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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 27, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> why not? we will have some slightly warmer temperatures in parts of the interior valleys but all good starting out as we see the low clouds this morning. and we are going to see the clouds clearing out late morning. high temperatures today in the mid to upper 70s. low 60s for san francisco. as we head over to mike, what's happening as you head out on the roadways? >> starting out in dublin, kari, westbound 580. an earlier crash. there was a traffic break. i scanned the area. lanes are now clear. watch for a little slowing heading to the dublin interchange. that's the only slowing we see right now for the bay. back to you. >> thank you very much. new this morning an earthquake swarm is shaking up the area near lake tahoe. it started with a 3.7 quake about 12 miles northwest of truckee followed by a 3.9 after that. that's about a 20-minute drive away are from lake it self. now since 8:00 smaller quakes hit the same area and the latest happened just about an hour ago
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registering a 3.0. no damages or injuries to report. republicans are scrambling to get votes on the senate health care bill. yesterday the congressional budget office releasinging its score which predicted 22 million american would lose their health insurance in the next decade. edward lawrence joining us. this cbo score could be a devastating blow to republicans looking for a vote. >> reporter: many believe obamacare is collapsing so they feel they need to do something. some say this bill is a hard pill to swallow. president donald trump and vice president mike pence aggressively pushed the senate version of health care reform.
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>> members of the senate will work over the course of the coming days to give us an opportunity to turn the page on the failed policies of obamacare. >> reporter: today the vice president will be on capitol hill for a round of meetings with republican senators nervous about the senate bill. >> we're going to continue conversations, listen to the debate and then decide. >> reporter: the congressional budget office may complicate things. it says by the year 2026, 22 million more people will be uninsured under the current bill. 15 million as soon as next year. it would cust $321 billion in the same time period. democrats say it would be a disaster. here is a republican health proposal that will hit millions of working people and seniors like a wrecking ball. >> reporter: in a statement the white house says historically the numbers by the congressional
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budget office have within wrong. now the bill could face its first challenge today if no language is changed in the bill, there are four republican senators who say they won't even vote for this initial motion to proceed with this bill later on this afternoon. back to you. we are tracking every bit of news on the health care bill, also with the travel ban ruling by the supreme court yesterday. a crucial day in stran francisco as a new study about racial disparities in the city's justice system. pete suratos caught a glimpse of that report and whites and blacks seem to be treated differently. >> an issue that has followed sfpd.
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there was evidence when it came to use of force or traffic stops and right now more information when it comes to this report. this report was commissioned by the public defender's office. it will be released later this morning it claims they are booked on more severe charges which impacts their cases as had they move through the court. instead of the prosecutors or the courts. now in this record which conditioned more than 10,000 cases between 2011 and 2014 more severe charges than their white counterparts. the average jail time for blacks is 30 days, 62% longer than whites. and blacks are 60% more likely to be convicted of felonies. they dispute the report saying officers make arrests based on the crimes and the standard there is probable cause.
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a news conference examining this report in more detail will take place late they are morning at 10:30 a.m. pete suratos for "today." it is 5:05 now and happening today palo alto leaders will consider new rates if you don't live in the city of pal pal. they will consider raising downtown garage parking permits from $466 to $730. california avenue parking permits could more than double are from $149 to $365. a one-day perfect had mi permit. as we look live in palo alto right now, "the palo alto weekly" says councilmembers will consider cutting $1 million from
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the fire department budget that would happen even as the costs go higher by nearly 10% to nearly $32 million. a rally for affordable housing in santa clara county, tenants are protesting cuts. right mao $7.4 billion would be cut from affordable housing programs and this is on top of cuts that have been made by the housing authority which had to reduce housing vouchers by about 1,000. the rally starts at 9:00 this morning and that will be at the housing authority in san jose. also happening today, turn down the volume. the san mateo board of supervisors will meet today to take action on the noise issues from the san carlos airport. the board is also set to affirm its commitment to the paris accord on climate change. fourth of july is exactly one week away.
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police and fire fighters are already cracking down on illegal fireworks. officers recently confiscated more than 2,700 pounds of illegal fireworks it in recent bust. fire crews are worried because the damage of one spark, one small spark, can be vast. >> the grass is still dry and us being out of a job doesn't have anything to do with our concerns about safety and the well-being of our citizens. >> if you use illegal fireworks, you can land in jail for up to a year and face a $1,000 fine. it is 5:07 on this tuesday morning. we start out with some clouds. we'll get some sunshine as we go through the day. and we're going to see the highs in the reaching into the upper 70s to lower 80s. to the east bay now up to 88 degrees in antioch while oakland will be at 68 degrees and the peninsula looking at highs and low 60s along the coast. 71 degrees in belmont. san francisco up to 66 degrees and the mission district and the
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north bay looking at highs that will be reaching into the mid-70s for mill valley and 82 degrees in santa rosa. a beautiful day. we're going to have some slightly warmer temperatures for the weekend. i'll talk more about that and also a look at the temperature trend for cupertino coming up in about four minutes. as we head out on the roads again with mick. >> that's right. dublin again with our live camera. here is the off ramp and that's where things loosen up a bit. still recovering from the traffic break. i'll show you where. it looks like all the activity has cleared on our map. we see some slowing as you come into the area starting just past isabel and clearing just by the time you get to our camera there. so the earlier traffic break and the crash, no further incidents. we should see recovery for the tri-valley. the approach to the bay bridge which earlier travel times, we do have some of the cash lanes showing a few cars waiting. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up next, anger boiling
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over right now over restoration hardware. why some act viivists are going after the retailer and what they plan about doing about it. google facing record fines. =kari/ck= kari wx tease [ minion squeak ]
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we are coming up on 5:12 on this tuesday morning. a lot of clouds overhead right now and looking at the temperature trend for cupertino, not a bad day at all. really can't complain about the start at 65 degrees at 9:00. mostly sunny skies and then warming up into the upper 70s today. you may be able to leave the air conditioning off. we'll be cranking it up for the interior valleys as we head into the weekend. i'll talk more about that coming up at 5:17. >> and top of your screen, that number for 580 continues to come down. we're recovering after an earlier crash and traffic break. no major injuries and that commute should recover. thousands of workers will soon see a bigger paycheck. the minimum wage in san francisco will jump up to $14 an hour on saturday. the city will hold a news conference this morning in front of the old knanavy on market an fourth streets. san francisco is not only the only bay area city getting a wage hike, san jose's minimum wage is going up, $12, going up
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on saturday as well. happening today, peta is protesting restoration hardware and the reason why they are demanding the company stop using bird feathers in pillow inserts. the group plans to make that demand at the retailer's annual meeting. birds are often scalded to death while being defeathered and ending the rack tis will save their lives. happening today the george lucas museum is one step closer to becoming a reality. the los angeles city council is expect ed to vote on the $1.5 billion project today. lucas himself could make an appearance at the meeting. san francisco leaders had hoped to build the museum on treasure island but lucas picked los angeles as the home back in january. if you are just waking up this morning, you're learning google is facing a staggeringly big fine this morning from the european union.
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>> it is a punishment that delights google's competitors. >> it does, it particularly yelp in particular, kris. yelp has been tattle tailing. yelp couldn't convince the american sdc to take them on but it did convince the eu, hitting google with its biggest fine ever, nearly $3 billion. it says google better fix what it does wrong within the next 90 days or that fine could grow. it hasn't just been yelp. many companies have complained about google claiming this is an antitrust. google is so good everybody uses it by default. google has a responsibility to treat its results fairly not stick its own services above someone else's. the google fine was not unexpected though the size of it was. we'll keep an eye on alphabet, google's parent company. janet yellen will talk about the
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global economy today. speaking of janet yell en, she says the plunge in the cost of cell phone service has been so big it's actually pulled down inflation. the price of cell phone certificaservice plunged down around 12%. check your cell phone bill. if you're not paying less now than you were last year you have to talk to your carrier. nintendo says it will offer a mini version with all the games included. they did this once before, didn't make nearly enough to meet demand. amazon will start selling its echo show tomorrow, that's the thing with alexa with the built-in screen. brian chen over at the "new york times" says he's been using it the last couple of weeks, it's not that different than using a tablet. if you have an ipad you probably don't need an echo show because it's doing the same thing an ipad would with siri. a little disk, that is terrific. >> i have to ask you, so if i'm making meatballs, my hands are full of cross contaminated -- can i say, show me the recipe?
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>> yes, you can. that is the advantage to the screen. instead of amazon hissing t listing the movies, show you. >> show me the money. >> and thank you for the reference. live pictures from san francisco and it is going to be another nice day all around the bay area. that marine layer squished down keeping things cool and comfortable. >> and for anybody who would like it to do a little gardening, kari hall and -- mike, were you busy getting your green thumb on is this. >> i was updating my waze system and i realized i'm not standing where i was supposed to be. >> i was looking for you. >> you have a million things to balance, radio hits, live television. >> we all have our stuff to do. you are tweeting and updating, too. we're multi as taskers. >> trying to get out the door with some of the clouds that you're seeing out the window right now and quickly clearing
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as we go through the day. we are going to have another beautiful day as we see those clouds still hovering right now over san jose, as we take a live look and quite a few people already out there on the roadways. you need to get moving, too seven-day forecast. i want to show you this view from belvedere. the golden lights on the horizon lighting up san francisco. it's 52 degrees and you can see how our temperatures warm up over the next several days. we are going to be in the low 60s along the coastline and also in san francisco up to 72 degrees in innapa and 68 degree in oakland. 78 in san jose and in livermore 77. a heads up about our first hurricane of the eastern pacific season. it's hurricane dora. still a category 1, expected to weaken over the next couple of days. if you know someone heading to cabo, it looks like things are looking fairly good it may bring
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rain but nothing too big. and we are looking at here as we bring it back home just heading to some of the hiking trails or heading to some of the parks this afternoon. we will have a cloudy morning but then some clearing by 10:00 and then 2:00 some lower 80s, a lot of sunshine and then the winds are starting to kick up by about 6:00. and also a beautiful in sonoma. our temperatures start out in the low 60s. we're at 76 degrees at noon and up 70s for the day. also going golfing in the tri-valley. it is going to be a day pour some cool temperatures to start, low 60s, and then some upper 70s as we go into the afternoon with mostly sunny skies. a great day to head out as well. whatever you plan to do, we have some awesome weather, looking at morning clouds then sunshine breaking out late morning. san francisco up to 70 degrees, the warmest day on saturday while the inland valleys will see the highs in the low 90s. this weekend maybe making plans
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to head to the beach or relaxing by the pool. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up and also your weekend plans in about 20 minutes but mike takes us out with waze. >> we'll show you the waze system show you this live look. i was also tracking this. one set of flashing lights looks like they're clearing. i was tracking this traffic break coming down to the berkeley curve and you see there's a little bit of slowing here. i just saw the flashing lights over to the bay bridge toll plaza. they had to remove debris and it's all clear now right at powell so that's better news. now out to your maps and we'll show you how things are shaping up for the rest of the bay. i'll address 580 in a second. to southbound 101 at 880. an earlier crash there, minor injuries at the most. they are out of lanes over the next couple of minutes right by the connector with 880 and now get you out to waze. we're sill tracking this little slowing as you come to the dublin. we're looking at that recovery from an earlier traffic break.
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this blue line, that's one option for you. any of your routes over there if you're heading to oakland are easy right now. waze will take you on your phone out onto the roadways as well. check waze and make sure you're a member of our team. your profile there and select the team called nbc bay area wazers and we'll share that information all summer long. back to you. always a great way to get your muse. thank you so much, mike. always refreshing when the giants get a "w." we will take as many as we can when they come. buster posey with a big night last night at at&t park as they took on the rockies. posey with a double off the wall there. he ended up with three hits, three rbis, and buster will be representing the team at the all-star game in miami. the giants go on to crush the rockies, 9-2, and their record so far not as good as buster batting average, 28 wins, 51 losses. >> let's not say crush when they
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had such a losing streak for so long. but thank you. thousand for turning it around, gentlemen. millennials are not buying houses, so what are you spending your money on? we break down the dining habits and the reasons you're not eating it. a live picture from pleasant on, one of the areas that are will feel pleasant. cloudy to start. plenty of sunshine on the way. mall in san francsico.
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it happen s more arrests could be coming after this brawl at the westfield mall in san francisco over the weekend. it happened sunday night and as you can see it was caught on video by many bystanders. nearly two dozen people started fighting in the food court there at the westfield shopping center. 30 officers rushed in. one man was already arrested for injuring one of the officers. a family bird died in an alameda county house fire last night. firefighters responded to the fire on carlton avenue in castro valley just before 7:00 in the evening. homeowners were able to get themselves out. firers then saved two dogs and ride to save the family bird but they were not successful. the cause of that fire is under investigation. and now to millennials and eating habits. it turns out millennials are eating out a lot. >> the average millennial dines at a restaurant or buys takeout
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five times per week which you would think would get pricey. it found 29% of millennials admit to buying coffee at least three times a week. 59% of americans say they don't purchase any brewed coffee or tea in a typical week and 40% say they buy takeout or dine out no more than once a week. >> that sounds about right. i'm no millennial, though. so as the college world series heats up, pizza hut is trying to cash in on deals. today only customers can get 50% off all menu priced pizzas ordered online at with the promo code all american. game two between the florida gators and lsu tigers for the national championship. >> so the all-american apple pie thing is -- >> all-american pizza pie. >> with the cheese in the crust which is my favorite.
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>> i'll keep that in mind next time i order you pizza. san jose's mayor and city council considers raises for themselves, how much they're talking about and how much they're already making now. a south bay swim coach arrested for sending sexual text s to his teenaged swimmers. the swim club's response to those allegations. =kris//live= ad lib live picture -- from
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good tuesday morning to you looking live from pleasanton where it is downright pleasant this morning. we see the marine layer keeping things nice and cool. hopefully you're saving a little money on your power bill these days. thank you for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. and i'm sam brock. despite the name pleasanton was not so pleasant at this time last week during the heat wave. thankfully things are very different. much different picture this weekend. we will keep things fairly mild. there will a bit of a warm-up as we head to the weekend. i don't think you'll that. we'll talk about it coming up. taking a look at what you're feeling now as you step out the door, upper 50s and palo alto it's 59 degrees. 58 in san francisco and 60 now in oakland. today's high temperatures will be reaching into the upper 70s for livermore.
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81 in concord. 78 in san jose. morgan hill 82. santa rosa will see highs at 82 while san francisco will be at 63. the fog will be slow to clear. i'll talk about a slight warming trend coming up in about seven minutes. mike is still tracking the flashlights. >> i tracked them down to the berkeley. all the way to the bay bridge toll plaza. there's one tow truck and another tow truck pushing a vehicle slowly out of the lanes so now everything cleared up but the berkeley curve just in time, the backup for the metering lights. even our spider here on the camera waiting in line, very polite. to the maps and we'll show you overall the bay moves very well. no major issues. there is the slowing at the berkeley curve. the maze and the approach looks really good right now. we'll track the rest of your commute coming up. back to you. 5:30 on the dot the here on your tuesday. new this morning we have a south bay swim school's response now to parents and students who no doubt have plenty of questions
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after a swim coach was arrested for sending sexually explicit text messages to minors. bob redell is live at the quicksilver swim school with what the response is and what parents need to know going forward. bob? >> reporter: good morning, kris and sam. the quicksilver swim club is a private club that operates out of gunderson high in san jose did send out a letter to parents of students regarding the arrest of timothy nguyen. he was an assistant coach here from december of 2015 to january of this year. the club states in a letter the staff did hear about nguyen's arrest from news reports, that there were concerns reported to usa swimming and nguyen's resignation was immediate. san jose police tell us that on may 30th of this year the club reported to them that nguyen, who is 25 years old, had been texting some of the teenaged boys and girls on the team for about a year. >> at first it was about the team and swimming, but then it
5:32 am
progressed over time and they started becoming sexual in nature, asking for sexual favors as well as nude images of these children. >> so athletes are told and are coached to pay attention to coaches and do what we say. and then when they violate that and break that trust it's really awful. >> reporter: san jose police say nguyen tried to one of the teenagers but that nothing physical ever happened. nguyen, who was arrested last thursday, faces charges of suspicion of annoying or molesting a minor and telling one of the teens not to talk with authorities. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." now to breaking news coming in to our newsroom from ukraine. authorities say a. police say that the officer's vehicle exploded at a kiev
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intersection this morning, and it is being treated as a terrorist attack. happening now firefighters are desperately trying to get a handle on a wildfire burning out of control in san luis obispo. it has consumed more than 1,000 acres. in the area are under evacuation orders. all of this started yesterday after knoop when two separate fires merged into one. as of this morning the fire is only 10% contained. speaking of which, a developing story now raging wildfires, a deadly heat wave, overflowing. those are three threats the entire country is facing this summer, certainly we felt that at home. last night 21 large wildfires burned across seven different states including california. just this sunday homeowners were forced from their houses outside of los angeles as a fire came close to spreading right into their neighborhoods. >> it's pretty scary thinking
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that your house could burn down. >> well, the trouble does not stop there. a heat wave killed two people last week in san jose and two children in texas this weekend melting snow creating dangerous currents for swimmers. 19 people have died in california waters since april. very scary. 5:34 right now. a large bay area school district appears to be setting the stage for a possible nasty divorce and it is clear not everybody is onboard. people trying to keep the mt. diablo school district unified rallied before school board meeting in concord. they opposed a secession attempt for the north gate neighborhood in walnut creek. supporters submitted more than 6,000 signatures to the county board of education. opponents call it the breakup plan discriminatory. >> the peace and justice center is concerned about this as segregation issue because the new district would be whiter and wealthier. >> about having a local school
5:35 am
district that will be accountable to the community, to students, and the educators in the community, period. >> here is a better look at the affected area. the county board of education will be voting on this at the end of august. and if approved it would then be decided by ballot measure. >> a new affordable housing complex celebrates a grand opening in the east bay this morning. the apartments on delta fair boulevard open in antioch. the new complex has 19 units for low-income and struggling families. a nonprofit group formerly operated as a transitional housing complex. also a surge in it enroll pt means some san jose state students will be shut out from on-campus housing this paul. the school informed 600 students including more than 100 incoming freshmen that there is no more space in the dorm. freshmen are required to live campus but that requirement will be waived this year. the school anticipated about
5:36 am
4,000 incoming freshmen but more than 5,000 now plan to enroll. happening today in oakland, animal care advocates and law enforcement members are coming together to talk about possible links between human violence and animal abuse. it will include law enforcement and prosecutors. it's happening at the east bay spca baldwin street starting at 8:30 and goes for about 4:30 ending at 12:30. typically we do not report on dui arrests but this one caught our eye. chp deputies found this nissan sentra driving erratically on highway 101 in santa rosa. alex komar's alcohol level was three times the limit. and that has something to do with it. look at the picture of all the open alcohol bottles, cans and wine bottles found inside of the car in the passenger seat. there was a passenger in the car who admitted komar was drunk while driving. happening today a forum to
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discuss how the high-speed rail project might travel through san jose. officials, the rail authority, and the city of san jose will be there to talk about the possibilities. this meeting starts at 12:30 on south first street in san jose. a san jose city councilmembers will meet today and in part will discuss pay raises for themselves and for the mayor. in may they agreed to put off a decision until after the new budget was approved which happened ten days ago. councilmembers have been debating changing city policy to require an independent commission. voters would have to approve a change to the city charter. new this morning pg&e will get to work removing lead paint from almost 500 electric towers in alameda county. the company will be at old mission park in fremont to remove the peeling paint from the towers there, then repainted with a new coat that doesn't contain any lead. the company says it wants to focus on towers closest to homes, schools and parks and
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that work will start at 10:00. new this morning california's rural roads are falling apart and that is putting drivers at risk. 38% our roads in rural areas are in poor condition and that makes them the second most deadly in the nation. this is accord iing to trip whi is a national nonprofit transportation research group. the group blames a backlog of maintenance. tough on our wheels, tires, suspension and backs. that's good news. the freeways are moving very well. take you over to where we see a little slowing build. recovery for 580, slowing for 60, the earlier crash called that in the dublin area. in livermore a change. they finished a number of the construction and there may be a different traffic flow as folks try out the different routes. just be patient as folks will explore the area. looking to travel times over to the bay bridge, the top of your screen 17 minutes from highway 4
5:39 am
over to the bay bridge toll plaza and no delays for your mass transit. that's great news. a quick look. 47 bart trains. 47. over of mist deposited on the lens. they've run the wiper. i wanted to check with kari. >> real time weather check here. >> drizzle for your frizzell. >> what? >> worried about her hair. >> little misty stuff. >> #frizzell for your drizzle. >> we're going to wipe all of that away. we won't have the fog for the weekend and the temperatures will be heating up, too. take a look at saturday's forecast for the inland valleys. up to 90 degrees. the bay at 79. the coast still at a nice, cool 70 degrees. looking at sunday's forecast as we will have temperatures in the
5:40 am
mid-80s for the valleys, the bay at 77 degrees and 67 for the coast. you'll be hitting the road for the long fourth of july holiday weekend. it will be in the low 70s in l.a. and mostly sup nny skies. that snow is quickly melting so you want to head to the sierra soon. temperatures for the weekend topping out in the upper 70s and this weekend in napa valley a warm one. we'll be in the upper 80s to low 90s and then the temperatures start to come back down a few degrees sunday. in three minutes a look at today's temperature trend in san jose. thank you very much, kari. coming up, the push to get a controversial judge off the bench in santa clara county. the tactic opponents are trying to get sue peer quor court judge out of the courtroom. >> the senate is at least six votes short t. could be as much as nine. =mike/trx=
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mike traffic tease it's 5:43 as we take a live look the marine layer is back. that keeps it nice and comfortable today. temperatures start out in the low 60s. as you head out the door we'll be in the upper 70s today and looking at the temperature trend as you make plans early morning will be the best time to get out there for a jog and we'll see the skies clearing for some
5:44 am
upper 70s by 3:00 this afternoon. we'll take a look ahead to some warmer temperatures in time for the holiday weekend coming up at 5:48. travel times looking good coming down k-- speeds coming down. now 14 minutes through pleasanton. i am tracking at what's going on it at the bay bridge coming up. mike, kari, thank you very much. 5:44 right now on your tuesday morning. let me scoot over a little bit. firefighters made quick work of a garage fire in oakland but two people did have to be treated for smoke inhalation, that happened near foothill boulevard and 7th avenue not far from lake merritt. they were able to knock down the flames within minutes. it is 5:44 and also new this morning gun violence marred a family fireworks show in detroit last night. the ford fireworks show is an
5:45 am
annual event, and one of the biggest summer ehe vents in michigan officers erest ed two people in the shooting of a woman struck by a bullet. two men were arguing nearby when one fired a shot. in a separate incident two other people were also shot. so far no as. recall efforts began for the judge who handed down the controversial verdict in the sexual assault trial. >> judge aaron persky sentenced the swimmer to six months in jail for sexual assault just last year. he was convicted by a jury. this set off a national debate on sentencing with critics turner's sentence as light for had this crime. >> sexual assault is -- the only crime more serious than that is murder, and yet we see in the case of mr. turner a sentence more appropriate, say, to vandalism. >> efforts to recall persky officially began monday morning. if organizers can get 58,000 signatures then a vote will
5:46 am
appear on the june 2018 ballot to decide whether or not he will keep his judge seat. the supreme court has agreed to hear arguments on whether the travel ban, exec it testify order targeting six muslim majority countries, is lawful. in the meantime the supreme court wrote the government cannot deny visas for people in iran, sudan, syria, libya, somalia, and yemen who have relatives in america. all right. a developing story this morning. the white house says the syrian government could be preparing for another chemical attack. last night the white house press secretary sean spicer says the u.s. found evidence of another a attack although it didn't specify any of the intelligence. this could be similar to the one in april which killed dozens of civilians. spicer added that the syrian president bashar al assad, and his military will pay, quote, a heavy price if an attack does happen. and nearly the same moment the white house issued its
5:47 am
warning about syria, the president took to twitter. >> he was not writing about chemical attacks, scott mcgrew. what was he writing about? >> he was writing about president obama, sam. president trump has been on a bit of a twitter tear lately. mr. trump wrote, from fox news, bombshell in 2016 obama dismissed the idea that anyone could rig an election. check out his statement. witch-hunt. not the only did fox news say that, fox news literally said that. the president was essentially just tweeting the banner that was running on fox news a few minutes earlier. this is, of course, in reference to the russian hackers influencinging the election, something that now even president trump agrees happened. it happened. it was sha. now this is a separate investigation into whether trump's campaign aide colluded with the russians. we know some of trump's top people, including his first national security adviser did not tell the truth about meeting with russia but we don't know
5:48 am
there was cluing. the senate is dealing with new challenges to the american health care act after the congressional budget office scored the bill and said millions of people would lose their insurance. some this year alone the republicans can afford to lose two senators. nbc's count says they've lost six with more like john mccain showing concern. >> what's your reaction at 22 million fewer people having insurance? >> obviously it's not good news. the important factor is medicare expansion in my state. we have a lot of issues. >> the white house is getting criticism this morning over its decision to end regular on-camera daily briefings. they still do the briefings but sean spicer says you can't recall video of him, only audio, and you can't broadcast it in real time. now this has led to some creative workaround, cnn using a
5:49 am
court sketch artist and someone with visual effects had fun with that. >> as we know the scandals exposed long wait times for our nation's veterans. >> this morning from the white house plus we're asking the white house for clarification of its warning syria and the senate health care bill. you can contact mo on twitter @scottmcgrew. >> a lot of serious information in that report but that sketch is amazing. thank you very much, scott. all right. we're going to get a look at your forecast. a little bit of drizzle in the forecast in spots. >> this morning. it keeps it cool today and it may even be misting. probably not a great hair day but that's -- i'm sorry. >> frizzell. >> a little bit of frizz. >> that frizz due to the drizzle. cool inland areas.
5:50 am
we're talking about upper 70s, maybe low 80s in a few spots. but here is the view from twin peaks and the seven-day forecast up at the bottom of the screen. the fog from sunol. all that fog clears out and then some sunshine looking live right now from tibu areron. 78 degrees in the south bay and 77 in the tri-valley. compare that to the triple digits last week. enjoy all this nice, cool weather. 82 degrees for the north bay and san francisco up to 63. looking live out the window getting ready for the day let's start out in the encloses net morning and a couple of tips. don't forget the sunglasses even though it's cloudy now and it's a day for some short sleeves as our temperatures for the inland areas will be heating up. if you are planning to head it to some of the south bay hiking trails or just enjoying some time at the park, we will still have some clouds at 7:00 in the
5:51 am
morning and it will be at 57 degrees. some low 60s by 10:00. and 2:00 today we make it up to 81 degrees in some of the south bay hiking trails and out at at&t park it will be much cooler, so make sure you're wearing lots of layers. those breezy ones, and the clouds and the fog rolling in may even start misting as the temperatures drop back to 55. we'll see some low 60s over the next few days. the warmest day in the forecast for san francisco will be on saturday. 70 degrees. and the inland valleys much hotter, up to 91 on saturday. so maybe you're already making plans for the fourth of july weekend. well, it's going to be quite warm inland. and as we head over to mike, you're tracking what it looks like on the roadways. first of all we have no major issues but the fog is hovering around. it may be a factor. we'll track that. metering lights check this area for san jose. traffic is building right on
5:52 am
schedule. we have folks tapping their brakes causing irregularity. let's show you waze as well. more traffic over at the castro valley y over to menlo park, all of your routes take you past that, that slowdown right there and take you down through hayward. good options, even the longer options through the ri valley might be an issue later on. you choose for yourself. check your waze on your phone and make sure you're a member of our team as well. that phone and membership to our waze, call nbc bay area wazers is your to a quicker route. back to you. >> thank you very much. coming up, the heartwarming double proposal. >> first, huge cruiseship debuts in shanghai later today. one of the ten largest cruise liners ever built. also, alec baldwin says he is going to be back on "saturday night live" as donald trump. the actor says he will return as
5:53 am
the president but not regularly.
5:54 am
5:55 am
♪ ♪ and welcome back here on your tuesday morning, a live look outside at the golden gate bridge and we are off to a cool start. you see all the clouds in the background. a little bit of drizzle and cloud cover this morning but then it's going to start to warm
5:56 am
up heading into the holiday weekend. some big news out of washington and it impacts our state's water system, potentially u.s. wildlife agencies have given first approval to governor jerry brown's plan to build two tunnels to water across the state. those twin tunnels are part of what's being called the california water fix. essentially would divert water from the delta to 25 had million people in southern california. the feds say the project will not negatively impact endangered fish in the delta so they voted to move forward with it. this is the first approval, the first leg of it for the $15 billion project. many folks, though, worry northern california would end up losing water for its own farmers. the grass roots campaign has been trying to block that project for 11 years. >> we always knew this would be a long, hard battle. there are days we're going to lose but ultimately believe science and economics will show that we are right and we will win and the tunnels will be stopped. >> some agencies still need to rule on the project which would
5:57 am
begin as early as next year. happening now one east bay city wants you to know -- wants to know what you think about recreational marijuana. pleasant hill is conducting a survey right now asking residents how they feel about marijuana growing and sales in the city. californians voted to legalize recreational marijuana for adults back in the november election. even though the state will start regularing marijuana in january, cities and counties can also enact their own policies. pleasant hill city leaders plan to use the results of this survey to come up with a plan to regulate pot. new this morning, cracking down on smoking in northern california. lawmakers in west sacramento approved a controversial expansion of smoke-free zone restrictions in the city. the biggest change the park where people can noer smoke even though they're outdoors. nonsmokers the updated order i mance is fantastic but others say it just goes too far.
5:58 am
>> this kind of nice not to have that around all the time, kind of enjoying the fresh air that we have here. >> you can do it walking on the and purchase them at the stores. in a public park is going overboard. >> smoking is banned from bus stops, playgrounds, city offices, city parking lots and the sidewalks around all of those places. happening today experts will show you how to handle fireworks as safely as possible ahead of the fourth of july holiday. u.s. product safety commission is hosting an annual demonstration. experts will set off explosions like that to make a point on the national mall in washington, d.c. you can check out the new smart trains this week. sonoma rin district is offering rides and there will be several special roundtrip rides starting thursday connecting rohne are rt to the marin civic center. trains leave at 8:00, 10:00,
5:59 am
12:00, and 2:00 from rohnert park. >> we have all misspelled things before. this particular incident, though, is going to be costly on a new sign along highway 1 near monterey and check out what this is going to set back somebody. this sign tells drivers the exit for seaside in del ray oaks is coming up. ray like sun ray. no one noticed it was misspelled until the day after. it's supposed to be spelled r-e-y. changing the a to an e will cost at least several hundred dollars. if they choose to replace the entire sign that could cost thousands of dollars. >> proof read, folks. a heartwarming story. brent took his girlfriend and 5-year-old daughter to a park and with a photographer hiding in the trees he asked kasandra
6:00 am
to marry hip. she said yes. she didn't expect what happened next. he got down on one knee asking her daughter if he could be her dad. >> i bent down and asked if i could be her dad and promised to love and protect her for all time. she said yes. gave me a big hug. >> a dream come true for both mom and daughter. what a nice -- >> that is the sweetest thing i've ever heard. 6:00. could race be a factor in how long you stay in jail. accused of just that. >> why it will soon cost more to park in a major peninsula city. >> and an uphill battle. the gop fighting to get the senate version of the health care bill at least voted on and passed this week. steps the white house is taking to sway nervous republicans. "today in the bay" tips right now.


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