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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 12, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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if you're heading in that direction, if you're going to be there for your first week off school, it is snowing, but it will be heating up. we'll have milder temperatures to start out the week. much cooler than average. only reaching 70 degrees in san jose and livermore, and 76 in santa rosa. we'll take a look ahead to warmer temperatures but there's something reported down by the cat. >> that's not the song. we're looking toward the bay speed sensors. they're looking great by the cat's restaurant. those who know the area of highway 17, on the northbound side, reports of some sort of debris in the roadway. waiting on chp to give us details. we're track that. meanwhile, no problem for the speed sensors around the bay. this is out of the altamont pass. look how easy coming through this area. most schools are shifting toward the summertime lighter flow, but my kids still have four more days of school. back to you. >> good luck with that. 5:00 right now.
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oh, good luck to our warriors. taking you live outside the arena. all lit up. warriors back on their home turf tonight as the press for a championship continues after that friday night loss, the ws are seeking revenge. nice to do it here now. >> it would. it puts us at 3-1. today in the bay's pete suratos inside oracle arena with reaction from the team. they want to end this one tonight. >> yeah, good morning to you, scott and laura. they definitely want to end the series and bring home the second championship to the bay area in three years. but tickets already sold out for the piv tt game five matchup against the cavaliers. once again, the warriors find themselves in a familiar spot, up 3-1 heading back to oakland for this game five matchup. let's show you video of the warriors arriving back in the area. last year, they were without draymond green who was suspended for his actions the previous game. this year, they'll have draymond as well as kevin durant. the warriors missed their chance
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to sweep the cavs friday night, losing their first playoff game of the year. if they won the game, the warriors would have been the first team to go undefeated in nba playoff history. steph curry and kevin durant talked about the focus heading into tonight's game, specifically about the chance to win the title in front of their home crowd and what they need to do to prevent another post season collapse. >> haven't had that experience before. it would be a great night to get it done, to take advantage of the home crowd, the energy. you know, how poor we played in game four, to try to make the necessary adjustments energy wise and focus wise to get it done. >> champions don't die. they don't lay down and die. they're going to come out and play with a sense of urgency, play with energy from the beginning and take it a possession at a time. >> a hot ticket here tonight, and those tickets sold out early saturday afternoon, and the prices ranged from $550 on the
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cheaper side to as high as $3600 if you wanted a courtside seat. a very expensive ticket. tip-off tonight at oracle arena is at 6:00 p.m. live inside oracle arena, pete suratos. >> i would have thought they would be more expensive. >> $3600 is pretty expensive. >> still expensive. >> a lot cheaper to watch it in my living room. >> do you want to go to the final game at the oracle? there is one option. win the auction held by the oakland mayor's office. just do this, scott. the mayor's twitter page has a direct link for two tickets. all this must be in by 10:00 this morning. the money will help oakland's nonprofit which helps young adult entrepreneurs. >> demanding action. this morning, san francisco emergency dispatchers are expected to protest a crippling staff shortage in their words.
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today in the bay is live in san francisco with how this would impact 911. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. and dispatchers are speaking out, especially after the massive pg&e power outage last april that left a lot of customers without power and inundated the dispatch center. the dispatchers are trying to improve emergency response times to meet national standards. they'll testify in front of the board of govern supervisors audit committee. new technology is also in the works to help dispatchers with quicker response times with ambulances. the examiner said with the old system, they needed to use radios to figure out locations kyk0!u19j5ñ clo. a new cysystem will use gps. the department of emergency management reported two dispatchers on duty with more than 80,000 customers in the dark. the standard is to answer 90% of
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calls within ten seconds, but the examiner said the call time is about 80% now in san francisco. the dispatchers union is expected to ask for about 45 new dispatchers before next year. >> thanks for the latest, sharon. 5:05 right now. happening in san jose, the final public hearing on the city's budget. they'll hold that meeting tonight. tomorrow, they vote on the final budget for the next fiscal year. mayor sam liccardo said the $3 billion budget calls for more investments in public safety and street maintenance. >> the blitz is on in oakland. the city's annual pothole repair blitz which is more needed this year after winter rains caused far more potholes. >> dramatic rescue in a san leandro marina. a call went in, when two strangers jumped in and helped
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the two people inside get out safely. the witness posted this photo on facebook. we spoke to one of the rescuers over social media, he said he did the best he could to save the people in the car. >> a search is under way for a hayward man missing in south lake tahoe. the man went kayaking last week but never contacted a friend to say he made it back. coast guard officials called off the search on saturday, but his family is trying to raise funds to rent a drone to help with their search. >> an investigation is now under way after a body was found in san jose's lake al muden. sources tell nbc bay area that body was found saturday morning. it's near almaden expressway. they're not saying more about the person who died or the cause of death. >> happening today, firefighters from across the bay area will converge in palo alto to prepare for the upcoming fire season.
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teams from santa clara and san mateo county will conduct the first day of drills. they simulate emergency operations and fire protection operations. california's fire season begins july 1st. >> a mixed bag of weather across the bay area. a rare june storm hit, it created a theme, lightning east of petaluma. on the right, hail falling in parts of the bay area. video sent to us from viewers. >> now all of that has moved on after that crazy weekend. let's take a live look outside at san rafael. may still be a little damp out there, especially with some patchy fog settling in in places, but it looks good at the s-curve. i want to show you how much rain we did have, up to a quarter inch in fairfield, antioch barely had a lot of measurable rain, but we did have some hail in that area and also for parts of the north bay with that thunder and lightning. now let me take you through the
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day in san jose. our temperatures will be in the upper 50s to start, upper 60s for this afternoon, and we're going to see some sunshine as we head into the next several days with some warmer temperatures. and as we head over to mike now, a new hazard for i-80. >> we have debris, still waiting on details for highway 17 at the opposite end of our map. we're looking towards this, as you're going eastbound 80, going into the north bay at the carquinez toll plaza, a report of a ladder that dropped into the lanes. heading across the bay bridge or to the bay bridge, a smooth easy drive. here are your travel times. back to you. >> thank you. coming up a year later, this morning we remember the lives lost in the pulse nightclub shooting. we'll take you live to orlando with how the nation is coming together to honor the 49 people killed one years ago today. >> plus, new fallout for uber. potential massive shakeup thadicate reach the very top. mike traffic tease
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good monday morning. it's 5:11 as you get ready to head out. we have all clear skies looking live right now at san jose. want toshow you the temperature trend for willow glen. even though we'll see a few clouds in the mix early this morning, we'll get bright sunshine later on today and it will still be very comfortable. take it in because you'll be talking about the heat, and this is what we'll talk about in
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about five minutes. and we're talking about a little slowing for west 580. still pretty typical pattern coming in out of the central valley in toward the tri-valley. i hear a rumor of a possible delay for some south bay commuters. i'll bring you the latest coming up. >> 5:12. today marks one year since the shooting at the pulse nightclub in orlando. a gunman shot 49 people, 53 others were wounded. sarah rosario is live in orlando with how the nation is remembering the dozens of lives lost. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. well, here in orlando, it's being considered orlando united day. this is the culmination of a weekend tribute to honor those 49 men and women killed inside this club a year ago today. now, after the shooting and the aftermath of it all, you may remember we saw the city of orlando come together like never before, standing united, as they are today. their message moving forward is
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we will not allow hate to win. now, they're spreading that message as they honor and remember those lives lost. a year later, pulse nightclub is a public memorial. framed by flowers and candles. pictures, notes, and banners. a lasting tribute to the 49 lost. but there are haunting memories that linger here. >> hey, i got one back here. i need help. >> the deadliest terror attack on u.s. soil since 9/11. these are the images. >> i'm watching all the bodies. i'm seeing all the blood. >> survivors still struggle with. >> there's an emotional toll, a psychological toll. >> i think about pulse every single day. >> for many, a physical toll. >> i just had my fourth surgery about three weeks ago. >> the scars are deep and slow there, life after the attack comes with a responsibility. a mission. >> i want to do the best because
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the best that i can. a second chance in life. >> survivors angel, lewis, and angel have been traveling the country, talking to anybody who will listen. >> i would like to see more love, more unity. >> love, peace, respect, understanding. >> 12 months after the attack, and still making sure the terrorists don't win. now, as part of this orlando united day, it's also considered a day of love and kindness with plenty of memorials taking place today. the earliest one starting around 1:00 a.m., and the latest one expected to run through midnight. this is allowing for anyone in this town who wants to pay tribute and pay their respects to people here, they can do so at any time. reporting live in orlando, sarah rosario, scott and laura, back to you. >> here the bay area, there's also a vigil to honor the shooting victims in the san francisco castro neighborhood. starts at 6:30 at the corner of
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18th and castro. >> hundreds marching in san jose's pride parade. this is the scene yesterday. the pride parade's message was equality for all, and it seems most marchers were aiming that message at trump. >> with trump in the white house, it's important for all of us to stand toornd for civil rights. >> i had been an activist in the '80s so i have kind of seen this all happen before. it's time to come together in a very positive way. >> we're here to stand in solidarity against the hatred and bigotry that divides the thagz. >> we're not going to allow one election to reverse generations of progress. >> about 300 people came out for the pride parade in san jose. san francisco's parade is in two weeks. >> today, several penn state fraternity members will face a judge after the death of a pledge. the beta theta pi chapter and
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any members face various charging stemming from tim piazza's death after falling down the stairs during a heavy night of drinking. investigators say fraternity brothers waited 12 hours to seek help. >> there are reports uber ceo traver kalanick could be forced to take a long leave of absence. they're weighing a three-month leave of absence that comes after an investigation into the company's troubled culture. the investigation was prompted by accusations the company turned a blind eye to sexual harassment and other behavior. the board of directors have a lot of work to do. >> the question is how did we get to today? how did uber get to the point where a bunch of people in a board room in l.a. are trying to figure out its future? >> the board is reviewing the results of holder's investigation, and there are reports directors unanimously voted to adopt all of his recommendations. we're expecting the results to
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be made pub some time this week. >> marin county leaders will soon consider regulations for short term rentals. right now, they have no regulations for services like airbnb. the ij reports next month supervisors will hold a preliminary hearing to gauge support for such an idea. >> lifyft has a new passenger, jaguar and rover. they invested $20 million in the company as part of a $600 million round of fund-raising. they will provide a fleet of cars for its drivers. they'll also test new technology for self-driving cars. >> and america ninja warriors returns. kickoff season nine tonight. there's a contestant representing the east bay. a film crew was sent to anthony's home to feature his story. after he was put in foster care, playing in the nfl, and open ighis gym, he said was motivated
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to be on the show because of the inspirationalage. >> 5:17. time for a look at traffic and weather together. let's check out our guest, the forecast, first. >> yes, making big headlines as we go through the week. we have such an unusual june storm yesterday, and that was mostly in the north bay and it was just windy and cool for much of the south bay and east bay. now, as we head into the week, we start out with just a few clouds and nice quiet conditions as we get a live look outside over san jose. still breezy, and the seven-day forecast is now coming up at the bottom of the screen. you want to check it out. here's a look at what to expect as we go through the day. we start out at 54 degrees. we're heading up to sfebt for this afternoon. it's still going to be very nice and comfortable. after this cool start, it will be a beautiful and comfortable day. and then the rest of the week, the heat will be ramping up and you can probably look at the bottom of the screen and see how our temperatures will be changing.
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looking at highs today in the low 70s for concord and livermore. 70 degrees there. 58 at half moon bay. san francisco will see a high of 63 degrees and the planner for san francisco will be at 56 at 8:00 low 60s with some sunshine as we go into the afternoon, and the winds 20 up to 30 miles per hour by thisening, as the temperatures drop back into the upper 50s. they're blowing around a lot of allergens. the pollen count still shows we have a moderate amount of tree and grass pollen and it's mostly olive and pine. as we go through the week, our temperatures will be getting very hot. 63 degrees today. 67 tomorrow. each day, our temperatures going up a few degrees. by the weekend, we'll see sunshine with highs in the mid 70s. inland areas looking at highs in the upper 60s today. and boy, does that change by the end of the week. we're talking about highs in the mid 90s. even looking farther down the line, it looks like we'll see a prolonged period of excessive
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heat in the bay area, and mike was saying that's not a good father's day present. >> the heat is excessive, that is correct. looking over here, let's get it under control. over here, trying to make sure you're warned about something vta has under control, they're handling a possible mucechanica delay. we'll track that, but once they fix the problem, we'll clear the train, and everything should be back on schedule. the rest of the bay, a smooth drive. build coming out of the altamont pass, which you would expect. we're also tracking this northbound, debris reported around the cat's restaurant. no updates from chp, but no slowing on the sensors. waze will show you as you're traveling around the bay, your best options. waze reports right now from walnut creek into port castroey, the blue route, 37 minutes. that's the longest of the three routes. also, you can cut through a
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major roadway, but it cuts the corner. you check your routes wherever you're going, from, to, whenever you're leaving the house, and make sure you check it on your waze app. also join our team by clicking your profile, and getting to the team, nbc bay area wazers. we want to stick with you throughout the week and of course, throughout the summer, wherever you're going. >> we'll be here. thanks so much. 5:21 right now. coming up, an epic win. >> moving on in. he scores! >> pittsburgh penguins are back too champs. how the team and its fans are celebrating this morning. >> plus, the costly mistake, the reason you should be teaching your teenagers the value of a buck before it's too late. >> first, a live look outside at san francisco. as the sun comes up. what a pretty picture that is. happy monday to you.
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chase. so you can. ==laura/contvo== that )s pittsburg penguins ) str sidney crosby "hoisting the cup": the stanley cup - which pittsburg won again .. for the second pittsburgh penguin star sidney crosby hoisting the stanley cup, which they won again for the second straight season by beating nashville in nashville last night, 2-0. last year, the penguins beat the sharks. the game came down to the wire with the penguins scoring late. fans who attended an arena viewing party in pittsburgh were
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thrilled. >> back to back. >> back to back! >> i was not expecting all this, but i'm excited we won. especially an away game. we're number one. >> we sure love our team, don't we? last team to win back-to-back nhl championships was the detroit red wings back in 1998. >> we're still waiting for the latest lotto winner to come forward. one ticket matched all of the numbers in saturday's powerball jackpot drawing. sold right here in california in sun city, south of los angeles. the $447.8 million jackpot, the tenth largest in u.s. history. the family owned store will get a $1 million bonus. >> hitting the road for summer travel, you might pay less at the pump. prices have fallen about a penny a gallon. prices are expected to decline
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independence crude oil prices rebound quickly. oakland paying about $3.13. and in san francisco, the price of a gallon of gas $3.24. >> when it comes to financial literacy, america's young people coming up short. that's the conclusion from a recent study by the national endowment for financial education. same study found teenagers in china are the most financially literate. u.s. came out seventh out of 50 nations surveyed with nearly 1 in 4 americans falling into the lowest category. researchers say parents need to be more hands-on. >> talk to your kids about money. get them a bank account or a credit union account, because there's a strong correlation between positive behavior and actually having hands-on experience with managing money. >> got to learn somewhere. the same study found just five states require testing high school students about money. >> all eyes on washington again. the pivotal testimony expected this week from attorney general jeff sessions. amid more fallout about james
5:27 am
comey's hearing. we're live at the nation's capital tracking all of those developments. and the popular restaurant chain in-n-out burger is looking for a smooth drive-through. we'll show you why there could be some controversy in a live report.
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good monday morning to you. let's take a peek outside. oracle arena, look at that.
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what a place that will be tonight. it will be roaring, as our warriors are up 3-1 right now. nba's playoffs happening tonight. we'll have a live report from pete a moment. scott mcgrew joining me on the desk this monday morning. good to have you. >> in for sam. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's turn it over to kari. a look at the forecast, really unusual lately. >> rain, thunderstorms in the north bay, and now snow in the sierra. it is crazy to talk about this in june. rr talking about chain controls and you can still see it coming down if you will be heading in that direction. i want to show you what it looks like right now, live picture at heavenly. you can barely see anything. visibility is low as the snow continues and high temperatures only in the upper 40s today, but then temperatures climbing over the next several days. that will be the trend in the bay area as well. looking at san francisco. we'll be in the low 60s today. some low 70s for friday, and the weekend, some mid 70s.
5:31 am
inland areas in the valley, it is really going to be hot. mid 90s by the end of the week after this nice and cool start. we'll take a look ahead to the weekend and what's going on, whether you'll be staying home or hitting the road, and mike is checking in on a crash in the tri-valley. >> i'm confused because you're showing me 95 and snow. my gosh, where are we? we're looking over here, looking great for the commute. your usual little burst here in san jose. typical, most 101 seeing that for early commuters. also the tri-valley, nothing major. a crash first reported by livermore avenue, but it's closer to charro. the three vehicles reported in the roadway here, i don't see a disturbance, but i'll track it and let you know. >> thank you. >> deciding if it's in or out. the city of campbell wants to know opinion about adding an in-n-out rr after they ran into trouble in the east bay. >> it would be on the corner of
5:32 am
hamilton avenue. tom jenson is live with some of the concerns the residents have. good morning. >> reporter: morning. you know, as you said, we're at the corner of hamilton just off highway 17, and there are already strip malls and restaurants, gas stations, a lot of commercial businesses and other stores right here in this area, so it's already pretty busy. as you can see, there is an existing or a closed down elephant bar restaurant at this location, already. the city is allowing people to sound off about this proposal to bring an in-n-out here on the website, where there are close to 100 comments already posted this morning. one of the main concerns is traffic, as it always is. will a busy in-n-out burger cause traffic to further back up at this intersection during high traffic periods? we know these in-n-out burgers are pretty busy. likely to draw a lot of
5:33 am
customers especially when it first opens. in late april, aer pulled out of an in-n-out in the east bay in walnut creek, people were upset about how much travel it would bring to the neighborhood and how close it would be to a popular park. we have not seen that organized effort here in campbell, but the city will take those comments for a period of time. also, analyze the project as it's been put forward by the developer and compare the comments and what it has analyzed to see if it will move forward with a public hearing process and also bring it to a vote. we're live in campbell. >> we'll continue to follow that, thanks for getting up early with us. >> it's 5:33 right now. live to washington on this monday morning. another pivotal week ahead for the trump administration. this morning, the senate is preparing to hear from the attorney general amid more fallout from ex-fbi direct james comey's testimony. edward lawrence is live
5:34 am
unwashington tracking the developments for us. good morning, edward. >> good morning, laura. the attorney general surprised many people on the senate when they he agreed to testify before the senate intelligence committee on tuesday. they're going to ask him about his meetings with the russians and also if the president tried to interveer with the investigation. president donald trump frdroppe in on a wedding at husband trump national golf course in new jersey, a different mood his tone on twitter. calling the democrats obstructionists to his agenda and attacking james comey as a leaker. even calling his actions cowardly. >> he may be the first president in history to go down because you can't inappropriately talking about an investigation if you just were quiet would clear you. >> he projects a different issue every day, doing policy by tweet is really a shakeup for us. because there's no justification
5:35 am
presented. >> members of his own party now seeming to show a bit of support for the russia flynn investigation. >> if this is trying to interfere in our process of any investigation, it doesn't seem like it was, number one, very effective, and number two, came up more than once. in a conversation. >> the senate intelligence committee will get its chance tuesday to hear from attorney general jeff sessions under oath. in a letter to the committee, he agreed to answer questions about his contacts with the russians as well as his take on if the president tried to end the russia probe. he says he was involved in the firing of comey, and the president said comey was fired because of russia. how does it fit in with his recusal? >> wehead known soon if his testimony will be public or in a closed session. >> 5:35. still waiting for more detail from brentwood police about a shootout with suspectses over the weekend. this scary for one family as it happened in their front yard. it happened near liberty high
5:36 am
school. a family heard loud nyss and saw a suv with men inside speeding through their yard, crashing into their truck and garage. officers right behind the suspects and a shootout followed on their lawn. one of the suspects was hit and it also hit their house. >> saw a car careen in into the yard. at that point, i took off upstairs to get the kids and wife. >> i heard shouts and crash into the house and then a second set of shots. >> the injured suspect was taken to the hospital. we're still wait awords on that suspect's condition. >> new details to share with you this morning. authorities have identified a man shot and killed last week in a sunnyvale strip mall parking lot. department of public safety says 21-year-old man died. it happen thursday morning on east wayne avenue, west lawrence expressway. a second man was also shot. he is critical condition but is expected to survive. no arrests have been made.
5:37 am
>> a package thief caught on camera in campbell. a video posted on facebook appears to show a woman stealing a fedex package just minutes after it was delivered on a doorstep. happened yesterday afternoon just near west gate and elpaseo. it shows a woman stuffing the package in her bag and walking away. >> raiders fans hope to block the team from leaving to las vegas. they announced the hiring of a legal team last friday. at a news conference today, they plan to introduce the new york-based attorneys working to stop the move which is on track to happen by the start of the 2020 season. >> major paving begins on highway 101 near healdsburg in the north bay. it will be by dry creek road and canyon road. that goes on from 7:00 at night until 7:00 in the morning for about four. they won't completely shut down the highway, but they are warning of delays. >> people in marin county long
5:38 am
complained about 101, but a new survey shows they're not helping the situation. most drivers are solo drivers on 101. the poll conducted by the county as it looks into future sales tax measures. more than 60% are solo drivers. and we're looking out here, a lot of green sensors around the bay. we have the tri-valley showing the build and crash. we're still monitoring here, but no slowing there. we have this crash as well on the peninsula, southbound 101 at whipple avenue. sounds like the car is off the roadway or at least out of the lanes and not completely off the roadway. we're looking at a smooth flow of traffic. i want to check in on transit. b.a.r.t. reporting no lays. at the bottom of the screen, vta, a minor delay possible for northbound trains because of a mechanical problem. and a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza. there's a spider, so camera shy spider. the traffic is there.
5:39 am
the metering lights are on. >> thought he would make it? >> careful. >> put on a sweater. a cool start to the morning out there. >> it's cool today, but this weekend it will be all about the heat. trying to find somewhere to cool off. so let's look ahead to the weekend as we're going to have a big change. as we look at the inland areasic look at that, 94 degrees on saturday. 85 for the bay, and the coast will be at 75. that's actually warmer than the valleys. on sunday, father's day, it will be in the mid 70s. you'll want to be along the coast if you want something much more comfortable and high heat forland yare yeas as we reach to the mid 90s. if you can believe it, this is a live look outside at yosemite with the fresh coating of snow. it is gorgeous. and we'll see some of the snow melting as our temperatures warm up into the mid 70s for the weekend. also, if you may be hitting the road heading to russian river valley, it's going to be in the 90s this weekend. maybe just some of the cold wine
5:40 am
you want to sip on this weekend. we'll bring it back home. i'll have a look at the temperature trend for san jose in three minutes. >> we'll look forward to that. thanks. 5:40 right now. coming up, terrifying moments inside a south bay gas station. the moments that led up to a woman being attacked and dragged in morgan hill this weekend. plus -- >> we're getting bolt cutters. >> caught on camera, the shocking video of a tense rescue of a woman held in captivity by a serial killer. chilling details she told investigators about her horrific ordeal. =mike/trx=
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mike traffic tease it's 5:43. we see the clouds rolling by overhead as we get a live look outside san jose. we do start out with cool temperatures this morning. it's 54 degrees, heading up to 70 today. looking at the temperature trend as you make plans. clouds throughout the morning and then some clearing by 1:00 as the temperatures start to make it inthe mid 60s and then a quick warmup for the afternoon with all of the sun. we're talking about a big warmup in the. that's coming up at 5:48. >> and these travel times show you just what you need to know. no delays for highway 101. a little slow with the build out of vallejo heading west out of
5:44 am
37. >> a man is behind bars accused of attacking a woman at a gas station. 6:30 saturday morning, this man went into the shell station on east dunn avenue. now, the victim claims he walked inside, started asking for items for free, when she asked him to leave, she says she grabbed her. started dragging her to the back storage room. that woman fought back, hitting him in the face. that's when he took off running. he was arrested saturday night. >> now to the newly released video seen around the world this morning, showing what authorities found the moment they rescued a woman kidnapped by a serial killer. >> this is our victim. >> we're going to get you out of there, okay. >> hang loose. >> like a scene out of a movie. authorities south carolina, they cut through a locked shipping container to rescue kala brown. she was found shackled with her neck chained to the wall. as deputies worked to free her, they asked her about her missing boyfriend. >> know where your buddy is?
5:45 am
>> charlie? he sthaut him. >> he shot him? who? >> todd kohlhepp shot carly carver three times in the chest, wrapped him in a blue tarp, put him in the bucket of the tractor, locked me down here. i've never seen him before. he said he's dead and buried, several bodies are dead and buried out here. >> all this happened last fall, but the video just released last weekend. brown was held captive more than two months by todd kohlhepp. he is now serving life in prison without parole. >> more drama expected today in the bill cosby trial as the defense begin its arguments. the comedian accused of drugging and assaulting a woman in 2004. the woman, andrea constand, is one of dozens of women to accuse cosby of varying degrees of sexual misconduct, but hers is the only one to go to trial so far. cosby has repeatedly denied all of the allegations made against him and maintains the interaction with constand was consensual. >> in the east bay, police say a
5:46 am
man is locked up after firing bullets into a statute outside a church in san leandro saturday. he had a gun tucked in his waistband and struggled with officers. there's no evidence to suggest there are more threats to the church or this congregation. >> attorneys general in two different states are expecting to file a major lawsuit against the president as soon as today. the lawsuit alleges he violated anti-corruption clauses in the constitution. attorneys general in the district of columbia and state ofland claim the president has retained ownership of his hotel chain and accepted benefits from foreign governments. the president says heed his business assets into a trust managed by his son. the looult is the first of its kind brought by government entities and if a federal judge allows this to go forward, the plaintiffs say they'll ask for the president's tax returns. a past president here. take a lack. notice the man making his way
5:47 am
down the aisle on the flight. that's former president jimmy carter. he surprised everyone on a flight from atlanta to washington, d.c. last week, shaking hands with everyone onboard. if you're looking closely, a woman sitting in front of the guy recording started fixing her hair a little bit as she realized who he was. >> he is just the nicest man. >> very kind. >> a big night for broadway last night. did you catch the tonys? >> kevin spacey taking on the hosting duties. ♪ have you ever felt forgotten in the middle of going live on air ♪ ♪ have you ever felt the ratings could disappear ♪ >> now, spacey didn't break his arm. he's dressed like the main character in dear evan hansen, which won best musical. laura metcalf from roseanne winning for best actress for her roll in dollhouse part two. bette midler won for hello
5:48 am
dolly. james earl jones received the lifetimechievement award. >> that would be a tough one to host because you have to sing in front of these amazing broadway stars. all right. kari has a look at our forecast for this morning. cool today, hot by the end of the week? >> that's what we'll tell you about like drilling it in because it will be so different from the way we start the week to the way we end the week. you'll see the temperatures really ramping up. as we get a live look there this morning, what you're seeing in san francisco, a few clouds. looking at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, and we out right now looking at some live looks around the bay area. as we're getting a little clearing along the coast of the peninsula at 54 grees, 52 degrees now in the tri-valley. and looking at san rafael, where we did have some rain yesterday. it now starts out at 47 degrees, and all clear. the golden gate bridge is 53
5:49 am
grees. as we go through the day, we're going to see the highs in the south bay reaching into the low 70s. it will be a very nice day. 70 in antioch and 66 degrees in hayward. for the peninsula, 58 degrees at half moon bay, and in san mateo, 65 degrees. the embarcadero at 62 for the high, and santa rosa will be topping out at 76 degrees. how do you get ready for a day like this where it will be cool? definitely a hat, and also a jacket. rr be shredding all this as we go thru the week and our temperatures are warming up. don't forget to grab the allergy medications. trees are high, and as we get out to enjoy this nice weather, san francisco stays comfortable. mid 70s this weekend, and for the inland valleys, into the 90s after a start this week in the upper 60s. crazy, i know. now, mike updates us on a crash in livermore. >> slow but not crazy slow.
5:50 am
we're looking over here toward most of the bay and actually very light, south bay and peninsula included. we'll take you over toward 580 westbound where the build is on as folks come out of altamont pass and you see the slowing on the sensors. let's take you to the waze system. we'll point out we do have this crash reported by a number of wazers. we want to thank that person for sending out the tweet to us. we will do that. send them a thank you. and we'll get you over to the work around. because of the slowing, waze reports there are a couple other options. through pleasanton and livermore is a better route right now. that saves you about 10, 15 minutes on the waze route if you're coming out of the tri-valley. let's take you to how you can do that from your phone and we can give you a shout like we did just there. a nice smooth flow of traffic. go to your teams, you click your profile, nbc bay area wazers. that's the team you want to join so we can share that information and be a member of the same team. back to you. coming up next on today in
5:51 am
the bay, scare in the air. passengers on a plane report a loud noise and the smell of smoke as airline employees discover a gaping hole in the engine's casing. quick saving that may have saved lives. >> just in, the defense department announced three deaths in afghanistan. one of them is someone from bar stow, a 29-year-old sergeant william bay was killed june 10th. military officials say he was killed in a shootout with insurgents. plus, trader joe's recalling all its green tea ice cream because the product may contain small pieces of metal. all the effected products have been removed from store shelves.
5:52 am
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our san francisco welcome back, everyone. taking a live look outside. beautiful view from san francisco this morning. we are off to a cool breezy start. could we be in for a warmup by the end of the week? full forecast coming up. >> a mip minjury will decide whether a police officer was justified when he shot and killed a black driver. closing arguments set for today in the manslaughter trial of officer yanez, who killed philando castile in a traffic stop. you'll remember his girlfriend streamed the whole thing or the aftermath, anyway, on facebook.
5:55 am
he faces up to ten years in prison. also happening today, the montana congressman charged with attacking a reporter is expected to plead guilty to the charges. greg gianforte is accused of body slamming a reporter for the guardian. he has admitted to the crime and apologized. he had grown frustrated after repeated questions about health care. he ended up winning. >> at 5:55, new this morning, a plane headed to shanghai safely returned to sydney after an inflight problem left a gaping hole in the engine. the crew noticed damage to the leften after takeoff and the plane decided to turn back. passengers say they heard a loud noise and smells something burning. photos shared on social media showed a jagged vertical hole in the engine's casing. dmoo dmoo. new video to show you,
5:56 am
damage left behind from a severe storm in minnesota. some areas were left with so much hail, it left like snow. crews used snow plows to load several inches of hail from the street. the national weather service reported 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts which flipped a camper and injured two people. >> happening today, the palo alto city council is expected to ulapprove the construction of two hotels. the plan is to build two five-story maruariott hotels on san antonio avenue. they're expected to look at an environmental impact report. some neighbors had opposed the plan, voicing concern over how tall the buildings are and if they could impact traffic. >> a traffic alert in the east bay. crews will be doing overnight work between california boulevard and civic drive in downtown. according to the clay cord, work started over the weekend and will last untim tomorrow.
5:57 am
crews are preparing for roadway for paving. >> american ninja warrior returns for a new season on nbc joined by a companion competition series called spartan, a team variation of the muddy team obstacle courses that have grown popular in recent years. it has a different look for season two, takes place entirely at night and on a smaller course with new obstickles. apolo ohno joins nick swisher as members of the broadcast team. >> i say it so many times throughout the show, like teamwork is more important than ever before because you have to operate as one unit, one team. everybody unified. just because you're a superstar individually doesn't mean you leave the guy who is the weakest link in the back. everyone has to operate and move smoothly. >> and step on their heads. >> that's what it looked like. >> spartan ultimate team challenge step on your head airs
5:58 am
tonight, 10:00, right here on nbc bay area followed by the season premiere of "american ninja warrior." by the way, our film crew sent anthony trucks home in antion, he was motivated to compete on the show because of its inspirational message. >> right now at 6:00, wild weather. the bay area hit by a rare june storm packing lightning and hail. the shifting weather you can expect heading into your work week. >> plus, the people you can call during an emergency to see if they need the help too. the reason emergency dispatchers in san francisco say they're understaffed and overworked. >> and chasing the championship. we're live inside oracle arena this morning where the warriors are getting ready to host the cleempd cavaliers in game five of the finals. today in the bay continues right now.
5:59 am
>> hoisting the ball, right? the banner. many things. all right, monday morning. certainly. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. good morning, everyone. good morning to kari and her forecast. >> it looks good. it starts out nice, but the end of the week, it's going to be a different story. we had a cool weekend, even some rain in parts of the bay area. and we start out with all clear skiing now at tiburon, but as you head further south, the reservoir at anderson, we're looking at clouds rolling by there. and our temperatures start out in the low to mid 50s as you get ready to head out the door with today's highs reaching the 70s inland and 60s for the inner bay and along the. we'll talk about the warmup in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. mike is now tracking a new crash in the east bay. >> yeah, things starting out great for the commuters, but i make no promises because anything can change. we see slowing in the tri-valley, recovering from the early crash that cleared, and
6:00 am
here in the east bay, we have southbound 880 out of san leandro and in toward hayward. a crash there may still be sticking out into one lane. that might be why we see sudden slowing coming off 238, but overall, pretty light volume as far as traffic goes and a slower drive for west 580 because of traffic volume around airway. there may be a second crash there. i'm checking on it. back to you. >> thank you. 6:00 right now. let's take a live look outside at oracle arena this morning. happening today, the ws back home for game five of the nba finals. the warriors just need one more win to that series and win the championship. >> we have been here before. today in the bay's pete suratos live inside oracle this morning with a potential celebration we'll see tonight if and when the warriors win. >> no ifs here. >> no ifs. gom to you, scott and laura. yes, fans are hoping the warriors can seal the deal


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