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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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right now at 11: it )s hot, and getting hotter. tonight, the bay area is bracing for another day of triple digit danger. hot weather, power outages and increased fire danger. =jess/2-shot= the news at 11 starts now. good evening, i )m jessica aguirre. =raj/2-shot= and i )m raj mathai. summer officially began about 90 miniutes ago -- and we )re already setting summer-like records. =raj/live cam= tomorrow will be day 5 of this heat wave. and it )ll be even hotter. this is a live look in dublin... the tri valley will be well above 100 degrees in the next 48 hours.
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residents are being asked to conserve power. =jess/live cam= a flex alert is in effect in hopes of preventing power outages. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking the heat and the danger. jeff? =raj/anim= new at 11:
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this might make your skin crawl a bit... with the heat, comes a lot of bugs. more than usual -- up close and personal. and there )s a good reason for it. =animation= nbc bay area )s ian cull is live in san jose to explain. ian? =raj/vo= just like today -- there )s another a flex alert tomorrow to espev down here in the south bay over the couple days about bugs they'll point to the front of the house especially at night like this where dozens hundreds of burgs swirling or waiting around the lightweighting for you to come out of the garage or the front door. there is an invasion now coming at night fall. >> it bugs you you know it's all over your face. >> ms. garcia cut the perpetrators on the security camera tonight we did too.
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>> covers by thousands of little bugs. and anywhere where there is light. >> not just these. more and more are coming out in the intense heat. some looking for food and moisture. whether it's in san jose. >> this is disgusting. >> or hollister like the adult spilgts bugs are everywhere. in morgan hill knows and june bugs like these. >> as soon as it gets hot they emerge. they've become adults. they're going out finding food and laying eggs that's it then dead. >> thrasher terminate and pest control have been overwhelmed with calls. the wet winter provided a feast adult bugs lasted longer. now the food is running out for some. people in the hills may notice rodeants ents and ants. >> plants start dying off now they need other food sources. you will see ants. >> these tiny bugs will be taken care of by natural predators eventually not soon enough for most.
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>> horrifying. i hate it. >> reporter: now something that you could do starting tomorrow morning, the experts say you can go by a yellow light at a hardware story instead of the daylight looking lights. the bugs don't like yellow lights quite as much could help when you walk outside either in the morning or once again tomorrow night. reporting life in san jose. ian cole. e "cust like today another flex alert tomorrow to encourage people to save energy. here is what you need to know. it's from 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. te california independent system operator or cal ice o issued the alert the goal to safe 500 megawatts of energy avo's what it takes to power 500,000 homes if you have ac you're asked to set the thermostat to 78 degrees turn he weenecessary lights and avoid nding large appliances before 9:00 p.m. >> about all the dangerously hot mpfrmts expected to continue a mal summer camps are making
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changes and taking extra precautions. camp moved indoors and had a party there in a much cooler requiredm. kournlts we world cup soccer camp in san jose required to take a water break every ten minutes now. >> during game breaks required to sit in the shade. . heanyone out in the sun they hoff move back to the shade. >>. anderts warn the parents and teachers need to keep close eye r frsymptoms of heat exhaustion and stroke which include test whes and restlessness. this is the perfect time to download the free nbc bay area app process national attention invo alerts to get the latest warnings especially the heat ing thes on your phone. o of ore following breaking news involves vofrgs the bay area one of the most controversial companies within the past 30 minutes we have confirmed the ley ent battled ceo of uber has as takd down travis cal nick is resigning, sending shock waves a muchh the silicon valley and
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beyond. o re last week you might i recall he was taking a leave of absence. tonight a much different story. uber's key investors forcing cal nick to resign, cal nick has come under fire for management fx= e and the company itself exposed for culture of sexual harassment, bullying and retaliation. kalanick will remain on the uber board but release thd statement late tonight. i love uber more than anything in the world. and at this difficult moment in my personal life i have accepted ght. )vestor's request to step aside so that uber can go back to building rather than be er? racted with another fight. elt new at 11:00 a historic congressional election in ometer fos over tonight. .hy does it matter here? "kll it had the attention of distrient trump and many felt it hat d be a brormt for the midterm election many karen tendel take the sixth :ongressional district. >> i am also well war of another
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obligation that comes with tonight's decision by the voters. the obligation of being the first republican woman elected to congress from the great state of georgia. [ cheers and applause ] m> now she beat democrat john ossoff in a close watched nationwide a record amount of money was spent by both candidates more than $50 million drenn campaign. many democrats promoted the contest as a referendum on president trump. ab what drove a santa rosa disput to kill his young children and himself. tonight we are hearing from his e also. and learning more about an hildreting custody dispute. but we're also hearing from a grieving mother who says the system that was supposed to protect her children failed them. nbc bay area in santa rosa with new information with the days leading up to the murder suicide jeanne. >> that's right jessica. the father's sister says she
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talked to her brother the night before he killed his children he asked her to write a letter to the court telling the judge he was a good pare. records appeal it appears a custody dispute was escalating. >> why? you know we were here for you. >> jessica wishes her brother alvaro would have reached out for help. she believes depression over custody issues led the 40-year-old father to kill his two children. 16-year-old julianna and julianne and himself. >> custody issues arguments, everything all at once. just he just felt the whole world was coming down on him. >> santa rosa police say officers had been called to the apartmentabling where they discovered the bodies before. da camara called police in april asking for help with the custody dispute. on may 31sten he and the children's mother both called
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police on june 14th the parents obtained a custody agreement. on the 16th police conduct a welfare check on julianna at her father's then on father's day da camara called child protective services complaining of unsafe living conditions at his estranged wife's home. three hours layers the children's mother called police when she can't find the kids for the court ordered pickup time. police found their bodies hours later. outside the mother's house in santa rosa tonight, flowers, and a message of love from a grieving mother to her children. she released a letter to the community tonight saying in part, i sought help on numerous occasions and said many, many times my children were in danger in their father's care and i didn't receive the urgent help i needed to save them. neighbors are stunned by the murder suicide say something puff must change. >> i'm glad she is saying from her personal experience that something has to be done.
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>> reporter: tonight police say they are rfg records to make sure something more could not have been done. they also say da camara did not have a criminal history except for a dui several years ago. if you'd like to hear more from his sister's interview it's on coveribsite. ybc bay area news. c> it is tragic every way you look at it. a woman is krofrpg earlier tonight after being shot near the uc berkeley campus police say they were parked in a car e. n three men walked up and demanded money. the victims say they tried leaving only to have one of the men shoot at the car. he cwoman was hit in the leg and or been released from the hospital luckily. none of the victims are atilted ity the campus and police are t oking for the suspects. he had a big smile, a young child and students who loved ay he a community is remembering a tracher tonight who was killed on father's day.
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. =as known as the peace maker and his friends say he died the ng to keep the peace during ed hou night argument. nbc bay area cheryl herd joins us from the high school in oakland with the story. cheryl. >> reporter: carlo was set to be one of the copies here at the high school coming in the fall. his team practiced here tonight. all of them with a heavy heart. >> he was like a father figure. >> and for members of oenld's sky line high school titan football team that father fitting they saw in the coach is gone. >> it was a nightmare. bad nightmare. >> the 31-year-old sky line graduate was set to become the offensive football coordinate for his alma matter this fall. they say he was shot early sunday morning in san francisco. >> his friends say he was trying to brake up an argument in the 151500 block of follow some street he and a group of frepds
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were leaving the area. >> he would be in a place where someone needed him taumts unfortunately he passed away. >> this team will not let his hard work be forth eforgotten. >> in my mind he is a prophet. he can speak to infants. he can vibe withed tolers and with teenagers, peers. >> the teenagers and peers he touched will remember the legacy he left behind. >> he made me feel like a great person. you know, he always had positive -- positive energy around him. >> we going to fight through the pain and move on because that's what he wants us to do stay strong and move forward. >> carlo leaves behind a 2 and a half-year-old daughter a goe fund me page is set up in his name. >> reporting live, bay area news. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri a little bit of a break from the heat 63 in san jose but
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we're tracking the heat wave and where it reaches 106 tomorrow and when we finally cool down. >> also some million dollar outtake on the taxpayers dime. now an upscale city on the peninsula wants to spend more on the project. at a pot bellies pig stolen out of a south bay backyard. what else the thieves took that helped them get away. a pig-napping. a heartbroken
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famy okay. not often we have one of these type of stories. a pig napping. a heart broken is trying to figure out who took off with that guy. the 100-pound pot belly pig was snatched from a backyard in east san jose. >> now the couple is asking everyone from neighbors to police to help them find the pig napper and of course the porker who is so cute.
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marianne favro explains. >> no piggies on the bid. >> pig pig first came into the ackerman's life when she was two month months old. since then considered herself one of the dogs learned to lounge on the bed grew to a stout 100 pounds. >> she is my little baby and she means a lot to me. >> which is why jeanie and mark are putting up fliers all over san jose trying to find a pig napper. they say he they returned home snlds the pig was gone. they believe thieves stole her and ripped off the surveillance cameras from the front of the house so they wouldn't get caught. surprisingly this isn't the first pig napping for this family. or pig pig. >> when she was a few months old she was out in the front just grazing the grass process we heard here kweel i ran out and she was gone. >> in this that case someone later on dumped her at a park and she was reunitwood the
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family. now jeanne worried once again wondering how the pet is holding up in the excessive heat and hoping for a second reunion. >> she means a lot to me and i don't really know how to carry on if i can't find her. you know. soon. >> marianne favro nabz bay area news. well a packed house at milpitas city council meeting tenants facing eviction are calling for stronger tenant protection. families living at the he at the complex sunny hill apartment have been give. notice the owner also not reanu the head contact in february of next year tonight the families called for the council to consider two emergency measuring one a morer to yum on a eliminating affordable house a ban and a just cause ordinance protecting tenants from eviction if they haven't done anything wrong. san jose leaders get the green
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light to start things up with google. late this afternoon the city council gave the city the okay to start snoerkss with google for 250 acres of downtown property. google wants the parcel to build a tech and transit village near diridon station. that would include 8 million acquire feet of office pace. the mayor says the city will not be offering subcydies to the tech giant. but community groups have concern mostly over potential surge in rents that could squeeze out low income workers in the area. okay a pricey purchase that cost lass gatos taxpayers big bucks. the district bought this home with 14 acres of preserve back in 2005. the cost $1 million. paid for with taxpayers money. the preserve is meant to be open to the public and the house was used by rangers. but despite $90,000 in renovations it's now still run down. the board voted to knock it down. plus, taxpayers say access to
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the preserve is limited. >> they're used to being able to come as they please. the best way to get people out doors which is the point of the space altogether. >> here is the trick to enter the preserve you need to call the district a day ahead so you can get a code to open the gait. taxpayers say they want the property sold and to try to recoup some of the money. if you're doing any hiking out tomorrow in any preserve make sure it's early in the morning and that you take water with you because it's just not hiking day. >> that is great advice for sure way too hot for a lot of us to do a lot outside but there is cooling coming in the seven-day forecasts. >> now nbc bay area microclimate weather certified most accurate in the bay area by weather rate. >> and the heat advisory continues in effect more the north bay and also for the south bay until thursday 9 "p" this is where temperatures raining 90 to 100 degrees. but the hottest location has now been upped into an excessive
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heat warning for the next two days. that is primarily contra costa also alameda counties from concord to san ramon dublin liver livermore, brentwood, antioch all this in raining where temperatures could be 103 to 110 degrees inland. we had the scrolling seven day forecast up at the bottom of the screen where you can see the specific forecast for the microclimate. let's get you into something a little bit cooler here. we get the small respite to start the day heading into wednesday morning. 72 in the tri valley to begin. 65 for the peninsula and 68 in the south bay. even notice a little bit of drizzle at the coastline. we'll find fog in san francisco with 58. and the north bay starts at 66. now in terms of the microclimate forecast temperatures will be on a fast rise once we hit 10:00 in the morning. this means more the south bay warmer temperatures in the mix np 94 in downtown san jose as warm as 101 in gill roy, lass
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gatos 98. no doubt the hottest temperatures all around here from antioch back to concord at 106. livermore 103, danville oville, 105. it is employer active to drink the water. take frequent breaks outside. getting down to putting a cool towel on the back of your neck can lower body temperature. don't forget the hot car danger a parked car with the windows up can see temperatures rise to 30 degrees hotter in than the outside temperature take the kids in the store with you and the pets too. back in the microclimate poorks 94 in palo alto. cooler up to daly city with the ocean breeze in place this keeps san francisco from getting too hot. 70 in the outer sunset. but the mission up to 80. and up towards the north bay 99 in novato and a zoerching 101 in napa. cooler weather on the way. high pressure will move to the south with that hot aaron sunday
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that gives us a 10 to 20 degree drop in temperatures. we're confident this will happen. san francisco, it means 82 on thursday down to 69 on sunday. and 60s into early next week. . the inland valleys we will stay with the heat wave through thursday at 107 and then he get 80s coming back by sunday, monday and also for tuesday's forecast can't wait for that to get here next two days it is serious folks if you don't have to be outside doing stuff especially in the east bay hang inside go to the movies go to the mall do something like that. >> okay. >> and all the kids at camps have to take it easy as we talked about earlier. >> lots of water hydration. >> games inside no doubt. >> thank you jeff. >> sure. up next the unexpectant hitchhiker one man picked up on his drive. and we have jimmy. >> hey guys amy is my guest. music from image dragons do not
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change the channel. happening now we continue to follow the breaking news more reaction and details coming from the breaking news within, the embattled ceo of uber kalanick has resigned. he case the key investors forced him to step down. among the investors menlo vent yurs bench mark and fidelity. back in a moment. ♪ introducing the new sleep number 360 smart bed.
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slowly slithering from underneath the hood of the car. the driver waited until the snake slithered off the fender and then as the two kids would do, got the heck out of there. exactly. okay up next we're check wg the a's and giants more important the a's new ballpark. it might be happening. .
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feel good about themselves, the best team in baseball show okay just bhe the a's start to feel good about themselves the best team in baseball shows to spoil the party. >> any just swept the yankee the the last the astros won tonight the astros win again. a's sony gray on the mound how much longer he will be in a a's uniform several reports he is on the trade being block he ended up giving five runs that's all houston would need the astros beat the athletics at the coliseum 8-4. >> the a's continue to make the pitch for a new stadium. it will mean huge benefits to the city they say. they haven't decided where to put the stadium yet but would create 2000 construction jobs among the sites being considered water front ballpark a site near lake merit and of course the exist attention coliseum land.
11:30 pm
>> four out of five say a ballpark village that has a vibrant swi people walking around it, jobs around it, bars, restaurants kind of like a night life excitement, a reason to be there. >> the council weighed in as well saying it supports it because it will bring new buzz and business to be oakland. for the giants for the first seven innings it looked like the giants headed for another disappointing loso then the eighth inning happen the giants we're trailing when oscar slater delivered this joliet. the former star hits a three-run home in her atlanta. the giants break the 7-game loo losing strategic, beat the braves 6-3. any win nowia day is big. back in a moment with a look at the triple digit temperatures for tomorrow. whoa!
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okay the warnings are out there. >> yes, hot. tomorrow and also into thursday's forecast. we've all seen it but here it is again. you can see for tomorrow 106 degrees inland for the first full day of summer.
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thursday, 107. and then the heat wave starts to slowly break down by friday and saturday looking at upper 80s to mid-90s. by next monday and tuesday low to mid-80s. at this point it looks like all the way to next week we should be out of any kind of major heat coming our way. i think we're good with 80s as you look throughout that portion of the day. but tomorrow hottest weather would be contra costa also alameda counties right back true walnut creek livermore and pleasanton. >> a lot of precautions for everyone including firefighters. >> and people without power. >> that's a lot of folk. >> stay cool tomorrow we hope to see you back here. thanks for joining us. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- amy poehler, zendaya,


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