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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 17, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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is a brush fire in the hills. >> the fire broke out this afternoon near holy names university, right now crews are spraying the area and putting out hot spots. because the fire was burning so close to highway 13 crews had to cut the area down and do a burn area, and there was a traffic mess as well. not clear how the fire started. we'll continue to follow the story with updates at 11:00. and highway 13 open again, we'll tell you about that right when we get that news, you will find out on our social media, our websites and twitter feed. so make sure to check in with that also here on the air. now, while that fire is burning a heat wave is really gripping the bay area. let's take a live look right now, a heat advisory in effect. temperatures right now still in the 90s. 6:00, yes. some bay area spots topped 100 today, we have live team coverage for you. nbc bay area's christie smith
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live in livermore where people are braving hot, hot temperatures. >> right, let's talk to rob mayeda, is there relief in sight? >> well, looking like for the short term, temperatures in the upper 90s, santa rosa, concord, the areas in red, from the north bay, east bay, still 99 degrees out in konconcord. but ocean beach, there is relief. the heat advisory we're seeing doesn't impact the coast or the inner bay, areas around san jose, and the inland areas, valley temperatures in the 90s to near 100 degrees. we'll focus here on the northern half of contra costa county, and va vallejo, and concord, we'll see
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the wind pushing the air pollution out of the bay area, among the few headlines tomorrow hotter temperatures in the valleys. spare the air sunday and speaking of how long this may last could see that heat for most of the seven-day forecast. when the hottest temperatures expected to arrive coming up near the micro climate forecast in just ten minutes. look forward to that, thank you, our team coverage continuing with nbc bay area christie smith, south of livermore, you're preparing also for power outages? >> yes, that is right, a very high danger precaution is in effect at east bay regional parks today. and pg&e is saying yes, they are preparing for heat related issues as well. at station 25, alameda county firefighters are ready, including today packing extra water for crews who may be called out in the heat. >> we have increased potential for fires, obviously, just due to the increased heat. >> reporter: deputy jim call
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says they're seeing an impact from the heavy rain. >> the fuel is a lot taller, thicker, denser, is moves right up against the trees and brush. >> reporter: pg&e is prepared for having extra crews and is tracking conditions. >> utilizing this technology we have which allows us to pinpoint where the heat-related outrageh may occur. >> we brought a lot of our own shade, yeah, it will be a hot one today. >> reporter: this family found themselves with plenty of company at the cole canyon regional recreation area. this was the line to the swim lagoon. >> had no idea the line would be so long, this is crazy. >> reporter: inside it was a popular side to cool off. lori heard it was cooler than the house. >> oh, it's probably 85, yeah,
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probably -- no ac? >> no ac, yes, even though we don't have too many heat waves we do get them once in a while. the water is cold so it's nice. >> reporter: now of course, people are being reminded to take precautions with their health and safety in this heat but also have things like a flashlight and batteries ready. just in case. very good advice, christie, thank you so much. you too can keep track of the weather changes and also the heat wave and using the app you get more information about your specific neighborhood. and for thousands of people in los gatos, weekend sunshine equals grid lock for the people getting in their cars, and they try to bypass the beach traffic by going through local neighborhoods. marianne favro has more. >> reporter: and it has been a problem for the past few years,
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peggy, you're absolutely right. and every weekend this sign goes up here in los gatos warning drivers that the on ramp to southbound highway 17 downtown is closed. that may have alleviated some of the traffic downtown but now homeowners saying they're waking up to grid lock in the mornings on their usually quiet street. take a look here, this video was shot by a homeowner who said there were so many cars on her street this morning she couldn't back out of her own driveway to get to the store. >> all of these five streets here were completely bumper to bumper stopped. drivers were frustrated weaving in and out of traffic going the opposite direction, speeding around corners, there were emergency vehicles that could not get through. >> reporter: deborah messenger blames the traffic apps that suggest alternate routes through
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neighborhoods. she says she posted a petition on line asking the makers of traffic app to only include major roads. so far she says more than 800 people have signed her petition. now i also checked on next door and several other people are complaining about the same problem, including people that live near lark avenue. reporting live in los gatos, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. all right, thank you, new details about a deadly shooting in concord happening about 2:00 a.m. this morning in downtown concord on salvio street near the brendan theater. officers found the victim and tried to save him, calling in paramedics. but he died at the scene, the investigation continues this evening. and a deadly incident to tell you about in the east bay after a man was shot in antioch. take a look here off highway 4 near antioch high school. police say the man shot and killed from the man that was
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shot and killed from antioch and that the officer involved in the shooting was not injured. few details other than that are being released at this time. the antioch police department and the district attorney's office are investigating. dozens of dogs rescued from what the santa cruz county animal shelter was called terrible conditions, with the animals being taken from scotts valley, along with a history of complaints. today, a man who lives at the property said the man struggles with a hoarding problem, and recently had a stroke. he claims the dogs are healthy. the shelter spokesperson said that is not the case. >> the conditions were such that they needed to be seized. they were breeding the dogs and there were many dogs and the conditions were -- not good. >> the owner has not been charged with any crime. the shelter is asking for donations to care for the dogs, most of them of boston terriers.
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and the service to be shut down between the aloney station and coleman station today. simply not enough staff available to run that particular line. a bus bridge took passengers to where they need to go. cta says this does happen from time to time. right now we're seeing temperatures in the upper 80s in san jose, and tomorrow close to downtown should see numbers approaching the mid-90s. other spots around the bay area climbing above 100 degrees. more on our heat advisory when we come right back. plus, a hung jury, a verdict could not be reached in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. what happens now. and in yosemite, a mudslide forces a closure, the change that will go into effect on father's day.
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outside we go to a fairly typical saturday drive into san francisco from the east bay near the toll plaza. lot of people coming to san francisco. you know that is a nice place to be, even if you are in traffic because you can roll down your windows and enjoy the air, because some inland areas you don't want to roll down your window because it's hot out there. temperatures in the 90s still in some places, rob mayeda will
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update us shortly. and now to a developing story, the search for seven u.s. sailors still unaccounted for after the navy ship in this on collided with a merchant ship off the coast of japan. officials say the destroyer, the uss fitzgerald, collided early this morning. the flooding has since been stabilized but search and rescue boats are still in the water looking for victimingss. two others were taken to the hospital. and after six days of deliberation, the bill cosby trial ends in a mistrial. the seven women and five men deciding cosby's fate ultimately told the judge they will never agree on the charges. the actor and comedian didn't say anything after the announcement. but his legal team and his supporters did. >> the cosby power is back, it's back, it has been restored. the jurors, they used their
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power to speak. and mrs. cosby's power is back, so the legacy did not go anywhere. it has been restored. >> the district attorney says he will evaluate and review the case against cosby and then he will retry it. the plan he says is to move the case forward quickly as possible, possibly in the next four months. and louisiana representative steve scalise continues to fight for his life, still in serious condition after yet another surgery this morning. meanwhile, the city of alexandria opened streets and recreational areas where the shooting took place. five people in all were wounded when james hodgkinson opened fire on the baseball game. and the president and the first lady visited camp david. he typically likes to visits places in florida and new jersey, and he earlier said not
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so nice comments about camp david in the past. this will be his first retreat before the family goes back on sunday. and an interview broadcast today in russia, putin said new sanctions will of course complicate the russian/american relationship. the u.s. senate voted to impose more sanctions on moscow, the measure would also force president trump to get approval from congress before easing current sanctions against moscow. and nancy pelosi now a member of congress for 30 years. and after celebrating the occasion, the national aids memorial organization honor eed nancy pelosi with a work day, hundreds came together to plant flowers and shrubs at the aids memorial. you see nancy pelosi getting to work and planting a tree. organizers say she has been a
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long-time leader in the fight against aids. and more on the road closure getting into yosemite. the road and the arch rock entrance will open again tomorrow morning earlier than they thought. it was supposed to be closed all weekend after a big slide on monday, and i mean big, park officials say enough came down to cover roughly six football fields but even though the road which is part of 140 will open a day early the travellers are being warned to drive slowly please because the road will be covered in gravel. watch out for cars behind you kicking up gravel. yeah, beautiful to see it from the air, also a beautiful day in santa cruz, a lot of people hitting the beach, at the boardwalk and roller coaster, you won't find me on that any time soon. outside, though, it is a spare the air alert that has been issued for tomorrow. air quality experts say expect hazy skies in the east bay and also santa clara county. now, nbc bay area's micro
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climate weather certified most accurate in the bay area. man, hot out there and getting hotter. >> santa cruz, one of the best places to be in the bay area, but we have a photo for you from squaw valley. >> this is a great one. >> yes, we're under a micro climate weather alert, but let's show you what these folks were doing today. out at the pool and you got snow walking distance away so depending on whatever you're drinking, the drink of your choice, keep it in the snow, and jump in the pool at squaw valley. temperatures are 80 degrees, gorgeous out there. the super size snowpack sticking around, the streams and rivers rolling out of the sierra running fast and very chilly, but that is one place you can escape some of the heat, san francisco included, 73 degrees, gorgeous across golden gate, notice you are not seeing a sign of fog, tomorrow with the
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weakening seabreeze, 80s to wrap up the day, we have an early afternoon a's game tomorrow with temperatures in the upper 80s around oakland. you will want to bring extra water and try to stay cool out at the ballpark. check it out. 95 in pleasanton, gorgeous to live there, but the weather is up to 100 degrees by 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon, you have the alameda county fair and it will be very warm. in san jose, notice the temperatures around downtown in the low-to-mid 90s as we approach 1 and 2 p.m. in the afternoon, on top of that air quality especially in the south bay, santa clara valley, tri-valley and east bay, we're not going to get a lot of the breeze which picked up today and kept things comfortable. dry breezy winds for the north bay, look at the afternoon, just
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a very weak seabreeze moving on in. the afternoon starting off warmer, san jose, look at the high temperatures in the forecast tomorrow, you will see mid-90s and upper 90s just south of downtown, very close to 100 degrees for morgan hill and from 100 to 105 in the inland east bay valley. antioch, 105, livermore, 103 topping out at pleasanton, san francisco, approaching the mid-80s, north bay 90s to 102 or 103 degrees in reach for tomorrow. so here is the story, short รงรณ term, highs tomorrow, thursday, two periods of the hottest temperatures over the next five to seven days, now notice by friday, we'll watch the weather system to the north which should begin to weaken, this ridge of high pressure and slowly bring down the temperatures. for san francisco, multiple days
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a chance of hitting 80 degrees, cooling as we head next weekend toward the valleys, hot through wednesday, friday, the breeze picks up and we hope for cooling on saturday. look at the tiny prints there on tuesday. summer officially starts on the 24th. >> summer is rolling in a little bit early. happy to be here, yes. just ahead, hundreds of acres burning in southern california. the good news, what is right next to the fire that is helping the firefighters. ok honey you play with your monkey while i get your little brother cleaned up. daughter: uh oh.
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right now in l-a county. and now to a story we first brought you, breaking news at
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5:00. take a look at this large brush fire burning south in los angeles county. we just learned a couple of minutes ago it now doubled down to 560 acres. you can see the helicopter there tackling the scene, this is just before 4:00 this afternoon, called the lake fire moving towards the angeles national forest. the first update was just 200 acres burned, now more than 500, there are so far no injuries. >> and burning right next to the lakes, easy for the helicopters to pick up the water and drop it on the fire. and los angeles county warning people about a mumps outbreak, 42 people coming down with the disease, some of them vaccinated for them. the vaccine is about 80% effective amore if you get a second dose, there were 80
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cases, last year the highest number in ten years. we've all seen it. the furniture, trash, dumped on the side of the road. now a bill being called the mattress dumping bill heads to the governor's desk hoping to give cities a new tool to deal with the problem when people throw their junk on the road. and the local leaders requested that the local dumping areas be shut down for up to 18 months, local officials can request alleys and side streets be closed for serious chronic activity. the city says that it does not address this particular issue effectively. >> when we come back, sports.
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well, the giants were struggling first two months of the season, but everybody believed they would find a way to turn things around. well, that was wishful thinking. we're half way through june and the giants are who their record says they are as things continue
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to get worse for them. tonight, giants in colorado take on the rockies game three of the four-game set, 2-1, rockies, two on, two out, and pinch hitting for cain, belt struck out there. bottom seven, now 3-1 rockies, and pitching to walter, single to right makes it 4-1 colorado and things would get worse. next batter, he pops this one up, hunter pence is like i got it, i got it. oh, no, wait i don't got it. giants lose their fifth straight game, 5-1 the final. >> a swinger to get the pitcher -- top hitter not getting runs across there? >> yeah, you know, especially the pitch was a check swing 2 and 0, it was 3 and 0 maybe gets a walk now.
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things are looking up for us. and but -- ended up striking out. that is a big swing. you know we went 1 for 7 with runners in scoring position. they got a bunch of hits. that killed us today. >> a's taking on the yankees. oakland a little cat fish hunter before the game, love it. matt joyce, good-bye, solo shot to right to give the a's a 1-0 lead, bottom two, oakland down 2-1. ryan healey, see you later. hits a solo homer to left ties the game at two. bottom four, healy does it again, that is right, hits another solo bomb to left, monster game for healy. a's win their third straight game against the bronx bombers. >> if you would have asked me last year i would have said yeah, but not after we saw what he did last year and went
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through a considerable struggle at one point this year, and made the adjustment. and that is what new hitters do, they pitched a little. struggle a bit, you have to be mentally tough and two, you have to make adjustments for where you're looking for the baseball. he has done all that. he is a premiere guy. >> moving day at the u.s. open, quite the day for 24-year-old justin thomas here on 17, long birdie putt for the lead. you betcha. thomas matches a major championship record by shooting 963 at the u.s. open, last golfer to do this back in 2003. how about that? then he finished in style. an eagle on 18. afterwards, thomas simply said it was really cool. brian harmon is the overall leader after three days at 12 under. and the sharks defenseman, mueller, seventh and fourth round pick.
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all right, that is it for sports. we )ll see you back herni
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long story, but we don't have much time. >> thank you for choosing nbc bay area news. you're watching an nbc bay area special report. arrested at school. winner of broadcast journalism's prestigious peabody award. tonight, we investigate. children slapped with criminal records before they even hit
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puberty. >> they brought the handcuffs, and then i got scared. >> reporter: our two-year investigation exposes a disturbing trend in schools that is leaving minorities and kids with disabilities most at risk. >> it's a child, it's your -- baby. >> reporter: tonight, we hold the powerful accountable. >> you have no idea that these kids are getting criminal records? >> i would not know that one way or the other. >> reporter: we expose the misuse of police and the lack of training. >> how much can you really learn in 30 minutes? >> you can learn a lot in 30 minutes? our investigation prompts the obama white house to take action, now leading to major changes with tens of thousands of students in the bay area. >> good evening, nationwide, schools call the police on their students more than 200


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