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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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right now. good evening everyone i'm jess kwa akier. >> and raj mathai if you're just joining us we've been on early because the giants game here on nbc bay area let's get you caught up on headlines we start with new details about last week's ups shooting in san francisco. police say the gunman jimmy lam can came prepared and certainly came with a plan. nbc bay area jean he willy joins us with the new information jean. >> reporter: well raunl police say the shooter jimmy lam had been arrested before but not for violent crimes last week he showed up with weapons and a plan. police say ups dliefr jimmy lam brought two stolen weaponens a extra ammunition last week and methodically targeted fellow drivers. >> we also know from looking at video there were times where mr. lam passed employees without there being any interaction. and that would lead to us believe that these specific individuals were targeted. >> reporter: police say during a
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meeting mat 8:50 lam didn't say a word took out a gun and shot benson louie then tarring wayne chan he shoots two surviving victims before calmly walking out and shooting another. at 8:56 169 calls report the active shooter. minutes later police swarm the building and lam shoots himself. >> responding officers first at scene acted quickly to secure the site thp they contained the threat and saved lives simply put. >> lam was using a mac10 assault pistol stole fibrin utah. he fired 20 of 30 pounds he also had a semi automatic hand gunned are napa investigators are searching phones a computer and a journal from lam's home hoping to pinpoint a motive. while police release new details, a community gathered for driver big mike, many in 49ers gear the.
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49ers mike's favorite team. >> it's on a major scale where people don't know who big mike was they knew him. you could tell in all the testimony we got going on he was a well loved guy. >> reporter:s in a memorial for mike at the diamond height shopping center. the police says the shooting is person for many officers. he delivered to the police academy many of the police officers spent time with the driver's families processes. this is personal for officers and this investigation continuing. jean he willy nbc bay area. >> our investigative unit has dug deep into the issue of stolen guns. on average 34 guns are stolen every day in the california. in the bay area. san jose police took in the most stolen gun reports between 2010 and 2015. and since 2010 more than 4,000 guns recovered at crime scenes throughout the state were report the missing.
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to watch the report on stolen guns head to the website. >> san francisco in full pride mode tonight a live being over the city fogged in. the cooler change can be felt across the bay area at this hour. jeff ranieri, a dramatic change a big difference with the fog rolling in. >> thankfully we did get the fog coming in when we did because we had temperatures as high as 108 degrees in the heat wave this week. all of the hot air, every bit is now continuing to move toward the south with the area of high pressure allowing the cooler jet stream to get closer and the fog pattern monsieuring. right now cross the interior valleys where it was the hottest down 4 to 7 degrees. right here in san jose i am forecasting probably probably the most comfortable temperatures saturday 66 and sunny. by the afternoon up to 83 degrees. along with the cooler touchstone there is another change i want you to be aware of.
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that's cloud cover moving up from the south as we hit saturday afternoon. also knots showers to the south. i'll let you know how the showers play out in the 7-day forecast at 11:20. >> don't forget you get updates on the weekend forecast on the smartphone download the nbc bay area app. it's free and more accurate and the iphone forecast. >> so much happening around the bay area. . this is one of the biggest and most colorful events of the summer. pride weekend kicking off in big style tonight. about a million people expected to come through the city and celebrate for the next few days. that means an intense game plan by the fbi and sf p. d. nbc bay area cheryl hurd is in the castro in evening where the party is in full swing. cheryl. >> reporter: it is definitely a party sphere here in castro as you can see the streets are filling up the flgs are up and everyone is in a fantastic mood but in weekend will pride
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weekend will focus on diverse didty the a a too many when security concerns are at a all-time high. friday night in the castro is one of the party locations for guy pride weekend. tonight time to celebrate np. >> so many of us have been trained to keep ourselves silent and to hide. and we're not meant to be that way. >> weekend events that will ultimately end with a gay pride parade. a parade filled with flets that will travel down market street on sunday. >> this parade this year has the record of the most floats this company ever put out. >> weekend celebrations started at dolores park and the trans march. >> i'm excited to be able to embrace moua i sexuality. >> san francisco police and the fbi are worried about the threat of a terror attack during pride
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week. the big concern, the huge crowds. >> in recent attacks both in the u.s. and in the uk they're doing it by any means necessary and we're seeing trends towards use of vehicles. >> the concern for safety here is high. but knows flocking to the city are determined not to let the concern for safety get in the way of weekend celebration. >> and police are telling me tonight that security will be tight here in san francisco and throughout the bay area. reporting live in? frist i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you cheryl. we want us to show us your pride share the best pictures by tagging us on twitter or facebook or instagram. we might put you on tv. we have a slide show there on the weblts. imprisonments getting to san francisco on b.a.r.t. to want was not easy take a look at the picture of the crowd of people what was the issue here? well burning debris underneath the tracks inside the tube. it started after 6:00 right when
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everyone was getting into the city pch crews arrived quickly and able to put on the flames. special occasions ruined and families out of a lot of money a san jose florist officially charged with grand theft in court today. nbc bay area certifying owe is live with the details. >> reporter: according to prosecutor he is one jasmine victims took for you to a shh 10,000 loan to pay for the flowers. there was another victim who said her wedding wg ruined because most of the flowers she ordered never showed up. when you low back at the pictures of a recent wedding you'll notice something missing, flowers. >> when i go to the chump there is nothing there. there is isn't a beautien ear brides maids flowers, the decorations for the entire church. >> we agreed not to identify this former customer because she was interviewed as part of the criminal maces are case he against jasmine. she was arraigned in court today accused of grand theft for
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allegedly cheating customers out of tens of thousands of dollars. >> these are events that are special. and sentimental. and they put their trust in here to provide the services and she failed. >> in court she pleaded not guilty to six counts of grand theft and unrelated felony fraud charges. the woman we talked with said she always demanded payment in cash. >> i think it was 3500 from the receipts that i have right now. >> how much did you get. >> i think i got about a thousand dollars. >> in spirkts he shared she said getting less than a third of the flowers made for a bare looking we hadding. >> i looked for her after my wedding i told her you didn't give me what i asked you gave me one-third can you please give me me money back she said no, essentially. >> and prosecutors say they're still looking for more victims to help strengthen the case high pressure live in newsroom. . nbc bay area news. terror attacks around the
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world prompted new safety measures in san francisco. this is a live look at the foggy golden gate bridge. the first time ever organizers of the upcoming san francisco marathon will be closing the northbound lanes for in year's race. all lanes going into marin county. in years past only cones separated the thousands of runners from thes cars you can see it there on the all the runners on the lester side the cones down the middle. the board made the decision for a number of safety reasons not just terrorism. this is the 40th year the race is being held. the race is sunday july 23rd. >> washington tonight senate republicans are short of the votes needed to pass the health care plan. it was revealed yesterday after weeks of secrecy. the nevada republican dean heller announced he is a no because cuts to med indicated go to have for other conserves are saying no because the bill doesn't go far enough to repeal so-called obamacare. democrats only needed three no votes to keep the plan from
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passing. a long list of medical advocacy group including the aarp and american academy of heed pediatrics say the plans cuts coverage for millions of people. >> still here at 11:00 one of the pretiest views in the bay area the hikers love it and so do the thieves. the popular trail turning into a hot spot for crime. some say it just creeped them out what g mail promised to stop doing to ease privacy concerns. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri the heat wave which gripped the east bay is starting to cool off a lot more comfortable with mainly 50s and sixth. i'll tell but cooler temperatures and when a few showers could get close. coming up in less than ten minutes. we )ve now learned the victim of
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last night )s deadly fall at lands end, is a 17-year old girl from corte madera. we've now learned the victim of last night's deadly fall at lands end is 17-year-old girl from vikty and ied st. ignatius precip at san francisco where
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students and teach remembers in mourning. nbc bay area kristi smith has more on her. >> at lands end today flowers for 17-year-old victoria. the park service says she was with two other teens in an area with warning signs when this he fell from a sl cliff and died last night. lori luttrell hikes the trail regularly. >> it's a terrible tragedy. and it's very scarey. when i go through here sometimes i'm a little nervous. >> today a spokesperson add said the golden gate area says she fell in a area that was restricted and with a cable fence but luttrell says she sus to by par the stairs knowing the risk and today several hikers went in and out. >> there are some areas where the ground is very soft and you could slip very easy. there is also a lot of grass covering the edge. >> this is a tragic incident and our doeldss with the family and friends but we want the pump --
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we ask the public to dmeer to the sienlage there. >> at the school st. ignatius a note went out to families explaining she did in a accident after losing footing. adding with we mourn the loss and ask you to pray for the entire family and friends. >> i'm sad to see someone passed away. >> kristi smith nbc bay area news. great views and great exercise one of the most scenic roads in the east bay has been a target for thieves. talking about grizzly peak plfd in berkeley mp so many people go there to get away from it all. take a look at the views tp two early morning robberies each involving three robbers and victims in their cars. have the locals shaken up. >> it's unfortunate you know because oom of people are coming up here to moij the view. you don't think about that as much as when you're down in the city you're always vigilant lock my car but up here it's a little bit removed from everything. >> just be a little more aware
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of there. uc berkeley the police still working the case. >> check the calendar fourth of july is around the corner san jose police taking the sparkle out of illegal fee fire work sales. more than 27 oh oh pounds have been seized in the last few days. officers used social media to track down some illegal sales. if you've driven down el cammen o real in palo alto you've seen top top them dozens of rv's priced out of the bay area rental market. palo alto is launching a crackdown soon. warning owners they have to move the rvs or be towed. people living in the campers say they don't have a chose. >> i just got laid off my job. s in a double whamy. rent went up and job disappeared i get $311 a week for unemployment knots enough. >> the city sfas it will deal with the problem with dignity and work with a more regional reproach to the issue of
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homelessness. on the pride weekendia is banning state workers from traveling to several more states on taxpayer money because of antilgbtq laws in those states in new law in texas allows businesses to dplie services and also child adoptions to people based on religious grounds. california attorney general javier says the law allows discrimination against the lgbtq community. he ordered the travel ban which includes alabama, south dakota within kentucky. four other states are already on the list. >>. due stature is as movie tar and getting governor getting arnold schwarzenegger extra attention. today he met with frermg president emmanuel marken both passion knit about the environment. marken has been vocal about france's commitment to stick with the paris climate accord. despite the trump withdrawal from the agreement. it wasn't mentioned but it was hinted at between the two. >> it is extremely important in
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order for us to be successful in create ago green and clean future for our children and grandchildren which is a responsibility that we have. >> as they parted it was clear the meeting was warmer than marken's exchange with president trump earlier this yoerk if many schwarzenegger climate change must not be a political issue. new at 11:00 good news for g meal goo google will stop scanning merls in search of opportunities to sell adz. .practice has been in place since it was laufrmd in 2014. it's raised a lot of concerns amongst riefcy watch dogs really creeped a lot of people out tobagole plans to show adz within g meal by software will determine which adz are most likely to appear to user >> we have ongoing krofrmg of the google village it may be years ago away and yet it's inspiring officeabling. it will bring an estimated 0,000 new workers to downtown san jose
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for a transit tech village. a couple of local developers teeming up to create another campus nearby covering a million square feet that local activityists concerned about where the new employees lift. >> right now the cost is action is high if we're not building affordable housing stopping zis placement people who have lived here for generations are being forced out priced. >> silicon rising has reached out to google on the subject of affordable housing. also asking the ski to take a firm leadership role in this issue. highly anticipated affordable housing plan in the heart of tech country given the acts the housing plan moore the google chopped dhoun significantly are 10,000 units to 1500 units lots of people worry the cuts mean the city is catering to the top notch tech companies to who wand to expand. >> the man of hour jeff ranieri is here this is when we need you
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the most nascar? insomnia hay pride? san francisco we have county fairs in alameda. we got a lot of going on. >> check, check, check. >> we're there. >> i got your back heat wave is behind us everyone. continued cooling in the forecast. >> nbc bay area microclimate weather certified most accurate in the bay area by weather rate. >> let's get you right into saturday morning forecast. big change here throughout the bay area will be the continued klouse cover to start for tomorrow morning especially near the coast you have areas of drizzle for the peninsula and 61. few clouds in the tri valley and 66. cool 63fare the sought bay. san francisco also fogged in on the early part of the day over towards the north bay mix of sun and clouds and 6 process and fog near the bay for the east by and 62. the large -- or we should say major change currently undergoing is all of the hot air associatewood the heat wave in week which brought temperatures as high as 108 degrees is now
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off to the south. this area of high pressure has no chance of coming back. the which we see it right now for seven days. that's going to allow the next thing to move it. that's the jet stream pushing down from the north a little bit of cooler flow with this. not only drops the temperatures but also bring in some increased cloud cover for saturday. it's not nearly as sunny outside. that's what i want to you focus to in on while we have fog at the immediate coastline keep your eye on the bottom of the screen as we advance this. you notice the clouds moving in with southerly surge, also increased humidity and showers to the south of morgan hill and san jose. i don't think we'll see any of this at this point move to the bay area but closely watching that doppler radar and could have drisz ds in santa cruz as we had we head through saturday afternoon take you to the numbers for tomorrow on the saturday, so much more enjoyable down here towards the south bay instead of upper 90s you're at
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83 in downtown san jose, 81 in milpitas. warm side in morgan hill and gill roy. a touch of humidity. the east bay, no more 100s, down to 87 in livermore pb 79 in vallejo, 74 also in oakland. the peninsula, 79 in palo alto. right up towards san mateo pretty much perfect weather and 75 degrees. visitoring for pride temperatures in the 60s across the board from ingleside toward the embarked off winds out of the west at 17-mile-per-hour. north bay 75 in mil valley going up to napa tomorrow or sonoma for that raceway, the 350 save mart. 81 degrees under parly cloudy skies president tefrpts in the 60s over the next several days with mix of morning fog afternoon sunshine. if you are here for pride and the parade on sunday the one drawing everybody out 10:30 in the morning it starts on market sfreet temperatures into the 60s as we head into the afternoon. for the inland valhallas heat wave is done.
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. no 90s no 100s in the seven-day we stay with the 80s in the extended forecast. we'll watch the doppler for possible showers nearby. >> 80s is perfect. >> i know if you're happy, i'm happy. >> that's the way it goes around here. >> yes, of course. >> thanks, jeff. >> sure. >> okay. up next how about $125 million what's he going to do with all the new found money. >> deer erik carr yeah he is smiling has big plans and a big heart. >> we have jimmy. hey guys keen ewe reeves plus and do not change the channel. happening now on our homepage. =add= all this hot weather is bringing flooding concerns to the mountains. happening now home page all the hot weather bringing flooding concerns to the mountains national weather service issued a flood warning today for the kings river in yosemite valley. later cancelled when rangers determined it was stay at save levels sfl the pask 'police
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department is using a smv app to report illegal fire work. comes ahead of the jewel 4th holiday weekend. back in a moment. ♪ ♪
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caldbeck" is taking an indefinite leave of absence amidst allegations of sexual harrassment. today, caldbe a venture capitalist is taking travis kalanick. anglers glers he submitted to harassing female entrepreneurs who were looking for funding in from his firm in a lengthy letter he called the culture dpik mri and unfair he said i hates that his behavior laid a
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role. >>. task. race weekend in insomnia oi nascar is in town. for one high profile crew chief the trip got off to a rocky chart. chad kanous the 7-time winning crew chief for jim judge james peterson had his laptop stole fibrin the rental car wednesday night? san francisco on the computer is all the vital race notes for this weekend. hendrick motor ports which is which represents if you have the computer don't worry about it it's all enkret zbld just give it back anyway. >> up next check in with derek carr what's he going to do with all that money? he has an interest explanation. stay with us. )orange friday ) for the giant.
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all right you may have seen the game here right on nbc bay area. or for the giants looking more like black appear blue. >> i was covering my eyes half the game. >> it could be torture that's when they struggle but then they eventually win. >> there is no carrot at the end. the mets are in town they got on the board early and often bruce boechy thinking this is tough mp remember our old friend. the star for the a's former sfar
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for the of an now with the mets. double in the ning gichg the mets 8-1 lead. 11 to 4 and the end giants lost ten of the 11 games. >> shut out the white cox dlis davis with another home runs a's win 3-0. >> asmusing when you think about all the superstar athletes posey curry durant appear today derek carr as turn he you know why he is smiling? he has $125 million reasons to mile. >> he just signed $125 million contract, $40 million guaranteed. carr becomes the high effort paid player in the league no fancy cars or flashy suits. the 26-year-old says he will be donating a lot of money to charity. >> it's very important to me for the kids watching this and for them to know i never chased the money in this whole process. it's something that i'm very
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passionate about. i tried to be the best version of myself every single day. >> this guy -- >> very inspirational. >> in order he lovers his family his church and football in that order. >> okay. the wormed's ugliest dog crowned tonight in the bay area. wait until you see it.
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okay the world's ugliest dug. goes to tiny that dog is not ugly. >> 125 pound being mastiff the sonoma fair. 3-year-old rescued by owner when nearly blind but after several surgeries she can see again. martha is not ugly. she is getting a bum rap. martha is pretty. >> have a great weekend. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- keanu reeves. cat deeley.


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