times" the science teacher who tout heer for more than two decades passed away over the weekend one day after retirement. he had just come home from the
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movies with his wife and youngest son and suddenly passed away. i did get a chance to speak with the communications coordinator with the school district who says teachers and students are heartbroken by the sudden passing of thiel stating he was just handing out diplomas to students during graduation last week. he went on to call an incredible teacher who would be remembered and kindness and overall impact in the school community. >> an amazing person and mentor to his students. a lot of students have been reaching out saying that he -- that eric is the reason, that they are where they are. they just credited a lot of their success to eric. >> reporter: a district spokesperson says among his accomplishments, he helped create the a.p. classes in the
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district. no word on when a memorial service will be held. this just in this morning. a fifth grade boy is missing in mountianview. take a look at his pick tower. he was reported missing this morning by his elementary school huck elementary. he was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and khaki pants. the school is on martins avenue near grant road in the mountianview school district so keep your eyes open in that area. he's only 11 years old so if you see him contact the mountianview police department immediately. if you want to share his picture and information find it on the nbc bay area facebook page as well as in our twitter feed. police right now are still looking for the person would abandoned a child near the san francisco zoo. they tell us a young child was left behind in the great area of the highway and sloat around 9:00 last night. the child has been taken into protective custody and the age of the child has not been released. a san bernardino man accused of killing an australian tourist
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is expected into court today. he's expected to be arraigned on murder charges. mario got into a fight on friday with this man, matthew bates, outside the da vinci villa hotel on vanness. bates later died from his injuries. as we've mentioned, it's been a little bit more than six months since the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. one of the deadliest tragedies the bay area has ever seen and this morning two men are behind bars facing criminal charges. master tenant deric almena and one other man are facing dozens of involuntary manslaughter charges. the county d.a. believes the two are responsible for the deaths of 36 people in that horrific fire that happened back in december. the d.a. says that they knowingly created a firetrap with inadequate escapes. we spoke to one of the victim's families who say the arrest could not have been good enough. >> feel like you're in a state
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of limbo trying to hear something and it feels better to know that there's movement going on. >> this photo that you're looking at right here is from the lake county news that shows almena in a green jumpsuit inside of a courtroom. right now almena is in the jail being held on over $1 million and is facing a judge thursday morning. max harris, meantime, on the right side of your screen there is in the process of being brought back to al immediatea county. at our last check he's still in l.a. county. meantime, we've learned that deric almena and max harris are no strangers to law enforcement. our senior investigative report remember vicky nguyen did some digging into their past and found out where they have been since the ghost ship fire and posted her story to our website, the birds and the bees are on the agenda tonight at the palo alto unified school district pleading for the board. parents are abuzz over curriculum they say is just too much for their seventh grade students. under california's healthy youth act all public school districts
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have to provide sexual health instruction once in middle school and once in high school but some parents protested that the lessons as just too much for those tender seventh graders. the sexual health lessons by law have to cover things like birth control, stds and decision-making. the district's nursing staff will partner with the nonprofit health connected, and according to the school board agenda item, parents will have access to all materials before their children do, but here's one of the pickles here. they are only available in person. they are not posted online. parents do have the choice to opt their children out of that program. >> coming up next at 11:00, she's just 25 years old but in a whole lot of trouble with the federal government. what we're learning about the woman accused of releasing classified information about russian hacking of our election. the charges that she's facing and when her lawyer is saying about all of it next. >> plus, mountianview's google accused of not paying men and women ekely. coming up, we'll show you who
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this charged criticism is coming, from and what the action is that they are calling for. nbc bay area responds, we've recovered over $750,000 for our viewers. if you want help, call us or visit ad-lib numbers
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==kris//cu== some investors in google )s re ever. some pretty light trading so far as wall street bracing for what comes ahead later in this week. the dow jones, the s&p, nasdaq all dropping, but mostly less than 1%. well, some investors in google's parent company are reportedly calling for a closer examination of what critics say is is the company's deep gender pay gap. "the mercury news" says they will ask alphabet shareholders to demand a report on what they claim is a massive gap between men and women employees. alphabet, google's parent company denies that such a gap exists. >> san francisco city leaders want to keep an eye on uber and on lyft. denis herrera asked the ride-sharing companies to turn over four years of records. the information he wants
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specifically is their driving practices, rider accessibility and disability service. herrera wants to make sure that drivers are following local and state laws as well as ensuring vehicles that are not at public nuisance. >> a developing story right now, kris. a georgia woman has been arrested are accused of leaking a top secret document about russian hacking in our election. her arrest was revealed as a story about the document was published online. nbc's pete williams has more on the leaked information and a woman in a whole lot of trouble for releasing it. >> 25-year-old reality leigh winner of augusta, georgia is charged with sending a classified report of russian interference in the russian election to an online media outlet. she worked for a contractor worked on this georgia military base that worked for the national security agency s.winner now admits show was the leaker. the online website, the intercept quoted from the top secret national security agency
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document. the intercept said it told the government last week it had the document and that the nsa asked certain things be blacked out but the discovery of the leak set off alarm balls looking for whoever gave the intercept. the intercept's copy had been print out and folded and that just six people with access to the top secret document had printed it out. winner's arrest is the first criminal leakcation in the trump straights. the president has repeatedly vowed to crack down on leaks that he says undermine his administration. >> i've actually called the justice department to look into the leaks. those are criminal leaks. >> reporter: as the presidential election was reaching its peak last fall the classified document says russian military intelligence operatives were hacking into a u.s. company that sold election-related software, more efforts of interference despite recent denials by
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vladimir putin. >> that's what the 17 investigative agencies and twhoes hathose who is have seen the report. >> i haven't seen once any proof of direct russian interference in the presidential election in the united states. >> that was pete williams reporting. reality winner, the woman's name. she is expected in court on thursday. her lawyers says that the public should give winner a chance to let the facts unfold in court. meantime, the kremlin this morning denies claims that russian hackers were the ones who attacked u.s. voting software. meantime, a reminder former fbi director james comey will be testifying in front of the senate intel committee this thursday. you can watch that full hearing live right here on nbc bay area starting at 7:00 a.m. right after "today in the bay." >> meantime, president trump spent much of the morning tweeting and re-tweeting and he went after the media tweeting once again saying fake msm is working so hard trying to get me
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not to the use social media. they hate that i can get the honest and unfiltered message out. msm, a reference to the mainstream media. trump is also taking credit for six arab nations cutting diplomatic ties with qatar this week. the president tweeting so good to see the saudi arabia visit with the king and 50 countries already paying off. they said they would take a hard line on funding extremism and all reference was pointing to qatar. perhaps that will be the beginning to it the end of the horror of terrorism. closing sections is of san francisco's half justice may save the city close to $100 million. that's the conclusion of a new study by city analysts reported by "the chronicle." they say san francisco could save $95 million over a span of ten years by moving offices and detention facilities into a new lease space. the building is close to 60 years old and is in need of major renovation. the option of taking a year off from math may soon be off the table when it comes to
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attending call state university. right now incoming students have the option of taking three years of math before attending cal state schools. according to new reports leaders are talking about a new rule requiring four years of math. that's in part to keep the school's math skills fine tuned. the idea is still at least several years out before it would become a requirement if it in fact does. >> i tried to do a mathematical equation this morning by myself to figure out what you would have to run to make a two-hour marathon. took me a marathon just to figure out how to do the mathematical equation. i think i needed a couple years more. you have a lot of numbers in your forecast. rain possibly in your forecast? >> yeah. that's what's cranking out. talk about the rain chances in this bay area as the late season weather system moves in. a live look outside at sunol. getting set to head out, all the
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sunshine inland and it's warming up, too. it's 72 degrees there. looking at the castro. we're heading closer to the bay and we're seeing that fog rolling out, and it's 61 degrees. so a little bit cool they are after some early morning fog. as we look around the bay area, we're seeing those temperatures now feeling very nice and comfortable. a live look outside in pleasanton in the tri-valley. it's 72 degrees, and then we have 57 degrees in san francisco. right there where you still see the low clouds over the golden gate bridge that are going to start to clear out. as we get at look at view from tishon, you can see that there's not a lot of fog, and it's also warming up in the north bay. as we get a look at today's high temperature in the south bay, it is going to be a little bit cooler than it was, up to 78 degrees in milipitas today and also 78 in fremont. livermore looking at a high of 83 degrees and some mid-70s for palo alto and low 60s for daly city. outer sunset at 62 degrees and
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the north bay will see the highs ranging in the mid-70s to low 80s. santa rosa up to 82 degrees. if you're making plans to enjoy maybe these last few days of school or getting out of school heading out to the a's game this evening it will be a very cool one as those temperatures drop back not low 60s. it will still be sin, but make sure you're wearing some extra layers and we'll be in the upper 50s by the end of the game, and we've been talking about this, the chance of rain late in the week. it starts to move in by thursday afternoon for the north bay, and as we usually see this time of year, this rain as it moves from north to south, it will fizzle out so we're expecting for this to make it into san francisco and hopefully the south bay to bring us a little bit of rain before early friday morning and it moves out in time for the weekend. early rainfall estimates show that we have the possibility of getting about a quarter inch in santa rosa and then some lighter amount, a few hundreths of an inch elsewhere around the bay
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area. also love your weather pictures as you're out there enjoying this beautiful weather. got this one in yesterday from ayisha from pacifica. you can tell what else to expect as we head into the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, ker i. coming up, anger growing in london as officials missed how those responsible for the latest attack were radicalized right in front of police. and happening right now, minutes ago we learned that that mountianview fifth grader whose school who reported him missing has been found safe. a story we brought to you at the very beginning of the newscast. no word on where the 11-year-old actually was. plus the san jose earthquakes right now introducing their newly hired press. he used to lead london's arsenal football club.
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we're back with more news coming up in just two minutes. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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questions over saturday )s in developing news, british police are facing questions over saturday's attack in london as the third suspect is identified. nbc's richard engel reports from landon. . >> downtown london is returning to normal this morning but with elections here in just two days,
11:25 am
extra security has been put in, including barriers to prevent cars from climbing on to the sidewalk, and there are growing questions today, angry ones, about why police didn't arrest the attackers before they murdered seven people in london. one of the attackers khurram butt, a british citizen born in pack establish was well known to police and featured in a documentary about isis supporters, attended protests and yet still reportedly kept a job for the subway system. neighbors say they even reported him to police. >> they don't look right to me. they look like they are radicalizing the kids. >> this guy practically had a sign on his chest, i'm an extremist. wasn't hiding at all in plain sight. >> he's not the only one. there's been several of that group who have been very volk a.m. about their opposition about british society and support for jean-clauihad who h
11:26 am
on the radar for a long time. >> reporter: they are overwhelmed that there are thousands of radicalized people in this country and they can't follow them all. police have identified another victim, a 28-year-old australian woman. her family said in a statement she died while trying to help others. richard engel, nbc news, london. terrifying times that we live in. 11:26 right now. remember back in november, california voters approved speeding up execution. today the state supreme court hears arguments on whether or not that actually violates california's constitution. prop 66 narrowly got approved and it calls for a five-year deadline for appeals who are on death row. right now those appeals, almost all of them, take decades to complete. proponents of death penalties are challenging that proposition. reducing the charge for low-level crimes is really paying off here in california. "the east bay times" reporting 18,000 fewer people are in jails or prisons and there are fewer
11:27 am
thousands in felony convictions. voters approved prop 47. that reports them down to misdemeanors. the state as a result saved $100 million as a result. happening today, california's supreme court hears arguments over whether or not the public can see how data collected from license plate readers is used by law enforcement. the aclu is suing the lapd and the sheriff's department in l.a. to see a week's worth of data that shows how officers use that technology. license plate readers can scan millions of vehicles in a single day. coming up next. jury does decide to spare sierra lamar's convicted killer antolin garcia-torres from the death penalty, but that's not good enough for his lawyers. what they plan on doing next. >> hey, folks, before we go to break, i want to show you how to join our community on the waze application and leverage the power of us all as well as the power of google. go to the waze app on iphone or
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android and in the bottom corner there's a magnifying glass when you fire up the app. you click on that, your name which is your profile and scroll down to pick team, nbc bay area wazers. that's how you join the community. that's how you help us out. more after the break. sierra lamar )s convicted killer
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finds out his punishment. ==sam/vo but the lel pr spared et death penalty sierra lamar's convicted killer finds out his punishment. >> but the legal proceedings are not over. jurors declined to recommend the death penalty for antolin garcia-torres. damien trujillo has more on how many were surprised by the sentencing. >> reporter: the family of sierra lamar walked out of the courthouse with prosecutors. they don't like it, but the family says they accept the jury's decision not to give antolin garcia-torres the death penalty. >> well, i'm glad that he's
11:31 am
going to be off the streets and i have no comment otherwise. >> i'd be lying if i said i wasn't disappointed. you know, the crime i thought deserved the maximum sentence. >> the jury made it so he'll die in prison and never take another breath as a free man. >> reporter: sierra lamar disappeared five years ago while walking to the school bus stop in morgan hill. the jurors who found him guilty of her murder today asked us not to show their faces. ours was the only camera to capture the jury as they left the courthouse after being dismissed from the case. they were escorted by deputies. the jurors had no comment when i asked why they chose life instead of death. one of them told me, quote, i'm just an alternate. don't ask me. as the court clerk read the jury's decision cearra's father buried his face in his hands and shook his head.
11:32 am
>> he'll be able to live. sierra won't. he'll be able to breathe. sierra doesn't. >> reporter: defense lawyers today filed a motion for a new trial. a hearing for that motion is scheduled for september. >> that was damien trujillo reporting. no sentencing date has been set yet. antolin garcia-torres did decline our requests for an interview. happening today, opponents of a proposed east bay jail expansion plan on voicing their concerns about it, contra costa county supervisors are concerning nearly a $100 million expansion so a sizable expansion of the west county detention center in richmond. opponents plan on attending this morning's supervisor's meeting held this morning in martinez. >> here in san francisco bay area, the folmer secretary of state john kerry is putting focus on threats facing the u.s. he says there are two in particular, climate change and nuclear weapons. kerry was speaking at ft. mason at an event there yesterday. as far as nuclear weapons go, kerry is urging president trump to honor the iran deal crafted
11:33 am
by former president barack obama. here's what he told our reporter. >> my shown that we will not open up a possibility for confrontation when we have so many others that we already are trying to deal with. >> as far as climate change goes. concerny says he's frustrated about the president's decision to withdraw from the paris climate accord and remains optimistic because so many states, cities and americans are on board. and speaking of local governments supporting the paris climate accord, today the santa clara county board of supervisors will vote on a resolution to follow the deal. that's happening this morning at the county government center in san jose. >> a lot of people wondering when president trump is really going to get to the core of his agenda. well, he kicked off a week planning hon highlighting his infrastructure agenda at least. he wants to overhaul america's air traffic control systems. during a white house ceremony, the president who is the current
11:34 am
faa management system is antiquated having chronic delays in the air and on the tarmac. they want it to go to a non-private agency that would control its own budget and equipment purposes. >> we're proposing we reduce wait times and increase route efficiency and far fewer delays. our plan will get you where you need to go more quickly, more reliably and more affordably. >> while democrats don't appear to all be on board with this, senator chuck schumer, a dem from new york, released a statement saying president trump's plan to privatize the system would mean fewer jobs and would specifically hurt the rural areas. we sent a senior investigative reporter stephen stock in how that kind of move might impact you the passenger. stephen? >> reporter: this idea is not a new one. controllers themselves have long complained that the current system is antiquated.
11:35 am
insiders tell me if privatization is not handled properly, however, it could cripple the nation's airways because thousands of air traffic controllers might retire right now and they might do that if they see privatization as a threat to their future. the u.s. has the most complex bus yet air system in the world. right now about 10,500 air traffic control remembers on the job in 367 control towers around the country. according to the national air traffic controllers association that's the fewest controllers on the job in 28 years. >> today we're proposing to take american air travel into the future, finally, finally. >> reporter: president's proposal to privatize the air traffic control system to streamline, centralize and modernize a system that critics say relies on decades old technology such as tracking airplanes by paper strips rather
11:36 am
than by computer. >> and after billions and billions of tax dollars spent and the many years of delay we're still stuck with an ancient, broken, antiquated, horrible system that doesn't work. >> reporter: aviation sources say the idea has been kicked around in the halls of washington for decades as a way of taking air traffic control out of the political hands of congress which currently now funds the system every year. in a statement, natca said it has been working with congressional leaders to come up with, quote, a stable, predictable funding stream which would likely happen under privatization, but the union also wants its workforce, both now and in the future, protected from salary and pension cuts. >> i mean, how can you have the whim of politics affecting the safety of a national system? >> reporter: scott conday is a union representative here in the bay area who talked with us last fall and other controllers about how a critical shortage of air
11:37 am
traffic controllers is impacting the system. >> we're at an all-time low for certified workers. it means a lot of overtime, 60-hour weeks. >> reporter: nearly one-third of all certified control remembers currently eligible to retire and could leave the job with very little notice, likely crippling the nation's aviation system. just last fall congress' began accountability office, the gao, recommended there be coordination between the air traffic controllers union and any private entity and that there be a more stable funding structure than currently exists right now. most democrats and even some republicans oppose the idea of privatization saying it would give away a public as tote a private company. delta airlines for its part released a statement last year opposing the idea saying it would mean higher costs for people who fly. if you want to learn more, just
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go to our website all right, stephen, thank you very much. if you have a story for us you can always call our tip line and you see the number on the screen, 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to >> a firefighter paramedic was charged of taking advantage of a female patient. 32-year-old jarred evans was placed on paid administrative leave after thanks dent in april and this week he turned himself in after a warrant was issued for his arrest r.evans is accuseded of placing his and down the shirt of a woman patient. a paramedic inattorney witnessed that incident and reported it to authorities. cementer,'s fire chief says he understands the public has questions and that his department shares those concerns. >> cornerstone of public safety is public trust, and that will be our focus moving forward.
11:39 am
when these allegations were brought to the attention of fire administration, we immediately notified the office of public safety accountability and requested a full law enforcement investigation. >> investigators say the incident happened inside an ambulance while that 19-year-old woman was having skezures and she was, quote, out of it. >> all right. new details right now, and the band can play on at stanford which is having the travel ban little. stanford provostses is dropping sanctions against the marching band first issued last december. the group couldn't travel to any away games because of violations of the campus drinking policy. students have been working hard on change the band's culture. >> well, today is day two of the bill cosby sexual assault trial. the accuser in this case is andrea constand, and today more testimony is expected from another woman who says she was also molested by the star. the prosecution began on monday
11:40 am
trying to establish a pattern of behavior. nbc's stephanie gosk is outside the courthouse in norristown, pennsylvania, with a wrap-upch what's expected today. >> reporter: at 79 years old staring at what could be decades in prison bill cosby gets the support of a family face. >> it's not always easy to do what you feel is truthful and what you feel is right when there's so much controversy. >> reporter: the comedian denies charges that he drugged and molested andrea constand in his home in 2004. prosecutors began their case with testimony from another woman, kelly johnson, a former assistant at cosby's talent agency in l.a. johnson testified that cosby invited her to his room rat the bel air hotel in 1996 and said he told me it looked as if i needed to relax, offering her a large white pill. after taking it, she said i sat on the couch, i felt like i was under water. drugged, johnson says cosby molested her.
11:41 am
the defense hit back hard challenging johnson's memory at one point asking you did anyone tell you to get selective amnesia in this case? the defense will also go after andrea constand's credibility when she takes the stands. during opening arguments the leading attorney pointed out inconsistencies to her testimony to law enforcement including initially telling police she didn't contact cosby after that night, but phone records show otherwise. she called him 53 times, the defense shouted in court, sometimes 35 to 40 minutes a pop. the trial has only just begun. it's expected to last two weeks. the critical moment will be when andrea constand takes the stand, and if what we saw from this defense team is any indication, that cross-is going to be tough f.stephanie gosk, norristown, pennsylvania. if you've not seen this video yet you need to see it because everyone is talking about it. defying gravity and climbing into the record books.
11:42 am
it's not that this guy scaled the side of el captain. an exclusive interview with nbc. hear from the man who climbed it without any ropes. seriously. how he prepared for the challenging climb next. and as we take a live look outside at san jose. those temperatures are starting to climb out there. we are going to be in the upper 70s today with a lot of sunshine. a nice evening ahead, too, but we're in for some falling temperatures and a chance of rain. that's coming up next.
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well, the first two games were a breeze. we'll see about this one. this morning the warriors are in cleveland preparing for their next big game tomorrow night. >> a breeze for those of us watching from the couch. if anything goes according to plan they will return to oakland with another nba championship. kevin durant and the rest of the guys boarded their plane yesterday to head to ohio. the next two games are in cleveland, and the warriors need to win just two more to become the champs. game three is tomorrow night. i hope you have your gold and blue red re, sam. >> yeah, i can wave it all around. k.d. looks like he means business. watch that game with thousands of your closest friends, two big watch parties going on in the bay area. for 20 bucks you can watch the game at oracle arena, or if free is more your thing head to the
11:46 am
civic center plaza in san francisco. kris, i expect to see you out there with all the big sports fans in the middle of the plaza. >> that's right the climber who did something is talking about the historic ascent. >> climbing the granite wall of el captain without ropes or safety gear. that's 3,000 feet without a net. the american climber did it over several hours and he spoke exclusively this morning with nbc's "today" show. >> sort of gradually built it up in my mind. took a long time for it to be possible for me and now i've done it. >> hunnold said he climbed for 50 or 60 times before he realized he could pull off the
11:47 am
descent. >> chills running through your arms and fingers, to the very tips of your fingers, it's just so scarey what you're looking at. that's what is that video made me feel like. >> if you have toddlers, you know they climb just like that, don't they, kerry? >> we always advise not to do that, not even just climbing over the couch. >> get down from there. >> we do not advise for them to do that. if you're going to yosemite over the next several days we're looking at beautiful weather, but there will be rain chances there. all clear here as we get a live look outside at concord. it's 75 degrees and i know sitting at home on couch it's hard to tell how different the weather is around the bay area, so let me take you on a little tour here. here's a look at san francisco. still cloudy overhead but we're getting some clearing in parts of the city and the temperature there is only 61 degrees and then looking at healdsburg with the sunshine over the vineyard, it's 71 degrees. going into this afternoon, look
11:48 am
where we're headed, up to 84 degrees in the south bay and the peninsula looking bus they on the roads and palo alto is at 75 degrees for the high there, and we're getting some of those clouds starting to lift over the golden gate bridge, and we'll see the high temperature up to 65 degrees. once again looking at san jose and the temperature trend for los gatos. it will be in the low 660s starting out through the morning and early afternoon and reaching into the 80s, and as you're getting out there enjoying the sunshine and warm weather, we're also seeing an uptick in the grass pollen report. we went from low to moderate and the tree pollen went from high to moderate so there's still a lot floating around in the air and if you want to wash the car hold off until the next weather system rolls in. this will be bringing in a chance of rain between thursday afternoon and early friday morning. it starts out in the north bay and a lot of this will be
11:49 am
fizzling out as it moves farther south to the golden gate bridge. we'll also have a chance of showers and the highest chance in the north bay and also for san francisco, that chance for some afternoon showers and high temperatures reaching the mid-60s. just a little bit cooler on friday and then as we go into the weekend it's going to be a very nice one. some breeze winds, morning fog, afternoon sunshine and up to 65 degrees on sunday. for the inland areas, we're still in the low 880s today and tomorrow, but then with that chance of showers on thursday, during the, it will be in the mid-70s and 72 degrees will be the coolest day before it starts to warm up a couple of degrees heading into the weekend, but still looks very comfortable. so can you go ahead and make some plans to get out there. on thursday we have the big watch parties, kris and sam, so that's something that we'll be watching on the radar, too. >> we like that. >> okay. >> thank you, keri. a yearbook for one california school has to be
11:50 am
reprinted. we'll show you what showed up on one teacher's page that has the school district apologizing. >> tonight, best season will. >> summer's number one show is full of surprised. >> new hgtv tonight on nbc with a special presentation of "the mummy" on friday.
11:51 am
on september 9, 2010, pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e
11:52 am
the safest energy company in the nation. symbols appeared in a a california school district is stepping in after hate sim brls appeared in a middle school yearbook. a symbol of the ku klux klan and the confederate flag popped up on a page dedicated to a fresno history teacher. >> justin lunn from our sister station in fresno has more on this disturbing story. >> reporter: don't judge a yearbook by its cover. on the outside it looks normal and flip through the pages and you'll find the dedication to eighth grade history teacher kari peru youth decorated with confederate flags. >> i saw that's two flags and i was deeply offended because of
11:53 am
all the slavery back then. >> reporter: page contains of the logo of the blood-dropped cross, a primary symbol for the ku klux klan. >> that disappointed a lot of parents and disappointed a lot of students. >> reporter: students like andrew who just completed his first year at computech. his mother as i she knows fellow parents would be offended by the yearbook. >> everything that's going on these days, that's pretty serious. >> reporter: keri prewitt released a statement saying i've spent the school year teaching students about the civil war, including a day dedicated to re-enacting various components of the civil war era. while i was unfamiliar with one of the students myself, i think they truly created this page to reflect what the students learned in class and do not reflect who i am as an individual or teacher. >> would i say that they need to have like a review process to make sure what is approved to
11:54 am
print. >> reporter: andrew is considering joining the yearbook committee next year. >> i' think the mom's reaction was spot on. >> i was one of the yearbook editors and we got checked left and right, to make sure no typos or misspellings and, of course, nothing like that. we'll be right back. people are stuck in very old habits of using toothpaste to clean a denture. but dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10x softer
11:55 am
and may have surface pores where bacteria can grow and multiply. polident is specifically designed to clean dentures daily. it's unique micro-clean formula kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. cleaning in a better way than brushing with toothpaste. that's why dentists recommend polident. polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
11:56 am
conquering his fear-- riding roller coasters all over the country. an 11-year-old autistic boy
11:57 am
s. conquering his fear, riding roller coasters all over the country. he's known on youtube as the coaster kid. he travels all across the country with his dad to ride the roller coasters. he used to be afraid of sudden movements and loud noises, but he was able to overcome his fears and now he's hoping to inspire other kids to be brave as well. those who have autism or not. yesterday he strapped in and rode all of the roller coasters at the new six flags in new zealand. >> we are riding all 13 roller coasters here to raise money for autism speaks, and -- and donating 113 "t" card tickets so all the kids can experience the awesomeness of this park. >> his youtube channel has more than 10,000 subscribers, neighboring 10,001. >> what? >> 10,003. >> more popular than all of us. >> we'll be back at 5:00. >> bye.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> to be honest with you, if you had been like, you know what, rachel, [ bleep ], this is what the situation was right before i got here but this is why i did it, you would probably be in the mansion right now. but that's not what you did. what i saw in the gym yesterday, that was a boy. i'm looking for a man. so i'm glad that you've realized that you should move forward, but forward isn't that way to the mansion. forward is outside of it. >> oh! ouch! you've got to love rachel. >> she means business. that's how she started out last night on "the bachelorette" getting rid of demario who had a girlfriend when he showed up


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