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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 21, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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alert ) once again this morning.. and we are in a micro climate weather alert once again this morning as we take a live look outside san jose, much of the bay area bracing for another day of triple digits as you are urge d to conserve your energy ahead of the peak temperatures. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. sit here and conserve your energy. whatever we can do. it's been hot out there, kari. >> it's not the time to go running in the middle of the day. get that done early. also the yard work or maybe if you have to do the laundry at this point you have to do it during those odd hours. now we are going to have another hot day thanks to the fog
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returning to the coast. we'll have temperatures warming up especially inland today. we will have the temperatures really continuing to surge as we look at today's forecast. 105 in the tri-valley and 102 in the north bay. we'll talk more about that high heat and it peaking tomorrow. as we head to mike, roads are moving well. >> if you're driving that's the toughest drive as far as how awake you are. a smooth drive. the travel times getting to the bay bridge, no problems there either, over from the east bay to san francisco and the approach to the maze. a quick look at the golden gate bridge shows you fog is developing it at the span. no surprises. we'll track that as well. thank you very much, mike. breaking news just in this morning. new video to show you of a chase in the south bay.
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it ends with a wreck on a busy street. >> kris sanchez right by the 101/680 interchange. what can you tell us? >> reporter: all i can tell you the officers are gone here from the scene. you can see skid marks on story road. that's where a power pole was sheared right off its base. the power pole is in the parking lot where the car careened and ended up. we are were able to confirm three people were taken into custody but only after they were treated by medical personnel on the scene. the sheriff's department tells us deputies were pursuing a driver on story road, but they have not yet told us where that chase started nor why. our crew got here before 2:00 this morning. for perspective this is story road at roberts, about a
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football field away to the hole low park and zoo. the parking lot where we are is one of the farther parking lots for a super walmart store here on story. so very busy during the daytime hours but not the so busy in the 2:00 hour when we believe this crash happened. we are going to work the phones against. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." big news for the silicon valley, the embattled ceo of uber is being forced out. >> travis kalanick is resigning. it's official, sending shock waves through silicon valley and beyond. just last week kalanick announced he was taking a leave of be a seven, now he has been forced into resigning. he's been under fire as uber has faced crisis after crisis from sexual harassment charges, bullying and reit will talation claims to the stealing of technology. he will remain on uber's board. he released this statement,
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quote. i love uber more than anything in the world and at this difficult moment in my personal life i have accepted the investors' request to step aside so that uber can go back to building rather than be distracted with another fight. live now to england where we are following breaking news. prince philip is in the hospital. doctors say he came in last night as a precautionary measure for an infection from a p pre-existing condition. a live look at the hospital where he is. they say the prince is in it good spirits. queen elizabeth is scheduled to address parliament today and that advivisit is still on sche. new details this morning on a tragic story in the north bay. a man kill his two young children and then himself on father's day. we still don't know the cause of the children's deaths. santa rosa medical examiners will perform an autopsy today. the father hanged himself. his sister tells us he was
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extremely depressed over a bitter custody bat the and recently asked her to write a reference letter to the judge. >> custody issues, arguments, everything all at once. he felt the whole world was coming down on him. >> the children's mother released an open letter to the people of santa rosa. it says in part, quote, i sought help on numerous occasions and said many, many, many times my children were in danger in their father's care, and i didn't receive the urgent help i needed to save them. police say the parents called authorities five times since april over custody issues but that camara had never broken the law. >> a powerful letter there. 4:35. right now scary moments near uc berkeley as the search continuing for suspects connected to an early morning shooting. campus police say a woman and two men were parked at grizzly peak signpost when three men
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allegedly walked up and demanded money from them. when the victim tried to leave one of the suspects opened fire. the woman was struck in her leg. she has already been released from the hospital. none of the victims are affiliated with the cal campus. it's 4:36. coming up, keeping your wardrobe on point. whacked of products you can sample without having to put down a dime. and a referendum on presidential politics. that's how the special election was billed. so what about the balance of power in washington moving forward?
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good morning. i'm landon dowdy live at cnbc headquarters. wall street could come under pressure from falling oil prices. the markets ended in the red with the dow retreating from record highs. the energy sector dragging stocks lower as oil has fallen meaning it's dropped 20% from a recent high on concerns over a global supply glide. the dow falling 61 points to 21,467. the nasdaq down nearly 51 to 6188. amazon has launched a try before you buy service called prime wardrobe and allows amazon prime members to try clothes, shoes and accessories from brands such as calvin klein,
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levi's, and private labels similar to other services like rental runway. customers are charged for items they keep and it will get higher discount if they buy a lot of those items. are and 2017 may be the year of the weird and wild drinks. first there was starbucks when it unveiled the unicorn frappuccino. now burger king is selling a lucky charms milkshake, vanilla cream ice cream, syrup and lucky charms. it has 740 calories, 107 grams of sugar and 17 grams of fat. it costs $2.99 and is available for a limited time. >> my teeth hurt. >> my heart hurts because i would have loved to have that when i was a kid. landon, it tell me you wouldn't destroy a lucky charms milkshake? >> sugar high. >> i would be a lucky girl. >> thanks a lot, landon.
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4:40. historic congressional election in georgia is over this morning. the republican karen handle will take over the 6th district. it has the attention of president trump and many felt it could be a ba rom it ter for next year's midterm elections. >> i am very well aware of another obligation that comes with tonight's decision by the voters. the obligation of being the first republican woman elected to congress from the great state of georgia. >> she beat democrat in a race closely watched. a record amount of money was spent by the candidates, more than $50 million. many promoted it as a referendum on president trump. >> the hot weather continues right now, the second day of summer, i believe. >> it hit last night. >> so it's the first full day of summer. we are going to have some temperatures that are indeed
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summerlike, as we take a live look outside in in san jose and the temperature trend for willow glenn will see it quickly spiking into the 90s this afternoon. we'll talk about what's ahead as the high heat continues up next. and we're looking over here. the drive for 880. we'll show you what's going on as far as how you can get a little bit of relief today coming up. >> and off the track. the heat is to blame for a freight train derailment in the central valley, but it wasn't the only problem crews had to contend with.
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a very good wednesday morning to you. i wish i could say we're halfway through the heat wave. things cooling down a bit. we could take hatlf the temperatures. kari hall, these hot temperatures affecting everyone. >> maybe try to use half as much energy. it is critically important that you conserve energy if you want to avoid outages. that alert goes into effect from 2:00 to 9:00 p.m. today. the goal is to save more than 500 mega watts of energy. you put that another way, that is about what it takes to power 500,000 homes. turn the temperatures up. if you have ac you're asked to is set your temperature at 78 degrees, turn off unnecessary lights and maybe, most importantly, avoid using large
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appliances during the flex alert hour. >> which is why i started a load of laundry before i left today. 2:30 a.m. laundry, that's me. >> you're a good energy citizen. >> all of us, including our friends, we have a little bit of a different schedule than many. >> that's right. but sometimes that helps. >> and sometimes conserving energy means just relaxing and not doing as much throughout the day. you're probably not anyway because it's just so uncomfortable outside. as we go into the day we are going to see temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s. it's nice with weather to let the house cool down, let some fresh breezes in and then our temperatures will ramp up quickly. look where we he began. it's 53 degrees right now in san francisco and 58 degrees in the east bay. looking at those high temperatures for this afternoon hitting the triple digits in the south county, morgan hill up to
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100 degrees. 93 degrees today in kuper tea he know. we'll be at 97 in east san jose. 106 degrees in antioch. it's going to be just sizzling out there again and we're looking at some lower 90s for belmont. san francisco up to 80 degrees in the mission district and 101 degrees in napa. so we do have a heat warning in effect for most of the interior valleys. all of these areas shaded in orange has moved out of the central valley into more of the bay area and even now the inner bay included in a heat advisory as temperatures will be in the lower 90s there. you're getting ready for the day. and if you have the day off it can be a beach day. you want to find somewhere nice and cool, grab the sandals and the sunglasses and a hat. somewhere cooler like the coastline as we will have some very hot temperatures, and we always advise that you stay hydrated. and one way to keep cool
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especially if you have to work outside, put a cool towel on your neck and take frequent breaks. hot car danger, temperature inside the car could be 30 degrees hotter than the outdoor temperature. don't forget about the pets. looking at santa cruz's forecast, doesn't this look nice? low 60s to start out and then we'll be in the upper 70s for the afternoon. and then by the end of the weekend we'll start to see these temperatures coming down several degrees as that hot area of high pressure starts to break down. we're going to reach into the upper 70s. 82 degrees tomorrow. that will be the peak of the heat and we're looking at a very nice weekend. for the inland valleys, it's still going to be hot but look at tomorrow, 107 degrees before it comes down several degrees for the end of the week and the weekend. and, mike, you have a look at the summer commute. >> that's right. the first morning for the summer commute. officially for the season. we know as far as that traffic
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flow because the summer vacations have kicked in for those schools and universities. we're looking at a smooth drive. no major issues. north of the golden gate and bay bridges, i also showed you earlier fog across the golden gate bridge. now let's look at waze. it's not so great as far as the drive down 17. it will get very crowded. right now from san jose down to santa cruz, 17 is the most direct route and about half the time if you take 101 and head over. this is one option for you because, first of all, this could change as far as different this it drive is, it could be the same later on today. you can pick your adventure using waze to guide you along perhaps an unfamiliar path to find adventure, take the side roads. waze will talk you through it. it will use different voices. mine is not a voice yet but if you join wazers and then send
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e-mail, who knows, maybe our friends will help you out. back to you. >> a lot of help going on there. thank you very much, mike. new video at 4:50. this is out of the central valley where intense heat we've been following now being blamed for a freight train derail. this happened yesterday about ten miles north of bakersfield when buckled tracks threw 17 cars off the rail. amazingly despite that nobody was hurt. that accident did lead to minor cleanup. about 30 gallons of fuel spilled. are a bizarre discovery. about 950 animals from a moving truck during scorching temperatures. there were hundreds of birds, bunnies, quails and more. they say it was more than 107 degrees inside the truck. the animals were transferred to an air-conditioned warehouse. ten have died. employees fear they could lose more. >> we don't know if it was
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related directly to those condition but their age and they're fragile little creatures. >> officials say once that investigation is complete they'll begin to find homes for all these little animals. happening now, a live look from new orleans as coastal towns along the gulf coast prepare for the worst this morning. tropical storm cindy threatening to spread heavy rain across the gulf coast. many folks evacuated as we take a live look at the radar there. rain and windswept through the area overnight. local leaders are asking everybody to get to higher ground. >> we're like soldiers in iraq on the front lines. and if this it goes, all of the wetlands on the inside is deteriorating by the day. >> officials estimate as much as 15 inches of rain could fall with tides as high as 3 feet. as soon as tomorrow house lawmakers will vote on a bill to streamline the permit process for new water storage projects. in california it could help pave
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the way for new reservoir construction. permits for new reservoirs typically take years if not decades. california built its last major reservoir in 1979. ann coulter has canceled, iowa senator chuck grassley says it appears free speech has been altered at the altar of political correctness. students in academics say they value free speech as long as violence can be prevented. senator dianne feinstein says that violence comes from nonstudents. 4:52 right now. the heat can bring out the worst in a lot of things. a new complaint in the bay area really has some folks buzzing. but first, happening now, the filipino president asking for forgiveness and promise iino rebuild after declaring martial law in the southern part of the country. president dutarte sent more than 330,000 people so far forced to
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flee their homes. before you pack your lunch, a big recall including trail mix. united natural trading says the trail mix containing organic and natural dates could be contaminated with listeria. so far no reports of illnesses. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there.
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starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. welcome back. 4:55 right now and this is a live look outside from palo alto. no, that is most certainly emeryville. what a shot of the horizon. it's going to be a hot one. have you noticed the recent heat is bringing out more than just ac and fans? >> in many cases actually bringing out bugs.
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people say they're getting swarmed at night. maybe outside of your front door. in the south bay experts believe most of what we're seeing are fiddle bugs along with june bugs. >> as soon as it gets hot they're all emerging. they've become adult beatles, they're going out finding food and laying eggs. that's it and then they're dead. >> pest control companies say they've been overwhelmed with calls and because of the unusually wet winter, many adult bugs have lasted longer into the spring and now the summer. >> they say you eat a couple bugs every year accidentally. hopefully not those. 4:56. major improvements heading to a huge stretch in san jose. the vta and officials from both cities have begun to look at how to improve dangerous spots there. the bascom from interstate 880 down to south bascom. you see the stretch on that map.
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it's to begin next year. 4:56 right now. the hot weather continuing today. >> he is peespecially for the i areas. thanks to the low clouds and fog right now in san francisco and along the coastline, we do start out with some cooler weather this morning. we will see just how hot it gets in the forecast coming up next. >> and maybe escape some of the heat you show us, kari, 92 across the san mateo bridge. it's all here. getting more crowded through the san mateo heading to half moon bay perhaps. the ceo of uber resigns as controversy surrounds the pop layer ride sharing company. we're live at their san francisco headquarters with the latest why he was asked to step down. we )re in a microclimate weather
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alert this morning as we enter day five of this heat wave.. at 5:00 this morning we are in a micro climate weather alert as we enter day five of this heat wave. a live look outside at oakland. folks up and about getting an early jump on this heat. we can expect another day of sizzling temperatures. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it is horrible here but i'm seeing forecasts from friends in arizona as well. do you remember those spoofs where it's 150 degrees in tucson. it actual ly is almost 150 degrees. >> i lived in phoenix. that's where my uncle lives in
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tucson. they get used to the extreme heat but this is pretty bad. this is really bad. we're in with it, too. >> although we get the overnight cooling which is nice. >> one thing that's helping us out is the fog and that's what we're seeing in san francisco this morning and we have places nearby where we can go and temperatures are drastically different. we'll have the micro climates in full effect today. it starts out at 60 degrees in the south bay, upper 50s in the middle of the street and the peninsula. our highs today reaching up to 105 in the tri-valley. looking live at the pleasanton. north bay 102 degrees. we will talk about the peak of the heat. >> already 5:00 in the morning and we have that summertime commute.


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