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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 23, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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area will finally start to cool down as we head into the weekend and this could not come soon enough. good morning and thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> you're acting like it's been hot around here, sam brock. >> a little hot under the collar. >> sleeveless these days. i'm laura garcia-cannon. mike is here, kari is here. everything is looking good this friday. >> yes, and it will be cooler. so relieved about that. tired of that loud buzz of all the air conditioners and you probably are, too. we're still going to have to run the air conditioning for the inland valleys. look at these highs today up to the upper 80s for the peninsula. and going to see the highs in san francisco up to 71 degrees. i'll talk more about that. let's head over to mike for a look at the roadways. >> we're looking at a smooth flow of traffic, still watching the big rigs southbound 17. we'll talk about that coming up. we do have northbound 680, also reports of not one but two lanes blocked by a disabled vehicle reported at crow canyon road in
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san ramona. we'll still track this. meanwhile clear over here to the bay bridge. look at these travel times. no delays into san francisco but fog for the golden gate bridge. we'll send it back to you. thank you very much, mike. 5:01 and new this morning we're getting a look at a violent crash in the south bay. this is the wreckage left behind. it appears at least three cars were involved. it happened about 10:30 at the intersection of monterey road and bailey. contacted authorities to determine the condition of the victims and what may have led up to this really horrible crash. it's 5:01 and pride weekend kicking off in san francisco. millions of people expected to pile into the city. security will be as tight as ever. a lot has happened in the last year. "ing today in the bay's" bob redell. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam. we're here in the civic center, the main heart of the sf pride
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celebration taking place tomorrow and sunday. organizers have already fenced off part of the area. the main stage is going up in front of city hall. you might recall that security was increased significantly last year because of the pulse gay nightclub shooting in orlando where 49 people were shot and killed. that is not going to change this year. in other words those same security measures will be in place again. san francisco police will be increasing iing the number of i officers at the pride event both in uniform and plain clothesed. everyone must go through a metal detector or be wanded. a bag can be no bigger than 18x18 inches. if you have a bag that's larger, there will be no storage lockers available. you are not allowed to bring in outside alcohol. organizers are reminding people not to take drinks from strangers at the event. now pride runs from noon to 6:00 tomorrow. 11:00 to 6:00 sunday with the main parade sunday morning.
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you are encouraged to take public transportation. on sunday b.a.r.t. will be opening at 8:00, that being said expect b.a.r.t. to be very crowded. b.a.r.t. has put out this graphic to give you a sense of the peak ride times sunday and it's not a surprise the peak times center around the start and end of the parade. you may want to come extremely early or leave later than the rest of the people. cal train and muni will be increasing service. >> a big weekend out there. thanks a lot, bob. happening today volunteers will set up the outline of the giant pink triangle on twin peaks as pride weekend kicks off. it is a symbol of defiance, courage, and strength. nazi germany gays and lesbians were forced to wear the triangle as a sign of shame. homeowners are going over all the damage as firefighters
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monitor for hot spots from a brush fire in vallejo. we brought you coverage live on our evening shows. a car fire spread along interstate 80. it burned about 40 acres and caused slight damage to four home. fi firefighters say the station closed in 2010 would have come in handy if it were staffed. >> we came from columbus and 80. >> that really hurt you guys. >> it took about eight minutes of response. >> it was right near 80. live to washington, d.c., do republicans have enough votes to pass the health care bill?
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at least four senators say they will vote against it. >> the bill released yesterday in its draft form makes deep cuts to medicaid. conservative senators rand paul, mike lee, johnson and ted cruz all say now their vote is a no. >> this current draft doesn't get the job done. >> it looks like we're keeping obamacare not repealing it. i will not vote yes until i'm satisfied this puts us in a better prays. >> moderate republicans are also concerned about the cuts to medicaid. the cbo is expected to score that bill next week. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell wants a vote before the congress break for july 4th recess. >> it is 5:05. north korea is responding to the death of otto waumbaier who was sent home in a coma.
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north korea is denying anyone tortured warmbier. they say he was released for humanitarian reasons. north korea says warmbier contracted botulism and fell into a coma after taking a sleeping pill. for the first time ever incoming freshmen at stanford will be allowed to bring in pets after increasing demand. students will have to get a letter from a licensed health care provider showing how the animal helps to assist them with their disability. okay, happening today things will get ugly in the north bay. there's no way around it. >> the annual world's ugliest dog contest. contestants are judged on first impression, unusual attributes,
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personality and, of course, grade audience reaction. the winner receives $1,500 and a trip to new york city. >> they are so ugly they're cute. it comes full circle. >> cuddly. >> this is where the temperatures could get as high as 97 degrees today. morgan hill 92 degrees and for the east bay reaching up to 98 in the tri-valley. the peninsula 87. and san francisco will have those cooler temperature moving in along with the fog. the embarcadero up to 69 degrees and 86 in santa rosa. in about three minutes a look at the temperature trend for fremont.
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mike has more details. >> overall this is what we expect. green sensors on our map. now it's all red there. for big rigs, they can't access santa cruz right now. passenger vehicles are able to squeeze by. we don't know how long it will take to clear that 45,000-pound big rig. we're looking at this right now this will be a problem, again, for big rigs and passenger vehicles so far able to slowly get by. that is a delay right now. we'll see what chp says about their plan. no major issues as far as transit goes. muni even today starts the reroutes because of rallies and b.a.r.t., cal train to accommodate crowds.
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back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up next the booming bay area housing market just got more xcompetitive. new numbers that show just how much home prices are soaring. plus, target pulling a popular product off the shelves.
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coming up on 5:12 looking live at fremont. i know i'm not the only one glad it's not only friday but will be cooler, too. temperatures at 65 degrees. you can take the lunch outside. 78 degrees and rising into the 80s. i'll talk about the weekend and some plans. roads, got you covered. we'll talk about it coming up. mike, kari, thank you very much. 5:12 on your friday. another month, another record for the booming bay area real estate market. according to the numbers reported by the chronicle, the
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median home price sale reached $755,000, more than three-quarters of a million, up slightly from april, more than 7% from the same time a year ago. san francisco and san mateo county the median exceeded $1.2 million. your b.a. are r.t. ride is about to get more expensive, just approving a new surcharge for people using paper tickets. >> live with the changes the agent is he just announced, kris. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and laura. using a paper ticket isn't the only way your b.a.r.t. ride will get more expensive, more for teens and children to ride the transit system as well. b.a.r.t. leadership had to come up with a budget to close a deficit while at the same time dealing with a deficit of riders. 3% fewer riders are paying into the kiddie. the good news while you'll be paying more b.a.r.t. promises
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your ride will get better as two-thirds of the budget will be spent on the system itself, new cars, improving the existing stations, and making the system more reliable. now that's the upside. the down side is that starting in january riders will pay a 2.7% fare increase across the board, anybody who rides b.a.r.t. and a 50% charge to use a paper ticket. you can avoid that by getting a clipper card. the youth discount is cut to 50%. the bright side is the youth discount is extended to the age of 18. right now it only applies to riders until the age of 12. children under 5 still ride for free with parents. now b.a.r.t. committed to cracking down on tax evaders. coming up at 6:00 how much the transit agency is spending on that and what that means you could see on your ride come january. in fremont, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." it's 5:14.
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b.a.r.t. trying to change its image by adopting a safe transit policy. they won't be asked to prove citizenship. a watered down version of an earlier plan that would have declared b.a.r.t. as a sanctuary transit. >> business and tech news. target is pulling bottles of vegetarian mayonnaise off she shelves this morning according to a report from bloomberg. >> mayo made by hampton creek, a favorite amongst vegans and healthy eaters, scott mcgrew. >> reporter: it is and a very influential startup backed by bill gates among others. it's run into a fair amount of controversy lately. hampton creek makes mayonnaise from plants, just mayo. target is removing the product over health concerns. to be clear there has been no recall. in a statement to bloomberg the
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company said the allegations that our products are mislabelled and unsafe are false. there's a petition circling around uber asking form eer ceo kalanick be reinstated. it's unlikely he'll come back as he was pushed out by some very power ful investors. a judge said he would force the company to hand over driver names to the city san francisco so they can check they had the required business licenses. lyft already does that voluntarily. all the major u.s. banks passed the first half of their stress test required under dodd frank. this means banks had more money to survive an economic disaster. they can return that to investors. the markets barely moved on thursday. nasa weighing in on stickers.
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sickers f e stick eers for sale called body vibes and they claim to balance your body's frequency, whatever that is. they claim they are preprogrammed to an ideal frequency allowing them to target imbalances while you're wearing them close to your heart. they'll fill in the deficiencies in your reserves. >> get out. >> no. the site went on to claim they had the conductive carbon nasa uses in space suits. a reporter asked nasa about that and nasa said they had no idea what they were talking about. nasa's former chief scientist, actually, called the stickers -- and we can't use the word but a word that would say i don't think that's true. >> hmm, interesting. >> is it related to an animal on a farm? that makes sense. it's 5:17 right now. we were thinking when we first saw this, it was a dad in training. the ball flies into the air. the dad wants to catch it and he
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does while holding his baby. >> almost holding his baby. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. look at the mom. he's proud of the ball, she's like, give me that baby. you're not worthy of holding the child. but, babe, i caught the ball. aren't i amazing? not so much. look, she even gives him the back. yep, it happened at last night's game. >> do you know that move, the back? oh, my gosh. >> i think that was common sense what the mom did, took the baby away. what are you doing? >> the first time? >> usually the father catches the ball and people around him, yeah, good catch, and no one is worried about the kid. >> not when mom is right there. >> by the way, that was a mets/dodgers game. the mets already are having one of the worst seasons imaginable. now their dads don't care about their babies. >> maybe they could hire him for the outfield. >> he would probably be better.
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>> yeah, the had mets are in town. we don't want to talk too bad about them but whatever. we are going to talk about the forecast. >> cute baby. >> let's change the subject. and cooler temperature. we are going to see the fog back as we take a live look at san francisco. amazing start to the day. we are excited to see the fog because it's been so hot inland. we're heading up to 71 degrees in san francisco and them as we go through the day clearing with some cooler temperature and a very nice weekend ahead and we want to talk about those record high temperatures because in some parts of the bay area we'll still be very close. as you get a look at the sev seven-day forecast in the bottom of the screen let's check out some records in san jose. the record high is 98 degrees. we're expecting it to get up to 89. livermore just a few degrees below a record high temperature. concord one degree shy of a record. we'll be watching that thermometer closely. as we look at high temperatures still very hot for the inland valleys, up to 97 degrees and some cool temperatures along the
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coast. it will be cool at the game this evening as the giants are going to be playing first pitch at 7:15. we'll be at 62 degrees so definitely some layers needed out there at the game with some breezy winds. if you'll be hitting the roads this weekend heading to tahoe our temperatures are reaching into the mid to upper 80s. and for monterey, we'll see those temperature today at 70 degrees and some 60s for the rest of the weekend. let's check out the seven-day forecast for san francisco, in the low 70s for today and tomorrow and then the rest of the forecast drops it back into the 60s. for the valleys we're up to 97 today. 91 degrees for tomorrow. maybe some thunderstorms just to our south, south of monterey and then on sunday to our east over the central valley and the sierra, a lot of things we'll be watching and also some falling temperature. and mike has some news. >> only half a lane open for highway 17 summit. less than half a lane.
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now the entire freeway blocked. a semitruck tried to get past that disabled big rig and now they're both stuck there. the sensors should be blocked off. they're changing the status. southbound 17 not an access point getting over to santa cruz right now. some locals may know the side streets. if you don't know the side streets, do not try that. highway 101 and cut over through watsonville. it's a lot longer. keep that in mind, big delay now if you're trying to get to santa cruz. that's from the south. to the north on our waze system, we're also talking about activity. we have more coming up. we have activity at sonoma race. starting today crowds on highway 37 from oakland. they've mapped out a couple of routes. let's show you how to join our waze team. if you like the team, you can do that through waze. go to your settingsing. we're showing you how to join our team. you can select the voice for lightning mcqueen and storm
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ranger is our team. check it out, folks. >> my kids would love that, thanks. 5:22. coming up, making the boarding process faster. delta is testing out technology to make traveling a little less chaotic. we )re getting a closer look at
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welcome back, everyone. it's 5:24.
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a closer look at the remnants of tropical storm cindy this morning. spawning as it moves across the south. an ef-2 tornado touched down just a few miles from downtown birmingham in alabama yesterday. it really -- just look at that -- ripped apart buildings. at least three people were injured. cindy has now been downgraded to a tropical depression as it moves across the south into the ohio valley and the appalachian mountains. cindy will be dumping plenty of rain no doubt along the way. 5:25 and marine wildlife experts are calling for new restrictions when it comes to fishing abalone after experts call continued starvation in the abalone population. about 95% of red abalone come from sonoma each year. state fish and game commissioner are now considering what action to take. at that airlines is launching a new boarding program
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using biometrics to try to speed up the process. instead of use i.d. cards for access flyers would place their two fingers on a pad to board. the program is being tested at reagan national airport in d.c. for now only at the airport's delta club. later this summer they hope to apply it to all planes. >> it takes out the factor of having to carry a paper boarding pass or look for your mobile boarding pass or having your i.d., passport or driver's license. >> delta is partnering with the airport security company clear. to takeb. part you have to be clear member. comedian bernie mack is getting a star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> that's nice to see. and so, too, rapper snoop dogg. part of the 2018 honor years just announced. it includes actress zoesdana, simon cowell and actress jennifer lawrence, singer carri
5:27 am
underwood, mary jodi arias blige and linda carter. sponsoring studios have to pay $40,000 to get their stars. fame ain't cheap. >> it keeps going and going. 5:27. a disturbing crime. the search under way for a man seen driving without pants in palo alto. >> reporter: and there is a concern about terrorism on a san francisco landmark. it may bring traffic to a stop. we know which days this may happen and which hours this may happen.
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a very good friday morning to you. let's take a peek outside this morning. good morning, milpitas. clouds there. cooler temperatures. you'll notice it as you walk out the door because it's been so hot lately. 5:30. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> got the palm trees there along the way as well. it does feel like it's a pleasant tropical this time around. we will take that going into our weekend. kari hall joining us right now. that weekend forecast. >> yes, and it's friday. we have cooler weather on the way. feeling good all around. but it will still feel warm for the inland val today as we will have a heat advisory in effect for these areas shaded in red.
5:31 am
that's where we will see those temperatures as high as 97 degrees looking at what we're expecting today in the tri-valley, 97 there, the peninsula in the middle of the screen up to 87 and 89 in the south bay as the sun rises this morning. we're looking at a high in the east bay to 80 degrees. and in the middle of the screen san francisco will be mostly sunny after that fog clears. and we'll see a high of 71. so i'll talk about what's ahead for the and help you make some plans coming up in about seven minutes. mike has a look at some of the slowdowns early this morning on the roadways. >> that's right. i forgot to tell you we're still following this closure of highway 17. the rest of the bay clear and easy drive. one caveat to that as i think can you predict. highway 17 continues with closure that was a little blip you saw on the speed sensor south 17 at summit road. two semis stuck side-by-side blocking both lanes and the shoulder there so you cannot use 17 to get down to the summit. folks familiar with bear creek or old santa cruz highway, you can get through that way.
5:32 am
if you're not familiar, try 101. the bay bridge toll plaza, we do have the metering lights. a light traffic flow and fog has returned. you have the bay bridge covered right there. here we look at the golden gate. and today big changes considered for next month's san francisco marathon. all of this over fears of a potential terror attack on the golden gate bridge. >> the extra safety measures being considered. good morning, chuck. >> reporter: good morning. we're here at the toll plaza. there is a bridge behind me. the board of directors grouping is going to be considering this morning whether or not to stop northbound traffic during this year's san francisco mayor thought. in years past, runners have been separated from cars only by a
5:33 am
single of orange cones. the bridge officials say given the recent attacks in france and london in which vehicles were used, this may not provide enough protection for the marathon's roughly 15,000 runners. >> there have been several instances around the world in which vehicles have harmed people recently. we don't want to see anything like that happen here. >> reporter: historically about 4,500 cars travel northbound on the bridge during the marathon. the date the board is considering closing northbound direction is july 23rd between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. limited to three hours. southbound lanes would reopen. someone traveling from marin to san francisco would be able to cross. the board meeting begins here at the toll plaza. i'm chuck coppola, "today in the
5:34 am
bay." >> a little windy out there. appreciate it, chuck. flooding in the north bay. this is new video are from marin county. king tides. highway 101 ramp closed in both directions for a bit overnight. if you plan on driving through that area things should be all clear. 5:34. police are looking for this man they say was driving a car without pants. he then exposed himself to two girls in different incidents. the second incident happened about a mile away. authorities are trying to piece together the moments leading up to a teenage girl's fall yesterday. lifeguards used a jet ski to try to reach the teenager in foggy conditions and tried to transport her to awaiting paramedic. sadly she didn't survive. it all unfolded near the legion
5:35 am
of honor at lands end. the area has many hazards. >> we do have a lot of people that lose their footing, fall from from cliffs. we have some ocean rescues, people going into the water, again, to try to beat the heat. the waters here are treacherous. >> rescuers say the teenager suffered multiple injuries and fractures. her identity has not been released. all right, folks. looking over my shoulder a light drive on friday early, nice cooler drive as well. the bay bridge metering lights are on and you can catch a glimpse of the slowing for the incline there. i want to take you to the south because highway 17 is still blocked heading south to the summit. both lanes blocked by a couple of big rigs. one got stalled and the other one stuck trying to pass it. now chp says they don't think it will last many hours, and that's good news. tow trucks may be arriving soon and that's good news. the beach traffic has not yet
5:36 am
built up. we're going to show you traffic in our transit system. no major delays now but remember the sf pride is all weekend. muni has street closures and there are special services on sunday. >> and the weather should cooperate as well for a parade. >> we have all sorts of festivities. the parade there in sonoma. check iing the website and thiss dale earnhardt jr.'s last race in sonoma. >> and special activity there. >> you're all about those cars. >> dale earnhardt jr. is a little boy -- no, he's not a little boy. >> i've heard of his dad. >> exactly. >> and we're going to have some cooler weather. that's the key. it's still going to be quite warm in parts of the bay area. looking at tomorrow's forecast inland up to 92 degrees and 81 by the bay. the coast at 70 degrees.
5:37 am
sunday's forecast also looking really nice. and if you are going to be driving, you can find some different weather. wide range in temperatures from the coast to the inland valleys up to 88 degrees there. and, of course, we have the pride forecast as we will have some beautiful weather. temperatures reaching into the upper 60s. now there will be a few more clouds in the mix giving you just a little bit of shade. it won't be bright and sunny all day and temperatures near 70 degrees for the afternoon. warmer in sonoma at the raceway with temperatures start iing ou at 67 degrees so maybe even long sleeves needed to start but then you'll need some layers, something that you can take off and be more comfortable as we go to the noon hour. 80 degrees and then some mid-80s throughout the day. also some clouds in the mix there, too. and then on saturday if you are heading down to santa cruz there will be some woodies on the wharf, antique cars. our temperatures will be in the mid-70s and then dropping back into the upper 60s later on in the evening. paso robles highs in the upper
5:38 am
90s. if you didn't have enough heat, well, how about going there to find some more hot temperatures. carmel valley will also be quite warm today reaching into the low 80s. but then a little bit cooler for the weekend. the weather there will be real areally nice and comfortable. make be a trip to the sierra, heads up, a chance of thunderstorms for today and tomorrow as we will see a little bit more active weather, this high pressure that's kept it hot starts to break down. we are going to have some sunshine on sunday. i'll have a look at today's temperature trend for san jose coming up in three minutes. and we'll look forward to it. thanks so much, kari. up next, the hollywood actor who was in some hot watt her this morning. the controversial comments johnny depp made about president trump that have folks all over the world talking this morning. plus, "the washington post" reporting putin planned to attack the u.s. elections.
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inthe only bed smart enough toer change sleep as we know it. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you comfortable. and snoring... does your bed do that? right now save on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, it's the lowest prices of the season with savings of $500 on our most popular p5 bed. it is 5:41. a clear sun rise looking live at san jose right now and as you get read to step out the door the temperature is at 63 degrees. already a mild start and it will be a warm day as our temperatures will be in the low 70s at 9:00. we'll see the lunch time temperature right at about 83 degrees and rising into the upper 80s later today. so you still may have to turn on the air conditioner for a while
5:42 am
but it won't be as hot as yesterday. we'll talk about cooler weather. that's coming up in about five minutes. and highway 17 completely blocked in the southbound direction. access south of there is okay but if you're traveling from the los gatos area, highway 101, that's one of the options. >> thank you very much, it's 5:42. the secret service says it is aware with about the comments made by johnny depp, jokingly said he endorsed the assassination of the president. he made those comments in england. it began with depp asking the crowd, can we bring trump here? as the crowd booed no, depp launched into this. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? i want to clarify. i'm not an actor.
5:43 am
i lie for a living. however, it's been a while. and maybe it's time. >> depp making a reference to history after john wilkes booth assassinated president lincoln in 1865. depp also said this will be in the press and it will be horrible. startling new accusations about the elections. >> "the washington post" this morning reporting russian president vladimir putin order ed had his spies to help win. >> reporter: startling new clam. "the post" goes into great depth. i encourage you to read it yourself. there's no way i can get to everything. the executive summary is putin ordered his governmental agencies to interfere according to "the post." we knew there was interference but we did not have proof putin ordered it. "the post" says it does. even more specifically putin ordered the attacks on clinton's
5:44 am
campaign specifically. "the post" says american intelligence captured putin's specific instructions on the operation's audacious objectives to deher -- help elect her opponent donald trump. the report runs pages and pages. it's brand-new. you'll be hearing lots about it so, again, lots to summarize. i suggest you trek out meanwhile, the president was on "fox and friends" talking about the tapes he now says don't exist. >> but i didn't tape and i don't have any tape and i didn't tape, but when he found out that i -- you know, that there may be tapes out there, whether it's governmental tapes or anything else and who knows, i think his story may have changed. we'll have to take a look at that. >> he being, of course, james comey. as we saw with the lester holt interview, the president often says things that hurt his own case. in this instance his hints, some
5:45 am
would say a threat, that tapes exist caused comey to change his statement. one of the check boxes when you're trying to prove obstruction is did action cause someone to adapt or change their words or actions? we watch the senate as well. mitch mcconnell is working to get the votes he needs to end obamacare. at best count they are four votes short. the president tweeted he supports the senate bill. he says he's looking forward to making it very special. the bill reduces medicare, something trump said he would never allow. here's candidate donald trump on "60 minute" with the kind of health care he want americans to have. >> everybody has to be covered. this is an un-republican thing for me to say because a lot of times say no, no, the lower 25% can't afford private. >> universal health care. >> i am going to take care of everybody. everybody is going to be taken care of much better than now. >> the uninsured person will be taken care of? >> they will be taken care of.
5:46 am
>> how? >> of course making a deal with existing hospitals to have a discount for health care is test book medicare. contact me he on twitter. if you couldn't tell we are in the middle of summer, winter could be on people's minds. next year's winter olympics. today is international olympic day which the ioc calls a day to learn about the olympic spirit. the figure skating community will be holding events at two ice rinks. polina edmunds at the age of 15 skated in the 2014 games. so many girls look up to polina. one event takes place in fremont and the other san jose.
5:47 am
>> quite a talent. nascar fans have one destination in mind this weekend. that's the north bay. >> sonoma race way for the toyota 350. dale earnhardt jr.'s last event there. he's retiring at the end of the year. the race takes place on sunday. it all start at noon. >> you sound like you could do the, gentlemen, start your engines. >> that would be awesome. >> that scene are from "grease." >> that's great. folks will be head iing there because friday and saturday you can go to the pits and see all the cars. >> it's pretty cool. >> the inner pit on a live shot and they were like, no, no, no. you're in the pit. get it right. >> and it's still going to be warm but the trend is for cooler temperature to continue to move into the bay area. looking at a lot of sunshine for the valleys.
5:48 am
while we do have the fog returning to the coast. as the sun rises right now in the are tri-valley, it's 65 degrees. 63 in the south bay and the peninsula and the east bay the left side of the screen is at 59 degrees. san francisco look live there 56 with some fog there and in the north bay. a look at high temperatures this afternoon. yesterday we had widespread triple digit temperatures. bring it down at least ten degrees in some spots and in san jose expect a high of 89 degrees. for the east bay up to 98 degrees in danville. still dangerously hot. a heat advisory is still in effect. for hayward up to 85 degrees. 81? san mateo and the mission district up to 73 degrees. some upper 80s and lower 90s for the north. so it's still going to be quite hot. make sure you grab that water bottle and keep filling it up as we go through the day. as you're getting ready, getting dressed, help you get ready this morning. it's a day for short sleeves and
5:49 am
shorts once again. at least we will have the weather it will be cool to start but then it starts to feel toasty throughout the afternoon. how about hitting the links in a place like half moon bay. morning fog but that clears out by about 8:00, and our temperature will be at 60 degrees and we rise into the mid-60s throughout the day. the seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen. we started out in the south bay as we get a look at the planner for the russian river valley, very warm reaching 82 degrees today but this weekend it's going to be very nice for visiting some of the vineyards or the breweries, too. as we look at san francisco's forecast, the low 70s for today and tomorrow. and then some 60s heading into next week. for the valleys including the valley as well as the south bay we're going to see the highs reaching into the upper 90s and 91 degrees tomorrow. looks like there could be thunderstorm to the south of us.
5:50 am
traveling outside of the bay area and a chance of some thunderstorms for the sierra and low 80s for next week which brings us closer to our average temperatures for the year. and mike says there's still no beach access for 17 which is really a shame. >> it is it is a shame. it's early. some folks may be head iing ove there now interested in it getting coffee along the coast. you can't do that just yet if you want to stick to the freeway. highway 17 southbound is blocked just you get to summit road. access on summit or south of there you're okay. two semi trucks are stuck there side-by-side, no ak bear creek, you should be okay but it's still dark. if you're unfamiliar maybe take 101 and then come across there or the waze system.
5:51 am
traffic is very light. waze gives you options, maybe also from the south bay. all the way over to half moon bay. we see the purple right. highway 92. 92 is packed. some folks might want to head down through pacifica and check out the coastal towns. join our team, join the beautiful nbc bay area wazers by going to your app and signing up for that team there, the one with the little peacock. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 5:51 now. up next, one man has found the happiest place on earth. the record amount of days this one guy visited disneyland. but first, happening now, an investigation under way after los angeles county deputies mistakenly kill a teenager. deputies fired shots at an aggressive dog. when the bullets bounced off the ground and struck the teenager. earlier the dog had bitten one of the deputies.
5:52 am
plus, a deadly high-rise fire in london may have been sparked by a refrigeratorefrigerator. that fire killed 79 people earlier this month. taking a live look outside from
5:53 am
5:54 am
our dublin camera this
5:55 am
5:54 right now on your friday morning, a live look from one of our dublin cameras. parts of the east bay today as temperatures are going to be in the upper 90s. the weather is gradually going to cool as we head into the weekend. it can be hard to stay cool during this heat especially some work places ban shorts. they are required to stay covered up. despite the heat there is a reason for it, protection. >> whether we're on the side of the road changing somebody's tire, assisting somebody who has been disabled wait willing for a tow truck, the uniform does protect us from scrapes, bumps, bruises. >> not all law enforcement agencies are that strict. park rangers and postal workers get to choose when they want to wear shorts. doctors say regardless whether you wear shorts or pants it is
5:56 am
the material and color that is the biggest concern. the key is to wear lighter colored material. 5:55. as we head into the hot summer months, we've been feeling the weather lately. you may notice helicopters flying overhead. daily aerial fire detection patrols. the goal is to help catch a fire before it gets too big. the fire danger is high are from the rising temperatures and high winds. crews say all the rain from the winter led to brush that could now be dry and easily catch fire. happening today you can bring pets into county libraries in the south basins it's still going to be ott pets will be allowed so people who have pets can cope and hope to deal with the excessive heat. four-legged friends should be kept on a leash. libraries will have crates available for pet owners. an lacht woman suing uber
5:57 am
saying she was sexually assaulted by an uber driver. she says she requested an you with uber to take her to work. the driver told her the trunk was full. she had to sit in this the front with him. the driver then grabbed her and pulled her head to the center of the car and put had his hand up her dress and touched her as she was getting out of the car. she's bringing the lawsuit to stand up against sexual assault and protect other women. >> and all i could do, i posted on social media when i was inside the car. actions are so violent and a man who could do that would be capable of anything. >> as part of the lawsuit she wants uber to pro-void manned tear training to avoid sexual
5:58 am
harassment. happening today traffic alert in the east bay. cal train crews will close one of the lanes near the bay bridge. crews will be working on a paint ing project there. one lane will be closed during overnight hours now through next tuesday. >> we know the difficult job our police officers face each and every day. look at this new video showing northern california police officers saving a man's life. this could happen on tuesday and was all captured by body camera footage. the police officers first tried to talk them down but then they had to grab him when the man started throwing his body over the fence. >> he was pulling desperately to try to free himself from my grasp. >> police managed to hold on to him as you see by his foot there.
5:59 am
if he jumped off the bridge he could have killed him and hurt drivers. on a very different tone right now this might be the ultimate disney fan. this guy is from huntington beach. he has visited disneyland every day for 2,000 consecutive days. yesterday marking the 2,000th time he walked into the park. he's an annual pass holder and started what he calls the happiest journey on january 1st, 2012. he's been doing this for five and a half years. he's an air force veteran. he says the park has done a great job of giving him something to look forward to each day. >> it is a small world after all. >> and a mad hat to boot. preparing for pride, the annual pride weekend is kicking off today in san francisco. the intense security you can expect to see if you're heading to the festivities. >> plus b.a.r.t. fare changes. the reason b.a.r.t. is changing
6:00 am
ticketing prices and how this will impact drivers. and finally cooling down. relief is on the way after triple digit heat in the bay area. good morning - and thanks for joining u can you feel it's friday in the air around here? thanks for joining us . i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i feel sympathy for the pg&e workers and the construction workers and everybody. >> yeah, that, too. >> it's coming down now. >> it's still going to be warm for the inland valleys but you'll feel the difference, and it won't be as uncomfortable as we've had to deal with and as dangerous. we are starting out this morning in the low to mid-60s, so it already feels warm as you get ready to head out although we do have patchy fog in the north bay. it's 55 degrees there and also in san francisco. the heat advisory in effect for all of these areas shaded in red where we will see the highs as high as 97 degrees, a closer look. we can see that the heat advisory continues for solano county


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