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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 22, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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=laura/4shot= and i )m laura garcia-cannon. =4shot= ad lib toss to weather along the coastline you're still all good this afternoon. looking at san francisco no, i, way rack of fog and it will be a little bit warmer there but not too bad. we're still looking at some upper 70s to low '80s in san francisco, half moon bay 72, san jose will be at 97, morgan hill 101 and we could be hitting as hot as 107 degrees for the interior valleys. so i'll have more on that. we'll take a look at some records in about eight minutes. mike as an issue for san mateo. >> i do. warning for folks traveling 101 right now. you see the speeds moving well.
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we're still tracking the skrash on the shoulder and the truck over in san loren zo. on the peninsula side it is southbound 101 we heard about a truck i think it's a caltrans truck it's block the slow lane and no flashing lights there. be careful out there. hopefully they'll move the truck. but we'll track that. you'll be passing tloult area of the maize just fine look at this travel time, no delays or backup at the bay bridge. back to you. breaking news we continue to following, a neighborhood nurnd a crime scene this morning as police investigate a deadly double shooting in brendwood. >> pete is joining us live from the scene on birbirch street. you were telling us what's happening at the scene. >> they're still processing this scene, that double shooting that turned deadly happening several
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hours nag a very residential part of brentwood. >> i want to show you where we're starnding on the 200 block of birch street. you see the police department as well as brentwood police handling this. but we'll tell you right now as we show you some of the video from the scene earlier. they're saying that the shooting took place just after 11:00 p.m. where we're standing. now when police got to the scene they say two mails were suffering from gun shot wounds and they were eventually pronoubsed dead on the scene. the shooter as a resident in this area and he's in custody being questioned by police but police say at this time he was unharmed during the hoot shooting. take you back out live to the scene here on birch street in brentwood. they say this does not appear to be a random shooting. . doesn't appear to be a public let in but of course we'll continue to monitor the scene and bring another update to you guys at the top of the next hour. thanks for the very latest
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there. it's 5:02. back to our microclimate weather alert this morning from hot to hotter. live look outside to dublin before the sun's big arrival. today is expected to be the peak of this heat waive. two people will have dade from heat-related issues in south bay alone. another death is under investigation this morning. crews are trying to make sure everyone's power stays on. we're live in fremont with ow they're actually preparing this morning. good morning, kris. >> good morning to you laura and sam, safety first i'm going to take my glasses off. we're here at the yard where they're ramping up and they have been all week trying to make sure they're ready go to did any repairs as the her cuery spies spikes to about 107 degree mark today you can see some of the crews all they they just went out of our shot right now. but this yard supplies materials like giant rolls of cable, also
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the transformers that you see up on power lines and down under ground, those you don't see from here all around the bay area up into napa, teeft livermore and down south to fresno, marriesville, they service that facility as well. just yesterday pg&e crews had to replace a transformer that caught fire in campbell. weather wasn't a factor there but about 6,000 homes lost power in the repair. just the day before a tree took out the power line in walnut creek area knocking out power to thousand of people there and that's why crews have been ramping up for this day for the last week. now to head off that kind of problem, pg&e vegetation spectors have been out in the neighborhoods looking for vulnerable tree branches to take down before they fall. >> i can tell you personally they were just in our backyard last week and they're going to dak a couple tree bran ofs down in our backyard as well. the weather team is tracking
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this heat wave as it peaks today. their foc case is little bit different, i'll show you what that's about at 6:00. today in the bay. thank you, kris. >> good to see them being proactive. also dealing with the heat right now, firefighters still mopping up this morning after this brush fire in the san jose foothills. that fire is contained. it's actually burned through about 54 acres. homes were threatened at one point, none of them were damaged, and the investigation right now is under way to find out how it all started. you can track the temperatures and the very latest on this heat wave by downloading our free nbc app. it's a great local resource right on your phone. members will vote today on what the agency calls a safe transit policy meaning sanctuary-type rules for all areas overseen by bart. supporters say the policy would protect riders from federal immigration law and forbid discrimination riders including asking about immigration status. they call it a response to
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anti-immigrant agendas in the same vein as sanctuary cities. we go live now to washington, d.c. where today is the day senate republicans plan on unveiling their healthcare bill. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has been promising to release a draft of this bill today, 9:30 eastern sooim time, 6:30 our time. they say that bill would cut medicaid and increase taxes although different variation frtz house version. republicans and the senate like texas senator john cornyn say the bill will put people at ease. >> all the concerns the people have had about the process will evaporate. >> how the republican leadership know we're not going throw millions off of health insurance in order to give huge tax breaks to the wealthiest people in this country. >> senator bernie sanders already gearing up for a fight on this. stay with nbc news for complete coverage online and on air.
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back to microclimate weather alert. live look outside at emeryville. carrie, people have been bracing for this. you've got to check on the elderly as well, maybe your neighbors. >> especially if you know they don't have air-conditioning'. never leave your pets outside in this kind of weather and even if the kids are outside playing make sure they have lots of water or something cool do like playing in the water. looking at the record high temperatures. in san rafael the record is 99 we're expecting it to get up to 89 degrees so not expect a record there. napa 101 is the forecast with a record of 105. gilroy 102, and record of 110 degrees. looks like a lot of these records will still hold, but nonetheless it's going to be a really hot day. look at the tri-valley expecting a hive 107 degrees while the peninsula will be at 90 with a lot of sunshine. also sunny in zprans, 80 degrees, and 90 in the east bay
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as you look live at fremont. we'll talk about what's ahead for the san jose temperature trend that's coming up in three minutes. mike says the peninsula is all clear. that's right because i was tracking for those of you that caught the last report. that disabled truck somewhere arou around third on 10 '01 has been cleared. now we're looking toward northbound 880 at thornton we have reports of the earlier crash with activity on the shoulder they cleared most of the chp vehicles, one remains pro probably some paperwork and no sloef traffic. no delays from the transit systems, good stuff. remember transit moves normally now but coming into the pride week remember there's the pride parade and bart will have some special trains rung through the area a new schedule there and caltran has adjusted their schedule but make sure have you your alternates because parking will be very tough for the step. golden gate bridge, no fog, it looks like it might be steamy. it's a clear view but look at
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the humidity in the air. back to you. coming up next, tropical storm cindy barreling through the gulf coast this evening. we are live with a close are look in the aftermath. one more reason not go to the mall. we'll tell you all about it when the bay area continues.
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it's 5:12 as the sunrises over san jose we know it's going to be a really hot day. let me show you the temperature trend. at 9:00 we're already up to 79 degrees and some low 90s at lunchtime. you'll want to just stay at the office. we'll see the high temperatures reaching into the upper 90s by early afternoon and it will be slow to cool down this evening. hence the heat advisory in effect for today. we'll talk about where there will be excessive heat warnings and also a look ahead to slightly cooler weekend, that's coming up at 5:18. >> i have a feeling this area of the tri-valley will show up on those high temperature lists. we're looking at no problems as far as travel times. mike, carey thank you very much. an update this morning from
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michigan. the police officer stabbed at the flint airport is in serious but stable condition right now. we brought you coverage of this incident yesterday at the top of our 11:00 newscast. that stabbing being investigate dollarsaans act of terror. suspect is a canadian being entering the united states earlier this month. witnesses report him say god is great in arabic before attacking the police officer. that suspect was arrested shortly after the incident. it is 5:13 today and happening today mourners will pay their last republicans to otto warmbier who died this week six months after being returned from his detention in north korea. they will gather for a funeral service in iowa, ohio. he was studying last year when he was arrested being accused of trying to steal a propaganda poster. he returned in a coma last week. we're getting a picture of
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how travis cal neck lost his job. >> they say he never saw it coming. >> some really solid reporting by those who cover uber and frankly a lot of leaks out of uber as well. the new york times has cal neck was in chicago conducting job interviews for a new uber executive when he was called to a hotel room where two silicon valley venture capitalists with heavy investment in uber were waiting for him and told him it was time to go. apparently traft resisted at first but finally realized it was time for him to resign. president trump will meet with drone manufacturers today. we've seen a list and so for dji is not on it. it's the world's largest drone mark by far but based in china. nike says it will work with amazon to sell nike shoes directly to the consumer no middle man from nike right to amazon warehouses. amazon announced yesterday a program where you can buy several sizes of something just send back what doesn't fit for
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free froo. not having to go to the mall to buy shoes is going to be one more problem for america's shopping malls. analysts from credit suites expects a quarter of all american malls to close down by the year 2022. we were just talking yesterday about amazon as the 800-pound gorilla they are it that try it on at home clothing program. that threat rens companies like stitch fix. today et ceterasy is laying off 20%. about 18 months ago amazon launched its handmade market. wall street interested in health bill that will be revealed today. remember some some people, rich people it's really more about tax cuts than it interhealthcare cuts. dow down. plenty of time to pull this one off, vladimir is going to pick that one up and slam it in. >> nbc is going to show a video came of sports using cars instead of people. it's been on espn, this will abe first for nbc.
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it will be on tell municipal bond doe as well. >> fun to watch somebody play, uh. >> that will be cool, no long air niche industry. back to team right now, tropical storm cindy is blasting through the gulf coast. the storm made landfall early this morning bringing with it high winds, waves, and floods. >> jay joining us live from new orleans this morning with the destruction that it's inflicted an it's not over yet. how's it going there? >> reporter: yeah, you're right, but right now a break from the rain that we've seen over the last few days here and some sunshine, believe it or not. we'll take it. we have been pounded by waves of rain with this system since early yesterday and not only here in new orleans but along the entire central gulf coast. storms spawning, waterspouts, as
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well as tornadoes. and really it's the rain that's defining this system, driving flooding rains. we've had flooding here in new orleans and other areas along the strike zone, the storm unfortunately turning deadly yesterday as well. a 10-year-old boy on vacation with his familiar fli alabama killed when debris hit him thrown along the shoreline by a huge wave created by this storm. now, look, it has made landfall. forecasters warn the danger not over with cindy. it will continue to pose a threat for tornadoes as well as flooding rain as it moves now to the north and east. so everyone still watching closely, but, again, we'll take this break in a beautiful early morning here in new orleans. >> what a difference is it behind you just with the sun shining. >> it is. 5:fen seen it we have our own issues here at home as well. >> it's been tough we've had a couple of deaths acontributed to the heat so big concern.
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>> of course big concerns here and of course we'll be continuing to watch what's happening around the gulf coast as that storm moves inland. we are still tracking tropical storm cindy as we can see now on the radar and all of those red outlines indicate where there are some still tornado watches in effect. and here very familiar with louisiana, i start mid career in laugh yet, louisiana, during the year of hurricane katrina and this is going to cause severe weather. as we bring it back home, looking live from continuer ron this morning, all clear. we're not seeing the dense fog that we saw yesterday morning and that will make all the difference. looking at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen in san francisco, it will be warmer today and for oakland we start out the morning at 64 degrees, 72 already in livermore, and in fairfield 73 so it feels really sticky outside and it will abi have hot day as though high temperatures reach into the triple digits.
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gilroy up to 102 degrees today as we head through the east bay, the delta and the tri-valley, well, antioch up to 107 degrees. palo alto will be up to 94 this afternoon and the embark dare row 74 degrees while in the north bay we'll see those temperature readings widespread over 100 degrees. we do have a lot of heat advisories in effect for all of these areas shaded in orange, that includes some of the interior valleys. but then the farther inland you go that's where the excessive heat warnings will be kicking in for most of the some of the valleys there near san rafael and temperatures rooeching over 100 degrees. >> i want to show you the temperature trend for pleasanton. the high temperature will be at 105 and if you're making plans to get out there, do some gardening, have you some yard work to do or even going for a run, look at 11:00 we're already
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at 98 degrees and seeing those triple digit temperatures for most of the afternoon. so as we go through the rest of the forecast and san francisco will be in the upper 70s, low 80s today and then we'll bring those temperatures much lower for the weekend, highs in the mid-to upper 60s heading into next week it's going to be nice and cool. can't wait for that. while the inland valleys the also have temperatures reaching into low 80s fwhechnext week we to get through that 107 today. mike now has a closer in san jose. i do. we're look to the number of the freeway is lower than that temp, 101 just south of there looking at 880. bass com the ontroofrp ate 880 northbound reports of a disabled vehicle has them closing that on-ramp. you can use the on-ramp just a little closer to the south. we're watching for that issue. but not a problem for the southbound because traffic's so light right now dund have your
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options just a couple-minute delay there. meanwhile as we look at the wave system we're show you coming down from the north drive down in towards san francisco, the purple route, the easiest route but other options. nrks nbc bay area ways were you want that on your team. you bo to your weighs profile on your phone and you hit that magnifying glass in the corporator of the map and then your profile and select your team. you do that, that's how we can share that information back and forth and i can give you those shouts ought out like we've been doing over the past couple weeks. >> weighsing is a team sport. this was just a stunt that did not sit well with people trying to protest. a motorcyclist barreling through a crowd of protesters, many of whom were lying on the ground leaving demonstrators
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shaken. next what punishment is in store for the rider. alarming new research, the study that suggests marijuana use assist linked to car crashes. but first a live look outside from san rafael, some nice red and pink hues in the sky there as the sun is rising and the heat is coming. more news in just two minutes. authorities are not yet saying
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what kind of charges - if any - will be filed .. against a man at 5:24 this morning authorities are not yet saying what kind of charges, if any, will be filed against a dangerous stunt during a protest in san francisco. take a look. you see a man on that motorcycle trying to interrupt a die-in protest in front of the federal building by driving the wrong way through seventh street and through the line of protesters. police arrive quickly and handcuff that motorcyclist. no one was hurt. many were shaken, however, by what happened. >> it was just horrible that people are there saying we have to put a stop to something that's going to kill people and, you know, in that moment people were worried about -- about their lives. >> organizers stage the protest against the senate's proposed healthcare bill. that protest continued following the arrest. all new this morning there's a new study that finds that car crashes are surging in states that allow recreational
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marijuana. the insurance institute for highway safety looked at crash data in colorado, oregon, and washington, all states that have legalized marijuana recreational. they found the kroosh-related insurance claims are 3% higher in states where pot is legal. researchers are still not sure if that increase is coincidence or tied to drivers who are impaired from smoking pot. new cars and trucks are said to be remoe reliable than ever. they've really improved, they say, in the last three years. according to j.d. power and associates of more than 80,000 consumers and their complaints about 2017 mott elds. kia was the brand with the fewest problems for the last two years. the biggest complaints were about driver-assist features like auto drive, lane departure warning and cruise control. reliably hot, it has been that way all week we're under a microclimate weather alert this morning as the heat intensifies. any sign of relief? >> a little bit as we head into
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early next week, but it will be gradual. as we take a live look outside, starting out in the 70s and hitting the triple digits today and should be the last day you'll see widespread 1 hungry readings for the inland valleys. i'll have more on this, what you can expect coming up next. today's hot weather expected to put another strain on the electrical grid. we'll take you live to full sum for a look at the facility responsible for keeping your lights on.
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continues this morning.. now in it )s sixth day.. microclimate weather alert tinds this morning. the heat now in its sixth day. a live look outside of dublin and san jose this morning ahead of what is expected to be the hottest day yet. hopefully you've been surviving it. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> hopefully you have some place cool to go here. urt mentioned the inland valleys and excessive heat warnings in effect for today. >> that's right. that's where the temperatures willing the hottest reaching as high as 107. as we look at the temperature trend for san jose we start out the morning already with some very humid and sticky kinz. our temperatures in the low 70s by 8:00 and we'll be in the upper 90s by 4:00 today. had is when you want to try to find somewhere nice and cool to relax as we go into the final day of this really intense heat wave.
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it's going to be up to 78 degrees in san francisco, much cooler as we head through the rest of the forecast. 107 degrees for some of the hot spots around the bay area. i'll talk more about that and a like ahead to the weekend forecast in seven minutes, but mike is track a new crash heading into livermore. that's right. that's n issue with the rest of the bay very light and easy. we're still tracking the krosh at 880 thornton. but grant line reports of a crash that may be blocking part of one lane so you may want to stay over to your right. sounds like it's in the center divide. and slowing here as you merge off of 205 from 580. typical area and pattern for the slowing but again we'll track that. a smooth drive on your travel times getting over toward the bay bridge where the toll plaza does have the backup because the metering lights were turned on at 5:26 so the backup does fill in your approach. back to you. thank you, mike. back to our microclimate weather alert this morning, our heat wave continuing to smack the bay
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area. >> today we're expected to have our hottest day yet. it comes after two people have already died from the heat. all from the heat-related issues that happened this week in the south bay. another death investigation tied to the heat is under investigation, i should say, this morning. >> in the meantime, the heat also prompting a spare the air alert for today as soaring temperatures and stagnate air are creating unhealthy conditions and we could have another day of power outages. >> is he sent bob riddell to folsom to show us the strength that the hot weather is having on the power grid. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning. we're here in folsom outside the california independent system operator also knowns at is so you see it behindmy. you see it is a secure facility because what's going on inside is so crucial in helping to keep the power on in the golden state. the workers at the iso managed the flow of electricity that runs through about 80% of
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californians transmission lines. on a hot day like today it's trying to make sure that more people have electricity as they turn on their air-conditioning. they're asking us to conserve energy. today, there is no flex alert issued as demand is expected to be about 8,000 mega watts less. coming up in an hour we're going to take you live in the facility with a look at the control room where every five minutes workers are forecasting demand for the state and making sure those electrical needs are met in the bay area and throughout the rest of california. reporting live in full som, bob riddell. >> thank you very much pnchts 5:33 right now. today's extreme heat is going to stop opening day in its tracks for thorough borrowed horse operation at alameda's county fair. instead of kicking off today, the racing is going to begin tomorrow when the temperatures are supposed to be a little bit cooler. if you plan on wagering on the
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ponies you should check the schedule because there are some days between now and july 9th when the track is going to stay dark. you can track the heat by downloading our free nbc app. we're also following breaking news in the east bay this morning where two men have died in a double shooting in brentwood. this is a live look at the scene this morning where police are looking for evidence on birch street near brentwood boulevard. shooting happened a little before midnight. police say a gunman say resident in that area and there was some sort of altercation, but they're not say in the gunman has been arrest order will be charged. pete is there right now talking to police. weal he'll join us with a live update at the top of the hour. 5:34, san francisco police chief wants to arm officers with stun guns or tasers but the only problem is there's strong opposition from the public. the chronicle reports says the tool will prevent escalations. yesterday the police commission held the meeting considering the
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use of tasers. the department of justice recommended the use of tasers following the shoout shooting death of mario woods by officers in 2015. san francisco police, the only major force in the country without tasers. the iconic rainbow flag flying high on the cornerer of castro long has been a symbol of the gay community for four decades. some people are looking to change that symbol. the issue here is that it's missing the colors black and brown. philadelphia add those colors to its flag this year and now some in san francisco want do the same thing including a friend of the man who created that flag. gilbert baker who passed away a few months ago originally wanted more colors. people on the street were mixed about changing the flag. >> the gueye flag is supposed to be a rainbow of inclusiveness. there's not a white ban on it so why do we need a black and brown on it. >> when it comes to our own community we're in bubble and boxes and we don't want toy think confront that issue.
5:36 am
>> no official word if the castro sflag going to change. the flag was first commissioned by san francisco supervisor harvey milk back in the 1970s. >> all right. let's take a look at your commute. a very pleasant drive right now looking at speeds just changing from green to yellow and back to green, few slower vehicles around the bay. over in the tri-valley looking over toward highway 84 we have that construction and closure right there off of ids isabel and that's showing a point of congestion as you would expect. no problems over here with the castro valley wye key point looking great right now. east bay drive times are looking good as well. no slowing for the tri-valley or off the castro valley y as you just saw on the map. get a quick look on the san mateo bridge air nice smooth drive leer. it will probably get crowd west farther west on 92 headed toward half moon bay.
5:37 am
>> on the road kind of headed towards 17 yesterday, little backup there i noticed. little bit. >> little bit. >> little hazy out there right now but we good see the weekend in our sites. what do we call today. >> friday eve. yes, it's going to be so good to have some slightly lower temperatures after dealing with a week of triple digit heat. well take a look at saturday's inland forecast. thin concludes the interior valleys and the south bay. we're up to 92 degrees so that's doing much better than 107. and for the bay, 81 degrees and the coast will be at 70 degrees. so still a hot spot or a good place to be. heading into sunday's forecast, it will be in the upper 60s along the coast as the fog rolls back in. the bay will be at 80 degrees and the inland forecast up to 88 degrees. looking at a lot of big events going on this weekend return clugd the pride festival on saturday in san francisco and the weather will be absolutely perfect reaching into the low
5:38 am
70s with mostly is sunny skies and by 6:00 we're at 68 degrees so no need for a heavy jacket. and looking at sonoma in the forecast there will be bright and sunny and not too hot 349 we will be at 72 degrees at nooen noontime. as the race will be ending it will be 87 degrees starting to heat up. if you'll be hitting the road and heading to yosemite this weekend it will be in the upper 70s but a chance of thunderstorms on sunday most likely as you're driving back to the bay area. if you're going down ton l.a. we'll see those temperatures in the low 70s for tomorrow and then in the upper 70s by the end of the weekend. and also another place you might want to head but maybe not, pass as robles will be up to 102 degrees in weekend as we bring it back home we'll take a look at the temperature trend for san jose. that's coming up in three minutes. >> thank you very much. coming up drivers puz 8d, the strange new crosswalks
5:39 am
creating confusion on south bay streets. we get a look at the senate's healthcare bill, that's coming today. we'll tell you all about it when today in the bay continues. ♪ ♪
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it's 5:41 a clear sunrise around the bay area and it's going to be a really hot day. in fact, the hottest day we've seen so far. and as we take a look at the temperature trend for willow glen getting out there going for a run, getting some outdoor activities done, you'll want to did it early. at 9:00 we'll be at 77 degrees
5:42 am
and continuing to heat up quickly from there. lunchtime temperatures 91 degrees spot you'll most likely just want to stay inside with your sandwich and not take it outside. we're going to see those temperatures rising into the mid to upper 90s today. i'll have a look at what's ahead as we go into some slightly cooler weather for the weekend. that's coming up at 5:47. >> and a crash just reported in the bay bridge toll plaza in your farthest right fast track lane that's where you see this darkered color flatbed dough truck. those things are moving smoothly so i think the things are clear but i'll give you the update coming up. have you seen these lights they just installed? they're confuse a lot of drivers. yellow means prepare to stop because a pedestrian is waiting to cross. two reds mean stop. but the blinking reds come on about the time pedestrians are done crossing. drivers can go in the crosswalk is clear. but it turns out many drivers are just not getting it. >> there were cars that still if they see no pedestrian on the
5:43 am
walk road they just pass. >> i just don't know what do, stop or keep going. >> there are four intersections in assistant an clara that have these lights now. san jose and san francisco have them as well. they are cheaper than the traditional traffic signal. >> all right. a question in our morning, could you consider voting for a salds tax increase if it meant you would help caltrain cover its operating costs? that's what's before legislatures roit now. a new bill is moving through sacramento. it allow them to place a 1 eighth cent tax on right now caltrain draws money from all three of those, but it's on a voluntary contribution basis from all three of those counties. that tax measure would had a regular fupding stream to the system. >> 5:43, the president says i wants more money in the senate's new healthcare reform bill. >> it's not clear the president has seen the version of the senate's bill. >> that's true. several people were tasked with
5:44 am
writing the bill say they haven't seen it but that all changes today. senators are expected to bring a draft of the bill to light. we don't know what's in it but logically it will have to include huge spending cuts to medicaid. senators need to make spending cuts in order to clear the way for later tax cuts under the reconciliation rules. the bill, as we understand it, has been carefully crafted to please as many senators as possible, with you that means it's fate is tenuous. it would just take a couple of senators to change their mind and the sbil debill is dead whi certainly one of the reasons no one's seen it yet. a number of healthcare providers ansd companies are worried about it enough they sent a letter to mitch mcconnell, the ama and aarp have spoken out against the house version as well. remember on the campaign trail donald trump promised there would be no cuts, none whatsoever to medicaid. in an interview with "60
5:45 am
minutes" trump called for universal healthcare. he was in iowa wednesday rallying supporters and talking about the wall. >> and we're thinking of something that's unique. we're talking about the southern border. lots of sun, lots of heat. we're thinking about building the wall adds a solar wall so it creates energy and pays for it self. [ cheers and applause ] >> and this way mexico will have to pay much less money. >> mr. trump also criticized wind power, perhaps not fully appreciating iowa actually uses wind power more than any other state in the united states. iowa gets nearly a third of its electricity from wind mills. democrats are calling for a new strategy after their defeat in georgia this week. there have been calls for nancy pelosi to step down as house minority leader after republican candidate karen handel took the georgia special election. now, pelosi had no specific role
5:46 am
in the georgia election, but the california democrat is often a target of southerners and others who see her as an arc type liberal. here's an ad that ran against jon osoff the democratic candidate in georgia. >> osoff will vote with nancy pelosi for more spend, bigger government, and a weaker military. don't let them hijack our congressional seat. >> we're on the movement to replace pelosi coming up at 7:00. as always we're interested in what you think. you can reach me at my desk on twitter at scott ma grew. thank you very much. baseball equipment can be very expensive for your kids. two bay area high school students have hit a home run stepping up to the plate to give back. they attend the monta vista high school. last year they started something called head first, be on the field to slayer their love of
5:47 am
baseball with underprivileged youth. they collected some $4,000 worth of items which they delivered yesterday to the concord giants baseball team. >> it's a great experience because we get to see different people in different areas and help them out. what we also do is try to teach leadership off of the field not just on it. >> they're doing just by doing this. about a half a dozen teams in concord's division will get that item. it includes a pair of steph curry's underarm more shoes. the kids mighting fighting over those. >> i was going to stay major points. >> they fit me. >> no, they fit me. >> you have a little slugger, a little basketball player you're going to want to be careful with your kids outside today. >> yeah. >> keep them in. >> probably so. unless you have a pool under some shade, i think that's only going to be the route go today. somewhere with some water, air-conditioning, or just try to stay cool in all of this heat. let's talk about some records today as we take a live look outside at san jose and some of
5:48 am
the records that will be very close to but i don't think we'll set any new ones here in the in san hoe say the record high is 101 degrees. the forecast today is for 97. livermore 106, the record is 1 thaen was setback in 1961. we have a lot of long-standing records here that do not looktor in danger at this point but nonetheless it's going to be a really hot day and we've had to deal with this heat for so long that now devote have excessive heat warnings in effect for a lot of inland valleys, the tri-valley, delta, extending over toward the central valley and also some excessive heat warnings for some of the hills along the pins lab and in the north bay. so as we continue on with this very hot weather reaching the peak today and looking at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen now in the east bay you can see how these start to trend down a bit. in pleasant tob 107, 90 in the peninsula, san francisco at 80 degrees today for the high temperature, and looking live at the north bay from continue ber
5:49 am
ron the high temperature will be 104 degrees. if you're getting ready, you of course we talked about swimming, maybe you want to make it a beach day so don't forget to the pack the swim trunks and also the bathing suits, sandals today definitely in order and if you have to work maybe grab grab a hat to give you shade today. and the sun glasses, clean those off and take them with you as we'll continue to see nothing but sunshine. and if you will be head together ballpark you definitely need a hat or something to try to protect your head and some sun screen today as we see those temperatures rising into the mid 80s. it will be very warm out there at the coliseum. think about some mid 80s and not a lot of wind and it's going to be very uncomfortable and it will be one of those midday games that will be very hot to feel as we go into the next several days, we are in for some cooler temperatures looking at san francisco and we'll be dipping in low 60s early next week and while we have 60s along the coast, it will be in the low 80s.
5:50 am
so we just have to get through a few more days of this really dangerous heat. today the peak of it and then it's all down hiel from hooel here. head over to mike you're updating the crash at the bay bridge. that's right. as we took the live shot last time i talked about no slowing that showed up on our camera and that crash did clear quickly over to the shoulder just a minor fender bender. so the bay bridge all the way down a typical traffic for this time day on a thursday in the summertime. upper east shore freeway, north bay look at these drives, all green centers, just some slowing for west 37 heading out of vallejo and going to get crowded over toward sonoma race way. we're going to look two he was and s -- toways. folks might be making a get away that might be unexpectedly slow
5:51 am
and other route that mops out is about twice as long, over twice as long but it might want to be an option for you because at least it moves, enjoy the evening drive perhaps, investigate that the on yourways application, on your phones and make sure you're a member of our team so we can share that information and you can benefit from all the experiences of others. let's look over here toward your profile and select teams with the waysers, that's the team to join and share that information with you. >> thank you. an intense rescue of the dirt biker in california. his amazing or deal and why had he to wait 12 hours to be rescued. the first happening right now, break news a 6.8 preliminary magnitude quake has hit off the pacific coast of guatemala. this happened just minutes ago. that could be felt in kwaut mall pa city. no reports of injury or damage but we'll bring you more information as soon as we have it. also happening today, the church of evening dpland admits
5:52 am
to hiding sexual abuse of boys. the head of the church says that the religious institution actually helped to hide evidence and that the church did not help those who were brave enough to come forward. be back with more news on this thursday in just two minutes. also happening today, the ♪ introducing the new sleep number 360 smart bed. the only bed smart enough to change sleep as we know it. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you comfortable.
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and snoring... does your bed do that? right now save on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, it's the lowest prices of the season with savings of $500 on our most popular p5 bed.
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alert this morning
5:55 am
5:54 right now. welcome back to you. we are in the microclimate weather alert this morning once again as we prepare for the hottest day in this heat wave so far. take a live look at dublin this morning, expected to hit 105 degrees today. >> on that note, laura, if you work outside here's some good information to flow. your employer is required to follow certain laws to protect you from the heat. the laws are called high-heat precautions and they are specifically designed to protect workers where outdoor work is required like construction for example the. regulations take effect as soon as the temperature reaches 95. by law employers have to offer free water, shade breaks, and make sure that employees are paired up so that they can monitor each other in the event there are signs of heat ailments. they explain why the regulations were created. >> workers outdoors during periods of high heat are expose dollars to the has aurds of heat-related illness. those include heat exhaustion which could rapidly progress toe
5:56 am
heatstroke which can be fatal. >> those laws apply to jobs in landscape, gas extraction, certain sectors of transportation and agriculture. agriculture workers are required to take a ten-minute break every two hours. be careful out there. caltrain could start using surveillance cameras to keep pedestrians off the track. according to the palo alto weekly, they did approve a $1.4 million contract this week to create a video manage meant system to monitor the tracks. that system would use infrared technology to detect when somebody goes on the tracks and sentd send an alert to the caltrain and law enforcement. this means the track watch program would be phased out back in 2009 caltrain hired guards to monitor tracks in response to the spike in teenage suicides on train tracks. >> 5:56. dramatic rescue to show new a remote ravine in el dorado county. they show crews rug a dirt
5:57 am
biker. he had driven off a damaged road. he was actually stuck there for more than 12 hours. tough to get to him. the rider was said to be on a camping trip with family when he went for a ride on saturday night. he said he knew the roads well but he hadn't been on them since the heavy winter storm. >> he didn't realize a large section of the road had gotten washed out so he's came around the corner, that section of road's gone, he couldn't stop, drops about 30 feet. >> obviously had some grace going on for him. >> a lot of grace there. his family found him the next morning, they called for help. the area is considered so remote the chp helicopter had to land nearby. you can see why. rescuers then climbed down that ravine and pulled the rider to the ride. the good news here is he is expected to make a full recovery and some memories there he'll probably never forget, sam. >> absolutely, i'm sure. big hugs from his family when he gets back home as well. it's pride week here in the bay area. the lgbt rainbow flag is going
5:58 am
to be flying proudly. a ceremony will be held in a few hours. all of that happening at 10:00 this morning. if you're looking to add a new member to the family you're in luck. if you're looking for a. he, the service shelters right now offering free adoptions for hundreds of pets in the next few weeks. they're trying to open up some space in the july 4th holiday. we know there's a number of pets who escape and get lost on the 4th of july holiday large by because they're scared by fireworks shows. the san jose shocks are emerging from the if nhl tracks. they chose david shell neckco during yesterday's draft. one player acquired from each of the third current nhl teams. some of those players could be traded as soon as today.
5:59 am
sa neck doughco spent one season with the sharks. he scored 18 points in 62 games. a special tribute during the women's congressional softball game in washington, d.c. the capital police officer who was injured in the congressional baseball practice shooting we told you about earlier this month actually threw out the first pitch there. several female members of congress from both political parties took on the women of washington, d.c. press corps in the game. leeian cold well and casey hunt were on the press team and nb's andrea mitchell was onhand to do a little play by play there. >> meet the press. >> yeah. >> that would be a good question i'm sure they called it a tie. there's no ties in baseball. right now it's 6:00. breaking news out of east bay. an active scene, two people were shot and killed overnight. what led up to this incident. plus getting ready for the hottest day the week. the steps pg&e crews taking to
6:00 am
make sure you don't lose your air-conditioning if you even have it as it paekds today. and all caught on camera, a re-dramatic chain reaction crash in southern california. what a motorcyclist did to start the entire econsequence of events. today in the bay continues right now. and welcome in on this thursday morning, friday eve as we call it around here, and thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock sfwr and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we will all be hot this afternoon as it's going to be a warm one today. >> it's going to be really hot for the inland valleys and we've had to deal with this all week long. looking at those temperatures today, that could reach as hot as 107 degrees. well, as we get a look at the forecast today and looking live outside right now ator and reservoir at morgan hill the high temperature there will be up to 101 degrees. looking at the the cast overwe start out at 60 degrees and high temperatures reaching into the upper 70s to low 80s and the


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