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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 11, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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night. right now at 11. some very unusual june weather... hits the bay area. right now at 11:00, some very unusual june weather hits the bay area. the news at 11:00, starts right now. thank you sfor joining us. >> a rare june storm hit the bay area earlier today. with hail, even lightning. one of our viewers capturing that lightning east of petaluma. >> hail falling in some parts of the bay area. this video sent by a viewer in seb aft poll. rob, this is wild. >> it was. mid afternoon, we saw the thunderstorms firing up in the north bay as winter-like cool
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air aloft, that line crossing out, and another firing up just before sunset. as we've lost the heating, things have calmed down. no showers on the radar now, but things still active in the sierra, and that is snow. good enough for a winter weather advisory, through 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. could see another couple inches of snow above 6,000 feet tonight. so the showers shutting down. decreasing showers into the morning. that sierra snow continues with the winter weather advisory. but we're talking about winter now. the seven-day forecast brings upper 90s to the bay area before the end of the week. coming up, we'll go from winter to summer, and that seven-day forecast and let you know when the hottest temperatures will arrive in about 11 minutes. >> thank you so much. the wind causing trouble at the escape from alcatraz triathlon in san francisco. the swim portion had to be canceled because it was simply
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too dangerous to swim in the bay. this is the first time that has happened in the race's 37-year history. you can get our free nbc bay area app and click on weather for updates. a car went into the water 2:00 this afternoon. police say two good samaritans got involved. they jumped in, and helped three people get out. a witness posted this photo on facebook. we spoke to one of the good samaritans and he said he was doing what he felt was the right thing, did the best he could do to save the people in that car. the people he rescued, hopped into a truck and took off. if not for the good samaritans, this story would have had a much different outcome. the search is under way for a hayward man missing in south lake tahoe. daniel pham went kayaking and never contacted a friend to say
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he made it back. his family and now trying to raise funds and awareness to rent a drone to help them out with their search. president trump could face a lawsuit as soon as tomorrow, alleging he violated anti-corruption clauses in the constitution. "the washington post" reports attorneys general claim the president has retained ownership of his hotel chain and accepted gifts from foreign government. the lawsuit, the first of its kind brought by government entities. if a federal judge allows that case to proceed, the plaintiffs say they'll ask for the president's tax returns. and he took another shot at james comey today, accusing him of leaking information to the press. more highly anticipated testimony is coming this week, this time over the russia investigation. nbc bay area's marianne favro has the latest developments. >> attorney general jeff sessions will be in the hot seat
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when he goes before the senate intelligence committee on tuesday. but bay area senator diane feinstein said that's not enough. today from his new jersey home, the president fired at james comey again, tweeting, i believe the james comey leaks will be far more prevalent than anyone ever thought possible. totally illegal? very cowardly. cowardly in quotes. an apparent personal shot at comey's own concession thursday. he claimed the president had asked him to back off from investigating fired trump adviser michael flynn's alleged contacts with russia. >> that was kind of a slightly cowardly way of trying to avoid telling him, we're not going to do that. >> reporter: now the russia investigation is putting comey's former boss back in the political hot seat. >> i did not have communications with the russians. >> reporter: but that was untrue. sessions recused himself when he
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admitted having two meetings with the russian ambassador during the trump campaign. in a surprise letter late saturday, the attorney general wrote, he is pleased to accept the invitation of the senate intelligence committee to meet tuesday. but bay area senator diane feinstein, who has served on the judiciary committee 24 years says she feels the judiciary committee needs to be involved too. >> it should be all hands on deck. and everybody should welcome a second committee getting involved, particularly on the technical, legal aspects of obstruction of justice. >> reporter: but the republican party chairwoman said the investigation should head in a different direction. >> i'm calling for an end to the investigations about president trump's campaign colluding with the russians. there's been no evidence of it, i don't think that should continue. >> reporter: that's unlikely as sessions prepares to testify tuesday, likely behind closed doors, sparing him a televised
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spectacle. today diane feinstein also took aim at trump's presidential style, saying, quote, doing policy by tweets is really a shake-up for us. and he always appears to be in crisis. marianne favro, nbc bay area yuz. the first lady and son barren have moved into the white house. the two arrived in washington, d.c. tonight, and will be living in the white house permanently. the first lady tweeted this view, looking forward to the memories we'll make in our new home. melania and barron were living in new york city so he could finish the school. the first lady said she plans to have a more public schedule once the move is complete. traffic tied up after a car crash. the 82-year-old driver of this car lost control about 12:30 this afternoon, the car rolled down the hillside, killing the
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driver. investigators say they're not exactly sure what caused the crash. >> a driver in his 60s was traveling northbound on state route 121, at an unknown speed, and for an unknown reason, he crossed over, off the shoulder, into some trees and down an embankment. >> fortunately no one else was hurt, but several lanes were shut down to investigate. that caused a massive backup. and the congregation of an east bay church gathered to pray after the church was the target of a hate crime. police say a man fired eight bullets into the statue outside of the church in san leandro yesterday afternoon. police arrested a suspect shortly afterwards. they say he had a gun tucked in his waist band and then struggled with officers. the act is being investigated as a hate crime. investigators say there's no evidence to suggest that there
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are more threats to the church or to the congregation. tomorrow could be the night warriors fans are hoping for. the dubs could win the nba title right on their home court. and businesses are bracing for that big potential party. nbc bay area sergio quintana, live in downtown oakland with the preparations. sergio? >> reporter: well, terry, fans and business owners i talked with said of course they were hoping that the warriors were going to sweep the series in cleveland, but if they happened to win game five here at home tomorrow night, that will be the next best thing. >> go warriors! >> reporter: on the evening before game five of the nba finals, warrior spirit was not hard to find. >> you gotta represent. you're an oakland native. they need our energy every day. >> reporter: a potential championship-clinching home game is a big deal. tomorrow night's game will be great for business. >> i teach kindergarten, so i wear my gear and come straight
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after work and ready to come. you gotta get your spot in line early. >> people have left time to, like, set up parties or go back to friends' places. they end up just going out to bars nearby. >> reporter: bay area sports fans have gained a reputation for rowdy celebrations after a championship win. so far, that's not the biggest concern for businesses. >> we're prepared for it. i think for the last game, they were prepared for if they did win or if they lost, what crowds would be like. because bars were packed all over the area. >> reporter: in an effort to raise money for a project called oakland emergency 100 initiative, the mayor's office has donated two vip tickets to the game. they're up for auction online. >> the mayor wanted to make sure we gave these to an organization that's working hard to support youth jobs, particularly in underserved communities. >> reporter: the winning bidder can pick up the tickets at oakland city hall before the game. and that auction for the tickets
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will remain open until tomorrow morning at 10:00. as for businesses that are looking to take advantage of tomorrow evening's home game, this is one of them. ala mar is usually closed on mondays, but they'll be open tomorrow because they're expecting a packed house to watch the game. reporting live in oakland, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. the warriors practiced today at oricalacle and say they're r to bring home the title. >> we're ready for that as mindi bach continues our team coverage. >> if there's a small silver lining to the warriors' game four loss in the nba finals in cleveland, they have an opportunity to win an nba title on their home court. and that is a rarity in bay area professional sports. no bay area team has won a title in their home stadium or arena since the oakland a's did it in 1974. steph curry and company can end that drought monday. after practice today, curry was
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asked about the chance to win it all at home. >> haven't had that experience before. so it would be a great night to get it done, to take advantage of the home crowd, the energy, you know, how poorly we played in game four to try to make the necessary adjustments, energy wise, and focus wise, to get it done. you know, we're in really good shape right now to have this opportunity tomorrow. i'm looking forward to it. >> coming up a bit later, you'll hear from steve kerr on the critical adjustment the warriors need to make for game five. plus, draymond, well, he doubles down on his dig aimed at cleveland fans. >> we can't wait. do stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the warriors game five against the cavs. mindi will have an update later on in sports. just ahead, the new video of a potential thief caught in the act. >> clear as day.
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also rallying for climate change, what san francisco's mayor is now doing in defiance of the trump administration. and more controversy for uber. the new reports of a potential shake-up involving top executives. and our weather for now, calming down, 56 degrees in san jose. we'll see a cloudy start to the morning with a few sprinkles, near 70, but 90s could be in reach later on this week. we'll go from winter to summer-like heat ahead in the seven-day forecast when we come right back.
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new video tonight of an alleged package thief in campbell. very clear video. it appears to show a woman stealing a fedex package just minutes after it was delivered on this doorstep. this happened yesterday, just after noon, near westgate and elpassio. the video shows the woman stuffing the package into her bag and walking away. new at 11:00, ed lee is the latest mayor to post climate-change information that was deleted from the epa's website. the trump administration removed federal web pages that detailed data on how serious climate change is, the kind of problems
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we're facing and how to combat it. chicago was the first city to host the deleted pages. now stran is among a dozen u.s. cities posting the deleted data. the public still has access to it. it comes after lee joined 300 mayors in committing to the paris accord after president trump announced he was pulling out of the landmark agreement. marching for unity. people joined marches and cities across the country fighting for lgbtq rights. the marches come one day before the one-year anniversary of the massacre in the pulse nightclub in orlando. >> reporter: at san jose city hall, people gathered, spoke up, and prepared to march, headed to a rally many said was critical in the current political climate. >> we're here to stand? solidarity against the bigotry and hatred that attempts to divide the nation. >> reporter: in the crowd, a
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number of politicians like this congresswoman who said there's been success in recent times, but there's much at stake. >> there's still barriers across the country in a lot of states, people can be fired from their jobs because of their orientation. that's not right. so especially with trump in the white house, i think it's important for all of us to stand together for civil rights. >> reporter: hundreds of people joined the equality march for unity and pride san jose. a diverse group with a wide range of concerns, it was one of many marches. tom smith came with his husband. >> i had been an activist in the '80s. i've seen this all happen before. it's time to come together in a very positive way. so i'm out here with everybody to rise up. >> and we're not going to allow one election to reverse generations of progress. >> reporter: the focus was on
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solidarity and not turning back. >> we want to live in a place that values everyone. everyone has a contribution. >> reporter: christie smith, nbc bay area news. and it wasn't just hoor in the bay area. people across the country were demonstrating today. centerpiece of the equality was in washington, d.c., it was endorsed by nearly every major advocacy group working on behalf of the lgbtq community. in los angeles, thousands of people there turned out to march in hollywood. some carrying signs, l.a.'s pride parade was renamed the resist march. and this is video of the memorial outside of the pulse nightclub in orlando from earlier today. tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary since omar mateen opened fire on the victims inside the club. mateen was killed during a stand-off with police.
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many community members stood silently in front of that memorial today. others came to place flowers in honor of the victims. >> the community came together right afterward. and we all worked and raised money and tried to help as much as we could for the families. and it means a lot to be here. >> now, there's an effort under way to turn that nightclub into a permanent memorial for the victims. as uber struggles to recover from months of controversy, they met behind closed doors today to reveal the results of an investigation into uber's workplace culture. nbc's jo ling kent reports. >> reporter: uber, the $70 billion company saw its star falling today. they met to consider the results of an investigation by former attorney general eric holder into widespread sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior inside the company. the board discussing the fate of top executives, including ceo
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travis kalanick and voting on the future of chief business officer emir michael. so the question is, how did we get to today. how did uber get to the point where a bunch of people in a boardroom in l.a. are trying to figure out its future? >> reporter: it's sparked in february by susan fowler who blogged about repeated unwanted sexual advances by her boss. she said hr swept the incidents under the rug, saying her boss was a high performer who management wouldn't feel comfortable punishing. the ceo launched an investigation into the allegations, saying anyone who behaves this way or thinks this is okay will be fired. last week, at least 20 employees were fired for harassment, bullying and inappropriate behavior as a result of a second investigation. uber did not comment today and holder will present his findings to all employees on tuesday. jo ling kent, nbc news, los angeles. and in london, british prime
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minister theresa may is reshuffling her cabinet and appointing new members, this comes after a devastating election loss last week. we called for an early election in hopes that her conservative party would win by a landslide. instead, the party lost its majority in parliament, and two of her top aides resigned. critics are now pressuring for her resignation. >> theresa may promised strong and stable leadership. she has brought weakness and uncertainty. if she has self-respect, she will resign. >> boris johnson, the former foreign secretary is denying reports that he's orchestrating a coup to take over as prime minister. well, a bike ride in the east bay today to look at the future. >> and look at the future they did. dozens of people gathered in alameda for a bike tour of the island's northern waterfront, which is about to undergo some major changes. at each stop, developers talked
11:21 pm
to the bicyclists about the plans for the area. one site would have water on three sides, making for stunning views. >> it's an amazing site. the centerpiece would be right behind me, the wharf and promenade, which would be over a hundred feet wide, would provide cycle track, all kinds of pedestrian access and gathering areas. >> for those unable to join the bike tour, there were also presentations on the ship way site in alameda. ground breaking could begin this year. it was a beautiful day out there. you see the blue skies, puffy white clouds, but it was wild weather. >> too windy to run the triathlon. >> 20 to 30 miles per hour and on top of that, in the afternoon, we had some thunderstorms across the north bay. now things have started to calm down. still seeing breezy conditions outside. the radar for now, at least around the bay area has dried out. 55 degrees, partly cloudy in san francisco.
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we'll take you to san jose where we'll see mostly cloudy skies, likely to start the first half of monday. 56 degrees, temperatures in the upper 50s currently and we'll see similar temperatures towards tomorrow evening if you're lucky enough to have a ticket to the cavaliers/warriors game five, you have cool temperatures outside. oracle arena will be dropping in the upper 50s as the game wraps up. squaw creek, lake tahoe, that's fresh snow on the ground. you can see on the radar view, we're still seeing more snow here. interstate 80, approaching the tahoe basin. that's the reason we still have the winter weather advisory through 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. but the radar view of the bay area is relatively dry, but we'll still see a slight chance, especially on the coast, of maybe a stray shower or two. you can see the cloudy skies and tomorrow morning, highway 17, maybe 101, some misty skies.
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in the afternoon, winds pick up, drier air mixes in, clearing around the south bay. highs tomorrow still running fairly cool. morning temperatures, 40s to low 50s. but unlike in the north bay and east bay, no thunder in the forecast for your monday afternoon. gradually clearing skies. upper 60s, close to 70s around downtown san jose. 60s back to oakland and hayward. peninsula temperatures in the mid 60s. for now, pretty cool and blustery. windy in san francisco, especially towards ocean beach, near 60. north bay, highs in the mid 70s. so the big change from winter, thanks to this gulf of alaska low which dropped down the coast this weekend, that's going to begin to move out monday into tuesday. high pressure building offshore and a high building out from the desert southwest that's going to bake california, starting friday into saturday. but for the coast, 60s and 70s,
11:24 pm
you can escape the heat around the coast and san francisco. but in the seven-day forecast, the valleys could see 20 to 30 degrees of warming from the highs he saw today compared to friday. so, san francisco topping out in the mid 70s early next weekend. this is where the heat is picking up for the valleys, low to mid 90s, in some cases, concord and antioch, upper 90s from next weekend into the beginning of the following week. so if you liked the winter weather today, soak it in, because this forecast does bring a lot of heat through next weekend. >> thanks, rob. still to come, an american ninja warrior, the east bay man who is about to make a big impression on the season nine premiere. ♪
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nbc's american ninja warrior returns tomorrow night for the start of season nine. one of the contestants is from the east bay. >> it could be rob mayeda. >> you weren't supposed to let it out of the bag. >> athletes have been inspired by the reality competition over the years. mark barger now reports on its impact. >> reporter: drew spent more than six years as part of american ninja warrior. >> this is my life. if it's not ninja warrior, i don't care. >> reporter: that single mindedness fuels grant mckarth nee. >> last few months i've been on the road, doing the craziest things i can think of training to be here. >> reporter: jesse was inspired to play a superhero. now after two seasons, she's ninja warrior's resident wonder woman. >> she's going to make history!
11:29 pm
>> reporter: american ninja warrior means challenging what you think is impossible and making it possible. >> reporter: the athletes have inspired lots of young, basement and backyard ninjas. >> it's exciting to be a part of something that's impacted so many people. >> kids have been training and waiting until the moment that they turn 21. so we have a lot of rookies that have been training for years. >> reporter: athletes aiming to take on a finals course only two men have conquered. >> i think we could see four or five make it, we have that much talent. >> whether it's enough to earn the show's million dollar prize will be answered in the weeks ahead. mark barger, nbc news. >> one contestant will be representing the east bay this season. a film crew was sent to anthony truck's home in antioch. he was put in foster care, played in the nfl, opened his own gym. he said he was motivated to
11:30 pm
compete because of its inspirational message. >> the ninth season of american ninja warrior returns tomorrow. a full sunday of sports. day baseball for both the a's and giants. a perfect outing for the men's french open champion and the nba finals still on center stage. the warriors look to recapture their swagger on their home court in monday's game five. this could be the title clincher. hear what the warriors are hear what the warriors are saying next in sports. ♪
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pittsburgh's riding high after the penguins won the stanley cup finals for the second year in a row. penguins beat the predators in nashville, 2-0, game 6, you saw it right here on nbc bay area. penguins have now won five stanley cups in all and back to back. now let's check in with mindi
11:33 pm
balk for the latest in sports. >> steve kerr appeared at today's media session leading up to game five, relaxed and wearing a shirt that said super villains across it. he said their troubles in the game four loss were easy to see on tape but that any adjustments needed for game five are not strategic. >> i always say that the biggest adjustment in the playoffs that you make, it's always an emotional one. you can tweak some things, but are we going to play hard, are we going to get after it and compete, or are we going to do what we did, allow three-pointer shooters to get open, broken down at the point of attack, give up offensive boards. >> in regard to cleveland fans booing him draymond green made headlines when he said, they don't seem to be the sharpest people around.
11:34 pm
he stood by his commentad today's practice. >> i didn't bash them. i just gave my thoughts. >> saying they're not sharp is bashing. >> they thought i had a tech that i didn't have. so that wasn't sharp. maybe i'm just a little sharper than others. i don't know. but they played "hit the road ja jack" and i didn't have to hit the road. i didn't think that was that sharp. maybe you did. >> i was looking at -- >> i was looking at reality. >> well, warriors fans can remain sharp by watching our warriors coverage on nbc sports bay area. we start 90 minutes before tip-off with warriors central approves and the happy hour. we'll be on air as long as needed. giants and twins and the dog days was summer came early at at&t park, but these are the fun
11:35 pm
kind. two on for buster posey. he fires one down the left field line, clearing the bases. the giants take the lead. posey, 3 for 5, with four rbi in this game. next up, hunter pence, adjusted his pants and it paid off, into the gap in left center, off the wall, that brings in posey. the giants season high 17 hits and 13 runs as they march to a 13-8 win. final game of a four-game set between the a's and rays, top of the fourth with a's up by two. stephen vogt, the a's catcher coming through. that allowed yonder alonso to come home. the third rbi of the game for vogt, but with only one-run lead, colby rasmus ties it up. the rays take the lead on a sacrifice fly for the bases loaded in the top of the ninth. kris davis goes down swinging.
11:36 pm
a's lose 5-4. both the a's and giants off on monday. rafael nadal beat stan wawrinka in straight sets on the way to picking up a record tenth french open title. nadal has 15 grand slam trophies overall, but he's by far his best on the clay courts of roland garros. the spaniard in 10-0 in french open finals and overall, 79-2 in his matches at the famed tournament. you have a little extra cash laying around? a resale site posted sales of $90,000 and $82,000 for a pair of tickets on the floor for game five at oracle. i would say i'm surprised, but this is, after all, the bay area. that's it for sports. there will be more news after the break. air traffic controllers... could
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11:38 pm
raise prices for travelers. ==peggho new york senator chuck schumer says the president's plan to privatize air traffic controllers could raise prices for travelers. >> we took an in-depth look at the president's plan. >> this idea is not a new one. controllers themselves have long complained that the current system is antiquated. insiders tell me in privatization is not handles properly, however, it could cripple the nation's airways. because thousands of air traffic controllers are eligible to retire right now. and they just might do that all at once if they see privatization as a threat to their future. >> reporter: the u.s. has the most complex, busiest air system in the world. right now, about 10,500 air traffic controllers are on the job in 367 control towers around the country. according to the national air
11:39 pm
traffic controllers association, that's the fewest controllers on the job in 28 years. >> today we're proposing to take american air travel into the future, finally. finally. >> reporter: the president's proposal to privatize the air traffic controller system could streamline, centralize and modernize a system that critics say relies on decades' old technology, such as tracking airplanes by paper strips rather than by computer. >> but after billions and billions of tax dollars spent, and the many years of delays, we're still stuck with an ancient, broken, antiquated, horrible system that doesn't work. >> reporter: aviation sources say the idea has been kicked around in the halls of washington for decades. as a way of taking air traffic control out of the political hands of congress, which currently funds the system every year. in a statement, natca said it has been working with congressional leaders to come up with, quote, a stable,
11:40 pm
predictable funding stream which would likely happen under privatization. but the union also wants its workforce both now and in the future, protected from salary and pension cuts. >> i mean, how can you have the whim of politics affecting the safety of the national system? >> reporter: scott conneda is a union representative in the bay area who talked with us about how a critical shortage of air traffic controllers is now impacting the current system. >> we're at an all-time low for certified controllers. it means six-day weeks, a lot of overtime. >> reporter: several aviation sources tell me their numbers could shrink even more if privatization threatens their pay or pension. if they leave the job, it would cripple the nation's aviation
11:41 pm
system. >> they have recommended coordination between the air traffic controllers union and any private entity and that there be a more stable funding structure than exists right now. most democrats and even some republicans oppose the idea of privatization, saying it would give away a public asset to a private company. delta airlines, for its part, released a statement last year, opposing the idea, saying it would mean higher costs for people who fly. if you want to learn more, just go to our website, nbc bay also if you have a story for us, do call our tip line at 1-888-996-tips. or send an e-mail. still to come, a growing problem for people taking prescription drugs. >> live life-saving medication can mean financial disaster. a look at how the pharmaceutical industry is responding to bipartisan plans to cut costs. [ birds chirping ]
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prescription medication. but many of these drugs can mean financial disaster for nearly half the population in the united states takes some form of prescription medication, but many of these drugs can mean financial disaster for patients. >> it's a shockingly high number. tom costello reports about how the pharmaceutical industry is responding to a bipartisan plan to cut those costs. >> reporter: 25-year-old ballerinas aren't supposed to go bald or have to start a gofundme page to pay for cancer treatments, but maggie is back at mercy hospital in baltimore. >> you're taking calcium plus vitamin d, one tablet twice a day. >> reporter: fighting terminal
11:45 pm
breast cancer. the dance floor is where maggie feels most at home. your passion is what? >> dancing and living. >> and living? >> and living, wyes. because i never know what tomorrow has in store. >> reporter: but the drug therapy that keeps her living is extensi expensive. $8,000 for the two bhaagsing hanging today. >> and without these drugs? >> i wouldn't be here. >> reporter: nationwide drug costs are expected to rise as much as 11% this year, after climbing 11% last year. specialty drugs up 18%. >> americans pay more for pharmaceutical than anybody in the world and it's because we let them do it to us. >> reporter: now congress is considering allowing the government to negotiate lower drug prices, speeding up approval for generic drugs, requiring companies to justify price increases and importing drugs from outside the u.s.
11:46 pm
but the pharmaceutical industry is waging a campaign to fight efforts that would force them to cut prices. they say the pace of price increases has slowed and we support enhancing the competitive market and fostering the continued development of new, innovative medicines. >> maggie, will be back in three weeks for her cancer meds. >> i need them for the rest of my life, and i'm 25, i hope to live a lot longer, at least until i'm 50, hopefully. a big turn-out today for the walk to cure lupus. going on this morning, video of the 23rd annual event in saratoga. started at 8:00, organized by the lupus foundation of northern california. there was some wind there, but it doesn't stop them. right there, folks, rob mayeda's twins. >> previously we saw rob mayeda's wife. everybody involved in this with the family. and speaking of rob, here he is
11:47 pm
with a check on the forecast. $92,000 today. >> that was a great event this morning. saratoga, cool and breezy. good thing it wasn't in rohnert park in the afternoon. we saw some rapid changes in the weather. nice weather to start the day for most of the south bay, then things changed. you had the thunderstorms fire up, and then as they passed, nice viewer photos, storm photos sent in boy some photographers around the bay area. here's simon's view looking at the rainbow across the bay bridge, and another viewpoint from marin county as shared by eric stouffer on facebook. that was the view. little double rainbow there. heavy thunderstorms at times in the north bay from 2:00 to 7:00. that has moved to the east. calmer, but still breezy in san francisco. oakland, 57, and we'll find more clouds to start the day tomorrow morning in the south bay. san jose may take half the day to clear the skies. squaw creek, fresh snow on the
11:48 pm
ground. 34 degrees and a winter weather advisory for additional snowfall through 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. interstate 80 and highway 50, winter-like driving. it's sticking there, close to 6,000 feet. we'll probably see storm totals of about three to six inches. so what's going on? you have this winter-like air of low pressure, unusual for this time of year, dropping down the coast, but now it's heading east to the sierras. still a chance of seeing showers very early in the morning. by noon, partly cloudy skies, and drier winds will pick up in the afternoon. and that clears out the skies. still a cool day in store tomorrow. morning temperatures in the 40s to low 50s and highs tomorrow easily the coolest in the next seven. we'll have numbers in the upper 60s to low 70s around san jose. trivalley temperatures close to
11:49 pm
70. and back to san francisco, temperatures in the low 60s tomorrow. mid 50s from the peninsula and close to 60, ocean beach with a lot of wind and sand blowing around tomorrow. north bay, highs in the mid 70s. so the weather pattern reversal is that low moving out and then strong high pressure building in offshore and then four corners, the high building out to the desert southwest, will lead to hot temperatures starting friday. for san francisco, there will still be a hint of a sea breeze. the warm-up will likely only take temperatures up into the mid sefrt70s. the bigger change, in the 60s inland, they'll be numbers in the 90s next weekend. really talking the trivalley and out to concord and antioch where temperatures next weekend could be in the upper 90s after hail and snow this week. >> is that going to be a heat wave? >> it could. the long range forecast keeps 90s inland for about seven days.
11:50 pm
>> it will be hot. >> thank you. and a debate over double double. if you're a fan, you know what we're talking about. should in-n-out open up a location in campbell? hear what people are saying coming up. on september 9, 2010, pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and
11:51 pm
obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation.
11:52 pm
the san joaquin delta is one of the state's most important waterways. it not only supports humans, but it's home to some of the most important fish. >> joe rosato jr shows us the rigid monitoring that's helping shed light on their post drought conditions. >> reporter: there are few waterways mentioned more, debated more, fought over more, than the san joaquin delta. >> this is like the life blood of california. >> reporter: seven days a week, hour upon hour, politics remain back on shore. >> the weather is perfect. >> reporter: as biologists from the u.s. fish and wildlife
11:53 pm
service head to work. >> it's good. >> reporter: all day long at the watery intersection of sacramento and san joaquin river. >> ready? >> reporter: researchers pulling empty nets, that return with a full snapshot of the delta. >> we're responsible for monitoring all the native and non-native fish populations through the whole delta and into the san francisco bay. >> which ones are tagged? >> reporter: they've become the delta's eyes and ears, monitoring this last stop before the fish head to the san francisco bay and out to the ocean. >> we'll do water quality, we test temperature. >> we do a lot of trawling like we're doing today, dragging the net through the water and seeing what you pop up. >> today we're seeing a lot of salmon, hatchery and wild run. >> spring run. >> 86, stage five.
11:54 pm
>> fall run. >> reporter: for the last few years of the state's gripping drount, these nets have returned with fewer chinook, salmon, and others. >> we're now starting to see indications that some of them are picking up a little bit. >> that's all. >> reporter: the daily sampling helps water managers decide when and how much water to release. it's the kind of controversial decision that often upon pits farmers against fishermen. >> it provides numerous functions that are vital to our economy and our livelihood. for the fish, for the people. >> reporter: but here on the water -- >> looks good. >> reporter: -- fish are the focus and the flowing waters of the delta, just another day at the office. joe rosato jr. >> i love it out here. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. in or out, you decide. campbell officials would like to hear your opinion about having n
11:55 pm
in-n-out add a new location on hamilton avenue and almarrieda drive. the city of campbell hosted forums, do you want it in or out. so far, comments mixed. some people like it could bring revenue and jobs. others are concerned about traffic issues and also parking. we'll be right back.
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
we are getting our first look at the california store that sold a very, very lucky powerball ticket. we've never been there. >> we have not. marietta liquor in sun city sold that one ticket in the country that matched all of last night's powerball jackpot number. the ticket is worth about $448 million. after taxes, only half that. it's not that big a deal.
11:58 pm
it was the tenth largest prize in u.s. history. marietta liquor and deli mostly caters to travelers and the retirement community. the family that owns the store gets a million bucks for selling it. the winner has one year to come forward and claim the prize. >> let's hope somebody who really needs it, maybe they'll share it a little bit. >> with you? >> or anyone. anyone deserving. you love those stories. >> have a great night and a great week. >> goodnight. ♪ all across america more people are choosing nissan. ♪
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♪ it's america's best sales event at nissan the fastest-growing auto brand in the u.s.a. take on every day get 0% for up to 72 months on 13 models. ♪
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coming back crossed your mind? >> never. although people say to me, do you miss it? absolutely, i wish i could still play. ♪ wayne gretzky, the best hockey player ever and one of the most dominant athletes of all time. >> i worked on my craft. from the time i was 5 years old to the time i retired at 39. i knew what i had. >> as a child prodigy, he played on organized team as early as 5 years


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