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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 18, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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and inland, so many places into triple digits. >> and so many people doing what they can to beat the heat, and heading up to the the beach. this is robert crown beach in alameda and many hot temperatures bringing the concerns along wit for people's health if they are overheated and the fire danger. >> to look at the effects on the bay area, we start with our meteorologist rob mayeda. and the temperatures will cool down and then go back up? >> yes, it looks like many of the records have been falling out at san francisco and sfo/oakland airports, up to 97. san jose airport is up to 102 and sfo and oakland and san jose airport, this is the hottest day in june since 2008 is the last time that we saw the temperatures quite this hot this time of the year. and notice the morning, and instead of the mid-60s we started the day in the low 70s and we had moisture in the air to help to retain the heat from the day before and we had a
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running start from the temperatures in the 7:00 a.m., and many spots from lunchtime to noon. and approaching 7:00, you can check out concord and liver mmo, and still 107 to 104 degree, and with, that we have the heat advisory through thursday at 1:00. we might see a slight cooldown around san francisco, the heat wave is going to likely have a second spike in the temperatures as we go through the work week. we will show you the time line of that second spike inheat, and when we can expect the cooling in the forecast coming up in 13 minutes from now. >> that is what i am looking for now, rob. >> and people braved the soaring temperatures in the east bayh today, and christie smith is live in to a alameda fair, and usually, christy, this is a past event, and when it is this hot, it can change the crowd size. >> yeah, that is right. and i have to tell you they checked in with the division chief for alameda county fire and he is telling me that eight
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people have been treated so far for heat-related illness on scene. no one had to be transported as the temperature climbed over 100 degrees and certainly feels like it. at wallt nut creek, the family still gathered to barbeque and enjoy father's day saying they had reserved the spots well before the heat wave and brought their own shade to make the most of it. at the the pool, more people showing up to the cool off and the pool manager is saying that the folks get a break there and getting shade and out of the pool, and having the lifeguards to jump in to cool off. at the alameda county fair near the first-aid area, the misting station is very popular. and firefighters are trying to be proactive. >> we have been proactively trying to help people who need to cool off and need a space to recover and get back on their feet before it is a medical issue. >> not 104. i didn't.
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that is very hot. >> reporter: what have you been doinging to stay cool? >> going inside of the exhibits, and ice cream of course. >> reporter: now, the folks here of course were being reminded often to stay hydrated and go into shade to the misting areas and of course, the building ars on site that have the air conditioning blowing such a relief on the day like this, and the spokesperson for the fair says that oftentimes when it is hot like this, the crowds do tend to thin out in the heat of the day, and coming back again when the sun starts to go down. reporting live in pleasanton, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. some people are staying home, and trying to stay cool. and having people scrambling to hardware stores to find something. and the maryann favro with a look at los gatos with the troush buy just about anything to cool things off. maryann? >> i am here, terry, at los gatos ace hardware where it is 105 degrees here in the parking lot to explain how we are
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selling so many things such as kiddie pools. they had 20 and down to 3. but fans were the hottest ticket ment here at ace they sold about 70 fans this weekend. and one new father of twins bought two fans, and he said that he is trying to keep the newborn twins asleep. >> if we can sell at least 50 to 60. >> we don't have ac, and we have to get the fans and open up the doors and the windows to keep the air circulating to keep it cool in our place. >> reporter: other top sellers including umbrellas, and portable air conditioners and kiddie pools. the race for the fans is going on throughout the bay area, and at goodman's supply in the mill valley, they say that 85% of all of the customers coming in today were there to buy some fans. now, back here at ace hardware in los gatos, the manager tells me that he has not seen a run on
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fans this significant since ano heat wave. maryann favro, nbc bay area news. you can keep track using our nbc bay area app. it is free and you can see how hot it is getting while you are on the go. >> and a developing story that we are following overseas. the death toll is continuing to rise as raging forest fires are raging through portugal. you can see that lightning believed to start the fire, and it has claimed the lives of over 60 people trying to get out of the way of the people fleeing the flames. the number is now up by one additional fatality. and the victims were trapped in the cars trying to get away on the roads. the president of portugal said it is the biggest tragedy they have known in many years. and police got a tip this
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morning about a body on the jefferson city headquarters. the person calling in said that the person had been murdered. the police are not saying how or whether it is a homicide. police said they will release more information later today. >> and the president is under investigation. this is what mr. trump's lawyer is ing thing that he is not under investigation despite a tweet from the president saying otherwise. and he says that last week, the president tweeted that i am being investigated for firing the fbi director, witch hunt. but to i a day the attorney sai is not true. >> the president has not been and is not under investigation. the tweet is in response to the "washington post" story with no named sources whatsoever. >> the "post" reported that
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special counsel robert mueller is looking into whether the president obstructed justice. and they say that lawmakers will get to the bottom of all of the claims, but it could take a while. the senate intelligence committee says it is 20% into the investigation at this time. top aides and allies are urging the president to stay off of twitter. the house and senate committees are going to hold private meetings this week. >> continuing coverage of the latest from washington, d.c., will be coming up next on "nbc nightly news." president trump returning to the white house after visiting camp david for the first time. mr. trump's reaction to the tweet with the storied history is coming up tonight on nightly news at 5:30 we continue to follow the developing news out of west africa. two people are dead from suspected jihadises in mali. they took over a hotel which is popular with westerners. flames were seen coming from the resort. the police rescued 32 guests
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trapped in the hotel. one of the people killed was a citizen of france and gabon. one of the gunmen escaped, and back in 2015 an attack in a mauley hmau l -- mali hotel left 20 people dead. and what we are learning about the moments leading up to u.s. sailor's death. and why protesters say they won't back down in the wake of another high profile police acquittal. ==terry/cu==
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new details tonight about a tragedy on the high seas -- where seven sailors were found dead -- after the u-s navy ship they were on was >> new details about a tragedy on the high seas where seven u.s. sailors were found dead after the navy ship they were on suz severely damaged after a collision on sea. the "u.s.s. fitzgerald" and you can see it there towed back to japan after the ship was hit where more than 100 sailors were sleeping in that area. so it led to a scramble where they tryied to save the ship frm sinking. there are several factors to determine how and why. >> as to how much warning they had, i don't know. that is fgoing to be found out during the investigation, but it is a significant impact that the crew had to fight very hard to keep the ship afloat.
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it took 16 hours to tow the ship back to port. in st. paul, minnesota, following the acquittal of a former police aoff isser who faced charges of a shooting death of a man during a traffic stop. people gathered at the police department this afternoon, and went down the street chanting and carrying signs. friday, he was found not guilty of manslaughter and other charge s. that night, 18 demonstrators were arrested for ignoring the warnings to get off of 94 in st. pa paul, and today's protest remained peaceful. still ahead, trying to keeple cool in the start of the summerfe festival season. it is not easy, and how people in the east bay beat the heat while enjoying a popular festival. >> at half moon bay around 68, but inland at concord, it is 107 as we are seeing the heat wave
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extending into the forecast, and how long the hot temperatures will stick around when we come back. oakland.
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you are looking at a live picture of a slow-moving traffic heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza headed to san francisco. and headed to san francisco may be to beat the heat, but it is not so hot right now. the temperatures in the city, as it hassle cooled off now, and things are bert wherever they are going. whenever they get there. >> and in one of those cars, i bet they have air conditioning.
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>> yes. >> and a brutal backup there. the temperature is about 105 in danville, but it did not stop the people from enjoying the city's summerfest. people of all ages did their best to stay cool. like this personal fan >> that is how you celebrated father's day. that is cool. >> and the festival draws people from all over the east bay with a classic cars show, and festival. >> and a tasty way to beat the heat. ice cream. the creamery in oakland is packed to dday, and many days o the year to be honest with the amazing sundaes and the flavors, but on a day like to today, you needed a quick refreshing treat, that is where they went to get it. most accurate in the bay >> and i dont n't know about it but how many? >>he next five forecasts need to to be tweaked to be on the go. >> and what are we looking at? >> regionally, the number, the
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hottest since june of 2008, so it has been a while since we have seen not only the records falling today, but regional wide from the inner bay to the tri valley and out to 106 at livermore breaking a record back to 1918, and santa rosa at 104 breaking the record at 96. and san francisco at 88 may not seem that hot, but relatively speaking a new record high. and 102 at san jose, and looking at the airports, sfo and oakland and san jose, this is very unusual around the water's edge, up to higher 90s and that is breaking records there. and so, we had a strengthening pressure across california to lead to temperatures at 100 at noo noon, and still 104 to 107 around the east bay. a little bit of the sea breeze is picking up, but it is ocean
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air kconditioning. still 104 in pleasanton, and 99 in san jose, and tomorrow, the air quality wise it is a little bit more of the breeze and thinking of the moderate air quality at east bay, and south bay and near the coast. the winds will back off, and we will see a few more spare the air days this week. and no sib of clouds out at the coast which is the coolest for the air conditioning. watching the see jere ya, and severe thunderstorm warning on the border of nevada. some of the clouds will try to drift back to the bay area later tonight. but in the meantime, we have the onshore winds going, but without the low clouds and the fan is spinning without the a.c. involved. so we need the low clouds to return to e coast, and maybe by tomorrow morning. but first, the clouds from the sierra, and you can see from 9:00 to 1:00 a.m., we could see a few of the showers passing by sacramento, and watch that closely for you around 11:00 tonight, and partly cloudy skies, but these are the clouds
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that you want to materialize and get back on the coast, because this is going to the lead to a little bit of the cooling to san francisco and the inner bay. without the marine layer being deeper than 700 feet, and very likely the inland valleys are not going to benefit from the short termle cool i lle cool ii notice the wind speeds, and so don't expect a big cooldown inla inland, but the bay areas may drop by monday. so 50s and mid-60s to start the day inland, and the highs tomorrow expecting to have a few spots south of downtown san jose, and today, the upper limit of that is about 105, and so, 95 to 100 is still hot. and the triv valley to antioch, and still looking at the spread of temperatures from the upper 90s to 100, and the inland temperatures not so bad for the
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upper peninsula upper 70s and upper 90s in the north bay. stay tuned though as the seven-day forecast is going to show you a another bump up to the temperature, and high pressure is goinging to restrengthen for the middle part of the week, and this is why the heat advisory is extended through thursday and keep in mind of course summer officially begins tuesday night, but it is look like the sizzling temperatures will come to life, and stay hot, and extended to friday and that heat advisory and by the weekend, that is when the sea breeze should pick up and the lower 90s which is the bigger drop from 105 to 107. >> and no wonder the impact that we been seeing. and also, frustrated new cars. >> the new car is a headache, that you want the manufacturer to buy it back. i'm chris with "bay area fights
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complaints almost every day of the week. nbc bay area responds to car complaints almost everyday of the week. >> they are common and the consumer investigator chrfinds people who are so fired up about their cars they want the companies to buy them back. >> we want to show you how an expert says that you should not settle when a brand-new car has a persistent problem. >> we love it. drives great. >> reporter: lisa's kia sedona is being towed to her albany home. she is and her partner claw dean are goi afraid to drive it.
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>> i panic. >> reporter: they say that the steering wheel has locked up on the road. >> it is totally stuck, and snuck the position, in the turning left position. >> reporter: and now meet mitt howard in the san jose. >> it is my first tim buying a new car. >> reporter: he says that when he ak sem rates the turbo charge er in the new 2016 chevy malibu rattles. >> it is like a grinding. >> reporter: it is a nuisance that he said that he heard from the start. >> i thought that maybe it is a going to go away and maybe the engine is breaking in. >> reporter: he found that gm issued this bulletin about the rattle, but no solution. so he decided to wash his hands about it. >> i wrote to you nbc investigates. >> reporter: so both brian and lisa wanted to have help in buying them back. only one is successful. which one? the kia with the stuck steering wheel or the chevy with the rattle? the rattle. chevy offer ed him a $22,000
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buyback deal which he took. >> i appreciate helping me out with it. >> reporter: gm said that we decided that the buy-back was the best course of action even though we don't believe that there was defect in the engine that affected the durability. he is now driving a new chevy imball la, and lisa owns the sedona which she has parked permanently. >> i am scared to drive this car and i won't drive this car, because knowing that it is not safe, and if i hurt somebody, it is my fault. >> reporter: we searched the highway national traffic safety database and finding other kia owners reporting similar issues with the steering wheels that lock. and they hadmitted the issue, bt they cant not duplicate it. and despite the proactive efforts of the kia team, nothing could be found. went on the say that kia could not rectify a problem that ty cannot replicate. >> because they can't replicate
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it, does not mean they they can't replicate a problem that exists. >> they say they can't even sell it knowing that it is defective. their next step is to hire an attorney. >> we have calls everyday. >> they would rather you away, trade it in, drive it off of the cliff, and give it to somebody else, but they don't want to buy it back. >> reporter: he says that the manufacturers are supposed to make a buyback offer when you repeatedly bring the car in for the same problem under warranty. >> they have to buy it back without being asked. >> reporter: he says that there is a car case that claims that the car companies have a duty to provide you with a refund or replacement when the repeated repairs don't work and even if you don't ask for it. >> that is the law in california. >> reporter: how often does it happen? >> never. >> reporter: so he says that
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consumers mutt fight. here are the keys. communicate everything in writing. requires that the shop document exactly what you say on the work orders so no one downplays your problem. be persistent, and state law requires you the give the carmaker multiple attempts to fix what is wrong. >> take it in, and take it in again, and don't wait. >> reporter: don't wait, because every mile that you drive might reduce the buyback offer. >> bring it in like they vote in chicago, early and often. >> reporter: how often do they buy it back? >> he estimates thousands every year. >> if you have a consumer question, let us know, 888-996-tips. that is interesting. >> surprising. and now, to a ther and proud grandfather who released the news about beyonce. >> and now, more about the pop singer's exciting news, and two doses of it. >> double. >> yes. ==peggy/vo==
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beyonce and jay-z have welcomed twins into the world. >> well, this is one of the most highly anticipated celebrity births, and the confirmation is not coming from the super stars themselves, but the grandfather. beyonce's dad said they are here and happy birthday to the twins this morning. i hope that he knows u how much work he has in front of him. the grandparents help out a lot with twins. the couple had a 5-year-old daughter blue eye, i have and she is the proud big sister. >> i like that name, blue ivy. >> and twins to the left, and to the right. >> and so we went one at a time the old fashioned way. >> and happy father's day by the way. >> and let's talk about the weather map. this is not nice nor father's
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day. and in concord and lover moiver the heat is going to continue. >> happy father's day to all of the dads out there. >> nbc nightly news is next. more news at 6:00. on this sunday night, deadly wildfires. more than 60 dead as devastating forest fires burn through the middle of portugal. the prime minister says it is the country's biggest tragedy in recent memory. violent collision. the bodies of seven u.s. sailors are found inside that navy destroyer after an accident with a cargo ship off japan. not under investigation. president trump's lawyer denies he is a target of the russia special counsel today after the president tweeted he was under investigation just days ago. out of thin air. how one swiss company is taking carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and putting it to good use.


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