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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 18, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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more americans watch nbc news than ==peggy/take vo== right now at six. so it was hot, hot, hot, like the mojave desert. >> record breaking heat tonight and the dangers and the gradual shift and how hot it will get from here. >> the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm peggy bunker. a heat advisory is in effect. parts of the bay area dealing with record-breaking here. at sunol, reaching up to 105 degrees. forget about the green hillsides. burnd and very brown. and san jose 102. >> and we have live team coverage.
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christie smith and sergio quintana but first let's check in with rob mayeda who tells us what is in store from here. rob? >> the list of records keep growing. san rafael, 105, livermore 106 and toward concord 107 degrees today, san francisco 88 degrees. san francisco airport up to 97. and san jose officially at the airport topping out at 103 degrees. now all of the local airports, san jose and oakland and san francisco, the hottest day in june since 2008. it has been a while since it has been this warm. this morning we started the day in the upper 70s. in the right, that is the noontime temperatures closing in on 100 around the bay area so the warm start brought the temperatures up and they are still high. concord 104 degrees and 99 in livermore. focusing in on the areas in orange and fuchsia on the map, san jose toward the east bay and north lay same locations and we'll see the heat advisory
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extended until thursday so we may see cooling around the coast and inner bay but what we're trking now is we head toward the middle par of the week. more in the full forecast in about ten minutes. >> thanks, rob. christie smith live at the alameda county fair in pleasanton. they saw several heat-related issues there. how is it going today? >> reporter: at the county fair, the misting tent is a popular stop in the heat wave. near the first aid station where county firefighters say they've treated at least eight people for heat-related illness. >> and we've been proactively helping people that need time to cool off or space to recover and getting themselves back on their feet before it becomes a medical issue. >> this family from ohio didn't expect the heat but having a good time. >> going inside of the exhibits and the ice cream. >> reporter: in walnut creek,
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more people are coming to cool off in the pool. recently they added misters to a lifeguard station and there is a rest break. >> we call for everyone to get out of the water and get some shade. drink some water and cool off a little bit. even the lifeguards need to cool down and i tell them to go jump in the water and cool off. >> i planned this back in january. >> reporter: louisa reserved her spot to celebrate a group of dads on father's day and brought her own shade and water and is making the best of it and they didn't want to go farther east to her home town. >> hot. and everybody from the bay area, this is the farthest that they will go. they will not go all the way out there. >> reporter: now the spokesperson for the alameda county fair said when it is hot like this during the heat of the day, the crowds do tend to thin out and then the crowd returns as the sun starts to set. and they tell me they are already gng up for the next spike in heat.
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christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much into and some of the fans of the a's and yankees game decided to head home early because it was too hot in the stands. sergio quintana live there now where it got up to 95 degrees on the field and just sitting in the stands and sun baking on you, ow! >> reporter: and i got to tell you, it feels about that hot right now out here on the pavement after the game. just a few innings in we started noticing that some of the fans were already heading out. any time the a's play the yankees, but today there were a lot of fans that decided they needed to escape the direct sun and keep tabs on the score. several fans could only stand a few innings and then they started heading for the exit. >> why are you leaving so early? >> it is too hot. it is way too hot? >> how bad? >> very bad.
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and we were up in the upper deck so directly in the sunlight. >> eight out of ten being the hottest of the mohave desert, it is eight. >> so it was hot, hot, hot like the mojave desert. >> it was hot. >> you are leaving early? >> i am. there is a pool calling my name. >> it is that hot. >> it is that hot. >> and people took shelter from the heat with ice cream on piedmont avenue and in alameda, check it out, packed full of pele enjoying the breeze coming off the bay. in san ramon a power outage that started yesterday and it was only fully restored today. according to pg&e, about 2400 people were affected by the power outage and 30 of the people only had their power restored completely this afternoon at around 4:00. pg&e said that was because of some kind of a power failure. they are till trying to figure out if that was heat-related.
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live in oakland, sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. our free nbc bay area app is a great way to keep track of the record breaking heat. track the temperatures from your city to your neighborhood. one person is under arrest in london accused of driving a car that struck a group of pedestrians. police are saying there were casualties but not elaborated with more details. we'll continue to follow the situation and bring you updates as soon as we get them. and we're also following a developing story out of san jose tonight. a three-alarm apartment fire that sparked at an apartment complex. marianne favro just arrived on scene with the details. what do we know so far? >> reporter: neighbors tell us the fire happened around 3:30 this afternoon and say kids in this apartment complex actually noticed the flames first and started running around alerting the residents here, so they could get out safely. so far we don't know if there are any injuries but could you see here that the paramedics are
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still here at the scene and the firefighters are also here at the scene. now we are at the central park apartment complex on stroke street in san jose near hamilton avenue. there was a three-alarm fire and firefighters are still on the scene as we mentioned. we see some paramedics there working on it. but again, we don't have confirmation of any injuries. however one neighbor told me he did see a woman who lived in one of the units that was burning and she had blisters on her legs. he said that as far as he knows, that is the only injury. also it appears there was a dog on the balcony and that dog was rescued but we just arrived here and we're trying to get as much information as possible and we'll bring that you tonight at 11:00. live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. and new at 6:00, a woman is dead after a fire ripped through her mobile home in santa rosa. this blaze broke out at about
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1:00 this afternoon. firefighters say when they got there, it was fully engulfed. the woman's husband and son were able to get out of the home. but she could not. >> i heard her scream. when it went up and it was black smoke and then the fire came out and all you heard was the woman screaming in there. >> god, how terrible. >> it was awful. i've never -- i watch tv and see things on tv, never in a million years would i imagine. >> fire officials say it could take as little as 20 minutes for a mobile home to be destroyed by fire. also new at 6:00, a 12-year-old girl is found safe after spending last night alone in the santa cruz mountains. she was separated from her adult companion on a remote 300 acre property and roughly 50 people helped search for the girl and her parents say they are relieved their daughter is back home safe and sound. >> what a terrible situation on the bay bridge.
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a shooting halted traffic for hours. officers were at the scene of the crash near the tunnel when a red car drove around the traffic toward officers. driver did not follow commands to top, one officer opened fire the driver. the suspect was taken to the highlands hospital with injuri it is notlear how badly the driver was wounded. passengers in the car were not hurt. and multiple investigations kept that eastbound traffic at a stand-still for five hours. some people were stuck on the bridge for as long as three hours before they were allowed to turn around by chp. a grim discovery in daly city. we got a tip this morning about a body on sarah monty boulevard near the jefferson union high school district headquarters. police arrived and they found a dead man. homicide investigators have been called in as for all suspicious deaths and no more information will be released until tomorrow. right now the tri valley, temperatures have cooled by five
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degrees but that means we're now down to 99 in pleasanton. 94 in san jose. our heat advisory has now been extended by a day. what that means for your seven-day forecast coming up. clearing up some presidential confusion. is president trump under investigation? and is he really facing obstruction of justice charges? and this -- a whale of a tail near the golden gate bridge, this sight caught on camera. fires ripped through central
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portugal. a lightning strike is bel the death toll continues rise after raging forest fires rip through central portugal. a lightning strieb believed to have sparked the blaze that has claimed the lives of 62 people. many were trapped in cars as flames enveloped and it is the biggest tragedy of human life known in years. and a tragedy on the high seas after seven sailors were found dead after their u.s. navy ship that they were sleeping on was severely damaged during a collision at sea. the navy destroyer uss fitzgerald was towed back to port in japan after it collided with a cargo ship. now the ship was hit where over 100 sailors were sleeping at the time of the accident. that led to a frantic situation where the entire crew was scrambling to try to save the ship from sinking and some of the sailors were trapped. there are several investigations trying to determine exactly why
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and how that collision happened. >> as to how much warning they had, i don't know. that is going to be found out during the investigation. but it was a significant impact that the crew had to fight very hard to keep the ship afloat. >> it took 16 hours to tow that ship back to port. the president is not under investigation. that is what mr. trump's attorney is insisting. despite a tweet from president trump apparently stating other wise. last week the president tweeted, i am being investigated for firing the fbi director, witch hunt and today his lawyer said that is not true. >> the president has not been and is not under investigation. and that is -- the tweet was in response to the washington post story with no named sources whatsoever. >> the post reported that special counsel robert mueller was looking into whether the president obstructed justice and they will try to get to the bottom of the claims but that could take a while.
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the senate intelligence committee said it is only 20% into the investigation. top aides and allies are urging the president to stay off of twitter. on this hot sunday, to the golden gate bridge. beautiful view and people go to the bridge for the views but this weekend that is something even better. take a look at this humpback whale spotted near the bridge in all of their glory. this is video from a viewers captured at about 8:00 last night and you could see the waterpray from the blow holes and the pods th are passing through. experts say they are possibly chasing anchovies. >> i don't know a lot of people who would do that. >> unless it was on a pizza. >> humpbacks on the migration north to alaska this summer. so like human tourists they had to stop to eat in san francisco. >> announcer: now nbc bay area microclimate weather certified most accurate in the bay area.
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>> you have to get a meal. >> they saw the forecast and they left. >> and you won't find one with air-conditioning and that is unfortunate this week. >> and the 88 record high in san francisco, very uncomfortable but the hottest temperature, concord up to 108 degrees, technically that is hotter but hopefully you had a.c. in concord. in san francisco, still 83 degrees. that with the wind on shore but it is misting, the low clouds. so you have the fan starting in san francisco but the coolant hasn't quite reached the coast. half moon bay, still have clear skies but there where the water temperature is off shore in the mid-50s. it is a more comfortable 63 degrees. concord still 104. mostly sunny skies. sunol at 100. and let's show you san jose. still mid-90s after 6:00. now tomorrow as the winds pick up a little bit around the bay, it should lead to a slight drop in temperatures and we hope enough mixing of the air to prevent a spare the air day but
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with high pressure locked in through thursday, it is very likely we will see a couple more spare the air days before the end of the week. right now no sign of low clouds, in san francisco, we're watching for that to come to the coast later tonight. and storms in the sierra. it is trying to come close to the bay area, you see here in the future-cast, you may see high clouds pass the bay area but the showers are staying off toward the east. so anything that falls later tonight should stay east of stockton and sacramento. now watch the low clouds for tomorrow morning. could briefly pass under the golden gate bridge. these are the areas that might see just a little bit of cooling tomorrow around the inner bay and coast. but meantime, inland, that heat advisory continues and those temperatures will be staying hot as you'll notice, winds are on shore but the marine air itself likely compressed below a thousand feet and without that deep marine layer, you won't see any significant cooling inland. morning temperatures could once again be starting off only in the upper 60s around livermore
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and the tri-valley. that is a mild start. 70 this is morning. mid-60s around san jose and 50s closer to san francisco. so for tomorrow, mid-90s, around san jose and again hottest spot could be close to 100. maybe not as hot as 105 around the south bay today. tri-valley, east of 680, again the temperatures soaring above 100 degrees. 90s in reach for most of the east bay. around the peninsula, a little bit of cooling here as the winds turn slightly more strongly on shore, southwest at 16 into san francisco, should keep temperatures mostly in the upper 70s and for the north bay, highs mid to upper 90s. so here is your seven-day forecast. san francisco, notice the temperatures climbing again. wednesday and thursday high pressure will build, strongly back across northern california. it is possible we could revisit some of the temperatures again in the valleys. by thursday and with that in mind the heat advisory has been extended and friday we trend cooler but still in the upper 90s. we'll have to wait until next
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weekend before the temperatures drop off by next saturday and sunday. >> and it is still going to be hot. 90 des is much -- >> relative. >> 105 on thursday. rob, thank you so much. coming up next, a fire fight in southern california. the large brush fires burning right now and the progress being made. the bathroom.
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when things go wrong here, you remember. quilted northern is designed to work so well, you can forget your bathroom trips. but daddy gator can never forget. "i've got to motor out of here. this is no place to raise a child." ground on two brush fires in southern california. this fire, near castaic lake, north of los a firefighter are gaining ground on two brush fires in southern california. take a look at this fire here. this is at castaic lake north of los angeles. so far it has burned about a thousand acres and destroyed two out buildings there and only about 10% contained. hundreds of firefighters are there and working on this fire. a much smaller one is burning in the wrightwood area of san
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bernardino and that is about 50% contained only 11 acres there have burned so far. temperatures around 105 degrees in danville today, but people still turned out for the city's summer-fest. look at what they did. this is the video of the day. >> so sweet. keeping the kids cool. >> keeping her nice and cool and she seemed to expect it. >> that is right. >> and this annual festival draws families from all over the east bay. it is a success. a classic car show and concert and events part of the weekend. it was another success and everybody survived 105 degrees. wow! >> a lot of those old cars are worth going out for. let's check in with sports now. here is alex smith. >> i'm fallon smith. in sports if you are an oakland sports fan then you had yourself a pretty darn good week. more on that straight ahead. plus both bay area baseball teams were in auction on this
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father's day and depending on which team you root for, some dads left happy, others did not. highlights next in sports.
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beyonce and jay z have welcomed twins into the world... happy father's day to the awesome dads out there. to my pop leonard, you're my hero. i love you. what a week for pro sports teams in oakland. the warriors were crowned nba champions on monday night and the parade was lit on thursday, the a's are on a roll and andre
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ward is still the light heavy weight champion. oh, yeah. after a controversial win back in november, ward left no doubt to the critics and in a rematch on saturday night, the bay area boxer had a competitive fight until the eighth round with a ferocious right hand on the chin and then landing a flurry of body shots before the bout was called off by tko. 2:29 into the eighth round. so the record is unblemished at 32-0 and afterwards he gave a shout out to the bay. hey. >> there is a lot of people from the bay tonight that came out tonight, marshall lynch, e-40. mr. fab. just people that i'm close to that i know -- who -- damian lillard, he came at the weigh-in yesterday, k.d. and the rest of the warriors, draymond green, there is so many people here,
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just to see their face metropolitanhe world to me. well as he referenced, the day was well represented in las vegas. in the house, mr. fab with marshawn lynch and also in attendance were sacramento kings big man willie stein and mvp kevin durant, a special moment for k.d. after the fight. he got to go ring-side and congratulate the undisputed champ. cool moment there. to baseball. giants and rockies. giants trying to get a win on father's day. wouldn't happen. top of the ninth. 3-# rockies and hunter pence here. first career pinch-hit home run. giants will score one more before the inning was over to make it 5-3. but oh, no, here comes colorado. bottom nine, nolanar on ado said who is your daddy and a sweeping the four game series, 7-5 the
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final and the giants have now lost six straight. geesh. and happy father's day and yes, guys you are on tv. a's down 2-0 in the bottom of the three and until the double to right sender field and two runs would score and tieing the game at two. later in the inning, chris davis at the plate. see you later. two-run homer to right -- or to center. and that was his 18th home run of the season and the a's go on to win 4-3. to the links. out at erin hills in wis wis, coepka it h one victory coming into the u.s. open but he walked away with the second career -- his win and first major win an the 27-year-old had a final round on sunday of five under and finished 16 under for the tournament tieing rory macill row for the best score ever at a u.s. open.
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congratulations to him. the golf clap. okay. that is it for sports. more news after the break. beyonce and jay z have welcomed
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twins into the world... ==peggy/== beyonce and jay-z have welcomed twins into the world. >> i can't wait to hear the names. this is one of the most anticipated celebrity births. the confirmation not coming from the superstars but rather from
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beyonce's dad. >> mr. beyonce. >> mrs. queen bee. he tweeted happy birthday to the twin this is morning, and congratulations to the parents of twins. >> see you back here at 11:00 we hope.
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