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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 20, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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i just want to pass on word that otto warmbier has just passed away. he spent a year and a half in north korea. it's a brutal regime. we'll be able to handle it. >> less than a week after returning home from a north korean prison, the 22-year-old american student died. so how will the u.s. respond? >> election day in georgia has the nation watching with the most expensive house race in american history and the start of the trump presidency on the line. >> escalating tensions between russia and the u.s. over the american downing of a syrian air
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force jet, and a wind weathcked extreme. baked cookies inside a car and zoo animals doing all they can to stay cool. good morning. i'm frances rivera. new found rage over the death of otto warmbier after a year and a half of captivity. warmbier's family slammed north korea over what they called awful, torturous treatment. >> it's a brutal regime and we'll be able to handle it. at least we got him home to be
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with his parents. >> senator mccain said "murdered by the kim jong un regime. north korean officials say he contracted botulism, took a pill and slipped into a coma. three americans remain detained by the north korean regime. >> we are just hours away from voting in the sixth district court. jon ossoff goes up against karen handel. mr. trump tweets this morning "karen handel for congress, she will vote for lower taxes. and says jon ossoff, who will
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raise your taxes, doesn't even live in district. it's the most expensive house race in history. the repercussions could be massive. it would deliver a demoralizing blow for democrats. for the democrats, it would act as a warning shot against republicans pursuing health care and give them momentum heading into the mid-term elections. >> here's what the democrat had to say in the last few hours. >> there's so little happening in washington in a serves the needs of people. >> steve and i have lived in the 6th district for 25 years. the opponent says, well, he only lives 25 miles outside the district. his values are some 3,000 miles away in san francisco. >> the race is almost even.
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>> now a democratic senator has waged a late-night talk-a-thon. their defines was quickly shut down by leader mcconnell. >> i'm going to ask that the bill won't come to the floor until there has been an open meeting and considered amendments by both parties. >> i ask unanimous concern. >> is there an objection? >> i object. >> i'd like to ask for unanimous consent. >> is there objection? >> objection is heard. >> i ask for unanimous con isn't request. >> there objection? >> objection is heard. >> republicans work behind closed doors on a bill that
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would scrap the affordable care act. >> this is outrageous beyond outrageous. this is unprecedented in the history of america where you have a bill of such consequence where there is not one hearing. no hearing, no public debate. >> even some republicans have openly fumed about the secret negotiations on the bill. a vote is expected next week. >> a crush of silicon valley leaders descended on to the white house to kick off tech week as the administration looks to move forward with the president's agenda despite an onslaught of news on the russia investigation. what made headlines is the voice of the man closest to the president, jarred kushner.
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>> many warned me the bureaucracy would resist any change that we've tried to implement. so far i have found exactly the opposite. >> it was kushner's first public remarks since the inauguration. for many, it was the first time they got to hear from kushner himself. tracie, what's the possibility he'll make progress with talks? >> it's possible. kushner doesn't have great foreign policy experience. he was on that trip in may with the president but he has the confidence of president trump. the goal of this trip is to lay the groundwork, to start to bring the israelis and the palestinians back to the table for peace talks. so not necessarily to come home with a peace deal but to come home with some sort of a agreement. he will be meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and with mahmoud
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abbas, the head of the palestinian authority in hopes of getting those talks started. this is something that has eluded experienced diplomats for decades. and now it's in the hands of the president's son-in-law and one of his closest advisers. franc frances? >> thank you. >> french police are investigating an attempted terror attack in paris. the man rammed his car into a police vehicle on the champs elysees. several officers raced over to drag the driver out but say he had already been, quote, neutralized. they put out the flames and investigators found more weapons and explosives inside. no officers or bystanders were injured. this after a van injured people outside of a mosque. lucy kafanov is in london this morning. what's the latest on the
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suspect? >> frances, good morning. that suspect being both named and pictured in british media as 47-year-old darren osborne. the headline "consumed with hate," he blew a kiss from the police van saying "i would do it again." now, we don't have any more confirmation about the motive. from speaking to religious leaders and members of the community here, i did hear quite a few stories about the rise in sala isla isla islamophobia. his family issuing a statement. his nephew saying the uncle had been troubled for a long time and he is not a racist and that
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it was, quote, sheer madness. he has been taken to the hospital and is undergoing a mental health evaluation. this is going to be a very sensitive topic for the community here. the fear is that it will not be treated as seriously because it was committed against muslims as opposed to by one. >> powerful thunderstorms swept through the northeast last night bringing torrential rain, lightning and damaging winds. look at this showing a storm moving through manhattan. american airlines had to cancel flights when temperatures rose above 120 degrees. and a new study from the university of hawaii show potentially deadly heat waves may be our new normal. it says half the world's population will swelter through a month of killer-level heat
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every every year. meanwhile, a tropical storm, a threat there for parts of the southeast. meteorologist bill karins is watching it for us. >> the big story should be the rainfall amounts along the northern gulf coasts and back here in areas near houston. the winds won't be an issue but the rainfall could cause problems. how about the heat dome in the west. it continues as the peak in many areas. 40 million people are at risk with heat warnings back into southern arizona. today's high temperatures should be the hottest of this event. 119, one shy of the all-time record, 116, one shy of your all-time record, death valley should
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redding at 110, sacramento at 106. the heat will only slowly ease as we go throughout the rest of the week. it's the age old question, is there live out there beyond our planet. they appear to have the right conditions to support life leading one nasa scientist to say, quote, we are probably not alone. >> i think so, right? >> there's a whole parallel university out there. there's an early today being broadcast in one of those union version. >> i'm me and you're you? >> or mayor level. >> and the reason this kid
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students at a massachusetts high school duct taped their principal to a wall right there. they weren't punished, in fact they were encouraged to do it. it was for a good cause raising money for the hospital. one strip cost a dollar and seven strips for five bucks and they raised over $500 to buy toys for patients. russia warned u.s. planes will be tracked as targets if they fly over government controlled areas of syria. it is in response to a u.s. jet shooting down a syrian aircraft despite warnings it would happen if the syrians bombed the u.s. allies on the ground. >> they called the russians on that telephone line we set up with them and the russians said, no, we won't abide by that. >> yesterday, they set up the hotline to prevent the two super powers from firing on each other and the u.s. flew fewer strike
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missions to avoid retaliation while officials worked to restore the hotline. carrie fisher's autopsy showed her body had drugs of alcohol and opioids and traces of heroin and ecstasy in her system. fisher had been outspoken about battles with drug addiction. they're not sure if those drugs contributed to her death in december and instead ruled that she died of sleep apnea and other undetermined factor. >> coming up, a fight against opioid abuse, incredible reporting you will see only on nbc news. walgreens makes it easy when summer needs a little help. your summer base camp is just around the corner
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turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. a rare access inside the battle against a deadly epidemic in america. it may shock you to know overdoses are the leading killer of americans under 50 and ground zero for this is ohio where jake -- jacob soboroff takes us to the front lines. >> this is the epicenter of america's opioid crisis. i'm on america's task force to stop the trafficking of heroin and fentanyl killing more people than ever before. >> here we go! put your hands behind your back. >> they just took him down and
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did a controlled buy. here's the dealer right here. >> reporter: in what local officials says the overdose capital of america this is a normal morning of sheriff's officer mike brim. >> we caught him in the act of selling heroin. >> reporter: do we know if it's heroin or fentanyl? >> we don't know yet. it is likely fentanyl.
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>> we don't know yet. it is the day-to-day stuff people are going to the morgue for. >> reporter: while they may seem like indirect operators it is part of a global ring. china is where it starts and most is shipped across the border to drug cartels. they picked montgomery county because running through it are interstate 70 and 75, what law enforcement calls the crossroads of america for drug trafficking. >> open the door! open the door now! >> do you see any narcotics yet? >> there is narcotics. >> do you mind explaining why we put this mask in? >> short answer if you breathe it in you could die. >> reporter: it was a big load. nearly a pound of fentanyl, enough for thousands of doses. >> a good day getting a lot of fentanyl off the streets and seeing a lot of lives saved there. >> on this morning on "today," jacob takes a closer look at the opioid crisis and where we might go from here. coming up a look at jimmie kimmel's father's day day. and the largest in the world? can you afford it? 38 million dollars to install it.
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welcome back. i keep waiting for the point where i can be like okay, the heat wave is over, we're back to normal. it doesn't really drop that much. sacramento you only drop from 108 on thursday to 101 over the weekend. still staying above average. the pacific northwest is one of the only cool spots in the country with just a chance of a shower. >> thank you. seven navy sailors were killed when a cargo ship hit the "uss fitzgerald" over the weekend. one of the victims was xavier. his father said his son tried to text him after the crash but couldn't get through. >> his last attempt on his app
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was trying to contact me 36 minutes after it happened. i can't count how many times i've texted him saying i'm so proud just to be your father. i'm so proud to be your father. he was everything to me and he was a patriot. he was an american. he would make any parent proud. >> the martin family is still waiting to hear from the navy when xavier will be making his final trip home. the united states supreme court is taking up a potentially landmark case that could limit partisan gerrymandering whether drawing political boundaries in a state favoring one political party over another violates the constitution. on tuesday the court handed down a major ruling over free speech. in a unanimous decision they struck down part of u.s. trademark law that bans offensive trademarks and could have a widespread impact and give the washington redskins a legal boost in effort to
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preserve their team name. tiger woods says he's now receiving professional help for his back pain and sleep disorder after he was charged with driving under the influence last month in jupiter, florida. breathalyzer showed no presence of alcohol. woods said he had a reaction to several prescription drugs including vicadin and xanex. his arraignment is scheduled for august 9th. a driver in texas had to get rid of that snake that crawled on to the roof of that car. it's almost the length of the entire hood. it was able to coil itself the inside the enji without any arm. >> he's talking to the snake, like what are you doing here? >> if it was in the car, it's a different ball game. >> we thank you for being with us here on this tuesday morning.
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hope you have a great one a ok, let's try this. it says you apply the blue one to me. here? no. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together,
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so you can play together. and a live look outside now from the south bay. starting our day in san jose, a live look outside right now from the south bay. did you make it through yesterday's heat? really, really rough one. temperatures cooling off a little bit in some parts getting up early like right now but the interior valleys will be scorching. terry has a full look at the forecast. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. >> a lot of people probably wanted to take a dunk when the temperatures started to rise. >> dunk? be careful. >> end ball. whatever it is? >> yes. that's exactly what i did yesterday. a dip. yes. a cool dip. >> makes more sense. i'll give you that one. >> we say the cement


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