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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 12, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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official charges filed against a tenant of the ghost ship right now at 11:00, official charges files against a tenant of the ghost ship warehouse. minutes ago max harris face adjudge for the first time. now he and derrick almena, the master tenant, are charged with involuntary manslaughter of 36 people. good morning and thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm vicky nguyen. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. sam and kris have the day off. it's been more than six months since the ghost ship warehouse went up in flames and now the blame is being squarely placed on the tennants. max harris, did he have anything to say during his arraignment? >> reporter: well, they were
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very upset and said they did not want to speak to the media. several of them sat outside together and embraced each other. inside the courtroom, cameras were not allowed, but max harris appeared behind the glass, and now he has long blue hair. his attorney asked to schedule a plea date which is now set for june 15th. harris and almena both face involuntary manslaughter for 36 people who died at a fire in a music event in the warehouse last december. the cause of the fire is still undetermined, but the district attorney said both harris and almena are responsible for creating the living space that created a high-risk death. harris' friends also walked out of the courtroom with their hands linked together. the attorney for harris did not offer much comment and went straight to the elevator and said no comment as of now. reporting live in oakland, i'm share katsu d. a. >> the ninth circuit court of
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appeals ruled against trump's revised travel ban. the ninth circuit ruling comes from three judges in san francisco where the court is based. they agreed with the previous ruling that the ban is not constitutional because it limits travel from predominantly muslim countries. president trump has already said he wants this case to go before the supreme court. traffic in downtown san francisco brought to a standstill this morning. the bomb squad needed to investigate a suspicious package. our nbc bay area skyranger flew over the scene. police closed off streets while a bomb squad member in full gear checked out the package. closures started at 8:00 this morning. the all clear was given after about an hour. police declined to say what was in that bag. >> raider nation is fighting to the final seconds to keep the team in oakland. just a few minutes ago fans announced a new lawsuit to prevent the raiders from moving to las vegas.
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nbc bay area's tom jens owen is live in front of oakland city hall and, tom, i suppose this is the hail mary attempt. >> well, it is a hail mary. i think everybody will tell you it's a hail mary, but these three fan groups were putting this on today think that they have a couple of quarterbacks who could complete that improbable touchdown pass. they have hired two high-powered new york attorneys to take on the nfl and the raiders ownership. the attorneys do have experience arguing cases against league owners, and the fan's group who hired them have not given up hope. they say they believe they can stop the move that was approved by all of the nfl team owners. the plan, according to organizers today here is to keep working with city leaders to come up with new options that will make it more attract i have to keep the raiders here. it's a sales pitch and a fight that they know won't be easy to win, but they say they have strength and that they are on the right side of the issue. >> so there's no other option for us but to continue to
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investigate and explore all our options and in doing so we retain the best in the business. >> even though it's such a lofty goal. >> not lofty when you believe in something. >> right now the raiders are scheduled to me of into a brand new $1.9 billion stadium. the plans for that state of the art stadium are already in the works, so you can imagine both sides are going to lawyer up for a long legal fight, and it should be very interesting as we move forward and they try to take on the nfl in this improbable fight the way things have gone for them so far, but they say they are going to stick it out and move ahead. we're live in oakland. tom jensen, nobodies bay area news. the warriors have a chance to close out the nba finals and win their second title in three years tonight. tipoff is less than tevin hours away, and oracle arena will be the center of the sports world. fans are ready to see the warriors claim that crown. nbc bay area's peter suratos from inside the bay arihanna.
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>> fans are hoping the warriors are celebrating their second nba title in three years here on their home court in oakland as the warriors take on cavs in game five of the nba finals, tonight, and this is deja vu once again for the warriors and fans as the team is once again up 3-1 against the cavs. let's go ahead and show you some video of the team arriving back in hockey land from cleveland over the weekend, and a lot of us, we haven't forgotten raft year when they were up 3-1 they were without draymond green who was suspended. they went on to lose that game as well as the series to the cleveland cavaliers. this year they will have draymond back here for game five, and, of course, they will have kevin durant. the warriors missed their chance to sweep the cavs on friday night losing their first playoff game of the year. we had a chance to hear from steph curry and kevin durant as they talked about their focus heading into tonight's game, specifically about the chance to
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win the title in front of the home crowd and what they need to do to prevent another postseason collapse. >> haven't had that experience before so it will be a great night to get it done and take advantage of, you know, the home crowd, the energy, you know, how poorly we played in game four to try to, you know, make the necessary adjustments energy-wise and focus-wise to get it done. >> champions don't die. they don't just lay down and die so you know they will come out and play with a sense of urgency and play with that energy from the beginning and just take it a possession at the time. >> tickets sold out early saturday afternoon, but you can still see if there's available tickets on stub hub and the prices for these tickets range from $800 to as high as $3,600 for courtside tickets. of course, tipoff for tonight's game is at 6:00 p.m. in oracle arena, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> we just checked. those prices are gone. if you're looking for tickets and have you an extra $90,000
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burning a hole in your pocket you can sit courtside. tickets are selling for $48,000 apiece courtside on stubhub. if the game is regulation time, doesn't go into overtime. you're paying about $1,000 a minute. >> wow. >> all right. well, after some wild weather this weekend in the north bay, we're kind of getting back to the regular weather for june. >> yes. yesterday a rare june storm created quite the scene. you can see lightning hitting east of petaluma and on the right that's hail falling in some parts of the bay area. great video sent to us by a viewer. >> here's a live look outside. golden gate bridge on the left and palo alto on the right as it looks very clear and warming up, kerry hall, from this past weekend, breezy and chilly. >> still pretty cool out there. today will be a cool day and then we start the transition as we head into tomorrow. a live look outside at san rafael as we're getting things drying out now after some rain that moved through yesterday and here's a look at some of the
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totals. in napa we had .2 of an inch of rain and also the same in fairfield. vacaville had close to .4 of an inch of rain. antioch didn't measure much but had some hail with some of those cells that moved through and then san rafael had .0 it of an inch. that system has moved off to the east and it did produce early morning snow for this year and here's a live look outside at heavenly with a fresh coating of snow in june on the ground. that's moving out. if you're heading in that direction, a look at what to expect as we go through the week and our temperatures as it heats up around the bay area and that's coming up a little bit later, vicky and scott. >> thank you. live pictures from orlando as that city marks the one-year anniversary of the pulse nightclub shooting. it's's been designated as orlando united day. there are dozens of memorials planned throughout the day until midnight tonight. it was the deadliest mass
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shooting in american history. the pulse nightclub, as you see, has become a sideline. coming up in 30 minutes, we'll hear from some of the survivors and how they are coping and the message they are taking around the country. new at 11:00, bill cosby's lawyers just finished their closing arguments in the sexual assault case against the comedian. prosecutors expected to deliver their closing arguments any more now and then it goes to the jury. cosby's lawyers rested their case without calling him to testify. the defense during closing argument called constand a stone cold liar. cosby's wife accompanied him to the philadelphia court this morning for the first time in the six-day-old trial. >> happening today, we are expecting a trial date to be set for the pet groomer accused suffocating and killing a dog. the 38-year-old man of heyward is accused of killing a long-haired dads yund
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long-hair long-haired daschund last year at a pet smart. >> dispatchers at the pejy call center are trying to improve emergency response times to meet national standards after a massive outage last year. they will testify before a board of supervisors government and audit company. new technology is also in the works to help dispatchers with quicker response time for ambulances. with the old system dispatchers needed to use radios to figure out which ambulances are closest to the caller, but the new system would use gps to track the ambulances. the national standard is to answer 90% of calls within ten seconds and the examiner says the answer time right now is about 80%. the dispatchers union is expected to ask for enough money in their budget to hire 45 new dispatchers for next year. >> up next at 11:00, the first family finally moves into the
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white house. this as the president faces a new lawsuit over his business dealings. >> and a big shift in gear is coming to uber. what could change the direction of the ride-sharing company. >> a new drive-through location in the south bay facing some stiff opposition. >> nbc bay area simmonds, we've recovered over $750,000 for our viewers. if you want help call us or visit responds.
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a robot on the nasdaq which is an all electronic exchange anyway. victory and a clap. apple is down 2% this morning. head of general electric stepped down this morning as well. the markets mildly lower. >> there are reports uber's ceo travis kalanick could be forced to take a long leave of absence. the company's board is weighing a three-month loaf of absence coming after an investigation into the company's troubled culture by former attorney
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general eric holder. the investigation prompted by accusations the company turns a blind eye to sexual harassment and other corporate misbehavior. business experts say the board of directors have a lot of work to do. >> so the question is how do we get to today? how did uber get to the point where a bunch of people in a board room in l.a. are trying to figure out its future? >> uber's second in command announced he was resigning this morning. meanwhile, lyft has a new passenger jaguar landrover. the automaker recently invested $25 million into the ride-hailing company as part of a $600 million as part of a fund-raising. land rover will provide a fleet of cars for lyft drivers and the companies will also work together on testing technology for self-driving cars. >> the final public hearing today on the city budget. the city council will hold that meeting tonight and tomorrow they will vote on the final budget for next fiscal year which begins july 1st.
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mayor sim liam liccardo says th will look into maintenance. >> a transparency rule that requires a 72-hour waiting period before a vote on final legislation including a budget. not exactly clear when the 72-hour period begins but we know that lawmakers do have to approve the budget by thursday. >> first lady melania trump and son barron are spending their first full day at the white house today after officially moving in yesterday. both moved in four and a half months after the president was sworn into office. they are there just in time to help the president celebrate his 71st birthday on wednesday. the first lady continued living in trump tower in new york city so that 11-year-old barron could finish the academic year at his school. barron will be the first boy to live in the white house since
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1963 when john f. kennedy lived there as a 3-year-old. >> also happening this week, attorney general jeff sessions taking the hot seat before the senate intelligence committee tomorrow in an open hearing. he's expected to be grilled over a third meeting with russian ambassador sergey kislyak that he did not disclose. that piece of information came out during fired fbi director james comey's high-profile testimony last week. meantime, president trump is doubling down on calling comb' liar in a tweet over the weekend. mr. trump also said he would testify under oath about his conversations with comey. democrats are taking him up on that offer. >> he said he would testify so i'm inviting him to come fef, and we could come work that out. >> coming is calling on the president to release any tapes that exist from the meetings with comey. >> also attorneys washington, d.c. and maryland announce a lawsuit against president trump. it alleges trump's violating the anti-corruption clauses in the
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constitution. the attorneys general claim the president retained ownership of his hotel chain and accepted benefits from foreign governments after moving into the white house. here's district of columbia attorney general carl racine. >> my office window is just a few floors above from where we're sitting today, and i can tell you that as i look out the window and see the tower of the trump international hotel we know exactly what's going on every single day. we know that northern governments are spending money there in order to curry favor with the president of the united states. >> the president says he moved his business assets into a trust managed by his son. if a federal judge allows this to go forward, the plaintiffs say they are going to ask that the president's tax returns be provided. happening today, campbell city officials want to hear your
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opinions on the in-in out across from the home depot in campbell. the city posted forums on its website to see what the public thinks. so far comments are mixed. some people like the revenue and jobs and others are concerned about possible traffic and parking. >> and our keri hall is here with a look. there are sprinkles on the car as we drove into work this morning. >> that's the typical fog and low clouds and as it clears up to get a little bit of mist. that's what we're seeing out there right now. some broken clouds around the bay area and looking live right now and tiburon. some cool temperatures as well and it's still continuing to start out this workweek and anderson reservoir looking good there and also very cloudy. we'll get some breaks in the clouds as we go through the day. looking at sunol it's 63 degrees and mostly cloudy as we get a little bit more clearing as we go through the day but our
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temperature is holding steady now in the low 60s with some breezy winds, and we're getting some more sunshine in san francisco looking live at the george washington bridge and east bay looking live at fremont. you can see the flag just waving just a little bit. we've had some breezy winds and the winds will be picking up once again as we go through the day and as we go around the bay, let's start out in the south bay. looking at the seven-day forecast and for the south bay and you can see how the temperatures will be going way up over the next few days so enjoy this, upper 60s to low 70s and east san jose at 72 and also 71 in danville and hayward 66 degrees and vallejo reaching 69 degrees. san mateo will be up to 65 today, and it will be in the low 60s in san francisco. ingleside at 60 degrees and 76 in santa rosa. a little bit warmer there while point reyes will be up to 62 degrees. we're in for some major warming over the next several days. this is what everyone will be talking about.
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we start out the week in oakland at 65 degrees today, but then by saturday expect a high of 80 degrees. livermore will see those temperatures rise almost 25 degrees over the next several days. santa rosa seeing those temperatures jump about 20 degrees and san jose will go from 70 today to 91 during the weekend with highs reaching in palo alto up to 85 degrees on saturday after a start this week in the 60s and the same in san francisco. so as we're getting out there and taking in this cooler weather, keep in mind we still have a high amount of some tree pollen. grasses are still moderate and molds and weeds are low at this point and mostly juniper and pine are the main tree pollen types that are affecting us, and for some students getting out of school last week so this week you may be making plans to head to the sierra and see a light amount of snow moving through there. some areas had five to six
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inches of snow and heavenly beautiful as the skies clear. only up to 48 degrees and 66 tomorrow. you can see the temperatures warming up and low 70s by wednesday, and it continues to warm up from there. so looking at san francisco. from the low 60s to the low 70s by friday and does say nice and mild there for the weekend and for the inland valley and really starting to heat up. talking low to mid-990s after a start this weekend at 69 degrees. vicky and scott. >> wild weather swings. thanks, kerry. coming up, a scare at 35,000 feet. the mid-flight problem that left passengers fearing for their lives? >> first happening. mountianview, breaking ground on affordable housing for veterans. the $33 million project is on el camino near almonte. tlt wi available for students everyday while school is out
11:22 am
for sumr the summer nutrition program makes sure that breakfast, lunch and snacks are available for students every day school is out for summer break. more news in two minutes. in sydney, australia... a plane
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11:24 am
bound for shanghai was forced to turn around and make a time is 11:24. in sydney, australia, a plane bound for shanghai was forced to turn around and make an emergency landing after parts of an engine flew off. >> no passengers or crew were
11:25 am
injured on the flight, but the emergency was certainly worrysome for passengers on board. nbc's gadi schwartz has more. >> reporter: this morning stunning images of a massive hole ripped into the engine casing of a plane that took off from sydney, australia sunday. >> engine number one. >> anymore information? >> continue to climb to 5,000. >> officials from china eastern airlines say the flight was bound for shanghai and about an hour after takeoff was forced to turn back to sydney after the crew observed the be a norm situation of the left engine. >> it took off like normal and then all of a sudden like some of our friends that were with us smelled burning, and we were like didn't think anything of it really and then all of a sudden it got really loud. >> the cabin crew went out and they were like -- they told us to fasten our seat belt and they tried to calm us down, but we
11:26 am
were actually very panicked because we had no idea what's happening. >> as most announcements on board were made in chinese, some english speaking passengers say they struggled to get details. they are thankful for the safe landing. >> they do translate, but initially when they were giving instructions i didn't know what was happening so i really concerned and i'm flood we're safe and feel blessed that it wasn't much worse than it looked. >> the aircraft being examined and a safety review is under way. flying is quite safe, but things do go wrong. millions of people suffer from a fear of flying. coming up in 20 minutes, we'll talk about a possible cure. >> happening today. firefighters from around the bay area will converge in palo alto to prepare for the coming fire season. teams will conduct the first of three days it of drills at
11:27 am
foothills park. fire fighters simulate emergency operations along with fire protection operations. california's fire season officially begins july 1st. how much would you pay for lunch with warren buffett in the tab for this year's charity lunch with the billionaire investor is $2.7 million. that's down from last year's record 3.4 million. the anonymous winning bidder can invite up to seven people to lunch with buffet at a new york steakhouse. the auction is now in its 18th year, and it has raised $25 million for the glide foundation which helps the homeless in san francisco. >> coming up, remembering the tragedy at the pulse nightclub. a look at how the victims are remembered. >> folks, before we go to break. i want to show you how to join the community on our waze application and leverage the power of us all as well as google. let's go to the waze app either on iphone or android or in the bottom corner there's a magnifying glass. click on that and then the name
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at the top and scroll down to see teams and pick ours. nbc bay area wazers. that's how you join the community and that's how we help each other out. we'll get back to you right after the break. the city of orlando takes a
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pause to remember the mass shooting at the pulse welcome back. the city of orlando plans to take a pause to remember the mass shooting at the pulse nightclub one year ago today. hundreds camped out on the grounds where that single shooter killed 49 people. memorial services are going on all day. >> well, their motto is we will not let hate win, a message they continue to spread as they honor and remember the lives lost. we'll give you a live look now at the remembrances. nbc's sarah rosario is in orlando there at the pulse with a look at the activity. >> the city of orlando is coming together today to pay tribute to the 49 men and women killed here
11:31 am
a year ago today. now this club stands as the public memorial and the city of orlando is coming together to pray, to light candles and lay flowers and to show their support. little gestures adding to the growing tribute here with a growing message that love conquers hate and that they will not late hate win. people are standing together through this tragedy. this is just one of several memorials set to take place here in orlando and three others will take place this evening as one of the many ways people are honoring those lives lost. reporting in orlando, sarah rosario. nbc bay area news. >> there's a vigil to honor the nightclub victims at castro. hundreds marching in san jose's pride parade, this was the scene yesterday. the pride parade's message was equality for all and seemed most marchers were aiming that message at president trump. >> especially with president
11:32 am
trump in the white house i think it's important for all of us to stand together for civil rights. >> i've been an activist in the '80s so i've seen this all happen before so it's time to come together in a very positive way. >> we are here to stand in solidly and the bigotry and hatred and attempts to divide the nation especially as it relates to lbgtq community. >> and we're not going to allow one election to reverse generations of progress. >> about 300 people came out to the pride parade in san jose. san francisco's parade is in two weeks. >> we're still waiting for more details from brentwood police are a shootout with suspects over the weekend. it was especially scary for one family as the ordeal played out in the front yard. it all happened friday night in a neighborhood around liberty high school and this family says they heard loud noises and then saw an sufficient with two men inside feeding through their front yard and crashing their truck into the garage. officers were right behind the suspects. a shootout followed.
11:33 am
one of the suspects was hit and bullets also hit the home. >> i got close to the front door here and then i saw a car careen into the yard and at that point i just took off upstairs to get the kids and the wife. >> i heard the shots and a crash from the house and then a second shot afterwards. >> the injured suspect was taken to a hospital. we're still waiting for word on his condition. >> new details now, authorities have identified a man shot and killed last week in a sunnyvale strip mall parking lot. sunnyvale's department of public safety says 21-year-old died thursday morning on east duane avenue. that's west of lawrence expressway. a second man was also shot. he is still in critical condition but expected to survive. no arrests have been made >> an investigation is under way after a body was found in san jose's lake almadden. the body was found saturday morning. the lake is near the expressway
11:34 am
and coleman road. it officially came in as a medical call. they are not saying anymore about who died or how they died. am man went kayaking at lister beach last week and never contacted a friend to say he made it back. coast guard officials called off the search saturday. the family is trying to raise money to rent a drone to help with that search. this morning a man is behind bars accused of attacking a woman at a morgan hills gas station. around 6:30 saturday morning the victim claims he walked inside and started asking for free items and when she asked him to leave, he says he grabbed her and started to drag her into the back storage room. the woman hit him in the face and that's when he took off running. the man was arrested saturday night. new details. chilling video of the rescue of a woman who vanished for months. for the first time we're seeing
11:35 am
what police found when they opened the storage container where kayla brown was found last fall and what she told investigators that led to her kidnapper being locked up for life. nbc's maya rodriguez reports. >> chilling says of kidnapping and perhaps much more. >> reporter: after more than two months in captivity, the final ten minutes may have been the longest for kayla brown. investigators painstakingly cut through this locked shipping container after hearing her scream. prosecutors just released this video taken last november in the case of confessed serial killer todd kolhepp. guns drawn and investigators enter the container and come upon kayla who had been sexually assaulted by her kidnapper. handcuffed, her neck chained to the wall. >> let's get her out of here. working to free her deputies asked her about mer missing boyfriend, 32-year-old charles
11:36 am
carver. >> do you know where your buddy is? >> charlie? >> he shot him. >> he shot him? >> he shot him? >> who did. >> todd kohlhepp shot charlie car three three times in the chest and put him in the bucket of the tract and locked me down here and said he's dead and buried that. there's several bodies buried out there. >> this sergeant is the first to reach her. >> knowing she was living in that condition day in and day-night, just horrific to know he could do that to another human being. >> investigators found three bodies on kohlhepp's south carolina property and confessed to those murders as well as two others in 2003. kayla spoke to vetors in the ambulance mourning the loss of her boyfriend charlie. >> a survivor found and free.
11:37 am
>> we're going to set you up. >> to begin healing from our terrifying ordeal. maya rodriguez, nbc news. >> new at 11:00, british prime minister's theresa may's office says the invitation to donald trump to visit england still stands and despite the report that the president wanted to postpone the trip. according to the "guardian" newspaper he says he didn't want to come if there's protests against him and adding to the controversy london's mayor says the trip should be cancelled after president trump's tweet following the london bridge attack. >> san francisco is among a dozen u.s. cities posting climate change information deleted from the epa website. the trump administration removed several web pages that detail how it's a serious problem and how to combat it. mayor ed lee is the latest to post climate change information that was delead, a week after lee joined nearly 300 mayors in committing to the paris accord after president trump announced he was pulling out of the
11:38 am
landmark agreement. >> starting today, the blitz is on in oakland as in the city's pothole repair blitz. it cause five more than the usual number of potholes. crews will make repairs across the city. >> coming up in california, a $447 million jackpot. where the winning ticket was sold and tracking your workweek forecast, and it wasn't her. >> we are looking at some cloudy skies and a cool start to the week and it is starting to warm up and a look at what's ahead as we go through the workweek and that's coming up next. >> and an appealing new product to purify water appears online, but never appears in the mailbox. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next.
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to a san jose man who bought a product from a crowdfunding welcome back. nbc bay area responds to a san jose man who bought a product from one of the crowd fund willing sites but never received it. >> consumer investigator chris kimura is here with his story. >> a man bought a water purifying found on a crowdfunding site and nothing from the company, not even an
11:42 am
order or a shipping confirmation. after two months the man called and asked for a refund and contacted the company and within a couple weeks he received a full refund for $400. the company didn't respond to our question for comment. fang didn't reach out to the crowdfunding site for help and even if he had they might not have been very much help as they rarely get involved as they are simply the middle man involved in the transfer of money. if you have a complaint call or e-mail us at >> one ticket massed all the numbers in saturday's massive
11:43 am
powerball drawing. the ticket was purchased at marietta liquor and deli. the $447.8 million jack the is the tenth largest in u.s. history. the family that owns the store, well, they also get a $1 million bonus. how do you like that? >> 447 million and 800,000 becomes and oh, yeah, by the way. i'd take just $800,000. >> we know keri hall would come back and do the weather for us even if she were the lucky lotto winner. >> we'd be really lucky with the weather and we're enjoying some cooler temperatures around the bay area and take a look at at this view. here's a look at twin peaks and it's 64 degrees and then as we head out towards the mendecino coast also 64 degrees though it's mostly cloudy there. we haven't had much sunshine throughout the morning and we see the clouds rolling over
11:44 am
pleasanton and as of now we're still in with those clouds and it's helping to keep us cool and no need for air conditioning with our temperatures now in the low to mid-60s around the bay area. as you get a look at that seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, can you see those changes that we're in for as we go in for the next several days. looking live right now at san jose. we'll get a little bit of sunshine but it doesn't happen for another hour or so and then we're mostly sunny at 3:00 this afternoon and looking at the temperature in willow glen and the average high 78 degrees and we won't even be close today and if you're hoping for some summer weather, it's on the way and look at all of the high temperatures today. morgan hill will be up to 69 degrees and did have some breezy winds and winds kicking up once again in the upper 60s to low 70s and for the east bay peninsula, mid to upper 60s and low 60s for san francisco and we'll see the low 60s from point reyes to 76 degrees in santa
11:45 am
rosa and partly cloudy skies, and we are in for some much warmer weather. looking at how things change over the next several days we'll have g to the mid-60s in oakland and 80 degrees on saturday. i know you're making plans with the kids and they may be getting out of school and it's going to be very hot so maybe make beach plans or plans to go to a pool or water park will be in the mid-90s inland. san jose is up to 91 degrees on saturday and palo alto going from 67 degrees today to 85 degrees on saturday and san francisco will also have much warmer temperatures. looking at santa cruz for the next few days. cool today and we do have a ten-greig temperatures jump between today and tomorrow and fairly mild on wednesday. here's a live look outside at yosemite and el captain. a few clouds rolling by. a light dusting of snow and still a chance of rain throughout the day and then some milder weather with highs in the
11:46 am
upper 60s by the middle of the weekend. our temperatures continue to warm up from there. looking at some warmer weather also for san francisco, it will start to get downright hot. this weekend mid-90s after a saturday of 69 degrees on monday. >> pittsburgh penguins, stanley cup champions again. cup": the penguins beat nashville in >> that is pittsburgh penguins star sidney crosby hoisting the cup. they were beat 2-0 and the game came down to the wire as the penguins scored late. >> back-to-back. >> i was not expecting all this, but i'm so happy we won, especially an away game. pittsburgh is number one.
11:47 am
>> the detroit red wings back in '98 and the penguins beat the sharks last year in the stanley cup final as well. >> coming up, are you scared of flying, the simple tips you can use to help cure your fear during your next flight. >> coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, "access hollywood" live followed by "days of our lives" at 1:00 p.m. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
11:48 am
a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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more frequently than we )d like. reports of new cases of turbue well, we hear about plane problems more frequentedly than we would like. reports of new cases of turbulence throwing passengers from their seats mid-air causing people to develop a real fever flying so what should you do when turbulence strikes? >> start with your seat belts. experts say there's simple things to do to fight the fear. nbc's jeff rossen is ordering a special turbulence simulator to show >> you my producer is terrified of flying. >> the turbulence is getting worse. my heart is racing right now and
11:50 am
the plane just dropped. >> take off, in flight, landing, every bump and noise giving her sky high anxiety. >> i feel really stressed, panicked. my palms are sweaty. >> and she's not hey lone. more than 20 million people have aviophobia. fear of flying. >> and recent cases of extreme turbulence like this don't help. horrified passengers tossed around on this flight to dallas >> someone said we dropped at least 1,000 feet. >> and just weeks ago severe turbulence striking this flight to bangkok. out of nowhere, carts crashing and people thrown to the ground and a nightmare for fearful fliers and what can you do so your nears don't keep you grounded? >> you come here to air hollywood. this is a state of the art facility where they say they can cure your fear of flying and
11:51 am
they take nervous flyers through the whole experience in the waiting area where they get near vows all the way to the airplane and let's be honest. what are most people worried about, turbulence? so they have a huge real life turbulence simulator. they can shake, rattle and roll this airplane to mimic light turbulence, moderate turbulence and even severe turbulence and they bring of the nervous flyers like this on to the plane and as you can see this looks like a real airplane and we'll try it out with my real life nervous flyer to see if we can cure you and flying with her on all of our stories, it's pretty much a nightmare so we're going to do this. this is captain ron nielsen, a 40-year veteran in the industry, you're a pilot. can you cure her with a simple test. >> and the people at home, too. >> give it a shot. >> first up. take off and these engines are revving. >> normally i would tell to you breathe when you get that anxious but now i want to try something different. tighten everything up sort of like that, for how long, for 30
11:52 am
seconds, okay. >> as the plane is -- as the plane is rolling down the runway and let go and you're releasing, you're releasing all the chemicals and court sol and notice how you kneel calm during this part. that's what you need to break that. >> what about turbulence. the special turbulence simulator starts shaking. >> if there,were a real flight, it would be miserable for me. anything i can do? >> put a pen in your opposite and than you normally do and keep writing your name. >> it first causes her to focus extra hard hon what she's doing because she doesn't normally write with that and. >> and not on the turbulence. >> and crossing over the motor function using the other side of her brain from what she would normally do and it disrupts the thinking. >> she tries it writing her and over and over as the plane bounces. >> it's crazy, i never thought it would help but it's pulling
11:53 am
my attention away from the turbulence completely. >> but what if you still can't calm down? >> here's what you do. grab a drinking straw and start breathing through it. >> breathe through it. >> it prevents you from hyperventilating because if you don't have a breathing straw to restrict the amount of air it causes you to get light-headed and you'll feel worse than when you started. >> a drink would probably help, too. jeff rossen reporting. it's really important to point out turbulence cannot bring a plane down it. never has, and it never will because airplanes are designed to withstand way more force than even severe turbulence could ever bring. make sure you're buckled up and giovana has flown since that story. has been using those tips and says her fears are not completely gone but sees big improvement. >> writing or doing something with your opposite and is a distraction. trick your brain. stay with us. we'll be right back. [ birds chirping ]
11:54 am
[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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making his way down the aisle on that flight? well, check this out. notice that man making his what i down the aisle on that flight. that's former president jimmy carter. he surprised everyone on a flight from atlanta to washington, d.c. last week shaking hands with all of the passengers. if you're looking closely, there's a woman sitting right in front of the guy who is recording and she starts fixing her hair really quickly and realizes, oh, my gosh, that's former president jimmy carter. >> teaching sunday school in plains, georgia, wonderful gentleman. >> our neighbors did the same and said it was amazing to meet him. >> he should have been handing
11:57 am
out peanuts. >> people will be like wait, what? what's going on here? >> yeah, we're saying the three times and it's been very cool. even as we go to the end of the week, inland areas, go from 69 degrees to the low 80s tomorrow and warming up several degrees each day. before you know it we'll hitting the 90s and even as i look farther down the line it seems like we'll be in the 90s by the end of the week. >> thanks so much, keri. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> our next newscast is at 5:00. >> as always get the latest information all day at have a wonderful day and we'll see you tomorrow.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> and the fact of the matter is, listen, i said my piece, i said my truth. and i don't need to talk about it anymore. all i need to say to her is i love her, and god mess her on her journey. >> yes, she's taking the high road. katy perry moving past her feud with taylor swift. one of the many things she revealed to us this weekend during her live stream event. it is an event, kit. >> she's broadcasting 24/7, sort of a "big brother" style house, for 96 straight hours. >> there she is sleeping. >> amazing to think how well you can sleep if you think there are millions of people watching you. >> what's


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