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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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they came running here to the house and they were like, marco, something happened to marco. >> right now at 11:00, how did it happen? tonight a tragic story is unfolding in the east bay after police say one teen accidentally shot another. the news at 11 starts right now. good evening, rch, i'mer to mcsweeney. >> i'm janelle wang. raj and jessica are off tonight. the weapon, a pelt gun. the suspect, a friend. antioch police say it appears to
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be an unfortunate accident. jean elle is live with the latest. >> reporter: the school year here at deer valley high officially ended tonight with graduation. and word is slowly leaking out to staff and students that a classmate who just finished his freshman year was killed this morning. police say a friend accidentally shot the 15 yearly with a pellet gun. deer valley high school seniors and their families celebrate graduation while the family and friends of a younger classmate grieve. >> they came running to the house and they were like marco, something happened. >> reporter: jorge durant says he and his mom ran to a neighbor's house on palomar drive and found the 15-year-old unresponsive. >> i got there, i felt his wrist. he had a pulse but i just wasn't breathing. >> reporter: police say a 15-year-old friend zeptally shot garcia in the chest with a
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pellet rifle. he died at a hospital. durant says he can't believe a neighbor and a friend was gone. >> he was a good kid. always really nice. he came over and my brother would play. we were neighbors. >> reporter: no comment at this point from the school district tonight. the antioch police department says no one is under arrest but the investigation is ongoing. reporting live in antioch, jean elle nbc bay area news. new video tonight, san jose arson investigators want you to see. look at this. tonight they are trying to figure out if a series of early morning fires is the same neighborhood might be connected. nbc bay area's sergia quintana is live in san jose. you have new security cam re video to show us? >> reporter: terry, unchuply, that security camera video does not have a very clear image of a suspicious person's face. however it could still be very
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useful for investigators. in security camera video you can see someone on a bicycle ride over to dumpster on willow street on election u.s. street. moments later he rides off, head just out of view of this camera and seconds later the dumpster erupts in flames. this video shot by residents who woke up to the snap, crackle and pop of glass burning in the dumpster. >> i heard an explosion. obvious low glass was in there. i dialed 911. >> reporter: down the street, fires burned the back of this liquor score. crews responded to seven fires in the same neighbor. >> there is always a concern when you have multiple fires. that's not a natural everyday occurrence. >> reporter: investigators are hoping anyone who may have seen someone suspicious will call. there are several security
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cameras set up in this neighbor. investigators are also asking residents who may have those systems the review them to see if they captured images ma might be useful in catching a possible fire bug. this dumpster fire was near say red heart church and next to a flower shop. >> i don't know why it happened in this community. the next building they fire, too. >> reporter: he says it was unnerving to find fire fighters dousing flames just feet from a door and see so much damage at a neighboring business. at the moment, investigators haven't concluded if all of those fires are connected. they have also not said any kind of fuel was used to start those fires. nbc bay area news. >> thanks sergio. new details on a deadly crash in alameda. we learned a third person died in the moermd crash.
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sergia garcia was in critical condition since the crash but we have learned he passed away. a truck with seven passengers crashed into a minivan, it rolled several times and killed two 17 yearlies that day. four others were hurt. former tenant max harris is in the bay tonight. he was arrested in l.a., today transferred and booked into the santa rita jael in dublin. the operator of the warehouse, derick almena appeared in court today. both men face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. they will appear together in court next week. developing at this hour as we take a live look at london of it's the morning after elections there. big surprise. uk is waking up to news of a hung parm. going into the election the conservative party seemed confident it was going to hang on to its majority maybe
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strengthen its position for brexit negotiations. but the country's more liberal party won more seats. it's not a close call. that happened. that's about as unfake as you can possibly get. >> the testimony millions were waiting to hear. fired fbi director james comey telling his side of the story. reaction to that senate hearing is pouring in from washington. here in the bay area. what happens next? nbc bay area's ian cull joins us with the latest. >> there is a sequel. nbc sources say why can is expected to meet with senate intelligence committee staff, this after three hours of testimony from comey who opened up about his meetings with president trump. with the world watching, james comey letting loose, describing donald trump as not truthful and
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not credible. >> i was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting so i thought it was really important to document. >> reporter: those providing the basis of his testimony. today he said he believed the president was giving him a director to end the investigation into fired national security director michael flynn. dupg the president was trying to obstruct justice. >> i'm sure the special counsel will determine whether that was an offense. >> reporter: senate members who asked questions today later reacting. >> it's pretty clear there was an been by the president to manipulate the director of the fbi. to lift that cloud, which is the russian investigation. >> reporter: the president's attorney refuting comey's claim. >> the president feels completely vindicated and is eager to continue moving forward with his agenda. >> reporter: one stanford law
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professor says the special prosecutor will decide the fate of comey's testimony. >> no one of them proves this was obstruction of justice. together, even then i'm not sure we are there. but it certainly, as the cliche goes, moves the needle a little. >> reporter: still tonight no tweets or mention of the hearing from president trump. ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> we continue our coverage of comey's testimony on our website. click on the top story box and it will take you to raw video from today's hearing. the warriors are not playing here tomorrow night but you can bet there will be just as much excitement here tomorrow as in cleveland. the bay area buzzing as the dubs are just one win away from an nba championship. police are getting ready for all of this, confuse. cheryl, you were at oracle last night for the watch party. i hop your ears have recovered. what's it going to be like tomorrow if the warriors win the
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championship? imagine that. >> reporter: it's going to sold out. nobody wants to jimpgs the warriors. k.d. has said it time and time again. one game at a time. but oakland police are preparing for the warriors to win it all tony. as downtown oakland dress up in team colors and gets ready for the possible and crucial game four tweet, police are preparing for the onslaught of people who may take to the streets if warriors win. >> we have full staffing, all days off have been canceled. >> reporter: office of the emergency services will be activated. they will be ready. >> we want to make sure everyone is safe. >> reporter: as police get ready -- >> go warriors. >> reporter: -- fans are getting ready, too. the team store at oracle arena packed with people buying anything warrior. >> a sweater and we got obviously flags to go with it. two jerseys. >> reporter: fans are excited. >> supported them even through
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the lean years. so super excited. way too excited. >> reporter: the watch party at the arena has been sold out for days. fans are ready for the return of that championship trophy. >> i think it's going to be a sweep. i don't think that curry is interested in losing again. and we want to beat lebron. >> reporter: all i can say, if you are a warriors fan, keep your fingers crossed. reporting live in oakland i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. this is not a joke. this is very serious. >> still ahead, president trump costumes, confederate flags and stunning accusations. legal action a former employee is taking against a pleasanton construction company. drivers behair, getting to tahoe to be troublesome this weekend. the problem that forced caltrans to close a major highway for the next several days. killing an australian tourist in
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san francisco. this i accused of punching and killing an australian tourist in san francisco. that is david morillo from san bernardino county. police say he got into a foot with matthew bate outsidet his hotel on friday. bate died from his injuries. the mother accused of abandoning her 5-year-old in ocean beach is due to be in court tomorrow. she shoved the girl out of the car monday night. she then drove off with her 1-year-old son. she faces felony child endangerment charges. the woman accused of
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drugging a 2-year-old at a berkeley park is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. she was allegedly placing drugs in the mouth of a toddler playing at people's park on monday. thomas has a lengthy criminal history. court records show she has been arrested or cited more than 20 times since 2002. the toddler was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. it was a christmas gift she did not want. now a former employee of an east bay construction company is suing. >> my boss dressed up like trump, took pictures in front of a confederate flag, put those pictures inside of a bag, and gave it to me as a gift. the only black girl that works there. this is not a joke. this is very serious. >> she writes she was the victim of racial and gender discrimination and harassment at her former company southland construction management.
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she says she was subjected to racist comments and when she complained of being harassed there was retaliation. >> i want accountability. i want people to know that they do not have to stan for anything like this. >> we reached out to the company but did not get a response to the accusations. could be a wild weekend. sous bay police bracing for potentially heated proestst. an organization some say is an anti-muslim hate group. >> reporter: act for america through its website announced numerous marches across the country this saturday, including the one here in santa clara. organizers emphatically deny being an aebt muslim hate group. officials say their members are a mix of race, faith, and political afill yags and their march is actually a protest against sharia law, a part of muslim law which they say
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promotes abuse words women. but opposition organizations say they are not fooled and organized a march directly across the street? we have a strong, rich, vibrant and respected muslim community here. >> reporter: about 75 other groups signed on to cosponsor the counter-protest. cair says it's important the event isn't perceived simply as a muslims versus anti-muslims encounter. >> it is a hate group that wants to provide mugs limbs and others of their human rights. our partners, rightfully so, didn't think it was okay for these hate mongers to come into our city and not have their message challenges. the raiders sharing their turf with a college football team. new developments in the team's move the las vegas. the raid remembers working on a
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agreement that would allow unlv to play in their stadium. however, stadium board members say there are preliminary issues, schedules, unlv markings on the field and rent. a draft of the plan has yet to be presented to the las vegas stadium authority board. new at 11:00, this is not good. a large mudslide closed part of highway 50 in eldorado county. it happened this morning as a result of rain up there. 50 truckloads of debris fell across the freeway and cuffed portions of west bound and east ins laugh highway 50. that is the main route up to south lake tahoe? so much snow melt happening there it's going to be continuing probably other month. across the bay area we had rainfall today and still another chance as we head through the upcoming weekends. >> now, nbc bay area micro
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climate area, certified moet accurate in bay area by weather rate. >> live look in sfrafr san francisco. low clouds with us. a li of drizzle hanging on with the moisture at the lower levels. currently 63 degrees. you can see temperatures dropping down into the 50s. once we hit 6:00 tomorrow morning we will keep the overcast for san francisco as we start. do look for a little bit of sunshine building back in across the south buy. that's will be the big difference tomorrow morning. up stead of rainfall again, sun starts to emerge. trivalley starts with 55. east bay, early overcast, and 57 degrees. more of a partly cloudy skies here across the north bay and 56. let's take you into the micro climate forecast as we head throughout friday temperatures warm under the increased sunshine. it will put us back at 70 here in downtown san jose. 72 in east san jose. warmest weather basketball gilroy at 75. east bay, antioch, 73,
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pleasanton, 71, hayward, 68. how about the peninsula. >> big wide raping in temperatures like we usually see. the colder air at the immediate coastline. half moon bay, 58. palo alto, 71. and traveling up highway 101 to stan mateo, 66. san francisco we keep 60s from the embarcadero towards the ma reapa. breezy at times, winds up to 21 miles per hour. north bay, 69 in mill valley. 72 in santa rosa. and napa, 75 degrees under partly cloudy skies. lucky you if you are heading up there friday, saturday skprgs sunday. big changes for the weekend again. don't worry, though, it's not a major storm system just want to let you know it's not going to be all clear as we head throughout saturday and sunday. still a lot of activity in the pacific. we're thinking at this point we could see just a small slice of this move in. as you will see in our future cast, 1:00 saturday another wave of some clouds begins to move
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in. and a small disturbance will likely develop at 10:30 at night near the coastline and could bring us a few showers. we are not calling for a big storm. wouldn't change any plans over it. but by 10:00 p.m. on saturday a little bit of shower activity returning here to the bay area. and a slight chance for sunday afternoon on father's day. and then we have sunshine returning monday through thursday of next week. check out the interior valley forecast. war a going to see things warm way back up this week. after the shower chance this weekend we will go from 69 as the average on sunday way, way back up to 91 on thursday's forecast. this seems like the norm lately. 70s to 90s, back to 70s. >> i know. >> yeah. >> you are going to make everybody happy in one week. >> i like your positive attitude. >> really, very nice. up next, they are keeping a close eye on this fountain.
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suspects involved in a tonight, investigators are gathering surveillance video in hopes of identifying suspects involved in a deadly shooting in sun 'vale. police say 2:00 a.m. they
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received calls about shots fired at the fair oaks plaza strip mall. gunman killed one man and shot another who is in critical condition. two suspicious fires at the same building have been ruled as arson. an apartment complex in emeryville under construction burned for the second time last month. today atf investigators released photographs of the person they believe may have started the fire. the atf says the previous fire at that same building last july was also arson but there is no suspect for that fire. now to a costly case of vandalism in berkeley. it may seem like a harmless panik but it's expensive to fix. someone keeps dumping soap in this fountain. each time the fountain has to be emptied and cleaned the bill is $1,000. neighbors are considering installing surveillance cameras. for now they are keeping a close eye on the structure which was installed more than 100 years ago. a popular beach area in san
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francisco continues to slowly erode. the city wants to close part of the great highway which runs alongside it to make changes specific chi between vote and skyline boulevard. they plan to pave a trail. it's said this will protect the eroding shoreline and lake merced tunnel. one win away. the warriors may be on the eve of their second nilgt three years. colin joins us live from cleveland next in sports.
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merced tunnel. from their 2nd nba championship
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in 3 years... =janelle/2shot= they can finish off the cavaliers tomorrow night and if the warriors are one win away from their second nba championship in three years. >> they can finish off the cavs tomorrow night. if they do so, the warriors will wrap up the greatest run in postseason history. colin rush is in cleveland. >> reporter: this is what it's like on the in between days at the nba finals. multiple podiums, hundreds of media gathered on court. but on this in between day, there's really only one topic that matters. >> try and finish it out tomorrow because we don't want to give them any life. they were down 3-1 last year. so it's still fresh in our minds pa that when you have an
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opportunity the close you close. >> reporter: closing it friday would add one more notch to their historic playoff run belted. the warriors became the first team in all of the four major u.s. professional sports league to win 15 straight playoff games. when chatter of a 16-0 run began in the first series the players want nod part of it. now here they are on the precipice. draymond green, he's willing to concede. >> now it is a legit possibility one win away. you should think about it. you want to win that game. you don't want to prolong the series. it is a realistic goal and i think it's something you should push for now, that means your done. >> people can talk about it in historical context but just get it done. win the series and let everybody else talk. >> in cleveland, colin rush, nbc bay area. the giants took it to extra innings against the brewers in
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milwaukee. 5-0 at the end of the night. giants office exploded in the tent. extra innings where the giants need to go. scored four runs. hunter pence back are the dl started the onslaught. for the giants 4 runs is an onslaught. they win it 9-5. giants return to at&t tomorrow night. live look from the exclusive ballpark cam. tomorrow night's game is against the minnesota twins. you can watch it here on nbc bay area, first pitch set for 7:15 oh, dishwasher,
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food bank level. . the warriors taking the challenge against the cavs to a new level. the food bank level. the warriors are teaming up with the san francisco maron food bank to see which fans can raise for food for the hungry, warriors fans or cavs of yesterday's game three, warriors fans donated more than $8,000. cavs fans, just over $1,000. i think that's a good competition. and thanks to all the fans out there helping those less fortunate in their cities. >> another competition that
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seems over, like the series itself. i think we are going to win the food bank battle as with he will. >> yes, yes. >> i think people are going to step up much more now. >> now that we know about it. >> are you ready for showers this weekend. >> i can't believe it. another round? >> i knew you were going to say that. it is not a big chance, not a big storm. saturday, a chance at 10:00 at night. we are talking trace amounts. maybe another slight chance by sunday afternoon. i wouldn't cancel plans over it. watch out by next thursday we are all the way back up to 91 degrees. >> have a good night, folks. >> good night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- will arnett. courtney b. vance. laurie metcalf.


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