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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 21, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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they get used to the extreme heat but this is pretty bad. this is really bad. we're in with it, too. >> although we get the overnight cooling which is nice. >> one thing that's helping us out is the fog and that's what we're seeing in san francisco this morning and we have places nearby where we can go and temperatures are drastically different. we'll have the micro climates in full effect today. it starts out at 60 degrees in the south bay, upper 50s in the middle of the street and the peninsula. our highs today reaching up to 105 in the tri-valley. looking live at the pleasanton. north bay 102 degrees. we will talk about the peak of the heat. >> already 5:00 in the morning and we have that summertime commute.
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lighter until it kicks in around the bay. two of the spots will show some of that slowing again if everything maintains its schedule. no problems getting to the bay bridge. >> mike, thank you so much. 5:01. there is a flex alert. folks are being urged to conserve their energy from 2:00 to 9:00 p.m., people are being asked to set their thermostats, turn off lights if you're not using them. >> now to news rocking the silicon valley and beyond this morning, uber ceo is out and that is sending shock waves across the tech world.
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>> pete suratos with what led up to this. >> reporter: here in san francisco just several hours after the sceo, or former ceo travis kalanick steps down from his post as the company is dealing with plenty of controversy. this was due to pressure from investors and it happened on tuesday night. the death of his mother who was killed in a boating accident but they were under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. now we'll show you that video. i'm sure you remember had this story going vifrl when kalanick argued with an uber driver unhappy about fare changes telling him to take personal responsibility for his financial situation and then, of course, the allegations, bullying and retaliation in the work place as well as management turnover. kalanick says, quote, i love
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uber more than anything in the world and at this difficult moment in my personal life i've accepted the investors' request to step aside so uber can go back to building rather than be distracted with another fight. in a statement from the board of directors they say, quote, travis has always put uber first this is a bold decision and a sign of his devotion and love for uber. he's taking the time to heal from his personal tragedy giving the company room to fully embrace this new chapter in uber history. we look forward to continuing to serve with him on the board. as it says in that statement kalanick will will remain as a board member of the company, as the company searches for another ceo. we're live in san francisco. pete suratos for "today in the bay." troubles for uber dated back a long time. scott mcgrew has been tracking the fallout and the recent controversies surrounding the company. he'll take a closer look at what's next for you wiuber in
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ten minutes. we brought you live coverage at 4:30 this morning. kris sanchez live close to where a pursuit ended by the 101/680 interchange by happy hollow zoo. what can you tell us? >> reporter: there are skid marks leading up to where this chase and crash ended. a light pole attached to a signal that is now on the ground. the pole is about 50 feet away from where the car ended up. in the last hour or so sheriff's deputies took three people into custody but only after they were treated by medical personnel on scene. the sheriff's department tells us they were pursuing a driver on story road but they haven't yet told us why that chase started. nor where. you're crew got here just before
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2:00 this morning. this is story road at roberts about a football field away from one of the entrances to the happy hollow park and zoo. unfortunately not quite so busy at 2:00 in the morning which is around the time this happened. we are still press iing for mor answers about what caused this crash and why it might have been necessary to pursue at a high rate of speed. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." 5:05 on your wednesday. all new this morning a vehicle strike kills a bicyclist in san jose. investigators are looking into what happened. police say that a man was riding his bike near the library and he was hit with about 10:30 last night. sadly that man died it at the scene. the driver, we're told, is cooperating with police. well, given the thumbs up, san jose leaders decided they will give the green light to
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start the process of building google's mega complex. >> approval to start those negotiations. google wants the parcells to build a tech and transit. the campus would include up to 8 million square feet of office space. the city will not offer any subsidies to the tech giant. >> any sale of land would be full, fair market value. the taxpayer will not be shorted a single cent. there will be no subsidy of any kind from the city. >> community groups still have concerns over potential surge in rents that could squeeze out low income workers. an in-depth look at the properties google is expected to buy, all highlighted on this map it in blue and green. you can also see the properties
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are very close to the sap center on the left-hand side. live right now washington, d.c., and there are calls -- growing calls to he see the health care bill. it seems to be working as republican leaders have agreed to release a draft of their plan later this week. democrats have been complaining the bill is being crafted in secret. there are some 13 republicans working behind closed doors to put this legislation together. a lot of folks say they haven't been privy to any of the details. >> even though i've been a member of this working group amongst senate republicans assigned to help narrow some of the focus of this, i haven't seen the bill. >> he's a republican. that's mike lee from utah. republicans want to vote before the fourth of july break, because there will be a recess, and then they will be facing more town halls.
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republicans can only afford to lose two votes. also, the bill has to get a score from the congressional budget office, the cbo, before the senate is officially going to vote. it is 5:07. tough new rules to limit greenhouse gases could be approved today. the bay area air quality management district will vote on the rules later this morning in san francisco. now the rules tap emissions from chevron, philips 66 refineries. environmentalists say last-minute changes to the rules have made them weaker. san francisco's conservatory of flowers kicks off its celebration of the celebration of love. it will unveil a light art installation. you can check it out through october 21st. there will be a summer solstice concert in golden gate park. and following streets already closed for the event, parts of jfk drive and the entrance to golden gates. and we're coming up on 5:09
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on this wednesday morning. the first full day of summer. and as the sun rises looking now over pleasanton it is 59 degrees. a nice refreshing start to the day. we know it's going to be a very hot one as we start out with some lower 60s in the south bay, 54 in santa rosa. and today's high temperatures reaching into the triple digits for the tri-valley as well as concord down to morgan hills up to 101 degrees today in napa. san francisco a high of 79 degrees. coming up in about three or four minutes we'll have a look at the temperature trend for san jose as you make plans on this wednesday. mike is checking what's happening now. >> transit systems are moving well. i want to point out a couple things for folks who are ride to go prepare for the weekend there. right now the immediate read is all green pretty much everywhere in the bay where there will be a tad bit of fog as well.
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in san francisco just south of the golden gate bridge we have pride week and that means this weekend will be very crowded into the city. investigate mass transit as one of your options because most of the agencies are making alternate -- more transit options into the city for that saturday and sunday. so watch that. right now no delays. a quick look at san rafael. an easy drive. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up next, caught on camera. you hear the screams. it is a runaway bus barreling through the streets of new york. the man who had to jump for his life to get out of the way.
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it's 5:13. we take a live look outside at san jose. as the sun rises we do start out with some nice, cool temperatures. air conditioners are off for now but we'll be cranking it up today as temperatures quickly jump up by late morning. 11:00 we'll be at 85 degrees which is well above our average high temperature of 80 degrees heading into the mid-90s. we'll talk about the peak of the heat which is coming up at 5:18. >> and as we look at the travel times the tri-valley, nothing unexpected except unexpectedly warm for you. plan ahead because the routes to the beach will get crowded. >> let me show you this. wild new video to show you just
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in this morning. out-of-control bus slamming no cars in new york city. >> there's nobody in will. >> oh! >> the frightened onlookers -- here it is again. the driver left it in neutral when she got out of the bus, it struck ten cars and ended up beside a dhur of a church a little after brooklyn. one man changing a tire had to leap out of the way. he was slightly injured doing so but may have saved his open life. some developing news now to get to out of brussels where the sevcentral station there back o and running this morning after a man blows up an explosive last night. the suicide bomber was shot by soldiers after detonating a small device. the man identified as a moroccan national later died. no one else was hurt. that was a picture from inside
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the station. as we report ed at the top of te hour the ceo of uber now resigning. >> travis kalanick had to be forced to take a leave of absence following a blistering report criticizing the company and its leadership. >> who takes over? >> a mental list of possible available sceos. as for kalanick it's hoped the fact he's leaving will help the company repair its poor image. this is a magazine cover from two and a half years ago. whoever uber picks as its new lead er, travis will have a say. he remains on the board of directors. presumably he's still taking his leave of absence.
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we are trying to clear that up. 180 days of making things right starting with tipping. a tipping screen. uber promises new announcements every new week. did not expect records to improve in the short run. amazon adding a try before you buy feature. try them on and return the ones you don't free of charge. pay for the ones you keep. it will be available for prime members starting with certain brands like levi's and adidas. now a challenge for other clothing outfits like stitch fix who have made a business of it. stitch fix has been sniffing around an ipo and probably did
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not want to hear amazon is getting into their business. years ago, like 20 years ago, microsoft was the big gorilla. >> now amazon. >> stitch fix picks out the clothes and help dress you. >> do you think amazon will get involved in that? >> luckily don't need any more of those. >> some very dramatic video. watch it this. the baby goes into the pond. capturing the moment a baby elephant fell into the pond in its enclosure. mom is going right after her. you can see her there along with her other -- along with another elephant trying to reach it with their trunk. then they get into the water and they hold you have the calf and guide it to the shallow end of the pond. the calf, by the way, is named hope by the zoo. there are some other names that
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come to mind. everyone is sleeping easier this morning. >> hope floats. there you go. >> it was made for elephants. >> we all want to get into the pond as it gets hot. >> be careful around that water. and as we deal with these temperatures that have been reaching into the triple digits, we will have one more really hot day before it starts to gradually come back down. our live cameras looking it at the south bay. right now the left side of your screen up to 97 degrees. the tri-valley 105 degrees today looking at all of the fog right now in san francisco as our high temperatures today reach up to 79 degrees and 102 degrees in the north bay. the heat warning has been expanded to include more of
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contra costa and alameda counties this morning. also a small area of marin county as well. all of these areas shaded in orange meaning that the temperatures are going to be dangerous in these areas. let's take a look at record high temperatures as the seven-day forecast comes up. you'll be able to check out both of them. so looking at san rafael, 93. we should not set a new record. the same for many spots although it isly hot. we're not yet talking about record-breaking temperatures for today for much of the bay area. looking live as the sun rises right now over heavenly, temperatures will be in the mid-80s. if you're going to be packing up, pack some warm clothing. looking at right now the forecast for the oakland a's, this will be a nice, comfortable place you can hang out later today. first pitch at 7:05 we'll be in the mid-70s and seeing those temperatures making it into the upper 60s warmer than we
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normally see in oakland and it's all because of this hot area of high pressure that stays in place and then it slowly starts to weaken and move out of the bay area as we head into the weekend. and then look at san francisco's temperatures going from 79 degrees today to 82 degrees tomorrow. and then upper 60s by the end of the weekend and early next week. inland valleys will still have some really hot temperatures but feeling nicer by next tuesday. and mike has a note for the north bay. >> we have light traffic flow. i want to give folks a look ahead to the north bay. a drive along the peninsula and over the east bay. the tri-valley. no major incidents. the castro valley area. up here sonoma raceway is where we have a race this weekend and that means prerace activities and folks getting over to see the cars over there. it starts friday so just know highway 37 will be very crowded
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and very hot as we talk about the next few days so just prepare for that. a smooth drive. i want to get you some relief talking about the coast. maybe from mountain view to work. get over in toward the coastal area. you can use highway 92. the purple route. right now it's the quick er one. a complicated roadway. that's also an option. waze just wants to help you investigate your routes and sometimes getting there is the whole adventure and getting to the cool place is the quest today. check your waze system on your phone and make sure you're a member of our team. click that there and then your name and of course select our team, nbc area wazers. our team collectively if you join. >> we want you to be a part of it. mike, thank you very much. at 5:21, tracking a hidden danger. the it technology being used to hunt down rat o-j simpson could be out of
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prison next month - his 5:24 on your wednesday morning. o.j. simpson could be out of prison as soon as next month. the 7 ye0-year-old has been serving a possible 30-year sentence. he was found guilty of robbing two sports memorabilia dealers. his lawyer says simpson has been, quote, a model prisoner. 5:24.
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a developing story we're following this morning nearly a dozen people recovering after being injured after a bumpy united airlines flight. the flight was head ed from houston to panama city. after landing 10 to 15 patients the extent of the passengers' injuries have not been released. new technology in the colorado rockies to help protect people from rattlesnakes. wildlife experts are using tracking technology to better understand those reptiles' behavior and build better awareness for hikers out there on the trail. that includes hikers with dogs which are often the first to encounter rattlers. >> the difficult part is finding time to track which takes six to eight hours three times a week and collect new snakes because they're not from the same area. >> researchers will be studying their behavior in detail
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including where they move and how often. >> they can keep that job. it's 5:25 right now. chick-fil-a the top rated chain. the fast food joint scored nine points higher than the industry average of 78 points. panera and papa john's tied for second. the survey found that for the first time fast food restaurants rated higher than full-service establishments. satisfaction at full-service restaurants now at the lowest point in more than ten years. >> the special sauce, you have a tub on your desk that's this big. >> delicious. 5:26 right now. entering the fifth day of scorching temperatures. and it's a day for definitely some ice cold drinks and trying to stay cool. look at how hot it will be today in concord, up to 106 degrees. we'll talk about how long this high heat continues. it's coming up next.
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>> reporter: and that's why a flex alert is in effect as temperatures are expected to soar again. the voluntary conservation measures you are expected to take to help save on electricity.
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we )re in a microclimate weather alert once again this
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mni welcome on this wednesday, almost 5:30. we are in a micro climate weather alert once again this morning as we take a live look at san jose on the first full day of summer. much of the bay area bracing for another day of triple digits. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. i hope you find a cool place this afternoon. kari has a look at the forecast. the cool place will be along the coast and in san francisco today. look at these high temperatures. you really can't beat that. up to 79 degrees. 82 degrees tomorrow. and then as we head into the weekend we're going to see those temperatures dropping back into the low 70s. and look at the inland valleys today. dangerous heat again, 106 degrees and just a little bit hotter tomorrow before the temperatures start to come down. we'll have much more seasonable weather as we head into early next week. and, mike, some of the people out early this morning may be trying to beat that heat. >> i'm going to call it heat
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related traffic. i'll talk about what that means. looking over here, most of the bay shows an easy summertime drive. we've been in the summertime commute though it's officially now summer last night and this morning over to the bay brimming. a little slowing, into the maze but look at the toll plaza. before 5:30 we had this backup filling in. i think a lot of folks listened and they know, kari, cooler in san francisco so they're heading in right now. >> going to need to find a cool spot, mike. it's back to our micro climate weather alert this morning. another day, another scorcher. people asked to conserve energy once again today amid this massive heat wave. live in dublin with what everyone can do to avoid power outages. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura. the california independent system operator which oversees the operation of the bulk of this state's electrical grid has issued a so-called flex alert. now this a voluntary call for
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people to conserve energy today especially during the peak times and it's especially true for people who live in places like dublin where it's supposed to be extremely hot today. as the temperatures soar, so does the mapped for power. the isos estimating heat demand will be just over 46,000 mega watts. when you compare that to the record, that peak demand set over 11 years ago, which was just over 50,000 mega watts, it gives you a sense of how much power california is expected to use today. to help conserve that power to limit the amount of resources that are being drained on our electrical grid, the iso is asking people to limit their power usage between 2:00 and 9:00 p.m. today during the hottest parts of the day. so use your appliances outside those times, do laundry before or after those times, set your air conditioning to 78 degrees or higher, though 78 is pretty
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hot actual ly, if you ask he me and they're asking you to turn off any unnecessary lights if you're not using them. reporting live here in dublin, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob likes a cool 72. keep it fresh, bob. it's a good time to download our free nbc bay area app. you can enable push alerts which means you'll get the very latest weather warnings right on your phone. at 5:33 to england now where are following breaking news this morning. prince philip, the duke of edinburgh, is in the hospital. he came in as a precautionary measure for an infection from a pre-existing condition. we have new details now on a traj story out of the north bay. a man who killed his two young children and then himself on father's day. we still don't know the children's cause of death but the medical examiner is performing an autopsy.
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camara hung himself. his sister tells us he was extremely depressed over a bitter custody battle and camara had asked her to write a reference letter to the judge. >> custody issues, just arguments, everything all at once. he just felt the whole world was coming down on him. >> the children's mother released an open letter to the people of santa row he is a and it says in part, i sought help on numerous occasions and said many, many times my children were in danger in their father's care, and i didn't receive the urgent help i needed to save them. police say the parents called authorities five times since april over custody issues. camara had never broken the law. 5:34 right now. some frightening moments near uc-berkeley. the search continues for suspects connected to an early morning shooting. it happened yesterday morning. campus police say women and two
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men were parked in a car at grizzly peak when three men walked up to them and demand ed money. when the victims tried leaving one of the suspects opened fire. the woman was hit in the leg and has already been released from the hospital. none of the victims are affiliated with the cal campus. some major improvements heading to a huge stretch of bascom avenue. officials have started looking at how to improve dangerous spots. bascom corridor complete street study from interstate 880 all the way south to bascom at highway 85, about six miles. the project isn't expected to begin until later next year. >> hop on for a ride, get some exercise while you're at it. sonoma and marin counties are looking to start a bike program, hoping to win a million dollar grant from the metropolitan transportation commission to build up their network. that would include 180 of those blue rentable bikes at stations along the smart train line.
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all right. let's take a look overall. a nice, easy drive as you would expect this time, summer morning in the south bay, no problem. to the tri-valley -- i'm sorry, back up to the altamont pass, over here in hayward, those are starting to show more traffic flow. just below the speed limit. no major issue. the golden gate bridge, your travel times are great to the bay bridge. a look at the golden gate bridge might affect you with a little bit of fog and for those wondering about the heat wave you're not local. we know that's what happens over here. >> welcome to summer. summer came in last night. >> it does really draw the contrast between what we're seeing in the coastal areas and everywhere inland. >> yeah, wide range in temperature and we're still
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going to be hitting the triple digits today while the coast will be in the 60s and 70s and that will be the same as we head into the weekend. here is a look at saturday's forecast for the coast, 72 degrees. the bay will be at 85 and 96 degrees for the inland valleys. and looking at sunday's it forecast as you make plans it will still be nice and cool along the coastline. the bay 81 degrees. and a little bit lower for the inland area, so we're not talking about triple digits for the weekend. we have so many events going on including the pride festival happening on saturday at noon. we'll be at 70 degrees. the low 70s through the afternoon. absolutely perfect conditions as we continue on with that sunshine. looking at the russian river valley, 81 degrees on friday. at least the heat won't be unbearable. we'll have much more comfortable weather by the end of the weekend. but look how hot it will be. you'll definitely want to take a
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dip. we'll see those temperatures still in the triple digits through saturday. on sunday we'll be up to 98 degrees. the carmel valley will have warm weather, up to 84 degrees on friday. saturday a little bit lower at 80 degrees and then more fresh breezes on sunday bringing those temperatures up to 79 degrees. now as we go into the next three minutes a look at the temperature trend forevergreen coming up. 5:38. the reason a heat wave caused a train derailment. plus, pulling back the curtain. the senate says it's ready to show you what's in in the health care bill. we'll talk about it when "today in the bay" continues.
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it's 5:41. we are under a micro climate weather alert as we continue on with this excessive heat for the bay area. taking a live look outside at the sun rise on this first full day of summer over san jose. nothing but sunshine and the temperature trend forever green starts out at 9:00 in the morning at 70 degrees. we'll see those temperatures in the upper 80s by lunch time and mid-90s by this afternoon. our average high on this date in june is usually 80 degrees. we'll take a look at more micro climate and triple digit temperatures coming up.
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the metering lights are on, upper east shore freeway, dramatic. it's there starting now. thank you very much, kari and mike. new video in to our newsroom out of the central valley where intense heat is now being blamed for this freight train derailment. it happened yesterday about ten miles north of bakersfield when buckled tracks threw 17 cars off the rails. about 30 gallons of fuel spilled. parts of new maps are out from the u.s. department of transportation, the d.o.t. showing the noisiest places to live in california. and new for you right now we can show you how the bay area is in the scenario. the darker the color, the noisier it is. there are three spots in particular that are really red right here, right here, and down here as well. there's a commonality there. they are the noisiest near major
5:43 am
airports. sfo in south san francisco over just off san leandro. also right off major freeway so that is why you're seeing those three places in particular as the noisiest. to be more specific it's in the south bay in the santa clara area, long the peninsula, and, lastly, just off san leandro. the noisiest places in the bay area. laura? >> not too surprising for people who live near them. happening now, live radar of the gulf of tropical storm cindy threatening to spread rain across the gulf coast. towns are preparing for the worst. between houston and new orleans, many are evacuating this morning as rain and wind is sweeping through that it area. local leaders are asking
5:44 am
everyone to get to higher ground. >> we're like a soldier in iraq on the front lines. and if this it goes, all of the wetlands on the inside is deteriorating by the day. >> officials stim as much as 15 inches of rain could fall with tides as high as 3 feet. the senate will also ask hard questions today about russia's interference in our election, switching gears. >> even as the white house refuses to pointers. scott mcgrew? >> talking about the senate, the white house still not willing to say it was russia. two big hearings today, laura mentioned the senate. the house will ask questions in a hearing today as well. "the new york times" reports michael flynn was given super secret cia briefings in the white house even after the white house officials had been warned flynn was at risk of blackmail. the fbi warned the white house flynn lied about his meetings with russians and was a security risk. and a press briefing on
5:45 am
tuesday. white house spokesperson sean spicer would not say the president believes the shrussia interfered with our elections. 16 intelligence agencies say it's true. mr. trump has called that fake news and say the chinese may be behind the hack. a draft of the health care bill. there had been complaints even from republicans that it was being drafted in secret. even some of the 13 members who are supposed to be writing it say they haven't seen details. >> even though i've been a member of this working group amongst senate republicans, narrow some of the focus of this, i haven't seen the bill. >> reporter: republican senator john mccain said he seen the bill but sure the russians had. he was joking. talk about georgia. the georgia special election is over. the republican candidate won the congressional seat in the close race. a defeat for democrats who hoped
5:46 am
it would help convert a very republic heian district. here is last night's winner karen han. >> i am also very well aware of another obligation that comes with tonight's decision by the voters. the obligation of being the first republican woman erelecte to congress from the great state of georgia. >> reporter: people thought that election was important and lots of money was spent. it was largely a very polite campaign by both sides. yesterday i mentioned there was a special election in south carolina, but i just missed that one. the republican was sure to win and the republican did win. that was actually a squeaker much to our surprise. as always we love hearing from you. what do you think about the two republican wins and does that mean for the midterm? reach me on twitter at scott mcgrou. >> thank you very much.
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beautiful sun rise. here is something more crawling. have you noticed the recent heat is bringing out more than the fans? >> poeople are getting swarmed t night. bugs circling around lights, maybe right outside your front door. they creep in as well. experts believe most of what we're seeing are fiddle bugs along with the little june bugs. >> they become adult beatles, going out laying eggs and then they're dead. >> what a life. control companies say they've been overwhelmed with calls and because of the unusually with wet winter many adult bugs lasted longer into the spring and now the summer. >> all it takes is two fiddle bugs and you have a whole colony outside your door. >> they're everywhere. >> all it takes is a very heavy
5:48 am
winter rain and suddenly we're in florida. >> we're still waiting on the humidity. >> we start out with some fog and clouds, low clouds around the coastline and in san francisco. as you get ready to head out we have low visibility in spots. as we take a look now at san jose and the record high temperatures, we are going to get close to but not going to expected to reach as we go into this afternoon. san rafael, the forecast is 93 degrees. the record is 104 set back in 1973. we have a lot of long-standing records that do not look to fall at this point but it is still going to be very hot, livermore at 103 and the record is at 108 today had in san jose in the mid-90s this afternoon. we start out this morning nice cool, refreshing temperatures, all thanks to that marine layer and the fog that rolled back into the coastline. as that rolls away our
5:49 am
temperatures this afternoon warming up to 79 degrees in san francisco. 83 degrees in oakland. 94 in san hoe. and we will see those triple digit temperatures for the inland valleys. looking for the forecast he bottom of the screen now in the east bay you will see that cooler air further on down the line. so looking out the window now in san jose getting ready for the day, maybe you're off and the kids are out school, too, so you can make it a beach day. a lot of extra time to get there. a great day for hitting the beach and wearing the sandals, the sunglasses and hat, something to give you a little bit of shade with all of that sunshine that we have around the bay area and warming up in parts of the coastline as well. and we will also have some nice weather to head to oakland today for the a's game. we'll be in the mid-70s in time for first pitch and then dropping back into the upper 60s. so it does stay comfortable all afternoon. now the intense heat we've been dealing with, large area of high
5:50 am
pressure, will break down and allow temperatures to cool down by the end of the weekend. but this drop in the temperatures cannot come soon enough. we still have to get through the peak of the heat which hits tomorrow. as we head over to mike, the commutes are starting to, right? >> starting to slow down. from the grown to the yellow and the orange and typical spots to the tri-y and the east bay. top of the screen, sycamore valley road, reports of a crash. everything is on the shoulder. you're pretty much at speed from what i understand transit. no delays. very crowded into san francisco and many agencies will have additional lines. check the website. some folks trying to escape the heat getting over to the coast. if you're going through the weekend you might be going to sonoma raceway. right now waze is mapping you out over across the richmond bridge over to san rafael and highway 37 from novato, that's the other side. starting out of east bay, it's
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quick er. why would you do that later on? you check waze and find out because they might be able to tell you about congestion. helping you map out a better route. remember our team as the animation shows you. join the team and we can share that information even on the weekend and special events. back to you. >> sounds good. 5:51. coming up, illegal dumping is a blight on communities and neighborhoods. you've seen the trash and other debris on the streets. a new bill that could help clean it all up. but first, happening now, the filipino president is asking for forgiveness and promising to rebuild after declaring martial law in the southern part of that country. the president sent in the army to fight isis-affiliated militants. as a result, though, more than 330,000 people have been forced to flee their homes. also, before you break for lunch, a big recall involving trail mix. united natural trading says the trail mix containing organic and natural dates could be con t
5:52 am
contaminated with listeria. so far there are no reports of any illnesses. we )rn
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welcome back here on your wednesday. this is a where the sun rise
5:55 am
really starting to take effect. we are in another micro climate weather alert. all of the bay except san francisco and an excessive heat warpi warning. >> happening today keeping guns away from children. the d.a.'s office talking about gun awareness as part of the gun safety campaign. that could put them at risk if there are unsecured guns in the home. the idea of the campaign is to encourage parents to ask if there are guns inside of any home where kids are going. also happening today, two inmates accused of killing two corrections officers during their escape from a prison bus will be in a georgia courtroom. they were captured thursday in t tennessee two days after their escape. roe was serving a life sentence. both are serving 20 years for
5:56 am
robbing an elderly man. they now face new charges. a state assembly bill that aims to keep city streets clean is head to go governor brown's d desk for signature. it would allow cities to pass an ordinance to shut down streets and alleys where illegal dumping becomes a problem. lawmakers say this would encourage people to properly throw away their trash in dumpsters and trash bins. >> who wants to come around here? nobody. >> they say it would just move the litter to other areas. if you're needing motivation to get outdoors this summer, you're in luck. several cities participating in the 2017 summer bike challenge. you can get some free stuff just for biking to different locations that includes public
5:57 am
swimming pools and more. the arts and culture industry generating big bucks for the city. a new report for the americans for the arts group says the arts and culture industry generates nearly $1.5 billion for the local economy every year. >> they are beloved players. happening today some veterans sharks players could be leading the team and joining the las vegas golden knights. more losses in las vegas. the nhl expansion draft taking place tonight. the knights do get to pick one player from each of the other 30 nhl teams. patrick marleau are not
5:58 am
protected. all the teams getting some new jerseys. pictures of the new san jose sharks jersey. it will feature the phrase this had is sharks territory. >> take a look at this. making headlines for managing to make an appearance in every google street view taken on a small island. this is the island. only two people live there and their dog and there are no roads. a google mapper had to walk around with his camera on his back to photograph the island and the dog followed him the entire time. the pictures were taken in 2010. no one noticed the golden retriever until this month. right now at 6:00 we are in another micro climate weather
5:59 am
alert. the steps to prevent any major power outages. plus the ceo of uber resigns as controversy surrounds the popular ride sharing company. the reason he decided to step down. and breaking overnight, a crash with enough power to knock down a stoplight and come to a stop in the south bay. we're live at the scene to show you the damage after a sherr's pursuit in san jose. "today in the bay" tips right now. welcome to wednesday. thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. certainly going to need another cool place this noon, kari, as the temperatures keep climbing up. >> we're in for two more days. the first official day of summer begins with high heat for the valleys and excessive heat warnings in effect for contra costa county and now includes
6:00 am
the interior valleys of marin counties. all of the areas shaded in orange. a heat advisory in effect for today. and our temperatures will be very extreme in the tri-valley. 90 degrees and 97 for the south bay. the fog quickly rolls away from the coastline. we'll talk more about the heat coming up. >> the basics of it earlier. a smooth flow of traffic over most of the bay, the east bay, like hayward showing you slowing. reports of a crash on the southbound side may be affecting speeds. not a lot of detail.


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