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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 12, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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cyberbullying even though aware of the problem pl. process the civil suit also alleges the any breached the education code by failing to investigate thoroughly and notifying parents about the problem. tomorrow community members and parents will come together for a press conference to talk about what they're calling the school and the district's lack of action and to talk about ways to prevent this from happening again. we reached out to the fremont union high school district. we just received a statement back from them just a few minutes ago. they tell us this they were aware of the racial comments made at school and also online. they said they took immediate disciplinary action and they referred the matter to the sanitia collar county sheriffs department. reporting live in couper tin o marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you marianne. now to dwefrlg news track ago murder investigation in a quiet couper tin orr neighborhood. the ac stations that a woman
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attack add elderly woman with a hammer killed her nbc bay area peggy bunker is live in front of the home and you talked to a neighbor who ran into the woman and she was holding the hammer. >> yeah it is a wild and horrible story all at the same time in the quiet neighborhood. richard freeman says he lived 70 years his entire life. the night of the murder he found the alleged suspect in his backyard naked holding what he believed to be the murder weapon. take a look here this is the mugshot released by the sheriffs department. she say suzanne fernandez is the suspect here. arrested on saturday morning. she is 39 years old, a resident of los gatos. the santa clara county sheriffs department arrested her on suspicion of killing the woman a long-term resident who lived alone in the house. freeman says he found fernandez and naked and holding a hammer in the backyard the night of the murder. he says she yelled at him asking
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if he found jesus. >> did you hear me jesus i said go put clothes back on. she took off. i went in with a camera. i dialed 911 appear called the sheriff. >> so far the sheriffs department has not returned our repeated calls for more information. coming up at 6:00 tonight you'll hear more from the neighbor about what happened that night and how the suspect ended up at his home. in couper tin o, peggy bunker nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. investigators are now identified the man they say stand a millbrae teenager at random in front of the public library mp nelson tolentino from san francisco. the attack happened on the last day of skul. he walked up to the 13-year-old boy and stabbed him in both arms with a pocket knife. he is expected to recover. the deputies say the man does not seem to have a motive for the attack and is facing attempted murder charges. couldn'ting coverage of the three dozen manslaughter charges in the goat ship warehouse flier
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in oakland. sefrld friends of the man showed up at his hearing top kaermts not allowed inside the courtroom. he and derrick almen leigh will return tor a plea hearing both were tenants of the ghost ship warehouse. they both face counts of involuntary manslaughter. a rejection of the latest trump travel ban with a tech twist. the ninth circuit court of appeals rules against the version of the president's executive order to limit travel. business and tech reporter scott budman to show us the judges used a tweet by president trump in the ruling. >> the ninth circuit had in the past rules against the president's executive order limiting travel from six problematically muslim countries citing things the president said about the ban. this morning the court cited something he sweeted. the sweet that said we need a travel ban for dangerous countries. the court also quoted sean
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spicer who said the tweets are considered oberle official amts i about the cht of the united states. >> one of the things i was struck by is how had helpful the trump administration has been to all of us by continuing to be clear about what their prerjs are and their actual intent. and intent in these instenesss matters. >> the ninth circuit court back in february refused to reants the president's original executive. today it upheld the decision of u.s. drirkt court judge. after the ruling let white house responded saying the administration will review the decision and at a believes the travel ban is lawful and will eventually be upheld by the supreme court. janelle. >> last week fired fbi director cams kwom roeh comey this week attorney general jeff sessions more highly anticipated testimony on capitol hill. the ag is testifying on capitol hill about the russia investigation. nbc blaine alexander joins from us the white house with more. good evening, blaine.
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>> reporter: so janelle go ahead teeng what's interesting about in is according to the justice department it was actually jeff sessions who requested the open testimony. he said he wants to speak publicly tomorrow because he says it's important the american people hear from him directly. >> as you know. >> team trump reporting for doubt together for the first time the president holding a full cabinet meeting today at the white house. >> in in just a very short time we're seeing amazing results. >> opening by praising his accomplishments and inviting each cabinet member to do the same including attorney general jeff sessions. >> it's great to be here. >> who tomorrow will face a different audience testifying publicly before the senate intelligence committee about russia. >> he is going to testify. we're aware of it. and go from there. >> sessions will face the same committee that heard testimony from former fbi director james comey who testified last week he asked the attorney general to never be left alone with the president after their now
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infamous private oval office meeting. the white house unwilling to clarify the president's suggestion that that conversation and others were taped. >> the president may made clear in the rose garden he would have an announcement shortly. >> today more legal torns this the president side. his travel ban once again blocked by appeals court and the attorney general of maryland and dc announcing a lawsuit against president trump on grounds that he violating anticorruption laws through his hotel choins. >> we know that foreign governments are spending money there in order to curry favor with the president of the united states. >> the rnc called the lawsuit absurd and the white house says it will move to dismiss the case. and today the secret service said that it does not have any tapes or transcripts of any recorded conversations inside the trump white house. but of course janelle that does not have any restriction or mean any restriction for any recording made by someone else. back to you. >> blaine thank you so much.
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coming up on nbc nightly news we'll have more details on sessions' upcoming testimony and the latest reaction from the president ahead at 5:30 with lester holt. right now in the bay area a crowd is gathering to remember those killed in the pulse nightclub shooting happening one year ago today. the viejle in the san francisco district. the pulse sniet sclub is still closed but draws visitors to a public memorial flowers candles pictures and notes form a lasting tribute to the 49 victims, the worst mass shooting in u.s. history and the survivors still struggle. >> there is an eepgsle toll, a soijle toll. >> i just had my fourth surgery about three weeks ago. >> these three survivors have been traveling the country telling stories and carrying messages of love and understanding in orlando memoryual services were held all day another is taking place there now. the shake-up inside uber continue. the top executive has stepped down and others may be next.
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in a letter to employees uber executive vice president emil announced he is leaving the company. kbaes of the san francisco ride sharing company will learn more about in re future tomorrow when a full report on the company's workplace culture is released. that report has been put together by former u.s. attorney general eric holder. speculation is that more kangs are on the which. the cal nick may be on his way oh ou take a leave of absence. >> fletcher didn't get to graduate with his class us he wanted to we are his army reserve uniform i understand of cap and gown. coming up we'll show you the special ceremony just for him. more than two dozen drees cut down in the south bay and opponents fear more neighborhoods will be affected. michelle roberts with why pg&e with why they say it's necessary. >> meteorologist jeff ranieri comfortable 60s and 70s today
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but i'll let you know white high pressure brings 90s coming up in ten minutes. an update now on a suspicious
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package that created gridlock at rush hour in san francisco. =vo= we first brought you the story as breaking news on today in the bay - this picture from nbc bay area skyranger shows the bomb squad checking out the package. police closed off parts of market street near the westfield san francisco center but gave an "all clear" around nine a-m. they )re not saying at this point what was in the package.
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==terry/cu== it was graduation day .. for one student liberty high school in brentwood. ==take vo== as we )ve been reporting since saturday... army reservist )harland fletcher ) did not get to graduate with his class last friday because he refused to cover up his army uniform with the ca reporting since saturday army bay rvist did not get to graduate with his clause because fe refused to cover up his army uniform with a cap and gown. --bert handa is in live in brentwood what the school colored had it doing an about face. >> well terry it was a emotional day. especially with so many veterans groups joining the audience in a graduation ceremony filled with congratulations, apologies within gofrgness. >> this is on. >> the harlan fletcher got last minute gifts before his graduation. after refused refuseding to cover upthe army reservist ufrpt. >> my family didn't get to have the experience that everyone else did. but i was -- i gist said let's
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saflage this night. let's take this and turn into something better. >> something better turned out to be liberty high holding a graduation ceremony for him with a school apology and diploma. >> i made a mistake last friday night. i don't minimums words. and if i could do it all over again i would do it differently. and so what i would like to do right now is call private first class harlan james fletcher. [ cheers and applause ] >> i hope that in the process of that we can all learn to stand together as a community as a state. and a nation. make sure this don't happen in the future to anybody. >> this- this almost made up for it. not exactly because it wasn't the right moment. but i'm glad that what made up for it was all the supporters. >> this brotherhood will never be disbanded.
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>> everything okay now. >> yes. thank you. >> reporter: well ha harlan fletcher says he is happy because now with graduation behind him he can look forward which for moua mean a possibility in the military or some time of public service. hree fn brentwood, nbc bay area news. >> thanks robert. onwna hail mary by raiders fans is ng to keep the team in )skland. p ree fan groups hired two high power new york attorneys to take on the nfl anded raider ownership the move to block the erse to las vegas. re y will work with oakland city loreers to come up with options d tt will make it more attractive to keep the raiders here. >> so there is no other option for us but to continue to righlate investigate and explore schedue ogss. in doing so we retain the best in the business. > right now the raid remembers scheduled to move into a brand new $19.9 billion stadium you the by the 2020 season a move approvedly the league owners m juers expected to play at the coliseum the next two years.
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. anpeaking the local football teams the fight between santa clara leader and levi stadium has gotten uglier. the city order add new audit a verft version leaked to the media. the audit shows the team owes santa clara more than $2 million to cover costs. ed acosts include funding for acclic 70 and money left over from a stadium construction fund. this afternoon 49ers management & e s a statement disputing the accusations and blasting the mayor for leaking the report. ===tree after tree coming down in the south bay. pg&e says the trees create a safety hazard need to go much michelle roberts joins from us california avenue in sunny veil where the project got under way today. michelle. >> reporter: that's right germany standing before a pipeline this stretches down the block. this morning there were three giant redwood trees behind me as you can see they've been chopped down to the stuch. the first of money to be cut
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down along this block. today pg&e crews began the process of cutting down 30 redwood industries long the avenue in sunny veil. the trees have been growing above a transmission line for decades. pg&e says so far they haven't caused damage to the line. but today company spokesperson said the they need to to be removed as a precaution. >> in the event of a mm should there be a break-in the line that firefighters and other first responders can access the gas transmission line. >> it's wrong and should not be done. >> this woman says she has been fighting to save the trees the last five years. when pg&e completes the removal process the current view of the 30 foot redwoods will be the sound wall and the expressway behind it. >> the noise is a major issue. the aesthetics of course is a major issue, looking at a six foot sound wall is not appealing. >> she and other neighbors fear the home property values will
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drop. >> hopefully pg&e woents. >> they plan to replace the reed wood was smaller trees and shrubs but many neighbors call the removal harmful and unnecessary. >> we're fighting to build the neighborhood up and they're tearing it down. >> reporter: pg&e says this is one of about 200 projects across the state to clear the area above the pipeline. reporting live michelle roberts nbc bay area news. >> thank you michelle. talk about the forecast still cool today. warm up is on the way. >> yes superhot weather coming this weak you guys. possibly some of the hottest weather on the year on tap over the next seven days. >> now you won know the hottest weather of the year is headed our way with a scene like this check out the viewer photo coming from the very own vicki wynn where snow pack is 182% of normal on the south side of lake
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tahoe. she said this is what genuine looks like in the sierra right now. thanks for the picture, vicki. if you want to send me the pictures any time, a great way to get ahold of me is on my facebook page. search me jeff ranieri we'll be able to share that. as we get to live look at san jose a mix of sun and cloud cover, 68 degrees temperatures do drop to the 50s once we hit 9:00 tonight. as we push into tomorrow's forecast for the tuesday morning, tfl be a mix of sun and clouds. i don't think we'll have any problems, nothing in terms of a thick fog event. so that's beginning with 55 in the south by backup 57 for the peninsula and the tri valley at 52. the east bay 56 particle cloudy and a few clouds college rolling into san francisco and 54. temperatures will warm up tomorrow about four to six degrees. but it will be comfortable down here in the south by. i don't think we'll have any issues. 76 in downtown san jose and starting to feel the heat right
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at morgan hill and gill roy with low 80s. east bay going warmer as hot as 84 in concord. but that's going to feel cool in terms of what's coming this we can. i'll have more on that in a minute but over to the pens are la, 74 in bellant, 77 in palo alto. some of the most enjoyable weather on the highway 101 corridor in the peninsula. st. francis, 65 along the embarcadero. up no into the north bay 79 in sonoma. chilly 59 for point reyes. looking good for tuesday. but the hot weather will build. getting dangerous all about the hot area of high pressure. stubborn. not only the warmest weather of the year but possibly producing 100s setting up shop and locks itself over the west coast. in terms of the warm weather, here is what we know right now. the hottest weather moves in once with he hit friday.
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at least a six-day heat event with the isolated 100s. the fire threat will be up. hydrate and also don't forget those pets. now a spot to go to escape the heat is frist. 70s by thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. most nanlable heading towards the covert line but the inland valleys up to 95 on friday. keep 90s into the weekend. also into monday. we may see the mid-90s extend to wednesday and thursday of the following week. so we're kinning to track that when the heat exactly breks we'll have more at sourks. >> we're enjoying the last couple of days of cooler weather. >> dinner outside tonight. >> yes. >> i like the 90s. ish thank you very much. ==jatill to come steph curry or a jsay it's time to lock in. e tomorts back in town trying to finish the nba finals at home. ou oakland is preparing. =t> applying fore a job over snapchat.
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the fast food chain offering thatat chance tomorrow. has thrown out a new law that
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was supposed to stop whales and sea turtles fr happening now, the trump administration has thrown out a new law supposed to top whales and sea turtles getting caught in sfrlt nets off the west coast. the fishery services says the law is not warranted op the home page on facebook a massachusetts girl helped open the a calf wound on her friend. she got the first aid teep tip from reading hunger games. . who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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summer hires. ==vo== mcdonald )s announced today it s trying to hire 250 it is a creative way to recruit summer hirer mcdonald's announced it's trying to hire 250,000 summer workers across the country, using social media to get the job done. especially snapchat. it will run an ad so snatchers can swipe up on the career screen get to the mcdonald's page annual get to the snappily indication. the tactic will allow the company to reach younger job seekers faster. >> the warriors could become the first bay area team to win on the home court that has fans willing to spend top dollar to
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be at the begin game. someone has paid more than $100,000 to see it go down. nbc bay area has the much more affordable seat. live on the bar at oakland avenue in gearing up for a crowd tonight. high damien. >> looks like a lot of people are choosing option b watching it here on the big screen. right here at make westing on telegraph and 18th in downtown oakland. the big careen is on and the folks are here. these are the ones who can't afford the $1,000 seats at oracle here to watch it ob the big screen. >> preparations began earl at the make westing bar in downtown oakland. one of ten stops by oakland as own lined 51 brewery, the beer of choice, the nation ipa. >> it's a lot of beer oolts of dub nation being sold. their ipa. more than usual for sure. >> as for the fanning looking for a place to watch the game, without the big buck price tag
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of a ticket at oerk. . and big bucks it is. espn is reporting someone paid $133,000 to get into game 5. >> wow. yeah. i wish they would have gave it to me. >> you have that kind of dough. >> no i can think of a lot more to do with $133,000. >> oakland police say it's all hands on deck. security ratcheted up even more than. when they could have clinched in cleveland. home games require more vigilance. >> it does change the dynamics. the team is in town we have a lot more visitors. >> more visitors drinking more beer hoping for a chance at another parade for warrior nation. now we're talking about terry mcsweeney money when we're talking about visiting the oracle. we're o we're told it will be shoulder to shoulder. if you going to the game tonight oakland police warn you you
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cannot bring in a backpack tonights unlike during the season. offñi limits. nbc bay area. >> good to know strict rules thanks so much. >> and terry mcsweeney mon. erud for someone in the golden state. >> the california city where thi latest winning power ball ticket they can afford a warrior >> for sure. they need more help.
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==take vo== the urgent plea from san francisco dispatchers. and why that massi pow tonight at 6:00 they need more help. the urgent plea from san francisco zplachers whyñi theñr massivee@.ower outage in april play ago roll in the announce many that story tonight at 6:00. >> thelp owners ofok southern california liquor store a million dollars richer. they own the liquor store in marrietta county which sold the winning power ball ticket. they got their prize the shh million dlaksr>3 invite in california retailers get a bonus check forñi winning the ticket seller. >> it's anq incredible feeling o be part of this. as for that winner of the lottqy ticket that person has not come forward /ñ) this weekend's drawing wa%á the 10th largest prize in u.s. history. >> wow.ñi
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>> wowt( is right. @/>>ñi my ga >> 147 million. >> a lot of zeros inéb that. >> have a good night folks see you back at 6:00. >> nightly news is neck. developing tonight, to the jury, bill cosby facing potentially the rest of his life in prison. the defense rests after just six minutes, and we're at the courthouse awaiting a verdict, suing the president, a new lawsuit accusing donald trump of violating violating the constitution with his foreign business dealings. will he be forced to turnover his tax returns? protesting putin, a wave of rallies across russia, demonstrators face down riot police as a prominent putin critic who issued the call to action is detained. instant pain relief. new treatment for millions with aching knees. in drugs or surgery. doctors say it can work better and last longer with fewer side effects. and 49 acts of love, moms of the 49 lost in orlando


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