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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 22, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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palo alto o and senators. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us. concord hit 105 degrees. believe it or not, this was not the hottest temperature today, that goes to walnut creek at 108 degrees. alamo 107. pleasanton 105. all due to hot high pressure sitting on top of the bay area. you can see in our weather under ground micro climate current temperature map, we are still at a scorching 104 in brentwood. 98 in alamo and over in orrinda
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88. the bigger changes in the works is by this weekend. hot high pressure moves to the south and a ten to 20-degree drop. >> we will continue to see you. now to what was a very dangerous situation in vallejo. a car august on fire on the freeway and those gleams spread to nearby brush. firefighters did get a handle on it. and we begin with cheryl hurd. >> reporter: well the wind is starting to pick up again, and this fire is 100% contained 40 acres burned. crews are still on the scene making sure all of the hot spots
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are out. fire started this afternoon putting the neighborhood in a panic. wind and hot weather were not on their side. >> we could have lost the whole neighborhood. >> reporter: fire breaking out at 1:00 this afternoon. thick vegetation kept the fire burning. >> it stopped it along the fence where the houses are. but the fences were on fire. >> reporter: fire captain said some could be avoided he blames the closure of station 26. >> we came all the way from columbus and this is the first engine or apparatus with water. came from columbus and 80. >> the fire got from the freeway to here in about eight minutes.
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>> reporter: one witness said a car fire sparked the blaze. >> came to ourouses and burned down our fences and the back of our homes. >> reporter: it has happened before? >> years and years. >> many streets were blocked off. firefighters and officials say people can come back to their homes. >> that is good news for all of those people. thank you. michelle roberts is also in that neighborhood. michelle, what happened there? >> reporter: they worked together. they say unfortunately, this has happened before, this fire today was the worst they have seen. but thankfully none of them were destroyed. >> hard for the fire department keep up with it. >> reporter: neighbors in vallejo say it took about ten
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minutes for the flames to move up the hill from i-80. when he saw the flames getting closer to his neighbor's house. >> i feel sorry for my neighbors. could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: he says unfortunately brush fires along 80 have been an annual tradition. >> you meet your neighbors. unfortunately this is the worst one. >> reporter: if it weren't for people like this man, it would have been worse. he says the smoke was so thick, he could barely see but was able to knock down the flames whipping through the backyard in
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order to save his mom's house. neighbors are hoping caltrans or the city will build a retaining wall from the highway to protect them from future fires along the road. reporting live from vallejo i am michelle roberts nbc news. >> thank you michelle. when people lost power because pg&e cut off their power to do scheduled repairs. damian is live in san jose. this is the same area where someone died in that area because of the heat. the timing is off. >> reporter: the power has been off and neighbors said they were warned the fire would be off. others say they had no idea pg&e would shut off the powers on the
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hottest days of year. >> cold shower which was good and bad. you know, but my little border collie is in the house and she is hot. but that upsets me. >> reporter: this is the same street where su jordan died. >> very sad. >> reporter: neighbors say the intentional outage seems to add insult to tragedy. they said pg&e could have planned better. >> i guess they could have waited a couple of days. >> reporter: but pg&e said they couldn't wait and did cancel other planned outages because of the heat. they said they had to replace a rotting. they said we planned our worked in the morning to complete it before temperatures rise this
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afternoon. we are kmieted to informing -- this is a letter pg&e sent out to residents including a note that unsafe weather conditions may force them to cancel. the lights were on in about four hours. they said they do apologize for any inconvenience. live in south san jose i am dame mean trujillo. >> high temperatures have trains moving at slower states. they did not say how slow those trains will be operating. you can track the potentially dangerous heat at any time by downloading our app. it let's you track the heat alert and a personalized forecast right on your
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smartphone. >> from washington, d.c. to san francisco, a vocal day. you see medical staff rallying against the senate's new health care bill which was unveiled today. protesters say obamacare was working well. they say nearly 35% of patients were uninsured and that number has dropped to 3% according to that hospital. whatever happens in washington, fien finding the right health care could be difficult. could artificial intelligence come to the rescue? nbc 7 scott budman says it could help. >> reporter: thanks in part by a silicon startup that says artificial intelligence may be able to make your treatment
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smarter. health care is a big worry for a lot of people. add in politics and you have even more uncertainty. >> we won't know until it actually happen and my theory it would be too late for some people. >> i am hoping they will work something out but not hopeful at the moment. >> patients are worried about access. >> reporter: working to tame the health care monster one bit of data at a time. >> we can learn about new ways of providing better health care. >> reporter: his company uses artificial intelligence to better focus on patient care. matching patient data with health care in a way amazon matches customers to products.
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more efficient health care at a lower cost. >> help make the treatment decisions to say patients like you who have diabetes and kidney disease, we know this particular regiment works better. >> reporter: how to make sense of health care complications and make patients feel better. as those patients and doctors wait on the new bill, investors seem to already have voted sending health care stock indexes to all time high. they seem the new bill will bring more money to the sector. two people shot and killed in a normally quiet neighborhood what led to the deadly scene in the east bay. >> chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i will let you know exactly how hot on the friday forecast and when we get to substantial
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cooling. people in the east bay and south bay decided to beat the heat with a quick drive to san francisco or one even cooler city. we will tell you where that was. late last night, a homeowner
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caught two men breaking into his house.. and opened fire. home invasion anyboin the e bay turns deadly. a homeowner caught two men breaking into his house and he
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opens fire with his gun. laura joining us live from brentwood. >> reporter: police say the suspects targeted a specific house on this street and cost them their lives. frame by frame, reggie nickholes shows us. what started out as a home invasion robbery ended with two men dead shot by the homeowner. >> who adult males in his 30s. >> nichols says one of those men died in his front yard. >> he had a mask on his face. >> reporter: the suspected robbers had a gun when
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attempting to break in. the shooting appears to be a case of self defense. >> doesn't appear to be criminal neg glijens. >> brentwood is a safe community. these incidents are few and far between. >> reporter: nihe agrees. police are investigating this case and are not yet releasing the names of the suspect. reporting live from brentwood. >> a police chase forced a san bruno school on going into lock down. school isn't in session, but the faculty was there. some staff as well as day care class. police officers did catch one suspect. but a second person remains on
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the run. we are turning now to micro climate weather alert. if you can't handle the heat, head to the coast. the shores of san francisco, half moon bay, and santa cruz were the coolest places to be. cristie? >> reporter: the fog is a welcome sight to the beach. we ran into people from places like concord, brentwood, even san jose. at baker beach in san francisco, families set up on the sand to enjoy a breezy afternoon. >> hot. so hot that we really can't go outside. so yeah. especially with the little ones.
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>> reporter: larry bickford from san jose briefly considered heading to santa cruz. >> the traffic was stopped. >> reporter: he chose half moon bay instead. where he found the coolest temperature of any bay area city. 63 degrees. >> cool day. enjoying being here. >> reporter: swimming is strongly discouraged. the national park service ocean rescue service talking to visitors. >> all of our beaches inherently have strong rip currents and strong rip tides. we don't have life guards at our beaches for a reason. >> reporter: they recommend stinson beach in marin. sitting on the shore was hard to beat. now a number of people told us
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they came to the city today because they don't have air-conditioning in their home and they came out here and forgot to bring the light weight jacket. reporting life in san francisco. cristie smith nbc 7 news. >> jacket? light weight jacket? what is a light weight jacket? >> i know. if i could have a three-day weekend, i could head out there tomorrow. every one gets marked relief by this up coming weekend. check out what our hot to mild weather is brings. she said yes, we are seeing #whales on our #alcatraz
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cruises. let's move to san francisco right now. beginning to drop temperatures. right now 72 degrees as you get closer to the embarcadero. plenty of 60s on the way tonight. step 1 here to get numbers down. instead of low one hundreds in the bay. 98 in antioch and comfortable in san jose. extended forecast, you can see for the interior valleys we are done wb the heat wave. we want to focus on the weekend. spotty showers to the south. sunday thunderstorms off towards the east. it doesn't look like any activity right now but keep a
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close eye on that. if 88 is still too warm for you on sunday, maybe you are going to be heading out to san francisco pride and the parade, thousands of people go to that. temps in the 60s. back on the seven-day forecast you can see our cooling trend continues into tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week. that is coming up in 25 minutes. >> up next, the policy to protect immigrants but don't call it a sanctuary policy he hopes you "like" the groups
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feature. mark zuckerberg announced a new facebook "group" section...meant to create deeper connections online. facebook says it will use you like the group's feature. facebook meant to create deeper -- and on our twitter feed, a whale having fun off the cost. a banner season for whale watchers. tonight by bart to protect
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riders. the agency announced today it will not assist ice agents loo safe ridership for all, a new policy tonight by b.a.r.t. to protect riders. saying it will not assist i.c.e. agents looking for others.
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this sounds like a shaunanctuar policy, is there a difference. >> reporter: not much of a difference but that word. by making this change, they hope that they will protect their funding and the rider. the safe transsit policy as it is now being called states the b.a.r.t. system will get riders to their destination safely. >> what we basically said today is we are not i.c.e. we are b.a.r.t. >> board member coauthored the policy saying b.a.r.t. will help enforce those laws when it is ordered by a court. >> this is not a political measure. >> reporter: today a few critics
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spoke out against it saying it is making a policy towards immigrants that b.a.r.t. can't keep. >> people who want to feel good about themselves because they supported the undocumented immigrants. >> reporter: numerous supporters praised b.a.r.t.'s decision. >> b.a.r.t. needs to be a safe place. >> people would be afraid to right public transportation. i hear about this frequently. >> reporter: only one board member voted against the policy also questioning whether it changes what b.a.r.t. is already doing. live, tom jensen. >> inflation based fare increase along with a $0.50 surcharge.
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striking back, a defiant nancy pelosi brushing off critics asking her to step aside as the face of the democratic power. inside the power grid operation center to see how crews are keeping up with the demand. a cool down is on the way, but
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the heat is on for many of us. right now it is 6:30 and we are in a micro climate weather alert. there is a cool down but the heat is on for many of us. >> tri valley and the east bay taking the brunt. jeff, more details on record setting heat. >> if it wasn't record setting today, it was extremely close. the hottest temperature that we did have was walnut creek 108. alamo 107. pleasanton 105. now, you don't want to let your guard down even though we have
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temperatures across the board cooling off. we still have heat advisories across contra costa and in this location drink plenty of water and don't forget the pets. we will give you a profile on how that will play out. livermore 77 degrees and 94 degrees at 2:00 p.m. in the south bay starting off in the 70s this morning and then go into the 90s. tracking a cooling ahead. details on this and how much chillier for the weekend. coming up in ten minutes. >> thanks very much. the fire in vallejo, we learned that it is fully contained. danged four homes and it started as a car fire and quickly
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spread. a lot of us are learning about flex alerts. they have been issued the past few days. today, no flex alerts despite the record breaking temperatures and what triggers the alert. at the cal iso operation center in fulsom. in spite of the fact that the mercury is supposed to hit the low one hundreds today, cal iso thinks it will have enough electricity to meet demand. >> operators inside the secure control room have what seems to be a mind boggling task.
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every 5 minutes, they direct the electricity. >> what we do like air traffic controllers tell airplanes when to take off and when to land, we do the same with electrons. we say to the generators, how much they will generate, what transmission path they are going to be using for how much or how long. >> reporter: that is enough to power 100,000 homes. flex alerts reduce consumption by 500 mega watts or half a million watt of powers. more electricity today and demands statewide is going to be 1,000 mega watts less. no need to ask californians to
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conserve for a third day in a row. >> the caveat is things can change. a wildfire that pops up, and takes out a transmission line and all of a sudden we are in a big squeeze. >> reporter: another big squeeze later this summer. the trick will be to make up the power as the moon crosses the face of the sun. >> you can download our free nbc bay area app to stay informed. you can get the updated forecast right to your smartphone. it was watch closely tuesday's special election. when the republican candidate won, it was a turning point for democrats. and leader nancy pelosi and today she fired back. >> you want me to sing my
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praises? i am a master legislator. an astute leader. >> striking back, pelosi says they made her a target. she also said her hometown in san francisco makes her a target. she says she has never shied away from issues like gay marriage. >> their values on their part not to recognize the values of the great city i represent. >> president trump picked up on the chatter. she suspected president trump did add the line about cryin'
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chuck. >> today republican senators revealed their health care plan and coming under fire even from their fellow republicans. blaine alexander is in washington tonight. this is the bill, all 142 pages and much of what is inside of this changes parts of obamacare. not a full repeal but that alone could be enough to sink this bill. the bitter back and forth over health care taking center stage on the senate floor. >> let us right now democrats and republicans sit down and try to come up with a bipartisan bill. >> if i thought that was a sincere offer, i would take it in a minute, in a new york minute but it is not. >> and the fights spilling into
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the house of congress. >> i am not rich enough to keep my daughter alive without medicaid. >> reporter: with four gop senators saying they oppose the bill, it may already be doomed. >> we are afraid when we read the bill it looks like a reiteration or a keeping of obamacare. >> reporter: the bill keeps the structure of obamacare. the changes gradually deepening cuts to medicaid. what does it keep? coverage for pre existing conditions. states cannot opt out and kids can remain on their parent's insurance until age 26 and the plan gives tax credits based on income. >> the medicaid expansion is gone, ripped up and flushed down the toilet. >> reporter: republican leaders and the president say this is just a draft. the clock is ticking. republican leaders want this
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passed before july 4th. >> what is still unknown is exactly how much this bill will cost and how many people will continue to be ensured. >> we will continue following this controversial health care plan and how it impacts specifically the bay area. we are updating our digital platforms 247. >> in the midst of the coverage of this health care plan, we heard from the president saying he doesn't have any recordings. with all of the recently reported electronic -- of my conversations with comey. but i did not make and do not have any such recordings. president managed to draw out for the drama weeks initially teasing there could be private
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recordings. the rapid response network in santa clara county is aimed from protecting immigrant families from deportation. it is a hot line. anyone who calls can receive legal support. >> for those members of our community, who are threatened or concerned about deportation, whether it is through immigrant legal services or by caring for families and ensuring that separated families are supported. we are going to get through it, but we have to get through it together. >> check out >> announced $27 million funding plan for diversion plan.
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>> because we want to divert people from the justice system, not punish low level crime but correct it in a way which it can contribute to people's lives and improving a system that has failed us all too often. >> funding would create a position for two new attorneys and investigators at the public defenders office. >> heat wave is here but different at the other end of the country. flash floods storm surges. tropical storm cindy made land fall. it is blamed for, at least, one death in alabama. you can see the churning seas and the flooded streets. two states have declared a state of emergency. >> our rivers and lakes are arising. so wherever there is water, our citizen need to be careful and cautious. >> something that we have to
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deal with. just pray that everybody is okay. >> cindy is expected to weaken in the next 48 hours. many meteorologists -- >> the blocking area of high pressure which is this huge dome of heat across the bay area. the past couple of days, check out this cooling. it probably feels nice and chilly next to your tv. the beaches was the spot to go to today. she says a lot of people came to the beach of course to escape the heat. talking about the cool down in a couple of minutes. there are six colors and the six colors are going to endure forever. how san francisco plans to honor the creator of the iconic flag. hall raised the rainbow flag for
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the first time ever today. while as the bay area gears up for pride weekend, santa clara city hall raised the rainbow flag for the first time ever. support for the lgbt community. the flag and the man behind it. >> reporter: if you look around us, what do you think of when we think of pride? there are few symbols as bright and colorful and recognizable as the rainbow flag. >> it is our symbol of
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diversity. >> reporter: this simple flag of six colors stretches around the world. the product of the equally colored maker gilbert baker. he died in march at the age of 65 leaving behind his flag as a gift to the lgbt community. pride organizers say this sunday's parade will include official and unofficial -- >> this is where he did a lot of his work and this is where he spent a lot of time sewing. >> reporter: he designed his first flag. >> this is our symbol and we
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have to keep this thing strong and keep going. >> reporter: taylor and his husband jerry goldstein were friends and supporters of baker. >> all of the colors in the rainbow flag and those that he proposed were all of inclusivity. >> reporter: the pair threw him a send off. >> we didn't have a joyce symbol representing us. >> reporter: but now that symbol lines market street. >> i hope that everyone who is carrying that flag and using it as a symbol of pride thinks of gilbert and remembers his contribution. >> reporter: the flag that now flies over the community. >> six colors and the six colors
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are going to endure forever. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. estimated 43 million americans will be traveling independence day. triple a thinks it has to do with the low price of gas. >> weren't we going to get an nbc 7 rv? >> yeah, the anchor time going to colorado. >> i will drive. >> i will make sandwiches. >> we are driving this forecast way down after the heat. i know a lot of you are happy about that. let's get to that micro climate forecast. >> and to put the heat into perspective, one of our hottest
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locations is livermore. we hit 106 today. the hottest temperature ever recorded in june was 109. and that was back in 2009. we didn't beat that but certainly was dangerous out here and very uncomfortable with several days of these 100s. we do have relief. that fog layer is pretty shallow but good enough to give us cooling as we continue tonight. right now we have 72 degrees in soma. but temperatures dropping here in the 60s. continued cooling into tomorrow morning. a nicer start for you. air-conditioners working less in the south bay. mild start in the tri-valley with 72.
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north bay we start with patchy skies. so much, much better here. 90 in downtown san jose. mill pita 88. and gill roi 92. tomorrow 97. then back to oakland 81. for the peninsula, maybe a three-day weekend coming your way. san francisco mild and the mission at 74. if you are here visiting, maybe heading out to be the marina, cooler temperatures in the 60s. santa rosa, 87. and a warm 93 in napa. the biggest thing we are going to see to set off changes is hot high changes.
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good-bye. cooler air moves in with the jet stream. for san francisco, we will see clouds increasing this saturday. 70 for the average. sunday we drop with 69 and keep with 60s on the extended forecast. a lot of folks are visiting for pride. pride parade on sunday starts at 10:00 in the morning. we have the heat wave now ending. 88 once we have sunday's forecast. now, just circling on the weekend forecast, there will be showers nearby the bay. doesn't look like anything right now. >> showers and all of this heat wave. a lot going on. a lot of extreme. >> up next, the highest paid
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player in the nfl wears silver and black. their 125 million quarterback. record breaking contract today.
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okay. saying he wants to be a raider
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life, derek carr. >> highest player in the nfl after a five year deal for $125 million. 40 million guaranteed just for signing his name on the contract. >> now to baseball, thankfully for the a's, the astros are leaving town. leaving with a four game sweep. astros led ten to nothing today. >> and now for the giants, wrapping up a miserable 8 game road trip in atlanta tonight. game was delayed for 90 minutes because of rain. here is the bright spot. buster posy.
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>> stepping up to the plate by giving by to their community. two students started an equipment drive to share their love of baseball. about half a dozen teams in junior giants teams will get the equipment which include a pair of steph curry under armour shoes. >> wow. >> those boys put it out there. >> that is a great program. and baseball equipment is pricey. it adds up. very nice for all of those kids. >> jeff, you have the last word before we get out of here. >> cooler 88 on sunday. no 90s, no 100s next week. >> smooth sailing.
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