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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 21, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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tomorrow we'll have multiple reports. let's start with jeff ra narcotwhat do you see coming next? >> i still see things remaining hot as we head into tomorrow's forecast. the big problem we have in terms of why we're not seeing it any cooler is the fact that high pressure is reaching its maximum strength across california combining with hot air moving in from the desert southwest. so conditions today reached up as high as 107 degrees in brentwood and 105 in livermore and 104 in pleasantopleasanton. i want to stress as we push into thursday's temperature and contra costa and alameda county and san ramon and livermore. brentwood and these areas you drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. i'm tracking with cool air arrives. it's good for a 10 to 20 degree
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drop. that's in about 15 minutes. as mentioned at the top of the show, three people have died in santa clara county and it is heat related. nbc michelle roberts joins us live and michelle, we understand some, at least two of these people were elderly. >> reporter: that's right. it's a tragic reminder to take care of yourself and the people around you. here is what we do know, on monday an 87-year-old woman and 72-year-old man died in san jose. the coroner says a third unidentified person died yesterd yesterday. officials say heat related deaths are preventable. avoid alcohol and caffeine. the elderly children, and homeless are more at risk. >> many people in our county that are homeless also suffer
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from mental health illness or drug and alcohol issue so we're particularly concerned about them and doing out reach to ensure they get into places to cool off and not be exposed to extreme heat. >> reporter: we know one of the people died on monday was in a hot car and that's one of the most dangerous places you can be. bring your pets inside and a reminder, it is illegal to leave children unattend in a car. >> michelle, thank you. a fiery evening commute on 101 in san jose. you can see the smoke far beyond there. this is a grass fire near mckee road on 101. this was the scene a short time ago from the traffic cam. the chp has shut down the mckee off ramp and off ramp to east santa clara street. firefighters say no homes or structures are threatened. >> our coverage of the historic heat wave continues. the alameda county fair is doing something it's never done before because of the heat. we'll explain coming up in less
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than ten minutes. city leaders apologizing and vowing to clean up the police department today. that message came just hours after the result of an investigation claiming the city botched last year's sex scandal involving up to two dozen police officers and a minor. nbc robert handa joins us where leaders adopted a very apolog e apologize -- town. >> reporter: many allegations how the city and police responded to the scandal and today, city officials responded to the report in a very contrite manner. oakland's top leaders including the mayor and police chief showed up at city hall to face the music. a critical report issued today by a court appointed team investigating the city's response to alleged officers sexual misconduct involving teen sex worker known as celeste.
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it blasted the former police chief for delaying a thorough investigation for months after minding out several officers had sex with the minor and that city officials after initial public outrage also failed to follow up. although subsequent investigations by opd and the da's office implicated about two dozen officers and led to four criminal convictions, the report credited the court's investigation as being the only reason real progress was made. >> i accept that criticism. those months we were very focused on the ghost ship fire recovery, as well as on boarding our new police chief. >> reporter: jasmine's attorney john burris called the report devastating. >> none of it worked and seemed to be a consorted effort to dem mono -- demonize the victim. >> to change culture. >> that is a clear message. we'll be in the business of regulating other people's behavior, we must self-regulate our own.
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>> reporter: while burris and his legal team are demanding the city identify every officer involved, as well as the disciplinary action that was or will be taken. again, the city counsel proved $989,000 to settle the claim against the city. live in oakland, robert handa, nbc bay area news. well, our coverage of the story continues ochoen linnline. we posted the entire story online. >> new at 6:00, a disturbing scene in san francisco. a motorcyclist drives through a group of demonstrators. the confrontation was caught on camera. you can hear him rev up the engine. a couple protesters attempted to track the man down. thankfully nobody was hurt and the motorcyclist didn't get far because sf pd was on the scene
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monitoring the anti trump protest. no word yet on exactly what charges he could face. a big change coming the next month san francisco marathon because of fears of a terror attack on the landmark, the golden gate bridge. nbc christie smith joins us from the toll plaza of the bridge to explain, christie? >> reporter: a spokesperson for the bridge district doesn't know of a specific threat here but have been playing close attention to events overseas where people are using vehicles to run people down in crowds so they are looking at making changes here on the day of the marathon. >> in light of recent world events, we want to make sure we're very cautious. >> reporter: next month thousands of runners are expected to cross the golden gate bridge for the san francisco march than but drivers may find a mayor change in the traffic configuration. this is an image showing 2016. >> there have been several instances around the world in
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which vehicles have harmed people recently and we don't want to see anything like that happen here. >> reporter: spokesperson clemens didn't list specific incidents but recently vehicles were used in two deadly attacks in the u.k. and last year in france. jim dudley is in san francisco state with sfpd. >> in a race like this, you know the route. you know your vulnerable areas so you can certainly implement things to reduce the threat. >> this was a concept developed by the bridge patrol office in concert with our security coalition partner whose include chp and homeland security and fbi. >> she says there is no specific threat drivers northbound would have to find another way from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. in july. >> the buffer separates the runners from the southbound traffic but in the past, it didn't separate them from northbound traffic. this year, if the board votes
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and will allowed to continue. it's only the northbound traffic that will be impacted. >> reporter: so in the past empty lanes and cones were used as the buffer. the board is expected to vote on this on friday. reporting live at the golden gate bridge, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. trying to get back in the right lane at uber, late last night ceo and co-founder travis ca kalanick announced he's out there are rumors surrounding a potential new ceo. scott budman spent the day looking for answers and joins us with the latest. are those rumors true? >> there are rumors not only who will head the company or what the company has to do to stay alive. >> ultimately gets it right. >> reporter: under pressure from customers and investors, uber ceo travis kalanick left the company he started but is that
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enough to get the ride sharing service back on track? >> so this is when the work really begins for uber to change. >> reporter: meg is the director of san jose state's school of management. >> dramatic reduction. >> reporter: she says kalanick leaving is just the first step and if she was on the board of directors, she would take step two. >> the statement would be that we are going to make every effort to make this a company that has higher integrity and treats people well. >> i never had. >> reporter: and the director of leadership ethics has avoided uber up to now. she says she has an idea of what the company needs to do next. >> they should hire a strong female ceo with a sterling reputation for building great culture. >> any ideas? >> well, serl saheryl sandberg going to get bounced around and
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she fits that role. >> reporter: some say kalanick had to leave for uber and the culture to turn things around. >> the future for uber still cloudy, although more popular than ever with revenue steadily rising, uber is losing money. meanwhile, federal invest ga gators agu -- investigators are stopping investors from seeing if they are operating illegally. up next at 6:00, what's the problem with this kfc? why a city is forcing kfc to change its look. i'm chief meteorologist jeff riniri. still a hot 80. we're tracking who hits 107 tomorrow. the forecast in about ten minutes. rampage
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===take vo=== sources tell nbc bay area that one of the two guns carried by shooter, "jimmy lam", was stolen. investigation of the ups shooting rampage. sources say one of the two guns carried by the shooter jimmy lalam was stolen. a fourth and final suspect has been arrested on the attack on a lift driver in san francisco. you remember this video from march where you can see a group of dirt bikers boxing in the driv driver's car on 101 and allegedly beat him and ran his leg over. today a chp announced that
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quintrel anderson has been taken into custody on monday. three other sustained spepects arrested last week. >> a life-saving rescue in the bay. sky ranger was ahead this afternoon. the boat capsized in the bay. three men were thrown into the chilly water. a ferry pulled one man to safety. the coast guard then arrived and plucked the other two men out of the bay. they were in the water for only about five or ten minutes. none of them were wearing life jackets. >> our biggest message that we can send across to the public is please wear your life jackets and wear proper clothing because the bay water is usually much colder than the air temperature. >> no word on what cause that boat to capsize. well, they might like the chicken but they don't like the bold red stripes. the kfc in the east bay is in the spotlight for the new paint job. we're talking about the kfc in alameda. the bright red stripes
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apparently have to go after some neighbors in the area complained the alameda city counsel said it's in violation of an approved color palate agreed upon years ago. the counsel says kfc needs to use a more subtle design. back to the micro climate forecast, the heat is taking a toll on the alameda county fair. >> for the first time ever, the horse races at the fair are being postponed. sharon katsuda joins us with details on the safety concerns, sharon? >> reporter: raj, when i first got here, someone handed me an ice-cold bottle of water and saved me because it reminded me to keep drinking water all day and that's what fair goers are being asked to do and horses are trying to cool down and the fair postponed opening day for the horse races until friday. spraying each other, one way to beat the heat and spraying
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horses. the fair wants safe conditions for people and animals so the opening day races that were supported to take place tomorrow will instead happen on friday after the current heat wave peaks. for now, horses are training in the early morning. >> they are in resting getting cooled and prepping for friday's opening day and the forecast is 105 degree weather tomorrow, so we are just trying to make sure that our horses and our jockeys are safe. >> reporter: organizers say they had hot days at the fair in the past but not on race days. when you walk by the track today, you can feel the heat. >> super hot. >> reporter: fair goers are feeling it, too. there are misting stations and paramedics on hand. they treated 15 to 20 people each day so far, many for heat exhaustion. >> the heat-related illnesses can happen quickly and suddenly. so drink a lot of water. stay covered up. wear the hats. >> reporter: fair organizers say everyone needs to make sure they are taking breaks from the heat. >> especially children and
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elderly, take a break in the property and get into an air conditioned building. everyone gets here ask want to go on rides and eat and keep going but take a break for safety purposes. >> reporter: and since it's supposed to be so hot tomorrow, the fair awe nounnounced it wilr free admission to anyone that gets here before 5:00 tomorrow. >> that will be no one. >> yeah. >> a lot of the kids in the tri-valley are planning on the fair because it's a big annual right that everybody goes but everybody is talking about going in the evening and the house races are huge draw. >> big draw. >> so it's a good idea to postpone it. >> you've broadcasted live from the fair for a few years. >> pig races. >> it is a lot of fun but if you go before 5:00, the towel on the back of your neck. the water with the fan. that whole contraption. those are good. because in tomorrow's forecast, temperatures as hot as 107
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degrees. a live look at san francisco from the high-definition camera. beautiful shot here and there really is always two sides to the story in the bay area when we have a heat event in san francisco without dry offshore winds, we're currently experiencing comfortable weather after a high right around 70 degrees. we started to see it go back up just a little bit to 72 so we'll get the high corrected but overall, numbers tonight will be cool. down into the 60s here at 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 and 50s once we hit 11:00 p.m. interior valleys much hotter. dangerous for concord. high of 104. we dropped down to 98 degrees but you can see we'll keep 80s all the way through 9:00 p.m. tonight then eventually 70s at 11:00 p.m. let's fwoed ago ahead and get a where the heat will be the
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worst. contra costa and alameda and dublin, pleasanton and temperatures will range 103 to 110 inland. so as we heard in sharon's report, make sure to stay hydrated, wear a hat, light colored clothing can help and don't forget the pets and please don't leave anyone in the car when you're headed into a store. it is just not a good idea. the cars can get some 30 degrees hotter than the outside temperature. tomorrow's forecast warmest weather, antioch 107 and livermore at 106. 105 in concord. not quite as hot in the north bay but still very warm. you'll get a slight breeze off the bay. that should keep you at 92 in santa rosa. 78 in san francisco. palo alto to san jose mid to upper 90s. interior valleys cooling coming our way and drop out of the triple digits to 98. watch out for clouds building saturday afternoon. and we'll be tracking some thunderstorms just to the east
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by sunday's forecast. still a lot to come our way but the best thing you're looking at is 88 by sunday and continued 80s and cooling into the mid part of next week. with this heat wave coming in, i had a lot of questions what is ahead for the rest of summer? a quick look at the forecast does show we're anticipating maybe more above average temperature spikes as we head throughout summer. another update in about 25 minutes. >> we'll see you then, thank you very much. well, on the summer of love, celebrating it tonight golden gate park marking the 50th anniversary with a light show and concert. this is a view from sky ranger of the crowd below just about ten minutes ago. concert just started, also 10,000 people are expected to show up. jefferson airplane, the chamber brothers are two of the groups slated to perform. conservativery of flowers is debuting the summer of love light show at the event. sneak peak of the light show during a test run on monday.
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grand lighting ceremony is set for 9:00 this evening. the former secretary of home land security reveals details about the russian hackers and presidential election. larry gerston joins us next. i'm scott budman at at&t park. coming up, we take you behind the scenes at a new way to broadcast baseball games. in virtual reality.
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to scare a crowd of protesters in san francisco. we just showed it to you a few minutes ago. complete coverage... continues online. ==reveal== and on twitter check out our aerial video of san pedro )s "sunken city." it sits in the coastline cliffs on twitter check out the arial video of san pedro sunken city, the remains of an old bungalow set up in 1920.
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republican leaders appear to be moving ahead with what many call a vote on a health care reform bill. a protest outside over the health care bill being secretly crafted inside. at this point we don't know exactly what is in the bill but leaders are promising a draft of the bill tomorrow and a vote next thursday. >> they are trying to do this as quickly and secretively as they can because they know this bill is terribly unpopular.
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>> republican leaders are energized by the election. they want to keep the momentum going and the vote before the july 4th recess. not just the health care debate, but there is a new twist in trump's campaign connection to russia. >> today former homeland security secretary jane johnson provided new information to a house committee. he said russian cyber attackers attempted to hack voter data from 21 states. >> nbc political analyst larry gerston joins us here and the hearing was fascinating but the one thing i took away from this is it sounded very much like he was saying that he was in a homeland security and no-win situation. between a rock and hard place. >> no question about it. the good news is there were no votes tampered with. nobody's vote was changed against his or her will. you know why? something nobody thinks about. we don't have a centralized system where there is one lever pulled. we got 9,000 jurisdictions across this country with hundreds of different voting
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platforms. there is no way to put that all together. they were probably frustrated. they learned a lot about america the hard way. one thing is for sure and as johnson said, they will be back with more sophistication. >> like pulling back an onion, more interesting as players get pulled back. he also said the reaction democrats had, democratic national committee when he told them about the russian interference. >> this was the most fascinating part of the testimony this morning. they find out about this, the democrats are being hacked and go to the democrats according to johnson and tell them what is wrong and they can fix it and democrats say no thank you. so when things go wrong and the wikileaks come out, it's nobody's fault in that sense but the democrats and they can't take anything to anybody, they just have to swallow. >> let's talk about the president's reaction then, not only the obama administration but trump administration, as well. >> the trump administration is where we're looking now. we're looking forward, not backward and a couple ways to look at why this guy is so
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quiet. that's the question everyone is asking. why is president trump so quiet? one idea is that he's quiet because he thinks this whole thing is over blown, come on, let's go on and talk about big things. the other idea a lot of people subscribe to is the guy is being quiet because he doesn't want to give any credence whatsoever to the possibility he may not have won the election. the fact is he did win the election, no matter what the democrats think, he did. this gets down to one fundamental flaw and that is this idea of a democratic institution, the franchise, the votes being challenged. that's where bob mullmueller co in. he's going to track every source, every sight, every person and no matter who is in the way, they will be called to accountability. >> one by one. speaking of the president, he's in iowa tonight rallying like a campaign rally with a lot of supporters, thank you, larry. up next, we're learning more problems from this deadly heat
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wave including the hardships it's causing for workers making critical repairs to the damaged orville dam. 3 heat-related deaths in the
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south bay -- as we brace for another 48 hours -- of scorching tempertatires. right now at can have 6:30 wave has turned deadly. the problems continue across the region. we continue to see power outages
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and brush fires. >> from the north bay to the south bay, people are looking for some sort of relief. we bring in jeff ranieri. as hot as it was today, tomorrow will be worse. >> it is. it will be from one to three degrees hotter and will make it more unbearable and dangerous outsi outside. to put things into perspective, you can see we're on day five of the 100 degree heat. hottest temperature at 107. livermore 105 pleasanton 104. the temperatures are 15, 20 degrees above where we should be. i want to set us up with forecast as we head into thursday. quick look here at livermore shows at 9:00 in the morning we'll start already at a sweltering 84 degrees. we're up to 94 by 1 1:00 a.m. and by the afternoon in livermore, 106 degrees. as we head towards napa, the
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north side you can also see 87 degrees at 9:00 a.m. and then low 100s as we head through 2:ocho -- 2:00 and 3:00. 85 at 10:00 a.m. and 100 by 3:00 p.m. we're tracking the area of hot high pressure producing heat and exactly how much cooling we'll get out of this, my next update at 6:48 tonight. >> jeff, we'll see you shortly. another flex alert has been issued. many people don't know what this is. it's simple. limit your electricity usage. the california independent system operator issues these flex alerts. the goal is to not strain the electrical grid. >> just keeping everything dark and lights off. yeah. trying not to run the laundry because that's also heat. >> some of the recommendations include limiting the power usage between 2:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. and setting the air conditioner to no higher than 78 degrees and turning off unnecessary lights.
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the weather does not appear to play a factor in a blown transformer in campbell. you see it there. the flames knocked out power for dozens of customers this morning. pg and e briefly cut off power to 6,000 homes but this happened on the boarder of campbell and willow glen. >> the heat wave caused problems at the dam. safety measures had to be put in place to repair it. the dam's spillway took heavy damage during the winter. the company heading construction adjust the shifts to start at 5:00 in the morning and at 8:00 p.m. so workers could avoid the hottest times of the day. the company instructed to make sure workers used the buddy system while on that job. just a reminder, the heat wave is a good time to download the bay area app to get the latest weather warnings as the extreme heat comes right on your phone. we want to give you the latest from flint, michigan where the fbi is treating the stabbing as a lone wolf terror
6:34 pm
attack. the airport is now open after the investigation closed that airport for hours. canadian citizen is charged in the knife attack of an airport police officer. that officer was stabbed in his neck. he's listed in fair condition this evening after undergoing surgery. witnesses say the suspect praised god in arabic as he attacked that officer but he is cooperating with investigators. >> he has a hatred for the united states and a variety of other things, which in part motivated him towards coming to the airport today to conduct this act of violence. >> police were seen investigating a montreal apartment building where neighbors say he lived with his wife and two children. a reporter in flint, michigan says when a store refused to sell him a gun, he bought a 12-inch knife, which resembles the weapon used in today's attack. tonight in santa rosa toxicology report is pending on the father suspected of killing
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his two children before then taking his own life. the coroner determined he died from hanging. it's not yet known where -- how the children were killed. in an interview, his sister blamed his depression over custody issues and other relationship problems. the children's mother notified authorities when he was late returning their children on sunday night following a court-ordered visitation over the father's day weekend. in an open letter to the community yesterday, she said she tried several times to get help because she feared the children were in danger when in their father's care. self-defense may have self-ed her life but police are tried to catch the man that attacked a woman in front of her home last week. police released a sketch of who think think the man looks like. police say this month the woman was coming home prfrom working her door before midnight and pushed her against a wall and sexual assaulted her. she did fight back, which caused
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the man to run away. the police officer once dubbed the hot cop of the castro is headed to trial. he is facing hit and run charges steaming from a 2015 crash that injured two pedestrians. here is video from that night. it happened in north beach. his first gain of notoriety you might recall in 2014 when the picture of him in his p.d. uniform went viral. people on social media gave him the nickname hot cop of the castro. he'll return to court july 5th where a judge will set a trial date. new accusations of police brutality after protesters stormed a city counsel meeting last night. the activist group provided this video claiming they were violently harassed after protesting a counsel vote to ex end the the urban shields program. it's a federally funded police program that focuses on first responder training. however, critics say it militarizes police officers. during last night's protest police arrested two people that
6:37 pm
reportedly tried to rush the stage. the demonstrators claim officers went too far saying they hit a 73-year-old man as he bent down to get his glasses. >> he was bleeding. there wasn't a concussion or anything, but i have to say i was shocked by the level of aggression. >> we did reach out to berkeley's mayor for comment but did not get a comment. he did release a statement sayisay saying believes the city should withdrawal but that cannot happen without first identifying alternate training programs for its officers. >> did you feel it? the 3.3 magnitude quake rattles nerves. the epicenter was in the albany area a few miles from burkely. no injuries or significant damage. people we talked to at grocery stores near the epicenter said it was a quick jolt, small enough everything stayed on the store shelves.
6:38 pm
what about a 6.8 earthquake? well, it was a quake mistake. the usgs triggered big concern in southern california where the agency reported a magnitude 6.8 quake near the coast of santa barbara today. the usgs says the alert was sent out during system's maintenance. another mistake, the quake report posted online was dated 2025. getting down to business, caltrans tweeted video of crews delivering equipment to build the fight for canyon bridge on highway is in big sir. the storm demolished the bridge this winter, tweet said work is on schedule for a late september opening. the bridge isn't the only damage crews have to deal with on highway 1, further down the road another massive landslide near mud creek buried the highway in may. you can see the full scale. the road is completely blocked off and it could take a year or longer to get that entire road way reopened. okay. it's called the grand old game
6:39 pm
but baseball just got a brand-new high-tech twist. we're talking about virtual reality glasses and the giants are using it at at&t park. hear is scott budman. >> reporter: welcome to the media center here at at&t park where they are getting ready to broadcast the game of the week. but it's not a game you're going to watch the way you usually do on television. this game you'll watch entirely in virtual reality. if you can't be in the stands watching. >> sit you down -- >> reporter: you can see the game in vr on the field in the dugout even check the stats. >> it's different. >> reporter: a new way to take in the action from anywhere. >> so if you think of the game experience is one way and vr is another way to experience, you multiply the ability to engage and interact with your fan base
6:40 pm
in a new way. >> reporter: major league baseball is working with the team to broadcast real games in virtual reality with special vr cameras placed all over the stadium, lots of laptops, ipads, and head sets. >> you can also see the entire park. >> reporter: everyone an entire broadcast booth set up to show you the game. >> we're very similar to broadcast in the setup and the way we're doing the show. the difference is the experience at home for the viewer is so much more interesting. >> reporter: we tried it and yes, there is a different experience. you'll need extra gear which is different cost and you have to get used to watching in a different head-turning way but it's still baseball and maybe watching it this way will turn out to be a hit. to see this game you need more than just a television at hope. you'll need vr goggles and for now a samsung gal lenaxy phone. more phones will be used in the few door.
6:41 pm
games will be broadcast in vr every tuesday. at at&t park, scott budman. breaking news in san jose. firefighters are battling a brush fire. this is what we know starting right after 6:00 in the evening near lake cunningham and east san jose. the area just off of quinby road. the fire is burning towards a large home. you can see it in the distance. houses not on fire at this point but the flames are heading in that direction. no other structures are currently threatened, just this one mansion you see at the top. we know at least seven acres have burned. it is hot out there everyone at 6:41 right now. it is is in the upper 90s. it's been hot all day. this is exactly what we've been worried about with the fire danger in this extreme heat so of course, we'll continue to track it and keep our eyes on it and we'll update you on the digital platforms.
6:42 pm
>> jeff ra narcotnieri is here. it's only going to get more difficult in the next few days. >> yeah, tomorrow, we're looking at upper 90s to near 100. right now the temperatures are hot with the winds picking up a little bit. i'll have a check of the san gentlemen say c jose conditions in about five minutes but where conditions will be cooler tomorrow with the heat and half moon bay. a home problem, a home warranty and a home warranty problem. i'm chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next.
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it authorized. ==raj/2shot== so he turned to our consumer te nbc responds to a man that couldn't get his home warranty company to pay for a claim. >> so he turned to the $2300
6:46 pm
problem. chris joins us with the story. >> when mike baits noticed his water heater was leaking, he called american home shield and the company approved the home repair work over the phone saying mike just needed to send in the invoice for reimbursement. that's what he did for $2300 because the leaky water heater was beyond repair but american home shield denied the claim saying mike didn't receive prior approval. the company said tech was supposed to call them and explain the problem before starting work. well, mike says that wasn't what he was told so he reached out to us for help. we contacted american home shield and it reimburse mike's $2300. in a statement american home shield said we take great pride and if we fail to meet the ex memb -- expectations, we work to do the right thing. if you have a consumer complaint, call 888-996-tips or
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log on slash /re we want to get back to breaking news. the nbc brks krrkbc bay area ske brush fire above east san jose. the east san jose foothills off qu quinby road. this has been going on for about an hour. it's a brush fire however when you see the helicopter move out and expand, there say large home being threatened right there. you can see water drops and fire retardant being dropped. there is a home being threatened but that's the only structure we see from the vantage of the chopper off quinby road. >> let bring in chief meteorologist jeff ra narcot.
6:48 pm
>> i have a look at the conditions and triple digit heat coming our way for tomorrow. and another view of the live chopper shot as they try to extinguish the flames. it looks like they are getting a good handle and winds out of the west five to ten miles per hour so the lower level of the wind is helping them right now. it is still very hot in that area near quinby with 90 degrees. we'll see it drop off into the 70s over the next couple hours and 60s by tonight. of course, you can expect our digital team to have full coverage at go there and check it out. also on our facebook and twitter pages, as well. tomorrow morning's forecast does offer cooler weather. that is the great news but just depends on where you are and how cool it will be to start. the peninsula 69 for the south bay, 70 but over towards the tri-valley it is a warm 77 as we
6:49 pm
begin the morning. let's get a look at the east bay 69 and san francisco patchy fog and 61 in the north bay at 68. micro climate in full effect for tomorrow. the big item i want to hit home for all of you is the hottest temperatures no doubt on thursday will be right here across contra costa, also alameda county temperatures ranging 101 to 110 inland especially from concord through san ramon down to dublin to river more, as well. this is where you need to make sure to drink plenty of water and limit outdoor exposure. let's take you into the temperatures in the micro climate forecast for thursday. we'll push it up more here for the south bay. 102 in gilroy, 101 in east san jose, firefighters will likely still have to watch out for some hot spots for that fire we just mentioned and san jose 97 degrees. throughout the east bay, 107 in
6:50 pm
antio antioch. that's where it's dangerous if you do not stay hydrated and keep yourself cool. head to the cooling centers if you do not have ac, concord, even towards danville, as well. closer towards the bay gets cooler in oakland at 87 for the peninsula, not as hot. 87 in san mateo. san francisco as warm as 80 in the mission. 73 in the outer sunset and north bay 88 and we go up to 101 in napa. cooler weather on the way. high pressure moves to the south with the hot air. it gets here on sunday. a ten to 20 degree drop. san francisco back into the 60s by sunday's forecast and we stay with the cooler trend through early next week. for the inland valleys, we slowly drop off by sunday 88 degrees. clouds increase. thunderstorms off towards the east. and we keep 80s for the early part of next week. so cooling everyone will notice gets here by sunday. >> down right chilly when you see the 80 degrees. >> i know, right? sweater out for sunday. thank you, jeff. up next, we'll return to the
6:51 pm
breaking news in san jose and on the eve of the n brba draft, we one on one with the warriors first-round pick from last year. who are these people?
6:52 pm
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too?
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turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. have a pick. okay. the nba draft is tomorrow night. right now the warriors don't have a pick. the warriors don't really need a pick. >> they actually don't. last year they had two picks using the first rounder of big
6:55 pm
man damian jones. colin rush caught up with him today. [ laughter ] >> you know, this has been a great experience, like i say. >> that was damian jones moments after the worarriors won the championship. later he found himself in a victory parade. >> last time this year just watching on tv but actually being part of my own is like the greatest feeling ever. >> while the majority of teammates took off on vacation when the parade ended,s is busy as ever, warriors' camp on his scheduled things to do today. >> i feel like i have a descent story to say. got -- went through some different things during my rookie year and i can share with others. >> when you're in a gym full of 140 kids, there is no shortage of questions. >> favorite teammate? [ laughter ] >> hmmmm. tough. did i think i would have a
6:56 pm
career? i didn't start until december. the goal is achievable. go out and put in the work and hey, it can happen. >> the last question wasn't can any of these kids score but if it had been that would have been the answ the answer. warriors camp continue throughout the summer. >> back to breaking news before we leave you with that brush fire that we've been covering the east san jose foothills. nbc bay area sky ranger is there and down below you can see the large home right there in the fire zone. this is off quinby road. the fire has grown to 15 acres. you see the charred land there. there are a few homes in the area in the foothills. one specifically in the upper part of your screen, so far it looks safe from the flames. >> of course, we'll continue to watch it throughout the evening and have full coverage for you tonight at 11:ocho 00. see you then. >> good night.00.
6:57 pm
see you then. >> good nigh0. see you then. >> good night.
6:58 pm
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as her new plan for baby number three is revealed. ready to drop a hundred dprand on a surrogate. >> our scary pregnancy's forced her to make the move n. >> kim and kanye going to extreme measures. >> kanye and i want to look into having a surrogate. >> new details on the demands for whoever carries the baby. "bachelor in paradise" back in action, but who's going back too paradise? we've got the man at the center of the sex scandal, demario jackson. >> tell us if you're going back to mexico. >> now, trending, lady gaga's new man. and h


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