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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 15, 2017 5:00pm-5:41pm PDT

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>> this woman coming all the way from hawaii. >> just for this parade. >> it was a carnival atmosphere. >> go warriors. >> $60, $20, $10. >> ultimately all about the players. fans excited about seeing in re favorites. draymond green, k.d. and curry. >> i saw steph curry. >> and the one person who seemed the most excited was coach steve kerr. >> i'm okay. >> are you sure. >> are you kidding me i'm having the time of my life. >> the warriors and fans savoring the moment already dreaming of the next time. >> four more parades after this. >> i think people are pretty happy this win. reporting live in oakland,
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cheryl herd nbc news. >> as a bay area product you suffered through many of the lean years of the warriors. and now it's all good stuff. let's bring in nbc bay area colin resch near the main stage with the players. and colin it seemed like the players enjoyed this as much as the fans what did you sense from being at the stage? >> i agree with you. and you know the guy who enjoyed it just like he did two years ago. draymond green. remember when he stole the show grabbed the mic a couple years ago you o he did it again today. he did it with a different tone this time around. >> we're number one. number four, number five we just do it better. give credit where credit due. we didn't have no number one picks to build this. >> the architect of the superteam he was in comic moede even throeing a jab at steve kerr. >> he didn't lose any games did you? steve you lost one, right?
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man, talented and committed and all every one of of you just ultimate warriors. >> many would call kerr the ultimate warrior for all he endured in season. bottom line this parade was about gratitude from the fans to the organization to all of the players. >> what makes this team so special? >> well for being sevenless. >> we enjoy it to the fullest you guys bringing so much energy with the parade, this whole day, the whole atmosphere is unbelievable. >> they are the champs once again and you know what struck me? this is the fifth time this decade that we've covered a victory parade. how lucky are we between the giants and warriors amazing. live in oakland colin resch. >> okay thank you so much we are rucky. coach kerr also extremely lucky. our cameras caught up with him a few times. you may remember he was out for much of the playoffs because of
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the complications of back surgery. hopefully his health problems are lind him he told our reporter he plans on being the warrior coach for a long time. >> will i see you next year. >> hell, yeah. >> steve kerr has won 7 nba championships by the way combined, five as a player and two as coach. >> his trophy case is very full. the special vibe of elbowed you're looking at it. even off the parade route they were dancing and celebrating from the sky ranger here some break dancers working the mat after the players rally ended >> after it ended a mass exodus. sky ranger overhead two hours ago as the crowd left the celebration. you can see thousands of people make the way lining up toward b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. tweeted out more than 300,000 people used public transportation to get to and from the rally. >> a lot of smiles and self-ys for most of the people.
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keeping in huge event safe. the emergency operations center was in full use today. it sits on the second floor of this oakland fire station right there at mlk boulevard. ofrsds handled the logistics of crowd control and traffic and any other problems. oakland, p.d., fire, public workswork b.a.r.t. p. d. on sheriffs department and chp all working together to keep today safe. >> because all of the different functions all the different resources from the city can be -- can be used can be tapped into immediately. it's a great advantage for us to just really facilitate an event smoothly. >> some of the best knews today, thankfully no major problems or incidents. the only real issues traffic just getting in and out of oakland on the freeways and on b.a.r.t. well parade coverage is far from over. coming up in five minutes from now we'll explain the social media back and forth between draymond green and lebron james. that's all about a tee shirt.
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we'll have more memorable moments also along the parade route in five minutes. >> right now more serious news. a time line of the attack we are learning exclusive new details about the deadly ramp age in inside of a san francisco ups building. the attack happened yesterday morning in. 378-year-old jimmy lam killed three woe workers and wounded two others. about before killing himself. we have new details about who the victims were sources also tell nbc bay area the shooter was targeting specific coworkers while telling others to get out and run for safety. the investigative untsds has been breaking new information about this story since it broke yesterday. tapping his sources and has a detailed time line of the attack. >> today we learned jimmy lam's son was taking a test while he laum arrived' ups facility with a mac10 assault pitfall pistol. the disgruntled worker had a
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history of mental issues had recently filed an overtime griefens. our sources tell us after the morning briefing we processing facility in the area. lam took aim at workers he apparently felt belittled him. while warning other workers to kwout get out, unquote with the law enforcement source telling me quote there are people he could have shot but he did not take the shot. lam did shoot and kill benson louie, wayne chan and mike le fitty and wounded two others. sources say lam was confronted by four context tactical frs officers in the building. i've been told lam urge the officers to come at them then pointed the pistol at police before shooting himself. and now our investigation shows at least one of lam as two weapon was not registered to him. police are still trying to find out how he got them. and we were outside his san
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francisco home as police seized a computer and several bags of evidence yesterday. >> jaxon joins live in san francisco. your sources it will telling you he was targeting specific people and telling others just run, get out of here? >> reporter: that's right. what we've heard is he basically went and told people specifically to leave and then he actually hunted certain individuals based on what we understand was his desire to get back at them for belittling him on the job. the innocent bystanders and the other people involved in this, he just -- you know some people may have been caught in that fire. but it appears he was directing rounds at people he saw as his detractors. >> and he was heavily armed with lots of ammunition. jaxon van derbeken live in san francisco. >> the ups facility has been reporting in the main hub for
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san francisco. partially open tonight. but certainly it will be an emotional process to reopen fully. three viems michael le fittia and benson louie wayne chan all killed by coworker. he. we are at the facility where loved ones have been stopping by throughout the day. kristi. >> well i can tell you people have been come by reefing leaving flowers and notes and grieving some sharing stories about the driver they met on routes and became friends. others sharing more personal relationships. >> quite a shock to us to see what happened. >> derrick lee remembers benson louie as more than a volleyball coach saying he was like a dad to players, kind and generous there for the milestones in life. >> the biggest thing was the size of had his heart he was there for us. >> he joined others some in tears leaving a signed shirt and ball outside the san francisco ups facility. that's where a ups worker shot and killed louie and two other
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upz employees yesterday. friends are still trying to make sense of what led up to the violence. >> i never heard of any internal strife like that that might have caused anything. we are all baffled. trying to figure it out. taking it one day a time. >> some workers were back at the facility today. >> it has ha been hurting me all morning nifrpging about it. >> upz sad it was using additional drivers and workers from other facilities. counselors were available. >> it's kind of laid back. everybody is hugging each other and that's all. >> on social media people remember driver wayne chan as bright. funny, one of the nicest guys you could meet. hug o vargas says he came to pay his speculation to mike le fitty a who he says it was a friend to all. >> first one came to mind is mike opinion. en a started praying. >> we reached out to san francisco police today they didn't provide update. some drivers we spoke off said
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they wanted to take the day off and upz is saying that they will likely continue using additional workers from outside tleet through saturday. reporting live in san francisco, credit y smith nbc bay area news. >> the shooting affecting so many people and the investigation expected to last a while. well it is starting to heat up in parts of the bay area and going to get even hotter. still pleasant in san francisco but in cities like the east bay already seeing temps in the 90s and we are just in the beginning of in extended heat wave. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is track something all. >> yeah it wasn't superuncomfortable definitely noticeable increase for the virginia danville 91 and nap an at 90. we are closely tracking and beginning to see ramp up is hotter air across the desert southwest. this is going to be the number one component to get our temperatures into the 100s as that hotter hair moves in across the bay area. in fact some of the warmest
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weather since 2013 on the way for us. i think we're going to begin to really notice things ramping up heading into tomorrow's forecast. you can see in concord by 10:00 a.m. up to 79 enmuch hotter 98 heading into 4:00 p.m. on friday. we do have a heat advisory that has been issued for most of the bay area process. i'll have more details on this and how long 100s could last. >> we'll see you shortly. a high profile domestic violence case stirring up controversy in palo alto. the plea deal that the victim and activists say is too lenient. >> so who is your favorite golden state warrior. >> i think i know who the most popular player is and today he did something that might make him more popular. show you more on him coming up. >> m.c. hammer. that's mc hammer next to the mayor that's pretty cool. he represents the town a lot.
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. c hammer there for you i'm getting excited like a little kid. there goes mc. hammer. ==take vo==
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a victim of domestic violence and she says she was let down by the legal system. that victim is a former engineer at apple today outside the palo alto courtroom a small group of protestors called for justice in her honor. earlier this week the the prerp
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traitor faced two counts of domestic strienls for beating his wife. but during plea bargaining the charges were reduced. today the judge accepted most of the terms of the plea deal but required him to self-replevineder to serve his one-month jail sentence beginning tomorrow. the victim says after a decade of abuse she was hoping for a more severe punishment. >> these people who we believe when we're in the prief sieve our homes they're stronger than us are way weaker than us. we're the stronger ones able to take the abuse and still survive. >> that was one of the activists there. the former tech ceo has been sfrns sentenced to three years of probation 30 days in jail and five months of community service. the game will go on ziet a frightening shooting ambush. republicans and democrats squaring off for the annual congressional baseball game. the video of the game started 45 minutes ago. usually democrats versus republicans. but today everyone is on team
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scalise. congressman steve scalise is still hospitalized in critical condition after a gunman fired on the gop team as they were practicing yesterday. total of four people hurt. the gunman who was killed by capitol police had voiced hi anger to a toward republican policies on social media. >> a police kmas ended in san leandro this afternoon. on 880 street when officers caught up with a wanted suspect officers arrested two people there. be oakland police initially tried to pull over the driver on 8880 near 66th avenue in oakland. the car sped off thanks to chp helicopter the car was followed to sand leaned o arrested two people fleeing on foot. both directions of 880y shut down while officers looked for a weapon. >> back to the smiles and warriors coverage. the celebration full effect this morning into the afternoon and now well a bit of the cleanup. street sweepers cleaning up all the contesty left behind as more
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than a million fans showed up to celebrate the team and the second nba champs championship in the past three years. no scientific surveys based on crowd reaction steph curry still the most popular. >> at the parade he gave fans more reason to love him terry mcsweeney is live in oakland with a play by play of steph's day. >> yeah, steph curry today a king in his kingdom. and the king came down from that double decker bus to be amongst his worshippers. and he did not disappoint. the fans love steph and he loves them. >> at one point in the parade steph couldn't stay away any longer came out to the crowd. nba championship trophy in hand. and with ian clark showed the fans what he -- what they had won. >> this is for every person in the bay area who loves basketball, enjoying the coaching here that's what it's
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all about, right, yeah. >> yeah. >> no steph was not done. he took off running down the street still holding the trophy. he said it set is it down on the street with his camera rolling videoed ian clark run up and grab it. much to the. curry with another insist training in number. >> we put in time in are from day one and this is our goal. and we're here. >> as long as he is here the fans will be too. >> you look at the team and you say they may be back with another championship parade next year. we'll have to see the most popular player at that time but maybe we already know. live in oakland terry mcsweeney nbc news. >> terry had the good assignment actually everyone did. draymond green took a jab at the cavaliers draymond tee shirt read quickly. it huss had huss the same q as the quicken loans ariana
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apparently swipe at lebron james who made fun of the in the warners. large war a tee shirt read ultimate warrior you can't make fun of us like that. you we continue the coverage- those are tiers of joy. those in many years. nbc bay we continue the coverage we posted the slide show some of the most moments the day find the link on the home page. and show you more photos a little later in the newscasts. >> love to see all the young fans what a beautiful day for a warriors parade. the players in shorts ante shirts. >> like a ten in the forecast scale. >> wasn't too hot which was beautiful. >> just right. we had 90s about 25 minutes away so mother nate really helped us out today. but things are about to get uncomfortable as we're tracking efrl days of 100s. >> nbc bay area microclimate weather certified most accurate in the bay area by weather rate. >> a live look from the at&t
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ballpark camera. things quiet out here but it's not quiet with the giants tonight. the game is right there on nbc bay area at 5:30 this evening, taking on the rockies. it's 86 in denver. it will be a warm game for them with 79 as we head into 7:00 tonight. and then eventually dropping to the 60s by 10:00 p.m. the big story across the bay area of course is the heat. high pressure is already starting to build in. this will bring us some of the warmest weather since 2013. it's not only pushing the storm track well to the north like we typically see in summer. but it's the hotter air moving from the desert southwest that's producing this added component to boost temperatures up. i think for tomorrow morning we'll notice differences here. milder across parts of the bay area to start. 66 for the tri valley. 63 the peninsula. san francisco a little bit of cloud cover and 58. east bay with 62. temperatures warm up. but we'll stay out of the 100s
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across the south bay. you can see in san jose it pushes to 89 in downtown as warm as 93 in gill roy. hottest across contra costa alameda counties. 98 in concord, 96 in walnut creek. 93 in danville. the peninsula wide ranges of conditions with the microclaimants in effect. you have 88 in palo alto. that's a good warm-up for you. hef moon day and daly city. keeping us in the 60s. cooler ocean breeze over the next 7 to 10 days that will keep the coastline a lot chillier than the interior valleys. you can see a split picture outer sunset 67. warmer 77 in the mission. and the north bay we go as hot as 97 in napa. so with the heat continuing to build this weekend what i want to show you for doing any traveling is the heat advisory is for most of the inland valleys of northern california and the central valhalla of all of california town to los
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angeles. so you're not going to be able to skap escape this heat this weekend unless you head to the coastline. the bay area, it's simple stuff like remembering to drink water and wear light colored clothing. don't forget the hat. and remember the pats pets that need water. the temps in the 70s over the next couple of days. for the inland valley it's hot. sunday with 10ss. monday and tuesday a and wednesday. hasn't been this warm in 1151 days. >> say it again. >> four hundred plus days. >> jeff thank you. >> thank you jeff. >> speaking of hot and excite thement back to the warrior parade this time with the 7 footer javale mcgee. take a look. >> they support us we got to support the fans i came county got to feel the people. you know what i'm saying. i got to feel the people. a woman who was allegedly raped
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by an uber driver in india is suing the company for a 2nd time -- claiming uber happening now on our twitter feed a woman allegedly raped by an uber driver in india is suing the company a sec time claiming uber executives obtained private medical records and made false statements about her. it was a lawsuit filed in california federal court. the blimp crashed near the u.s. open tournament in wisconsin today. the pilot seriously injured. mayove
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okay we were here at 9:30 in the morning. starting our coverage here. did everyone sneak a peak maybe skip work. warriors parade was fun to watch live but also well correct me if i'm wrong chronicled on soebld media. >> scott budman with the highlights. >> fun to watch here some of the post-ing from the parade we in a lot. a lot of people we got hammer e. 40 with coach brown. steph with the trophy. k.d. with the trophy. a lot of fans. how about this you may remember this the stage my favorite part is how both in glasses and trophy you see fans reflected from the street view. this is vicki wen's shot vicki
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getting steph curry socks. wrap it up eric from oakland let us repost-in thank you the confetti coming down on the crowd. feel free to tag us on twitter or insanity graham. janelle and raj back to you. >> keep tagging us we may show them on the air. >> i saw one of ricky henderson and barry bonds. >> baseball stars. >> back in a moment before we go a quick look on stage with draymond green. >> our marathon sports day --
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continues tonight -- w/ the giants. this is a live look at coors fi . okay not just the warriors. the mar -to-sports day continuing into tonight with the giants. s in a live look now at cures field in denver, colorado. the giants baseball right here on nbc bay area is giants and the rockies. first pitch is just a few minutes away. our coverage begins at 5:30. we have programming changes because of ton's ball game. we will aaron cozi tv law and
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order and nbc bay area right after the game. there is also the late 11:00 newscasts. >> before we about got today we'll show you some of the highlights, the sights and sounds of today's victory. hello everyone welcome to the warriors.
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yeah. finally. ♪ wait, that's way cheaper than cable. the rangers. >> best value pick of all time? >> who? >> last pick in the draft, mike, hall of famer. >> and shawn estes, trying to clean up -- >> that is a story for another day. >> golly. >> k.d. did sit down for a while with bill simmons and shared some of the interesting texts he has received. >> what are some of the most interesting texts you got in the last 48 hours. >> obama. >> what did he say? >> congrat, your defense was really good. random. and k.d. is like, my defense has >> several warriors have been critical of president trump and his policy, the warriors will not visit the white house to celebrate their nba title if invited. today, curry spoke on the record and shared his preference. >> someone asked me about it a couple of months ago.
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a hypothetical. and today. this is a moment that we want to enjoy together. nothing should distract from what we were able to accomplish together. and the different ceremonies and traditions that happened around the championship win, we don't want t is freaky. >> trying to catch it now. >> there it is. >> that is not the same one. >> this one is smaller. threw it back. >> crushed that after the show. >> that whole sandwich dave threw down. >> no, i did not. >> the strong arm. hello. >> zee a dab. that is jagger. >> good news for madison bumg
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