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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 26, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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administration is declaring---- right now at 11:00, clear victory. that is what the trump administration is declaring after the supreme court says the white house can enforce parts of its controversial travel ban. good monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanchez. a decision this morning that puts the president's executive order right back in the spotlight. the big headlines, the supreme court will hear arguments against the trump travel ban that restricts immigration from six predominantly muslim country and puts a cap on refugees allowed to enter the united states. >> the earliest that the high court can hear the case is october and in the meantime it will allow the white house to enforce parts of the ban right
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now. scott mack gr scott mcglcgrew joining us. >> remember no one has been banned from coming to the u.s. up until now behalf that order. so this is a win finally for the white house you. the court says it is willing to hear the cases brought by two circuits into one case. in the meantime, the court has allowed parts of the ban to take effect. let's go through them. we're talking about the countries iran, libya, somalia, sudan, syria and yemen. the justices say they understand the plaintiffs' complaints that barring people completely from the six countries can can do americans harm. so like not letting a family member to visit. so the court says it will allow people with bona fide connections to come in whult they wait for their decision. relatives, students, people with job offers from employers in america. people with no connection to the
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united states at all, though, will have to stay out. this includes refugees, the charity conditions reach out to a refugee and offer to bring that person in. that is not considered a bona fide connection. the white house released a statement that reads in part today's unanimous supreme court decision is a clear vehicle toerp for our national security. it allows the travel suspension for the six terror-prone countries ands refugee suspension to become largely effective. as president, i cannot allow people into on our country who want to do us harm. i am particularly gratified that the supreme court decision was 9-0. now, the court does issue a new challenge to the white house. travel bans were set to expire after 90 days for all travel, 120 for refugees. the executive claimed it needed time to research and adjust screenings. both those deadlines have come and gone. the court wants the government to explain why that makes this moot at this point. >> all right.
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we'll be watching that one. and meantime the supreme court is taking on a new clash over cake. specifically the justices will consider whether a christian baker in colorado had the right to refuse to make a wedding cake for a same sex couple on religious grounds. also the supreme court struck down an arkansas birth certificate law. the case was married lesbian couples this says the law refusing to list same sex spouses on a birth certificate was discriminatory. and they also ruled that churches can seek state money for playground and nonreligious needs. and developing information about the man police are looking for in connection with the disappearance of a san francisco uber driver. we were the first to report yesterday at 5:00 that remainings found in a hayward warehouse may be those of the
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misses man. bob, you are learning more about the connection to the warehouse. >> reporter: good morning. this warehouse where the remains were found is home to the u.s. trading company and law enforcement says that the person of interest in this case is a man named possible tan bob tang. and they agree he was a long time employee and that the company is cooperating with the investigation. alameda county sheriff's office found remains of someone after an employee complained of a foul smell. gchlt dna will be collected from the sister and mother of piseth ub disappeared leaving behind his sons and wife. >> i can't help but pray that
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the body parts don't belong to my husband. but if it is, bob tang has something to do with it. >> reporter: detectives found tang's car at sfo after they believe he fled to cambodia. tang and chhay had been friends for six years. >> like family member. >> reporter: the tangs and chhays were so close, they even vacationed together. chhay's wife can't imagine what went wrong, but she does have a message for bob tang. >> you don't have a -- you stole my husband away. you broke my family apart.
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>> reporter: chhay's wife tells us that she believes bob tang was with her husband the day he disappeared. the remains found here saturday morning in this warehouse were so mutilated, so on decomposed, it will take dna to identify them. bob redell, nbc bay area news. thank you, bob. it is 11:06. turning now to the microclimate weather forecast and a week that will more make up for the heat wave that he with jue he with w through. temperatures right where they are supposed to be. >> this is more like it. a live look outside right now at the golden gate bridge. blue sky in the background and beautiful conditions. let's turn it over to kari hall. >> you're welcome. we had such a nice weekend and a look now, we're looking out the door in the tri-valley pre pleasanton at 71. also in the south bay.
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and looking at san francisco, 63 degrees. we'll see our temperatures holding said decide theteady th. and also feeling much more comfortable starting out this week. it willable up to 80 in napa and as well as in livermore, upper 70s for san jose and palo alto. concord will see a high of 83. so our temperatures in some parts of the bay area just a little bit cooler than where we should be for this time of year and our temperatures will be warming up as we go through the week. so coming up a little later, i'll talk more about that, we'll take a look ahead to the long holiday weekend and if you're making plans, you don't want to miss it. i'll have a look at that coming up. >> a judge made headlines for his controversial of letting off brooke turner lightly and now there is a push to get the judge off the bench.
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let's go to the santiaga clara ledge strar. >> reporter: yes, we had the committee to recall judge percepersky marching in here with the paperwork. earlier there was a much larger crowd. you had the chair of the committee joined by a sde couple dozen people as they filed the notice of intent paperwork which would allow them to officially collect signatures to get the recall of judge aaron persky. the judge is the focus of the recall effort for what many considered to be a light sentence for swimmer brock turner who was sentenced to six months in jail for sexually assaulted an unconscious and intoxicated woman back in 2015. voirs urng of course turner only served three months and many filed complaints to remove the judge
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from the bench including thousands of complaints with the california commission on judicial performance which ultimately decided in december that chlt abopersky did not com misconduct. yet another reason why the organizers are taking the issue into their own hands with the hopes of letting voters decide what is next for the judge. >> women have had enough of rape culture. we are ready to take action and recall the judge. >> reporter: now, judge persky will have time to respond to the paperwork and from there the committee will need to gathered nearly 59,000 signatures in order to get the recall on the ballot and ultimate goal is to get it on the ballot for june of 2018. pete suratos, nbc bay area news. a man is hospitalized after being shot. police say shots were fired around 10:00 last night at the
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off-ramp from northbound 101. the driver in the porsche lost control and then smashed into a power pole and into three other vehicles. the suspect drove away from the scene. the victim was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the chest. police are not sure whether the victim and suspect knew each other. a viral story everyone is talking about, all quiet right now, but that was not the case last night. take a look at this video of the fight breaking out at the mall. about two dozen people started fightinging in the food court migrated up a couple levels. in all, about 30 police officers responding to the scene there running up the escalators, trying to keep shoppers safe. one officer was actually injured, but is expected to be okay. police say some of the people involved tried to run away, which led to more issues. at one point in the video you can even see a chair being
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thrown at the officers. >> it did complicate matters and that's why we did have to try to s stop the situation as soon as possible and that's why you see us moving to multiple levels in order to stop and detain these individuals that were involved in this incident. >> several were are questiare q and one was arrested. police are looking for someone who set fire to a playgrou playground in golden gate park. this is the result of the fire and damage could be as much as $1 million to fix. so far arson investigators say that they have no suspects. big sports news. team oracle usa lost the americas cup. new zealand came out with the 7-1 victory. and also coming up, still
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faces scanscandal. takata file bankruptcy. what is next. and it may be summer on the calendar, but people still getting skiing in. the reason you can spend the fourth of july on the slopes as long as you dress accordingly of course.
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a check of the markets this morning, some split results so far the nasdaq down about 12 appointments in early trading, but the s&p and dow jones have are both risen. dow jones is 21,438. meanwhile takata filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday. the company manufacturing air bags that were blamed for killing at least 14 people around the world. matt bradley reports. >> reporter: it's the end of a giant. one of the world's largest auto
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parts manufacturers filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy yesterday that book ends a decade long scandal in which the company recalled some 11 millionaire bags that were thought to have caused more than 14 deaths and hundreds of injuries. that was the largest auto parts recall in history. and yesterday's bankruptcy filing is the largest ever bankruptcy of a japanese corporation. it also ends an era. founded in 1933 as a textiles firm, takata was among the flagship corporations that led the post world war ii growth and befitting such a huge collapse, if a cat take takata still owes billions to car companies like toyota and honda and faces legal challenges from an alleged cover jump. t coverup. the firm is thought to have hid concerns about inflaters that
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fired lethal slap slap nell. and many employees are likely to keep their jobs thanlgs thanks to this sale a. the pharmaceutical ceo nicknamed phrma bro arrived in court for his fraud trial. martin shkreli arrived surrounded by a full about team of lawyers and swarming news media. the 34-year-old gained in-if in after hiking the price of a drug. but he's on trial for allegedly defrauding investors in his hedge funds of at least $11 million. shkreli could face up to 20 years if convicted. a new you twist with in the russia investigation this morning. president trump now accusing the obama administration of failing to do more to stop the russian meddling in the presidential election. president trump has been reluctant to acknowledge the
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accusations of russia's interference even though the intelligence community agreed that it did happen. over the weekend, president trump used the issue to go after former president obama. >> i just heard today for the first time that obama knew about russia a long time before the election. and he did nothing about it. >> the president may have been referencing a "washington post" article about russian president vladimir putin directly influencing the kremlin's alleged attacks during the 2016 campaign. the report describes how the obama administration struggled to respond to the attack without making it seem political. president trump is expected to meet with president putin next week at a major international summit. happening today, former vice president al gore is going to be in san francisco for a special screening of his new film "an inconvenient sequel." this is a followup to" an inconvenient truth" which looked at climate change. it is updated to include president trump's recent decision to put united states
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out of the paris climate accord. tonight's screening is at the castro theatre a little after 5:00. take a look at this, it is the end of june and people are still skiing in the sierra, but they have ditched their warm pants and jackets. people taking advantage of the cooler weather over the weekend hitting the slopes at squaw valley. no bulky ski clothes require ready. apparently a tank top there. >> skirts? >> it's been a long season? the sierra and the resort is already getting ready for the holg day we holiday weekend. >> we get to ski four days street. 40s time in history that we'll have skiing on the fourth of july. >> last time was back in 2000 20 11. officials at equal valley say that they will be open as long as there is snow. meantime people are already buying season tickets for next year. throughout the winter
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months, february and march really we got to actually interview people from squaw and they were telling us yeah, in july, you can still ski and you were thinking yeah, right. and we will be. >> i've sleeved in short sleeves and a t-shirt, and that was fun. i can't imagine a skirt though. but you can see that the snow is thinning out. we've had very warm weather around the bay area and sierra, too. and at least it is cooling off. here is a look at ocean beach. it is 68 degrees. and you can see all the clouds still overhead. we'll get some clearing there later on. and here is a look at the clearing that is it already under way now as we look for a mount hamilton looking at a bright and sunny afternoon. and we're getting some breaks in the clouds. you will start to see clearing soon. we're looking at temperatures that will be topping out in the
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low 80s today, up to 80 in livermore, 78 in san jose and palo alto, and san francisco will see a high of 64. in the pacific near puerto vallata, be you may have some travel plans or know someone heading in that area. there is now the first hurricane of the season. hurricane dora. and it doesn't look like this one will be exploring too much. this one looks to be fizzling out over the next couple of days. and weakening as it continues to move out over the open water. and as you check out the "7-day forecast," bottom of the screen you will see temperatures are going up a few degrees each day. we will have a cool start out there this evening as giants take on the rockies at 7:08. kind of an odd time there. but it will be broadcast live on the air. and our temperatures will be in the lower 60s. and it will be very cool later on this evening. so wear layers. be breezy as well. now, over the weekend, i spent part of my weekend at natural bridges. it was so beautiful.
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and i love when you send my your weather picture. so send it at oig@kari hall weather. i may share your picture as well. as we look at the forecast for san francisco, we'll see the highs in the low to mid-60s over the next several days. inland valleys will be in the upper 70s, but each day will see the temperatures going up a couple degrees. by the independent of tend of t 80s but i don't think too many will complain considering last week we were in triple digits. so warm, but not unbearable. >> if they do complain, just say i don't want to hear it. >> talk to the hand. coming up next, bay area shows off its pride. a look at the cleanup after this weekend's pride parade and the reason this year's got more political than usual. but first happening right now, l.a. county firefighters battling a wildfire in santa
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clarita that has spread nearly 1,000 acres and briefly triggered power outages and mandatory evacuations. it's about 50% contained. we'll keep you updated. also just in, facebook, microsoft, twitter and youtube say they are forming global internet forums to counter are terrorism. we hope to get more details on that initiative shortly. this friday...
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get ready... oh, no! run! for the breakout event... [ minion gibberish ] of the summer. we're going back to villainy. despicable me 3. rated pg.
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this is video of the clean up after the weekend )s pride festivities in san francisco. here )s what it looked liked a few hours ago a this is video of the cleanup after this weekend's pride festivities in san francisco. a few hours ago before sun advise at civic center, city hall, you can see the crews working hard there. hundreds of thousands of people took to the street over the weekend to display their pride. and it was one of the biggest parades in the world that brought out a lot of emotions. >> it certainly did. as thom jensen shows us, this year's event had a stronger than usual political feel to it. >> reporter: a powerful start to the pride parade as usual with the dikes on bikes group revving up the court. along with the resistance movement close behind. and then by some of the bay area's most vocal and powerful anti-trump political voices. >> resist, resist!
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>> you cannot scream hatred and spew it out, you cannot shut down the media and call it a democracy. we are going to turn this around. >> reporter: >> we're the antidote to the fire and anxiety. makes me proud not only to be a franciscan, but to be a californian. >> diversity is our strength. we have a lot of work ahead of us, but look at the crowd here, i'm just so proud of this city. >> reporter: the pride more than evident in the hoards of people who came here to speak out. >> this is me coming out to my parents if they see this. okay. shhh. >> reporter: a release if only for a few hours from a national reality weighing heavily on their patriot yot tiic pat iic . >> at least gone day, this is the america that i remember are and the one i believe in. >> reporter: thom jensen, nbc
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bay area news. in about six hour, opponents of a new proposed school district are holding a rally before the school board meeting there. they are against splitting up the mt. diablo school district and creating the new north gate unified school district. the school district would include north gate high and its four feeder schools. they have until the end of august to forward recommendation to the state board of education. the clock is ticking for republicans to reach a deal on health care. the last minute deal-making before a vote this week. and before we go to break, i want to show you how to join with our community on the waze application. leverage the power of us and the you powerle xwo going. go to the waze app and in the bottom corner, there is a magnifying glass. click on that and then your name and scroll down to pick our team. that is how you join the community to help each other out.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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this week. the fight over health ca . all eyes on washington, d.c. this week, not just because of the supreme court developments today, there is also the fight over health care that is boiling over as another republican senator voices his opposition to the republican senate verse of the health care bill. >> the question is can a prop compromise be reached. peter alexander reports that some gop lawmakers are pushing for the vote to be delayed. >> reporter: this morning on the senate's health care bill, the president providing his prognosis. >> i don't think they are that far off. famous last words, right? but i think we'll get there. >> reporter: and his prescription. >> i want to see a bill with heart. health care is a very complicated subject from the standpoint that you move this way, and this group isn't like it. you move it a little bit over here -- and a very narrow path. >> reporter: the challenge
11:31 am
balancing the competing interests of reluctant republicans on the right where the bill doesn't go far enough and those closer to the center anxious about the proposed medicaid cuts. the gop can only afford to lose two senator ors t the bill fail. five oppose the current version and both sides are voicing reservations. >> i have a hard time believing wisconsin constituents or even myself will have enough time to properly evaluate this. >> it's hard for me to see the bill passing this week, but that is upleader. >> reporter: for mitch mcconnell and the trump white house, the tight time table is part of the plan. the strategy, limiting time for debate, compelling republicans within days to finally deliver on a 7-year-old promise to repeal obamacare. among the topics being discussed, possibly win over deciding votes, additional funding to combat the opioid epidemic and help for rural
11:32 am
hospitals. still democrats aren't budging. >> we are doing everything we can to fight this bill because it's so devastating for the middle class. >> reporter: president trump now just not attacking democrats as obstruction obstructionists, but accusing z obama when he criticized the fundamental meanness of the republican bill. >> he used my term mean. that was my term. because i want to see -- and i speak from the heart. that's what i want to see, i want to see a bill with heart. >> peter alexander reporting there. and in the meantime happening today in d.c., president trump welcomes the indian prime minister to the white house in what could prove to be kind of a challenging visit. the two have conflicting goals. prime minister hoenarendra modis a program to encourage u.s. companies to build plants abroad and of course president trump has pledged to put america first by bringing jobs back to the united states. the two are scheduled to meet
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and discuss growth and reforms. muslims around the world yesterday celebrated the end of the month lock fang fast for ra. this year the white house broke ranks with possible port st. lucies in marking the decision. the white house decided not host a dinner to celebrate ramadan.p lucies in marking the decision. the white house decided not host a dinner to celebrate ramadan. this is video of the dinner last year. when president trump was a candidate, be he said he was open to continuing the tradition, but instead the white house issued a statement saying in part during this holiday, we are reminded of the importance of per are city mercy, compassion and good will. muslim community trying to keep a positive attitude after several mosques became mtargets of hatred. in two incidents, the koran was destroyed. one 00 friday where pages were ripped and throne inwn into the street and saturday, the koran was burned along with bacon chained to a fence with
11:34 am
handcuffs. members spoke out about how they have experienced hatred before. >> people at school like they are like oh, do you know osama bin laden and like how the heck are we supposed to know him? it's disrespectful. and they are like are you going to bomb the school. >> police say that they took the incident very serious areally, but it's not considered a hate crime because no one broke the law aside from littering.areall but it's not considered a hate crime because no one broke the law aside from littering. no arrests have been made. and residents will have a chance to be directly involved in the process of replacing their district attorney. two weeks ago, mark peterson he resigned after pleading no contest to felony perjury. a grand jury accused him of misconduct be. now the "times" is reporting that before a permanent replacement is hired, there will be a public forum allowing people to weigh in and question the finalists. that hear iing is scheduled for august.
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imagine holding a funeral for your adult child only to find out he's actually alive. that happened to a father in california who is still trying to figure out how the mixup happened. frank kerrigan is grateful that his son is alive, but he had been told that he was killed and it was left you were corrected for we fors. t the family is moving ahead with legal action. miguel almaguer reports. >> reporter: the emotions are still raw for frank kerrigan and his daughter carol. just last month, they held a memorial service for theirfrank. incidence of friends and attempt gathered to say good-bye laying him to rest near his mother's grave or so they thought. the nightmare started on may 6 with a phone call. >> i'm sorry, mr. kerrigan, to have to tell you this over the telephone, but your son is deceased. >> reporter: kerrigan was
11:36 am
devastated by the news that his 57-year-old son had been found dead. he was told he had been identified by his fingerprints. >> and as soon as they said it was by his fingerprints, that was the dagger in my heart. that is what -- i knew he was gone on. >> reporter: frankie is mentally ill and homeless. but the family had heard from him from time to time. >> it was my worth fear come true. >> reporter: but more than two week after the funeral, a family friend who was a pallbearer called with the unbelievable news. >> he said mr. k, your son is alive. and i said oh, my god, frank gets on the phone and says hi, dad, how are you doing. >> reporter: the body police found behind a store was not frankie. the coroner's office telling the kerrigan's lawyer that the body had been high schomisidentified driver's license photo in the schl. t
11:37 am
system. there is an intern aal investigation and released a statement that reads in part the department extends regrets for any emotional stress caused as a result of this unfortunate incident.kerrigan family and their lawyers say that they will fight to make sure this never happens again. >> there is no excuse. it's a horrific thing, a terrible thing that happened to them. >> we're so happy for frank to be with us, and we're joyous. and at the sooim same tiame tim feel the pain. >> the kerry began began oig family is moving forward with a civil you lawsuit that says the coroner's office didn't make adequate effort because frankly causes homeless. another question haunting the family, who is the stranger that they buried. video showing the damage left behind after a car slammed into a motel pop in southern california, you can see it there, eight people were injured, one was critically
11:38 am
injured. it happened last night in san pedro southwest of los angeles. witnesses say that there were children in that pool when the suv slammed into a wall and then just plunged into the water. thoorts a authority are vet investigatiin drunk driver. a swimmer was rescued by a helicopter after being stranded on a rock. it happened saturday near laking spalding. you can series on top of the rock. a rescue technician descends the steep canyon while the chp flight officer maneuvers the basket carefully down. he recalls the terrifying moments before his rescue. >> i thought i could swim across what appeared to be the calmer part of the river. the current on me was like the start of a roller coaster. i'm 6'4" and i never felt so
11:39 am
small. >> the swim are wmer was not hut he sure appreciates the rescuers. and a dramatic rescue at amusement park. a young girl was dangling from a ride at the six flags in upstate new york. she eventually drops to the ground where she's caught by other park guests. the 14-year-old is still recovering from her injuries. some now questioning the save of difference the ride. morgan rat fodford reports. >> reporter: a tear are filed 14-year-old girl hanging on for dear life, dangling from the seat of a ride 25 feet above ground. >> her neck is stuck. >> reporter: the harrowing moment caught on cellphone at a six flags great escape in upstate new york. >> saw this young person
11:40 am
dangling by her arms and head basically. >> reporter: the girl a's broth on the chair with her shouting for help clinging frantically to her sister. >> he was screaming don't let her fall, don't let her die, please somebody save teher. >> reporter: bystanders below jumped in to action. >> you didn't know what the outcome would be. >> reporter: one man climbing a tree in an effort to get to the girl. others like matthew howard sr. and his daughter leeann forming a human landing pad. >> i looked up and i said honey, let go. i promise you i'll catch you. >> reporter: after hanging on for over three minutes, the girl finally lets go. the girl was hospitalized, shaken but alive. six flags released a statement saying that they closed the ride and that they will conduct a thorough internal review. harrowing moments causing some to question whether the danger is worth the thrill.
11:41 am
>> that was morgan radford reporting. >> that is shocking. experts say if you are headed to a theme park, make sure that you check in with the final inspect to you tors. we're warm but not as warm as we were last week at this time. kari hall, this is what i like to call improvement. >> yes, we have a cooler forecast at least to start out this week. willow glen will be the upper 70s. not bad at all. and free wi-fi equipment ends up costing him on his monthly bill. nbc bay area responds next. nbc bay area responds.
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to a san jose man who says a- t&t didn )t honor a promise, which ended up costing him money. welcome back. nbc bay area responds to a san jose man who says that at&t did not honor a promise. chris cais here with his story. >> michael lee gets his enter gnaw through at&t. he says it offered a degree wi-fi router upgrade, so he took. but the next bill, he had a $7 charge. he says the company confirmed
11:45 am
that the bill was being increased because of that upgrade. michael tried to get the fee removed but had no luck at all. so he reached out to us. we contacted at&t and it removed the fee. it also set up michael on a new plamt plan th payment plan that saves more money. it says our customers are important to us, we have worked with the customer and we identified a plan that helped save them money. if you haveconsume are complaint, let us know. let's check in with kari. the forecast looks peachy. >> i'd say so, too. here is a look toward twin peaks. we're look at a few clouds still lingering this morning. and in from belvedere toward san francisco, it's 72. so our temperatures are feeling
11:46 am
very comfortable. looking live at anderson reservoir, into the cloud in the sky. checking out what we're feeling and seeing out there as our temperatures are now in the low 70s for much of the interior valleys. palo alto is at 68 degrees, 69 in oakland, 68 also in san francisco. and we'll continue to see the temperatures warming up there just a few more degrees. now the "7-day forecast" is coming up at the bottom of the screen, starting in the south bay, we're taking a look at the high temperatures today as warm as 86 in gilroy. 90 in antioch. so some places still having to turn on the air conditioning. lower 70s from oakland, upper 70s down in fremont and peninsula now at 67 at half moon bay and 74 in san mateo. lower 60s for san francisco and we're also going to see the high
11:47 am
temperatures along the coastline in the 60s while napa will see highs up to 80. and as we make plans for the rest of the afternoon, if you are planning to head to the coast, santa cruz will be in the lower 70s there throughout the afternoon. we'll also have some breezy wind winds and at heavenly, a beautiful start to the workweek there and a lot of vacationers are skiing with short sleeves on and here is the reason why. our highs will stay in the upper 70s over the next couple days and more sunshine to follow. later on this evening out at at&t park, we have temperatures that will be starting out in the low 60s, so it will be very cool. and then we'll drop back into the upper 50s by tonight with more clouds and fog rolling in. that fog will keep us cool.
11:48 am
here is a look at where i spent part of my weekend at natural bridges and i love when you send me your pictures as we reminisce on this monday morning. send to @karihall on twitter or facebook to meteorologist kari hall. i had this one september of the sunset yesterday evening from pacifica. beautiful screenry ther beautiful scenery there. we'll stay in the fix in san francisco. morning fog, afternoon sunshine. and for the valley, we'll be up to 77 today and then we'll see our temperatures going up a few more degrees now. we will have warmer weather by the end of the week, but now that we can compare to the weather we had last week, this one not so bad up to 87 degrees for friday and saturday. let me know what you're doing and i'll let you know what the forecast will be for that spot. >> we pester her all the time.
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>> and i think you shared some of your pictures. the recent heat wave has proven deadly. several kids have already died this year. up next, a way that you can prevent a tragic accident from happening to your family. and before we go to break, i want to show you how to join our community on the waze application. let's go to your waze app either on iphone or android and in the bottom corner, there will be a magnifying glass. click on that and then click at your name. scroll down to see teams and you'll pick ours. this is how you join the community. who are these people?
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after police say she admitted to intentionally leaving her two toddlers to die inside a hot car. ==sam//2 shot== a texas mother was arrested after police say she admitted that she intentionally left her two toddlers inside a hot car to die.
11:52 am
>> that was obviously criminal.e fueled more heat related deaths nationwide. gabe guttierez has more. >> reporter: this morning in texas, three tragic cases of children dying after being trapped in scorching hot cars. in ft. worth, balloons and tears for a 3-year-old who somehow climbed into a car in 98 degree heat, his heartbroken parents finding him unresponsive 45 minutes later. and cynthia ran kodole of rand admitted for locking her children in the car as punishment while she excellent. so far this year 14 children have died, the average is 37 or one child every nine days. eric those the agony all too well. in the summer of 2015 outside dallas, he broke his morning routine by taking his wife to work first instead of dropping off their son michael at
11:53 am
daycare. >> it's not that you're a bad parent, you just have gone into a routine, you've gotten distracted. >> reporter: he left their 3-year-old in the vehicle for an hour and 15 minutes while the temperature climbed to 80 degrees. an estimated 120 inside the van. michael suffered six heat strokes, but survived. both he and his faerd are still recovering. >> we didn't talk about it. we can't raise awareness. >> so what can you do? experts suggest put as briefcase or phone in the back seat, that way you're forced to look back. also there are new apps on your phone that you can download that will alert you whenever you leave your car. and also there is new legislation in congress getting bipartisan support that would establish a new child safety alert in new cars that would alert parents whenever they leave their child in the back sight. gabe guttierez, nbc news. america )s newest "ugliest dog"
11:54 am
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.. is now a real high flier - living large today in the big apple. taking a victory lap around the country, america's newest ugliest dog is a real high flyer living large in the big apple. >> martha the mastiff won this year's ugliest dog competition on friday. she beat out 13 other woor any c worthy contestants. martha is in new york city where she was on the "today" show
11:57 am
earlier. she's only 3 and guess what, she got adopted. >> right after the show? >> well, i think before that. >> i'm liking the weight distribution. like 30% in the body and 70% in the dead. >> you can imagine how heavy that feels? >> not that ugly. >> i thought she was cute. but then again, i like bullbull. >> and we'll have some great dog walking weather. we'll keep the temperatures in the mid-60s in san francisco and some upper 70s inland. starts to heat up by the end of the week. upper 80s. i think we can deal with it. >> we all have dogs here. and we take them out all the time and they are extra furry in some cases. so when that heat starts pouring down, be i feel bad for them. >> need to shave down that pomerani pomeranian.
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stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ ♪ bruno mars kicking off the bet awards. scott adams, nina parker here today. welcome, guys. i love that move. what was that move? >> this


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