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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 22, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: witness said he heard an explosion and the next thing he saw were smoke and flames. >> sparks from the car came up the hill and burned down our fences and came to our homes. >> reporter: four homes were damaged. crews had to cut a hole on the rooftop of one of the homes. fire captain said some of the damage could be avoided. >> if that was open, these wouldn't have taken any damage. we came from columbus and we were the first engine with water. we came from columbus and 80. >> reporter: so having it closed hurt you guys. it is warm out here but the wind
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is the enemy right now. crews will be on scene probably all night long. >> thank you. those flames may be dying down in vallejo, but concern about possible plaer up. jeff ranieri. >> right now, the northwest is 16. so that is a concern and watching hot spots closely. looking at the neighborhood, areas that need to be on alert is wellington place, bayhurst. 83 degrees, humidity. winds stays possibly as high as
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15 miles per hour. who hit 108? coming up shortly. >> this was swift work to protect those homes. cal fire aircraft dropping retardant. some of the homes that you can see down below are pink with fire retardant. not a bad trade-off. just how close the flames came to the homes. backyard fences right there next to those homes. michelle roberts is also with us. how many people were home during the fire and what were they being told? >> reporter: people were allowed to stay in their homes some people went out and picked up a hose and do what they can. it could have been much worse. the road has been closed all afternoon and it just opened up.
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you are asked not to use the ac until some of the smoke subsides. >> it was crazy. i thought my home was about to burn down. >> he said he grabbed a garden hose and starting spraying the fence line. >> it took ten mpts to get from there to up here. you get out and meet your neighbors every year when these fires happen. this is by far the worst one. >> reporter: four home where is damaged. he is grateful his mom's house was okay. >> so much smoke. >> reporter: he said he used the hose to knock down the flames in the backyard and was lucky the fire didn't spread further. neighbors are hoping cal trance or the city will invest in a
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retaining wall to prevent future fires from starting like this again. >> back up to sky ranger. this is a live look. we mentioned the traffic. what you are looking at there, is the approach to the carquinez breach. 80 eastbound is jammed pack as you approach vallejo. any updates on the traffic and the fire we will be passing along. >> the heat isn't the only rising in the south bay neighborhood. pg&e chose today to cut off their power for repairs. this is the same neighborhood where an elderly woman died from heatway. damian, it is almost baffling
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that they wouldn't call it off. >> reporter: that's right, the victim died. she was 80-years old. pg&e said they needed to turn the power off. she lived in this san jose home until she died gardening in this heat wave. >> a sweet little lady and friendly and an inspiration. >> reporter: pg&e crews were on her street cutting off the power on her street. neighbors insisted the job could have waited. in a statement, pg&e said it did cancel several planned outages today because of the heat but utilities said they had to replace a pole because heat could have made matters worse. quote, we planned our work in
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the morning to complete before temperatures rising in the afternoon. this is a letter pg&e sent out to some residents a few weeks ago. it also states that unsafe weather conditions may force them to cancel the job. pg&e did finish the job in four hours and returned power this afternoon. pg&e also apologized for the quote inconvenience, but said they simply needed to make the emergency repairs. i am damian trujillo nbc 7 news. >> thank you. police are handing out water and pamphlets with cooling center locations and also symptoms of what heat illness looks like. >> the heat is slowing the commute of cal train riders.
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trains will be moving at slower speeds. impact riding from san ma teo to san jose. we mentioned the good news in all of this. the heat wave is peeking. this is a live look at walnut creek. we are under the spare the air alert. hazy conditions from our traffic cam in freemont. how much of a cool down in these next hours? >> slow cool down. but eventually we are looking at about a 20-degree drop. today it was up as hot as 108 in walnut creek. take a look at the average column here as temperatures anywhere from 20 to 25 degrees
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above where we should be. all due to hot high pressure sitting right on top of the bay area right now. we are still under this excessive heat warning for contra costa and alameda counties until 9:00 p.m. tonight. still drink plenty of water. the cool down is on the way. we are tracking it all signs pointing towards, at least, a ten to 20-degree drop. >> despite today's blazing temperatures the flex alert haven't been issued. we went to cal isoto find out. they said it is a lot to tell californians to lower their temperatures when it is so hot.
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cal iso thinks it has enough electricity to meet the demands. >> we have enough for these hot days. >> they caution even though there is no flex alert, it can change at any moment so you are being asked to continue to conserve electricity. all you need is our app, so download it. >> reporter: two men are dead after a shooting in brentwood. why police say it is a big deal. >> reporter: republicans senators reveal their health care plan. the changes you may see to your coverage if this happens. traffic is backed up all the way
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toward pinole -- 9 miles. another look at the fire in vallejo. you are looking at the origin that sparked the fire. the car fire that turned into a hillside fire. what you can see is the backup. this is 80 in vallejo coming up from the car keen ez bridge.
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this is a peak of a nightmare when it comes to traffic. the fire started this afternoon in the area of vallejo. but the biggest impact is to this traffic jam. four homes were damaged to certain respect. but now, the biggest impact right now is dealing with the traffic and as you saw earlier, the fire trucks are still blocking the area near the toll plaza where the fire initially occurred. in a quiet city of brentwood, two people are dead shot by a homeowner of a botched robbery. laura joins us from details. >> reporter: this happens on a street behind me. they targeted a specific house
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and it cost them their lives. moments after shots rang out at his neighbor's house. what started out as a home invasion robbery ended with two men dead shot by the homeowners. >> two adult males in their 30s. >> reporter: one of those men died in his front yard. he had a mask on his face. the eyes and the nose and mouth cut out. he was bleeding out of hiss mouth. >> reporter: the attempted robbers had a gun and it appears to be self defense. >> in any situation, it is very unfortunate. >> reporter: police say these are the first homicide brentwood had seen since 2012.
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>> brentwood is a safe community. >> reporter: nickols agrees. >> i seen him, and he was shuck up. >> reporter: police say the homeowner was voluntarily detailed and later release. reporting live from brentwood laura malpert. >> health care not wealth care, that was a slogan as doctors rallied to oppose the senate news health care. medical staff who have rallied today who say obamacare wasn't perfect but it was working. >> and nearly 35% of our
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patients came here and got insured. after the nca, 3% of uninsured. >> they also say the cuts to medicaid will leave too many families without any health care coverage. the new plan unveiled by senate republicans are already coming under fire even by members of their own party. >> reporter: well jessica, here it is, all 142 pages of this bill and much of what is inside is actually making changes to obamacare, not a full repeal. so so it appears that may be enough to sink the bill. >> let us right now, democrats and republicans sit down and try to come up with a bipartisan
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bill. >> if i thought that was a sincere offer, i would take it in a minute, a new york minute, but it is not. >> reporter: and the fight spilling in the halls of congress. senate republicans unveiling their secretly written health care plan. with four jgop senators say the oppose the bill. >> it looks like a reiteration or a keeping of baobamacare. krp changes gradually deepening cuts to medicaid. what does it keep? coverage for pre existing conditions, states cannot opt out and kids can remain on their parent's insurance until age 26. also tax credits based on
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income. republican leaders and the president say this is just a draft for plenty of times for changes. but the clock is ticking. republicans leaders want this passed before july 4th. what is unknown is how many are -- >> trump finally giving a direct answer. he admitted he doesn't have recordings of conversations with former fbi director james comey. sending out two tweets. mr. trump initially suggested there may be recordings of his conversations with comey in the
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wake of comey's controversial firing. >> half moon bay, one of the coolest spots in the area. people enjoyed the waves and the cool conditions there. temperatures topping out at a nice 63 degrees. very refreshing. >> i can feel it coming off the screen. >> and we have peaks. >> little comfort in knowing that the hottest temperatures were today and right into this weekend, temperatures continuing to cool down. >> now i want to put it into perspective, the hot temperatures we have. in livermore the hottest june temperature ever was 109 degrees. today we got to 105. so not quite the hottest june temperature ever, but certainly
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close and nonetheless dangerously hot out here. so you will be happy to see what i am going to show you next. in san francisco as the fogs beginning to win out over the heat. low layer of marine layer that is going to be building back. right now 70 in san francisco. humidity at 57%. 60 on the way. more relief as we head into the morning forecast for friday, 69 to start in the south bay. and on the coast 66. and erlg fog to start. and east bay we are looking at 66. micro climate forecast as we head to friday. temperatures go down four to seven degrees. noticeable in the south bay. 94 in loss gattos and 90
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downtown san jose. 108-degree in walnut creek. tomorrow drop down to 97 degrees. and back towards oakland, 81. 88 in pallo allo. and more nice beach weather in half moon bay. 64. that is the spot to go. san francisco, 74 in the mission. 68 in marina. going to be a beautiful day for you. napa, 93 degrees. changes coming this weekend. that is going to allow this cooler flow to push into the bay. so the first change we will see as we head into the weekends, increasing cloud coverage this afternoon. in terms of our forecast in san francisco, you can see the cloud
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cover increasing saturday and 60s here on sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week. down to 88 as we head into sunday's forecast. both saturday and sunday, watching nearby showers and thunderstorms. close eye for you on the forecast models. and no 90s and no 100s next week. no way. no how. >> thanks for the good news. >> protecting all riders no matter where they are from. move by b.a.r.t. to show for undocumented immigrants here in the bay area. an art piece and tribute for the
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creator of the iconic rainbow happening now on our home page preparing for pride, an art piece and tribute for the creator of the iconic rainbow flag, gilbert baker died. a whale spotted. check out the video. we are back in a moment. ♪ ♪
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providing safe transit, b.a.r.t. helping protect undocumented immigrants. during today board of directors meeting, leaders passed a measure that b.a.r.t. officers will not -- prove their citizen. some backlash for some who say it is a distraction by b.a.r.t. >> they want brownie points and not -- the misrepresented people. >> no policy goes into effect immediately. >> a win for san francisco in its ongoing battle with uber. a judge ruling that uber must hand over its contact information. the city will use the info to
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determine if driver's purchased a business -- most powerful members of
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congress. ==take vo== nancy pelosi strikes back against critics calling for her to step aside as the face of the democratic party.
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fierce words. nancy pelosi -- why she says her hometown of france makes her a target. that story and more tonight. >> we all know it is hot outside and even the zoo animals are tired of the heat. check this out. that is a horn-build bird trying to cool down. doing a bunch of other stuff like this too, freezing juices and giving it to them. >> if we were all so lucky to have that response. >> this is a look at our sky ranger heading over the bay and jeff, that is our natural air-conditioning coming. >> yes. i never get tired of looking at that. and you will see on the seven-day forecast. once we hit sunday, down from
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ten to 20 degrees. >> thanks for joining us. >> bye-bye. the senate republican healthcare plan unveiled and under fire. major cuts to medicaid and tax cuts for the wealthy. what it means for millions of american families. trump's admission. after his veiled threat to comey, the president finally admits there are no tapes, after a 41-day drama. a cosby juror speaks, taking us inside the jury room. why were they unable to reach a verdict? record robocall fine. calls that look like they're from a local phone number claiming you've won a free hotel stay. the feds cracking down on the company behind them. and preventing alzheimer's. how doctors think you might be able to give yourself an edge in the fight. "nightly news" begins right now.


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