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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 6, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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middle school.  nbc bay area. >> reporter: well jessica, the she didok return to school heret piedmont today while police arning from the father. he says the driver is messing this is home surveillance video you see on the cellular phone calling her mom saying she thinks the driver of this car was following her home. >> he followed me likeok halfwa and then he parked his car and thenok help didn'tq stop starin me. his window started reaching for something onlp the side of the seat. >> san jose police call it a suspicious circumstance. >> it was superstaroç scarey. >> alexia mom was at the grow through the phone when she got the call. >> she was really scared. but she -- sheñi can understand
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like a little bit moret( how -- how d+ni=umxd it is to be outside. >> but yeah i would say you know thinke1fñp!out -- think twice at for sure. >> the father says the mani] ca into the wrong neighborhood.c neighbors have banded together to fort fieok the area with cameras on streetlights, warning signs and vigilantok neighbors o immediately got on the next door app to spread the word economicing their own insurance for a better look at the car. the neighbors have vowingw3 to united eye out for the same vehicle. the dad had a talk with his 13-year-old about what she can do if there isçó a next time. qq take a picture of license plate pretend ph what's going on do a face time live if you have to so everybody really having the conversation with the kids and letting them know howt( to approach the situation. >> if i walk in the group i'll feel fine butjf by myself i don feel feel comfortablexd by myse.
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>> nbcxd bay area news. we're follow a developing story out of the east é9÷ impacting the commute. a look from sky ranger overt( 8. a motorcyclistjfñr died after collision with ansive suv in the northbound lanes. right buy san leandro. exity that all lanes are open but the traffic is still moving slowly. informñ=9 unfortunately on that motorcyclist thatc =/ejy we don't know the gender orxd t age or anything like that. we're attempting to get that information. but again all lanes now open heading northbound. traffic is still backed up but jujur @c new at 6:00, aed toler given mes#by a stranger. that'sq what police say happene at berkeley's peoplee1 park. the girl walked up tç a 2-year-old boy on a play@úur(t&c structure and placed negate in his mouth yesterday afternoon. the by'sçó nanny called police d
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officers took her i forxd psyc evaluation. convertings she she admitted to it. the boyt(jf is recovering at th hospital. thomasú undert( arrest. >> what willwkiq a. derrick's wife isko about to sk criminal charge for the deadly ghost ship warehousee1 fire. we learned today that he and his lawyers will hold a conference on friday to talk about the taste li] case. the the master tenant of the warehouse was arrested yesterday. max harris also taken into custody. coming six mojts into the each man facingt( 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. skaul harassment and punishment one of the bay areas fastest growingok technb compa respondinglprçñ charges of skauc rzment by firingt( 20 people. scott bud snl live outsidefá ub h-in san francisco with more on the t(firings.e1t( >> reporter: yeah,c janelle, ubr
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says the firings are stepq one. several changes coming at the company to change the culturexd inside. after the firingi] was announce many changes. uber admits itlp needñi tietzxd something after several reports of sexual harassment ppt. thec ride+ sharingk/$rm recent hired a law firm to look into the ails. various kinds rich thei] majori coming from uber san francisco headquarters. tonight, some tech watchersi] s the move sends a signal to the rest of thefá tech industry. >> well i think that this sent a that something needs to be done and it will not be tolllp rated. what companies need to do is create an open transparent nonthreatening process. >> reporter: now this afternoon uber released a statement to the press saying all reported incidents were investigated. and then when corroborated swifp actions were taken. the company also getting buzzed tonight torjf hiring apple veten
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st. john away from couper tin o. z uber's new5a head of branding. meanwhile as all this happens forward. those headede1 by former attorn general eric holder. reporting live in san francisco, scott kobudman, nbc bay area n. >> thanks xdscott. more trouble for uber ton new at 6:00 aó[ uber driver is accused of sexual batter againsó a passenger. this man sexually3w battered3l passenger who ordered a ride police are investigating this case and asking for the public's helping in piecing together this incident. a man accusesed of killing of an australian tourist inó[o frab he pled not guilty. police say he got into a fight ñ friday with matthew bate outside the da vinci hotelçó on vang the judge set bail at $100,000.
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his next court dateu is schedud next week. from football stardom to k@o criminal charges, a former 49ers made his first court appearance today on accusations of domestic violence and child ebbuñi3w endangersment peggy bunker is live in san jose with more on the case against tremendousen brock. >> reporter: well janelle tremendousen was in court todayc fa violence gp)áttj also misdemeanor chilñ endangersment that's because his girlfriend was holding the 1-year-old child during one of the attacks. if convictedñç brock is facing prison. former 49er tremendousen brock leaving santa clair county with his attorney after being areineá on felony domestic violence charges. hise1 attorney had little to sa but told me outside of the courtroom they'd likeqer to ten their side of the story at a later date. his home in santa claircy after police were called to the house by his girlfriend who told
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officers brock punched had near jt her several times leaving visible marks. he spent the night in jail and released the next morning on $50,000 bail. returning to his home and making no comment. the former 49ers cornerback was released by tqw team a few hous later. >> it's a san franc(á!o take away, tremendousen brock. >> it's a split fall tor brock who once made comment to colin kaepernickçó he isxd politicsle activism. >> you got to give of course the benefit of the doubt. >> he will enter the plea in court on july 3rd. thelp santa clair county distri attorney prosecuting brock had this to say.  great courage for victims to come forward but only with someone coming forward with the violence be interrupted. >> reporter: now brock is scheduled toñi enter a plea baco here in court on julyok 3rd. today the judge alsook put in ap contact protective order thatrd ohsçójf brock to stay 300 feet from his girlfriend.ñi
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in san jose peggy bunker. >> okayçó peggy thungir @r(t&hác a plan to ease@átz rain kit blog. sexual assault evidence kits have been piling up inq labs for are years goingfá unanalyzed toy m5jzáo)uáee passedlp a bill to. address that issue. . the bill sponsors say it's the problem is lack of money or resources then the bill helps address those issues. the bill now moves on to an apprehensions c'0srátee. develop in the diridon station has been searching for. the city in san josexdw3 and th search giant say they arefá getting to get to build new xksz retail and office spaceçó development near the transit station. and the the project should bring in thousands of new jobs.çó nbc bay areaxd marianne favroçóe with thec details. megadeal. >> reporter: it really is and to give you the idea of the size of
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the fáproject. development here near diridon station isjf more than twice th sizei] of apple's space ship campus. >> we have worked for several years withxd our surrounding neighborhoods and with the to reimagine thesejf 250 acres d the development that will surround what will become thet( busiest multistation in the western united states. >> today the mayort(ok announcee city is in discussions with feett( of office space near diridon station. meanwhile, a developer is already working to build offices here near sap center. but the city won't say if it's being built for google. the new projects includes retail restaurants and axdxd plaza and new jobs. more importantly th/&ç jobs would be right next to massñi transit. >> the promise and potential of in area has noti]fáok been real.
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it's going to be denser. >> weñi asked the mayor why he thought this development wouldñ work when other attempts to develop this area including a baseball stadium have failed. >> well the good news is that we don't have to go to the u.s. supreme court to get the right for google to move here. >> but not everyone embraces the google development. some fear itñi will change th'y feel of downtown. >> it's already being jent are feel jent tri fied. i'm concernedxd with the development it will get worse. >> the next step for the city council to decide whether to enter a exclusive negotiating agreement with google. some way roeh say if all goes well construction could begin in twoñixd years. in entire development spans 240 acres. we reached out to google to see if they have already purchased properties here near diridon station. but they would not comment on that. in san jose, marianne favroñr n
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bay area. >> plotting to kill his doctors how investigators say they were able to stop a man before he could pull off his plan on the peninsula. p san francisco fire 5-year-old abandoned hire in ocean beach. i'm mark matthews policefá aref closing in ont( the two adults responsible. we'll have the latest comingjf . i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. a stwr1w3 system headed right ,há)qp while roeh we'll let you know about rainfall chances this week coming up at 6:20 tonight.çó
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and do your thing. five. a five year old child, from arkansas, reportedly abandoned on the streets of san francisco. it happened near ocean beach, and in the past 30 minutes, sources have given u reportedly abandoned on the streets of san francisco. beahappened near ocean beach in the past 30 minutes sources have given us critical new ly illation. nbc bay area mark matthews is live with the update. what have you learned? >> reporter: well here is what sources are telling us. police have one of the parents -- we believe it to be the father -- although that has not been confirmed -- a second source is telling us that authorities are still looking for the mother of the 5-year-old abandoned here at the great whey. police are telling us that abandonenment was witnessed by paramedics with the san francisco fire department. police say the paramedics saw a
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couple of adults in the car pulling away leaving a child here at sloat and the great highway. we talked to paramedic from the local fire station that drove by but found it was an ambulance crew from the other side of town spotting the child. they say there might have been another child in the car as well. but police aren't confirming that. sources tell nbc bay area that the child is from arkansas. and is currently being cared for by child protective services. we also stopped by the fire station nearest ocean beach and saw it was a safe surrender station. where a parent in crisis could safely drop off a child. but it's almost always new borns. child protective services called abandonment of a 5-year-old extremely rare. >> obviously we do not encourage any form of public abandonment we want people to reach out to other resources where there would be a network of professional, whether health care, law enforcement, social
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workers. >> child protective services would not discuss this specific case. people stopping by the beach today were stunned to hear what had happened. >> gees i have a 3-year-old it breaks my hart i can't imagine let moog i 3-year-old alone five minutes. >> you would never think anybody would drop or leave a kid off here. i'm guessing if they did maybe they thought because it was a lot of people maybe the baby would be found and the kid would be found. just awful thing to hear. >> now, child abandonment is a crime. and we are told by the police that they are withholding a description of the car and of the parents that they are searching for. one may already be in custody. we are being told by sources that the mother is still outstanding. my colleague is working on the story right now and she will have the very latest coming up at 11:00. hree ting from san francisco. mark maukts nbc bay area news. >> thank you mark. well a terminally ill
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ffetral valley man arrested arcuse of trying to kill three doctors in the bay area. the 58-year-old friends no suffering from stage 4 cancer he was arrested on 101. he intended to shoot his doctors in their homes, they believe. they say he is updates about treatment he received. s poinl law enforcement agencies oorked together to track him down before he could hurt the doctors. >> we feel pretty confident what his intent was and that if we hadn't been able to, in a sorm of time sensitive way, coordinate our efforts that we would be investigating at least one homicide if not multiple at this point. >> officers tell us they found two guns and mask in his car. he faces three felony could you tell us of attempted murder. east palo alto is denying sexual assault of women while ed iing an illegal massage ors sass out of his garage. this man ran the unlicensed business for years.
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he was arrested when three victims came forward. prosecutors say 15 women have come forward to report cases going back to 2011. he pled not guilty to all the charges and is currently freon bail. >> cal tran making changes to d eate safer ride for passenger thanks to a federal grant. the u.s. department of transportation announced a $21 million grant to today. to ee kwup cal trains with systems known as positive train control. at 6:stems are designed to prevent run away cars train to train collisions and high-speed derealment. new at 6:00. talk about return on investment .warrersy valued at $2.6 billion. that ranks the third most valuable nba franchise. r st 7 years ago the two bought the people for a mere $450 million. rom was a record price at the time. the team's 2015 championship and
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skt yaults lineup are being credited with the inside in value. eaveg with the upcome move to new arena in san francisco. if you enjoy california you must have heard the warning leaves of three let them bee the poison oak is expecting to be a ke wit nuisance this year than before. you can thank all the winter evorm .poison oak thrives in all kind of terrain. be careful if you hike with your dog make sure you wipe it down tecause you can get the ail from the plant on the fur. when poison oak burns in a forecas .spoke can be toxic making the job of fighting flames more irritating. there is a special lotion you can buy you use after you go hiking to make sure you don't have that oil on you. because if you lay down and spread it on the blankets it gets all over your body. we know that first hand. >> oh my gosh. >> it can be really bad. >> good to have that on hand. >> it's a higher fire season
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this summer because of the rain right. >> a lot of brush out there. definitely could burn under elevated threat of fire danger over the next week. but we do have the chance now of a little bit of rainfall coming our way. >> and check it out come to the n the see this. this is not something we typically see in june. while we do average some you feel rainfall it's still a little bit unusual. quite a moisture plume developing now in the pacific. that eventually does bring us the possibility of some wet weather as we zoom in to get closer look at the radar there is nothing here across the north bay to the south bay. currently dry. not expecting any wet weather through tomorrow's forecast. we'll see a mostly sunny to partly cloudy sky. cool near the coastline san francisco 63 interior values 78 in concord. 76 expected in san jose. but the clouds begin to increase once we hit 8:00 tomorrow night.
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more of high overcast moving through the bay area. in terms of rainfall moves into marine napa sonoma county by 10:00 thursday morning, light to mauft pockets of rainfall. as that storm tries to move to the south it begins to break up. but i still think we could get rainfall and thursday krs the east bay, the peninsula and maybe a few drops towards the south bay. things dry out as you'll see in the extended forecast. heading into friday but maybe a another slight chance for saturday forecast and warmer weather into early next week. longer look at the 7-day forecast a and exactly how much rainfall on thursday coming up in 25 minutes. >> okay thank you very much, jeff. the former first lady is in the south bay. what michelle obama had tros to a packed droud crowd at the apple developer conference. ==reveal==
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the giants strengthen their bullpen. just in the past hour, the team has aquired former rangelo happening now on twitter on the giants strengthen the bull pen just? the past hour the time acquired former ranger closer sam ties dyson. last year he read led the ranger with 38 safes. he will join the team in milwaukee tp 28,000 pounds of beef recalled due the to be ee coal i contamination for a list of all 27 beef products recalled just go to the facebook page. back in a moment. a rock-star reception today...
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as former first lady michelle obama made her way to the apple deop a rock star reception today as former first lady michelle obama made her way to the apple
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developer conference in san jose. former first lady still travels in motorcade although a lot shorter than when she was first lady. mrs. obama was the feature featured speaker at the worldwide conference. news cameras not allowed inside as she addressed the audience. but of course being apple fans they had iphones. the core message, about diversity in tech and getting young girl interested in math and science. even then mrs. obama says there has to be room for different voices at that big table. >> and that's the thing that i ask. we have to want to. and that's where i look to the fellows around the room and say, are you ready? are you really rood ready to share that power. >> during the interview with a.m. vice president. she talked about life inside and outside the white house. and she may have thrown a bit of shade at the current resident of the white house saying the country needs problem solvers right now who believe in the
6:26 pm
value of immigrants and, quote, believe global warming is real. drones buzzing over head every day to nasa trying to make sure they do so without running into each other. >> a team in mountain view oh a new way to manage air traffic for drones. nasa is working with the fa. a and hundreds of other partnering to come wup an ecosystem for drones. testing the system as test sites across the country before implement going. >> this system is a new system. and it's implementry to the existing air traffic management system we use for passenger airplanes. >> eventually the system could make it easier for drones to deliver products to your home. twitter in chief. political analyst larry gerston next with why president trump prefers to use twitter oifr news conferences. just 6 hours away from the former fbi director testifying before a senate intelligence committee.
6:27 pm
the president's message for james comey. right now at 6-30:
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former f-b-i director james comey is on deck this week. we )re waiting to hear what he says on the stand right now at 6:30. former fbi director james comey on deck for this week. we're waiting to hear what he says on the stand about about how much he knew about the russian hacking investigation. now comey's testimony comes as classified information about russian hacking has been leak leaked to the zbloomd the alleged source of the leeks now behind bars. nabz blaine alexander has more
6:30 pm
from washington. >> reporter: and janelle her attorney is casting her as a 25-year-old part time yoga instructorer being used as a political scapegoat but officials say she broke the cardinal rule of the intel community. the trump administration's fight against intelligence leaks now has a face. reality leo winner an nsa contractor arrested for leaking to the press top secret documents about russian election hacking. >> she is a good girl. she is a good person never been in trouble with anyone. or the law or anything. she always does what is right. she served her country in the air force six years. >> officials say she exposed high level secrets information about russian efforts to hack u.s. voting systems just a week before the election. >> for terrorism. >> on capitol hill shared outrage but for different reasons. democrats furious about hacking. >> this was russia. this was not you know some hacker in at a university trying to screw around with one individual state.
6:31 pm
>> republicans angry over the leak itself. >> we have a leak for political purposes. so you don't get all the facts. >> this upping the stakes on the already highly anticipated testimony of former fbi director james comey. expectsed to talk openly about his interactions with the president before his abrupt firing. >> i suspect that director comey will give us direct answers which he always has in my experience. >> the president today talking health care with congressional leaders was asked by reporters what messages he has for comey. >> i wish him luck. >> this after defending his own use of social media saying it is the only way to get his unfiltered message out. >> and when asked today if the president would be watching the comey testimony, white house spokesman sean spicer said the president has a full day ahead on thursday and would be focused on his agenda. at the white house, blaine alexander, nbc bay area news. >> thank you blaine. these days it's hard to mention twitter without thinking of president trump. >> where most public officials
6:32 pm
use press conferences and press releases. donald trump posts on twitter. nbc political analyst larry joins us now how do you explain it this larry his love for twitter it's. >> a lot of scientists asking the same question let me take a stack at political science. look at a few factors. one compact messaging. by that i mean 140 characters in and out done with the provocative words now it's left to you to deal with it. the second one, one way one way communication. one way communication. he throws it out, right? sits on it. you walk away trying to figure out's he talking about? the third thing he avoids the press. why do you avoid the press you avoid the press because that way you have you don't have to account to them for anything. you account for what you're saying answer the questions, which leads to the fourth point. if you think about it we're now 140 days or so into the trump presidency. he has had a grand total of one -- i repeat single digit one press conference last of theed
6:33 pm
an hour and points one press conference that's it the whole time no president in recent memory afraided the press that much. it's because of twitter. >> and the tweets are very specific almost you know when he is going to tweet with what the subject is going to be about because it's usually when he is dissatisfactioned with the way that something is going. >> quite often like at 6:00 in the morning, right that's the kind of thing or late at night. what we've done is we've taken a look at what kinds of subjects he talks about when he fweets. "washington post" did a very interesting study. what did they find, 22% almost 22% of the time he tweeted about the press. okay? 22%. of about 500 of these things. the rest of the them he talked about jobs. government, but really one out of five tweetsway was his complaint about the press which tells you the extent to which he is so just absolutely overcome by this relationship. >> it's not forwarding his
6:34 pm
agenda or things like that usually. >> very few times does he say this is going to happen that's going to happen. most of the time it's negative. this is bad where very bd mp how many times have we heard the president say that? what's astounding morning more than anything else he spends his time on the rest. >> yeah he -- that's not going to change he's been distrustful of the press since the campaign. >> he has been distrustful -- a lot of elected officials are i get it we get it. what's interesting is when he uses twitter to lash out at the press or anybody elts for that matter, most of his statements don't ring true. this isn't me talking. this is politic i fact. a politic i fact is a nonpartisan organization that takes the subjects' statements analyzed them what do did they find? 17% of the president's tweets are true or mostly true. 69% of the president's tweets are mostly false. >> that's astonishing. >> or false or what they call,
6:35 pm
pants on fire which means absolutely outrageous. again, that's not a partisan statement. that's what politic i fact sass. >> but that worked for him on the campaign trail. it is it working for him as president now? how different -- that has to be drastically different than anything we've seen before. no other president used twitter the way trump has. >> it worked on the campaign trail a couple of reasons. number one, he was appealing to a very small segment of the electionright, a segment large enough to get him nominated. let's face the other factor. the press spent so many months looking at trump almost as if he was a character tour. not taking tweets seriously only as he closed in on the nomination that rch began to put the magny fiege glass onway the tweets. the fact of the matter is that's how he communicates he communicates in a way different than any other president. now we wonder whether this is going to stet the standard or
6:36 pm
this is an outlie egg. >> certainly don't see things changing with him on twitter. >> not in the near future. >> thanks larry for the insight nice to have you here. well larry and the rest of us will be watching former fbi director james comey in front of the intel committee starting thursday morning. and of course watch that full hearing live here on nbc bay area starting at 7:00 in the morning. >> overseas a man waechg a hammer and yelling this is for syria attacked a police officer outside the notre dame cathedral in paris. officers shot and wounded the man beefed believed to be a student in algeria. actsing alone. roughly 650 people were inside the church and the police officer was not hurt. >> right at the door of the entrance. we heard people rushing to the door trying to get in and the police behind them. and police judge just having us move to the front. >> the tourists inside the
6:37 pm
cathedral locked inside a short time and had to put their asmus in the air for police. also new developments today surrounding the london terror attack that claimed seven lives on saturday. today british police raided a house in londened believed to be connected to one of the attackers. investigators also named a third and final attacker today, 22-year-old youssef zaghba. he wasn't known to british intelligence agencies however his mother told authorities he used to show videos of syria he wanted to go to live pure many islam snp the progovernment forces attack in syria. the attack happened after ever after forced supporting bashar al assad. entered a coalition base. 60 soldiers with tank and antiaircraft weapons with them. the pro assad forces ignored with warnings.
6:38 pm
at a solemn sear men today world war ii memorial in washington, d.c. to commemorate d day. today makes the 73 anniversary of the fateful day when 160 allied troops stormed the beaches of normandy france. signaling the beginning of the end of world war ii. more than 425,000 allied and german troops killed wounded or went missing during the battle of normandy. >> new at 6:00 santa clara county is picking another fight with president trump. the county is considering a are resolution to. the ands decision on the paris agreements the same agreement the you want says he will withdraw from. the plan signed a coalition to sign onto to the agreement. >> hurt on the jab a man doing electrical work if at a tesla plant in fremont. the man received an electric shock yesterday. rescue workers rushed him to the hospital in a helicopter where he is being treated for his burns. >> the search is is on tonight for hit-and-run driver in
6:39 pm
milpitas. milpitas say the woman was walking in the crosswalk and south main street when one driving a white car hit her. the car was going southbound to the mal. vrkts are asking for witnesses to come forward to help them find this driver. gas a it was a sad day in pleasanton everyone day after retiring a beloved teacher died. a memorial forming at the entrance of the high school for long-term biology teacher eric thiel. he had wrapped up a 38 year teaching career. he retired last friday on the last day of school and then died unexpectedly the next day. the teacher thiel remembered at a great teacher a great biology professor and more. >> a lot of -- a lot of students have been reaching out saying that he -- eric is the reason that they are where they are. they just credit a lot of success to eric.
6:40 pm
the high school says the teacher died of a medical implication. he leaves behind a wife and four children. he was 65 years old. >> the birds and bees on the agenda tonighty palo alto unified school district meeting. parents are abuzz over curriculum she anicy is too much for the seventh grader. all public school districts have to provide sexual health instruction once in middle school and once again in high school. the parents have protested the lessons as too much for seventh graders. california law course haves to cover birth control, std's and decision making. the district nursing staff will partner with the non-profit health connected, according to the school bierd agenda item parents have access to all the materials before the children do but only in person not online. parents do have the choice to opt their kids out of the program. >> let's turn things to jeff. nice and sunny nasdaq all different. >> it is. closely monitoring the forecast
6:41 pm
models as the sunshine you see in san francisco right now will be fading. while mostly clear tonight i'll talk about the rain chonss coming up in five minutes. talk about climbing in the record books. literally you're going to hear from the man who scaled yosemite's el capitan without any ropes.
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next.
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coroner tonight... asking for help linking two dead men with their families. a grim request from an east bay coroner tonight asking for help linking two dead men with families. the first case involves in man the contra costa coroner knows his name david weiss. homeless found dead of natural could you says at am track station but the coroner office can't find next of kin. the office is hoping someone can help them find him relatives. the shirt you see here belongs fo-on identified hispanic man
6:45 pm
hit and killed by a train near am track station. if you recognize the shirt the authorities would like to hear from you. well there is a new feature from b.a.r.t. let's you see exactly what imcrime is happening on bartd. police department has staurted sharing reports of driem on the website crime you can see with the service you can search for specific b.a.r.t. stations and keep tracking of any crimes occurring nearby. b.a.r.t. says it's trying to be more transparent with riders. being bag a crime victim is typically something people try to forgot zblnchts. but consumer investigator says chriss chmura you want to remember about around tax time. >> death can be can be a federal tax did he ducks. the you might be able to did he duct the losses from a theft on income tax forms. there are rules and restrictions. ask a tax pro look up in the tax software oh check with the irs. >> thanks so much. now if you have a consumer complaint let us know. call 1-888-996-tips. or go to the
6:46 pm climbers from all over the world flocked to yosemite national park to try and conquer el capitan a 3,000 foot wall of grantic rock one man can claim he did it free style. alex hand old climbed without the help of ropes safety gear or even a net. all he brought was chalk. he reached the peek in less than 4 hours. experts call it the greatest free climb in history and he spoke inclusive with the tood show. >> it sort of gradually built up in my mind. it's taken a long time to seem possible but eventually it did. now i've done it. so it's i'm stoked. >> amaze be i space he climbed 50 or 60 times before realizing he could pull pof a free sole o acent. >> oh my gosh. >> i remember watching him. >> every time i see that story i'm so amazed impressed by his skills. i would never do that. >> it's like watching you
6:47 pm
know -- we heard he is not doing without a rope but i'm still looking for a rope. >> okay thursday not good climbing weather. >> yeah, rain coming our way. definitely don't want to be trying that over at yosemite as we have rainfall building back into the forecast. >> now nbc bay area microclimate weather certified most accurate in the bay area by weather rate. >> and the big game changer this week steeling away all of the sunshine and those warmer 80s is this upper level area of low pressure pushing in by thursday and bring back the chance of rainfall. so as far as tomorrow morning forecast goes, nothing in terms of wet weather. see a mix of kun and clouds. fog at the peninsula here and 58. mostly sun sunny start to the tri valley and 54 degrees. san francisco a little bit of early morning fog and the east bay start with 56. so really throughout the day here as we head throughout wednesday it's going to be beautiful. down toward the south bay, breeze were winds from the northwest at 13.
6:48 pm
temperatures right near average in san jose at 76. still may pop up to 80 towards gill roy. contra costa alameda countying adrian aire over to walnut creek low to mid-70s. over towards ant yack a warmer 79. peninsula you can see the typical microclimate happening here with half moon bay at colder 60 for the coastline. heading a little bit to the peninsula palo alto at 74. san francisco 63 along the embarcadero. and then 66 expected in the mission. and the north bay we have 73 in mill valley towards napa and in the supper 70s. dry tomorrow. but i do think clouds begin to increase definitely by 8:00 tomorrow night. it's more of a high overcast through the bay area. holding off on rainfall chances until thursday morning. every single forecast model pointing towards the chance of raufrl right now. marine nap an sonoma county first on tap for pennsylvania possibility. as the storm moves to the south
6:49 pm
it does start to break up. we'll see something in san francisco. maybe even down towards san jose. the way things are lining up with the north bay seeing the chance first you'll have the best possibility of getting the accumulations. you could see the key up here at the top of the screen match it wup colors where you live. green in the north bay focusing in on. a quarter inch possible. highest pomt. lesser amounts in the blue collar traced to about .159 of an inch. but definitely changing up heading into thursday. you may be saying okay it's june we should be dry. but actually the month of june seeing in oakland still averaged .159 of an inches of rainfall. but we could get the entire monthly average for june in just one day. not anywhere near records which would have to be one to two inches rainfallen the extended forecast in san francisco we dry out friday. another slight chance on
6:50 pm
saturday. and warming up next week for the inland valleys radio out friday ob slight chance on saturday. back into the 80s monday and tuesday. i like it exciting for me but i know people at home saying i just want the dry sunny weather. stay tuned here a little bit more coming. >> a sprinkle of rain is fine. >> keep mixing it up. >> it is the eve of game three of the nba finals. the warriors liking chops as they chase history. could they have the first game for a perfect post-season. we have the report next. what you have released
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
is unlike anything we've ever faced. the ultimate evil. [ sinister laugh ] [ dramatic music ]
6:54 pm
[ screams ] the mummy. rated pg-13. less than 24 hours away, and the okay this next game is the critical one. this is the scarey one. we're talking about game three of the nba finals less than 24 hours away and the warriors are looking to keep the perfect post-season streak alive can they do. >> the win tomorrow gives the 3-0 lead in the series but let's not get ahead of ourselves. nbc bay area with a preview. >> we are here in cleveland one day before game three of the nabds finals. and monty, the warriors are two wins away from a championship. but potentially two straight wins away from going 16-0 in the playoffs. now, how possible do you think that is? and how much do you think the warriors care. >> i think it's doable. i still think the cavs maybe able toarian game at home here.
6:55 pm
they're good at home. but the warriors won't talk about this. timothy won't say anything about 16-0. it's disrespectful to the op sfwliegs lots of lorj material. >> these guys would relief the history that comes with that because no team in nba history has after gone 16-0. just like in history. no team had gone 16-0 and lost. they would love to flip the script. leld knelled love thapt it even though they can't talk it. >> take stom of the sting off last year. i'm glad you brought up last year the warriors head into game three up 2-0 different than last year this feels different. last year's game 3 did not go well for the warriors. what are you expecting for the game 3 in cleveland this time around? >> well i think the cavs know that they're desperate.
6:56 pm
guys like to use that phrase wounded animal. that was them last year. what's different this year is that the warriors are a different team. the cavs are a different team. most of the cavs players there's a lot of one dimension alt a lot of guys can shoot but not defend, can defend but not shoot. warriors are great shape if she start fast they should be in great shapive they've gotten over the game three bug a boo from last year. thank you. >> you got it. >> game 3 is nerve-racking. nerve-racking. >> we'll be watching. >> i'm sending them positive vibes then we could have -- the weather may be very important if we do well. >> it will -- there is a parade next week. >> we're going to make it all work out. >> don't jinx it. >> let's not jinx it. get a look at the weather forecast any plans here tomorrow 78 appear particle cloudy sky. chance of rain thursday more updates coming up at 11:00. >> thanks, jeff.
6:57 pm
>> bye-bye. who are these people?
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a boy and a girl for george and amal. and we have every new detail. >> now on "extra". ♪ extra, extra george clooney, a father at 56. breaking news on the birth of ella and alexander clooney. from julia's twins advice for george and amal to the president who paid a secret visit. why george told us this would never be his life. >> then days after the terror attacks, james corden takes the "late late show" to london. >> trying to find the right words to say is impossible. >> "extra" behind the scenes as he shoots his musical spoof. what he has been forced to scrap in light of the attacks. ♪ extra mudslinging. a bad boy return andho


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