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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 19, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it was accident. he tend to cut to the other side. >> overnight a van plows into pedestrians outside a mosque in london. at least one person has died as police investigate whether it was an intentional act. this morning we know about the seven american navy sailors that died in a freak accident in the "uss fitzgerald". >> and is president trump the target of an investigation or not and americans at risk of extreme weather. "early today" starts right now. >> and we begin with breaking
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news out of london. an overnight attack has left at least one person dead, ten others injured after a van plowed into pedestrians after a they left a mosque. it left many of the seen terrified. here's a firsthand account that stopped the driver of the man intending to do more harm. >> he was trying to do more. >> were you afraid? >> yeah, i was afraid. yeah. i reacted automatically to save the other people. >> do you think this was a deliberate attack? >> deliberate attack. teresa may called for unity in the face of tragedy in remarks this morning. >> today we come together as we have done before to condemn this act and to state once again that hatred and evil of this kind
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will never succeed. >> the perpetrator was taken into custody by authorities. while the prime minister is deeming this a terrorist act the investigation continues into the attacker's motive. give us a sense of the scene there with people gathering behind you. >> reporter: good morning. the scene is quieter than it has been overnight where this attack happened where the vehicle mounted the sidewalk. the attack left a large number of people injured. one man died. there is confusion because as we understand it from the police he was being treated after collapsing prior to the attack and then the attack played out. so police are trying to ascertain whether his death is related to the attack itself.
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many injuries are severe and witness accounts are talking about the man waving into the crowd. there is no doubt in the mind that this was a deliberate attack targeting at the muslim community and therefore you assume by somebody who is an extremist. it is the latest attack in london. this one different but only will add to the sense of tension. on the other hand there are some stunning stories of people gathering around and apprehending the man and others wanting to take out vengeance on him there and then and people calming the crowd and saying no the police will arrest him. an impressive act of lawfulness. >> thank you. officials are investigating a deadly collision. it happened saturday night while
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many american sailors were asleep. seven died from the crash and navy officials have reed the names of the victims. nbc is in japan this morning. what is the latest on the deadly collision? >> reporter: there are a lot of unanswered questions that will be central to at least three investigations into this collision primarily how is it that an advanced u.s. warship with sophisticated dmu communications technology was able to collide with a loaded container ship in calm weather.
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investigators are looking at a number of things including marine traffic records that show that the cargo ship made some course corrections around the time of the crash and a u-turn before heading towards tokyo. there is some dispute over when the collision might have happened. u.s. navy officials have been saying around 2:20 in the morning. japan's coast guard officials are suggesting it could have been closer to 1:30. there are a lot of pieces they are hoping to put together to form a timeline to figure out what happened and why. we had a look at "uss fitzgerald" from a distance and the damage is larable. it is crushed on the starboard side. apparently the damage below the water line is even worse. divers had to access the damaged areas in order to recover the bodies of the seven sailors who have now been identified. the navy is saying that this is a time for grieving.
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this is a tight navy community but it is also a time to try to find answers to the questions these families also have. >> thank you. portugal is reeling after its worst disaster in decades. horrific forest fires have claimed at least 61 lives. the prime minister declared three days of national mourning saying the country's pain quote knows no end. >> reporter: a deadly inferno like no other. the wild fires spared nothing in their path. panic and fear as residents fled the fast moving flames. anguish the moment this woman realized she has lost everything but her life. more than 60 people killed. more than half died as they tried to escape. trapped in their cars. this woman says she was inside her home when it started to
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burn. the fire was all around us she says. the firefighters came in to get us because we could hardly breathe. as for the house it must have burned for sure. as helicopters carried injured to hospitals entire villages evacuat evacuated. survivors left with nothing. >> portuguese people are showing their solidarity to the victims of the fires. the ones who escaped are donating to the ones who lost everything. >> reporter: dozens of fires have broken out. authorities think lightning is to blame caused by a dry thunderstorm. when rain evaporates before reaching the ground because of high temperatures. spain and france pitching in with water dumping headquarters as the fire continues to spread. three days of mourning have been declared for the victims.
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the pope this sunday offering prayers. portugal's national soccer team honoring victims in a moment of silence for a tragedy words cannot properly describe. the president is facing new questions on what is fast becoming an all encompassing investigation after a member of his own legal team disagreed with his assertions. they insist mr. trump is not under investigation despite what the president may tweet. kelly o'donnell has that and more. >> reporter: on this father's day the trumps returning from their first visit to camp david. and back to the heat. the political fever over the russia investigation. >> he is not afraid of the investigation. there is no investigation. i want to be clear here. >> reporter: spanning sunday morning tv screens one of the president's personal lawyers going on offense. >> there is not an investigation of the president of the united
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states, period. >> reporter: contradicting the president's own social media admission made friday. i am being investigated for firing the fbi director. the president did not repeat that in a trio of tweets where he denounced the distraction of the witch hunt. the president's apparent omission dismissed as just a response to news stories. the discrepancy set off sparks. >> you don't know that he isn't under investigation. >> no one has notified us that he is. i can't read people's minds. >> reporter: jay seculo is expected to be the public face of the president's defense. bringing the heft of washington criminal defense experience veteran attorney john dow. while this is the washington headquarters for the government's team led by special counsel robert mueller.
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with experience gnatcludes the fbi and prosecutor white collar, public corruption and financial crimes cases. the separate inquiries on capitol hill are progressing slowly. >> first i can say that the collusion of cooperation aspect of the investigation is not over. as far as that goes i would say we are 20% into it. >> thank you mcconnell for that report. this week may have more news. tracie potts joins us. >> reporter: both committees investigating the russia question here are getting in gear this week. the house intelligence committee which is playing a bit of catch up because their chair had to recuse himself. they are going to be talking to jay johnson and state election officials about whether or not there is evidence of russia trying to tamper with our
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election. the senate intelligence committee also holding a hearing that same day. we have learned from the white house that jared kushner will be traveling to jerusalem. he will be speaking with the israeli prime minister, with the palestinian authority trying to start those peace talks that the white house says could take some time. that process resuming as they try to determine what the next step is this week. >> thank you. to start the week there are 60 million americans at risk of severe weather today. bill karins has our extreme weather forecast. >> the east coast has major airport delays. strong line of thunderstorms coming through. in the west we are talking about dangerous heat. yesterday was hot. today is even hotter. we do have the potential for record highs throughout areas of the west during the day today. this is a long duration event. so records potential today.
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vegas close. phoenix should be close. same with palm springs. you have a very good chance of breaking your record. tomorrow is when we peak out in phoenix. 120 predicted. look at palm springs. geograph well. you can see right through the california valley. fresno 110. of course, with all the heat it is not helping the firefighters. we take you to utah where more than 100 firefighters are battling a wildfire that destroyed one home and damaged three others. residents and visitors have been evacuated. last report the fire still zero percent contained. that's the problem you get. extreme heat.
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think of the firefighters battling stuff like that. >> got to feel for them. thaurng. the u.s. military takes out a syrian air force jet. meet this florida homeowner who beat back robbers with something in hand. what does he have there? we'll share it with you next. ie i am. i think is today going to be the day, that we find a cure? i think how much i can do to help change people's lives. i may not benefit from those breakthroughs, but i'm sure going to... i'm bringing forward a treatment for alzheimer's disease, yes, in my lifetime, i will make sure. this scarf all that's my left to rememb... sayonara. what. she washed this like a month ago! the long lasting scent of gain. now available in matching scents across your entire laundry routine.
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pshare the same values in helping others.lo that's why we support service dogs for heroes. we provide well-trained service dogs for veterans in need. our goal? to raise $1 million. visit petsmart to donate at the register. petsmart for the love of pets. here is that video. this man in sarasota, florida defended his home against robbers using anything possible. three armed men tried breaking in. the homeowner was sitting on the porch. the victim grabbed his own we weapon, a machete. he was able to hold the robber until police came. the other two suspects fled and were arrested nearby. one brave homeowner little pup watching the whole thing. the u.s. military shot down a syrian air force fighter jet.
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the pentagon says the american f 18 took out the syrian jet after it had bombed local u.s. allied forces. the american military had been recruiting them and training them to help fight isis. u.s. officials said they acted in collective self defense and that the u.s. does not seek a fight with the syrian government. two people are dead in a suspected attack on a resort in mali after extremists stormed in. flames could be seen rising from the resort. security forces were able to take out the attackers and rescue 32 guests who had been trapped. one killed was a citizen of france and the nationality of the other was unknown. a busy day ahead for president trump plus we will hear from wiki leaks julian assange later this morning. come can do it!
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fast forwarding into monday. they are expected to discuss the fight against organized crime. illegal drug flow problems and illegal migration. julian assange marks five years of being holed up in london after being granted
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asylum in 2012. he is expected to speak from the embassy's balcony. it is the final day of campaigning in georgia who face off in a special race for the u.s. house. voters head to the polls tomorrow in what has become the most expensive congressional race in u.s. history. just ahead, twins make five for the carter family. we have the latest for the most anticipated baby arrival times two. plus is the boss really broadway bound. your trending stories are next. ...companies. ...solve problems. how? we eat. we eat almonds, strawberries, quinoa and yeah...we eat chocolate. we eat in sweatpants... in skirts. we eat alone... and together. women eat. we don't doubt it. we own it. special k.
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♪ can't start a fire without a spark ♪ ♪ ♪ even if we're just dancing in the dark ♪ >> on broadway after reports. these reports saying the boss may be coming to broadway. >> we are going to get tickets. according to new york post bruce springsteen is gearing up for an eight week run reportedly performing paired down version of his shows. some report this could lead to his memoir into a musical. you have beautiful with carole king and her life. you have jersey boys. >> you know how hard it will be to get the tickets?
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>> for those who can get it. beyonce and jay-z's twins have finally arrived. matthew knolls confirmed the news. the announcement becoming most like post on social media flat forms. the two new additions are welcomed. the news that we are waiting for is names, sex. we don't know any of that. >> you know it will be a huge production of something really out there how they reveal it and announce that. cars story raced to the top. the third installment made its way to the top bringing in $53 million. and all eyes on me took third place. you're watching "early today." new charmin ultra soft!
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let's dive into how this could be the historic heat wave. phoenix high temperature 122. we are close on tuesday. that would drop a degree or two on wednesday. for vegas, though. tuesday and wednesday could be within one degree of the all-time record high. we have a chance of tying that. palm springs is continuing to be on the very warm trend. their amazing high 123. you get the picture here for the southwest. this is just unprecedented. >> i literally did over the weekend. i was in vegas and felt 111 for the first time ever. a look at this morning's top stories. london is on edge following an
4:27 am
attack after a man plowed a van into a crowd of worshippers following ramadan prayers. the man is in custody. with the investigation ongoing prime minister teresa may had just convened an emergency meeting deeming the incident another terrorist attack as the uk remains under a severe terror threat following a number of attacks over the last month. we know the names of the seven american sailors who lost their lives after a u.s. ship collided with a container ship. three other sailors were injured in the crash including the "uss fitzgerald's" commanding officer. two of the three have been released. the twitter world witnessed history this weekend when katy perry became the first person to reach 100 million followers. the social media site shared a
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video compilation of her tweets. barack obama falls in third place with about 90 million. taylor swift has 85 million followers. katy perry had that little bump. i never really saw it. i just saw all the coverage. >> up to 100 million and one. >> now the record even more. a record breaking weekend at the 117th u.s. open. justin thomas became 30th player to shoot 63 at major championship. that is the lowest score in relationship to par. it was brooks crowned the new golf champion finishing 16 under for the tournament. this is his first major career title. thank you for being with us.
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the heat is on. o ñúc2-ñ dublin. two hot spots this week amid a this morning. well. this is new video just in in to our newsroom this morning showing the bizarre weather this ]lhxh >>ñw!) you can only imagine how many people were lying awake h9 sáñu again÷átañ#@. we will .v


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