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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 7, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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likely that the storm system will bring us measurable rainfall. we could see an entire june monthly average of rainfall in just one day. here is what we are dealing with right now. the storm system is just offshore beginning to push in moisture and heavier pockets of rainfall just to the north of the bay area. i think we will be in the bottom edge of the system helping to mitigate. we are looking at amounts about 0.12 per hour. in terms of the first wave of wet weather 1:30 in the morning it is to the north. 5:30 tomorrow we will see it develop here across the north bay down to about san francisco. we are running out the entire timeline at 6:20 tonight. >> you can track the rain from the palm of your hand. download our nbc bay area app. >> teaming up to improve its image. the oakland pd is getting help from stanford.
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university researchers sifted through body camera foot skpj discovered that officers treat african-american drivers differently than white drivers. we are joined live with what the department says this is not a race issue. >> reporter: that's what they are saying inside this building. here is the deal. this study looked at interactions between opd officers of all ages and all races. that their interactions between black and white drivers. in the conversations between the officers and the drivers was literally between night and day. >> i think it is a learning opportunity. >> reporter: oakland police say it is fixing a policing issue before it gets out of hand. >> if community members believe it is less professional if you talk to them we want to fix that. >> reporter: in a study of body cam video researchers looked at data from 981 traffic stops
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conducted by 245 opd officers. researchers found officers often referred to white motorists as sir or man and black motorists by broor first name. we found the language use is more respectful to white community members than black community members. >> reporter: stanford developed software that views footage and looks for certain words. researchers sifted through reports. >> there was a difference that people are picking up on as less respectful even though the officer might intend it to be statements that they are making to connect better with the public. >> reporter: opd is using the data as a training tool to ensure officers deliver equal respect in hopes of creating a stronger police and citizen relationship. >> we want the officers to be natural and comfortable while
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they are doing their jobs. >> reporter: and opd says in the study their officers never purposefully treat any particular driver, motorist or anything walking down the street any odd or particular way based on their race. >> thank you rick. we have new details about the 5-year-old girl abandoned near ocean beach. we have learned the mother has been booked into san francisco jail. samantha patton suaroundered. police claim the mom shoved her daughter out of the car and that mom then drove off with her 1-year-old son. paramedics happened to spot the little girl as she was being abandoned. she pfirst claimed it was candy and then police say she confessed it was meth she had
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given to a toddler. we are learning more about a mother accused of drug ag 2 year old at a park. >> reporter: we have learned the suspect has had many, many run ins with the law. in fact, one source calls her a frequent flyer. what she is accused of doing out here at people's park on monday is being called simply outrageous. >> it's terrible. it's scary. but it can happen. >> reporter: parents and nannies in berkeley are keeping an extra close eye on their little ones tonight after learning a woman at people's park allegedly shot methamphetamine in a toddler's mouth as he played at the playground monday afternoon while being watched by his nanny. the 36-year-old woman faces felony child abuse charges. according to court documents thomas told police she put a
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tootsy roll in the boy's mouth but later admitted it was meth. >> she is highly aggressive. >> reporter: park goers who know her describe her as mean spirited and violent. court records show thomas has been arrested or cited more than 20 times since 2002 with convictions for resisting a police officer and battery with serious bodily injury. >> she did something that is not cool. you're not going to be forgiven. >> it is really scary. >> reporter: this nanny cares for a 2 year old herself. she says the attack is a wakeup call for nannies and parents alike. >> you never know who can trust. you have to be very careful everywhere you go. >> reporter: thomas is scheduled to be arraigned in court tomorrow morning. meanwhile, we learned the 2 year
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old has been released umt frahospital and is at home tonight resting. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. a follow up now to a massive building fire in emeryville. this was the scene last month as flames engulfed the building under construction. tomorrow the fire department says it has an update on this investigation. there is a strong possibility the cause is arson. this is the second time this year this building has caught fire. fortunately no one was hurt in either blaze. he feels vindicated. part of the statement will reveal comey's statement that he told the president he was not personally under investigation. mr. comey will testify in 13 hours. he made his opening statement public today. in it he states he told the president during a january
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dinner that the president told comey that quote i need loyalty and i expect loyalty. president trump as you know well fired comey last month. here in the bay area that hearing expected to draw big interest despite its 7:00 in the morning start time. some bars and businesses are opening their doors to hold watch parties. chuck coppola is live at san jose bar. usually it is a sporting event but now it is a senate intelligence committee hearing. >> reporter: bay area bars have discovered a thirst for politics. bars like the office will open its doors at 7:00 a.m. to show the hearings. that's 2 1/2 hours early. >> the bar is opening early. that must mean something. >> reporter: for kathie fletcher tomorrow's hearing reminds her of a scandal more than 40 years ago. >> it's only been 136 days and
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it seems like a year and a half. >> reporter: in san francisco from north beach institutions to aces on lower knob hill james comey will be on the big screen beginning at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> as long as everybody is behaving themselves and having a good time we will keep the sound on. >> look at this as a growing mushroom cloud. >> reporter: political analyst says questions over whether president trump tried to influence an fbi investigation of russian links to u.s. officials has caught the attention of those not usually into politics. >> we are far from out of it. more and more people are saying what is going on. >> chuck moorely says what he wants from fired fbi director comey. >> the truth. and he is about the the closest you will get to it. >> reporter: the committee saw drama today when richard bur
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suspended questioning. >> are you willing or not willing to give him the authority to be fully independent of your ability statorily and legally to fire him? >> he has the full independence that is authorized by the regulations. >> are you willing to do -- >> the chair is going to exercise the right to allow the witnesses to answer the question. >> reporter: and more intrigue senator dianne feinstein choosing to keep her questions con fidentual until tomorrow. you can catch comey's entire testimony from beginning to end without interruptions here on nbc bay area starting tomorrow morning at 7:00 in the morning right after today in the bay. fear anger and lots of questions. families want to know how a student was able to jab classmates with a discarded medical device. more than a dozen elementary
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school students were poked hard enough to bleed. robert handa is live with what some furious parents are telling us tonight. >> reporter: there are a lot of worried families. it hasn't eased much even though at one time they believe the device involved was an epipen. the school is saying the instrument it destroyed was a diabetic lancet. the school district is investigating on how so many students were poked by what they thought was a toy. >> it was purple and poked me in the arm right here. >> reporter: 8-year-old brian, a second grader, is still upset about the blood he saw after being poked with a needle by a schoolmate. brian is one of 14 students folk poked by a boy with what was believed to be an epipen. brian was scared and when his family rushed him to the doctor he had one thought. >> i didn't want to die. >> reporter: his grandfather,
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his legal guardian is angry that the child and about a dozen others got poked two weeks ago but families only began being told to take their children to a doctor for testing last week. >> he was poked with a needle and that from now until who knows when if brian may come down with something. that is scary. >> i thought it was just going to be a little poke and then that's it. >> what did it turn out to be? >> it turned out to be a big thing that was serious. >> reporter: cynthia white agreiss her nephew was a victim. >> you must inform everyone. we can't limit it to what the kids say. they are 8 years old. >> reporter: the school district says it regrets that when the boy turned in the lancet he had not revealed he poked anyone. we are told he was suspended. the school district is emphasizing that it has been
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working closely with the public health department and that agency recommended not tell all parents just the ones directly involved. what happens next depends on the results of the blood test. robert handa, nbc bay area news. the reason investigators were able to easily track down thieves because of what they actually stole. why are all of these horses roaming free in golden gate park today? i i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. warm upper 80s a few days ago. now the return of rainfall. you don't want to miss this timeline and how much will fall coming up in about ten minutes. wide open rural
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places... but today, the call following the herd. when you hear the call for cowboys most think of wide open spaces. today it came from the heart of san francisco. nearly two dozen horses got loose in golden gate park. tonight the question is how did that get open? >> reporter: what we do know is that all horses went through the gate. tonight the thought is that somebody opened it up on
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purpose. >> i got another group out here somewhere cht. >> reporter: horses in the dog park. horses in the street. horses on the trail. this was the scene at around 5:45 this morning in golden gate park near the old polo ground. >> this is san francisco. i'm glad nobody got hurt. >> reporter: it took about a few hours to round up all 23 horses. they are here as part of a pilot program to bring horseback riding back to golden gate park. a wrangler stays with them overnight but woke up to find the gate open and all of the horses gone. >> there is a latch that comes up over the top of the gate as well as a bungee cord type arrangement that holds it in place. doesn't seem like something a horse can do with their nose and mouth. >> reporter: a new chain and lock will go around the bottom of the gate. since there isn't a lot to go on, there isn't an active investigation into who did this
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or why. these horses will remain in golden gate park until the end of the month. reporting live in san francisco i . police say a man was attacked with a hammer earlier this morning at a travel lodge on market street. police say the man struck the victim several times with the hammer. he is in the hospital. police say he also overdosed on drugs. details about the arrest are not being released. a new program called operation blue zone designed to root out parking placard schemes. police arrested this man. the dmv says he uncovered the scheme when a worker noticed 35 placards to the same address. he faces thousands of dollars in fines. operation blue zone was started to identify parking placard fraud. a house fire forced people
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out of their home in north oakland today. this is the charred home on 59th street. the oakland fire department says the home caught fire around 10:30 this morning and flames spread to the home next door before firefighters could knock it down. oakland fire says they have ruled out arson as a possible cause. what a flip in the switch in weather. so nice and warm the last couple of days and today was down right chilly. >> has me thinking back to march and all the wet weather we dealt with then. not as strong as the storm systems about three months ago but definitely enough that we are expecting accumulations here across the bay area. now nbc bay area's microclimate weather. a look right now at the doppler radar. what you will see here is the widespread cloud cover we have been dealing with throughout a good part of the afternoon through santa rosa through san jose. we have a few returns here well
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offshore. we have had a little bit of drizzle in san francisco. things will continue to pick up as we head throughout tonight with the coastal drizzle. we will save any kind of big accumulations for tomorrow's forecast. if you missed out on the timeline come to your tv this is when we give you the hour by hour play of how we expect things to go here for thursday's forecast. we should really say anytime we get a storm system in june we look at it even closer on the forecast models because we can get dealt all kinds of weird and whacky scenarios this late in the season when the models try to analyze the data. every forecast model continues to show this potential rainfall for our thursday forecast. here is what we have. 1:00 in the morning wet weather is off to the north. as we head throughout 5:30 in the morning this rainfall developing. it's light to moderate. maybe a few heavier pockets. san francisco peninsula to the
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east bay around 8:30 in the morning. that is your chance. we will see it swing to the south bay by about 11:30 in the morning. the best chance of major accumulations would be towards north bay quarter to a half inch. south bay trace amounts to about 0.2 inch. temperatures for tomorrow looks a little cooler here. you can see mainly low 70s for the interior valleys and then 63 in san francisco. we will talk more about the seven day forecast and how things are looking here the next seven days in the next full update at 6:48 tonight and a closer look at microclimate and how much rainfall will get across the entire bay area. >> thanks. crime ring .. one bit of data at a time .. ==scott/live== it's the gadget that cracked a crime ring one bit of data at a time. after the break, what happened when thieves picked the wrong startup to rip off.
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easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. there are system-wide delays happening now carve out more time for evening commute if you are taking bart. bart says police activity have hampered the ride. updating the twitter feed with the latest. it is all leading up to tomorrow. we have a list of bars that open early so people can watch much anticipated testimony of former fbi director james comey. messed with the wrong bay area
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tech company .. the products they stole .. led
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poli new at 6:00 a group of thieves messed with the wrong bay area tech company. the products they stole led police directly to them in a matter of minutes. scott budman has been tracking this story in our news room to explain how it all went down. >> the thieves stole 100 of these thinking they were cell phone chargers. they are actually powerful tracking devices popular with businesses that want to keep track of their inventory. but in this case they kept track of where the thieves were going and led police right to them. it's the tech startup that turned into a crime fighter. the headquarters of santa clara's was vandalized last week. >> we found the office in disarray. >> reporter: thieves stole some of their computers but 100 of their signature products. >> gps devices were stolen. >> reporter: these yellow smart trackers. >> not very often that someone takes tracking devices.
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>> reporter: real time tracking devices with pin point accuracy typically used to track large shipments in this case they track the thieves from the office up 880 leading officers to this storage facility in union city. >> our detectives got search warrants for that location. >> reporter: which was full of among other things trackers. >> 98 were in storage facility. >> recovered the rest of the gps units as well as stolen computers, stolen car parts. >> reporter: a crime ring busted thanks to a small but powerful piece of technology. >> couldn't ask for a better thing to be stolen than a gps device. >> reporter: the tracking devices led police to the warehouse where the thieves had items from multiple crimes. the entire case was closed in about 48 hours. >> thank you. possible game changer for the electric car market.
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charging an electric vehicle involves parking, plugging it in and waiting. scientists are working on a way to charge cars while they are moving. transmitted wirelessly more than a decade ago. the amount of electricity transmitted was tiny but researchers say it does make them optimistic. it's going to be awesome. >> police threatening deportation in one of the nation's best known sanctuary cities. how we caught it on camera and what the police chief is saying now. the former f-b-i director gets
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ready for a grillg right now at 6:30, 12 1/2 hours away and counting former fbi director gets ready for a grilling on capitol hill on the russia investigation. we are already hearing what he is expected to say. we now know at least part of what james comey will tell congress. he will take the stand tomorrow morning detailing interactions with president trump before trump fired comey. >> blaine alexander is in washington with details from comey's opening statement. >> reporter: in a statement president trump said he felt vindicated after comey reiterated as president said
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that the president was not personally under investigation. this release was released at the direct request of james comey a head start ahead of tomorrow's highly anticipated testimony. today a detailed first look at what fired fbi director james comey will say to congress about his interactions with president trump. in his opening statement released today comey recounts nine different conversations with the president. he describes a january 27 dinner at the white house which comey says was orchestrated to have him beg to keep his job. comey writes the president says i need loyalty. i expect loyalty. i didn't move, speak or change my facial expression in any way during awkward silence that followed. a phone call from the president who quote described the russia investigation as a cloud that was impairing his ability to act on behalf of the country and asked what the fbi could do to lift the cloud. comey confirms news reports that
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the president asked him to drop the investigation into michael flynn. comey's statement released just after top intel chief were grilled on capitol hill about their own interactions with the president. >> why are you not answering these questions? is there an invocation by the president of executive privilege. why are you not answering the questions. >> the heads of the nsa and national intelligence said they never felt pressured to intervene in an ongoing investigation. >> i have never been directed to do anything i believe to be illegal, immoral, unethical or inappropriate. >> reporter: they would not answer whether or not they had been asked. tomorrow more pressing questions when comey takes the stand. and something that has almost gotten lost in all of this today the president announced his pick for new fbi director, christopher wray. the president made the announcement earlier on twitter. in washington, blaine alexander
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nbc bay area news. >> you can catch comey's entire testimony beginning to end here on nbc bay area starts tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. right after today in the bay. ahead of comey's testimony bay area lawmakers and activists are demanding that congress create an independent commission. demonstrators gathered on capitol hill with signs and petitions with 4 million signatures signed by american whose want clarity and scrutiny of possible ties and how foreign intervention can be prevented in the future. we would have a much broader and deeper understanding of why he has this thing about russia. who does he owe money to? how much does he owe? >> among groups delivering the petition were common cause,
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friends of the earth and another uber executive out following scathing allegations he obtained medical records of a rape victim. sources say the man leading uber's asia operation obtained records of a woman claimed she was raped. he started sharing the records with other executives. when asked uber for comment on the rape records today spokesperson said alexander no longer worked there. the uber investigation into sexual harassment and work place culture. >> it is disturbing and necessary. the fbi is running a training exercise. this is called operation sea sick on the almeida point. you are watching a simulation.
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bar cades himself in a vessel. agencies including police and fire arrived on skeep. they worked with hospitals, first responders and haz-mat teams. the fbi says this is to ensure everyone is on the same page in the event of an attack. >> this is something that does not go beyond just local police element. we wanted to bring in elements thattant usually involved in exercises like this. >> training continues tomorrow with focus on evidence recovery. a woman pepper sprayed during protests is suing the region. the mayor of berkeley and a slew of others, too. she says she plans to attend february's speech but cancelled as protests turned violence. she claims she was put in harms way simply because of her view points. a san francisco police officer is under investigation following an under cover report by the nbc bay area investigative unit. the internal affairs unit is
6:35 pm
looking into whether the officer violated department policy in a verbal tirade. >> vicky nguyen first exposed the confrontation and joins us with the details of the new investigation. >> reporter: last month we took our under cover cameras to a san francisco street corner to show you a market place where stolen goods are sold right out in the open. we didn't expect to report a plain clothes san francisco police officer approaching a group of minorities and threatening to deport them. in san francisco the corner of 7th and market is a bustling hot speet for hot merchandise. last month we set up watch to document the exchange of stolen goods, everything from crab meat to crraw steaks. what surprised us most, an exchange between an officer and
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group of asian and hispanic men. our cameras happened to be rolling as he made deportation threats in one of the most ardent sanctuary cities in the world. the officer in plain clothes arrives with two others and seems unconcerned about revealing his team and the area under surveillance. >> taking your picture. we have a lot of pictures. >> reporter: san francisco police policy clearly states officers shall not enforce immigration laws or assist in enforcement of immigration laws. the only exception is to backup
6:37 pm
federal agents in significant danger. >> this is a situation where the officer did not know he was being filmed and obviously felt free to threaten people. >> reporter: the san francisco public defender, tried more than 150 jury cases since taking office in 2002. several involve sfpd and discrimination. >> could this just be a one off statement of a frustrated officer lashing out? >> i understand that police officers can be frustrated. they are trying to do their job, but it is still no excuse. >> reporter: a police roster obtained by nbc bay area revealed badge 656 belongs to officer joshua. he has been with the department for ten years. we learned he has been on camera before. youtube video from 2011 showed him in a confrontation with local rapper after the officer unplugged a boom box playing
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loud music. the officer moved forward and tried to slap the phone out of his hand. a jury later found benzo guilty of misdemeanor obstruction of an officer. >> there was a recent nbc segment. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor represents the district where the incident occurred. she requested a briefing from sfpd and questioned police chief scott. >> i'm curious what has occurred after that incident. >> that incident is under investigation by internal affai affairs. we do not engage in the work of enforcement for immigration laws. it is very clear. if that is violated disciplinary matters have been and will be taken. >> reporter: for a department trying to rebuild public trust he says this incident exposes how much work remains. >> this is something that should be investigated. hopefully there will be a strong
6:39 pm
edict from the chief saying this is not going to be tolerated. >> reporter: we reached out to officer fry. he declined to comment for our report. the department is not saying whether he is still on the job as the investigation unfolds but sfpd says it is updating its 22-year-old policy on officers' enforcement on immigration laws and reminded all officers about its rules. with the investigative unit i'm vicky nguyen. back to you. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit just give us a call at 888-996-tips. you can send us an e-mail. a look back at the summer of love 50 years later. hundreds of thousands of people gathered in san francisco in the '60s and the counter culture was bornism many ideas from that time are part of today's world. actor peter coyote was there. >> there is nowhere you can dpoe in the united states today where there is not a women's movement
6:40 pm
where people are not struggling to protect some part of the environment, where people are not practicing alternative medical practices, homeopathy, acpuncture, where people are not involved in organic food movement or slow food movement. >> you know you recognize that voice. he narrates summer of love 50 years later airing this saturday june 10 at 8 p.m. we are just looking at one of the live cameras. we see drizzle in san francisco already forming. >> just a little bit of action right now and a lot of folks are wondering how often we are getting rainfall in june. we usually average for the entire month from 0.19 inch in petaluma. we will tell you where we could see a quarter inch of rainfall tomorrow coming up in about five minutes. a piece of luggage lost, found and then lost again. the passenger called us for
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help. i'm consumer investigator. anyone can say they investigate. only one statement is invested in making a difference for you. nbc bay area news. the bay area's most honored source for investigations now recognized with the nation's most prestigious award, a peabody in excellence. getting the results you expect. count on the one station invested in making a difference for you. nbc bay area news. we investigate. who are these people?
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common problem: his airline lost his luggage. nbc bay area responds to san francisco man. his airline lost his luggage. >> this man's experience was unique. he asked consumer investigator to help him sort it out. >> we are often asked to hold airlines accountable. this is the first time we have helped someone whose airline lost his luggage more than once. this home video is proof that michael like any selfie respecting millennial documents everything he does. when he embarked in europe in january he did snap a photo
6:45 pm
while packing his luggage which is fortunate because this bag went missing and not just once. >> they lost the bag twice. >> reporter: he flew from sfo to iceland, sweden, holland and back. the bag he checked arrived everywhere in europe but was missing when his flight landed in newark. >> these things happen. >> about 4,660 times a day according to the federal government. mike immediately filed a report. five days later wow headquarters sent mike an e-mail informing him his bag was located and would be fed exed to him. >> i was elated. this is what i wanted. >> reporter: but then this oblong box arrived. >> this is about seven feet long. it is bigger than my body. like no way this is luggage in any way. >> reporter: the label indicates the long skinny box had shipped from wow air at newark airport to mike.
6:46 pm
>> only it's not my luggage. it's a gigantic car part from toyota motors. >> reporter: mike contacted wow and discovered after it found his lost luggage it lost it again. >> this is when everything sort of snow balled out of control. >> reporter: so he returned the box and kept on wow about his bag's whereabouts and said he e-mailed every two or three days but no response. >> somebody just act a little human towards me. >> reporter: he sent us his photos and asked for help. we wanted to know whether mike would be compensated and how wow could confuse this car part for a piece of luggage. a spokesperson told us somehow there was a mix up and his bag got the same tracking number as the car part and then the bag was declared officially missing. wow offered him 1,5$1,531,531.2
6:47 pm
as for why it took wow more than 90 days to pay mike the spokesperson said we have for some time now tried to connect with our handling agents and contacted fed ex about this matter. now that mike's ordeal is over he is sharing a piece of advice. persistence. >> be ruthless and just not stop fighting to get what you deserve. i truly believe that they just hope that you drop off and stop. >> here is another twist. wow air would not pay mike's claim until he proved he did not file a separate insurance claim. we asked major u.s. air carriers whether they have similar requirements. the four that responded say they do not. if you have a consumer complaint please let us know. the number is 888-996-tips. >> that was a hassle for that
6:48 pm
guy. at least he got some compensation. let's talk about our forecast. we will get through rain and compensate us with sunshine. >> one day here, a little bit of a speed bump. towards this weekend sunshine for most of the bay area. >> now nbc bay area's microclimate weather certified most accurate in the bay area by weather rate. >> here is what switching it up. the cold front is just offshore right now about 300 miles away. decent plume of moisture pulling into northern california. most of the heaviest rainfall will be moving away from us. it still looks like the bottom edge of the storm system will be bringing us the best bet of rainfall. every single spot starts with the chance of wet weather and temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. east bay, san francisco and north bay. let's bring you into the
6:49 pm
timeline and we will give you that hour by hour look. 1:00 in the morning to the north. 5:30 in the morning santa rosa. napa, sonoma. and a chance here of wet weather. the moderate rainfall is in the darker green. a few heavier pockets indicated by the yellow. as it moves to the south at 8:30 in the morning. really does break apart once it hits the south bay. we think we will pick up at least something. speaking of that, the totals quarter to maybe a half inch for isolated spots in the north bay. san francisco southward to san jose good for trace amounts. so why contract here? the north bay has best chance of getting our accumulations out of this storm system. temperatures tomorrow cool off a
6:50 pm
few degrees down here in the south bay. 71 in san jose. for the east bay you have 69 in antioch. 71 in pleasanton and 67 in hayward. peninsula 72 in -- san francisco 60s. and 66 here in the mission. towards the north bay 68 expected. on the extended forecast the one spot we still may also have a slight chance of shower this weekend would be san francisco mainly near the coast line on saturday. very slim possibility. i want you to be aware of that. sunday looks great 64 degrees and sunshine for next week. we dry out friday and looks dry for the weekend and 80s return next tuesday and also on wednesday. i'm looking forward to tomorrow. i think it is a nice change for us. >> i'm looking forward to the 80s next week. >> thanks. back in a moment.
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3 and 4 of the nba finals they are representing south san francisco couple in cleveland for games three and four of nba finals. >> they have a specific -- >> what have you got here? >> i brought my broom from the bay area born and raised. the things go well you will see the brooms courtside when we sweep the cavs.
6:55 pm
>> they came in this morning. they took the red eye here. >> left 11:00 p.m. san francisco. >> you take a nap and now you are at the game and you are thinking you lost the last couple of game threes here. 100% third time's the charm. we are here to win. >> you guys have pretty good tickets. how did you guys score it? >> near courtside. >> basically third row. >> broom available. >> you have no doubt that they can put the past behind them as far as game threes. >> 100%. the past is the past. making history. >> what has the reception been. you guys are walking around with your broom and streamers.
6:56 pm
you are in hostile territory. >> i'm getting ridiculed everywhere i go. i love it. i'm here to support the team and take any ridicule that i get. bring it on. i'm here to clean the mess. i'm here to clean up the mess. this is scott. this is josy. i'm calling resholin resch. we will be back with highlights and reaction. >> warriors up by three right now. fingers crossed. >> final check of the rain coming. >> picking up here as we head through the next six to eight hours. mainly cloud cover right now. 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. storm system down to the south bay and drying out by friday. >> that's going to do it for us. thank you for watching at 6:00. we'll see you at 11:00.
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tom cruise, oprah and one giant "extra" surprise. >> hey, oprah. >> when a.j. and i go-between the box office king and queen o now on "extra". ♪ extra, extra tom cruise's mummy world takeover. from gordon to fallon to "extra". >> what is happening here? >> a.j. is in new york. mario with oprah in l.a. we are opening up a blast from their past. >> you don't want that. >> tom, i still don't like it. >> then oprah talks trump. >> would you look forward to an opportunity to interview our president? >> her surprise take on the commander in chief. and from kathy griffin and bill maher. >> have we become too politically


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