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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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officials trying to make sure they do so safely. tom jensen is live in san francisco with the look at the security situation. let's check in san francisco. you see the crowd sergio the march under way. >> the march is under way. this is the 25th anniversary of the dig march and comes on a different anniversary. 50 years ago was the summer of love in san francisco. that is one of the themes of pride celebration this year. in event is always led by the digs on bikes. there are changes because it usually winds its way through the neighborhood and ends in the castro drirkt where the pink party is celebrated. there is no pink party in the castro this year. the participants in this march left dolores park and will come back to dolores park. this is an event that brings people from around the country and from different generations
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together. >> have you been to pride in san francisco before. >> i have not this is my first time sfla what do you think. >> it's great. it's really awesome. so much love and so many people. >> well i came out 50 years ago. and to see all the young people living their lives, so many thousands of us, it's -- it's amazing. it really is special. >> right now, the marchers are making good progress around the neighborhood. authorities have taken extra precautions because of recently attacks in europe with terrorists using vehicles to drive into crowds. the san francisco police department has assigned a additional officers in uniform and in plain clothes. and i can tell you that here in the -- in the dolores park area and also in the castro district we have notice add whole lot more uniformed police officers. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sergio quintana. >> the pride parade begins
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tomorrow but the party already started as we were seeing there. the san francisco police department is being cautious this time around. nbc bay area thom jensen live at civic center plaszcza. >> no issues at all except we did see a stretcher come by a couple minutes ago. an ambulance leaving with that person np a lot of partiers like this young lady. but people very friendly so far, no big issues. but there are concerns this crowd this mash of people out in the crowds, more than a million people this weekend, hundreds of police officers and an unknown number of fbi agents, even posted on builds around the plazas to guard against crimes. >> typically as we've seen? the u.s. and uk they're doing it by any means necessary. >> the recent attack use vehicles to plow into crowds or attackers armed with knives.
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the security originally beefed up at last year's pride celebration after a man opened fire on a packed orlando guy bar killing 49 people and injuring 53 others. victim's families and survivors have been lobbying for tighter gun regulations ending sales to the mentally ill and banning ownership of assault rifles. >> we need more laws that protect us, the people who want common sense. >> louis rolleden barely skapd the nightclub massacre and suffers from ptsd. >> i look at my surroundings and admits i'm where aware. >> that type of awareness is what the fbi and police told us they want out manning the crowds. revellers aware of surrounding who trust their intuition and report anything out of ordinary. >> to me it kind of hurts like myself just to kind of listen to that and having to know we have
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to really be aware. >> and because it is pride weekend dozens of volunteers got up early to install the pink triangle on the peak. they pounded in stakes to make sure the symbol stays in place no matter the weather. 80 years ago the nazi's made people wear pink triangles. they reclaimed the symbol during the weekend. the pink triangle cofounder people didn't know what it wassed stood for. >> they thought it was an abstract symbol. like the rainbow flag waist which is entirely wonderful. but the triangle has a history. part of acknowledging where we are for 2017 is remembering where we've been. >> now they hold a special ceremony every year to remind people about the tragic history
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of the pink triangle visible from 15 miles away. >> show us your pride. viewers have been sending in photos all day gordon mack did in showing the theater all lit up in pride colors. we want to thank michael from sfis took this photo last night. we want to see the photos from all the festivities we might show your photo and tv. we also built a slide show on the website a lot of stuff there. in the middle of all the pride celebration as fire broke union in the castro this afternoon. started in the building above the posh bag. no one hurt or displaced. we are following right now a developing story out of sand martin north of gill roy. look at the map this is where a small plane crashed. the plane came down after 5:00 on east sand martin avenue near 101. we have the pictures getting into the newsroom. this is obviously still photos of the scene. these came in in the past few minutes np southbound in 101 in
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the area is closed right now. you can see the size of the little plane here. it's a small one. right now we do not know the cause of the crash or if anyone was injured. we do have a crew on the way we'll bring you more details as soon as we get them. new at 6:00 toppled signs and trash can that's all left that the community south friends o. >> another three hundred people living in rv's had to evacuate. the king's river started to flood on wednesday during the hoot heat wave as the snow melted? the sierra mountains. a flood warning is in place until monday. after hitting triple digit temperatures in the past yeek a cool kwoun is a welcome. what kind of weather can we expect from mere. >> our meteorologist has the answers. and where are the answers. >> well the answer is is that we've got a relief -- a nice one at that. if you enjoyed the temperatures
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today you'll enjoy tomorrowens a the next couple of days will be pleasen. we can see on the radar a lot of the meritorious moisture we were talking about the sierra snow pack. we can see thunderstorms developing in the fresno and syria area than could bringing the chance of sprinkles? santa cruz mountains and. as far as the sierra snow back look 104% of ample. 101% over all chl average. that will bring a flood risk over the next several days. if you notice right now very comfortable temperatures, 70 right now along the peninsula. 72 in the south bay and i'll is have a breakdown what you can expect into sunday coming up at 6:16. >> all right looking forward to that thanks much. temperature cooler by fire dangerous remains high. look at the scene in the north bay. this is a firefighters say flames broke out around noon today. s in in the town of pen grove. you see the tinder dry grass. takes off like a shot there. this is east of a park. you see the smoke billowing from
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the ground. they were able to get it under control. putting out the fire before it reached homes. >> an emotional memorial service today. large number of family and friends turned out to make respect to the one of the victims in the shooting at the ups center in san francisco. hundreds of people billed the assembly of god to may respect to big mike. they post-ed signs with his name in their trucks. and joined hundreds of people packing the church and san jose avenue. each one shared their fears hearing about the shooting. >> this took me by surprise. because when i heard about it, the first thing i think, i hope that wasn't where mike was. i went through the whole day not hearing nothing. >> he was a 46-year-old father who worked for ups for 17 years. the shooting happened at the ups
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center on this hill the morning of june 14th. some at the service say there is a listen for all us in the. >> when whether you get a text message or face time we got so many avenues to say i love you to swb because you may not get the chance again. >> his body was laid to rest at cyprus lawn in colma pch irnlts san francisco police identified the shooter at jimmy lam he purchased two stolen weapons he carried into the attack. police are calling an elderly be oakland woman death suspicious. they found 102-year-old mildred on unconscious in her home. now that is a block or two from highland hospital. williams later died at the home. her death is being zriekd as suspicious or unexplained. but investigators are fallout saying why just yet. one person was detained in the case but later released .coroner has not determined a cause of
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death. still to come an uncertain fate for health care in the united states. the plan republicans are trying to push forward but there is dissent in the ranks. also mark zuckerberg setting his sielgts beyond facebook, the rumorers circuiting with a about possible to run for president. >> 50 degree in san francisco see we see fog building in just as we saw this morning. how long can we expect to keep the cooler temps in the forecast eye i'll have a breakdown in a bit. the fallout from the "grenfell
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tower apartment fire" in london continues. authorities evacuated 800 the fallout from the grenfell tour apartment fire in london continues. authorities evacuated 800 apartments in london last night after respecters decided they were not safe pch last week's fire killed 80 people. take a look at this inferno. almost unthingable. it touched off intensive speculations. . it forced people to scramble for a place to live. >> at 2:00 in the morning you're not thinking. it was just a panic. grab what you grab and leave the flat. >> some evacuees booked hotel rooms but others spent the night at a community center. police are considering manslaughter charges in the fire. the material used in the building failed several safety tests. it's believed to have been a factor in the fire's intensity. republicaning hoping to pass
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a replacement for obamacare still have a lot of work to do and not much time. senate leadership wants to vote on the bill this coming week. right now there isn't enough support to pass it. while the bill keeps rerow key republican promising ending a mandate to buy insurance and defund being planned parentshood it slashes subsidies. the senate bill does include protections for preexisting conditions. democrats and allies are rallying op zbliegs the he is not thinking of running for president in 2020 but campaign rumors are swirling about mark zuckerberg after a series of facebook posts this week. take a look here. zuckerberg chatted up truckers at an iowa truck stop wreath a post-about the lives of the people he met. he wished everyone quote happy pride weekend from a pride festival in omaha, nebraska. a few hours ago he posted a picture inside one of the largest train yard yards in world in oomaha he talk about
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infrastructures and shipping. >> the melting snow from mountain raining particular will i the sierra has turned into run i don't have true southern california. they say there is so much that the rivers have kaerngs current one of the area is the river north of sacramento. 19 people reportedly died in california rivers so far this year. trying to spread the word to stay out of the water. >> it may look nice and refreshing, but it's not safe. it's too fast, too cold to swim. >> pg&e managing a nearby reservoir says the outflow is 20 times stronger than last year. the park leaders recommend if you could wait until july or august to swim when the rivers calm down. that's good information too special as we head into thirpging about all the heat we have a lot of the melting that
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is. >> july 4th coming up. >> definitely i know we just started summer, june 20th was the official start of summer. even though cooling down we're in the clear of the hot temps but a little bit more back to normal. if you had plans to be this weekend you'll yoij icbm enjoy comfortable temperatures in the sefrts. about nine degrees cool are than the temps yesterday at this time. tri valley 81. south bay 7. 61 degrees right now and the temperature trend in san jose shows it cooling down. you'll notice late at night it's not cooling down by much. it will feel a little bit humid and sticky. san francisco going down into the 50s. not a lot of overnight cooling. and the doppler radar i want to show you we were tracking or currently tracking this moisture of pushing from the south and actually there is still seeing a lot of activity in the fresno area abthe sierra air and track
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being chance of thunderstorms. that's pushing in a chance of spotty showers specifically are santa cruz mountain and south ever month ray as well. this is happening overnight in the overnight hours. if you're out early on you might see a drizzle or two along the coast. the future cast tomorrow also showing nice cooling. even as we head into your sunday forecast look at the coast, 61 for half moon. 63 expected high for san francisco. livermore 86, concord 81. a nice break from the triple digit heat and no 90s in sight. we're cooling down even moreheading into tomorrow. which means a great day to go hiking. here a quick look at hiking trails foor sunday early on start off with the fog nice and cool by 2:00 p.m. 63. it's staying koudy by 6:00. the temps remain cool at about 60 degrees. if you're heading out to pride for tomorrow expect similar conditions to what you saw
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today. cloudy start climbing into the mid-to upper 60s. over the next self-days we get a cooling trend heading the next seven days not judges just for san francisco but even inland areas. you'll notice in the 80s in the upcoming week. still hot but no triple digit heat. >> you seem relieved. >> i am. the ac can take a little bit of a break. >> thanks. >> still to come tonight a major change to g mail what google will not be doing with your inbox anymore. ♪ happiness is powerful flea and tick protection from nexgard. nexgard kills fleas and ticks all month long. and it comes in an easy-to-give tasty chew. and that makes dogs and owners happy.
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no wonder vets love it too. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. see your vet for more information on flea and tick protection you and your dog will love. nexgard. the vet's #1 choice.
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poic well if you've stopped for gas recently better check the credit card statements because police say card skimmers at gas fast gas station having stealing
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money and data since march. they are using the data to commit fraud. . they want to send you will the alert the redwood credit union in reported fraudulent charges to police earlier this month they went out to the fast gas station and the highway and respected card readers three times but didn't find anything. it wasn't until june 2 as it is that a. attendant discovered two skimming devices. customers are being asked to check statements back to march first. >> google announced it plans to stop scanning email to target advertising. the company made the announcement in a blog post yesterday. google said it never scanned the email of corporate commerce. they are spanned expanding the pols processless to all free consumer email accounts. the change is set to happen sometime this year. the company says you will still see ads in g mail they won't be targeted to you based on the content of your email. when we come back we'll be
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checking in with mindy with sports she has the latest after this. pinder going on the d-l due a
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am well the a's picked up another piece with chad pender going on the disabled list. the team added their top prospect franklin buretto. he was inserted right into the lineup in second base against the white soks by the third inning he was part of major league history. we'll go to the south side of chicago for game 2 between the a's and the white soks. what a day for the rookies in green and gold. matt olson second in the lineup first pitch he sees, turns it into his first career home run. the next inning, another rookie, jacob brewingman, takes a an 80 impair four seem near the sweet pot another home sfwleer the franklin in the second at bat of
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major league debut. he hit at 82 miles an hour change-up for first career home run opinion the oakland athletics first players to have the first career homers in the same game. olson hit the tekd np they won 10-2. boufrl day in the mets and zwrients in at&t park a little bit of youth movement for the giants one out top of the second rookie ryder jones making debut at third base. fields first grounder for the inning end being double play no score for east either tame to me two outsment johnny cueto thankfully a solo shots that puts the mets up on the board. then in the top of the sixth mets looking to add on two one one out lucas duda lines it to brandon belt. doubles it at first for the double play. cueto and giants out of the jam. right now this game is tide at
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one apiece. well mcgee he has his nba championship but he who ee he and his champions they want more they want a celebrity softball game titles process they he one one the titles at the kevin durant he wore this hat with a cup cake with a ring on team a shout out to oklahoma city fans nothing soft about the two run shot. this guy can ball. but kd freely his basketball skills doesn't translates to the diamond yet. can you blame him like at the size of his strike zone. his team did win but the winners are the fans. they got to see the trophy and the foundation which promotes healthy living. >> i have no clue about desmond at all we are going to have fun today. >> this is the first time i've thrown a baseball in years.
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so just playing around. i didn't play too much baseball growing up. but you know we here more a god reason, here for charity that's the main part go out have fun. >> it's a bless being to be able to do this blessing to see all the fans come out and support. so it's going to be a good day. >> and to have all the teammates and other people. >> exactly all my teammates coming out. and just a lot of support out here in the bay and i really appreciate it. >> draymond green also took part in the gram probably had one of the ugliest infield singles you'll see. with but he is on his way to new york where he will find out if he is the nba defense every players of the year he says it doesn't matter because he has a nba championship and that's more important. terry and peggy will be back with more news after the breck. the world )s ugliest dog contest
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inet belief well the world's ugliest dog contest typically goes for the tiny dog without teeth other fur. >> this year a big dog moved in how big? that big. >> come on. >> a 125-pound neapolitan mastiff took the prize petition fair yesterday. her name is martha. >> so beautiful. >> and you can see her droopy face played a big role. i don't consider that ugly. >> stweet martha. >> she was rescued by her owner when nearly blind. after several surgeries she can see again. the title of ugliest dog.
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you get a trophy. 150 oh bucks and a trip to new york. >> i don't think martha looks like she wants to go. >> for media appearances. she was tired it was a tough passageant. >> six-hour flight to new york sounds awful to martha i'm just saying. >> we will talk now about the wakeup weather. >> fog and of course nice cooler temperatures mp not bad especially if you like a morning running. >> remember the pets when it gets hot, especially when hot. >> see you tonight at 11:00. watch out for martha.
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welcome to the latest edition of g maggen on aur special guest derek law. this is going to be a fun one. >> very interesting. s it interesting we've been to


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