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tv   Today  NBC  June 12, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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locals update. >> we'll see you at 11:00 as well. have a wonderful monday. gooerin, wisconsin 117th u. championship w07. record highs expected from the midwest all the way to maine. 155 million people impacted. headed to court. two attorneys general say they will file a lawsuit against president trump, reportedly accusing him from profiting for being president. as melania trump and their son, baron, move into the white house. may day. airline passengers report a loud noise and the smell of smoke. a gaping hole discovered in one of the engines forcing them to turn back for an emergency landing. what caused that damage. and a big shakeup at uber. katy perry getting candid.
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plus -- >> they score! >> the pittsburgh penguins win the stanley cup. today, monday, june 12th, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." nice to have you with us on a monday morning. going to be a hot one. wil in for matt this morning. >> you see that hockey rink, a pretty good place to be today, with the temperatures getting up in the 90s in huge swaths of the country. >> we should lay on the ice and let it come in. >> let's go to al. we have so much going on in the world. we have everything we need to know. i think the heat and the weather is at the top of the list today. >> it really is. this is a big, big dome of high pressure building in. out west, temperatures below average. but here, the strong ridge in the east, an extension of the bermuda high.
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the semipermanent area, and the clockwise air bringing up the humid air. here is what we're looking at today. temperatures 10 to 20 degrees above average. charlotte 88 degrees. memphis, 88. and looking for records, from portland, burlington, scranton, boston, philadelphia to washington, d.c. the good news is, this will be fairly short-lived after tomorrow, which will be the worst day, because the heat and humidity will bring heat indexes up to 100 degrees. by thursday, boston at 71. 81 in washington. new york, 72. norfolk will see a temperature of about 80 degrees. and, guys, the other thing we have to remind people, make sure you check on the elderly. make sure your pets have water. and for god's sake, whatever you do, put something in the back seat of your car if you're transporting children to make sure you check. we don't want to report on tragedies. >> good reminder. president trump facing new heat, possibly, as well. a busy week getting under way in washington. let's walk you through some of
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what's going to happen. two attorneys general saying they are planning to sue president trump and accuse him of violating anti-corruption clauses in the constitution. that lawsuit reportedly set to focus on alleged payments to trump businesses from foreign governments. all eyes on a senate intelligence committee tomorrow. attorney general jeff sessions, who recused himself from russia-related investigations, has agreed to testify. he'll face tough questions about his contacts with russian officials and his dealings with fired fbi director james comey. and on wednesday, the president celebrates his 71st birthday. in an e-mail, the first lady urged supporters to sign a special birthday card that her husband will never forget. and on friday, the president plans to outline policies with cuba. he's expected to roll back some of the changes made by the obama white house that opened commerce and travel between the two nations after a half-century. we have a lot to cover this week. let's start at the white house.
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nbc national correspondent, peter alexander is with us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that new lawsuit, to be announced today, accuses the president of violating the constitution by accepting gifts from foreign governments without the okay from congress. the latest move by democrat attorneys general to challenge the president and his policies. this morning, the president is facing new legal trouble. this time, not related to russia. "the washington post" reporting that the attorneys general of washington, d.c. and maryland, two democrats, are slated to announce a major lawsuit against the president as early as this afternoon. alleging that he violated anti-corruption clauses in the constitution, by accepting millions in payments and benefits from foreign governments since moving into the white house. essentially breaking his promise to keep his private business interests separate from his public role as president. it comes as president trump spent the weekend away from the white house, at one of the properties in new jersey, seen here crashing a wedding reception saturday night. on sunday, back on twitter,
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attacking fired fbi director james comey as a leaker, with this swipe -- totally illegal. very cowardly. that outburst targeting comey, after he testified last thursday that he would see what the fbi could do when the president asked him to back off michael flynn. >> it was kind of a slightly cowardly way of trying to avoid telling him we're not going to do that. >> reporter: this morning, the president is facing mounting pressure, some from his own party. >> you're your own worst enemy, mr. president. knock it out. you may be the first president in history to go down because you can't stop inappropriately talking about an investigation that if you were just quiet would clear you. >> reporter: top democrats pouncing on the president's willingness to testify under oath. >> 100%. >> he said he would testify. so i'm inviting him to come testify. and we can work that out. >> reporter: while mr. trump denies telling comey to drop the fin investigation, his own son appeared to confirm comey's version of the events. >> when he tells you to do something, there's no ambiguity
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in it. there's no hey, i'm hoping. you and i are friends, i hope this happens. but you have to do your job. that's what he told comey. >> reporter: while the president's allies are insisting they should close the book on the russia investigation, in fact, it's only heating up. attorney general jeff sessions expected in the hot seat tomorrow, agreeing to appear before the senate intelligence committee. this morning, it's still unclear whether that testimony by jeff sessions will take place in public or behind closed doors. sessions recused himself from overseeing the russia-related investigations, when he admitted to having two meetings with the russian ambassador during the trump campaign. investigators right now are trying to nail down whether there may have been a third undisclosed meeting. sessions' aides strongly deny that happened. >> we're joined by nicolle wallace and nbc's steve corn yaek. good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> nicole, i'll start with you. sessions testimony is interesting, we'll get to that
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in a minute. the president himself raised the specter of testifying. he was asked whether he would testify under oath about the incidents james comey testified. that is a good idea? >> it's not a good idea -- if you love him or hate him, he has a very loose relationship with the truth. he trotted out birtherism for many, many years. and he came back and said never mind. he had his aides go out and argue a dem straebl -- demonstrably false fact about the number of people at his inauguration. it's one thing in a political theater, where his supporters say he's blowing up a convention. it's another thing entirely in a court of law where you lie or say something one time and say something different another, it's called perjury. >> steve, one of nicolle's old colleagues in the white house, ari fleisher, said effectively over the weekend to donald trump, stop talking. you're walking into a, quote, giant perjury trap. how much could these comments, these tweets, these public statements come back to haunt him? >> yeah, no, what he's saying,
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what nicole is saying is true. if he presses forward with this, if he ends up under oath, says something that could be contradicted later on, it could be a perjury situation. i think one thing we have to keep in mind is this is ultimately still a political question. think of the last president impeached, bill clinton. there was no dispute from his supporters and offenders it was perjury. did the perjury rise to an impeachable level. and it was a political dispute. democrats said no. republicans said no. republicans could impeach him, couldn't remove him. i think that same dynamic would stick here. >> let's talk about the attorney general. it's reported that he will be testifying in some fashion before the senate intelligence committee. what is at stake here? why is it important for him to get out there and clear the air? >> the public versus private is key. you can understand why sessions wants this in private. you already know he's going to face withering questions from democrats about those two meetings he failed to disclose. now, we have word potentially in
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the private session last week, comey said there was a third meeting. we're getting denials from sessions people. that would be a point of emphasis. if he denies it or there's nothing there, he has explaining to do as it is. >> i want to ask you about tapes. are there tapes? are there not tapes? the president with a cryptic statement a couple of days ago. director comey said i hope there are tapes. >> if there's tapes, we probably would have seen them. he loves the tease. the tv man loves the tease. if there were tapes, we would have seen them teased up. i think if there are tapes it would more likely corroborate what comey's version of the events are than trump's. comey is a prosecutor who took notes for the purpose of remembering his own actual experience in an investigation or interrogation. i think the fact we're talking about, yeah, he's likely to perjure himself but it won't lead to impeachment suggestion that week after week the bar keeps moving. it keeps getting lower and lower
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for this white house. maybe he'll perjure himself but he won't get impeached over it. it's an extraordinary time. >> something tells me we'll see you again this week, guys. thanks again. also breaking at the white house overnight, president trump's wife, melania trump and son, barron, now officially have made the move to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. nbc's white house correspondent, kristen welker, has more on that story. kristen, good morning. >> willie, good morning to you. speculation has been mounting about when the first lady would move in. now, it's official. she's here with son barron. sources tell nbc news she's been preparing the residence for quite some time. it's a new chapter for a first lady who broke with tradition by waiting months to make the white house her home. this morning, the first lady, president trump's wife melania and there 11-year-old son barron waking up in the white house. the official move to 1600 pennsylvania avenue coming 4 1/2 months after the president took office. on twitter, the first lady posting this picture overlooking the washington monument, saying she is looking forward to the memories we'll make in our new home.
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#movingday. the photo appears to be taken from inside the executive residence looking out over the truman balcony on the south lawn. the first family arrived together on sunday stepping off "air force one" at joint base andrews after spending the weekend at trump national golf club in new jersey. baron is the first boy to live in the white house since 1963, when john f. kennedy jr. was just four years old. he was playing with a fidget spinner when he arrived. and wearing a t-shirt that said "the expert." for months, the first lady chose to stay at trump tower in new york city so barron could finish the school year. >> barron, thank you very much for being here. >> this morning "the washington post" is reporting barron will be attending the private st. andrews episcopal school in maryland. barron's grandparents also arrived with the family at the white house.
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there are reports the couple may help care for him in much the same way michelle obama's mother looked after sasha and malia, when president obama was in the white house. but the couple is not expected to move full-time to d.c. the first lady has kept a relatively low profile so far. she did increase her visibility last month when she joined her husband on his first foreign trip. now, all eyes will see if she takes on a larger role as she and son barron settle in there new home. kristen, wil. >> kristen welker. thanks. a lot more to get to, including a frightening sight on a passenger plane. look at this, a hole in a casing from sydney to shanghai. it forced the crew to turn back and make an emergency landing. gadi schwartz, with the latest on this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. thankfully no one was hurt on board this flight. but the midair emergency caused some terrifying moments for passengers onboard. this morning, stunning images of a massive hole ripped into the
7:13 am
engine casing of a plane that took off from sydney, australia, sunday. >> engine number one. >> roger. anymore information? >> we need to maintain heading. >> maintain present heading. climb to 5,000. >> reporter: officials from china eastern airlines say the flight was bound for shanghai, and an hour after takeoff was forced to turn back to sydney after the crew observed the abnormal situation of the left engine. >> it took off by normal. all of a sudden, some of our friends with us smelled burning. didn't think of it really, but all of a sudden it got loud. >> the cabin crew went out and told us to fasten our seat belt. and they tried to calm us down. we were actually very panicked, because we had no idea what's happening. >> reporter: as most announcements onboard were made in chinese, some english-speaking passengers say they struggled to get details. but they are thankful for the
7:14 am
safe landing. >> they did translate. yeah, initially when they were giving instructions, i didn't know what was happening. i was a bit concerned. i'm glad we're safe. i feel blessed it wasn't much worse than it looked. >> reporter: the plane is being examined at the sydney airport, where safety officials are examining the cause of the damage. wil, savannah, back to you. >> that's a scary one. thank you. more high drama expected today at bill cosby's sexual assault trial. his defense team begins presenting his case this morning. the cosby spokesman says the comedian may take the stand. stephanie gosk was outside of the philadelphia courthouse for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. you're right. he showed up with his wife by his side. it's the first day to make an appearance. he was trying to protect her
7:15 am
from mayhem and media. this morning the defense will start to present its case. the big question on everyone's mind is whether or not bill cosby himself will testify. it had seemed unlikely. and then, a spokesperson said all options remain on the table. this comes after the prosecution presented its case last week, 12 witnesses. some of that dramatic testimony. you had andrea constand, the alleged victim, who was really unflappable, unfazed even in the face of a tough cross-examination. but the most dramatic moment was her mom, who was both emotional and angry. the defense tried to put a crack in that impression left in the courtroom but they had a really hard time doing it. wil, savannah, back to you guys. >> as you say, we'll see if cosby himself takes the stand. stephanie, thanks. now to reports of a possible shake-up at uber. according to "new york times"
7:16 am
ceo travis kalanick may take a temporary leave of absence. the board of directors voted to adopt all the recommendations made by u.s. attorney general eric holder and his investigation of widespread sexual harassment at that company. the recommendations will be released to employees on tuesday. last week uber announced it had fired 20 employees in connection with harassment. >> as we mentioned at the top of the show, congratulations in order for pittsburgh penguins. >> score! >> the pens beat the national predators 2-0 last night to win the stanley cup for the second straight year. they're the nhl's first repeat champions since the detroit red wings went back-to-back in 1998. both pittsburgh's goals came in the final two minutes of the game. now, the penguins are hoisting the stanley cup trophy for the fifth time in franchise history. this was classic playoff hockey. it was 0-0, until the last couple minutes.
7:17 am
knocks the goal off the back of the nashville goalie into the net, and they raise the cup again. >> it's incredible you watch the whole match only to get to the final two minutes for it to happen. >> as good as it gets in the world of hockey. >> as we look at the rest of the country there's a lot going on as well. some severe storms to talk about in the plains. we'll get to that in a little bit. tropical downpours in the gulf. out west not bad, to the southwest and a few showers in the western plains. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. [burke] and we covered it, november sixth, two-thousand-nine. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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good monday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall as we look at the golden gate bridge, all clear there. we're seeing clouds still lingering for the inland areas. in san francisco, expect a high of 63 degrees. temperatures warming up through the week. it will be fairly mild heading into the weekend. the inland valleys will be very hot. starting out with some cool weather today, then look at the weekend. we'll be in the mid 90s by friday and saturday. and heading into sunday as well as next week. >> and and that is your latest weather. savannah? >> all right, al, thank you. coming up, some new developments in that alleged fraternity hazing at penn state. are prosecutors about to show for the first time video from that fateful night. then new cases of passenger planes encountering severe turbulence on a new rosen reports. what you can do to stay safe and calm on your next flight. first, this is "todayon nbc."
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now's your chance at completely clear skin. just ask your doctor about taltz. 7:26 on your monday morning. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. it all comes down to this for the warriors, the bay area basketball fans. a win tonight at home at oracle arena, and it's the second nba championship in three years. but the warriors must conquer the cleveland cavaliers who came up strong with their backs against the wall in game four. winning on the warriors home court would be sweet. they won it all two years ago on the road in cleveland. king james and the cavs came back to steal the crown. let's see what happens tonight. >> in the meantime, a cool start to our monday morning. here's kari. >> it will be a cool start to the week as well. now looking at temperatures as you get ready to head out in the
7:27 am
mid 50s with clouds, especially for the inland areas. seeing some clearing for san francisco. at 53 degrees there. and 49 degrees in the north bay. looking at high temperatures this afternoon reaching into the mid 70s for santa rosa. oakland up to 65 degrees, and 70 for san jose. palo alto expect a high of 67 degrees. it will all be about the heat-up we'll feel as we go through the week in the mid 70s for san francisco, in the inland valleys, from the upper 60s today to 95 on sunday. what's happening on the roadways. >> what you would expect as we ease into the summer months. a lighter summertime flow shows up. we're focusing over here toward southbound 680 and alamo. we have a crash which may have just cleared from the roadway. see a little recovery off the walnut creek interchange. and good recovery from san pab low into richmond. the bay bridge toll plaza has backup and metering lights.
7:28 am
>> we'll be back with another local news update in a half hour. see you then.
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♪ they're playing my song. 7:30 now. monday morning, the 12th of june. 2017. cool heads in our control room inside studio 1a feeling good. but a lot of us around the country are going to be feeling the heat if we step outside today. >> we've been waiting patiently for this to get here, though, right? >> you can't complain when we asked for it. >> begged for it. >> it feels good right now. >> that intemperatures heat wave begins our headlines this morning. 155 million people will see above normal temperatures from the southern plains to east coast. the mid-atlantic and northeast. we'll get to al's full forecast in just a moment. breaking news in the world of business this morning. general electric chairman and
7:31 am
ceo announcing he will step down from the company. john flanry will take over. that starts on august 1st. and it was a big, big night for evan hanson honoring the best of broadway. won six awards including best musical, best musical, best performance by a leading actor in a musical. the other notable winners of the night included kevin klein and b bette midler. she gave quite a speech and we'll talk more about that speech a little bit later. we'll turn now to a story we've been following closely. an alleged fraternity hazing that happened at penn state. the student charged in connection with the death of timothy piazza and his parent will come face-to-face in the courtroom. >> savannah, today we're expecting to see a key piece of evidence that had not been
7:32 am
revealed publicly before. prosecutors plan to play three hours of video of the last few hours of timothy piazza's life. this morning most of the 18 fraternity brothers facing charges related to timothy piazza alcohol-fueled death are heading to court. among those facing the most serious charges, including aggravated assault. in an exclusive interview with "today" his lawyer says he never handed any alcohol to piazza that night and not involved in the discussions whether to call for help. >> it's a tragic situation. just because somebody is deceased and it's sad doesn't mean that everyone who was even in any room at any time should be held criminally accountable. >> reporter: piazza's blood alcohol level was four times the legal limit when he tumbled down a flight of stairs in february. >> we have a friend who's unconscious. >> reporter: it would be 12 hours before anyone called 911.
7:33 am
>> no one should consume that much alcohol. that's torture. >> reporter: his parents spoke to matt last month. >> so, those 12 hours that he was left on a couch, on the floor, wherever it was in that fraternity house when no one picked up the phone and called 911. that is what made the difference. >> yes. >> yeah. it killed him. >> reporter: the charges against joseph sala include involuntary manslaughter and they deny he had any contact with piazza that night and a penn state employee should be held more responsible. >> he was in the house. at no time did he ever say you can't do this. this is improper. >> this attempt to blame somebody who had no hand in what happened is just proof, i guess, of how far some of these defendants should go to try to exonerate themselves. >> reporter: penn state declined to comment. earlier this month the board of trustees voted on reforms
7:34 am
including taking more control of tightening restrictions on social events and pushing back recruitment until later in the school year. the piazza family said that's not nearly enough. >> this death of this young man serves as a wake-up call to american universities. >> timothy piazza's parents plan to be inside this courthouse today and eight of the fraternity brothers are charged with involuntary manslaughter and charged with tampering with evidence and, guys, they have not entered pleas. >> all right, gabe, we'll continue to keep an eye on it. we mentioned the heat wave across the country. a lot of red, yellow and orange. >> yeah. we've got some severe weather to talk about, as well, today. especially out through the plains. we've got this threat today. especially a moderate risk from wyoming on into the dakotas and nebraska. damaging storms likely. large hail and tornadoes. and it extends by tomorrow
7:35 am
stretching from parts of, i should say minnesota all the way down into nebraska, omaha and we're also looking at iowa, as well. for possibilities of tornadoes. double barrel low pressure system stretching out. that severe threat east of the rockies today right on into tomorrow. it's a slow mover with a severe risk for the plains tonight into tomorrow. we're looking at plenty of sunshine in the northeast with the heat wave stretching from the mid-atlantic coast on into the northwest. severe storms in the plains and looking for tropical down good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. enjoy the and cool start to the week. we're going to see the hightures today in the low 60s in san francisco. but by the end of the week into the weekend, feeling much warmer. especially for the inland valleys. we'll see the temperatures cooler than average today and kni quickly warming up through the weekend. friday, 92 degrees and sunday
7:36 am
also very hot. hot weather for the weekend after a cool weekend. so it looks like we'll see highs in the mid 90s by sunday. get your full forecast any time you need it. go to the weather channel on cable. >> excellent, al. just ahead, chilling video of a south carolina woman's rescue after she was kidnapped and held captive in a shipping container by confessed serial killer. first, we are helping people overcome a big fear. >> hi, good morning. i'm jeff rosen. are you scared of flying? the people here say they can cure you by using this state of the art simulator. simple tips you can use on your next flight to calm yourself down. i'm getting onboard to show you, next. you know how your hair tangles the minute you wash it?
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for quality and purity standards. and because i recommend them as a pharmacist. nature made, the #1 pharmacist recommended vitamin and supplement brand. we' we're back at 7:40. this morning on rosen reports. new cases of turbulence throwing airline passengers from their seats. >> what should you do when turbulence strikes? jeff rosen is here to help us
7:41 am
out with all of this. >> here to help and actually new cases of turbulence back in the news to report to you this morning. turbulence so severe passengers called it a free fall just before landing. nine passengers were injured there. then on another flight on another airline passengers were bounced around on a rough patch of air so bad that even the flight attendants screamed. imagine how scary that is. all these headlines enough to make anyone nervous to fly. experts say there are simple things to do to fight the fear. this morning we are bordering a special turbulent simulator to show you. >> my producer is terrified of flying. >> the turbulence is getting worse. my heart is racing right now. the plane just dropped. >> reporter: take off in flight, landing every bump and noise giving her sky-high anxiety. >> i feel really stressed, panicked. my palms are sweaty. >> reporter: she is not alone.
7:42 am
more than 20 million people have aviophobia, fear of flying. and recent cases of extreme turbulence like this don't help. horrified passengers tossed around on this flight to dallas. >> someone said we dropped at least 1,000 feet. >> reporter: and just weeks ago severe turbulence striking this flight to bangkok. out of no where, carts crashing, people thrown to the ground. a nightmare for fearful fliers. so what can you do so your fears don't keep you grounded? you come here to air hollywood. this is a state of the art facility where they say they can cure your fear of flying. they take nervous fliers through the whole experience from the waiting area where they get nervous all the way to the airplane. let's be honest, what are most people nervous about? turbulence. they have this real life
7:43 am
turbulence simmialator. so, they bring the nervous fliers like this on to the plane and as you can see, this looks like a real airplane. we're going to try this out today with my producer, jovana. our real-life nervous flier to see if we can cure her. flying with her on all our stories is pretty much a nightmare. this is captain ron nielson a 40-year veteran. you can cure her with simple tips and the people at home. >> absolutely. >> let's give it a shot. first up. take off and those engines revving. >> normally i would tell you to breathe but now i want you to try something different. tightening everything up. >> for how long? >> 30 seconds. >> as the plane is rolling down the runway. >> now, i want you to let go. you're releasing all those chemicals and notice how you feel calm during this part. that's what you need to do to break that.
7:44 am
now, you can go back to your breathing. >> reporter: great tip. but what about turbulence. for this next tip, the special turbulent simmialator starts shaking. >> there is a quick, easy tip you can do. put the pen in the opposite hand you normally use and keep writing your name. >> what does this do? >> it causes her to focus extra hard on what she's doing and not on the turbulence and the second thing it is actually crossing over her motor function in her brain and we're disrupting the thinking. >> reporter: she tries it writing her name with the opposite hand over and over as the plane bounces. is this really helping you? >> it's crazy. i never thought this would actually help but it's pulling my brain away from the turbulence completely. >> grab a drinking straw and start breathing through it. if you don't have a drinking straw to restrict the amount of
7:45 am
air, it's going to cause you to get light headed and feel worse than when you started. >> this helps? >> that helps. >> yeah, savannah saying that's how she gets through work most days. it's important to mention turbulencean anccannot bring a down. pilots say it never will because airports are to withstand more force than severe turbulence can ever bring. we have been on several flights since then, it's not completely gone, but she said especially the writing with the other hand has really helped her. she's come a long way. >> i am going to try that. >> good to know that about the turbulence. if you're afraid, you think this is the beginning of something. >> the wing tests. they put the wings like this. turbulence cannot bring a plane down. >> thank you so much. let us say hello to carson. good morning. >> if you take that straw and then put it right in a cocktail. that also does a little.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
♪ we're back. that's katy perry, sleeping right now. this is part of her four-day nonstop youtube live stream. she told natalie all about it. we're going to have more on that. for four days, she's going to let cameras in. can you imagine? >> how can she sleep with that music? >> i don't know. she likes to keep a dance beat going. >> live stream is mostly drool so far. so far. going to get better. carson is in the orange room. hi. >> i want to watch that. i spent the hours watching the giraffe give birth. the awkward yearbook photo, we all have them. i'm sure we have some that look like this. here's your typical smile. a big grin.
7:51 am
a few gaps. this is the portrait for an 8-year-old for a class photo. when his mom got the pictures in the mail, here's what showed up at home. a little different. photoshop, everybody. there's the before and after. the boy's mom had to do a double-take. she said, i thought he had teeth. she wrote this. this is a kid that didn't lose a tooth until he was almost 7. he's not embarrassed by the gaps and wonky teeth. he's excited because lost tooth equals gold coins. >> some of the photos i treasure most of my children are the ones with missing teeth. the photo company has apologized for the digital dennistry that they've been accused for not photoshopping, messy hair and stains. >> untouched, baby, all the way. >> look at this photo of savannah. >> untouched. >> this is fully photoshopped. >> exactly. >> she has zero teeth. >> that's cute. >> look another those cheeks. >> that's a keeper, right?
7:52 am
>> that's a keeper. >> let's check back in on katy perry. >> is she still sleeping? i wish i had that in my house. >> look at that bed. >> how many cameras are in there? >> is that a round bed? >> and the same song. coming up, are you tired of your kids' temper before fibromyalgia, i was a doer. i was active. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more test.
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good monday morning. it is now 7:56, as we see the sunshine looking at outer sunset and 56 degrees. a cooler start to the day and clouds inland, looking at sunol, mostly cloudy. high temperatures reaching into the lower 70s for livermore, san jose and concord. mostly 60s from oakland to palo alto and san francisco and over the next few days our temperatures will be warming up. that will be the big headline. in the mid 70s for san francisco over the weekend. the inland valleys will be heating up into the mid 90s after this cool start to the week. our temperatures going up several degrees each day. it looks like we'll see several days of highs in the 90s heading into next week. for now, an update on the roadways. let's head to mike. >> you have more red on yours than on my map. a smooth flow of traffic around most of the bay.
7:57 am
there is a little extra slowing west 580 at coolidge, a crash that may have cleared in the last couple minutes. the warren freeway, west, as the road ways go north. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are still on and we see san jose and west 237 slowing down toward the 101 merge, but a lighter flow overall. >> thank you very much. 7:57. happening now, mourners in florida remember the 49 people killed in last year's pulse nightclub terror attack. it happened one year ago today. on our home page, how the city of orlando is paying tribute. >> defense attorneys in the bill cosby sexual assault trial rest their case. the comedian has decided not to testify. on our facebook page, an update on the busy day in court. >> warriors fans gearing up for a busy night. another chance to win the nba championship. time at home at oracle arena. warriors leading three games to
7:58 am
one. i'll see you in half an hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, chilling rescue caught on camera. >> down here, i'll never see him again. >> video shows the moment police found and freed kayla brown, the woman handcuffed and chained in a shipping container for two months. an inside look at how she survived. plus, katy perry gets candid. sitting down with natalie as she live streams her life on the internet. >> this is natalie morales from nbc. >> opening up about her past, her new music and the feud with taylor swift. >> all i want to say to her is i love her and god bless her on her journey. and midler's moment. >> shut that crap off.
8:01 am
>> as she >> shut that crap off. >> as she nabs a tony award, she steals the show once again. proving that bette bows for no one. monday, june 12th, 2017. [ cheers ] ♪ >> i see a birthday. whose birthday is it? >> mine. >> your dad's cooking. >> i submitted him two weeks ago. >> is he going to be the best in the bunch? >> absolutely. >> your dad's cooking, too? >> he's going to win. >> one, two, three, four, five, six. six sisters in new york. who is celebrating 13? >> all of us. ♪ >> they are sure it's going to be 95 degrees today, i think.
8:02 am
right, here in new york city? >> finally. >> we have willie in for matt. it's going to be a hot one. >> in addition to the heat, we're going to turn on grills today. >> get our father's day barbecue on. start with your news at 8:00. the senate russia investigation heating up with attorney general jeff sessions set to testify tomorrow before the intelligence committee. in the meantime, the president has been slamming former fbi director james comey over what he told that same panel. nbc's kristen welker is at the white house with all the headlines. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. president trump may be facing another controversy. this time, according to "the washington post," the attorneys general of washington, d.c. and maryland, both democrats, are expected to announce a major lawsuit against the president as early as today. the suit alleges that the president violated anti-corruption clauses in the constitution by accepting millions of dollars in payments and benefits from foreign governments since moving into the white house. the president is back here in d.c., after spending the weekend at his golf resort in
8:03 am
b b bedminster, new jersey. mr. trump, again taking to twitter over the weekend, to attack ousted fbi director james comey, for leaking information. comey said the president urged him to drop the investigation into michael flynn and asked for a loyalty pledge. the president has denied both actions. this morning, his daughter told fox news, "my father felt very vindicated and feels optimistic. meanwhile, the russia probe is heating up. jeff sessions is expected to testify tomorrow before the senate intelligence committee, although that may be a closed session. and this morning, there are two new residents here at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. first lady melania trump and son, barron, moved in over the weekend. she waited nearly five months to make that move so that barron could finish his school year. a dreadful crime is back in the news this morning. prosecutors have released images
8:04 am
of kala brown, the woman that was held captive last fall by a serial killer who murdered her boyfriend. kerry sanders has the story. >> reporter: it's unimaginable. behind the doors of this shipping container, police frantically working to cut the locks. >> y'all move. >> reporter: kala brown sits alone in darkness. >> we're going to get you out of there. >> reporter: handcuffed, chained to the wall. she's been held captive like this for more than two months. >> you're okay. we're here, okay? >> reporter: the container was found in rural spartanburg, south carolina. police had no idea anyone was inside until they heard kala screaming. sergeant brandon letterman was one of the first in. >> you ask yourself what kind of human being can do this to another human. >> reporter: the answer is this man, todd kohlhepp. investigators found three bodies on his property, including kala's boyfriend.
8:05 am
kala told her rescuers what happened. >> todd kul kohlhepp shot charlie three times in the chest. put him in the bucket of the tractor. locked me down here. i never seen him again. >> reporter: it took bolt cutters to free kala. later in an ambulance, she talked about her captor. >> he said, "i'm going to take care of you." >> reporter: kohlhepp confessed to murdering the three people on his property and four others. >> i screwed up. can't fix it. >> reporter: he is serving life without parole. three months after her ordeal, a different kala described her dramatic rescue to dr. phil. >> all i remember is it felt like a weight had been lifted. calm just washed over me. i was just there. i was free. and i was just ready to get off that property. >> reporter: for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news. >> she is an incredibly brave woman.
8:06 am
in other news now, a construction worker is recovering after a harrowing ordeal 15 stories above the ground. two men were working on the tower of a condominium in sarasota, florida, when a line holding his scaffold snapped. that left him dangling in the air. after a little more than an hour, firefighters were able to pull the men safely on to the roof. one was taken to the hospital but is expected the be okay. and a follow-up to a heartbreaking story we told you about last week. the tragedy has served as life-saving lesson. you'll remember the parents of a 4-year-old texas boy told us their son was knocked down by a wave. he seemed to be okay, got up. he ended up dying from what's known as dry drowning. that's from ingesting a small amount of water into his lungs. now a colorado father is thanking that couple for sharing his story. his 2-year-old became ill after a swimming trip. he looked up the dry drowning symptoms on line. he saw the story about the texas child. he got his boy to the emergency
8:07 am
room in time to save his life. so sometimes we do those stories and we think they are so heartbreaking and horrible. and you hear about somebody that learns something. >> remember the parents, they broke our hearts. they said, we're going to speak out because we want to save another family from our heartache. and they did it. >> it happened. >> that's incredible. we have a lot more for you this morning, including natalie with a revealing interview with katy perry. then "late night's" seth meyers is up early with us. >> seth is here. >> what? >> he doesn't quite know why he's here. it's going to be great. >> he'll explain to us. and what bette midler did to steal the show at the tonys. and ahead of father's day, we're giving deserving dads a personal grilling lesson live on the plaza. first, these messages. ♪ ♪
8:08 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ there's a party outside. it's such a beautiful day out here. we have a look at katy perry.
8:11 am
still sleeping. >> still? >> near the tail end of a 90-hour live stream on youtube. we talk to katy about that and a whole lot more. natalie, good morning. >> a girl needs her beauty sleep, right? she set up that "big brother" style house, outfitted with cameras, to give fans a glimpse into her life. she is allowing all of us to witness her every move. and over the weekend, i paid katy a visit. >> natalie, hi. welcome. >> reporter: i love the doorbell. >> this is natalie morales, everybody, from nbc. >> reporter: after introducing me to her fans watching youtube, katy took me on a tour of the place she is calling home for 96-straight hours. >> this is where i get my glam done. >> reporter: awesome. >> i'll show you where i sleep. >> reporter: how are you able to sleep with people watching you? >> well, i don't think about it.
8:12 am
>> reporter: we sat down for a chat. and i asked her about the emotional therapy session she chose to share with her fans. >> i so badly want to be kathlyn hudson that i don't want to look like katy perry anymore sometimes. and that's a little bit of why i cut my hair is because i really want to be my authentic self. >> reporter: people saw a side of katy perry they never knew was there. >> i was letting go of this thing i created, which is a more exaggerated version of me. for a long time, i didn't feel like old katheriryn hudson from suburb was enough. i had to create a character of myself. and she's done really well. >> reporter: you did admit to
8:13 am
having suicidal thoughts. how long ago was it when you were in that dark place, though? >> it's not been the one time that i felt really low. and you know, i have my own addictions that i struggle with, whether that's lover, or substance or things like that. you know, it's up and down. or like attention. you know, i get so much attention. and that can become addiction. >> reporter: at the moment, perry is in a good place, during her four-day continuous youtube live stream, she's on track to reach a record 100 million twitter followers. and her new album "witness" is number one on itunes in over 40 countries. >> each song is like a micromessage. they're all chapters in my book that are still being written. some are empowerment. some are liberation. some are just pure escapism because you need that sometimes. >> bon appetit. sexual liberation. ♪ bon appetit, baby
8:14 am
>> reporter: you talked so much about growing up. a devout christian, as your parents as preachers. what was their reaction to "bon appetit"? >> well, my parents are great. and i love them so much. i cry sometimes thinking about how much i love them. they don't agree with some of the things i do. and they do wish that i could do other things. and i just have to say, you are your own person. i am my own person. and my intentions are pure. >> reporter: a lot of people looking into the meanings of lyrics and what it means to you. >> yes. >> reporter: "swish swish." what is that about? is it about a person someone? >> it's not about someone in particular. i said that on the record. ♪ you're calculating i got your number ♪ >> reporter: it sounds like you're in a response to someone, taylor swift. and that's been a constant -- >> that might be your story. but my story, which i know is
8:15 am
true for me, i've not had one person bully me or met one troll. all i need to say to her is, i love her. and god bless her on her journey. and that's it. >> reporter: so, her releasing her back catalog on music on streaming services the same day your album -- >> i don't know. >> reporter: didn't bother you? >> i don't know. i can only do me. >> reporter: keeping busy, she's add the tigtle of "american ido" judge to her resume, when the show returns next fall. now, the superstar is focused on her concert dates, here, the u.s. and canada and europe. >> i'm excited about going on tour and meeting people for them and being a witness for them. i feel like i've been witness and witnessed the whole time in this interview. we're in the witness of witness of witness. >> reporter: katy perry, check her out on tour. "witness," happening now. >> thank you. >> reporter: it was a candid
8:16 am
katy perry. it's been interesting and revealing watching that live stream that ends later on today, with a live concert, from a secret location, somewhere here in los angeles. but if you do want to find out more about her world tour and how you can get tickets, check out her website do you think the feud with taylor is over? >> i don't know. you tell us, gnanat. >> we hope so, right? i would any she's spreading the love. she's extending the olive branch again. we'll see what taylor has to say about that. >> yeah. good interview, natalie. >> thanks, guys. >> seth meyers has good insights into that feud. he's going to get into that in a moment. >> god willing, our national nightmare is over. first, let's go to the weather. >> all righty. let's check things out and see what's going on and see how folks are dealing with all this heat. i'm almost -- the mystic mafia. from mystic, connecticut? >> pensacola, florida.
8:17 am
>> what's the mystic deal? >> we're a mardi gras krewe. >> it's toasty. we have a spring heat wave, from minneapolis to memphis, to ch charlotte, to norfolk. going from the record from portland, oregon -- portland, maine, burlington, all the way to i-95 down to washington, d.c. could see some records. high heat, as well. so, the heat index is into the low 90s to near 100, from minneapolis, to st. louis, new york, and washington, d.c. we also have severe weather possible today, back through the northern plains. we got damaging winds, large hail, tornadoes possible. and that extends right into tomorrow. stretching from fargo down to omaha. but a wider swath, all the way to nebraska and up into minnesota and parts of lived in the building - max harris. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we start out with cool temperatures, cooler than where we should be this time of junep
8:18 am
in low 70s for the south bay and inland valleys and for the coast upper 50s to lower 60s. over the next few days we're in for some warming temperatures and it will be nice and comfortable in san francisco with highs in the mid 70s for the inland valleys it's going to be very uncomfortable, downright hot, as our high temperatures reach into the low to mid 90s just in time for the weekend. >> and that is your latest weather. guys? >> thanks, al. look at us outside. should we trend? >> it's beautiful. >> the wonderful seth meyers with us. >> yay. >> so happy to be here. >> we're going to start -- >> where are you going? >> just for a minute. >> you say hello and walk away? >> a question for the crowd. i want parents to raise your hand if you ever check your phone when you're at dinner with your family? be honest. take a look, all the way arnoou. >> everybody. >> you do that? you guys do? how about when you're at the
8:19 am
playground with your kid and you check it. maybe when you're reading a story or feeding the bottle. all right. this is called technofeirence. it says if you do that, your children will start acting out in a way that will have some kind of behavioral problems. tantrums, whining. a friend of mine was on her phone at the beach. and her son got so frustrated with her always texting, she grabbed the phone and took it and threw it. i don't think we realize how much time we're spending. >> they want attention. >> you guys -- >> or they want your phone. >> if my son grabbed my phone and threw it in the ocean, he would be grounded for a month. >> in my defense, my son and i only communicate via text. >> how old is your son? >> 14 months old. >> how is vale with the phone? >> sometimes i'll take the phone out. i got a text. i need to respond.
8:20 am
sometimes just take a picture with your mind. keep the phone away. >> it's become a reflex now. you feel the phone in your pocket. you pick it up and you're reading a book, you tell a story and stop. you almost have to put it away. >> nick is very in tune to nug. the moment i go for it. dad, no phones. no phones. >> that's interesting what the study said. it affects the kids and their behavior. >> makes sense. >> it incentivizes my child to be more interesting. look. i can go to this phone. you have to tell better stories. >> it's tough in the meyers house old. >> give me a reason to pay attention to you. you're going to go to "pop start." >> the legendary actor stole the tony awards last night. she won best actress for musical "hello dolly." how did bette cut down her speech? she didn't. she ignored the cue music and
8:21 am
kept on going. >> melanie moore. taylor trench. oh, my god. i'm losing it the wait a second. i have teachers just like you do. and will burton, i think jill hatter, who keeps me from falling off the ledge twice a day. i think maeve. i think maddie. i think my beloved osmond. and i just want to say, i just want to say -- i just want to say -- shut that crap off. i just want to say -- i just want to say -- >> that speech clocked in at 1 hour and 17 seconds. you can watch it online in its entirety. now, looking at cameron diaz. she attended gwyneth paltrow's goop health and wellness conference. and she was asked why she took a three-year break from acting. she said, i can't really say who i am to myself, which is a hard
8:22 am
thing to face up to. i felt the need to make myself whole. camera diaz saying she decided to take some time to slow down. and finally, tom brady. the new england patriots awarded their championship rings over the weekend. why wear one ring when you can wear five. that's right. tom brady, a five-time super bowl champion, wore all of his championship rings on one hand at a party over the weekend. and the championship ring has 283 diamonds, you might recall. the paths were down when the game scored, 28-3. and engraved inside, are the words greatest comeback ever. that's your "pop start" today. >> what a stud, though. >> so good something good finally happened for him. about time. >> he caught a break. >> you -- >> maybe he will meet a nice girl one of these days. >> he'll land on his feet. the "daly clip." >> we have a video from a delta
8:23 am
fight. everybody had a smile on their place. jimmy carter, on a flight from atlanta to washington, before taking a seat, he goes and shakes hands with every person onboard. a secret service agent following closely behind the former president as he made his way down the aisle there, smiling the entire time. apparently this is something that carter does often when he boards airplanes. it's a nice change of pace from the videos we've seen with a lot of fists flying and yelling. carter has to be the master of the handshake. he does it there well. after a lifetime in politics, he's got that one down. i don't know what took longer, bette midler's speech at the tonies or the handshaking at the delta flight. >> i saw president carter on friday. he looks great. he's doing really well right now. >> class act. speaking of class acts, seth meyers. you're up so early. >> this is fine. this is normal. when you have a child this, is normal. >> you're sleeping in. i'll leave the house. >> it's great. >> what's shaking with the show?
8:24 am
>> you know, same old, same old. but it's a really interesting time to be doing a show about politics. we never worry about not having content to talk about. >> did you end up changing the show late? >> a lot of stuff happens later in the day than we are used to. we have an agile staff. they do a good job pulling it together. >> your opening monologue has become the staple of the show. and i imagine your time at "snl" comes in handy. >> more than anything, learning on the fly with this show, and having as many repetitions, as you know. doing something every day as opposed to once a week, you get hours doing it. >> you had cool guests, obviously. somebody you're jonesing for? saying i need this person on? >> you know, sean spicer, i keep saying -- >> i think sean spicer has the hardest job in america. and i have a lot of questions about it. as far as me -- people say, do you have to change your stories at the last minute?
8:25 am
i can't imagine what his day is like in the ten minutes before he goes out to give a press conference. what could break and change his entire outlook. >> how tough is it walking that fine line? >> i don't know. i don't think we think about it as a fine line so much. we -- i mean, we obviously have a lot of discussions about taste and what we're aiming to get out there. but you know, we try to have integrity to our work and hopefully it comes across. >> "late night with seth meyers" 12:35 a.m., following jim mmy fallon on nbc. >> great fun trending with you. >> come back. >> i'll be here tomorrow. al, a look at the weather? >> it's not that hard finding fellow dads who love to drigril. it's coming up on father's day. how do you pull off the ultimate backyard barbecue? we talk to mr. tim love. you're doing great barbecue. >> amazing barbecue and amazing
8:26 am
dads. >> bring them out, yeah. the ultimate dad barbecue cookoff. first, your local news and weather. thank you for watching.i )m ... susp pkg 700 block of market a very good morning to you. 8:26. i'm laura garcia cannon. we do have breaking news this morning out of san francisco. we understand the 700 block of market near third street, that's right near the fountain this morning there have been reports of a suspicious package. san francisco police are responding to the scene. we have nbc bay area's chopper sky ranger that is headed to the scene as well to bring you more information. want to check in with mike inouye to see if this is affecting traffic at all. >> market as folks know towards third and fourth is a critical portion of that main roadway to and from the embarcadero. that's the demarcation we call this, the sonoma district, anywhere else is north.
8:27 am
that is definitely affecting muni inbound and outbound service between third and fourth and the surface street traffic as well. we continue to follow that. police activity for a suspicious package between third and fourth on market and san francisco. the rest of your commute aside from the surface streets are moving well, the bay bridge toll plaza has your metering lights on. earlier delays from bart out of the oakland station to west oakland station recovering. minor delays, less than ten minutes and the south bay and east bay looking great towards the peninsula. back to you. >> thank you very much. we'll continue to follow the breaking news another update in a half hour. quin was crazy about curls.
8:28 am
8:29 am
but it took a twist of fate to find a high-end curler at such a head turning price. and that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. ♪
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♪ 8:30, now. a monday morning, 12th of june, 2017. what a great crowd, braving a little bit of sticky heat. it's nice in the shade and a beauti >> we have an awesome crowd. you want to check out some people? come here. i sense some new orleaneans are in the crowd. we've got the marine corps band from new orleans. hi, guys and girls. are you performing? >> we're performing some concerts here on wednesday, thursday and friday. all at 7:00 p.m. if you google you can find out the information. >> you want to give me an ooh-rah? one, two, three -- >> ooh-rah.
8:31 am
[ cheers ] >> how about that? >> very cool. >> what's coming up? jean chatzky is here with creative hacks when it comes to your money and how to save for retirement and emergencies. and an all-star cast and stunt driving at an all new level. sheinelle got to experience both. >> cool. we'll be firing up the grill. seven of them. a whole passel of them for a backyard barbecue lesson with our buddy, mr. tim love. >> it smells like summer. before we get grilling, let's check the weather. >> starting off this week, record highs in the east. a heat wave making its way through the mid plains. and mountain snows in the rockies. a lot of wet weather in the gulf coast. midweek, things will cool off in the northeast. going to be wet with severe storms in the northern plains and the mid-atlantic states. warming up along the east -- the west coast, finally. and toward the end of the week,
8:32 am
looks on the showery side, as we make our way in the eastern half of the country. intense heat through the southwest. probably going to be red flag warnings. and look for more wet weather making its way through the pacific northwest. >> good morning i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a cool start to the week and some clouds starting to mix in. especially for the inland areas. in san francisco expect a high of 63 degrees and 67 tomorrow. as we go through the week our temperatures are warming up and it will be a nice one heading into the weekend along the coast for the inland areas will get really hot. going from the upper 60s today to the upper 80s for the end of the week. 92 on friday and the hottest day of the week will be on sunday seeing highs up to 95 degrees. >> get that weather anytime you need it. check out our friends at the weather channel on cable. savannah? "today money" is brought to you by brighthouse financial. >> all right, al. thanks. if you're like most people, you probably took time this spring
8:33 am
to spruce up your home. you know what else can use a good cleaning? our finances. jean chatzky is here with hacks to help us freshen up our financial future. good morning. >> good morning. >> it's great because americans, we're optimistic. >> we're really optimistic. >> maybe too optimistic? >> when it comes to our finances, we have a lot of research that shows we're a little too positive. if you look at yourself on a scale from one to ten, when it comes to your finances, you should be about an eight. eight are people who have the right protections in place, they save the right amount of money. if you're not, we have hacks to get you there. >> there's four areas we're too financially confident. retirement savings. >> most people believe they are going to be fine in retirement. when we look at the numbers, half of the people have absolutely nothing saved. so the first point is, you want to visualize. you want to see yourself as older. if i'm 30 years old, it's tough
8:34 am
to identify with myself down the road. if i can see that 70-year-old, 80-year-old me, it makes it easier. also, know how you measure up to your peers. there's a lot of tools on the internet. voya has some, fidelity has some. a lot of financial institutions. it shows you where you are in terms of your savings goals, in terms of other people at your age and zip code. and compartmentalize when it comes to your goals. you can do it by the hour. people suggest taking one hour of your day and saying that's the amount you should be saving for retirement. that's about 15% of your income, which is about right. >> okay. now, let's move on to the next bucket, emergency savings. you should have some money in the bank in case of emergencies. such as when the monitor doesn't do what it's supposed to do. >> right. what we want people to do for the emergency savings is get some great apps. you can put them on your phone. so first one we like is called digit. and it links with your bank
8:35 am
accounts and moves money into savings. it has a smart algorithm that figures out how much you can afford to save. >> that's clever. >> people save an average $80 to $170 a month. it costs $2.99 a month. but there's a free trial. next one is acorn. it's like the keep the change card from bank of america. it rounds up to a dollar from what you spend and moves that into an investment account. that's a dollar a month. and the last one is called tip yourself. and it encourages you every time you get into a routine and do something good, maybe you workout, or maybe you spend a little less on coffee, you tip yourself and put the rest into savings. that can be a good way to go. >> the next area is to plan and to have a will. >> that's right. so if you don't have a will, most people actually in this country don't, only 44% do, and the numbers are going down, which is something we don't like to see. consider sitting down with some friends, maybe challenging them.
8:36 am
and saying, hey, next time we go to dinner, the one that doesn't have a will pays the bill. just make an appointment with an attorney. you have it in your calendar you're going to go. or bribe yourself. you're going to go on vacation, you're not getting on that plane until you have that will made. >> one of the things you have to do. a minute left to get into identity theft. that's become more and more of a big issue. >> i can get this to go. but you have to know whether you've been victimized. 60% of people in this country think they haven't been. it's just the opposite. i know it's a strange-looking website. have i been poened. it's not misspelled. there's no "o," it's just p-w-n-e-d. it will tell you if you have been victim of an identity theft sort of an act or a breach. everybody should be using a password manager these days. often, they're built into your browser. but there's others.
8:37 am
dashlane is a good one. if you're not going to use a password manager, passwords have to be 12 characters in length. >> hard to remember. >> that's why the password manager is the way to go. >> no password as password. >> exactly. or one, two, three, four, five, six. >> thank you. you can find tips on our website, coming up next, sheinelle chats with the high school cast of the heist movie "baby driver" and gets caught up in the excitement herself. this is "today" on nbc. ♪ the excitement herself. this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
♪ all right. we're back monday morning. if new movie "baby driver," starring kevin spacey, jamie foxx and jon hamm is an action-packed heist. >> and sheinelle jones got a look behind the scenes. >> not only did i sit down with the rock-star cast, but i got to
8:40 am
experience the other star of the movie, the stunt car. it was quite the ride. >> i'm a driver. >> reporter: "baby driver," an extreme action film with an all-star cast. >> blazing through the film. you got kevin spacey. you didn't know, did you? jon hamm, perfect face. >> you seen this kid move? >> reporter: also lily james -- >> did you just get off? >> reporter: and of course, jamie foxx. >> jon hamm, that face. you seen that face? >> reporter: the fact he's dashingly good looking. >> get away with that face. >> reporter: the film is about a bank heist with kevin spacey as the crime boss. >> people love bank robbery stories. >> reporter: but what makes this story different, it is set to music. >> everything moves to the beat of the music he's listening to. when the cars are weaving in and out of traffic, if there's a drum beat on the track, it's -- it will be nuts.
8:41 am
>> reporter: ansel plays baby, the driver. >> what's it going to be? >> behind the wheel -- >> reporter: we talked family for a bit. jamie's two daughters, corrine who was miss golden globe, and his youngest, little annalise. >> the little one, she's got a record already. >> reporter: and the best part of the day on the set, i got to experience stunt driving with the stuntman who took me on a wild ride. this is jeremy frey. they keep you busy in this movie. >> quite busy. >> reporter: he's going to show us how it's done. >> we'll be right back. >> reporter: oh, my gosh. i told myself i wouldn't scream. ooh. my goodness. oh, my gosh. >> oh, yeah, man.
8:42 am
>> reporter: it was amazing. ♪ the whole cast is super revved up about the film. >> everyone likes a good story at the end of the day. you want to be transported somewhere. and you want to have investment in the story, the characters. and this certainly has that. but it also has the extra level of unique, visual, interesting filmmaking. >> i think this is going to be a very unique way of telling a heist story. >> let me tell you something -- >> did you get hit by a car? >> exactly. >> you're gutsy. >> i'm about to talk about the movie. no, no. the car. credit goes to the stunt drivers. they are -- you know. and this movie, it's all about the action. and it's set to music. it is unique.
8:43 am
it's funky. >> what kind of music? >> hoda, you're going to love it. >> yeah? >> and ansel elgort -- >> a babe? i said that out loud. he's cute. >> i think he's cute. >> and he does the rhythmic thing while they're robbing a bank. >> they're going to call me mrs. robinson because i'm so old. you're right. >> not you're so old. he's so young. >> either way, you're not wrong. >> it's okay. he's dreamy. >> i give you credit, sheinelle. that was gutsy. >> go for jon hamm. "baby driver" in theaters on june 28th. i'm going to grill out on the barbecue. barbecue lessons. we have multiple grills going at once. first, this is "today" on nbc. ut once. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
this portion of "today" is brought to you by walmart.
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walmart, save money, live better. >> this is going to be so good. we're kicking off a new week-long series, getting you ready for father's day. backyard barbecue with al hosting cookouts for deserving dads across the country. today, we're hosting the ultimate grilling session for dads that want to be king of the coals. our guest, here to help guide us, tim love, who is the executive chef of the lonesome dove western bistro in texas and tennessee. good to see you. >> good to see you, al. >> dads, good to see all of you! >> what's up, fellas? >> doing a mixed grill today. >> i got the dads grilling with us at the same time. >> willie will be roving. carson is grilling. what's with the jacket? >> the what? >> the jacket. >> well, i had two minutes. >> nice jacket. >> thank you. >> what are we starting with? >> we have new york strips. everybody has new york strips.
8:47 am
you have some peanut oil with a pastry brush. paint your steak with the peanut oil. we're going to season heavily, okay, with salt and pepper. i say heavily, it's a big steak. you want to season it really well. just like this. and some pepper. a lot. okay? this is very important. you had a big piece of meat and seasoning. flip it over, same time. al, while we're doing this, can you cut that lemon in half for me? >> i sure will. >> fellas, take your lemon and put it on the grill, okay? >> okay. like this. we go on the grill with the steak and the lemon. just like that. lemon goes on the stake. now, the lemon is one of the most important things at the end. want a little grilled citrus at the end. >> all right. >> grilling the shrimp. >> how's it going, carson? >> going good. >> willie, how are you doing? >> got the meat down here. >> roasted garlic, red onions.
8:48 am
a little lime juice. will you add that in, al. >> okay. >> and chili powder. >> nice. >> and mix -- >> all right. >> like this. mix it all up. we add the shrimp in. >> let's check in with willie. >> i have anthony from upstate new york. you went heavy on the pepper, i notice. is that how you do it at home? a lot of spice? >> i like it spicey and hot. >> what's your specialty? >> i love to do ribs. >> you're a rib guy? >> yes. >> do you do a marinade? >> i like to use different spices. different varieties, hawaiian. a little built of everything. i like sweet contrast with spicy. >> mixing it up. >> meantime -- >> we got the shrimp marinaded. >> how long do you keep it in there? >> about an hour. it does have citrus. you don't want to cook it too much. >> right. >> then, this is important -- when you skewer shrimp, you line it out. >> soak your skewers in water. >> you lay them out flat. this is how you make sure the
8:49 am
shrimp cooks evenly. they go right on the grill. >> that's going to go quickly? >> that's right. >> time to flip your steaks. >> everybody, get ready to flip your steaks. >> one, two, three, flip the steak. >> can you do my flipping for me, buddy? >> we had a story last week, that you should be flipping your steak more often, so the stuff -- the char doesn't get to a carcinogen kind of thing.>> te ever heard. >> tim love, ladies and gentlemen. tim love! [ cheers ] >> what's the segment that says you're not supposed to grill? great segment. did you come up with that? >> i didn't. not me. i don't -- i don't adhere to that. other way -- you're doing carrots on the grill. this is one of my favorite ways to eat carrots. >> you want to remember that the char is what you're looking for. opposite the segment we're talking about. >> yes. >> we want that good char.
8:50 am
you stir them around. now listen, i flip the steak. you guys, keep going. i have one resting here for about 30 minutes. >> willie, how are you doing down there? >> i have a brooklyn hipster here. you have a full crust going. >> look, you've got like a full crust going, so much salt and pepper. >> i try to get pepper on the crust. >> what have you got going? >> chicken, steak, shrimp, whatever works. >> what's your favorite thing to grill? >> fillet mignon, steak, always steak. >> you look like a veteran. >> al. >> always important to let it rest. >> back on the grill, the most important part. fellas, time to pull yours off the grill. carson? >> i'm with dan from new jersey, happy father's day. >> do you like a grill a lot? >> every night five nights a week. >> good.
8:51 am
>> double duties down here. back to you. >> this is fantastic. >> don't be afraid to get a little char on there. >> to finish the steak, we have the grilled lemon. see the char on the lemon? >> yes. >> this is important. it loosens the juice. >> i've never dup that. >> three things in grilling. fat, acid, and salt. we have all three of them right here. how about that? >> that is amazing. kicks it up another notch. carson, willie, thank you. all the dads out there, thank you. for all you dads on the plaza, listen up. listen up, guys. thanks to friends at p.k. grill. >> you are each getting one. you get a grill and you get a grill and under the circumstances a grill and you get a grill, you get a grill. everybody gets a grill. that's what i'm talking about.
8:52 am
>> that's right. five now. >> that is fantastic. >> recipes on our website, we're back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc. happy father's day. thank you. thankso everybody. t ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
8:53 am
8:54 am
you also like steak. >> oh okay. >> that's good. >> mrs. robinson likes it. >> i'm putting some right there. time to break out the smucker's jars and meet some sweet team. let's start off with florence carroll. i drove through armenia yesterday. and this woman is 110 years old. >> amazing. >> the secret to her longevity is bacon for breakfast. >> yes. >> you're going to live to 1,000. >> i love her. yeah. alfred oliverio is 100 years old. he's an army vet from quincy, massachusetts, and worked for the postal service. we salute you. happy birthday to mary josephine young. a proud grandma from taylor, michigan. she has 25 grandkids. and she has way too many great grandkids to count.
8:55 am
she's like the nice young lady who lived in the shoe. pablo perez, celebrating 102 years old. he's a sports fan from beeville, texas. and the buzz on him is he's lived at the same address for 70 years. ruth ables of longwood, florida. age 100. and she says the secret to a long life is chocolate. chocolate-covered bacon. you got it. and happy 100th birthday to estella hall simons of north carolina. working as a teacher for yearly 30 years. and we love that hat. remember, we want to know about the folks celebrating a milestone, birthday or anniversary in your lives. tell us about them at and make sure you include a photo. >> excellent, al roker. >> yes. >> what's coming up, al? a whole other hour of tv. >> that's right. famke janssen will be with us. talented young actors from "the book of henry."
8:56 am
and dr. natalie aczar will help us improve our medical manners. >> what does that mean? >> going to the doctor. going. >> pressure before you go to the dentist? >> we'll have the details. the mind boggles. >> it does. >> and we'll justi )m ... ==choipper== our breaking news: police in san francisco have os good morning. it is 8:56. i'm laura garcia cannon. we are continuing to follow breaking news out of san francisco this morning. our nbc bay area sky ranger is over the site of where a suspicious package has been found between third and fourth and market street. can't make it out in these pictures, but we did see someone who was fully kind of clothed, somebody from the police department who went in and tried to take a look at the package
8:57 am
itself. looks like they're going in. some sort of backpack they took photographs and they left and now returning to the site right now. authorities are gathered along the street there as well. they're advising everyone to avoid that area, market between third and fourth and near o'farrell street until further notice. mike inouye joins me with a look at the traffic impact in that area, mike? >> you can see the live pictures above us or below us, we're above the scene there. you see it cordoned off between market and third and fourth is closed and affects the entrances to the palace street station. palace street closer to fifth but a couple entrances close to fourth impeding traffic. the buss are rerouted but the subway and b.a.r.t. are okay. back to you. >> thank you very much. we'll continue to follow this.
8:58 am
8:59 am
♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can.
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♪ this morning on "today's take," katy perry like you've never seen. why the pop superstar has been holed up in her home for four days. and my adventure with henry winkler and william chatter will. and famke janssen and a prize giveaway you can win, right now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to "today" on a monday morning, june 12th, 2017. thanks so much for tuning in. hope you had a good weekend. right now, you're listening to "around the world," by one of the great groups out there, kings of leon. >> they're so good. >> good morning. i feel like i spent the weekend
9:01 am
with friends. and i look forward to coming to work with you guys. >> not just friends. superstars. >> that part wasn't the friend part. >> you and jamie foxx. >> not that part. that was sunday. on saturday. so, friday night, my kids had their picnic at school. it was over at 7:00. at 11:00, i flew to l.a. and 10:00 on saturday morning, yes, jamie foxx, jon hamm, ansel egort, who is mcdreamy. here's a group shot. jamie foxx tweeted and he posted this on instagram. can't wait for you to see this movie called "baby driver." he sent out this picture. >> are you in the cast? >> that's the thing. i got messages from my friends. it looks like i'm in the cast. >> the way you're posing -- you pose like an actress there. >> with the arm. >> after you do an interview for a junket, you take a picture at the end. that's what that was. but it made it seem --
9:02 am
>> did he text you for it? >> it was his phone. >> really? >> how fun is that? >> how fun is that? >> get his phone number? >> i did not. >> and you fell down? >> this is funny -- wait. the transition that we're going to go to, from that picture, which looks like you're supermovie star, to this story. that's hilarious. >> this was an hour later. with the big bigs. and, boom. see the knot on the front of my forehead. >> third eye blind. >> it's in the shape of a tornado. i don't know if i should go home to kansas or take a nap. >> that's like harry potter. but it's a tornado instead of a lightning bolt. >> you zoom in? here's the thing. i didn't tell anybody how i did it. i told dylan how i did it. >> listen to this. >> here's the thing. >> zoom in again. >> don't zoom in. and today, you see how i got this going. >> is it still there? >> don't touch my head.
9:03 am
i have makeup over it. you can't see. >> oh. >> here's the thing, quickly. >> you -- >> it was four hours before my flight. i should exercise. i need to do this. i decide to go on a treadmill. this is why you shouldn't exercise. >> in fancy beverly hills. >> it's the four seasons. everybody there is on steroids or beautiful. i'm on the treadmill, sweating on my sports bra. i have my airplane headphones. i have my phone on the ledge. i'm up to 6.5. >> you told me 6.1 when you first told the story. >> it was eight. >> i started at 6.1. i go to 6.5. i'm running. the point is, i grabbed -- have you done this, where your ear buds are and you grab the wire and the phone calls. and i try to pick up my phone while i was in my 12.2 sprint. >> i made it 12.2.
9:04 am
>> next thing i know, there's a trash can. and somehow, i hit that with my head. >> that's like the taylor swift at the apple music awards. >> yes. >> i have makeup on. >> why were you thinking that you could bend over? >> i thought in my head, that i could keep going. >> in the real world, not so much. >> you smash your head -- >> was anybody there watching? >> they rushed to help me. i'm so embarrassed. i'm going to act like it's no big deal. i got back on the treadmill. i got back to the room and i looked at my forehead. oh, dang. >> i'm glad you're okay. we went golfing. >> we did. brian took off work on friday. >> did he wear that hideous coat again? >> thank goodness it was warm enough. he didn't need a coat. >> so cute. >> it's so much fun. the two of us haven't had time to golf. and we had a babysitter.
9:05 am
and my biggest thing is i rushed out of the house so quickly. we have to go. i forgot my golf shoes. i'm like, what do golf shoes really do for you? you aren't golfers. anybody else can relate to this. i screen grabbed this picture because i actually slipped. >> the golf shoes have cleats. >> yeah. that shot ended up in the woods. it likes like i'm about to start something really good. but i'm wearing sneakers. and i slipped. >> this looks amazing. where is this? >> stony point, new york. >> that's not too far from west point, right? >> about 40 miles from the city. >> upstate. >> we go through new jersey. >> you hear this? >> upstate. it is upstate. >> it took us an hour and a half to get there. >> and what about the belmont? didn't you go to belmont? >> we went to belmont on saturday. >> belmont stakes. >> yes. >> we go every year. my father-in-law gets us tickets.
9:06 am
this year, i ended up leaving before the actual belmont race. >> nice hat, both of you. >> christine moore who makes our hats. >> did she do brian's, too? >> he went shopping. >> he did a better job with the hat than the jacket. >> that's a cute pic. >> it's so much fun. i didn't win anything. >> the weather was great. >> and you're in germany somewhere. >> that was -- that was the latter part of last week. >> remember when al wasn't here? >> i thought that was saturday. >> since the concussion, can't remember a lot. >> things are jostled in the brain. >> over the weekend, i barbecued. on saturday, i think i did some shrimp and scallops. >> i love looking at your pictures. >> and courtney made that stewed lentil and swiss chard. >> what's on the bottom right? >> that's swiss chard and lentils. and i made shrimp, some lamb hot
9:07 am
dogs and burgers. >> lamb hot dogs? >> you've been into a lamb thing. >> i have a shepherd, this guy. >> does he have a shepherd's hook? >> he has a staff and everything. in virginia. best lamb ever. >> that's amazing. >> yesterday, i did crab cake -- salmon burgers and some grilled corn and a salad and leftover kale. >> do you have leftovers? >> we generally don't. >> dang. there goes my next question. >> you know i eat everything. and i have -- there's nothing i don't like except lamb. i think you need to cook me lamb. >> you come over. we're going to work that out. and to work that off, i worked out at 4:45 at city row. >> do you do this on a regular basis? >> i try. at 4:45, there are no meetings. nothing gets in the way. there's no school meetings.
9:08 am
>> no sleep. >> i'm up -- you know. i'm up -- we're up this time anyway. so, instead of just sitting around the house, i go do this. >> i wake up and to things. >> i don't sit around. i like talking with the meteorologist and get stuff together. >> to you talk to him on the row bike? >> no. i do it beforehand. i don't have enough breath to talk. but last week, that's why i wasn't here. the great show, "better late than never," william shatner. mr. terry bradshaw, george foreman, henry winkler, they have a young comedian, jeff dye. and we went around hanging out. we won't say where in germany. henry winkler -- i landed wednesday morning. met them and -- henry winkler is wearing the same pants. what are the odds? two old guys wearing pink pants. and we ran into two other old
9:09 am
guys wearing pink pants. we think it's hip. it's obviously not. if old guys are wearing these pants. and then, we ran into david hasselhoff. >> no connection? >> well, yes, there is. but the hoff. and he had a little message for carson daly. >> hey, carson daly. next time you look over your shoulder, it's going to be me. >> it's vaguely threatening. i'm not sure why. >> what's the back story? >> there isn't one. i asked carson. >> wait. timeout. carson has no clue why? >> no clue. we asked -- >> no clue. >> clearly, david has something going on. >> maybe some imagined slight. i don't know. >> david has a clue. >> carson, no clue. >> you know what makes it better? when you do something like that and the other person has no clue what you're talking about.
9:10 am
>> doesn't get the inside joke. >> that's awesome. >> yeah. i will be leaving you ladies again after this show because -- i don't know if you saw our last half hour, we had the ultimate dad cookoff. i'm going to be traveling across the country, doing some backyard barbecues to get us ready for father's day. >> that's neat. >> they're going to love that. >> surprises. we're going to be surprising people. >> i love that. >> surprise. >> okay. >> hopefully don't smell the smoke. huge weekend in the world of pop culture and sports. let's tell you about the weekend winners. >> first off was last night's tony awards, where bette midler, i didn't realize, she didn't win an official tony. she had all sorts of awards. but she was a winner for best actress in a musical. and everybody talking about it this morning because she gave an epic speech. she thanked everyone involved in the show. >> teachers. >> and cutting off her own
9:11 am
cutoff music. but everybody liked the fact. >> she's bette midler for god sake. your show is over. she went for four minutes. it was fantastic. >> thanking everyone. >> everyone gets to hear their name. >> penguins defeating the nashville predators. nashville was crazy over there. this was the first time they're in the stanley cup. of course, the biggest winner in this was terrific. they've won, now, five times since 1998. >> wow. >> congratulations to pittsburgh. and the biggest winner of all. somebody in california winning $447 million powerball jackpot. >> can you imagine? the loser, the people behind the drawing. they had the wrong number on the screen for a few seconds. look at this. >> number 58. your powerball number is 3. >> is the 28 the wrong number? >> changed it to 58. >> can you imagine?
9:12 am
oh, my gosh. >> my mother-in-law had a ticket. and said if someone wins in new york, it's me. >> you know who was running was price coopers water house. too bad. just kidding. just ahead, where was warren beatty when you need him? what katy perry is doing right now. she's asleep. what's on her head? >> is that a dog? >> stuffed animal. >> find out why she hasn't left her house in four days and letting millions of us witness every move. thank you, katy perry. >> not moving now.
9:13 am
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9:15 am
♪ our hair and makeup people were about to come in and fluff up sheinelle. >> yeah. >> i can't work with you today. >> like, you're fine. >> you look good. you look great. we can't see the little tornado thing. that's great. >> pop superstar, katy perry, promoting the release of her album "witness." she set up a "big brother" style house in downtown l.a. and o outfitted it with cameras. >> to witness her life? >> i think so. it started thursday night. still going on. can we go to it? >> i think that's it. >> this is ilana sh wrts, the director of java doodle. >> they choose what camera to air at certain times? >> yeah. going into the break, we saw her
9:16 am
sleeping. >> like "the truman show." >> i love "the truman show." >> that's the one thing i wouldn't want. watching me sleep. that's the one thing -- >> and don't touch your hair. >> well, there's that. i would rather you touch my hair than watch me sleep. it could just be nasty. drooly or -- >> it can be ugly. >> over the weekend, natalie moral morales, opening up about the balance of her alter ego, katy perry, and her true self-katheriself-kathryn hudson. >> i so badly want to be kathryn hudson that i don't want to look like katy perry sometimes. >> okay. >> that is a little bit of why i cut my hair is because i want to be my authentic self. >> people saw a side of katy perry they didn't know was there. >> i think i was letting go of this thing i created.
9:17 am
a more exaggerated version of me. i didn't feel like katherine hudson. i didn't feel like i was special. i had to create a character of myself. and she's done really well. >> wow. >> oh. >> i feel a little sad. >> yeah. >> i believe that. i was thinking, you know, beyonce. she would talk about her fear. a lot of artists have an alter ego that gives them some confidence. and eventually, they get to a place -- i'm a star in my own right. i don't have to make up a name or identity. kudos to katy. >> good for her. a guy that uses his real name, john cena, on "the tonight show," with jimmy fallon. talking about his show, "american grit." and pulls off an impressive feat of strength. >> can you dead-lift a person? >> you don't want to see any -- [ cheers and applause ] >> can you do it? >> let's try it.
9:18 am
stiff as a board. give me one of your hands. we're going to shake hands like this. and see if the old guy has still got it. i need some enthusiasm. >> john cena, everybody. >> oh, yeah. anybody can lift jimmy fallon. how about a real man? like another tv host? >> oh. >> and do squats. >> like it's nothing. >> the best of that is your smile. >> that's what i'm talking about. fallon -- me. >> real man. good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a live look outside at san jose, all cloudy, and we'll see some breaks in the clouds later on today. in san francisco expect the highs to reach into the low 60s,
9:19 am
a nice and cool start to the week. as we go through the week, temperatures will be warming up and we'll especially feel it in the inland areas. in the 60s today, 80 degrees tomorrow and 90 degrees by thursday. friday looking really hot with highs into the mid-90s. symptoms when you're not feeling well and then bring it up with your doctor. plus, the best time to make a what makes a lipton meal? well, first you start with this. then add this. and this face... wait, we can do better. yeah... that's the one. and of course fresh brewed lipton iced tea. because it goes great with this. woops, more of these. and definitely more of this. ah, that can wait. but not you buddy. huh what's this? ah... i like it. what makes a lipton meal? what you bring to it. and the bright refreshing taste of lipton iced tea. lipton. be more tea.
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9:23 am
there 20 minutes early to fill in paperwork. people ask the check-in person, is the doctor running behind? >> the other thing, too, there's some days that are more popular for patient appointments. mondays and fridays are the popular days. tuesday is the busiest. find out the rhythm of your doctor's office. try to make an early morning appointment first. it's unlikely that the doctor's already going to be running late at 8:00 in the morning, for example. >> is there a better day than others? >> wednesdays. middle of the week. >> if you're in the waiting room, not feeling good, is there etiquette you want to uphold? >> don't spread your germs and your misery. bring hand sanitizer, and cough drops. and don't complain what you're going through. everyone is there with an issue. misery loves company. but not that much. >> now, with google, i google any symptoms. i think i have it figured out. does it drive you nuts with a doctor when we say this is what
9:24 am
is wrong with me? >> absolutely not. i welcome it. i've learned from my patients. it's a two-way street. if you are going to go online and look, go to reputable websites. mayo clinic, things that end in .org what's the context of it? are you capable of interpreting what you are reading online. bring your concerns. write them all down. but any doctor who feels challenged by that is not doing themselves a good service. >> as my children have gotten older and i take them to the pediatrician, and they pinnished up with what they're diastoloin sometimes i slip in a question about myself. >> sometimes, al? >> i have a friend -- >> here's the thing, i don't mind it if it's a quick, do you think i need to see someone? i think it's different when you
9:25 am
go into a spiel about something. to be fair, to the doctor, they don't know your medical history. a new patient history, many of us allot one hour for this. thanks. it's a waffle. it's a pizza. it's waffle pizza. where has this been all my life? where has this been all my life? we guarantee your dad is g hi. oh, hi! welcome to the neighborhood. i brought you this pie to see if you're weird. wow, that smells intrusive. it is. did you want to come in, maybe snoop around a bit? that's why i'm here. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? ooh, i smell onions! the citi® double cash card does. only citi lets you earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. does your makeup remover every kiss-proof,ff? cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena® makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup
9:26 am
with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena. ==topvo== at this hour .. a second man charged in last year )s deadly ghostship warehouse fire .. is good morning, everyone. 9:26. i'm scott mcgrew. a second man charged in the ghost ship warehouse fire is expected to be arraigned. last week prosecutors charged both derrick almena, the manager, and a tenant who lived in the building, max harris. almena is shown here. harris was slower to appear. his transfer to the bay area didn't happen right away. there are four counts of manslaughter, one for each of the people who died there. on a much lighter note, it comes down to this for the warriors and cavaliers fans. it's the second championship in
9:27 am
three years. the warriors must conquer the cleveland cavaliers who came out strong. they're back against the wall in game 4. they said winning on the home court would be sweet. remember, they won it two years ago but on the road in cleveland. last year after leading the final three games to one, which is where we are right now, cleveland came back to win the crown. we'll take a look at weather and traffic coming up after the break.
9:28 am
good monday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're seeing more clouds move into san francisco. looking live now at the golden gate bridge, some peeks of sunshine there. we'll see the clouds dipping in and out as we go through the day and temperatures reaching into the low 60s with gusty winds, then our temperatures will warm up. as we go throughout the week, we're looking at highs of mid-70s for the weekend, and then a dramatic shift in temperatures. after a cool day today, we'll see those temperatures going up several degrees. by the weekend, we'll be in the
9:29 am
mid-90s, some hot weather especially for the valleys. as we head over to mike, an update on the roadways. >> for most of the morning we still have your slower spots but no more major issues. the san francisco area -- i'm sorry, theç closure is cleared for market from third to fourth. no more police activity, no more problems there. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. reports of a stalled vehicle somewhere in one of these lanes. i don't see it on the live camera, haven't seen any unusual flow but more backup on the right approach. back to you. we'll see you in half an hour.
9:30 am
this morning on "today food," a sweet for the sweet. your dad will be into a treat thanks to pastry chef alias strong. she's the author of "sweet celebrations." she's here to make waffle pizzas and twinkie hot dogs. >> they don't normally sound like they go together. but today, they do. >> when you're a pastry chef, they do. >> exactly. >> we've got ingredients. i'm going with a vanilla cake batter. i'm not making a wonderful mix in my wafflemaker. just some ingredients to use to decorate. olives and gummi lifesavers. i'm using the cake mix here. save a little time and do a box
9:31 am
mix. >> okay. >> father's day morning is going to be hectic and the kids are going to be involved. i'm adding in my flour and milk and will mix that up. >> i could eat that by myself. i'm not kidding. >> you wont -- >> i was about to say -- you take an ice cream scooper and put it in one of these. >> you should all have a wonderfulmake wafflemaker. >> it's really well greased. >> can we pause for a second? judgment over here. >> no. >> anybody else -- >> yeah. i didn't do that right. but that's fine. let's keep it moving. >> as the waffle comes out, the big tip is to let it cool completely in the wafflemaker. otherwise, it will be that soft, moist cake. >> mine will look like that. >> you'll be at waffle station number one. our pizzas. >> you have a little fruit
9:32 am
rollup going on. >> we have frosting that we have tinted with red food coloring. and you will end up with a tomato ketchup. if we can get that out. >> i'll do that. >> the ketchup here, we're going to use a spatula and push it out. but not all the way to the edges. you want to leave the nice pizza crust. i know a lot of us use pancake batter, you can hack a pancake batter mix by adding fat. if you add two tablespoons of butter and egg yolks, it turns into a waffle mix. >> or you can use it as pancakes. >> or use it as pancakes. >> you wouldn't have waffle pizza. this is really cute. >> they are cute. they take about five minutes to bake. they're simple. >> you're burning your waffles, sheinelle. >> that's just steam.
9:33 am
>> we're having charred waffles. >> it's not ready. >> i was defending you. >> alias is taelise is talking. >> i'm using star busts the we're going to cut the starbusts to resemble ham and peppers. you want to add in all of your ingredients. >> the kids would love doing this. >> this is white chocolate we've shaved. when you want to finish off the pizzas, you get a little -- i feel like i'm light on the decorations. i can use more olives. something along those lines. >> and look at the finished product. quickly with the twinkie dogs. >> i wanted to give you a no-bake option. you can bake the waffle pancakes. or take twingkies to make hot
9:34 am
dogs. french fries. just cake. >> this is cute for a kid's birthday party. >> fourth of july. memorial day. >> i like it. >> for the recipe, check out coming up, famke janssen teaming up with bruce willis for "one time in venice." and a big giveaway, and it coul introducing listerine® zero alcohol™. it delivers a whole mouth clean
9:35 am
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9:39 am
she's starred in some of your favorite action-packed thrillers. from her role as jean gray in the x-men series, to starring opposite liam neeson in the "taken" films. >> now, starring across bruce willis in "once upon time in venice." >> i can't believe it. they told buddy. >> try to stay calm. wait for the cops. >> where are you going? >> i'm going to get my dog. >> our dog. >> and it begins. >> that sets everything off. famke, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> it's an action-packed comedy. >> did you like taking on the comedy genre? you're in so many action-packed
9:40 am
films. >> yeah. i've done action type of movies. the more studio films. and independents, i stray off in different arenas. >> talk about working with bruce willis. you did a screen test once? or he saw you in a commercial. explain what happened. i started as a model. but i didn't have an agent. and i got a call through my acting coach. and they said, bruce willis -- somebody called on bruce willis' behalf. and he saw you in a pantene commercial for hair. and they're looking for a part in this movie he's doing, called "hudson hawk." would you be willing to meet with him? >> that's amazing. >> uh, yeah. >> no, i don't want to. >> yeah. i met with him in new york. i lived in new york at the time. he said, would you be willing to
9:41 am
screen test in london for this part? yes, again. obviously, i didn't get the part. but all these years pass. and all of a sudden, this movie came about. so, i saw him again. and i thought, i wonder if he's going to bring it up and remember me. he never said anything. and i never said anything. >> now, he knows. >> on the up side, you weren't in "hudson hawk." >> al. >> his dog is stolen. >> yes. our dog. >> your dog. >> yes. >> i was married to his brother, who leaves me. disappears. whatever. >> you have got a dog. >> i have a dog. >> would you go to the lengths that bruce goes to? >> yes. and then some. i have a 17-year-old boston terrier named licorice. >> you said he's blind in one eye. >> unfortunately, he was attacked by another dog. that's how he lost the other eye. and the one that's left, he's blind out of. >> 17 years.
9:42 am
is that a record? >> i feel that maybe i should check into this if it's "guinness book of world records." >> you're a good mom my. >> yes. >> i saw that picture. you're not on instagram? >> no. i am private. >> how come? >> i'm old school. i like the idea of how they did it in the '20s and '30s and the press was more controlled and you didn't know that much about the private lives. i'm just too private. i don't want anybody to know anything. and i live in new york. so, i want to walk around. i want to have a normal life. and i do. >> you probably have an hour and a half of extra time in your day because of it, from the rest of us. if not more. >> yeah. i'm still a junkie to my phone, like all of us. i think we constantly -- it's strange how much time. that i don't do. no social media, that probably doesn't help me as much in my career. i know they follow it a lot.
9:43 am
and stood knoudios look at how followers you have. >> i think you're fine. one of the co-stars in a way is venice, california. after seeing the movie, we wanted our fans to have their own california adventure. we're sending one lucky viewer on a trip for two to venice, california. >> nice. >> two nights hotel, airfare and some cash, all included. go to for a chance to enter to win today. and hopefully you'll like us. f fam famke, thank you so much. "once upon a time" available on friday. >> send somebody else to paris. >> exactly. >> you stay here. i'm going to do weather. unless you do weather with us. that would be fun. looking at the week ahead, record highs near here in the e. mountain snows out west in parts of the rockies. we have a lot of wet weather through the gulf coast in florida. more severe storms, great lakes
9:44 am
all the way down into the ohio river valley. western third of the country, which is cool today, you'll start warming up. as we get towards the end of the week, a few showers in the pacific northwest. red flag warnings going up in the southwest because of intense heat. scattered storms along the eastern third of the good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're seeing the clouds rolling by, and every now and then you have some sunshine. highs in the upper 60s and warming up as we go through the week. feeling nice for the weekend but getting very uncomfortable for the inland valleys. we'll be in the mid-90s by the middle of the weekend, and as we start out this week with some cool temperatures, notice how these go up several degrees each day. is your latest weather. you're heading down to new orleans. for a movie? >> yeah. with cuba gooding jr. he's starring and directing.
9:45 am
>> that's cool. can't wait to see that. coming up, hollywood's newest it kids who worked with some of the biggest stars out there. they're teaming up for "the book of henry" and here to give a of henry" and here to give a nearly fifty years at of experiencety, has taught us that we're not so different. we all want to be healthy humans. we all want strong bodies for our families, who we love... most of the time. the drive to whip up a gourmet dinner... or order out, and destroy the evidence. and healthy hearts to pursue our passions, celebrate friends' victories... and endure their endless victory dances. we get it, you're good at bowling. that's why nature's bounty packs our nearly fifty years of wisdom into all we make. because we're all better off healthy. schwarzkopf color ultîme:s like a diamond? with diamond brilliance serum. vibrant color for up to 9 weeks. color ultîme. from schwarzkopf. also try new color ultîme iconic blondes. now with blue conditioner.
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9:49 am
they are three of the youngest stars in hollywood. but they've already worked with some of the biggest a-list stars. 10-year-old jacob tremblay first grabbed our attention in "2015" with brie larson. appearing opposite julia roberts in the movie "wonder." >> jaeden lieberher hit the big-time in "st. vincent." while maddie ziegler has been in five music videos. and has written a best-selling memoir. >> now, maddie is making her debut in "the book of henry," as a girl that may have a troubling secret. she lives next door. let's take a look. >> surprise. >> sheila. >> oh. little peter.
9:50 am
hank. >> it's actually henry. i think you would be able to retain just one simple name somewhere beyond that haircut. >> nice goggles. they go well with your misshapen head. >> don't you two start already. i'm going to pretend all this didn't happen. and sheila and i are going to hang out a little. okay? >> they're going to get so drunk right now. >> i know. >> i heard that. >> busted. >> good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> is it fun to watch yourselves back and think how much older you've gotten in almost two years since you filmed this? >> yeah. in the poster, you look so much younger than you are. >> that's sweet. >> i look similar because i probably only grew an inch. but you got crazy tall. >> yeah. >> crazy tall. >> yeah. jacob stayed the same size. but i think we've gotten -- >> you're ready. you're ready for everybody to see this project that you guys have been working on. we're going to try very hard not to spoil this.
9:51 am
this is a cool movie with a lot of twists and turns, "the book of henry." i guess, maddie, you live -- you're the girl next door, right? >> yep. >> i'm going to let you explain it so i don't mess it up. >> i play a girl named christina. and she's got a lot of secrets. she doesn't live the best life. there's a lot of terrible things that go on in their household. i'm next door to those two. and i want to be part of their lives because they make me happy. >> what's a set like for you guys, when there are other -- you get to do this together. with other kids. it's not just adults around. how much fun is it on set? >> in my opinion, it's a better experience. it's great to have someone you can relate to. like having a little brother. you know, just being able to talk to them about, i don't know -- things your age. >> yeah. i enjoy -- i enjoyed it, too, because -- there's so many fun people on set, like --
9:52 am
especially because i -- in "room," that was my first big movie. >> that was amazing, by the way. >> three months. and there wasn't that many kids on-set. it was fun to get to work with some kids and get to know them. every time on the weekend, we would go to the city and go to the mall. >> have fun. >> that's great. jacob, you're going to do a bunch of big films. you have a film with julia roberts, where you have some facial differences. what was it like wearing the makeup on your face? >> it was really itchy. if you tonight think about it, it feels like a warm -- a nice, warm cuckoo con around your face. the studio was so cold. but it was outside, it was vancouver in summertime. it can get hot out there. >> my fogoodness.
9:53 am
that was tough. other than that, i like the prosthet prosthetic. and i like seeing how they make it. it was really cool. >> it was cool having you guys in. all the best. you're in 8 million music videos and a book. you have so many projects. i hope you pause and enjoy "the book of henry." "the book of henry" in theaters this friday. this friday. we're back in a moment. how far should pure alpine spring water this friday. we're back in a moment. have to travel from its source to the bottle? a hundred miles? a thousand miles? how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser always bottled at the mountain source.
9:54 am
how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪
9:55 am
how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. quickly, in honor of father's day, we launched a contest for special dads who love baseball. >> today is the last day to enter. submit a photo and tell us why the man in your life is an all-star dad. >> we will bring three dads to new york to compete in a
9:56 am
as we go through the day, expect mostly sunny skies, a nice cool weather with some breezy winds. san francisco will see a high of 63 and 65 in oakland, concord 71. for south bay, upper 60s to
9:57 am
lower 70s. heading into the next several days, we'll have some much warmer temperatures and i'll have more updates on that. for an update of what's happening on the roads, let's get more on the roads from mike. >> showing green for the most part. a little slowing. of course, 85 through cupertino, we have to have slowing, of course, in that section. highway 17, today is the beginning of that week where they have one lane closed southbound. we do have slowing toward vine hill and that's because the right lane is closed for that paving project. keep that in mind if you're heading to the beach. the bay bridge toll plaza, we're looking for a little backup. this is more backup than we saw a half hour ago. more folks may be heading in toward san francisco. mike, back to you. mourners in florida remembering the 49 people killed in last year's pulse nightclub terror attack. it happened one year ago today. we'll tell you how the city of orlando is paying tribute at
9:58 am defense attorneys in the bill cosby sex assault trial rested their case after one witness. the defendant did not testify. the warriors chance to win the championship this time at oracle arena. we have everything on the 11:00 a.m.
9:59 am
10:00 am
. >> announcer: from nbc from nbc news. this is today with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. a 1 a in rockefeller plaza. >> monday, june 12th . it feels like summer. we're not going to complain. jenna hush hager in for kath. she's taking an extra day to unwind and enjoy her we could. >> hi. how are you? >> i can't help focusing on your tooth. jenna has a tooth issue. >> hoda. >> it's important. look, you do. >> some things i tell y


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