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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 8, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> hopefully the umbrella hasn't been too deep in your closet. it's been a while but we are getting to rain? >> we are, especially in the north bay. parts of the east bay, we'll see the rain make its progress before you even get up and head out the door this morning so you want to make sure you allow extra time to get to where you're going. here's the radar right now. we see a good coverage, especially over most of sonoma county, toward napa county as well and we will see more of this rain moving in from north to south after we go through the day and a few pockets of heavy rain moving in. i'll talk more about what to expect as this rain becomes more scattered and lightens up before it moves into the south bay later. mike has a warning now for east bay drivers. >> i am the warner warning folks about a hazard in the east bay. a smooth drive throughout most of your maps but as we zoom up toward the east shore freeway we see two things -- we have reports of a hazard, a tire in the roadway, but it's tough to see because it's dark tire, dark conditions around central where folks are merging off of the
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cutover. we have the green highlighting here throughout the upper east shore freeway. that rain seeing the most activity where you will find slicker roadways with. it's been a while, folks, that could mean greasy conditions have risen up to the top of the roadway. we'll track that. more slowing for 84, the construction around rubiville adding to more slowing for 84 just right now. back to you. happening right now. millions of eyes are fixed on washington, d.c., james comey testifying before the senate intelligence committee that could change everything we know about the russia investigation. >> we have team coverage as the country await this is much-anticipated testimony. >> we start with scott mcgrew with what we already know. >> reporter: he's already released his opening statement.
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the intelligence committee released the prepared system from comey yesterday. in it, comey admit he is assured the president he was not a target of the russian investigation. comey says he didn't want to have to later correct it if the president, indeed, became under investigation. this morning, comey will detail three meetings and six phone calls with president trump before comey was fired. in one of those interactions, comey says mr. trump first demanded loyalty then eventually asked more directly "i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go." he's referring to the fbi investigation of former national security adviser michael flynn. democrats are calling the interaction extremely inappropriate. republicans are treading lightly. >> it was inappropriate to so obsessively hound him about making the case against flynn go away. >> my job is to make sure we don't pre-judge anything. >> our search is the truth. i just want to know what happened. >> reporter: president trump's lawyer says his client was
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vindicated by some of the written testimony. the white house reportedly preparing for an all out fight today that could include the president live tweeting during the hearing. we'll watch far and have lots of coverage. sam and laura, back to you. >> thank you very much, scott. i want to check in with today in the bay's bob redell live at the office in san jose where some of the watch parties are about to get underway. the hearing is gaining a lot of interest in the bay area. everybody's been anticipating it. >> it appears so. good morning, laura. we know of three bars in san francisco that will open early as you mentioned, the office lounge behind me in san jose's willow glen neighborhood will open up two and a half hours earlier than normal so patrons can watch the james comey testimony before the senate intelligence committee starting at 7:00 our time. senators will be questioning the fired fbi director about his conversations with president
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trump. at issue is whether the president tried to influence the fbi's investigation into russian meddling in last year's elections. nbc political analyst larry gerson says today's hearings could be monumental which is why the hearings have caught the attention of people not usually involved in politics. >> this situation is not an instant turn on and turn off like your television set, this is what we call a drip, drip, drip. and all the drops are going the wrong way against the president. >> they're going to want to watch what's going on. we'll have it on for them, as long as everybody is behaving themselves and having a good time we'll keep the sound on. >> reporter: that was the owner of a bar in san francisco. across the country, interest in comey's testimony has touched off drinking games at some bar. one bar in d.c. promises to buy a round of drinks every time president trump tweets about the hearings. online a comey hearing bingo game has been created based on anticipated key phrases.
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reporting live from san jose, bob redell, today in the bay. >> it's all fun and games until we find out some damning information. you can watch comey's entire testimony from beginning to end without interruption right here on nbc bay area. live coverage begins at 7:00 a.m. where the "today" show would normally be. savannah guthrie will be in washington, d.c. more than a dozen elementary students in fremont are awaiting results of a very important blood test. the students were poked by a medical device found on the street by a fellow student. it happened eight days ago at cabrillo elementary school. the poking tool was a lancet, it's used by diabetic patients to prick their fingers to test their blood sugar. one student poked 14 sores. we spoke to one second grader who was a victim. >> it was purple and he poked me in the arm right here. >> he was spoked with a needle and that from now until who
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knows when if brian may come down with something and that is scary. >> that's the second grader's grandfather. the school says it took five days to figure out what happened because the student in question denied poking anyone. all 14 students poked were tested for hiv and hepatitis and they're still waiting for those results. >> that is frightening. new details right now, it appears the mt. diablo school district has issued response to plans for a winter school district in walnut creek. a much smaller northgate school district is in the works that would cover a handful of schools in part of walnut creek. a lot still has to happen from that to go from a proposal to becoming reality. but the mt. diablo district says planners have to further refine their requests because it doesn't currently meet legal requirements for established boundaries. next fall there are more hearings planned on the topic. a live look right now from oracle arena where at this rate the warriors might not be
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playing another home game. warriors fans proved at oracle you don't have to have a game going on the floor to have that championship level intensi intensity. what a great place to be. 15,000 or so fans packed oracle for last night's game three viewing party. they went nuts. this is beyond your standard playoff atmosphere they're having there. >> sweep! >> we're so excited. you know why? because last year we were robbed. >> here's how it went down. cleveland led by as much as seven points in the fourth quarter and seemed to have things under control but the warriors brought back late thanks in part to a huge three from kevin durant with 45 seconds left. the warriors came up big when it mattered, including big defense from andre agua dahl la who
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stymied james in crunch time. the warriors ended the game on an 11-0 run. >> they played extremely well but we stayed in front of them late in the game and got some shots and we got the basketball but they had it going all night. you have to give them credit. >> the warriors one win from another nba championship. game four is friday in cleveland and there's another watch party planned at oracle. tickets cost $20. from what i understand, it's sold out. everyone pumped up after last night's big win including steph curry's family members. that was steph's mom with a big yell at quicken loans arena. you can see steph giving his dad a hug, dell curry. kevin durant's mom was also there living it up after last night's win. you have to celebrate. and we're coming up on 5:09, celebrating late-season rain as we look at the radar. all lit up in gold in some parts
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of the bay area, especially in the north bay. also a lot of green with lighter showers. now we're moving into san francisco and this is what we've been expecting throughout the week and it does affect your morning commute as you get ready to head out the door. we're looking at some pockets of some really heavy rain moving towards vallejo and that will be moving off towards the east as well. moving closer to fairfield and we are going to see this moving down to concord, also san francisco right now with light showers, just enough to make those roads wet and moving across the bay bridge as well over toward berkeley and lafayette right now seeing some of those showers moving through. as we go through the rest of the day, we'll see the rain becoming quite heavy at times and moving farther to the south. by 9:00, we'll see it moving into the peninsula, san mateo, end r extending over toward oakland as well as parts of the east bay with pockets of rain as well as low visibility as you
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get throughout with that drive heading to work or school. we will keep tabs on this through the day. mike checking in on the roadside fire in san jose. it sounded like it was no big deal and as far as structures are concerned it is no big deal but we did have a lane blocked for a short period of time down here northbound 87 just north of curtner. there you go. you just saw the live speed sensors change from the red and orange to yellow. that means speeds continue to improve as they cleared all lanes north of curtner heading up towards alma. that roadside fire is outapproaching downtown san jose and no structures involved in the brush area off the roadway. a smooth flow of traffic on the rails as well as the roads. rails may slow down if rain becomes heavier but it's too late to be affected for the morning ride and approaching the bay bridge, no delays for your travel time. >> all green, just the way we like to see it. coming up, disturbing new video. an innocent bystander reportedly beaten by police. the moment that led up to a fiery wreck and altercation. plus a unique new invention,
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a straw that can prevent sexual assault.
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i'm tracking rain right now at 5:13 and as we get a live look outside at san jose, it's still dry here but we'll start to see some spotty showers moving in later today. temperature wise, expect high temperatures to reach into the
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mid-70s, a lot of clouds and every now and then light rain. i'll talk what about to expect through the day coming up at about 5:19. >> she's got you covered at 6:19, too, all morning. looking at the north bay, a little slowing trying to get through westbound 37, a little slowing shows up, that might be because of rain that has also shown up. we'll track the commute coming up. >> thank you very much, mike and kari. now a developing story from the east coast and we want to warn you, disturbing video we're about to show you that is raising questions about a police response to a fiery crash following a chase. this video shows a man on fire after a car crashed into a pole. as the man tries to get out of those flames you can hear him shouting. approaching officers kick the man several times, you see it right there right side of your screen. it turns out that man was an innocent bystander near the scene of the crash and not the chase suspect. this happened in jersey city
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sunday night. the mayor of jersey city is calling for those officers to be fired. 5:14 right now. three florida teenagers have developed a straw that can detect date rape drugs in drink. it can detect two drugs, ghp and ketamine, the drugs don't have a smell or taste. the girls won the contest put on by the miami "herald" and they plan to market the straw. happening today, the woman charged with leak ago secret national security agency report is expected to plead not guilty in court. the government contractor, reality leigh winner could be released on bond today. the air force veteran worked for a private contractor in georgia where she was arrested on saturday. the federal government has charged winner with removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet. a long-standing company here
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has its final day, yahoo!'s last day today. later today shareholders are expected to approve company sales to verizon. >> scott mcgrew joins us but that means layoffs? >> which we have expected, laura. they were expected at the company as well, lots of people have been looking for work at yahoo! nbc estimates the cuts will be around a thousand jobs from the combined company. some from yahoo! some from verizon. yahoo has been a silicon valley fixture since it was founded in 1994 and jerry and david guide to the worldwide web. now is this a defeat for marisa meyer. she failed to turn the company around but she was instrumental in getting it sold. many analysts will tell you they think verizon paid way too much for a struggling company that's facing huge security problems so in that sense mier is the best thing that could have happened to investors. uber in trouble again. the head of uber's efforts in
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india has been fired after it was revealed he obtained the medical records of a woman who said she was raped by an uber driver in india. our sister blog recode was the first to report that eric alexander showed those medical records to uber's ceo and to uber vice president emile michael a year ago. uber has been on a firing spree trying to get rid of bad apples that have come to define that company. wall street will be watching the comey hearings and the election in great britain. we think we know who's going to win in great britain but we've said that before. the dow gained 37 yesterday. nasdaq 22. i wanted to show you this from the steps of the state capital in sacramento. comcast, our parent company, giving away scholarships to hundreds of california kids. they were kind enough to invite me to take part. lots of kids got money, two of them got $10,000 each, ian chang from balboa high school in san francisco, he hasn't decided
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where he wants to go to school, muriel rubio from st. elena high school, she is headed to santa clara. go bronco. >> good for them. big checks to cash. >> were you lugging those things around? >> those are enormous. aren't you glad you have direct deposit. >> you need a big pen, too. >> they cut that thing into pieces, thank you very much. we've been seeing this coming for a long time. it's been about 40 years. there's a buzz around august's solar eclipse considering the last one happened four decades ago. now let's meet an oregon couple who's been getting ready for the event since an overcast portland sky ruined their experience in 1979. since then, they've moved 65 miles south near salem, oregon, they built their house in order to be in line with the eclipse. they included a high-tech seven-foot domed telescope in these plans. >> we've been planning for all these years to be ready for the big great american eclipse.
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i wrote the dome control software and attached it to the scope software. all this work for two minutes, yes, of course. it was never a question. >> it's his life's work. they'll be enjoying the solar eclipse on august 21 with close friends so the salem area specifically is a great spot to see the solar eclipse at its fullest. in the bay area, we'll only see a partial eclipse. so we checked prices for hotels in the area. monday night at a holiday inn express going for $500 for one night. >> i have a couch. >> in salem? >> well, i was thinking, i hope you don't sleep through it or something. >> he's not going to sleep for days. >> a bird flies over at exactly the wrong time. that's not cool. >> two minutes. >> all i can think so the airbnb opportunities, if you live in salem, cash in. >> listen to brock. >> dedication. >> that will depend on the cloud coffer that day. >> that's the thing. >> in our neck of the woods it's
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going to rain. >> we are going to see showers moving through this morning. we are dealing with late-season rain moving through the bay area right now so grab the umbrella. it's been a long time since you've had to do that. we are looking at mostly cloudy skies as we look at three of our micro climates and the conditions you'll see heading out the door, 60 degrees in the south bay peninsula and tri-valley. 54 in the north bay. san francisco wet roads, light showers moving through and it's 58 degrees. let me take you through the day and show you what to expect as far as high temperatures in the slow 70s. milpitas up to 69 and for the east bay 69 degrees in antioch, 67 in hayward, the peninsula at 60 degrees at half moon bay and palo alto 71. san francisco some upper 50s to lower 60s here. 61 in the mission district and 67 in sonoma. our temperatures coming down quite a bit since the start of
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the week and it's all because of this approaching cold front and the rain ahead of that. we were also tracking pockets of heavy downpours. if you have the nbc bay area app, it can tell you where the rain is, when it's approaching and you can get views of the radar. we're looking at heaviest rain moving down 101 south of san jose and we're also tracking that rain moving from vallejo towards fairfield so 680 looking wet as well. in san francisco wet roads moving over towards the east bay. emeryville seeing showers. as we go through the rest of the day, here we are at 9:00, we see more of the rain moving into the east bay and as it moves closer to san jose, not going to see a lot of that rain for mostly the south bay until we go into this afternoon and even then it looks like the rain will be spotty and light. it clears out later on tonight. we may see the potential getting about five one hundredths of an inch of rain in palo alto in san jose but much higher amount for petaluma where we could see the
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average amount or over that for the month of june all with the system moving in. it dries out the rest of the forecast. going to see the highs in the mid-60s in san francisco. 70s over the next few days and it looks like a nice weekend ahead. i'll talk about events this weekend, that's coming up in 20 minutes. mike has a note about this morning's wet roads. as the light rain comes in, we haven't had rain for a while so grease has settled. that would mean slicker conditions. be very careful. but a smooth drive. no rain except for in san francisco and as we look toward the east bay we are looking at a crash at northbound 680. major front end damage but no major slowing. we have activity just isolated off the freeway. the upper east shore freeway and north bay, a little slowing around vallejo and red roadways up with the green with conditions possible there. looking at a smooth flow of traffic for our waze system as well as we look out to the system. no problems vallejo into san
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francisco mapping out three routes, the eastiest down the east shore freeway. we talk about the nbc bay area app for weather, but we have waze to make sure you can compare with other drivers. >> thanks so much, mike. coming up, an unexpected side effect of the wet weather, the warning about wild mushroom poisoning in the bay area. watch what you eat.
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there )s been a rise in the number of wild mushroom
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poisonings in the bay area. =map= watch what you eat, there's been a rise in the number of wild mushroom poisonsings in the bay area. 14 cases were reported in five counties last december. it says it usually sees a few cases of so-called death cap mushroom poison ago year. experts say a lot of rain made the wild mushrooms more available. three of the 14 victims needed liver transplants. the youngest victim was just 18 months old. doctors say symptoms don't appear for many hours and by then the toxicity is often absorbed into the liver. >> it can destroy your liver over a fairly rapid period of time, in a few days. the other issue is that we don't have any good antidotes. >> doctors advise not eating wild mushrooms unless you're professionally trained to identify them. >> a followup to a story we first told you about yesterday, a warning, there have been more
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coyote sightings in the bay area, this time in san francisco. now park officials are taking action to ban dogs on two popular trails. there have been multiple reports that two or three coyotes have surrounded dogs and their owners on trails in san francisco's presidio in recent weeks. the park trail and the bay area ridge trail in the presidio are closed to dogs, not people. coming up, a teenager groped at a bay area grocery store. the disturbing investigation under way. one of the two men facing charges in connection to the deadly ghost ship fire set to abeer in court. the details on who it will be and what we can expect to hear. what you have released
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is unlike anything we've ever faced. the ultimate evil. [ sinister laugh ] [ dramatic music ] [ screams ] the mummy. rated pg-13.
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5:30 on the dot on your thursday as we take a beautiful look outside in fremont at some public art there as you see some clouds hanging in the distance. we are watching out for some rain. good morning and thank you for joining us on this thursday. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get straight kari talking about the rain coming down in some parts? >> especially in the north bay. we've been watching clouds coming in since yesterday and this picture was sent to me by dave elkinson as we are looking at the clouds rolling over pacifica yesterday evening so as you head out this morning, snap a picture, send it to me, meteorologist kari hall. here's the rain on the radar. some pockets of some heavy downpours. you can see there indicated by the yellows and reds as we get a closer look, san jose has been seeing the rain for a couple
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hours now. and we will be tracking this as it continues to move to the south and also towards the east as you head out for that morning drive. san francisco with some light showers right now and heading over toward oakland. let's get a look at what's happening on the metering lights. on a little early, mike. >> i think it's because of what you're reporting. most of the south bay and peninsula, east bay and tri-valley are looking all right as the rain is coming in. kari showed you the rain coming in, we're talking about slicker roadways. that might be why they turn the metering lights on just to keep folks moving slowly across the span. no delays at the travel times san rafael does show puddling going on. back to you. >> 5:31 right now. facing a judge. today the master tenant of the ghost ship warehouse will be in court facing 36 counts of
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involuntary manslaughter. it comes more than six months after flames engulf the warehouse killing dozens of people inside. >> today in the bay's pete suratos joining us live from the santa rita jail with what's next for the man at the center of this tragedy. he is inside the jail right now, pete. good morning. good morning to you, sam and laura. that master warehouse tenant derek almena, the master warehouse tenant of the ghost ship warehouse is still here behind bars at the santa rita jail in dublin but he's expected to enter a plea during his first court hearing in oakland later this morning almena was arrested along with his warehouse tenant inside of the warehouse, max harris. both men face criminal charges in connection to the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. following a six-month investigation by alameda county district's attorney's office they face 36 count of involuntary manslaughter.
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now harris remains in custody in los angeles but will eventually be brought to the bay area. but almena will appear in court later this morning in oakland at 9:00 a.m. live in dublin, pete suratos for today in the bay. >> thanks, pete. it's 5:33. happening today, sayyadina thomas will be in court for felony child abuse charges for allegedly placing drugs in the mouth of a toddler playing at people's park on monday. according to court documents, thomas told police it was a tootsie roll but later admitted it was methamphetamine. we've learned thomas is no stranger to police. court records show she's been arrested or cited more than 20 times since 2002. >> scary moments at a north bay supermarket. police say a man is behind bars accused of inappropriately touching a 15-year-old girl inside. police arrested this man, james tr strat stratta, after he allegedly
5:34 am
accosted a girl on blithedeal avenue in mill valley about a half mile away from the mill valley elementary school. investigators say stratta who is homeless touched the teenager's arms and proceeded the grope her. the girl fought away, she was able to break free. her father with the help of a witness tried to detain stratta until police officers could arrive but he took off. police did eventually track him down and arrest him. he faces sexual battery charges. authorities are hoping a new reward can help solve the murder of a young high school football player in the east bay. 16-year-old lamar murphy died on january 23. someone shot him as he road his bike in unincorporated hayward not far from city hall. he attended hayward high school. the alameda county sheriff's office announced a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. murphy's own family is offering a $25,000 reward. a man is in critical condition after gunfire erupted inside of an east bay gas station. san leandro police say somebody walked into the convenience
5:35 am
store at this chevron on washington avenue sunday night and pulled out a gun on the clerk. the clerk did what he was asked to do, he opened up the cash register and was cooperating with the robber when he still shot the clerk. the gas station is taking extra security precautions. the store is open but the door is locked and employees are offering window service only. we are expected to learn more information about a suspicious fire in emeryville. you probably remember this. a five-alarm blaze that engulfed the building that was under construction last month. for the second time. fire investigators are holding a press conference this morning to give an update on suspects and also on a possible cause. luckily nobody was injured in that fire. 5:35. new detail this is morning, all dressed up with nowhere to go may be the best way to describe the smart train transit service that will connect sonoma and marin counties. agency leaders met to talk about why there's no firm start date for welcoming riders on board. one holdup involves a wait for a top-to-bottom audit that must be
5:36 am
done by federal administrators. smart leaders are planning to offer free preview rides in the near future, perhaps as soon as next week. >> the pre-preview. we're looking over here, no major issues on the roadways. unusual slowing in the tri-valley. this is highway 84. typically we see construction and slowing ining but now you e slowing. i think they just cleared what was overnight construction work. no major concerns as we move out toward the tri-valley. the only slowing we see. 680, the east bay looking really good. also on the rails, looking at a smooth flow of traffic, even on the tracks for bart. if the rain gets heavier it may slow trains down but no major issues, our view from emeryville may show mist in the air as we're looking at a smoothly moving bay bridge. the metering lights are on. >> very nice. rain sweeping through but then it clears up and we have the weekend which is what everyone has been looking for.
5:37 am
>> happy friday eve. we have to get through this rain. showers are moving through as you get ready to head out the door. let's check out the weekend forecast. as the rain moves out we'll have cooler temperatures, breezy winds, we're looking at low 60s along the coast. on sunday along the bay it will be at 69 degrees, 72 for the inland valley so feeling very comfortable and a great weekend ahead to one of the many weekends including the sand sculpture contest at alameda. maybe a light jacket needed early. looking at the san mateo county fair, beautiful weather, doesn't feel much like summer as we officially kick off summer with the fairs opening around the bay area.
5:38 am
mid-60s with mostly sunny skies throughout the day. here's a live look outside at squaw valley, clouds overhead and showers moving in today. it will be a cool weekend, only seeing the high temperatures in the low 40s for sunday and more rain moving in so saturday will be your day to get out there an activities. what about santa cruz this weekend? we will see rain moving out and temperatures reaching into the low 60s with breezy winds. high temperatures so we'll start out with fog each morning as well. if you're hitting the road heading to l.a., beautiful weather, high temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s throughout the weekend. i'll bring you back home and get a look at the soeds planner coming up in three minutes. >> 5:38. new this morning, the rising number of car thefts happening in bay area cities. the alarming new report just released this morning. an enormous day for the
5:39 am
future of the trump administration as james comey testifies. we'll tell you everything you need to watch for coming up.
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5:41 am
looking at the temperature trends for san jose, we have cloudy skies overhead and we start out at 9:00 in the morning. at 64 degrees, reaching into the
5:42 am
low 70s, not much sunshine, we'll talk about what to expect, the radar is coming up in about five minutes. >> there you go at the bottom of your screen, we hover around 50 miles per hour, 20% slower than you might want to go. 50 miles an hour is fast for the construction zone. a little slowing for the altamont pass. happening today, san francisco planners will consider solutions in the battle against erosion along ocean beach. one idea includes closing a segment of the great highway where there are serious concerns ant rising sea levels. the segment stretches to skyline boulevard. supervisors hope the commission will approved any change. let's show you video of an intense fire fight in oakland from a unique perspective. this is from a firefighter's helmet cam showing what you
5:43 am
first responders are up against. you can see the wall of flames pouring out of the roof inside the home. this is the view outside. firefighters on top of the roof as the fire rages on. this happened yesterday morning at a house on 59th street near mlk way. nobody was hurt, firefighters suspect an appliance started that fire. when it comes to car thefts, northern california has some of the highest rates anywhere in the country. new annual vehicle hot spot report confirms it. it's out from the national insurance crime bureau. bakersfield and modesto ranked third and fourth nationally in thefts, merced came in seventh. the metro area including san francisco, oakland and hayward ranked eighth while san jose came in 19th. if you're wondering, john kerry, new mexico, ranked first. now to california state university news. it turns out just 21% of students enrolled in 2012 graduated in four years, less than the system would like.
5:44 am
the mercury news reports the number is up from 19% the previous year and higher than the 13% rate in 2000. last year the system adopted target graduation rates for 2025. they hope to have 85% of students graduating in four years. but there's still a lot of work to do. 5:44, lieutenant governor gavin newsome's lead in the polls for the next gubernatorial race in california shrinking as former louisiana antonio via a go a is gaining a bit of ground. polls show 22% of likely voters support newsom, villaraigosa is up six points. 37% of voters said they have yet to decide and we have a ways to go. californians pick their new governor next year. today james comey testifies about his meets with donald trump before the senate select committee on intelligence. >> we've heard it call the super bowl of politics.
5:45 am
i don't know if there will be buffalo wings but scott mcgrew, all major networks planning on wall-to-wall coverage. >> reporter: this is just one of several investigations. the special counsel's investigation is only just getting started but absolutely. all eyes will be on the former fbi director comey as he goes before the senate today to talk about his peculiar meetings with the president. meetings where the president asks for loyalty, meetings where the president asks comey to go easy on michael flynn. >> we know what comey will say in his opening statement. he will confirm he did tell the president several times he was not under investigation he'll talk about the dinner where the president asked him to pledge his loyalty and the moment where the president asked him to back off the flynn investigation. in his written statement he recounts the president as saying "i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting flynn go. he is a good guy, i hope you can
5:46 am
let this go." comey then says in his testimony "i had understood the president to be requesting that we'd drop any investigation of flynn in connection with false statements about his conversations with the russian ambassador in december." big questions are raised there. someone that obstruction of justice? and, two, why didn't comey tell anyone the president of the united states asked him the head of the fbi to can quash an investigation. that same senate select committee asked other intelligence leaders if they had been pressured by president trump in the hearing yesterday. each one declined to answer directly though mike rogers director of national intelligence says he didn't feel pressured to which rubio followed "but were you asked? that's the key." they declined to answer. listen to the frustration of the head of the committee who, remember, is a republican.
5:47 am
>> at no time should you be in a position where you come to congress without an answer. it may be in a different mortar fat but the requirements of our oversight duties and your agencies demand it. >> testimony gets under way at 7:00 with the reading of the seven-page opening statement, then the real questions begin. we'll have live gavel-to-gavel coverage both on nbc bay area and >> thank you very much, scott. 5:47 right now. new this morning, the coast guard yesterday assisted a sailor whose boat struck a reef near the golden gate bridge and it took on water. these are photos from responding crew members. minutes after it happened the team arrived and helped pump out water from the boat which was safely towed to the marina in sausalito. >> that is some view of the golden gate bridge. next time, tell the voter listen guys there are great restaurants
5:48 am
in sausalito and you don't have to worry about getting water out of your vote. >> they probably weren't focusing so much on the view. >> it is nice being on the bay. >> and it's nice to see rain moving in. it gets in and out before the weekend. we can move on and enjoy cooler weather but as you get ready to head out the door we are tracking those showers. moving in especially for the north bay, getting clearing as the rain continues to move to the south san jose is on the back edge of that rain. it will be clearing your area soon and napa still in the thick of it and san rafael as well. so we are seeing that rain moving towards the east. sacramento valley dealing with the pockets with heavier downpours, light sprinkles in san francisco and the roads are still wet as we've seen some of those early morning showers moving through. over toward emeryville, oakland, orinda, you're seeing showers beginning for hayward as we are seeing light showers moving in
5:49 am
your direction towards san ramon and will be approaching dublin soon so keep that in mind. roads may be slick and temperatures are mild in the upper 50s to lower 60s. as we go through the day, temperatures rising a few more degrees be low 70s inland. livermore up to 70 degrees, 70 in morgan hill, san francisco will see a high of 61 degrees. times of heavy rain will be tapering off the rest of the morning for the north bay and it becomes more scattered and light for the rest of the bay area seeing the heavier rain now moving into san francisco at the time frame of 9:30. that's when more people will be getting out the door and we'll also have slippery conditions and some of that rain still continuing for the east bay, some pockets of heavy rain every now and then and as it approaches the south bay a lot of showers will be fizzling out but we'll still have a chance of light rain through early afternoon and clearing into tomorrow as well. some cooler temperatures
5:50 am
settling in. looking at the picture that was september to me by terri lynn yesterday afternoon, if you see beautiful weather, or not so beautiful, those clouds over san jose, send them to me, meteorologist kari hall, i'll share them here. as we go through the rest of the forecast, high temperatures in the mid-60s and 70s inland. then we'll heat up for the middle of next week. rain may be a factor for your commute, mike, what are you seei seeing? kari, we haven't talked about the rain for a while, those weeks of dry weather have meant more grease and oil on the roadway, that rises to the top of that first light rain so be careful. a smooth drive, we'll talk about the peninsula but we have this. the road weather index highlights green throughout the north bay over here concord into the maze.
5:51 am
that areas seeing buildup, there's a build coming out of pittsburg and bay point. the north bay doesn't show major issues. we have slowing for west 37 just getting out of the vallejo area. let's take you over toward waze. our system shows us we have a smooth drive along the peninsula and a slowing along the east bay with just your typical build. that's the purple route you make your choice, do you want scenic? quicker? what do you want? waze will have the route for you. join our team, we have that for you as well, hit your profile then select your team, nbc bay area wazers and we'll share each other's best practices. back to you. >> personal preferences there. coming up next on today in the bay, golden state still in the running the host the olympics but maybe not as soon as we once hoped. the reason los angeles may let paris take the 2024 games. 5:51. happening now, breaking news out of africa.
5:52 am
a bus crash in zimbabwe has killed 45 people. it happened 100 miles north of the country's capital. many people in zimbabwe travel by bus daily to trade food and clothes. and an intense search under way off the coast of myanmar after a military plane with soldiers and family members on board went down. there are conflicting reports of how many bodies have been recovered so far. we'll be back with more news ahead. taking a live look outside from
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
fremont. we )re tracking rain in parts of the bay area thirn welcome back. 5:55 right now on your thursday morning coming full circle here as we're taking a look at the public art outside of fremont. we are tracking rain in parts of the bay area. it will start to dry out as we head into the weekend. it's 5:55. new this morning, the only homeless shelter in vacaville will shut down if it doesn't get enough donations to stay open. most of the people living in the shelter are children. opportunity house is the only shelter in vacaville, just one of three in all of solano county. people who stay in the home are required to have a bank account and at least 75% of their income so they have some money when they move out. but that shelter is in danger of closing because they gave up federal funding. a regulation change would have required that they take in people who have issues with drugs or alcohol but the shelter wanted to maintain its title as a sober living home.
5:56 am
people who live there say it makes them feel safe. >> i don't want to be in a shelter that's -- that allows drugs and alcohol and stuff like that because it scares me for my kids. >> reporter: of the 21 people living in the home, 13 are children. there are a few fund-raisers planned to help that shelter stay open. new video into our newsroom showing the extent of the flooding that's been left behind from heavy rain in south florida. we are in the rainy season right now, it does rain in florida, not usually like this. streets and neighborhoods flooded as severe storms pound the region. you can see the horses there standi ining and stranded in pastures from several days of rain. flights are canceled from both major airports. one area was hit with as much as 11 inches of rain. we might have to wait longer before the olympics come to california. the leader of the bid to bring the 2024 olympics to los angeles says it isn't about l.a. or
5:57 am
2024. it's a signal the city could be willing to host the 2028 olympics and let paris take the 2024 games. the international olympic committee is slated to talk about deciding on the hosts for both 2024 and 2028 games. the montana candidate who won a seat on capitol hill just one day after he attacked a reporter says he should be held to a high standard when it comes to the press. montana representative greg gianforte publicly apologizing yesterday the guardian newspaper reporter who he punched and pushed to the floor. he said he was frustrated by the reporter's repeated questions about health care. gianforte promised to donate $50,000 to the committee that protects journalists. happening today, attorneys for the man whose story is at the center of a popular podcast serial will argue he needs a new trial. he was convicted of killing his high school sweetheart whose body was buried in a shallow grave in northwest baltimore. last year, a judge vacated his
5:58 am
conviction and ruled he deserved a new trial. the judge says the state attorney failed to cross-examine the state's cell tower expert about the reliability of location data that placed him near the burial site. not earth day but it's world ocean day. the unofficial holiday celebrating the earth's plentiful resources. according to world ocean day's web site, people are encouraged to eliminate plastic pollution this year. the web site says most plastic is not being recycled effectively and it isn't biodegradable and a lot ends up in our ocean. also, it's former first lady barbara bush's 92nd birthday. she still looks fantastic. she and former president george h.w. bush planning a low key day on the maine coast where they spend their summers. the family spokesperson says several family members are with them right now. former president h.w. bush celebrating his birthday soon. he turns 93 monday. if you're planning your summer vacation, you're in luck. southwest airlines rolling out another popular 72 hour airfare
5:59 am
sales on dozens of routes. flights start at $49 each way on the shortest routes. they go up, $79, $99 or $129 for longer flights. the sales cover trips from august 22 through december 13 with some exclusions. the deal doesn't work for flights on fridays and on sundays and certain dates around labor day and thanksgiving. the sale ends tonight. talking about flights of a different sort here. happening today, the wings of freedom tour making its way back to the east bay. you can check out some historic airplanes at buchanan field airport in concord. that will be today through sunday. the event is put on by the comikoh collings foundation. you may hear more noise than you typically would because of older planes making more noise. all eyes on washington this morning. in just an hour, fired fbi director james comey will testify on what could be the most pivotal day yet in the
6:00 am
russia investigation. what comey is expected to say. also, rain back in the forecast as you see from our radar right here. the impact showers could have on your morning commute. and closing in on the championship, the warriors just one win away from winning the nba finals. the dubs' epic game three comeback, all coming up as today in the bay continues right now. thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. the rain starting north and moving downtown. >> i was checking on rainfall totals in parts of the north bay. we have a tenth to a quarter of an inch of rain near san jose and we are going to see that moving to the south but rainfall amounts becoming lighter. we can see rain moving to san rafael, vallejo, napa, and it continues towards antioch and coor


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