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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 19, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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team, that full roster will be revealed wednesday night that that will be interesting. we will follow news out of so lan owe county. looking at pictures from sky ranger of a brush fire in benicia. now we have the resources to take a closer look as well as one of our crews there on the ground. thanks so much for joining us on this monday morning. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm sam brock. you saw the fire trucks and first responders on scene. as you observed, we are hearing warnings about this kind of situation with all the heat. let's get straight to the breaking news, a brush fire burning as we speak in benicia. it has gotten better. this is something we could see a lot of as we are hit with high temperatures during the fire season. >> firefighters told us they were bracing for exactly this kind of situation.
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pete suratos is live on the ground at the scene of the fire investigation. is this a concern this is going to continue to spread or does it sound like they have a handle on it? >> reporter: well, good morning to you, kris and sam. we're in position waiting to get more information from the sheriff's department and the fire crew on the ground. just off goodyear road i can tell you this fire is still going here, that vegetation fire as we've been reporting all morning long. according to a person who works in the area, not far from the sfrat the park, says it looks to be an organics company. what's catching on fire appears to be mulch. we're talking about maybe tree bark, grass, mulch, along those lines. that's what appears to be catching on fire. we're going to get more information to know what may have caused the fire. at least speak iing to the pers who works in the area this is a concern when you talk about the
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heat wave and folks being careless, flicking a cigarette in this area. you don't know the cause. some of the things they worry about around this time of year. you are looking at a viewpoint -- a bird's eye view of what's taking place, this vegetation fire off 680 north on goodyear road in benicia. one of the concerns is those winds move east it could be an issue as far as trying to contain this. we'll bring you another update to the newsroom. we're live in benicia, pete suratos. >> pete, thank you very much. we can see cars slowing down this on the highway. mike will get to that aspect in one moment. >> kari, firefighters knew this could be a concern because we had so much brush that grew. >> not only that but it's been so dry. what is working in their favor this morning we are at the point of the day we do have the highest amount of humidity in the air and we also had very humid conditions from the humid
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conditions out of a thunderstorm over the sierra. and now we still have a high risk of some thick brush catching on fire as we look at our fire danger risk level over the next several days. humidity is most likely right now 63% range but we'll be dropping as we go throughout the day and the winds picking up and look iing at temperatures not oy around benicia and what we are expecting with a high of 101 degrees. you can see the humidity is at 61%. we will see the temperatures ramp up as we go through the day. i will talk about that in a few minutes, what you can expect where you live. mike now has a traffic break in palo alto. >> chp is stopping all traffic presumably to clear the two vehicles, the two trucks from the middle of northbound 101
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just shy of university. it is a short section of 101. 280 is a good option if you can jump on. coming off the dumbarton bridge is not a problem. heading to the benicia bridge, a fire here on the eastern side. as pete is talking about between the freeway and the water but there's a lot of fuel there because of all of that organic material that appears to be burning there. so the smoke is a distraction for the commute coming off the split and down in towards that benicia bridge right around lake herman road. that's the off ramp. you talked about it being on goodyear. that's been a distraction and that might be sending more cars as they make that choice. sky ranger is showing us southbound 680. for those who think they will be clever using the frontage road, that's close to the refinery on
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the west side of 680, this is coming towards the benicia bridge and all that smoke blowing away from the freeway but if the wind shifts that could be even more of an issue for drivers. back to you. >> we'll mon are tore. thank you very much. so now to breaking news out of london where police are in the latest terror attack. it happened just overnight. police say that suspect drove a van into a group of people. >> the victims in the case were worshippers who were gathered outside of a mosque after a prayer ceremony during ramadan. ten people were injured. this happened shortly after midnight london time. the driver, 48-year-old man, was arrested on the scene after a group of people were able to capture him. witnesses report the driver was laughing after they approached the car, when he crashed it and said, quote, i'm going to kill all muslims. >> a white male in his van knew exactly what he was doing.
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he waited outside thes mosque. his target was muslims. he knew what time prayers were finished. he started plowing his van into them. >> england's prime minister theresa may said the attack is, quote, every bit as sickening, four attacks in three months. one person did die at the scene. investigators, though, at this point say it's unclear if that person's death was or was directly caused by the attack. remembering the dozens of lives lost in a devastating high-rise apartment fire. a moment of silence was held this morning as the death toll went up to 79 people. meantime we're getting our first look at the aftermath left by those flames. these photos provided by london metropolitan police showing the charred ruins. experts believe the materials used to build that building may have helped those flames to spread. two british cabinet ministers say those materials used in a renovation may have been banned under british building regulation.
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this morning we could learn new details on a police shooting on the bay bridge that halted eastbound traffic for hours on sunday. the san francisco chp says officers grabbed were at the scene of the crash when a red car drove around traffic and seemed to be going right towards officers. the driver allegedly did not follow the commands he was given to stop. one officer opened fire. the suspect was taken to the hospital with injuries. it's not clear how badly he was wounded. passengers in the car were not hurt. 6:07 and happening today councilmembers of san mateo tonight are expected to sign off on a deal to equip their police officers with body cameras. city leaders approved the deal last year. we know the city will spend close to $700,000 for that technology. the city hopes to have the program up and running by this fall. also happening today, a public hearing on raising sewer rates. the city is considering raising rates by 30% to help pay for
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infrastructure improvements. the hearing will also discuss the city's clean water program. tonight's meeting, if you want to go, is at city hall at 7:00. it is 6:08. now wre in a micro climate weather alert because of the excessive heat warning in effect for solano county. we have the heat advisory for much of the bay area away from the coastline and the inner bay so all of the inland valleys really going to be dealing with some high heat again today looking at what we are expect ing for solano county near benicia where the wildfire is now burning, the vegetation fire. and as we go into the rest of the day going to see some triple digit temperatures from fairfield to vacaville, further off to the north and east. i'll continue to monitor that as we head over to mike monitoring a lot of issues for the roadways. >> that's right. i was held up because i wanted to confirm that 101 should see some improvement in the next few minutes. i just saw lanes clear on our live camera i had shown you.
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i'll show you with our speed sensors. the bay looks really good except for two key spots. north 101 at embarcadero. approaching university, we should see good improvement. some of the sensors it at the tail end there. the approach to the bay bridge with no major concerns although traffic down to the east shore freeway and that slowing approaching the benicia bridge because of that smoke we'll see from the fire we've been tracking all morning. back to you. >> we're keeping an eye on that. thank you, mike. up next on "today in the bay" portugal is in mourning. a massive inferno that killed dozens of people trapped inside their cars. >> plus, more bad news for uber. the reason ride share giant is struggling to keep its riders.
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it's 6:12 as you wake up and get ready to head out the door. it is and sunny, very humid and very warm to start. looking live in san jose. even the spider has left its home looking for somewhere cooler. looking at los gatos in the upper 70s already by 9:00. in the upper 90s again today when the average high is 80 degrees. i don't see any 80s in in the forecast. this temperature trend and rain this morning. we'll talk about that coming up. >> more slowing in the
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tri-valley and the east bay watching 680 southbound approaching the benicia bridge. distlractions from that brush fire. >> mike, thank you very much. speaking of which, that is our breaking news this morning and some real progress being made on the ground there. sky ranger has been up for about 45 minutes or so taking a bird's eye view of what we're seeing this brush fire you just talked about off of 680 goodyear road just north of the benicia bridge. you see all the smoke still present there and clearly items still burning. that's the aerial look. our pete suratos also out there with pete's photographer providing us with the ground level images. pete said he spoke with a worker in the area and this could related to an organics company, it could be bark or mulch burning out there. we are closely monitoring the situation. we'll have a live report from the scene coming up shortly. and the reason that is so concerning we know how fast the fires can take off, portugal know that is firsthand.
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it has declared three days of mourning, a wildfire that killed dozens of people, many of whom were trapped in their cars. on saturday it was a deathtrap for people trying to get out and evacuate. 62 people died, many of the victims were caught when the flames spilled over a roadway. that fire is one of several still burning in rural central portugal about 100 miles northeast of lisbon. firefighters believe lightning started that fire but at this point leaders in portugal are only concerned about the lives lost. >> translator: i don't want to talk yet about the cause of the fire because we are facing the greatest tragedy of human lives. so what we must do now is to calmly provide all the resources to fight the fire. >> portuguese soldiers are helping to battle that fire which is being called the nation's worst in more than a half century. we have some new developments to report on this morning on a tragic accident,
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seven sailors confirmed dead after a u.s. navy ship collided with a go ship. this morning we're learning two of the men were from california. the navy destroyer, "uss fitzgerald" was towed back to a port in japan after the accident where it happened off the coast of japan. 23 year carlos victor from chula vista and 25-year-old alexander douglas from san diego are among the dead. there are several investigations to try to determine exactly why and how that collision happened. >> as to how much warning they had, i don't know. that's going to be found out during the investigation. but it was a significant impact that the crew had to fight very hard to keep the ship afloat. >> it took some 16 hours to tow that ship back to port. >> we're learning new details on a destructive apartment fire in san jose. ten people have no place to live now after flames erupted at that
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complex yesterday afternoon. that's about a were damaged and fighting the flames during the record heat proved to be quite a task for crews. the hot temperatures forced them to call in for more help. >> when we're wearing our heavy gear on a normal day, having to do all this work on a day like today just makes the amount of time you can work so much shorter. we bring in a lot of extra personnel to rotate people quickly that we don't wipe out our own people. >> it took about 30 minutes for crews to gain control of the fire. no one was injured. 6:15 right now. some business and tech news this morning. u.s. markets poised to start the week higher after a major win for french presideien emmanuel . retailers right now in grocery stores taking a beating on the heels of amazon's $13 billion
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acquisition of whole foods. wall street will be watching speeches about hints of future rate hikes. and brexit talks officially kick off in brussels today nearly one year after the uk voted to leave the european union. this comes less than two weeks after british prime minister this theresa may, conservative party, suffered a major setback in parliamentary elections. the uk brexit secretary had said the process could be, quote, the most complicated negotiation of all time. the uk is set to leave the eu by march of 2019. finally uber losing some ground to the competition. the ride hailing giant share of the market slid from a robust 84% down to what is still a sizable 77% last month. this comes amid a series of scandals and the announcement the ceo is taking a leave of absence. in the meantime its rival, lyft, is picking up some traction. a popular route to yosemite is open once again this morning.
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park officials say el portal reopened after a rock slide shut it down last week. it was enough to cover roughly six football field. although the road is open, travelers are being warned to drive slowly because the roadway will be covered in gravel which makes it tough to stop. >> all right, a great weekend here in terms of celebrating dad and all the great things he's done for us. dad might have been a little hot. you had a movie marathon going? >> usually we with would be outside grilling but this time we hunkered down and watched all the movies dad wanted to watch. >> up on full blast because you have the fans and air conditioners humming in the background. it's really hard to deal with this heat. we are going to have to deal with it over the next several days as we have more high heat for the valleys. looking live right now as the sun rises it's all clear and it feels really muggy as you go out
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the door. we're seeing some clouds lingering over san francisco, although it makes for a beautiful sun rise, we've seen this coming out of humidity that actually surged out of this air. look how hot it was yesterday. we got up to 103 degrees. it hasn't been since 2008 since we've had weather this hot the and it doesn't look like it will be losing its grip until about the end of the week. we did talk about the humidity moving through. there's still a few isolated cells popping up over parts of the sierra blowing humidity in and even fired up some isolated showers, even some lightning just south of hayward very early this morning. now that lightning strike happened shortly after midnight right around 12:20. you can see the icon popping up. we are seeing that activity winding down as it moves to the north but still looking at some very humid conditions, very
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muggy as you step out and we're going to see the highs in the south bay reaching the upper 90s. still a lot of triple digits for the tri-valley and the delta. unbearable heat there. better half moon bay, 72, and belmont up to 86 degrees. makes it tough in san francisco with no air conditioning on the embarcadero up to 83 degrees. for the north bay, 10 degrees in novato and warm weather over the next few days reaching the low 80s for thursday. and thursday will be the hottest day in the forecast. look it at the valleys, 105 degrees and only slightly cooler as we head into the weekend. you were talking with about the slowing because of the smoke in benicia. >> right now, kari, it's blowing away from the freeway but things may change this is southbound 680 right alongside the freeway is the frontage road where some use to escape the backup. that's worse. you might as well stick to 680. here is that plume of smoke from the fire, the vegetation fire.
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it looks like debris as well in the area. pete is following the source of that. again, it's blowing away from the free all the way down to the benicia bridge. lake herman road, slowing. some folks might be using it as an alternate. you look at waze. across 780, two options that waze has now saving you about ten minutes on that route. you can join our waze team. join that magnifying glass. nbc bay area wazers and we'll help notify you about things we see ahead as well as alternate routes for you. back to you. >> thank you, mike. up next on "today in the bay" nbc bay area responds. nbc bay area responds to one man's concerns about a popular dna test.
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now company that offers it is changing its contract for everyone. we'll explain how next.
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welcome back. a national company is now changing its policy after an nbc bay area story exposed privacy concerns with a popular product. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is here with an update to a story we first brought you in may. chris? >> reporter: we're talking about ancestry dna, the company that lets you submit a small amount
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of your dna to reveal your roots. it's changing its contract to calm privacy concerns. last month we introduced to you larry in san jose. he bought an ancestry dna kit but balked when he found tracing his family history required him to grant ancestry a perpetual royalty free worldwide transferrable license to use his dna. >> that phrase just sounds like they've left it open to do anything they want with it. >> reporter: after we broadcast larry's concerns, ancestry responded with a blog post that indicate it had received a number of questions and vowed to update its contract. now the company is making good on that promise with newly revised terms and conditions. the worldwide license is still in the agreement. however, the contract the now says ancestry does not claim ownership to your dna and contains new language that lets
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users delete data at any time. larry's main concern with ancestry selling had his dna data to a health insurance company. ancestry's updated contract now says it does not share genetic information with employers, insurance providers or third party marketers without your consent. the spokesman said these changes have clarity around the changes we follow in terms of data ownership and sharing. the chief privacy officer said there are a the lot of questions to ask and discussions to be had about genetic testing. we hope the updates help address some of your most pressing concerns. ancestry said it applies to all users present and past. if you have a conner complaint or question call us 888-996-tips or >> that is a good one. thank you, chris. up next, not under investigati
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investigation? president trump's lawyer hitting the morning show airwaves this weekend to talk about the russia investigation. more on the con niflicting stor and questions members of congress will be asking this week as they continue their look into russia's interference in the presidential election. >> reporter: the sun. this as thousands are still without power this morning. hey, but pg&e has a plan. i'll tell you what they plan to do to get you through the next heat wave. and to the north of where rick is we continue to monitor breaking news out of solano county. a compost fire in benicia. the concern is that it could spread along the freeway.
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right now at 6:30 we're tracking the heat wave hiing the bay area as you start the workweek. some of your friends may be in the dark. a live look outside san jose. it is expected to hit 92 degrees. lots of folks will be heading to the beach as they try to beat the heat, maybe do some fishing. pacifica should only hit 68 degrees. >> the extreme heat is not the only news we're tracking. rain near the caldecott tunnel and lightning in parts of the bay area overnight.
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thank you for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. an odd combination of weather events kari hall, we do know it's hot today. >> it will be hot the next several days. san francisco one of the few places you can go to get milder temperatures. thursday as we reach the peak of the heat, the inland valley temperature, 102 degrees today. the heat advisory continues through at least thursday night and even for the weekend very warm. i'll have more of that weekend forecast coming up in seven minutes. mike is still showing some of that slowing through palo alto. >> on 101 making a nice appearance on your temperature readings as well. northbound still slow after the earlier crash. there may have been two heading to the embarcadero.
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it slows at mofits field. the east shore freeway suddenly got really slow from richmond. no incidents reported but a slam down on the speeds over the last 20 minutes and 680 approaching the benicia bridge because of a distraction. an earlier car fire. 680. some folks may want to cut over to highway 4 as one option for you. >> right back to that. thank you, mike. this breaking news out of solano county where a brush fire is still burning in benicia reported before 5:00 this morning and is something we could see a lot of. >> pete suratos is live at the scene of the fire. pete, the concern is always
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maybe there's not a big impact at that particular moment but that it could spread and create a bigger problem. what's going on? >> reporter: good morning. we just spoke with the fire and they are saying this is in an unincorporated part of solano county so not had in benicia but near benicia. i want to show you you can see where this fire is still taking place. they're saying heat played a factor in all of this and they got the call around 4:00 a.m. goodyear road where we're standing on, that's what they saw. a bark planned on fire. it appears to be an organics company but we're wait iing to confirm that information. we do know that it looks to be contained at least in this area. it's not affecting any buildings
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because it's along 680 in cordelia. we spoke about concerns. it happens from time to time around this time of the year. >> they usually get one to two fires a year. i think most of it is because people have thrown their cigarettes off the top of the freeway down into the pit. there's always concern when there's grass. it's a possibility that could go up. >> reporter: now the cause of the fire is still under investigation and as you're looking at these piles there trying to tear up these piles showily but had he are making some progress working on that big stump right there. that could be the biggest issue. the winds are not helping. they were at the same location dealing with the same situation and when that happened they said they were out here for several hours and could be out here working on this fire until about 5:00 p.m.
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we'll bring you more updates. >> pete suratos reporting not for from the benicia bridge. we have team coverage of the bay area heat wave. ne nearly 2,000 people now are w e waking up without power. that reflects about 5,000. >> restoring that power the south bay is hard hit. tweet us if you are without power. we would like to know where you are this morning. >> "today in the bay's rick boone has been live. one area that experienced outages as well, people hopefully getting power back this morning. >> there were about 6,000 people but now it's better. it's daylight. we can feel it getting warmer
6:36 am
now. pg&e trying their best to make sure no more power outages come their way. they'll be meeting to get power back up faster. pg&e is determining if the power going out yesterday and over the weekend is due to the heat. across the bay people went to beaches to escape that heat but places cooler like san mateo where 75,000 people lost power on father's day. >> just got back from the lake. we got some sun burns going on. so we didn't have the luxury of the fans. the lights went out. >> reporter: seriously it is getting warmer. it will not stop at this point. another day of headaches worrying whether their power will stay on. rick boone for "today in the bay." >> thank you very much.
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keep track of the in your area by downloading free nbc bay area app. you can track the temperatures where you live and work. police continue to question a man arrested in the city's latest terror attack. ten people were injured after they drove a van into worshippers. all of this happening shortly after midnight london time. the driver was arrested on scene. a group of people actually were able to capture him and hold him until police got there. witnesses reported that driver was laughing after he crashed and saying, quote, i'm going to kill all muslims. one person did die at the scene. it's unclear whether that person's death was directly caused by this attack.
6:38 am
>> the investigation continues into a deadly shooting in concord here at home over the weekend. in the downtown area near the brendon theater. officers found the victim and tried to save him but it was too late and he died at the scene. right now his name has not yet been released. the s.w.a.t. team did arrest the suspect at his home in oakland. in washington, d.c., more testimony expected late they are week in the russia investigation. >> congressional intelligence committees are meeting wednesday. tracie potts is live with that. and president trump is not being investigated despite what the president tweeted him is self. >> reporter: the president tweeted i am being investigated. his attorney went on the sunday talk shows and over and over said he's not. president trump's personal attorney insists the president is not a target the fbi's russia
6:39 am
investigation. >> there is not an investigation and he has not been notified by anyone he is under investigation. >> reporter: president trump's tweets called it a witch-hunt. >> trump has a compulsion to counter counterattack. and is very pugnacious. i don't think it serves him well. >> the fbi doesn't sit around all day and read tweets. the fbi will do their job. >> reporter: congress wants to know whether russia includeded with the trump team to interfere in the presidential election. >> i can say there is enough that we ought to be investigating. >> reporter: on wednesday the house intelligence committee hears from obama, homeland security secretary johnson. >> a lot of people have said when do you think you'll be done? maybe the end of the year. >> reporter: the senate the is also working on health care. the majority leader says he'll pitch a new plan in two weeks.
6:40 am
but some lawmakers here think that's too soon. they want more time for input in the homes that it will pass this time. sam, kris? >> tracie potts live from d.c., thank you very much for everything washington and russia investigation. 6:40. happening later today san mateo leaders will start debate banning the smoking of marijuana in apartment complexes. recreati recreational use will be legal throughout the state of california. couns councilmembers are considering second hand marijuana smoke. it would approve to all multiunit residences. all right, folks, showing a pretty traffic pattern. no major issues through hayward and union city. the south bay starts that build through and summertime is later than that you may be late,
6:41 am
though, heading southbound to the benicia bridge. talking about off down into lake herman road. that fire pete suratos reports out of solano county just outside of benicia. the fire department dealing with that. the bridge is okay but you may want to head over to the bridge. show you the travel times dover to the bay bridge. the freeway got hit hard with the top number. show the reason why that travel time is so high through that one section of the east bay. >> we are definitely looking forward to the next week, temperatures in the 90s. >> it is it is going to be hot. let's look at saturday's forecast looking forward to 70s
6:42 am
on saturday and while the inland valleys will still be in the low 90s as we mentioned not really much relief after such a hot week. inland valleys and the bay at 81 degrees. we are seeing snow over the mountains as we get a live look outside at squaw valley. look at these temperatures even heading into the weekend it's going to be in the low 80s. that doesn't help us out very much and the santa cruz coastline nice and cold. low 70s to mid to upper in time for the weekend starting out with some fog. still very warm up to 87 degrees on friday and then dropping back to 78 on sunday. we will be catching a break and close by. i'll bring it home and have the
6:43 am
temperature trend coming up on the other side of the break. kris? teit is 6:42. the heat wave gripping the bay area and other parts of the state. the progress firefighters are making on a pair of wildfires burning in southern california. plus, the big news on the market is the fact the dow jones industrial average has now hit a new record high. 21,462. up 78 points this morning. the old record was 21,391. we'll see where things stand by the end of the day.
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it is 6:46 with some humid conditions beginning this morning as we take a live look outside at the sun rise over san jose. also very warm, too, let me show you the temperature trend for willow glenn. we start out at 10:00 at 81 degrees above our high temperature where we should be for this time of year and reaching into the mid-90s as we go through the day. another hot day. we'll talk about how long this stretch lasts and we'll get a look at what's ahead for the weekend coming up in five minutes. and looking at a nice, pleasant drive for the east bay and the tri-valley. 680 and the north bay still slow because of the fire off the freeway. we'll talk about that and more coming up. >> mike, thank you so much.
6:47 am
this is a live look from sky ranger which has been over the scene here in inunincorporated cordelia off goodyear road north of the benicia bridge. you're looking at live pictures from sky ranger. clearly still very active as they use hoses to tamp down the rest of the flames. the fire is not threatening any structures. another perspective now, live images from the ground. it appears to be burning at a composting facility. pete suratos has been reporting at the scene for us telling us mulch is perhaps what's burning. fire danger remains high throughout as temperatures soar once again. firefighters are reminding folks to create a buffer between their property and the surrounding grass area, that so-called defensible space. stay up to date with fire reports by downloading the free nbc bay area app. for many people who live in los gatos the hot weather means gridlocked traffic. drivers heading to the beach
6:48 am
often try to bypass traffic by winding through los gatos neighborhoods, and this is what it looked like this weekend. the video shot by a homeowner says there were so many cars on her street she couldn't even back out of her driveway. the city is looking into ways to divert the traffic around the area during the weekend. >> developing in southern california despite the heat wave firefighters are able to gain crucial ground on two different brushfires. this fire is near castaic lake, already charred about 1,000 acres of land. it's destroyed two outbuildings. at last check the fire was only 10% contained. in the meantime there are two, a much smaller fire in san bernardino county. that's at about 50% containment right now. only 11 acres have burned so far. a different kind of weather warning. a 26-year-old woman died in the sequoia national park after she
6:49 am
felt into a creek. it happened late saturday along the park's twin lakes. park rangers say that the woman fell and was swept downstream. this is the third river related death in the park this year and the 11th in california since the snowpack started melting in may. happening today the people of san francisco getting their opportunity to share their thoughts on the new budget. mayor ed lee's proposal calls for $10 billion in spending, about half of that money goes to services that include public health, fire and police and homeless assistance centers. the public will be able to comment this morning at 10:00 and it's the board of supervisors meeting. a live look right now at the golden gate bridge this morning. jealous that have fog rolling in over the bridge right now. the sunny weather did bring out stunninging views this weekend. captured saturday night, humpback whales breaching the surface there coming back from their annual migration north to
6:50 am
laalaska for the summer. do they have the right idea or what? >> judging from the water spouts, i'm not fluid in whale but i think they're saying it's hot. >> they're saying we're glad we're in the water right now. >> we have a bird feeder outside our kitchen window. we haven't seen the birds in a while. my child said maybe they migrated north because it's too hot. >> maybe they found air conditioning. and we've had such crazy heat around the bay area. all of that energy was enough to fire up some thunderstorms overnight humidity from thunderstorms over the sierra. a look at the radar right now things have since quieted down but still that slight chance we could see isolated cells over the hills. it shouldn't affect you as you head out now but look at the rain that moved through early this morning, maybe you heard it pounding on the windows. maybe they were open trying to let in fresh breezes. we had a lightning strike just south of hayward closer to union city that happened shortly after
6:51 am
midnight and looking at the loop of the radar you can see he when that happened as it moves through. now all of that has moved out. we're still seeing quiet weather conditions but watching out for the slight chance of isolated showers moving through in all of this heat so it feels very humid and we still have this heat advisory in effect for all of these areas shaded in orange. that's away from the coastline, away from the inner bay where we will have some high heat and then we have an excessive heat warning for solano county where temperatures today will be reaching over 100 degrees again. so you should limit your outdoor ti time, make sure you check on your neighbors. look at temperatures as you step outdoors. it's now 59 degrees in san francisco. it will be nice and cool there. looking at high temperatures in the upper 90s for the south bay. the tri-valley, over to the delta, san francisco into the low 80s today and up to 103
6:52 am
degrees in novato as we look at still some very hot weather. so if you're out there looking out the window in san jose getting ready for the day we always advise that you wear lightweight, light colored clothing. that's what you need to stay cool. at kirkwood where the snow he is melting today temperatures reaching the 80s there and some 80s in san francisco. we'll see that throughout the week up to 105 degrees. the peak of the heat. we have a lot more of this heat to get through. and now the north bay. >> that's the exceptional slowing. the southbound, peninsula and east bay are looking scattered. i will talk about them in just a second. i want to warn our drivers you will be delayed but it's much less than a half hour. things are calming down but we're still watching the smoke and the effects of that distraction. pete suratos is on scene. so is sky ranger giving the overall look.
6:53 am
let's look at the san mateo bridge which is also getting crowded westbound heading over to the peninsula. you see the haze in the air. the issue no problems on the span. just more traffic. let's show you waze. folks are mapping -- the south bay is slowing. north through san jose, difficult for this pattern. from santa clara over into redwood city we've mapped out a few routes for you. the quickest is 36 minutes. things build, the slowing through palo alto, you'll see some other options. make sure you see those optios s on your phone and you're a member of our team so nbc bay area shows up as your team. click on the icon, your name and select a team called nbc bay area wazers. back to you. >> the only "waze" to go. >> coming up, we'll take a look at the top stories on "today in the bay" including breaking news
6:54 am
from overseas. another terror attack in london. what we're learning about the man arrested for driving a van into a crowd of people. >> but first happening now, sacramento police are investigating a hate crime after two swastikas were spray painted on a catholic church. officers hope the vandal will appear on surveillance footage taken from outside the church. plus, bill gates, it turns out, has stiffer competition when it comes to the world's wealthiest person. jeff bezos just added almost $2 billion to his net worth after a surge in amazon stock. that came, of course, after last week's announcement amazon is acquiring whole foods. bezos with worth about $84 billion. gates $90 billion.
6:55 am
6:56 am
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welcome back. before you head out the door here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> first, breaking news out of unincorporated cordelia where firefighters are busy still knocking down the fire just off 680 near goodyear road, live pictures from sky ranger. that fire is not threatening any structures. they do appear to have it relatively contained. another perspective for you. this one a live look from the ground at that fire t. appears to be burning at a composting facility. one of the areas hard hit last night and into this morning with power outages. last night more than 20,000
6:58 am
customers without power across the bay area, mainly the result of overloaded circuits due to the spike in air conditioner usage. some businesses had to close. pg&e puts the numbers below 2,000 with the majority in the south bay. breaking news overseas, police in london right now are questioning the man arrested in connection with the latest terror attack in that city. police say the man drove a van into a group of worshippers who were gathered outside of a mosque after a prayer ceremony for ramadan. ten people were injured, one person died at the scene. it's unclear if that person's death was or was not caused by the attack. he said, quote, i'm going to kill all muslims. coverage of the london terror attacks, the latest one, continuing next on the "today" show. what is behind the latest attack in britain. the heavyweight wave gripping the bay area.
6:59 am
a look at san jose and a look at pacifica, one of the few spots. kids are on summer break, aren't you a lucky duck. >> i'll take the kids. >> i'll volunteer. that natural misting station. >> still be careful. of course high heat the next couple of days. >> very slow this morning in spots. >> i will show you overall it's not so bad. my kids are having their first day of summer camp. very slow down the freeway and also 680 southbound to the benicia bridge. all right.
7:00 am
speaking of that fire a live look from sky ranger overhead. we'll continue to follow that for you and will have more local news at 7:25. good morning. breaking news. yet another terror attack in london. a van plowing into a crowd of worshipers, leaving a london mosque. at least one person dead, ten others injured. >> this was an attack onondon and all londoners. >> the suspect detained by witnesses. an investigation under way. we're live at the scene. what went wrong? the u.s. navy identifies the seven sailors killed when their destroyer collided with a containership off of the coast of japan. as new questions are raised about what led to that tragic crash. breaking overnight. a u.s. fighter jet shoots down syrian warplane. the first time the u.s. has engaged in air-to-air combat


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