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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 17, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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[♪] a big difference, i looked this morning and it feels like 104 right now. >> right now at 11:00, a heat wave, much of the bay area, a heat advisory in everything and today is only the beginning. the news at 11:00 starts now. good evening to you, and thank you for joining us on this saturday night. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. we're looking live across the bay now looking at the heat advisory more triple digit temperatures on the way, increased fire threat, power outages as well, and we have live team coverage, with sergio quintana, where several people were treated for heat exhaustion. let's talk to rob mayeda, even hotter temperatures on the way
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for tomorrow. >> yeah, tomorrow, speaking of the tri-county fair, in the valley we're seeing temperatures at 55 into san francisco, let's talk about pleasanton and dub n dublin, 80 degrees for places in the valley, in the case of the tri-valley, temperatures up to 105, but north, up to contra costa county, and solano county tomorrow could see highs as warm as 108 degrees. spare the air day tomorrow and fire danger risk going up with the hot and dry weather. so the headlines to wrap up the weekend, a heat advisory except the coast in san francisco, the heat may be part of a seven-day forecast heat wave, we'll let you know when the hottest temperatures arrive, and more on the cooldown coming up in about 12 minutes, back to you. already looking forward to that, rob, triple digit heat
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exhaustion, also grass fires to contend with in the east bay, and they expect it to be start of a heat wave here. nbc bay area sergio quintana here in the live team coverage at the alameda county fair grounds, so sergio, how hot was it here today? >> reporter: peggy, we checked in with the fire station whoçó tells us it got up to 103 out here today. and they had five people check in for heat related medical issues. just a few yards away from the snack stands and a few yards more from the mid-way, the county fire department has a misting station to help cool people off, and the medical clinic. >> we have had a lot of heat exhaustion type issues that have come in here and not been transported to the hospital. >> reporter: the heat is expected to continue like this for a few days so it's a good idea to take a few precautions. >> drink water and stay out of
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the sun, put stun block on. >> reporter: she and her friends were on the carnival ride. this family won action figures. >> from san francisco to pleasanton, big difference, i looked this morning and it feels like 104 out here. >> reporter: in oakland, fire crews are still investigating what started a grass fire just off highway 13 near holy named university. >> once it starts to heat up, the seasonal grasses dry out we get right back to having grass fires and vegetation fires. >> reporter: it took fire teams about three hours to knock down this fire and contain it. now, it's supposed to be even hotter out here tomorrow so fire crews and paramedics are asking people to be careful, stay cool. and be very, very careful with open flames. reporting live in pleasanton,
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i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. all excellent advice, thank you so much. thousands of people without power in parts of the bay area, riders of great area were still on rides when the lights went out tonight. the park was then evacuated. san ramon police say about 3,000 people are without power there, it will be restored tomorrow. and right now pg&e are trying to learn what caused the outage and could not say if it was heat related. you can keep track of the heat wave using our nbc bay area app, it's free and you will see how hot it will get. and breaking news out of columbia, in bogota, the explosion ripped through a building in the center of the city's tourist district. a french woman is among the dead, another nine people injured.
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right now it's not clear who was responsible. and tragic details to share with you, the u.s. navy confirms several bodies have been found aboard the uss fitzgerald, after the crash, the navy is not saying how many bodies have been located. the navy says the names of the singlers will be released after families have been contacted. and new tonight, san jose police investigating another officer-involved shooting tonight, happening after midnight last night on oakley road. officers looking for a driver who they say flew right by when they tried to pull him over for recklessly driving, the man then pulled the car back towards the officer, the officers fired at the suspect who then drove away again. the officer was placed on paid administrative leave. and an officer shooting and killing a man in antioch, the
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video of the crime scene here, the incident happened near antioch high school. police say the man was from antioch, the officer involved in the shooting was not injured. the antioch police department and the contra costa district attorney's office are investigating the incident. and new details in concord, th tonight, in concord, officers received a report of a shooting, they found the victim there and tried to save him but he did die at the scene. as of right now his name has not been released. a s.w.a.t. team arrested the suspect at his home in oakland. a dramatic outlocome to a court case, today, the judge declared a mistrial against comic legend bill cosby, nbc bay area's marianne favro was here with reaction to the bay area verdict. >> reporter: well, bill cosby
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accuser from petaluma says the non-verdict is disappointing but not a surprise. >> after deliberating 52 hours, longer than the entire trial, the jury was dead locked and today judge steven o'neil declared a mistrial. jurors could not unanimously agree whether comedian bill cosby drugged and sexually assaulted andrea constand at his home in 2004. cosby claims the encounter was consensual. in a statement, constand's lawyer says we are confident the proceedings have given a voice to many who feel powerless. this woman claims she was sexually assault ed by cosby whn she was 24, she issued a statement saying while this nonverdict is disappointing it's not a surprise given the rape culture in which we live.
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after the verdict, cosby remained quiet, while a statement was read by his wife, camille, blasting the district attorney, who made part of prosecuting cosby part of his bid for office. >> how do i describe the judge? overtly arrogant and collaborating with the district attorney. >> reporter: kevin steele said he would put cosby back on trial again. more than 50 women, including at least two from the bay area publicly accused cosby of sexual misconduct, allegations he denies. constand's case is the only one recent enough for criminal charges. accusers like jewel allison, a former model, who claims cosby assaulted her in 1990 were there, supporting constand, and hoping cosby would be found guilty. >> i felt it was right there,
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the teacher comes and writes it out on the black board. >> reporter: we want and need to be the voices of those who are voiceless or too ashamed or afraid to fight for themselves. meanwhile, cosby's civil lawyers are still fighting lawsuits against him by ten women around the country including three women who have defamation or sexual battery suits pending here in california. cosby denies any wrongdoing. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. all right, thank you very much. new at 11:00 tonight. 17,000 pounds of cocaine, take a look at this, coming from the crew of the coast guard cutter waesche. they off loaded the drugs on monday, the cocaine was taken over the last two months, the
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street value estimated at $266 million. dozens of dogs have been rescued from what the santa cruz county animal shelter is calling deplorable conditions, the animals were taken from the valley, the place that has a history of complaints, today, the man who lives on the property said the owner of the dogs struggles with a hoarding problem and also recently had a stroke. he claims the dogs were healthy, however, a shelter spokesperson said otherwise. >> the conditions were such that they needed to be seized. they were breeding the dogs and there were many dogs and the conditions were not good. >> now, so far the owner has not been charged with a crime. the shelter, though, is asking the public for donations. they say they need help caring for all of these dogs. most of the dogs, by the way, are boston terriers. and we're tracking a warm saturday night around the bay area, a look at 72 degrees in
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fairfax tomorrow, and across wine country temperatures will approach 100 degrees close to lunchtime. highs as warm as 108 in parts of the bay area, we'll have more on the forecast when we come back. plus, a wildfire growing in size in southern california where containment stands tonight. and the first family spending time at camp david, not the only thing the president did today, what he revealed regarding his finances.
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they got up to the mid-nineties today. a heat advisory is still in effect. a live look at dublin right now where temperatures got in the mid-90s today. heat advisory still in effect. rob mayeda will be here shortly with more on the forecast, a hot one. and first on the wildfire that is burning in southern
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california. we first told you about this at 5:00 tonight, it burned about 200 acres in l.a. county, now growing in numbers. the lake fire burning along the ridge, all the smoke there as it entered the angeles national forest. so far nobody has been hurt, several outhouses have burned, but nobody has been hurt. the fire is contained at 10%. and in london, 58 people now presumed dead in london, many questions remain, authorities resume searching the building today warning the number of victims could go even higher. >> the number 58 may change. i really hope it won't. but it may increase. >> those who lived in the high rise were some of london's poorest residents, they reported concerns to the owners but were ignored. many people were angry that the
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prime minister did not meet with victims immediately after the fire. and meanwhile, steve scalise continues to fight for his life in the hospital. he is in serious condition after another surgery he endured this morning. meanwhile, the city of los angeles has worked on the recreation on the streets where they practiced. where the shooting spree took place, five people were injured after james hodgkinson opened fire during the baseball practice. and president trump released finances regarding his business practices. he rolled out a 98-page disclosure form, not due until next spring, and not as deep as tax returns which he refuses to release. and russian president vladimir putin said new u.s. sanctions would damage ties between the two countries. in an interview, putin said new
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sanctions would of course complicate the relations, the u.s. senate voted to impose sanctions against moscow, and it would cause president trump to get approval. and the arch rock entrance will be opened again, it was expected to be closed after a rock slide monday, park officials said it was enough to cover six football fields. even though part of the road which was part of highway 140 will reopen a day early. travellers are warned to drive slowly because the road will be covered in gravel. it's the hottest weather forecast we have had in a while. >> yes, and if you look at the temperatures outside right now you think they would not be bad for high temperatures. >> yes.
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>> the forecast, you can see the numbers as we go outside, we still have temperatures close to 80 in parts of the bay area, that is the tri-valley, what it means is we start tomorrow morning, like a running start. we'll start the day with morning temperatures, lots of 60s during the day, temperatures rising quickly. livermore, 80, 65 san francisco, san francisco, 65 currently, just a hint of a seabreeze, but the marine air really has been swished down close to 600 feet. highs tomorrow around san francisco, 80s closer to downtown. pleasanton, 80s, if you are heading out to the alameda county fair, get some shade there if you notice there by 12 to 1:00, soaring over 100 degrees, 71 in palo alto, around the peninsula, temperatures climbing through the 90s. right around 1:00, final stop in san jose, still in the 70s
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outside, mostly sunny and there is your temperature trend, climbing into the mid-to-upper 90s, around downtown. and one part of the story we're going to have to watch early tomorrow morning, especially in napa county and lake county, a little dose of wind, the area you see there, dry winds, temperatures in the mid-70s around the north bay, you notice early afternoon really no sign of a seabreeze, 50s and 60s to start the day, for high temperatures tomorrow, most places five to seven degrees warmer than the highs we had today. mid-to-upper 90s around san jose, and closing in around 100 degrees, heading out to concord, and antioch, above 105 degrees in the corridor, 105, pleasanton and vallejo tomorrow, upper 80s and low 90s tomorrow, heading out to the coast, the one area from the heat advisory will be san francisco and on the coast but notice downtown could get hot there around 1 p.m., mid-80s
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to possible closer to downtown as you head up to the north bay, upper 90s to 104 degrees around santa rosa, so if there is any good news it looks like sunday for most will be the hottest day of the stretch. now the problem is this will last probably through about thursday as the high doesn't give up much ground, friday, system dropping around the west coast, we think it will encourage a stronger seabreeze, as things stand, you see scrolling below the bottom of the screen, and particularly san francisco and our valleys could see temperatures in the 70s to low 80s mid-week, spare the air day tomorrow, we'll likely see more, look at how the 100 degree temperatures inland linger through thursday, by next weekend, 88 degrees will seem cooler. we hope. and summer starts soon. yes, tuesday night officially. >> oh, my goodness, summer seems anxious to get here. thank you, rob. all right, let's turn it
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over to sports. hey, guys, here in the nbc sports bay news room the giants are still struggling, meanwhile the a's are still rolling. coming up a big day for oakland third baseman ryan healy as the a's went for three in a row against the yankees. highlights next in sports.
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when the giants were struggling the first two months of the season i think everybody, including myself, truly believed they would find a way to turn things around. well, that was wishful thinking, we're half way through june and the giants are behave way through their record says they are as they continue to get worse, yeah, giant, rockies game, 2-1 rockies, two on, two out, bruce bochy has brandon belt pinch hit for matt cain, and doesn't pay off. belt strikes out. bottom seven, 3-1 rockies,
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singles to right. makes it 4-1, colorado. things get worse, guys, next batter, pat valaika, he delivers, hits one to right, hunter pence says i got it, i got it. he don't got it. 5-1, the final. a's taking on the yankees now, oakland, honoring cat fish hunter before the game, picking up in the bottom of the first, on the very first pitch, matt joyce, good-bye, solo shot to right to give the a's a 1-0 lead. bottom two now, oakland down 2-1, until this, ryan healy, says see you later. solo homer to left, game tied at two. guess what, healy does it again, yes, another solo bomb, monster game from healy, a's win 5-2 and
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this is one of those events you look forward to. it was a warm day today, great day for people to go to the beach but also the dogs. >> yes, today was corgy-con. >> i am not a dog guy. but ocean beach, they were. pictures on the day, they pretty much speak for themselves, filled with races and costume contests. >> adorable. >> the event had almost 730
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corgies. >> the short little legs? the queen loves them, she has like ten of them. good night, see you tomorrow.
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♪ >> men, women, the hour is upon us. [ cheers and applause ]


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