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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 10, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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a developing story from washington d-c. a big announcement from attorney en . right now at 5:00, developing story from washington, d.c. a big announcement from attorney general jeff sessions about the investigation into alleged russian medaling into the election. a controversial group holds a protest in the south bay. police out in force as counterprotesters show up to send a message of their own. >> good evening and thanks for joining us. >> a controversial group some describe as anti-muslim held a rally. they were met by counterdemonstrators dedescribing what they see as an anti-muslim agenda.
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>> there were fears of violence but the event was largely peaceful. our reporter heard from both sides. kristy. >> reporter: these groups were separated by busy stephens creek kblvld. except for a few instances they stayed apart but counterdemonstrators across the street did far outnumber those here for an anti-sharia rally. >> i'm concerned about sharia law coming into this country. >> he said he joined because he's worried. >> i know it's knot here yet but if you look at europe, it is there big time. it really is there. you got sharia court, you have parallel authority. >> he says he's not affiliated with any group but he joined others in anti-sharia rallies across the country. though many disagree, the southernport law center designated ate as an anti-muslim
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hate group. >> i'm upset about that. >> he says he's not anti-muslim. >> they're saying that they're marching against sharia but that is code for marching against muslim. >> supporters held signs. this is the executive director of the bay area office of the council on islam relations. >> no one is attempting to implement sharia law in the united states. for folks that don't know, sharia is code of conduct, a guide for life that comes from the koran. >> among them, this woman who lost her son mark on united flight 93 on 9/11. >> i oppose sharia arched sharia in the united states. i'm very concerned about events in europe. >> though it was loud at times, the event was peaceful. a message of unity. most vocal. >> we stand together.
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>> we did see one man briefly detained by police and then let go soon after. for the most part we saw police trying to keep foot traffic safe on the busy street. reporting live in santa clara, nbc news. >> there were more than two dozen rallies across the country. by all accounts, the rallies were peaceful. >> attorney general jeff sessions has agreed to testify in front of the senate bengals committee next week in response to former fbi director james comey's testimony. comey told lawmakers on thursday night that sessions might have had a third undisclosed meeting with the russian ambassador during the donald trump campaign. but a spokesperson for sessions said that never happened. in march, sessions recused himself from the raesh investigation after it came to life that he did not disclose two meetings with the ambassador. sessions was originally due to testify on tuesday. but in light of comey's testimony and the ongoing
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russian investigation, sessions will now give his testimony to the senate intelligence committee. and the white house regrouping after thursday's bombshell testimony from former fbi director james comey. now president trump is spending the weekend at his new jersey golf club while the administration is looking to shift focus from the comey testimony to president trump's agenda. vice president mike pence hack busy highlighting the white house's legislative goals, today speaking in wisconsin. >> president trump and i are going to work our hearts out with these congressmen and we're going to keep the promise to repeal and replace obama care. >> president trump is expected on tuesday but any promise on health care, tax reform and other issues is looking unlikely. much of the president's domestic plans being held up by the russia investigation. >> a quiet east bay neighborhood on edge after police shoot a
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suspect right in front of a home last night. it happened in brendwood -- brentwood on birchwood road. tom, what are witnesses saying? >> reporter: well, i can tell you i just got some new information a couple of minutes ago from the woman who lives in this house. that's where it all ended right there in that house. she said that a car the police were chasing came up over the curb where you see that red car and hit her house. the pillars you can see smashed up. also smashed in to her husband's truck that is still parked there. when emergency crews arrived, people say they saw two people in the vehicle. one man was shot in the head. brentwood police aren't saying much more than the fact that an officer was involved and that one person was shot and the other person was injured but not by a gun. neighbo
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neighbors. >> pow, pow, pow, gun shots. i knew it wasn't firecrackers. he was on the ground saying i'm hit, i'm hit and he was kus cussing and swearing. >> i heard a screeching noise and the car into the building. it was like a huge, huge crash. >> now, i also heard from a woman who lives in a house and she said she hopes to talk to us on camera in a little bit. we hope to get that to you. but she said she saw the two men in that vehicle or at least one of them fire shots at police and return gunfire. that would fit what other witnesses told us. they said that they heard about five gunshots. they thought they heard a crash and they heard more gunshots after those -- that first set of shots about five, they said. so still a lot of details that are coming in from police. they aren't saying any -- very much more than what we told you
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right now. neighbors hoping to hear a little more. this is normally very quiet and they are still on edge. more coming up in the next half-hour. >> ok, thom. thanks very much. a crime scene yesterday afternoon is back hope. the public library reopened this morning one day after a man stabbed a 13-year-old boy in an apparent random attack. the boy survived but has wounds on both arms. police released this picture of the four-inch folding knife that was used by the attacker, 44-year-old south san francisco man. he was taken into custody within minutes of the stabbing and is facing attempted murder charges. a daring attack t a south bay gas station. police are searching for the man who was acting strangely at the gas station before suddenly trying to sexual ilassault the female clerk working there. our reporter has details. mary aerngs there is a photo of the suspect.
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>> reporter: yes. and we're going to show it to you in just a moment. this is how it happened at 6:30 here in the shell station in morgan hill. morgan hill police say that a woman reported that a man walked into the convenience store at the gas station and started asking for free items. when she asked him to leave, he grabbed her and started dragging her into the storage room. the woman fought back, hitting him in the head and he took off running. this is a photo of the suspect provided by the morgan hill police department. this gas station is right next to a popular shopping center. >> i'm definitely concerned. especially, i have a family here, three children. yes, this definitely concerns us as far as this area. i hope they get him soon. >> the suspect is describeds a his manning man between the ages of 25 and 35, about 5'10" to six
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feet tall and weighs between 170 and 180 pounds. police say he was last seen wearing a black zip-up hooded jacket with a blue colored undershirt and blue jeans. the victim said he had a tattoo, possibly of a tear drop under his left eye and a tattoo of brass knuckles on his left hand. police are asking if you recognize this man or have anymore information about this attack to please contact them. reporting live in morgan hill, marianne favro. >> thank you. three u.s. soldiers have been killed in afghanistan. an after fan soldier shot and killed them today. it happened during a join operation. gain says another soldier was wounded but have not released any information onst soent -- the extent of the injuries. a woman now is the namesake of a
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u.s. naval air ship. the uss beggabbanay giffords wa christened. >> just as the motto, i am ready represents the ship, it represents gabby giffords. >> i'm so happy to be here with you today. this is an incredible horner. the uss beggabrielle giffords i strong and tough just like her crew. >> the ship will be based in san diego. >> it's been a cool and breezy start to the weekend right now. 68 in saint alban.
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there could be a charchs of thunder to wrap up the weekend around parts of the bay area. we'll show you where when we return. >> overcoming incredible odds. the very special graduation today for a woman in the east bay. >> plus ribbing a tv icon. hollywood and many others mourning adam west, original batman. we'll be right back.
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. can they win it all back here at home? new video of the warriors arriving at oakland international airport today. fans were on edge as they were poised to win the nba finals in cleveland yet. >> oh! >> what was that? >> it hurt. >> the cavs dominated and the warriors will try to win it all monday night. tickets for game five sold out within an hour this afternoon. you can still find tickets on >> they're back home now. >> yeah. >> it's going to be a different outcome. >> ok. >> for some generations he's the only real batman. adam west has died. while he said his famous batman kept him from other roles, he made peace with his fans. >> we're going down! >> it's so fun to look back now. >> that was a batman movie. >> it was amazing. west who portrayed badman on television in the 19ing 60s died
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in las vegas after a short battle with leukemia. he was 88. he rose to game in the tv show batman. actors paid special trabt to west on social media today. he received a star on the hollywood walk of fame in 2012. fans left flowers today. >> a touching memorial for a child who died in the 1800s but whose body was just discovered. there was a memorial for edith howard cook today. a couple found her casket in the backyard of their home. experts eventually identified her as two-year-old edith cook. turns out kwook was buried in 187 6. crews never moved the casket when the sem ter was located decades ago.
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today her dpraif was unveiled with her name on it. >> erpg a college degree presents a lot of challenges. try doing it while you're homeless. during a difficult journey and ending on a high note, she struggled to find work. she didn't have enough for rent. she moved around a bit and ended up living in her car. brown still manages to see her struggles in a positive light. >> i believe this just makes me stronger and as they say, the tassel's worth the tassel, so i'm -- hassle, so i'm excited. >> how about that? >> the tassel's worth the hassle. >> i like it, too. she's hoping top find work soon. she's look manager the communication field. congratulations. >> still ahead at 5:00, a
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popular social community cut off by mother nature. >> it's not stopping people who live there from moving on with their lives. how one woman got creative to keep her business thriving. >> sunny skies, breezy conditions in san jose right now. 69 degrees. get ready for weather whiplash. we could see a chance of thunder this time tomorrow and yes, snow, in the sierra. we'll talk about that when we return.
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. we certainly got a lot of rain this winter but the coastal
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community of big sur, they got a lot, reeling from the rough winter. road closures have left a lot of people cut off. >> and businesses are struggling. some are employing a little creativity to get by. >> i've been painting all my life. the big sur coast is a huge inspiration for me. >> art is in the eye of the beholder. >> it's different with the light, clouds, water. >> and in big sur, there's plenty for artist aaron to behold. >> oh, my god. i got to paint this. i think that the natural world here is so ever-present it just scenes into your bones. >> as anyone in big sur can tell you, the natural world can also wreak havoc. this winter, a bridge collapsed to the north, a landslide to the south. cut off all traffic to the scenic coastal community. >> so we're all on a little bit
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of an island right now. the highway is the life line to this community for things coming in, things going out. >> without that life line, the big sur school where she teaches art temporarily shut down. though her students couldn't get to her, she wondered if she could get to her students. >> i had internet access. i had electricity. >> i often work on paper. >> so in a place cut off fwa the physical world she reached across a virtual one. >> we decided film the classes in our home. >> she used facebook to post instructional videos. >> i have 53 students right now. i'm absolutely able to maintain my livelihood as a teacher. >> the challenge created by the road closures has launched a
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burst of resilience. guests were delivered we helicopter and local restaurants are keeping their doors open for locals. >> we're waiting our first guest. >> very little business. >> it's part of the drama. we've always been a dramatic place. >> until the bridge opens in september, the only way in or out for residents is the two-mile hike down a dirt trail. >> it 257d into a resource, ok, this is what we've got. how do we work with it. >> but for an artist, isolation is sometimes the soil where ideas can bloom. >> things will go back to a new normal, so treasure it. it's special. >> nbc bay area news. . >> we've often talked about weather whiplash. >> yeah. >> you were telling us about -- >> this is not -- this is one of the strangest forecasts you'll
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see all year. cool and breezy today but a chance of thunder tomorrow. snow in the sura. if that's not enough, 90 to 100-degree temperatures. partly cloudy skies, 70 degrees. hillsburg could see a chance of afternoon showers. san francisco 65 degrees. may miss out on showers but a breezy and cool weekend. dublin could see a few convective showers dropping south tomorrow. 69 and breezy. the weather looking good tomorrow. saratoga, lupus foundation's drum beat for a lupus cure should see 60s by late tomorrow. the onshore winds about 15 to 30 miles per hour. for the morning patches of low clouds around the coastline. 40s and 50s to start the day.
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iemts tomorrow slash to what we had today. mostly upper 60s. towards the trivalley. pleasanton, mid 60s. san francisco in the low 60s. a cool finish to the weekend. notice the north bay and east bay, a slight chance of some thundershowers. here's the culprit. cold air low pressure which we typically don't get this late in the year dropping down the coast. the air is cold enough aloft to support convective showers. there may be some hail towards sew lan aip and napa county. this will weaken as it south but bring a chance of a few showers even into the south bay after sundown tomorrow. lake county, napa county, the best chance. in the sierra, 5 to 6,000 feel,
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snow in the seera. below pass level. we'll see winter type driving in the sierra which will move on in the seven-day forecast. you see the reason why we see the exact opposite weather coming is a strong summer size ridge of high pressure to wrap up the week. tomorrow, little of everything. cool and breezy. chance of thunder. san francisco more or less immune from the warmup. highs in the low 70s later in the week. for the valleys that means 60s to mid to upper 90s likely by next weekend. snow, thunder, breezy, cool, hot. we've ran out of adjectives. >> outstanding. >> the entire graphics. >> that's right. >> thank you. >> still held, a man who has dedicated his life to working with children with autism. reuniting with his first patient. it's an unlikely chain of events that led to this reunion. you have to hear it coming up.
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. well it certainly sounds like sci-fi but what if scientists could altar the genetic course of any living thing? there's a tool that can sniff out the malfunctioning parts of dna that cause disease and help cure what was once inkushl. >> i describe it as surgery for the cell. it's sort of doing, making precise changes to the code of life.
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kind of analogous to changing the text of the document. >> which we get. >> we get. which when you see a typo in a document you can making the change. means that we can control human evolution now. right? we can control essentially anything that's alive, we can manipulate the script. >> it is refuse loose air science raising moral and ethical questions. keith morrison gives us an inside look on sunday night. >> also, megyn kelly sits down with erin andrews since her cancer diagnosis. catch it here tomorrow night at 10:00. coming up next at 5rk -- >> new information on attorney general jeff sessions and his testimony next week. plus -- >> a woman is attacked at a gas station in morgan hill. coming up, find out more about the man that police are now trying to track down.
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