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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 25, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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with the roar of the dikes on bikes getting the party rolling. and inside the celebration behind the bikes, the resistance movement protesting a president who they say is dividing a nation. >> definitely political statement that i agree with, obviously. >> reporter: politicians who say this is what makes america great all week, not again. >> this is love. and this is joy and this is happiness, and this is what america should be about. not hatred which is what's spewing out of the white house. >> we're not about division. we're about inclusion and celebrating our differences. >> they're ready to fight for their rights and be anti-discriminatory. be the beacon for the rest of the country. this is san francisco. everybody is proud to be here. >> reporter: the pride obvious amid the concerns for country. >> what do we want? when do we want it? >> reporter: their message is
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not lost in all of the partying. and paradegoers emboldened by the crowd of like-minded supporters. >> this is me coming out to my parents, if they see this. >> and just being what's good and right in our nation is what we need right now. and this is part of that. this is a huge part of that. >> reporter: there was a strong law enforcement presence within the parade and also around the perimeter and around all of the celebrations today and yesterday. concerns that there could be some sort of terror attack or maybe hate crimes against people. that did not happen. we talked to police. they said no incidents really to report on. in san francisco, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> and it wasn't just san francisco celebrating pride. parades took over streets across the nation. look at new york city. millions were expected to turn out for a parade that also protested president trump's decision to not officially
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declare june pride month. in minneapolis, marchers honored philando castile who was killed by a police officer in 2016. that officer was acquitted of all charges this month. 2,000 turned out in seattle where the theme was " "indivisible." repeal and replace obamacare. will they do it? in washington, d.c., the debate heats up as they expect to take a key vote on this bill this week. right now the votes just aren't there. sharon katsuda is joining us with today's developments. this has been an ongoing situation all weekend. >> reporter: five republican senators are publicly opposing the plan so far, and the democratic senators overwhelmingly opposed the plan. majority leader mitch mcconnell says he wants a vote before the fourth of july holiday break. some within the republican party say they still have concerns saying millions could lose their current health insurance and medicaid. and senator bernie sanders at a rally in ohio today fought hard
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against the reform bill. >> when you throw 23 million people off health insurance, people with cancer, people with heart disease, people with diabetes, thousands of people will die. >> would like to delay the thing. no way we should be voting on this next week. >> you can't take over $800 billion out of the medicaid program and not expect that it's going to have an impact on a rural nursing home. >> medicaid under the proposed plan would become much more flexible for states so states would be able to design a program that works for their residents as opposed to washington giving states more direction on health care. president trump has criticized democrats for their opposition. the defection from just 3 of 52 republicans would doom the plan. and tomorrow the nonpartisan congressional budget office will release its assessment of the bill, the cost and impact on medicaid and how many people might lose health care coverage. i'm sharon katsuda, nbc bay area
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news. the white house did not host a dinner to celebrate ramadan, breaking a tradition that dates back more than 20 years. hosting the nightly meal when muslims break their fast during ramadan, first organized by then first lady hillary clinton. that was back in 1996. this is video of the dinner hosted by president obama. when trump was a candidate he told reporters he was open to continuing the tradition but the white house issued a statement saying in part, quote, during this holiday, we are reminded of the importance of mercy, compassion and good will. a series of dangerous crashes on 101 in san jose early this morning. they started about 4:30 near capitol expressway when three drivers were involved in this collision. the crash here left a truck in the middle of the highway and an approaching semi couldn't see it or stop in time. that led to a second chain-reaction crash involving several other cars. chp says no one was seriously injured and one driver even escaped his truck right before
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the semi hit him. >> the point of impact when the semi truck hit was right where the driver would have been hitting. he was lucky enough to have been stopped, came to rest, the first collision so close to the shoulder, he was able to safely exit his vehicle and move to the right shoulder before the collision. the chp says anyone involved in a crash should stay inside their car or risk even greater injury. the cause of the first crash isn't clear but it does not appear that alcohol or drugs played a role. firefighters quickly put out an rv fire threatening a home early this morning. reports of of that fire came in a little after midnight. rv burning on a home's driveway. firefighters worked quickly to put that fire out before it could spread to the actual house. >> one of the occupants was ready to go to bed. people started pounding on her door telling her the rv in your front yard is on fire. >> firefighters say that fire
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burned about 20 minutes. they were able to limit the damage to the garage and other vehicles in the driveway. nobody got hurt from the flames. the cause of that fire not known. >> the national guard has been called in to help with the flooding disaster along the kings river south of fresno. take a look at this video that they posted to twitter. this is above the kings river golf and country club. you can see how high the water is. about 90 homes remain under evacuation orders. the air guard dropped sandbags to emergency crews that are rushing to fill the breaches and the levees. several structures have been flooded so far but it does appear the water is starting to move back. rivers across the state are seeing record run-off as the snow in the mountains begins to melt. developing news in southern california where a fast-moving brush fire has burned about 800 acres so far. these are live pictures for you. the last county fire department says that fire started early this afternoon after a vehicle crashed into a tree. firefighters shut down the highway and have now issued mandatory evacuations in that
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area. containment right now, zero percent. >> we've had such an active rainy season in the winter and spring. now we start the fire season. vianey arana is here with a much cooler forecast for the bay area. for firefighters, this is when they gear up. >> yeah, exactly. right here we may not be experiencing a plolot. my parents live in santa clarita. they say the air quality is not very good right there. we hope the fire advisories expire overnight. here in the bay area, not a lot to complain about. 69 on the peninsula right now. south bay 72. tri-valley, 78 degrees and nice clear, cool conditions, even in san francisco at 61 degrees. but san francisco once again, get ready for the marine layer to roll in. concord was one of the warmer spots today. still fairly warm at the 5:00 hour. still at 80 degrees. but it will see a sigh of relief until the later hours. about 8:00 into the 60s. and then into the overnight
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hours it will drop down into 64, 62 degrees. even at night, not really going to need a heavy jacket. a closer look at exactly what to expect over the workweek. >> coming up next at 5:00, serious vandalism at a popular san francisco park. we'll show you more. also bystanders spring into action as this girl dangles from an amusement park ride in new york. we'll show you the incredible catch. body has been found in a had
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breaking news right now. sources tell nbc bay area news a dismembered body has been found in a hayward warehouse. that body is believed to be that of a missing san francisco man who has been missing since mother's day. the 48-year-old was a husband and father. he was supposed to meet a family friend named bob tang the day he went missing. tang has since been named a person of interest in the case. tang agreed to meet with police for an interview but never showed up. police believe he left the country. the victim's mercedes suv was found stripped in the bayview neighborhood. a dismembered body has been found. it is believed to be the body of a missing san francisco man. we'll continue to update this online and on our later newscasts. a playground is a scene
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today. a play structure at theground in golden gate park has been ruined by a suspected arsonist. after midnight, firefighters got the call. the structure engulfed in flames. arson investigators are searching for clues. so far, no suspects. >> children's playgrounds are where kids and families bring their kids to play, to learn, to recreate and to have somebody completely torch one of our premier playgrounds, i think is an affront to the children and to the families of san francisco. >> damage to the playground could be as much as $1 million. we have incredible new video to show you of a little girl dangling from an amusement park ride. and good samaritans gathered below to catch her. >> we've got you. >> her neck is stuck. >> you can hear bystanders yelling encouragement to the
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girl to hang on as she dangled from the sky ride at the six flags great escape in queensbury, new york. they rush underneath to catch her as she drops. tears and applause as they discover they all caught her there. police say she doesn't have any serious injuries. a younger child was on the ride with the teen. that child was not hurt. the park says it inspected the ride and can't find anything wrong. it's not clear how the girl got into such a scary position. >> very happy ending. coming up, an oceanliner takes on three sailboats. it's the race from france to new york. engines versus prevailing winds. a life-saving lesson put into action. the way one 12-year-old was able to save her own brother's life. better than doing
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nothing. that )s what a pleasanton mothe, and registered pretty straightforward advice. doing something is better than doing nothing. that's what a pleasanton mother and registered nurse always tells her three children. she's going to be determined to share that advice with as many as possible. we're joined with this evening's area proud. >> reporter: there were some scary moments in the palsalvy home last month. by more than a few sleepless nights. and while that's not good, it gave her a way to turn what happened into something good for others. >> we have those mannequins right in front of us. let's actually practice some
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compressions, okay? >> reporter: of all the things a young person can learn in an advanced life saving class -- >> two gentle breaths, everyone. >> reporter: there is one part of the process that they can never truly comprehend. just how scary it is to have to do any of it for real. >> what do we need to do? though in this class, among these young people, there is someone who knows exactly how scary it is. >> very. scariest thing i've witnessed in my life. >> reporter: riley is 12 years old. a really good sister, her mom kristi says, to little brother matt. though this story is about the time riley was nothing short of great. >> i'm not kidding. she saved our whole family that day. >> reporter: kristi says on that day, riley was home alone for a minutes watching max when he started choking on popcorn. >> she starts hitting him on the
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back. and it's still not helping. and then i think it dawned on her like, wow, i am the help. there is nobody else that could help him but me. and so then she, you know, wrapped her arms around him and -- >> right up to the chest then and push in and up and that's what i did. >> reporter: riley did the heimlich, and it worked. but just how did this middle schooler know what to do? well, because kristi, a registered nurse, had taught her. >> we talk about it here. we talk, you know, things like that. what could happen. >> reporter: and so if it worked so well with riley, why not do it for others? so she organized this advanced life saving course for other kids riley's age to take free. and she hopes to do more. >> and the whole point to this is so you guys see it and know that doing something is better than doing nothing. >> reporter: kristi believes no
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one is too to learn how to save a life. and she's got a daughter and a son to prove it. when asked why she taught her children how to do the heimlich and other life-saving maneuvers, kristi said plainly, i'm home a lot with my kids, and i would tell them that one day, they were going to have to save me. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> well, the oceanliner queen mary ii left france today in a race across the atlantic to new york. against three sailboats. let's just say the "queen mary" is heavily favored. sailboats are more than 80 feet long. "queen mary 2" more than 1100 feet long. the oceanliner has power. sa sailboats need to catch prevailing winds. the big ship is due next saturday and the other boats due two days later.
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all this in honor of the u.s. going to europe to help fight in world war ii. in now the microclimate weather certified most accurate in the bay area by weatherate. >> i think i'd be doing the "queen mary" versus the -- >> how are the winds going to be for that race? >> i would have to look into that. let me get back into that. here in the bay area, a nice little breeze along the coast, but it's not windy. but it is nice and cool. look at this gorgeous shot overlooking kirkwood, lake tahoe. looks like a post card. i need to make my way up there. we'll be seeing a couple changes over the next couple of hours. mt. hamilton looking beautiful. we'll see some clouds rolling in. temperatures still in the 70s. 72 degrees. nice and sunny. cloud cover rolling in. 59 along the peninsula. 78 for the tri-valley.
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76 degrees in the north bay. nice and cool. 61 in san francisco. and the east bay at 68 degrees. ending off sunday night pretty nice. we can see a marine layer will start building in and start deepening and that's going to bring us those cloudy starts which is more normal for the bay area around this time of year. let's talk about the temperature trend. heading out for a late night dinner, this is what you'll need. not a jacket or heavy sweater. by the time you head out to dinner 69 degrees. as you make your exit, even cooler into those lower 60s overnight and into the early morning. you'll probably also notice a lot of that humidity especially out in san francisco. also dropping down into the 50s overnight which will make for pretty good air quality. we're seeing decent air quality. that's thanks to that cooling trend and it's good all the way around. big change compared to the wave which will make -- good air quality will make for good
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hiking trails. if you have tomorrow off, which i'm sure a lot of you don't but i am one of those who has a monday off. it will be nice to head out or go on an early morning run before work if you're ambitious. start off foggy and cool. by 10:00 a.m., 58. 2:00, 63. by 6:00, about 60 degrees. and the next seven days, we do have that cooling trend that will stay in place at least through wednesday. if you notice, the temps continue to go down. by thursday, we start seeing gradual warming. not just in san francisco but also inland areas. we continue to cool down but slowly but surely by thursday, as we head into the weekend, we'll start climbing right back up into those mid to upper 80s which means you may have to turn on those acs again and leave them on overnight. i hope those electric bills don't get too expensive. >> you're showing off about your day off tomorrow. >> i am. >> all right. >> nobody has monday off. i'm always spending it by myself. >> we'll work on that. coming up next, a new way to watch baseball. >> the way the giants are
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playing, need a new way to watch baseball. behind the scenes at at&t park for a high-tech way to watch baseball through virtual reality.
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it's america's pastime but baseball just got a brand-new high-tech twist. >> definitely your pastime. >> and my present time. >> that's right. major league baseball giving fans a new way to watch games. they launched it in san francisco at at&t park. we sent our business and tech reporter and baseball fan scott budman to give us a preview. >> reporter: hey, welcome to the media here at at&t park where they are getting ready to broadcast the game of the week. but it's not a game you'll watch the way you usually do on television. this game you'll watch entirely
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in virtual reality. if you can't be in the stands watching -- >> i'm going to sit you down. >> reporter: you can now see the game in vr. on the field, in the dugout, even check the stats. >> it's different. >> reporter: a new way to take in the action from anywhere. >> so if you think of the game experience, it's one way and vr is another way to experience. you all of a sudden multiply your -- the ability to engage and interact with your fan base in a new way. >> reporter: major league baseball is working with inte's vr to broadcast games in virtual reality with special vr cameras placed all over the stadium. lots of laptops, ipads and headsets. >> you can also see the entire park. >> reporter: even an entire broadcast booth set up to show you the game. >> we're very similar to broadcast in our setup. and the way that we're doing the
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show. the difference is the experience at home for the viewer is so much more interesting. >> reporter: we tried it and, yes, it's a different experience. you'll need extra gear which means extra costs, and you'll have to get used to watching in a different head-turning way. but it's still baseball, and maybe watching it this way will turn out to be a hit. now to see this game, you'll need more than just the television you'll have at home. you'll need r goggles and for now, a samsung galaxy phone. more phones will be used in vr in the future. games will be broadcast in vr every tuesday. at at&t park, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> how about that? >> it just like being there and seeing it? >> yes. >> isn't that enough? >> some questions. we'll discuss it during the commercial. we'll be right back. the box office this weekend.
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==peggy/vo== transformers, the last knight, is celebrating mixed success at the box office. this is the fifth installment of the transformers movies. it did bring in $45 million and it is number one but had the lowest showing of the entire franchise. "wonder woman" and "cars 3" tied for second place with $25.2 million each. the female superhero movie has in theaters for a month. it's been rocking along "cars 3" featuring lightning mcqueen in a mid-life crisis trying to prove he still has what it takes to be the best race car in the whole wide world. >> even red race cars go through a mid-life crisis. >> temperatures here for the end of the day? >> cooling through the night and into monday morning. >> sounds good. "nbc nightly news" is coming up next. and more news coming up at 6:00. >> hoping you join us then. do
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on this sunday night, health care cliff hanger. new pushback from key republican senators as leadership pushes for a vote on obama carrey peel this week. how tens of millions get coverage is hanging in the balance. violent flight. loud bang and nearly two hours of panic on a packed commercial jet shaking like a washing machine. the pilot telling passengers to pray. frightening fall. a 14-year-old girl hanging on for dear life, then plunging 25 feet from an amusement park ride. a crowd rushing to save her below. help wanted. a record number of job openings in america and companies desperate to fill them. so why the hold-up? amid such high demand. and right on track, life-changing surprises for three


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