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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 21, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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breaking news right off the top this midday-- the feds scouring a michigan airport right now, saying the stabbing of a police officer just hours ago may have been a possible act of terrorism... that according to sources and reporting from nbc news. this started this morning at flint )s bishop international airport - that )s about an hour north of detroit. according to our nbc affiliate in detroit the incident began at the ticket counter. at some point, the man became agitated, there was an altercation and that )s when the officer was stabbed in the neck and back. ==kris== earlier the the officer was in critical condition. he is now out of surgery - and is listed in stable condition. also- nbc news just confirming a short time ago the suspect is canadian born - and shouted "allah akbar" before attacking the police officer. he was taken into police custody.
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no bystanders were hurt. all activity at the airport is shut down as the feds comb the he was taken into police custody. no bystanders were hurt. but all activity at the airport is shut down as the feds comb the scene looking for any clues. thanks so much for joining us. we move on now to the dangerous heat wave gripping the bay area. i'm chris sanchez. >> and i'm sam brock. the heat continues and we haven't seen the worst of it. triple digits. bob riddell is in the scorching sun, but for the time being, we go to meteorologist kari hall. kari, i cringe asking this, but where is the heat and where do we cool off? >> as we take a live look at tim r timaron, you can still see the fog rolling across the bay. the golden gate bridge still drenched in that fog as of now. but it will clear out and we're
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seeing clear skies for those inland areas. we're at 75 degrees right now looking live in san jose. it's 80 degrees in the tri-valley and 75 degrees right now in the north bay. while we do have temperatures in the mid-60s in san francisco, and that is not where we currently have any heat advisories or excessive heat warnings, all of the area shaded in orange, this is where the heat will be the highest as we go through the day. looking at temperatures for the valleys that could be as hot as 106 degrees. it's even worse tomorrow. before it gets better, i'll talk about that in the microforecast. another flex alert is issued for today. the power grid across the states already feeling the strain of those high temperatures. there are nearly 800 customers without power just in the bay area alone. if you look at the pg&e map, you can see where they're centered and it's pretty much sprinkled all around the bay. we did just talk with pg&e and
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right now fewer than 800 customers are without power at this moment, but make sure you conserve between 2:00 and 9:00. i hear, bob, if you keep your feet cool, you stay cool, so are you cool? >> reporter: if only every morning could be like this. children are out here at the pool, which means they're not home running their electricity and straining the electric grid. the power system operator, also known as the iso, has called for a flex alert. this is a call for californians to voluntarily reduce their power consumption today. it's expected to be at least 99 here in livermore, and as those temps soar, so does the demand
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for power. the iso expects peak demand to hit just over 46,000 megawatts. to give you some perspective, the all-time record is just over 60,000 megawatts. that was set in 2006. the iso is asking you to limit your power usage between 2:00 this afternoon and 9:00 this evening. do your laundry at other times or other things that require your major appliances. they're asking you not to set your air conditioner higher than 72 degrees and turning off your lights. >> keeping things dark. trying not to run the laundry because that's also heat. but yeah. >> reporter: what's your thermostat set at? >> 80. >> are you okay with that? >> it's not ideal, but what are you going to do? >> reporter: are you conserving energy for your bill or to be a good citizen or both? >> i would say both.
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>> reporter: tomorrow is supposed to even be hotter than today, which means pools like this one in livermore will again be crowded, and it's still not clear, though, whether or not the iso could call for a third day of flex alerts. reporting live here in livermore, bob riddell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, bob. we already have our ac tur krrc down, rather, turned up. download the nbc bay area app. you can get all the updates at your fingertips. this is a blown transformer this morning. it happened in campbell. pg&e had to cut off power to 6,000 homes to put that fire out. electricity has since been restored to everybody. this all happened at south lee avenue and dry creek road not far from the border of willow.
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protests were not enough to sway the brooklyn city council which voted to keep their police department in the urban hill training program. now they have a new claim. police went too far last night beating one of the demonstrators. pete is live this morning. with we know you heard from protesters, you spoke to police. do their stories match up? >> reporter: yes, good morning. we spoke to the police. we'll get their side in just a minute. i want to show you a couple clips of cell phone video. this was provided by a group called critical resistance, who is opposed to urban shield. they focus on first responder training. according to this activist group, they claim police got rough with them when they showed
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unhappiness over the urban hill. this is a 70-year-old man with the group of protesters claiming police hit him in the head with their baton as he reached for his glasses during that back and forth. you can see his injuries in that cell phone video. the group did hold a morning press conference not too long ago discussing this incident. we heard from the man's wife about what happened, and moments ago it got mentioned, we got to hear what berkeley police are saying about it this morning. >> it was kind of ironic because here we had been talking all night about the dangers of police militarization and the mindset of police that treats community members as the problem. >> it was a late night and early morning. i haven't had a chance to review the reports to see what level of force was used. i can tell you firsthand that the crowd was unwilling to let the officers allow those arrests to occur. our officers tried to move the crowd out of the way, and it's hard to say what happened after
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that. >> reporter: as the sergeant mentioned there, he's going to review the reports to look more into that incident. he added that two other protesters, both in their 30s, were arrested and have been released. as far as the injuries to that man, his wife tells us that he showed no signs of having a concussion and he appears to be okay, but she is considering filing a complaint against the police department. we're live in berkeley, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. we do also have new information about last week's shooting at the congressional baseball practice in virginia. the shooter acted alone and did not have any affiliation with any terrorist group. the gunman also had a list of congress members on him, but authorities say there was no indication that he intended to target them. five people were hurt, including representative steve scalise, who is still recovering in the hospital. all right, a bombshell for the business world as this broke last night. the head of uber is out.
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travis kalenek has resigned as ceo. now the big question. who should replace him? >> scott mcgrew, one name has popped up. carol sandburg. >> huffington pushing for sand berg to take over. the blog says sandburg is not interested in the job. the ceo is leaving. that he was bad for uber is nothing new. this magazine cover is from two and a half years ago. "uber: bad." whoever uber picks as its new leader, travis will have a say. he's still on the board of directors, supposedly taking a leave of absence. uber has promised 180 days of fixes, 180 days of making it
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right, starting with tipping. here's what your uber app will look like with the tipping screen. they'll have new announcements every single week and those announcements will concentrate on drivers. uber managed to alienate everybody. customers, reporters, government, its own employee, but drivers are the key. uber says it will work hard to make those drivers happy. >> as an uber customer, i'm happy i can now tip the driver through the app. that is a very good thing. new at 11:00, a man in critical condition this morning after he was shot several times in antioch. this happened in the early evening on putnam street. antioch police said they received several calls about that shooting, and when they arrived in the area, they found the victim already suffering of multiple gunshot wounds. police have not received any suspect information yet. the chase in south bay that ended in a crash in a light pole in san jose.
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i was there this morning bringing you live updates on "today in the bay." now sheriff's department deputies are filling us in on the suspect. they telling us it was four teenagers, three boys and a girl. deputies spotted a speeding honda. the driver sped on, swerved to avoid a dog in the road, then spun, lost control, slamming into a parking lot after that light pole. everyone inside jumped out and tried to run, but they were promptly caught, taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons. that honda accord was stolen and those juveniles will be cited with felonies and then released to their parents. we also have new details to report this morning about that home that was targeted in fremont yesterday, a burglary. we brought you live coverage on "today in the bay." fremont police are telling us that home on lake view drive had a marijuana grow operation inside. investigators didn't specify if the operation was legal, but two men were arrested after they tried to break into the house. you might remember we also
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reported that some homeowners heard suspects on the roof of their home and called police. next at 11:00, is air traffic keeping you up? we'll show you which bay area neighborhoods fall under flight paths and are the noiseiest places to live. check out if your ciarea made tt list. the tropical storm storm cindy is hammering the gulf coast. it goes all the way to the panhandle, next. =nats of opening bell=
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=runs 4= =cont vo= ad-lib numbers sam/wx wall new mar and we ever a lot of red on the stock market right now. the dow down about 64 points, the s&p down 4. the nasdaq is in the green, it's about 35 points this morning. chris, do you ever have trouble falling asleep in the night or maybe you get awakened rudely in the morning because of all the noise going on around you? this new map comes from the department of transportation to show the noiseiest places to live in california. you see all the colors on this
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map? the darkest reds and oranges indicate the areas that are the noisiest, and there is a coincidence going on. you'll notice the noisiest areas in the bay area just across oakland in san leandro and down here in san jose at the bottom of the u there. what do these places have in common? they are all off of highways and there are major airports. oakland and sf jsfj krc. if you have a problem with the noise, blame the airport. chris? >> or the barking dog next door. the city of san jose gave the okay to start building a googleplex. google wants them to build a
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tech campus near the shark tank. the tech would include 8 million feet of office space. the city will not offer any subsidies to the tax drive. >> the taxpayer will not be shorted a single cent and there will be no subsidies of any kind from the city. >> community groups still have their concerns over potential surge in rents that could squeeze out low-income workers, but those for the project say that it is expected to create 20,000 new jobs. demanding action. community members are calling for stronger tenant protection. this comes from families who live at the subsidized housing complex sunnyside apartments and were told the owners will not renew their contract when it expires in february. residents pressed city leaders to consider two new measures. no word on what the city plans
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to do. the smoke has cleared and a histor historic election in georgia is over. karen handel will be representing the sixth congressional district in georgia. >> i am also very well aware of another obligation that comes with tonight's decision by the voters. the obligation of being the first republican woman elected to congress from the great state of georgia. >> handel from her victory speech last night. she defeated jon ossoff in a race that was closely watched nationwide. a record number was spent by those, a record $56,000 combined. tropical storm cindy gained strength overnight, moving
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closer to the gulf coast, bringing heavy rain and flooding. it's been misery out west, too, with the crippling heat which is close to home. we're joined from louisiana with more. >> reporter: gulf coast residents are bracing for the worst this morning, as tropical storm cindy is in the gulf of mexico, with severe flooding already hitting parts of southern florida. in the panpanhandle, businesses were shutting down. the south bracing for what's to come as a different battle rages on in the west. scorching heat impacting more than 40 million residents all the way from colorado to california. brutal temperatures so hot, they're shattering records. death valley hitting 127 degrees tuesday. >> it's like so hot, you can
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almost not breathe. >> reporter: the national weather service warning of a major risk for heat-related illnesses and even death. in arizona, paramedics were on high alert as they're flooded with desperate calls. >> we want to get you to a hospital. >> reporter: back here in new orleans with the experience of katrina, they have recognized that the pump that failed during katrina needed to be backed up with generators. so those generators have been attended to, teams have been on the generators for the last 24 hours, the pumps have been pumping. the folks here say they will not see a repeat of that sort of flooding where the levees gave way again. kerry sanders, nbc news, new orleans. >> wow. well, back here in california, it is hot. check out this tweet from a sacramento flyer saying, quote, this new forecast for sacramento today has just been released. as you can see, it will be significantly hotter.
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stay hydrated. be safe. >> that is too funny. i also saw a tweet where the national weather service was near hot lava. this was on the way to work today. kerry said it's going to feel like close to parts of the sun in the bay area. >> it's good to see everyone is keeping a sense of humor over this. >> so far, so far. >> we're talking about a peak in the heat for tomorrow. today being the first day of summer, can you believe when you talk about the distance from the earth to the sun, it's actually at the farthest point right now for north america, but we have a lot of direct rays during the middle of the day. looking at ocean beach, you can see we still have clouds along the coastline and temperatures
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at 66 degrees, so feels like there compared to sunol where it's 80 degrees with mostly sunny skies. we're going to see those temperatures start to feel a little more uncomfortable. whatever you have to do outside, try to get it done early. so now we're getting to that limit where some of the valleys are really starting to warm up. now as the 7-day forecast comes up on the bottom of the screen, you'll be able to see how hot it is going to be over the next few days. right now in oakland and palo alto, it's 68 degrees. 75 right now in santa rosa. as we look at today's high temperatures, for the south bay, east san jose up to 97 degrees. gilroy will see a high of 101 degrees today. we'll see more widespread triple digits for the interior valley and the east bay. pleasanton up to 104 degrees.
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fill mo filmont looking at 103. napa will be up to 101 degrees today. i want to show you the temperature trend as we look live at pleasanton right now. our temperatures once again at 80 degrees, heading up to 104 for the high. as you try to make plans for the rest of the day, i do think our temperatures will continue to warm up very quickly by early afternoon. we'll be hitting the high temperature of 103 degrees or close to that as we go into the middle of the afternoon. and it will be slow to cool off, so you probably already have the air conditioner on trying to get ahead of that heat and cool the house down. one place you can find some cooler temperatures will be in oakland. if you're planning to go to the a's game today, we start out with some mid-70s there and some upper 60s. just make sure you bring some sunscreen with all of that sunshine. also if you're going to the beach, a lot of people making beach plans, especially with temperatures like this in santa cruz reaching mid-70s by the
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middle of the day. by the end of the weekend, we'll start to see those temperatures come down at least 10 to 20 degrees, and that will be much-needed relief for the bay area. coming up a little bit later, i'll talk about what's ahead as we head into the next several days. that's coming up in just a few minutes. chris and sam? >> thank you very much, kari. we all love our pets, and right now there is a desperate search for pig pig, a 100-pound potbelly pig stolen from her bay area home, a home she's lived in since she was just two weeks old. >> she's my baby and she means a lot to me. >> concerning about pig pig's well-being, especially in this heat wave. the entire golden gate bridge could close for next month's san francisco marathon. people are asking to close all
11:24 am
lanes of traffic. the mayor is talking about street lights and turning them into efficient l.e.d. lights. that's happening in north beach. they're planning to convert 800,000 street lights, more or less, by the end of the year. back in two minutes.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t.
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california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. to figure out who took off with their pet pig. welcome back. there is a very heartbroken family right now who is trying to figure out who took off with
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their pet pig, a 100-pound potbelly pig that was snatched from a backyard in san jose. >> the couple is now asking everyone from their neighbors to police to the general public to help them find that pignapper. nbc explains. >> reporter: pig pig first came into the ackermanackermans' lif she was just two months old. she considers herself one of the dogs, learned to lounge on the bed and grew to a stout 100 pounds. >> she's my little baby, and she means a lot to me. >> reporter: which is why jeannie and mark ackerman are putting up flyers all over san jose, trying to find a pignapper. they say when they returned home sunday, their potbelly pig was gone. they believe thieves stole her and ripped off the surveillance cameras from the front of their house so they wouldn't get caught. surprisingly, this isn't the first pignapping for this family
11:28 am
or pig pig. >> when she was a few months old, she was out in the front just grazing the grass, and we heard her squeal. i ran out there and she was gone. >> reporter: in that case someone later dropped her off at a park and the potbelly pig was reunited with her family. now jeannie is wondering again how her pig is holding up in the excessive heat and hoping for a reunion. >> she means a lot to me, and i don't really know how to carry on if i can't find her, you know, soon. >> reporter: mary ann favro, nbc bay area news. >> we both have pets, and i always thought if someone took my dog, it would be tough to have faith in mankind. >> people do horrible things. hopefully someone nice will return pig pig. coming up next, the heat wave clearly not over. kari hall pinpointing the heat
11:29 am
of the day which is still to come. plus -- a public transit bus with no driver on board rolled for several blocks backwards overnight. how it finally came to a stop. on september 9, 2010, pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service.
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we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation.
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another day. we )ve been in this heat wave since the weekend -- and the hottest d i the n brbc bay area microclimate weather alert continues on this wednesday. we've been in the heat since the weekend and the hottest day is yet to come. >> you had to drop that in there. there are live pictures from san jose and san francisco and kari is talking about the fog hanging around. what are you seeing on your end, kari? >> we're seeing all clear skies as we get a look at the south bay, and our temperatures are starting to warm up but not out of control just yet. a look at the high temperature for san jose. it's going to be up to 94 and will not, at this point, doesn't look to set a record for today,
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which is 101 degrees. that will be the case for a lot of these temperatures we're going to see. although it is hot, it does not look like, for today, it's going to break any longstanding records that we have. some of them go back to 1929. in san francisco that record high temperature is 95 degrees. well, tomorrow we'll be a couple degrees hotter. we'll talk about that. also a look ahead to some cooler temperatures for the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, thank you, kari. the question this morning, what drove a santa rosa father to kill his young children ask then himself? we are hearing from his family and had we're learning more about an escalating custody dispute. we are also hearing from a grieving mother who says the system that was supposed to protect her children failed them. nbc bay area jean elle has more on the days leading up to that murder suicide.
11:33 am
>> she wishes her brother alaro would have reached out for help. she believes depression over custody issues led the 49-year-old father to kill his two children, 6-year-old julia and 18-month-old julian and then himself. >> just custody issues and everything all at once, he just felt the whole world was coming down on him. >> reporter: santa rosa police say officers had been called to the apartment building where they discovered the bodies before. he first called police in april, asking for help in a custody dispute. on may 31, the father and mother call the police. on the 16th, mother does a welfare check. on the 17th, the father calls
11:34 am
complaining of living conditions. and then the mother called the police when she can't find the kids for a court-ordered pickup time. police found the bodies hours later. outside the mother's house in santa rosa, flowers and a message of love from a grieving mother to her children. she released a letter to the community saying in part, i sought help on numerous occasions and said many, many times my children were in danger in their father's care. and i didn't receive the urgent help i needed to save them. neighbors who are stunned by the murder-suicide say something must change. >> i'm glad she's saying from her personal experience something has to be done. >> reporter: jean ellenbc bay area news. >> police are reviewing records to make sure there wasn't something more they could have done. investigators say other than a dui several years ago, the father does not have a criminal record. if you would like to hear more
11:35 am
from his sister, her interview is posted on our website. 11:34 now, and some scary moments that happened near uc berkeley. there is a search going on for suspects connected to an early morning shooting. it happened early yesterday morning. campus police say a woman and two men were parked in their car at post 16. that's when three men walked up and demanded money from them. when the victims started to leave, one of the victims opened fire. the woman was struck in the leg. thankfully she's been cared for and released from the hospital. none of those victims are affiliated with cal campus. a bicycle ist has died as investigators are trying to figure out what happened. a man was riding his bike on tullly road not far from tully library. he died on scene and the driver is cooperating with police. many people are grieving the death of an oakland teacher who
11:36 am
was shot and killed over the weekend. carlos tatao shot skyline school. this fall he was set to be the defensive coordinator coach. he was with friends and was trying to break up an argument when he was shot. fellow coaches at skyline are in shock. >> it was a nightmare. a bad nightmare. he just made me feel like a great person. >> he would be put in the place where someone needed him at all times. unfortunately, he passed away doing something similar. >> tatao leaves behind a two-year-old daughter and police say right now they only have a vague description of the gunman. i want to turn your attention now to what's going on in washington, d.c. and a battle over health care that is just starting to rage. republican lawmakers are in the process of crafting new legislation behind closed doors, drawing complaints from
11:37 am
democrats but republicans are also joining the course because no one knows what's in the rewrite. they plan to hold a vote next thursday just nine days from now. if three republicans vote against, the bill will fail. >> reporter: it's the best kept secret in washington, the senate republican health care bill which republicans are among those being kept in the dark. >> nothing has been shared. leaders used to complain like hell when democrats did the exact same thing. i haven't seen the bill. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell refusing to give specifics and americans would have plenty of time to review it. >> we've been discussing all the elements of this endlessly for
11:38 am
seven years. everybody pretty well understands it. i think this will be about as transparent as it can be. >> reporter: the questions over transparency the same as those raised by republicans about obamacare seven years ago. house speaker ryan addressing that earlier this year. >> we're not writing some bill in a back room like obamacare was written. we're going over a committee process. we're having public hearings. we're having committees work on legislation. this is how it's supposed to be designed, not hacking some bill in a back room. >> at stake, coverage for 23 million americans. among the hurdles cuts the medica medicaid. how deep should they go and will the bill drive down the costs of premiums? >> we're going to go to cbo and see whether they can tell us what's in the bill. three of them making a show of live streaming to their budget office, trying to track down the
11:39 am
details. press secretary sean spicer accused democrats of taking themselves out of the mix. >> they chose not to -- made it very clear they didn't want to engage in this process. >> with questions swirling about his future role, spicer returns to the podium tuesday for his first on-camera appearance in more than a week. social media lighting up as steve bannon explained away sean spicer's presence, saying sean got fatter. and a reply, fat jokes are not funny ever. a wild video of an out-of-control bus slamming into cars in new york city. >> the bus is reversing! >> there's nobody in there. >> oh! >> you can understand the bleep in that one. the driver left the bus in neutral when she got out of the
11:40 am
bus. it went backwards, striking 10 cars and ended up outside a church. it happened in the middle of the night in brooklyn. one man who was changing a tire had to leap out of the way to safety. he was slightly injured doing that, but he may have saved his own life in the process. the incident is now under investigation. >> good thing he was paying attention. i grew up in the northeast. driving in new york city, there was nothing like it. it is an obstacle course. but that's a new one. >> i think that's a new one even for them. coming up, the hottest days yet to come. kari hall is tracking the heat wave as we speak. >> at least we'll have some cooler places along the coastline. we are going to have more sunshine and some cooler temperatures, at least for san francisco and the coast, but we'll talk about those inland temperatures coming up next. a home problem, a home warranty and a home warranty problem. i'm chief investigator chris ga
11:41 am
morr gamora. nbc responds next. nbc bay area responds.
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11:43 am
to a san ramon man who couldn )t get his home warranty company to pay a claim he says it autri nbc bay area responds to a san ramon man who could not get his home warranty company to pay a claim he says they authorized. >> so he turned to our consumer team with his $2300 problem. senior investigator mike gamora
11:44 am
now has that story. >> when mike bates learned his water heater was leaking, he called in his home warranty. they approved it over the phone, saying he needed to send in the invoice for reimbursement. that's what he did. the reimbursement was for $2300 because the repair company said the water heater was beyond repair and needed replaced. but the home warranty company denied the claim, saying he didn't get prior approval. he was to call them and explain the problem before they started work. mike said that's not what he was told, so he reached out to us for help. we contacted american home shield and they reimbursed mike his $2300. in a statement they said, we take great pride in providing quality and if we fail to meet those expectations, we try to do the right thing. we deeply regret what mr. bates experienced. if you have a problem, call
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1-888-996-tips. we were just rubbing our eyes saying, are you sure, kari? maybe it's just a bad dream. >> but you've been feeling it so you know how hot it's been and it's still going to be the next couple days. we're talking about these triple digit temperatures on the inland valleys. take a look now from the castro. it's 66 degrees. you see the sunshine there. a little warm in concord but not too bad just yet. you may be getting ready to turn on the air-conditioning, but we're saying, wait, try to conserve some energy today. and in fairfield we're at 82 degrees where we're seeing 60s to 70s in the bay area. the south bay will be topping out at 101 degrees tomorrow, and that's what we'll see today in gilroy. it will be 94 degrees in san jose today, and for most of the east bay into the tri-valley,
11:46 am
our temperatures as hot as 106 degrees in antioch, and danville 105, fremont today 98 degrees. we still have coastal fog and cooler temperatures. half moon bay is going to be up to 67 degrees with some upper 80s for san mateo and the embarcadero at 74 degrees, still seeing the fog along the western edge of the city there, and 101 degrees will be the high today in napa. we'll see those temperatures ramping up quickly. with all of this heat we always advise for you to stay hydrated. keep drinking water even if you don't feel this rsty, and one w to cool off will be to have a wet towel around your neck. if you do have to work outside, when those temperatures get really hot it's not the best time to go for a jog or do any physical activity. we also talk about the hot car danger because temperatures inside a vehicle can rise 30
11:47 am
degrees above what we're feeling outside, and don't forget to take care of your pets as well. right now at half moon bay, it's 57 degrees. you still see the fog and our temperatures will be rising into the upper 60s by early afternoon. this is one place where we will also have some nice cool temperatures throughout the next couple days. this is a picture of pacifica with a little bit of fog and showing cooler temperatures there. let me know what you're saying. send it to my facebook page at meteorologist kari hall. also tell me how you're cooling off. in napa, lower 90s, and saturday lower 90s, but still very hot. if you're making plans in sierra, it's cooler in the upper 70s. 82 degrees tomorrow, all bright sunshine throughout the day, and as we go through the weekend,
11:48 am
events going on as well. it will be the 60s to 70s, and for the inland valley, the hottest temperature we'll see tomorrow 107 degrees before it starts to come back down heading into sunday, dropping those temperatures in some spots by 110 degrees but supposed to feel nice by tuesday of next week. i've never been so excited to see 81 degrees. >> i've never been so excited to look forward to monday, either. >> all the way down to 96 degrees. next, chris, a life-saving lesson that was needed in real life. how a 12-year-old was able to save her own brother's life. before we break, we want to show you how to join the community on our waze application. go to your waze app on either iphone or android, and in the bottom right-hand corner there will be a magnifying glass. click on that and then click on your name at the top. scroll down to team and you'll
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pick ours. that's how you join the community, that's how we help each other out. doing better than
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doing nothing. that )s what a pleasanton mothe, and registered nurse, tells her three children. >> something is better than doing nothing, and that is what a pleasanton mom and registered nurse always tells her three kids. >> now she shares that advice with as many people as possible. this is our bay area proud. >> there was some scary moments in the home last month, followed by a few sleepless nights. while that's not good, it did make her think about a way to turn something bad into something good for others. >> we have that in front of us, so let's practice compressions, okay? >> reporter: of all the things a young person can learn in an advanced lifesaving class, there is one part of the process they
11:52 am
can never truly comprehend. just how scary it is to have to do any of it for real. >> what do we need to do? >> reporter: though in this class among these young people, there is someone who knows exactly how scary it is. >> very. scariest thing i've witnessed in my life. >> riley pifalvi is 12 years old, a really good sister, her mom says, to brother max. this story is about the time riley was nothing short of great. >> i'm not kidding, she saved our whole family that day. >> reporter: christy says on that day riley was home for a few minutes watching max when he started choking on popcorn. >> she starts hitting him on the back and it's still not helping. then i think it dawned on her, like, wow, i am the help. there is nobody else that could help him but me. so then she wrapped her arms around him --
11:53 am
>> you bring it right up to chest height and push in and up and that's what i did. >> reporter: riley did the heimlich and it worked. but just how did this middle schooler know what to do? well, because christy, a registered nurse, had taught her. >> we talk about it here. we talk about things like that, what could happen. >> reporter: and so if it worked so well with riley, christy thought, why not do it for others? so she organized this advanced lifesaving course for other kids riley's age to take for free. and she hopes to do more. >> the whole point to this is so you guys see it and know that doing something is better than doing nothing. >> reporter: christy believes no one is too young to know how to save a life. and she's got a daughter and a son to prove it. when asked why she taught her children how to do the heimlich
11:54 am
and other lifesaving maneuvers, christy said plainly, i'm home alone a lot with my kids, and i would tell them that one day they were going to have to save me. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> i think they're ready for that. >> that's true, they might have to. >> i've never had to do that, but i hope that i am ready if that ever happens. >> in the moment. you just have to jump in, act on instinct and listen in class. we'll be right back. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world.
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love. tonight - the c san francisco's conservatory of flowers celebrates its 50th anniversary of summer of love. the conservatory will reveal a light show. there will also be a summer solstice show tonight in golden gate park. some roads are shut down already for that event. the one place to celebrate. the official first day of summer is the one place that is not totally sweltering. >> right, it's going to be really nice, 79. then tomorrow, 82 degrees. could see back into the 60s heading into next week. it's still going to be really hot heading into the next several days to reach the peak of the heat for tomorrow. >> do you feel like you've had to recalibrate the standards of everything right now? 87 degrees is nice. >> we put things into
11:58 am
perspective, yes.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
♪ ♪ stand by, we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ there's an air of love and happiness this is the fresh prince's new definition of summer madness ♪ >> yeah. it is summer madness, summertime. alfo rivera knows every single word. >> that's because you spend how many years with him? i heard them all as they were making it. as he was writing these lyrics, i was


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