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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 20, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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high temperatures coming up. mike gets you out the door and on the roads. >> that's right. oakland after the bay sensors not really a surprise. we have something hidden here in oakland. eastbound 580. we told you about that. a crash involving a rig there and partially -- blocking all lanes. partially blocking one lanes and a traffic break and traffic stopped right now. eastbound 580 getting away from highway 13 past golf links and 98. the zoo exit there and toward the rest of the area like the castro valley wide. westbound would be for 580 here and approaches toward the bay bridge toll plaza moving just fine and clearing in the next couple of minutes. back the you. >> thank you, mike. breaking news right now just into the newsroom, an active search for suspects this moment in fremont. a story we first broke on air at 4:30. >> bob redell live on the scene
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with more on what's going on. bob, i understand you just talked to a woman saying she heard someone on the roof of her house? >> reporter: correct. her family members were inside. she was at work. police called her to let her know what was going on and she spoke to the family members, shaken up but okay. we're on lake ontario. the question to the right of your screen. sometime this morning, at least two people tried to break into the home and our understanding at least one person is in custody and fremont police are looking for at least one other person. to give you a sense of how much resources are putting -- >> i called my father-in-law to also alert him of what was going on and at the time they were whispering, they said that they were given instruction to just get on the floor because the person is in the backyard. and i called them back again. he hung up. i called him back again and they
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said that they were able to get the guy. and apparently there's total of three and i can't get into the street because they said that there's one more on the loose and they have k-9 looking around right now for the others. >> reporter: that was the woman whose family members were inside the home when these people tried to break in early this morning. she said that eight of the family members were in there. four adults and four children. her own. ranges in ages from 4 to 11. she said they're okay. clearly, shaken up. fremont police still looking for at least one other person. they did have a chopper up in the air until about 45 minutes ago. and we understand that maybe another person has been arrested since -- within the past few moments here. again, a lot of police activity here on lake candlewood and lake ontario.
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>> pretty active out there. thank you very much, bob. it is 5:02. back to the microclimate weather alert today. the heat wave we have been talking about continuing to bear down on the bay area. today, everyone is being asked to conserve energy in case of widespread power outages. >> conserve it because we'll need it later in the week. pete is live with so-called flex alert issued today. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and laura. with everyone turning up the ac units, it's causing a strain on the state's power grid and can lead to power outages and why the so-called flex alert is in place reminding folks to conserve energy over a couple of days and i want the point out this is voluntary and in place today and tomorrow. here's tips as far as conserving energy. we are told to set the thermostat at 78 degrees or higher and turn it off if you're away and cool down with fans and draw the drapes instead and turn
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off unnecessary lights or appliances and use major appliances in the morning or late evening. now, the california independent system operator is one who issued this alert and they're saying peak usage will exceed 45,000 mega watts today and tomorrow. so once again, the flex alert is voluntary. it will be in place today and tomorrow between hours of 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. live in walnut creek, pete suratos for today in the bay. >> download the nbc bay area area app, free and monitor temperatures across the bay. happening today, making a footprint in san jose. today san jose city leaders will decide whether to enter an exclusive agreement with google for a mega complex near the sap center. >> dinosaur sized footprint. the city says it could create 20,000 new jobs for the south bay and community groups right now speaking out against it. delivered a letter to the mayor's office saying they're searched that google squeezes
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out low-income workers and drive up rental prices. >> we want to make sure that the city negotiates a deal good for the community and not just for google. make sure that the deal to bring the google project here includes affordable housing. >> so mayor says that regardless of any deal the city does or does not strike with google the city is already planning to build more affordable housing. 5:05 right now. urban shield is a highly controversial police training event and convention and tonight demonstrators promising to gather in berkeley ahead of a key city council vote. members consider whether or not to allow the city police officers to remain part of the annual urban shield training program. urban shield involves four days of drills in september involving police teams from across the bay area. the department also receives special federal grant money to cover that training. there are so many questions this morning about what happened to an american student while he
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was imprisoned in north korea. 22-year-old otto warmbier died yesterday at a cincinnati hospital. doctors said the student had extensive brain damage. north korean officials said he was in a coma for more than a year after they said he took a sleeping pill battling botulism. doctors in cincinnati found no evidence of botulism. president trump spoke about warmbier's passing. >> a lot of bad things happened. but at least we got him home to be with his parents where they were so happy to see him even though he was in very tough condition but he just passed away a little while ago. it's a brutal regime and we'll be able to handle it. >> not clear how the u.s. is going to respond at this point. north korea sentenced warmbier to 15 years to hard labor for allegedly taking a propaganda
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poster off a wall. the chinese tour company said it would not take americans to that country. dealing with tensions with russia and syria after the u.s. military shot down a syrian jet. >> the russians have dismantled a hotline with the u.s. both countries used to avoid collisions in syria. russians have threatened to target u.s. aircraft. the pentagon doesn't seem to be worried. here's the chairman of the joibt chiefs of staff. >> the forces can take care of themselves. >> now to the president's son-in-law. adviser jared kushner, he spoke publicly yesterday which is rare and also getting ready to head to the middle east tomorrow to brok broker peace between the israelis and palestinians. explosive allegations against san francisco state university sued by a group of jewish students and here's why. it is a discrimination lawsuit that accuses the school of
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knowingly fostering an anti-semitic vomit and follows a campus appearance of the mayor of jerusalem and protesters disrupted. the suit accuses the school and campus student of violating free speech allowing that to protest to continue. school leaders said that they disagree with the allegations but they're still reviewing the complaint. 5:08. happening today. certainly beach weather and it will likely continue to be so for days. but this morning rescue teams of san francisco and elsewhere gather at ocean beach where they're conducting some water rescue common dm rescue demonstrations. and rip currents we talk about, the sneaker waves, never turn your back. today's demonstration takes place at 10:00 in the morning. and we are trying to beat the heat after dealing with temperatures like this yesterday. brentwood got up to 110 degrees. alamo, 106. walnut creek was 103.
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morgan hill, 102. let me show you where we're headed today. just as hot in some of the spots. concord, 103. liver more 102. san francisco at 73. napa at 98. and in santa cruz, 73 degrees today. coming up, in fur minutes, the temperature trend for evergreen but first slowing. >> still slow for 580. the rest of the bay pretty predictable. show you the tri-valley in a second and talking about eastbound 580 getting away from the maze and highway 13. you see the slowing now. we heard about a full closure for lanes clearing it. apparently an overturned vehicle. no injury reports of chp and still checking on that and slowing sensors do show up here around golf links road and continuing to track that and clarity on whether or not they opened the lanes or closed for the last five minutes. meanwhile, 580 westbound and the commute direction slows a bit
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out of the altima pass. that's standard. >> thank you. shock and sadness in london once again. chilling new details we are learning about the latest suspected terror attack to hit uk. record highs in the weather, record highs on wall street, as well. but why? we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues.
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we are coming up on 5:13. we are under a microclimate weather alert as we continue to
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track some dangerous heat for the bay area. as we look live right now, the sun rise over san jose on this first day of summer. we head to southeast san jose to the neighborhood of evergreen to look at the temperature trend. at noontime, we'll already be up to 87 degrees and some mid-90s again today. and our average highs for this time of year, 80 degrees. i don't see any of that in the forecast. we'll take a look ahead to the weekend coming up at 5:18. and your commute direction toward the bay bridge move well and away from the bay bridge tracking that problem in oakland. i have an update on the crash scene. >> thank you very much. 5:13 on your tuesday. a developing story, we are learning more information about the man behind the latest terror attack in london. british police say darren osbourne drove a van into a crowd of worshippers killing one and injuring several others. his neighbors said he's a father of four and describe him as
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aggressive and strange. he is being held on terror charges. the ntsb opened up the files of a terrible crash of a tesla in florida, a crash that killed the driver. >> scott, investigators have concluded that he wasn't paying attention. >> he was letting the tesla do the driving on auto pilot. he posted lots of photos. they were fun to watch until we learned that brown was killed when his tesla drove straight into the side of a truck in may of 2016. the ntsb issued the preliminary report back in january. saying brown was not paying attention and is exonerated tesla. but just monday investigators opened the docket more than 500 pages we can see what's inside. new pictures of the car after the accident. and more importantly, we have raw data from the tesla sensors.
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you can see repeated warnings, sent to the dash board, at least seven times that tesla alerting him his hands were not on the steering wheel tesla's made several changes to the auto pilot system switching from a camera based system to a radar based system. more importantly, if you ignore the warnings to touch the steering wheel, the car will turn itself off. the dow 30s closed record highs on monday. nasdaq very well reversing recent gains. apple with a best dwa of a long time. the gains as investors convinced washington's going to push tax breaks through. speaker of the house paul ryan will reinforce that idea today in a speech promising the house is close to a tax bill but all we have seen is one page of proposals from the white house. little else. the president has tweeted tax cuts are coming. in february, march, again sunday. concern we have in california is
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washington may end policies of an exemption of what you pay in state taxes. right now money paid to the state you never see, right? you don't pay federal tax on that. that could change. but again, all we have seen is the single sheet of paper. how wall street or paul ryan thinks it's close i'm not sure. >> yeah. until we actually see it. >> there's no bill. >> it can't happen until they pass health care form and last time you checked is not exactly whizzing right through the congress either. so we'll have to see. a lot of hurdles. >> never seen anything like this whizzing in the water? wildlife teams to use muscle. look at that. rescuing a large luggerhead sea turtle. lost the way on a beach in the florida coast to lay eggs. they found her to be healthy despite the chlorine in the
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pool. and then guided her to the sea. >> 250 pounds? >> can you imagine seeing that? >> just keep it. >> should haven't a beautiful, gorgeous pool and house right by the oceanside. no. >> my dad used to make me go out there and sweep the pool and find strange things and never a sea turtle. >> what would you rather find in the pool all of a sudden, an alligator or tortoise? wow. >> exactly. >> we're all spending more time by the pool to find somewhere to cool off. even if it's just a baby pool, right? we are going to have some very hot weather continuing and we are running those fans and just trying to cool off. as our temperatures sizzle around the bay area. breaking records all over the place. well, that continues today. but take a look at this nice, cool shot. this gets you started off right on this tuesday morning. it's 57 degrees. view from the castro. looking toward downtown san francisco. we have a heat advisory that
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continues from today through thursday. we also have excessive heat warnings for solano county. drink lots of water. we have a high fire danger and going to be what we see even heading into the weekend. we are now starting out in the mid-60s. even upper 60s starting out the day and then going to see the high temperatures in the south bay up to 100 degrees in morgan hill and gill roy. and we'll be at 100 degrees in walnut creek. as we get a look at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, san francisco looks good. peninsula very warm. oakland today up to 79 degrees. looking at 83 in san mateo. and 71 on the embarcadero. if you plan on golfing somewhere, you may want to head to half moon bay. this is where the temperatures will only reach into the mid-60s today. very nice. somewhere nice and cool, as well, well, we are looking at
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the snow but the temperatures are going to be very warm. and we'll also have a chance of some afternoon thunderstorms firing up. between tomorrow and thursday. with highs in the upper 70s. we're looking at some low 70s in san francisco and then as that marine layer and the fog retreats away from the coastline, our temperatures even in san francisco will be heating up. we'll be at 84 degrees on thursday cooling down in time for the weekend. and we're going to see the triple digit temperatures for three more day and then we'll be in the upper 90s which is really not that much better. and i'll have more on that and some weekend events coming up in about 20 minutes. mike takes us out on the road with waze. >> we have a crash report. this is aal tern gnat because it affects the drive. this is a smooth drive for most of the bay with an ultimate pass slowing. unexpectedly slow through oakland and now told chp called a sig alert and may take half
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hour more to clear this and only one lane open eastbound 580 at golf links. jamming up before keller off of highway 13 all the way down to eastbound 580 getting away from the bay bridge and the castro valley area. following that 880 southbound is a great alternate. mass transit, no delays for bart ac transit either. those are good options and now to waz. eastbound 580 away from highway 13. as i said, including the green route and going from that portion of oakland there toward hayward, shown on the map, that longer route over there, 980 and that's a better route because of that slowing. now track it throughout the day. wherever you're leaving, check waze and on the team to share that information with you. go to the profile. find your name and team and this one, nbc bay area wazers to join to share with you. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up next, a very
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creepy discovery. >> pull over. pull over. >> oh, oh! gosh. >> oh, oh. wow! caught on camera. an unexpected hitchhiker who slithers. laura loves snakes. >> i hate snakes. >> on to a man's windshield. pacifica, please, anywhere live outside right now? the beach. no snakes there. just a lovely coastline. head to the coast. the heat really turning up across the bay area. we'll have more with kari coming up in her live report. 5:21 right now.
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go, go, go. >> get your bootie out of here. >> get off. >> oh my lord. >> yeah. snake on a car. last thing you want to see while driving. snake pops up from underneath the of this car on a texas highway. driver did the right thing. pulled over. let the snake slither off the roof and the car into the field. talk about unwanted hitchhiker. i thought it was on the dash berd. >> you see it starts to go underneath the engine. disappears and pops up where exactly? that's what would freak me out beyond any sort of imagination. all right. laura is having a physical reaction to the snake. chp officers performing an
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unusual rescue yesterday. these are actually some of the images there. you see they had to free a young fawn with the leg stuck in a drainage ditch that was right along interstate 80. officers waited for the mother to possibly return. she did not come for her baby so the fawn is now named star. star was brought to a veterinary clinic. she suffered from hypothermia but expected to make a full recovery. happening today in san francisco helping families save for emergencies. city treasurer kicking off a problem to do that. happening at 10:00 at city hall. bank showing nearly one in four americans has no emergency savings. the goal is to have enough money to cover six months of expenses. later today, san francisco is considering banning flavored tobacco products. a committee approved the ordinance. the ban would take effect next
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year. check your pantry this morning. recalling some of the baked crunchypea due to possible contamination. the recall involves these flavors. check it out. sea salt, fresh salsa and falafel. no reports of illness but the company said it's pulling the products out of caution. never seen them before. >> first for me, too. sea salt, maybe seashells. take your mind off of everything. >> that's where the temperatures will be coolest today. looking at half moon bay. up to 65 degrees. low 70s for san francisco and oakland. while the valleys are still going to be hitting those triple digits. we'll talk about what's ahead as temperatures go up even higher coming up next. watch where you park. you may have noticed scenes like these in your neighborhood and around town. it is called sudden summer limb drop. i'll tell you when you might
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want to call in a certified arborist. we )re under a microclimate
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weather alert.. a live look we are under another my ro climate weather alert this morning. for some today, a little bit of a relief. for others, another scorcher. so hot out there. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock.
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you're you're in suspense of who's in the heat. a lot of people seeing warm temperatures, kari. >> yeah. really warm away from san francisco and this is where the fog will be rolling back in as we see the return of the marine layer just for today. and then it's going to warm up over the next couple of days with some mid-80s in the forecast by thursday. for the inland valleys, we are still going to be seeing those temperatures reaching over 100 degrees. and look at the hottest day in the forecast. up to 106 degrees heading into the weekend. temperatures come down but it really doesn't feel that much better. we will talk about some events going on around the bay area. whether you'll be staying here or hitting the road. a lock at the forecast. heads up for the bay bridge drivers. >> that's right. locking toward the bay bridge. turned the emeryville camera to the span. that's westbound. the commute direction.
5:31 am
they have turned the metering lights on and slow them up. approaching the tower and flashing lights with one lane blocked from what i understand. seems like a small issue but a bad time for the bay bridge. back to maps and the rest of the bay shows a good drive especially for eastbound 580. we're tracking that, as well. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. 5:31. breaking news we're following. two suspects in custody after an intense search in fremont after a family burglary suspects, someone walking on the roof. they were taken into custody just within the last hour. the scene still unfolding as east of 880 near harvey community park. first reporter bob redell on the scene gathering information. fremont officers still in that neighborhood right now as you see from these live pictures. looking to see how many homes the pair may have broken into
5:32 am
overnight. bob redell talking to neighbors and police out there on the scene and brings us another live report with updates coming up at 6:00 a.m. in the meantime, our micromat weather team coverage continuing this morning. bay area once again experiencing some sweltering temperatures. >> not only is the heat triggering fires and power outages, it is also impacting trees. "today in the bay" kris sanchez live with the reason why. good morning. >> reporter: not just tree hugging around here and doesn't take a big branch to fall to hurt somebody or damage your property. would you believe this hot weather actually brings more trees down and more limbs down than our crazy winter storms if you can believe that. this one came down in the willow glen neighborhood and came down on top of the car. fortunately nobody was inside at the time and no one was injured but a certified arborist said
5:33 am
it's because of evapo-transformation. they pull in the water and then can't release it fast enough through the leaves and the heavy branches just snap. this is another tree that came down on a trail. santa clara county is responsible for that one but you're responsible for the ones at your home or business. michael young of urban tree management says as a homeowner feel free to take down any branch that you can reach from the ground but anything over 20 feet up i should leave to an expert. >> if you can reach it from a ladder, then maybe it's okay to do. but as an arborist, we see all the statistics on accidents when are doing tree work and 9 times out of 10 a homeowner that's fallen off a ladder. >> michael, you don't have to tell me twice. as you look up today, look for dead trees, broken branches
5:34 am
coming down unexpectedly. look for mushrooms or cork and leaning of more than 10 degrees to signal trouble underneath. we'll post some of the information from the u.s. forest service on my facebook page so you can find that later. but coming up at 6:30, what happened when a tree came down in oakland and there was a mama bird and several baby inside. that story coming up at 6:30. kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> we love our trees and wildlife. thanks. 5:34. you can keep track of the heat downloading our nbc bay area app. it is free and monitor temperatures across the bay including your neighborhood. right now, some chilling new details at 5:34. this on the challenges that firefighters faced the night of the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. they issued a 50-page report about last year's fire that killed 36. among the revelations in that report, that arriving firefighters actually had no idea at the time that the building was packed with people
5:35 am
who were attending a concert. seven victims on the second floor. we also learned that 29 were found on the ground floor. some under the collapsed roof. the cause may never be determined because the area where the fire started was destroyed. that's not stopping victims' families from taking legal action. >> suing the owner, the master tenant as well as the producers and performers that evening and the others that had worked on the electrical equipment. >> now the report does get into several possible causes for the fire that includes faulty wiring, cigarette, maybe a candle. master tenant and another tenant are both facing three dozen counts of involuntary manslaughter. another person has been arrested in berkeley for allegedly trying to give a child some sort of substance to drink. it happened just a week after a woman was arrested for giving a child methamphetamine at peoples
5:36 am
report. a mother says a man who appeared unstable tried to give her son what he claimed was water and honey. it happened last week. police arrested the 36-year-old william turner. he is evaluated at a psychiatric hospital. 5:36 right now and santa rosa trying to determine what made a man took the life of his two young children and then take his own life. neighbors identify that father as 40-year-old alvaro camaro. his estranged wife dropped the children off for a court-ordered visit. neighbors said that they would offer hear the two fighting. >> we just noticed he was anxious the past couple of days and the police had been here a lot off and on and he was always really good with the kids, though. he was a nice person. >> the bodies of all three were found inside of the apartment on monday after the estranged wife called deputies to try to check
5:37 am
on the kids. investigators say that he hanged himself. they're not specifying how the children died. >> tragic. 5:37 right now. should san francisco armory hold parties beyond 2:00 a.m.? city leaders decide that today. the venue in the mission is owned by ceo and as the examiner reports it's gone through nearly $2 million worth of soundproofing. the city's entertainment commission will decide today whether to extend saturday hours to 4:00 a.m. the venue does have a special permit for an extended water. this saturday for gay pride. let's get back to the live look at the bay bridge and saw flashing lights. a lane reportedly blocked by a disabled vehicle. still bunches up a tad bit and the flashings disappeared. chp did not confirm this but look at the map and see speed start to recover just from the live camera so the map should
5:38 am
show recovery from red over to low and orange right here. i think they cleared all lanes. the toll plaza metering lights on. and that will cause more bunching off just off the berkeley curve. the second issue as i move out of the way. we have good news. they have moved that car crash of the way for eastbound 580 at golf links or 98 and quick recovery of keller. green to the scene. just taking about seven minutes to recover. the rest of the bay moving very well, including transit. no major delays and the tri-valley looking at a little bit of slowing through the tri-valley. back to you. >> thank you. >> back to us. >> the team. nbc wazers. tuesday morning. trying to get a peak at the weekend. cooler temperatures? >> you have to head to the coast this weekend. >> still hoping. >> just a little bit lower inland valleys and looking at the inland areas, 96 degrees. i guess that's better than 106 but, i mean, still going to be
5:39 am
hot. okay? 72 degrees for the coast and the bay will be up to 85 degrees. and then on sunday still looking at those highs in the upper 60s, low 70s. and then for the bay, 81 degrees inland valleys up to 89 degrees. and we have the pride festival happening this weekend. it's going to be a nice one for it. seeing the temperatures in the upper 60s all throughout the day with lots of sunshine. if you will be hitting the road and looking at yosemite's forecast, we'll be in the low 80s for friday and saturday. sunday also looks good. 77 degrees. i'll have a look at the temperature trend for san jose. that's coming up in three minutes. sam and laura? >> thank you very much. 5:39. planes grounded. how the heat is having a ripple effect at airports. the president has an eye on and twitter finger on the georgia special elections. we'll tell you all about it when "today in the bay" continues. ♪
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microclimate weather alert continues as we have high heat around the bay area. a live look outside with the sun rising as we speak on this first day of summer, we start out with temperatures in the mid-60s heading up to 94 degrees later today. looking at the temperature trend, we'll see it quickly warming up and by early afternoon we'll already be hitting the low 90s. taking a look at the forecast, as we go through the rest of the week, even more heat and the peak on thursday.
5:43 am
we'll talk about that coming up in five minutes. we're looking at the drive times approaching the bay bridge. actually are quite reasonable. we did have the issue on the span itself so those metering lights slowing. we'll track this side of the bay and the whole bay coming up. >> thank you, mike and kari. something that's less reasonable. temperatures right now so hot in arizona that american airlines is canceling close to 40 flights today in and out of phoenix. when it is that hot, air density changes making it harder for planes to actually take off. happening right now, the fight to contain flames growing in california continue this is morning. evacuations are under way in big ber as the so-called holcomb fire at 850 acre this is morning and 0% contained. that fire ignited in the latest heat wave that california is experiencing. the cause of the fire is unknown. 5:43. coming to being cool in high
5:44 am
school, it can have different meanings especially when the air conditioning is not holding up to the heat. students in the campbell district is easier. according to the mercury news, the district making strides at overhauling the outdated hoeting air conditioning system. they're halfway done for all of the schools by next may. guaranteeing access to a higher education in the future, high school students in california will always have a backup option. that is thanks to a new deal that was just made in the new state budget in which all applicants who qually for cal state admission guaranteed acceptance to a school. san jose mercury news reporting that 30,000 qualified students have to be turned away every year because the or schools they apply to are full. cal state system has until next may to redirect its policy for students not accepted to their top choice. there may be some changes at the white house this week. >> scott mcgrew, sean spicer
5:45 am
could be leading the press room podium. >> he might be promoted moved up to white house communications director. and then someone else will have to take his, taking questions. now, no matter what happens we would like to see somebody take questions. the white house has not conducted an on camera briefing since june 12th. today's the special election in georgia. a rookie politician representing democrats hopes to win in a district that's been strongly republican. a republican has held the seat since 1978. this is a look at the polls as they opened this morning in atlanta. video just into the newsroom. there are more than 133,000 votes that have already been cast through mail-in ballots and early voting. the race pits karen handel, the republican against jon ossoff, a documentary film make. the seat opened up when tom price went to washington to become the secretary of health and human services and the race is seen as a hint of what's to
5:46 am
come in the midterms and the president has weighed in tweeting, democrat jon ossoff who wants to raise your taxes to the highest level and weak on crime and security, doesn't even live in the district. president's actually right about where ossoff lives. he lives near but not in the district that he wants to represent. he grew up there. his parents live there. he says he'll move there. but he doesn't live there. he lives with his girlfriend nearby. we continue to watch the situation in syria after american plane shot down a syrian fighter plane. russia has turned off the deconfliction system, basically hung up the phone that connects the u.s. and russian forces so they don't accidentally attack each other. on monday, the u.s. chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said the two sides were still in some communication. president trump was critical of the involvement in syria before becoming president saying forget syria and no upside and tremendous downside. his words.
5:47 am
many presidents both republican and democratic discover conflicts overseas have a way of drawing us in. bit by bit. well, we like to know what you think of our coverage and any suggestions you have is what you want to see in politics. you can contact me on twitter. i'm @scott mcgrew. >> all right. thank you very much. rustic, charming and now it has a brand new title as the best small town. look no further than sonoma. >> sam said the best small town to visit. the list of 15 towns compiled by "u.s. news & world report." less than 100,000 people, restaurants, attractions like wineries perhaps. and the character of town. sonoma is said to have it all. lake tahoe took the fifth spot. monterey at number six of great options for you. >> yeah. >> cooler options, too. if that's what you're looking for. >> a racetrack i hi also in
5:48 am
monterey and racing sonoma and tahoe has both. >> you don't race up to tahoe not on a friday. >> not in the winter. >> you were saying you were just there and cooler. >> i was there over the weekend and it was -- 75, 78 degrees. the water's so high. and then i came back on sunday and wanted to go back. >> yeah. the weather we have had and all it takes is a short drive to find some relief around the bay area. that's the good news. and we will talk about things you can do to stay cool. get a look outside right now as you get ready to start out this tuesday morning. looks mostly clear at the golden gate bridge right now and 12:00 or 1:00 this afternoon the fog will start to really roll in and going to help keep not only san francisco but the coastline cool and all of the inland areas, no relief. we are still dealing with the heat advisory that continues until thursday. all of these areas shaded in red, that's where we are under a heat advisory and the pink
5:49 am
indicates where we have excessive heat warnings for the central valley. this is where we begin this morning. already 68 degrees in liver more. 60 in oakland. 57 degrees right now in san francisco. going through the highs today, we are going to be reaching the triple digits for morgan hill and gilroy. peninsula to 89 degrees in belmont. san francisco and mission district, 73. 103 in novato. see the wide range in temperatures. the breeze will start to kick in today just enough of an onshore flow to help out the coastal areas and then look at these wind speeds and miles per hour by this afternoon. it's really going to be windy in san francisco today. and then it starts to calm down later on tonight. as you look out the window in san jose, ready for the day, we always advise that you wear lightweight, light colored clothing in extreme heat events like this to help keep you cool and then going into the next several days, make sure that you do stay hydrated, a cool towel
5:50 am
on the neck and outside take lots of breaks and warn about the car danger as temperatures quickly increase and don't forget about pets. make sure they have somewhere nice and cool to go and not going to be nice and cool in sonoma and we know how beautiful it is there spending time there. it's going to be in the low 90s by 4:00 this afternoon. temperatures over the next few days, san francisco heating up on thursday. we'll see the same for the inlandlies, up to 106 and then slightly lower for the weekend. mike is monitoring the recovery out of land. >> that's right. traffic is lighter summertime, even on tuesday seeing good recovery for 580 through oakland and bay bridge, a concern. as we look most of the bay, no major issues. a build for hayward and tri-valley. recovery after that disabled vehicle cleared mid span around the tower. we have more slowing for 580 westbound because the build is on there, as well. san jose, the live look out there shows you what we saw on
5:51 am
the sensors. northbound at 101, 680. waze with options. castro valley to fremont, an easy drive and 680 the choice right now because pleasanton, nothing major and save ten minutes instead of the castro valley and help you save time hopefully giving you more direct or more pleasant route and less problems. this is if you go to the system and select your profile and the team to be on and i know it will be nbc bay area wazers. >> thank you, mike. up next, just as potholes are being repaired, new problems for california roads. the effect of the heat on the pavement. but first, happening now, breaking nulls out of somalia. suicide car bomber killed at least 15 people in the country's capital. al shabab claimed responsibility. a group frequently that launches attacks in mogadishu and other
5:52 am
areas controlled by the federal government. lockheed martin making a deal to build the f-16 fighter jets in india. that country looking to spend as much as $12 billion for 110 new war planes. we'll be back with more news right after this. what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup.
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green mountain coffee.
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welcome back. 5:54 on your tuesday morning. that sun starting to come up. we are in microclimate weather alert this morning tracking the heat waving the bay area. a live look outside from dublin. expected to hit 101 today. heat advisory to remain in effect through thursday night. high temperatures are causing issues for highways and sidewalks. look at that. west sacramento, crews responded to three different pavement issues on parkway 50 since sunday. the road started to buckle. lanes shut down twice. sidewalks are cracking. cal tran said it's caused by wet winter and then extreme temperatures causing movement and breakage. >> we have the extremely wet went sore that created conditions, moisture in the soil and now we are having the high temperatures and we are not even in summer yet. we don't know what mother nature will bring. >> this part of highway 50 is set to receive transportation
5:56 am
funding that governor brown approved earlier this year. new details of a deadly shooting in concord. investigators identified the victim of 42-year-old robert frazier from concord. shooting happened early saturday morning in front of the nica lounge. later in the day, an s.w.a.t. team went to a home to try to arrest a suspect in the shooting but he wasn't there. while police were at the scene, a pit bsbull broke free, charged a k-9, an officer shot the pit bull that charged. investigators learned the murder suspect was in a car crash and had been hospitalized. the suspect was taken in to custody at the hospital. san francisco's zoo is showing support of the victims of the u.p.s. shooting rampage. u.p.s. employees and families can get into the zoo for free. zoo officials say u.p.s. helped transport zoo packages for many years and hope the animals help u.p.s. workers heal.
5:57 am
three people were killed last week when a u.p.s. employee opened fire at a u.p.s. facility. the shooter then turned the gun on himself. all new this morning, parents a the a northern california elementary school are asking the school board there to remove cell phone towers saying that could lead to cancer in children. two were diagnosed with cancer. now more than 3,000 families signed a we decision asking for a cell phone tower to be removed from what campus. the american cancer society says that research at this point is inconclusive about whether or not cell phone it can no long's linked to cancer. there's not enough research to say it is or it is not so why have our children be the experiment that discovers that it is later on? >> the school board there did issue a statement that it appreciates the comments and looking into the issue. a follow-up this morning on plans to ban high school students and staff from parking
5:58 am
on certain streets in palo alto. city council voted last night for a preferential parking program next to the high school. the cars that don't have permits cannot park more than two hours on the weekdays and permit it is people who live in those neighborhoods. the program is set to start in october. a uber driver in south florida has to pay a hefty ticket not speaking english. we have cell phone footage obtained by the sister station in miami showing the uber driver getting a $250 ticket from police outside miami international airport. police say she violated a county ordinance that requires transportation network drivers to be able to communicate in the english language. the drivers do not need to be completely fluent but need to understand basic directions from the passenger. a spokesman for the mayor says warnings are usually given ahead of citations. >> it does seem like she could
5:59 am
communicate in english language or take directions so it's unfortunate that a fine was issued. but ultimately it was a judgment call on the inspector's part and the city can work with the driver to make sure we address this situation. >> the driver says she felt discriminated against and she told the rider ahead of time she did not speak very much english. self-driving cars are the future. and the dmv apparently agrees. that agency getting on board. you can now find a new autonomous vehicle accident report on the state's dmv website. find the paper work to file in case you're in an accident involving a self-driving car. right now, 6:00, breaking news following out of the east bay this morning. we have been live at the scene at fremont where police just made arrests after an early morning search for two burglary suspects. plus, the heat wave continues to grip the bay area this morning. find out when some relief could be on the way. battle over google, the
6:00 am
reason community members are concerned of plans of a massive google complex in downtown san jose. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we talk about self-driving, kind of a forecast on auto pilot for most of the week as it's really hot. >> the heat wave cannot end soon enough and unfortunately it's going do get even hotter before it gets cooler. we'll talk about that. let's just get you out the door on this morning. first day of summer and you don't need me to tell you that we've been in the triple did its for several days. tri-valley starting out at 67. looking live at pleasanton and the east bay. we have some patchy fog along the coastline. that will keep spots like half moon bay cool and inland valleys, no whatsoever. concord up


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