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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 20, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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inland. i will let you know when this heat wave breaks. >> check it out, in phoenix o 119 degrees. small planes can't get the lift they need to lift off safely. when we have a wide spread heat wave, people start getting worried about rolling blackouts. that is why there is a flex alert today and tomorrow encouraging you to conserve energy. an alert was issued and the goal is to save 500 mega watts of energy. >> we are confident that if consumers can respond, that will take a lot of the stress off of
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the grid. >> this is what it recommends. if you have ac set your thermostat at 78 degrees. avoid using large appliances before 9:00 p.m. school is out for the summer and that means thousands of kids are at various summer camps. nbc bay area michelle roberts visited several camps today. >> i keep checking the area, 98? great. that is fun. >> reporter: she packed extra water bottles for her son's busy day. >> it is hot and i get sweaty. we need a lot of water breaks. >> 12-year-old jamison admitted he did not drink enough water yesterday. >> during breaks they are required to sit in the shade.
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if anyone is out in the sun, they have to be moved back to the sun. >> reporter: they need water breaks, at least, every 12 minutes. >> we just, art projects in the afternoon and be the sports in the morning. >> reporter: any campers who need a break from the heat can enjoy the air-conditioning in the teacher's lounge. but for the most part, it is business as usual. >> we bring out shades and tents and extra balloons and extra water around all the time. >> reporter: experts want to encourage parents and teachers to keep a look out for heat exhaustion and heat strokes. reporting live. >> you can monitor the temperatures and the latest on this heat advisory by downloading our free app. a great way to track the
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conditions in your neighborhood on your smart phone. >> san francisco is on its way to banning the sale of flavored tobacco products. nbc mark matthews. >> super vico malyia coen is the one who authorized this. and she knows it is going to hurt businesses. inside christopher chen's gone with the smoke vape shop, and says the arguments that he is catering to children with flavored nicotine is ridiculous. >> it says no one under 21 allowed in here. >> reporter: but a compasponsor
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the ban is saying that is what is happening. flavred ecigarettes and menthol cigarettes are the tools to hook addicts. >> they taste good. they mask the harsh flavor of tobacco. >> reporter: supervisor malia coen got a unanimous vote. the majority of the supervisors had already cosponsored the ordnance. >> it puts myself out of business and many others out of business. >> reporter: so chin is thinking about starting a new business, marijuana. as you heard, the ordnance passed its first reading today
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if it passes its second, it will go into effect april 1st. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews. a third terrorist attack in three days. this is from belgium. soldiers shot and killed the suspect when the bombing went off under ground, police evacuated the busy square from above. no one else is hurt and damage from the explosion is limited. belgium on high alert since last year. >> a deadly wildfire in portugal. 90 miles north of lisbon. temperatures 109 degrees.
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authorities are launching a full investigation. getting rid of obamacare is a primary goal for president trump but getting it done not so easy. democrats and even republican leaders are asking leaders to push for a vote. >> reporter: yeah, no secret that a lot of senators are unhappy with the way this process is going. keep in mind this is the senate's first real crack at repealing obamacare. so it would affect millions of people. but right now it appears only a handful of senators know what is in the bill they are expected to vote on next week. for many it is a secret bill on capitol hill. >> we have no details on what they are cooking up behind closed doors. >> reporter: leaving some republicans in the dark.
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>> i have not seen a final proposals. k >> reporter: who has seen it? a dozen of republicans. even some top republicans calling this a bad process. >> we used to complain like hell when the democrats ran the affordable care act. >> reporter: and some democrats want to see it now. >> three united states senators in a bill that is going to be voted on next week haven't seen it. >> reporter: meanwhile president expressing sadness for otto warmbier. the president appearing to lay some blame on the obama administration. >> if he were to be brought home
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sooner, the result would have been different. >> reporter: questions on whether the u.s. will turn tough words into action. and the state department has issued an adviceory. it is time to take that step. >> thanks. $3 billion, 2,000 jobs and that is just the beginning according to the oakland a's. it would create 2,000 construction jobs off the bat and many more as the stadium creates a ripple effect of a new community built around the ballpark. >> people walking around it, jobs around it. you know, bars, restaurants kind of like a night life excitement, a reason to be there. >> the bay area council weighed
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in saying it supports the ballpark. it believes the stadium will bring new buzz and new business to oakland. >> a pig napping in east san jose. coming up in a live report. >> i am chief meteorologist jeff, i have the information you want to know. i will let you know when temperatures cool down ten to 20 degrees as of 5:20 tonight. a scary morning at a popular
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cafe -- right near the cal campus. a car crashed into the a scarey morning at a popular cafe near the campus. a car crashed into the cafe on university avenue. the car swerved over a divider and barrelled in the building. a lucky man said he left the spot right near the window just before the crash. someone stole their beloved pet, a 100-pound pot bellied pig. and this isn't the first time. >> reporter: no, it is the second time. the ackerman's have been busy
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putting up these fliers throughout san jose. when they got home sunday, their pig was gone and so were their surveillance camera. they call her pig pig. she weighs 100 pounds and can do tricks. >> we have had her since two months old. she thinks she is a dog. >> reporter: and this is where pig pig loves to hang out in the backyard. but on sunday when they returned home, their beloved pet was no where to be found. not only did someone snatch their pig but also stole a crate like this and ripped the surveillance cameras off the front of their house. now they are canvassing the neighborhood posting fliers in hopes of finding pig pig. >> with this heat, it is a big concern that she is being cared
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for properly. >> reporter: they say this isn't the first time their pig has been snatched. someone stole her from the front yard. she was dumped off at the park in san jose and reunited. they are hoping this little piggy will find her way home once again. they filed a police report and are offering a $500 reward for any information to bring their pig home. reporting live from san jose. >> thanks. right now the san jose city council is deciding whether to enter into a negotiation with google. one of ten properties the city of san jose is considering selling to the tech giant. >> any sale of land would be at
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full fair market value. so the taxpayer will not be shorted a single cent. >> the city says google is interested in developing up to 800 square -- project is expected to create 20,000 new jobs downtown but some community groups say they are concerned the massive projects will cause rents to skyrocket. >> doing something is better than doing nothing and that is what a pleasanton mother said to her children. >> reporter: scarey moments in the home last month. and while that is not good, it did give her time to think about a way to turned what happened into something good for others.
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>> we have those mannequins right in front of us so let's practice some compressions. >> reporter: of all the things a young person can learn, in advanced life saving class, there is one part of the process that can never truly comprehend. just how scarey it is to have to do any of it for real. though in this class among these young people, there is someone who knows exactly how scarey it is. >> very. scariest thing i witnessed in my life. >> reporter: riley is 12-years old. a really good sister to little brother matt. though this story is about the time riley was of nothing short than great. >> i am not kidding, she saved our whole family.
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>> reporter: on that day, riley was home forwatching matt. while he was eating popcorn. >> she thought, nobody can help him but me. >> reporter: riley did the heimlich and it worked. but just how did this middle schooler know what to do? well because christy, a registered nurse had taught here. >> we talk about it here. we talk about things like that, what could happen. >> reporter: and so if it worked so well with riley, christy thought, why not do it for others. so she organized this advanced life savings course for other kids riley's age to take for free and she hopes to do more.
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>> and the point to this is so you guys see it and know that doing something is better than doing nothing. >> reporter: christy believes no one is too young to learn how to save a life and she's got a daughter and a son to proou -- prove it. >> i asked christy why did you train your kids to do this. she said i am home a lot with my kids and i told them one day you are going to have to save me. and i want you guys to know what tong. >> and you should get a refresher course every few years. >> exactly. doing something is better than doing nothing. >> for sure. >> firefighters traded flames for waves. they practiced at san francisco ocean beach.
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ocean beach can be particularly dangerous for swimmers. rip tides is one of the many dangers. this is a good reminder for everyone. >> tempting to go to the water. >> i hate to be the bearer of bad news today, but the heatw wave is going to get worse. 106 in my forecast for tomorrow. >> i do want to start off with the doppler radar right now. instability just offshore. i want to keep a close eye to this light to moderate rainfall. our heat advisory still in effect until thursday at 9:00 p.m. for the inland valleys, north, east, and also south bay. hottest locations as we head into thursday's forecast. we are jumping ahead to prepare
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you. contra cost a, alameda the warmest. let's get you to, at least, a little bit of relief here in the wet weather for tomorrow morning. starting us out nicely for 68, 65. san francisco 58 and for the east bay 64. but things are going to rapidly heat up. once we hit 10:00 o'clock in the morning, we are going to be on a fast rise of temperatures. back up to 100 in morgan hill. 101 in gilroy. and 97 in san jose. and the dangerous heat is contra costa and alameda county. 106 in concord.
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and 105 in danville. so i want to make sure that all of you guys stay hydrated. take frequent breaks and a hot car dangerous. take the kids in the store with you and also those pets too. 94 in palo alto your warmer terch. 89 in san mateo. napa, a scorching 101. everything is still on track by sunday to see the hot area high pressure to move to the south. so on the extended forecast, you can see back down to 60s by sunday, monday and tuesday. inland valleys we stay in the
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low one hundreds. temperatures eventually dropping back into the 80s. and summer starts tonight 9:24. you would think it already started, but official 9:24 tonight. >> it is already hot. still to come a major change in policy for uber. it is all about the drivers but customers might not like it. just ranked atmosphere best small town to visit right here in the bay area. find out next. =rail=
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a grass fire in vacaville. it )s off 505 and vaca valley parkway. the fire may have been triggered happening now a grass fire in vacaville off the 505. it may have been trigged by a
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crash during a police chase. 69-year-old oj simpson might be paroled as early as next month. good news for uber drivers...
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tips are coming more easily. ==take vo== drivers for the company have complained for years that uber )s app doesn )t offer rides jang. good news for uber drivers, tips more -- tipping will be
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available. uber says it is starting with three cities to refine the tipping feature before moving forward. the in app tipping option will be available to all drivers by the end of july. amazon testing to buy clothes. customers order items at no up front charge and pay for what they keep and put the rest back in the box. the more items they keep, the bigger discounts they get. well so where is it? the best small town in america? well it is here in the north bay. a list was put together of the 15 small towns in america. and number one on the list is
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sonoma. looked at restaurants and attractions and judged the character. sonoma beating out competition which includes lake tahoe and monterey. up next a llama on the loose more than 150 families -- now in
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danger of being kicked out of . tonight at six, more than 150 families in danger being kicked out of their homes. at 5 o'clock, we had a llama on the loose. >> the sheriff -- while fellow llama watched and it became a big thing. >> easy now. where are you taking my friends. >> the llama made it back unharmed after some verbal counseling. >> walking him back to the pasture to his friends. >> looks like a scene from a
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comedy movie. thanks for joining us. >> hope to see you back at 6:00. tonight health care mystery. an obamacare replacement that affects tens of millions of americans from public view. cloaked in secrecy by senate republicans. a plan to vote in just days, what is in the bill? tropical storm warning expanded on the gulf coast from texas to louisiana. also, crippling heat, so hot in one city it's forcing flights to be grounded. violent ride, severe turbulence sends passengers and a crew member to the hospital in houston. train station explosion in brussels. soldiers opened fire. another apparent terror attack thwarted. an opioid epidemic striking so many families, they're running out of treatment beds.


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