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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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27-stories, up in flames. and tonight, the growing fear there may be hundreds of break news at 11:00, 27 stories up in flachls. on the the growing fear there may be hundreds of people trapped inside. thank you for joining us tonight i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm janelle wang. raj and jessica have this night off. that's a fire burning in-done right now. we want to show you live pictures where it's just after 7:00 in the morning. you can see the entire building still up in flames. smoke just spewing from this apartment building. now we want to show you what it
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looked like just a few hours ago. terrifying. flames erupting as most of the residents inside were fast asleep. more than 200 fire fighters, 40 fire trucks on scene right now. witnesses tell police people were jumping out of windows and screams could be heard from those trapped in the top floors. the london fire brigade says 30 people have been take tony hospitals. that number is expected to change once the flames are out. want to show you live pictures. this fire, burning for six hours. still not contained at this hour. no word on a motive, how it started or where it started. fire crews say the lower burned out floors could collapse at any moment so it's going to make it very hard for first responders. of course we'll keep an eye on the situation throughout the newscast and bring you updates as we get them. breaking news out of contra costa county. haz-mat are investigating a substance that made people sick
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inside a jcpenney's in antioch. a bizarre skmeen the east bay, an estimated 500 birds living in cages in someone's backyard. jen son road in castro valley. ian cull is live at the alameda county sheriff's office in dublin with what the family is saying. >> reporter: they say the birds are being taken care of. deputies say the homeowner is not cooperating. this started when neighbors say their street started sounding like a jungle. you can hear it inisn'tly. >> two years ago it started. >> reporter: balking through joseph langin's backyard you will see where the noise is coming from. >> this is getting out of control. >> reporter: nearly 500 parrots and exotics birds living in cages in his neighbor's backyard. they bring noise, bugs and a bad smell. >> rarely do i see anybody
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taking care of the birds. >> reporter: the yard now the side of a criminal investigation. deputies say the operation violates a number of state and federal laws. they would confiscate the birds but can't handle this many. >> we want the home owner to come forward and work with us. >> reporter: authorities say the owner tries to sell the birds up to around $2,000 a piece. right now they want to make sure the birds are okay. >> are these parrots healthy? did they have diseases? >> reporter: tonight the owner's daughter spoke with us saying the birds are a had beeny for her mom and an escape after a divorce but is now trying to sell them on craig's list. >> the birds are being taken care of gradually. it's hard to sell the big ones because they're pretty expensive. >> reporter: until then, this high-end neighborhood will continue squawking. >> hopefully it gets resolved.
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>> reporter: deputies say they will meet with wildlife experts again tomorrow to try to find out the condition of those birds and take care of this issue. reporting live in dublin, ian cull, nbc bay area news. back on us soil, new video tonight of an emotional home combing. 22-year-old warm beer arriving in cincinnati. the college student had been in a north korea prison accused of stealing a propaganda poster from the hotel in january of 2016. he was suddenly released from custody. good news tempered by bad news regarding his health. he has been in a coma for more than a year. hours after their win last night a report on social media that the warriors had decided to turn down a visit to the white house to meet president trump. but soon after that, the warriors ereleased an official statement saying the team hadn't been invited yet and no decision
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had been made. cheryl hurd is trying to the bottom of it live in oakland. are the players in or out. >> reporter: you said it first, they haven't even been invited yesterday yet. but i did talk to a warriors insider. he says if they are invited he has a lot of reasons to believe they will not go. it has taken less than 24 hours for the warriors historic win to turn into a question about politics. will the warriors go to the white house? >> everything i got today says that if they are invited they will not go. >> reporter: monte poole is the warriors insider for nbc sports bay area. >> when donald trump was elected president the question came right then and there. >> reporter: that question was put off until now. the team's coach, steve kerr has been very vocal on his feelings on the current administration. >> really going against the principles of what our country is about. >> reporter: earlier this year he spoke out against president trump's travel ban, and he was
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quoted in may saying the commander in chief couldn't be more ill suited to be president. >> i talked to ron adams, assistant etch could, placers, andre iguodala, livingston, david west, these guys are not on board with what's going on in d.c. right now. >> reporter: even steph curry made it clear he didn't think president trump was an asset for the country. going to the white house was a tradition, the warriors were happy about their trip there when they were champs two years ago when president obama. on the other hand, president obama invited the patriots to the white house. most but not all of the team showed up. many feel there should be separation between sports and politics. >> it is about celebration and winning of a championship. and not politics. >> i don't think you should mix politics and sports. >> reporter: monte poole also told me tonight that he believes that more players will be
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speaking out about this in days to come. reporting live in walnut creek i'm cheryl hurd nbc bay area news. >> charles thanks. plan ahead. that advice from the city of oakland tonight ahead of the warriors victory parade. more than a million people are expected to attend the parade on thursday. this is video from the kaiser center where the rally will take place following the parade. the parade route starts on broadway at 11th street up to grand, around lake merritt and ends at the kaiser convention cent center. fans say they are ready to party. >> celebrating the warriors victory and this whole warriors culture, and oakland. >> officials say parking is going to be limited. please, if you can, take public transit. we will have live coverage of the parade from beginning to end. our nbc bay area team of reporters will be posted along the parade route to capture your favorite basketball stars. sky ranger will be up in the air. watch it here on nbc bay area
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starting a at 9:30 thursday morning. >> some of the celebrations took an illegal turn last night. between 400 and 500 people took part in the side shows and at least 30 cars were impounded. follow-up to a story we first brought you last night about staggering accusations against a south bay high school district. >> they talked about my client, who is a minor who was a student at the school at the time. they mentioned better by name. they gave a specific and credible threat they would riddle her with bullets and how many blts it would take. >> communities came together outraged about the threats allegedly made against black students at monte vista school in cupertino. santa clara county sheriff's department is looking into the accusations. contra costa county's top
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prosecutor is about to become a defendant. he is set to appear in court tomorrow to face accusations from a grand jury. after his home and office was searched last month they are considering filing felony embezzlelment charges for his personal use of more than $66,000 in campaign funds. >> the appearance is horrifying. the appearance is someone who is committing crimes is prosecuting other people. >> not just possible criminal charges. the civil grand jury filed an accusation calling for peterson's removal from office. i am not stonewalling. >> a day of high drama on capitol hill today. attorney general jeff sessions was defiant when addressing the russian election meddling that former fbi director james comey had been investigated. days before, james comey gave testimony behalf senate committee. >> the suggestion that i participated in any collusion, that i was aware of any
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collusion with the russian government to hurt this country is an apaling and detestable lie. >> some of the most dramatic moments came when democrats went after sessions for not answering questions about his conversations with the president. still to come, a peninsula nanny arrested after a crash at an elementary school. the troubling information about her past that has parents especially concerned tonight. temperatures around san jose tomorrow approaching 80 degrees. easily the coolest day we'll see through the next seven when 90s and 100 degree temperatures could be on the way this the forecast coming up. to be on the show with jennifer lopez is mind blowing to me. >> they performed in front of j-lo, and millions of tv viewers. meet a tapt talented team of hip hop dancers from the bay area who just competed on the biggest stage yet. our recent investigation uncovered the plight of deported
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u.s. military veterans. >> we found hundreds of u.s. veterans just beyond the border wall. >> anyone willing to die for their country should have a country willing to give them citizenship. >> pardon from the california governor. >> at nbc bay area we are holding the powerful accountable for you. nbc bay area. we investigate. london.
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a massive fire at an apartment building. this is li an update on the breaking news. a massive apartment fire. 27 stories up in flames. these are live pictures. it's just after 7:00 in the morning in london. still a lot of smoke spewing and flames spewing from this building. it's been burning for more than six hours now. flames erupt nlg the middle of the night as respects were fast asleep. so far the london fire brigade says 30 people have been take tony hospitals. that number is expected to rise once those flames are out. a nanny with an infant in her car is say rested for driving under the influence after she plows through anna elementary school fence hitting a child. we are learning tonight the woman has prior dui. jaen elle is live in belmont where parents are stunned. >> reporter: the nanny drove through this fence and down onto the lawn as the fourth and fifth
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graders were coming outside to go home for the day. police say she was driving under the influence and it's not the first time. a day after a nanny drove through a fence at the school and hit an 11-year-old student police are stunned to learn police arrested the woman behind the wheel for driving under the influence. >> it's scary. we want to make sure nobody gets hurt. >> it is a sad situation. we are praying for the kid that he is okay. >> reporter: police say the 64-year-old had an fant in her car and was at that school to pick up another students when she drove through school grounds and nearly into the building. parents are relieved not more students were hurt. >> could have been anybody's child. being in the wrong place at the wrong time. really scary. >> reporter: police say the fifth grader was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the woman is on probation for a
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dui in 2015 raising questions for this school community about finding trustworthy child care. >> i've heard horror stories in different places. there is just no way of knowing. >> reporter: the district attorney's office says the woman was booked on dui and child endangerment charges. a court date is set for july. reporting live in belmont, jean elle, nbc bay area news. a man who opened fire on a church statue faced a judge today. police say this man, eric mullen shot a statue at a catholic church in san leandro last week. they say he fired seven shots and at least two rounds ricochetted into the church. no one was inside at the time. he faces several charges including vandalism of religious party and a felony of possessing a firearm. police say a man took off in this ferrari, witnesses called 911 when that man asked for gas money and started acting strangely. officers arrived asked to see
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paperwork. the man opened up his backpack were police found the keys to the ferrari and keys to another one. a bumpy ride for uber. the embattled ceo announced he is stepping away in a leave of absence. in an e-mail to the staff he says he needs to take time to work on himself. the move toms as former u.s. attorney eric holder released a list of recommendations to improve the company's toxic workplace culture. an investigation revealed sexual harass men, bullying and retaliation against those who reported problems. it's the ends of an era for yahoo. marissa myers stepping down after five years on the job. verizon purchased yahoo. layoffs are expected. she is walking away with more unanimous a quarter of a billion dollars. ♪ >> oh, this powerful performance on tonight's world of dance
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courtesy of a bay area dance team. they are members of a dance company in solano county county. tonight they whoaed j-lo and the other judges. it was a surreal experience for those dynamic dancers. >> to be on the show with jennifer lopez it's mind blowing to me. >> reporter: that's how the director of the bay area's dance family described what it's like taking the stage on nbc's world of dance. >> it's show time. >> reporter: the dance family made their debut on the hit show tonight with a performance that wowed the judges. >> being brave and fwoeld abold creative. >> it still doesn't feel real but i'm really excited to see how it's going to turn out. >> reporter: this 20-year-old is one of the 18 dancers who competed against some of the best crews in the world. he calls it life changing. >> i hope we can make bay area
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proud. >> reporter: most of the team has been with the dance company since they were kids. he prides himself on making the bay area talent the best. >> i thought about moving many times but i made the decision to stay here and train the kids and put my attention into creating dance superstars. >> reporter: with a average score of 89, they move on to the next round. >> represent the bay, yes, all the way. >> i want the word to know we are one of the best dancers in the world. >> reporter: jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> congratulations to them. also the posse from south bay getting praise from world of dance. we sbrounsed you to these seven teens two weeks ago. they are from for cal arts in san jose. they also made their debut on the show tonight. job, low called it a very, very beautiful piece. >> it's so emotional and so inspiring. and the performances had a lot of meaning.
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>> we want to share the message that as long as you love yourself you are beautiful no matter what people think of you. >> the other judge neoright there said they made the whole room feel it. with a score of 84 the posse is moving onto the next round. go bay area dance teams. >> now nbc bay area weather certified most accurate in the bay area by weather rate. >> we have a big change on the way. >> also 89 and 84s. >> is that your rating or the temperature. >> whether you like it or not. we are going to go well above that. later this week, 100-degree temperatures. this after snow in the see air yesterday and 60s for highs this weekend. we will plane is the reason for this weather whiplash coming up. right now, 55 degrees in san francisco. no fog. nice there. 60 currently in dublin. san jose currently 59 degrees. temperatures compared to this hour yesterday, we actually have temperatures running a little bit more warm inland by about
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five to six degrees. we should see that same trend for your afternoon highs as the sea breeze starts to back off. on-shore winds reaching into fairfield but we'll see a lot less of that by the time we get towards friday and saturday. morning temperatures comfortable. good enough for a light jacket early in the day with 40s and low 50s and pop of patchy low clouds alone the coast. highs tomorrow, san jose 80. lass gatos and downtown lowser to 80 degrees. mid to upper 80s from pleasanton and concord. peninsula temperatures from the low 70s around san mateo to low 60s half moon bay. downtown san francisco mid 60s for your wednesday afternoon. north bay temperatures in the mid 80s. 86 in santa rosa, 85 in sonoma. hour by hour outlook, around the bay, schblts to mid 80s inland.
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thursday, notice these 3:00 temperatures close to 80 around the bay and nearing those 90s inland as we watch that thursday forecast very closely for the victory parade in oakland around downtown. midday, you are going to want to prepare for warm temperatures. even around oakland we will see mid to upper 70s. take a little extra water. good thing this is on thursday. because as you are about to see, high pressure will reach its peak intensity just in time for the weekend. we go from warm to outright hot as we get into saturday and sunday. all areas except san francisco and the coast have a chance of hitting some 90s as we go from friday through sunday. so we'll get some 90s to near 100-degree temperatures from concord to livermore. mid 90s possible around san jose. here is a zone of relief along the coast and san francisco, relatively speaking, a warmer forecast for san francisco. we could get highs closer to 80 by friday and saturday. really it's the valleys that see the huge jump in temperatures. 60s yesterday, 70s today.
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mid to upper 80s over the next couple of days. there you go, saturday and sunday, a few spots in these east bay valleys, again, very close to 100 degrees. dangerous heat. you are going to want to cut back on outdoor plans. air quality too may suffer a bit as the temperatures crank up. up next, trapped in the deep blue sea for more than a century. stunning new video of a sunken ship with bay area ties. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey guys, mark wahlberg is my guest tonight. plus we have a dance battle with heidi klum, music from lady antebellum. do not change the channel. happening you new york nearly 200 democrats members of congress are suing the president. the lawsuits alleges president trump is violating a clause of the constitution that forbids payments from foreign governments. we have just updated that story on our website. we have more news in a moment. a major road into yosemite is
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closed. a rockslide is blocking el portal road... part of highway a major road into yosemite closed. a rock slide is blocking part of highway 140. rocks covered roughly six football fields worth of the roadway. the highway will remain closed at least for the weekend. visitors can get into the park from two other roads. stunning underwater video of a ship wreck that happened a hundred years ago today. the mcclul ok designed to patrol the coast had a foggy collision with a civilian ship off the coast of santa barbara. the boat sank in 35 minutes. everyone on board was rescued. this is how it looks today.
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buried in silt, draped with sea creatures. >> in the ep was found basically liable for the loss of the mikilucs. and wrote a check for $167,000 in 1923. that was a ton of money back then. >> no one was allowed to profit off the remains of the shicht it is u.s. government property and protected by federal law. when we come back, the warriors getting love from spill straighted and jimmy fallon. >> stay tuned. whoa!
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a rematch of the 2014 world series tonight at at&t park. neither 250e78 looking like world series material. this match the kansas city royals did not go the giants way. >> tough times for the orange and black. this little guy wearing his giants and royals gear. in the sixth inning flood gates opened. kansas city scored six in the inning and beat the giants 8-1. giants lost seven of their last ten games. an ugly night for manager bob melvin and the a's in miami. after taking an early lead, the green and gold gave up eight unanswered runs. they fall to a season worst ten
11:30 pm
games under .500. >> the warriors continue to dominate the national headquarters lines. jimmy followan zbrating the team on a win and talked about the pair of tickets that sold for a record price. >> $133,000 for a pair of tickets to last night's gam. it seemed like a great idea until they found out the seats were behind shaq. >> catch more of jimmy's monologue in just a few minutes following this newscast. "the tonight show" begins at 11:35. >> look at this. >> we'll be right back. oh, no, sorry. >> i want to talk about the warriors a little bit more. >> want to see the s.i. cover. i forgot about this. >> that's kevin durant on the cover of stlts. one of the perks of being the championship team is you get
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perks like this. a moment in the sun. >> they are going to be on a lot of covers this season, this year. >> durant. >> back in a moment. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at
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disneyland resort. hero up!
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we will continue to follow breaking news in london. this is a 27-story apartment fire that's been burning nearly seven hours. it is just after 7:30 in the morning london time. you can still see tons of smoke spewing from this building. it's burning about a mile from kensington palace. it brek out just after midnight london time. we're told 30 people have been taken to the hospital. no fatalities confirmed yet. the cause of the fire unknown. of course we'll be following this throughout the night and we will have the latest on today in the bay. >> big fear of that building collapsing. keep that in mine. thank you for joining us tonight. >> good night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- mark wahlberg, heidi klum,


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