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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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tonight: armed and dangerous and on the run. the sear u breaking news on the peninsula tonight. armed and dangerous and on the run the search under way right now that as an entire neighborhood on edge. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening everyone thanks for he is joining us jessica aguirre. >> raj mathai. a drug deal gone bad, happening in a quiet neighborhood. take a look. police officers canvassing parts of belmont searching for a man with a gun seen running past of the carl month shopping shopping
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center. cheryl hurd is in belmont with update on the crime and the search. cheryl. >> reporter: well, raj police say he is armed and that's why they're concerned tonight. the captain here tells me they got a call earlier this evening. take a look at this video. the man was in this parking lot pistol whipped and bloody. he told police he came here to sell marijuana. instead of money changing hands the suspect took his gun and bet him in the face and took off running with a backpack with an undisclosed amount of marijuana. he ran into a creek behind the shopping center. police the area on lockdown. asking everyone to stay inside. now the suspect jumped into a drain pipe and got away. the victim was treated at the scene, a belmont man in his 20s with non-life threatening injuries. police still looking for the man. any say he is asian or hispanic in his 20s with curl hair.
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has a tattoo on his neck and wearing red shorts and a black tee shirt. don't approach this man just call police. reporting live in belmont cheryl hurd, nba bay area news. >> okay thank you very much, cheryl. breaking news this time too many out of sacramento where a deputy working at a light rail station is recovering after being shot in the face. happened around 6:00 this evening. the deputy apparently got into a fight with a man who pulled out a gun and then fired. >> in a face holding his towel around the face because he was bleeding so bad. the person shot twice missed the first time and shot again and hit the cop in the face. >> the gunman ran moua to a nearby hotel to hide. police evacuated the hotel and arrested the man. the deputy is listed in stable condition at the time. but it's not clear what started the fight leading up to the shooting. well just in, the yoga thief, walnut creek police officers looking for this man christopher newton. accused of targeting yoga
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studioing steeling credit cards interest purses pants while the victims are in class. he struck a number of different studios since last year. this is surveillance video taken of him after he allegedly used one of the stolen credit cards to buy things in pleasant hill pittsburgh and frist. we have the details in the breg news we brought you during the 6:00 newscasts. nine people hurt in a crash in san francisco involving a muni bus and delivery truck. the collision happened at castro and beaver right before 5:30. a witness we talked to said he heard the crash from his yard. >> i was out watering and turning off the water when i heard the bus honk twice and a then a big crash. turned around and there was a truck hit the bus. >> the investigators say the used videos from the cameras on the bus to piece together the moments that led up to that crash. well new at 11:00, a frightening night in north fremont. at least two suspects involved
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in a home invasion. but the terror spread to many homes. it led to police and citizens drawing their guns as the criminals tried to get in. nbc bay area terry mcsweeney is at the fremont police department with the events tp terry. >> here we are a week later and people in the neighborhood still on edge tonight. started at 2:00 in the morning went on four hours only ended when a 67-year-old man taken prison ner his own home managed to break free. this is where it began. police say with two men breaking into the house with a marijuana growing operation inside. the noise woke neighbors police arrived. the burglars on to the roofs of homes. >> as i looked out one of the suspects jumped from the roof over my bedroom to the roof of our deck. and at that point i just yelled get off my roof or i'll shoot. >> the suspect kept moving into the backyard where karen lives. >> our master bedroom had a sliding door. that's where he was trying to go
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inside. but we had already locked it. >> her father-in-law was worried will police fire represent epens from the helicopter above. >> i'm worried they might fire also. i know the roof top is not bullet proof. >> the other suspect did get into the home of a man still too shaken to talk to us tonight. police say the officers observed the spubt suspect inside the residence the victim yelling help, help he is in my house the victim did not stop yelling and continued to elbow the suspect to get free. peanutly he was able to break away. police arrested him the other suspect was taken down while frightened parents and children listened. >> we heard on the other side of our wall them arresting the suspect that first releasing a dog on him. that's a traumatic experience for kids to sprns and hear and listen. >> >> reporter: both suspects facing a slough of charges both with long criminal records. but what about the people out in that neighborhood? one of them told me tonight that even a raccoon walking on the
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roof brings back memories of terrible night. live in fremont terry mcsweeney nbc bay area. >> the family of a missing san francisco man piseth chhay says they raise questions to a family friend be responsible for his murder? police believe that a severed body found in a hayward warehouse over the weekend is chhay. they're waiting on dna to dmirm the suspicion. the main suspect is bob tang. authorities believe he fled the country to cambodia. they're still grappling with the possibility that he could be involved. >> not only is it a friend but a close family friend might have been capable of doing and harming my cousin. >> chhay has been missing since may 14th. he vanished after telling his wife he was going to say tang. >> we told but the south bay swim coach accused of expliciting explicit text
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messages to team members. parents say the leaders of the swim team knew what was happening but didn't call police for months. in a letter to parents the swim club said quote our head coach followed proper concerns and fie filing concerns with the awe spim. he also worked at san jose pioneer high school is facing four counts of molesting or annoying children. now at 11:00 the show must go on even after thieves in san francisco steal kwimts and belongings from a new orleans band on national tour. they plan to call it quits as the kindness of strangers changed their tune. >> sweet crew takes the stage here in petaluma. band members called it quits when they found the touring band broken into. >> after everything was stolen we put up the white flag and we
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called home and said we're not -- the show must not go home. we're getting out of here. >> the loss of everyone's luggage, five computers, microns and two violins were too much. >> there were two violins taken. and they have been been with meem the whole time we've been a band and even before. so very sad to see them go. >> but sweet crew change its tune when managers and family members and encouraged them to keep playing and strangers stepped in to help. >> we were able to pull off some impossible fiats food thanks to manager being encouraging giving us clothes to wear another stranger loaned him a violin they bought knew computers and supportersest show are chipping in to keep the music going. >> yeah they're doing phenomenally that's why -- even if i didn't like the mukds i probably would buy something. they they ended up being fantastic as well. >> i'm buying a shirt to support
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the group. >> support that will keep this band from new orleans on the road. >> for every awful person out there there are thousand incredible people. >> jean ellie nbc bay area. >> sam rirkd o says he is thrilled more relief is on the way for flood victims in his city. today governor browned signed the $125 billion budget for the next fiscal year for the state as expected within the budget it includes -- $5.4 million for san jose flood victims. in february you'll recall coyote creek overflowed the bank triggering 14,000 evacuations. >> taking a look at capital in washington, d.c. where they will not be voting on a senate health care bill before the july 4th recess. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell decided to delay the vote because there weren't enough votes. he met with president trump and republican senators earlier today. mcconnell though says there is a good chance of passing the bill
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but they do need more time. still ahead often described as the most hated ceo in america. tonight a bump in the road in the fraud trial for martin shkreli. plus a new push to protect rent frers wrongfully vickss. the legal loop hole a bay area city is trying to close. and we're seeing a ceiling of low clouds right now in san francisco. temperatures in the 50s and by tomorrow morning the low clouds could be dropping some drizzle for the morning drive. we'll talk about that and when 90s will be making a comeback in the forecast in a when we come back in a few minutes. developing tonight:
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computer security experts are working feverishly to find a way to beat yet another developing tonight, computer security experts are working feverishly to find a way to beat yet another gloeshl ransom ware attack the virus shut done russian banks and uz businesses and pharmaceutical giant america. any sates it's similar to the
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last month's attack in that encrypts data and holds it for ransom the make the fwords complicated and keep the antivirus software up to date. tonight a setback in the trial for the pharmacy 8 ceo martin mistake reconcile. lawyers seem to have a difficult time finding potential jurors who don't dislike him. he hiked the price for drugs for aides patients by 5,000%. he is on trial now for allegedly defrauding investors in the hedge fund of more than $10 million. more than 200 potential jurors have been dismissed. new at 11:00 tonight a cruel crime in sonoma county that left a 19-year-old special needs student without a wheelchair. after a special needs day class was broken into at windsor high. a wheelchair belonging to him was belong the iepds and other equipment taken. luckily morgan chair was last thursday but it's not safe to use. his family is getting it fixed
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hoping he'll get it back in time for school to start in august. deputies say that a 16-year-old former student has been arrested in this case and that more arrests are expected as well. what's happening with all the exotic bird? tonight an agreement to clean up a bird hording operation in castro value. you're looking at sky ranger earlier this month. more than 500 exotic bird caged on the property in the backyard. the owners agreed to give up 450 of the 500 birds within the next 30 days. she says many of the birds are expected to sell for more than $1,000. well a new law could help stop wrongfully vickss and cut down rent in the process. vchgt rohrer bigad shaban has san francisco lawmakers taking that action. he joins russ from city hall. >> in a unanimous and symbolic vote, the san francisco board of supervisors made way for sweeping changes. >> the ordnance as amended
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passes unanimously on the first reading. >> that could soon effect renters and landlords across the city. >> the reforms take away the inincentive and turn a quick buck. >> he authored the legislation to reduce the number of fraudulent evictions in the zblee we have to do everything in our power to stem the fooid of wrongfully vickss. >> buy law tenants can illegal get canned kukd off homestead if the landlord or landlord relatives want to move in. it's called an owner move in eviction. san francisco is home to more than 413 of them last year. a 200% spike from five years ago. but our series of investigations revealed what appears to be widespread accuse by landlords. wrongfully evict rent controlled tenants in order to find new tenants willing to pay a lot more in rent. >> and until nbc bay area came along and actually gave us some hard numbers city hall wasn't doing its job.
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>> supervisor aaron peskin and jane kim helped develop many of the ideas included in the legislation. they originally pushed their own competing plans. but a board compromise melded their legislation with theirs. they hope the reforms make it easier for the district attorney to prosecute landlords who evict tenants but never actually move in. >> this is now the most expensive place to live in the united states of america. and that has given inincentive for speculators to inceremoniously kick people out in any way they can. >> our investigative unit spent six months going door to door across frist to find out if landlording really moved in after evicting the tenants. he interviewed more than 100 people. and found that for nearly 1 in 4 evictions the landlord or family member was not living in the home. an apparent violation of the city housing laws. >> we want to absolutely close the door on fraudulent owner
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move in ee vexes. >> the new law requires home owners to sign a declaration under penalty of perjury they intend to move in within three months of eviction and stay there at least three years. landlords will also have to submit an electric bill or voter registration as proof they moved in. >> landlords continually abuse owner move in or relative move in as a means to evict tenants for their own gain. >> over the past few months dozens of tennesseeants and housing advocates testified at city hall. >> we need effective legislation when do we need it. >> now. >> even rallied on the front steps to support reform following our investigation. >> no one disagrees with the findings of the nbc television investigation. and no one disagrees that those omi the evictions have sky rocketed. >> and even if you haven't been kicked out, the new law could impact you too. if you're leonarding somewhere someone was wrongfully evicted you're entitled to their cheaper rent for up to five years after
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that eviction. that means some tenants could cut rent by half or even more. the legislation also allows nonprofits to sue landlords on behalf of tenants who believe they've been wrongfully evicted. >> what's at stake here? what's at stake is people's lives because san francisco has rent control there is a profit motive. so you have landlords who come in, claim that they're going to move in the unit or move their parents into the unit. but it's just a ruse in order to get a tenant out. >> next month the board is expected to send the legislation to the mayor for approval. if signed a new law could begin changing the landscape of frist by the end of the summer. with the investigative unit bigad shaban, nbc bay area news. now if you have a tip for investigative unit or bigad in particular give him a call at 1-888-996-tips or you can always shend smel to the unit at >> okay our meteorologist rob is with us we were talking about the upcoming fourth of july
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weekend and tonight seagulls. >> yes a lot of enemy in san francisco we got a giants game going in the 12th inning. you got the sight of seagulls out there take you out to the at&t park camera a few low clouds. they're waiting for the game to wrapping up look at that. san francisco, you got temperatures currently in the upper 50s. low clouds and some misty skies. time through the 12th innings out at the park zblchlt pleasanton 56 degrees. low clouds into the trooi vafl and into san jose. 61 degrees. all locationless seeing some overcast skies and check out fairfield. southwest winds up to 26-mile-per-hour. this is likely the peak of the cooling trend we saw for the beginning of the week. marine air begins to compress during the day tomorrow as the valleys begin to warm up. look for tomorrow morning a chance of measurable light rain or mist heavy drizzle at times around the golden gate bridge
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and coast into parts of the east bay into the morning. the morning forecast we'll watch the low clouds push locally inland. you can see the future cast picking up drizzle along the coast. heading from 7:00 into the morning some partial clearing here around the south bay and by around lunchtime nothing but sunshine. inland meantime clouds hanging out along the coastline. mitt starting the moerj cloud cover. and trooil valley area south of san jose a chance of some low 80s in the forecast. 78 in downtown san jose. trooi slal up to east bay concord antioch seeing a warm up in the temperatures. still near 79 degrees around livermore. peninsula temperatures not much warming. 60s to low 70s for highs tomorrow. still in the low 60s drizzle to start the day in san francisco and 70s and 80s inland across the north bay. the seven-day forecast shows the bottom of the screen from late thursday through saturday we see
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warm-up. ebrahim for the valleys, upper 80s to low 90s. then as we head through the holiday four-day weekend there to get into monday and tuesday we'll see the high pressure starting to weaken a little bit. so we're seeing temperatures slowly climb up heading to saturday. valleys i think friday and saturday especially we have a chance of low 90s. nothing like last week. and then trending cooler in time for the fourth of july. should be picture perfect weather tuesday. >> after last week we can handle anything. >> yes. >> thanks. up next a warning to teenagers and adults at summer heats up why soda and tanning do not mix. >> and we have jimmy. hey whys steve coral is my guest ton. . music from cheryl crow. it's a great show do not change the channel. and happening now on twitter the bd board of vfrz ordered to
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end all sales of flavored to back o in sfrisz. they say the products target young people. law goes into effect in april in home page the consent decree rode to yosemite after a long winter. tyga pass road also known as highway 120 the will open on wednesday. back with more news.
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foundation more people develop skin cancer due to tanning than lung cancer because of smoking. >> google is hit with a big fine 3 billion. the company is accused of violating and i trust rules in europe it says it didn't do anything wrong and it will consider an paerl. well it is a megamilestone, approximately a quarter of the world's population is using facebook. mark zuckerberg posted on his page today. as of this morning the facebook community is now officially $era 2 billion people. making progress correct connect the the word now let's bring the world together. it's an honor ob ton ob the jorny with you. it makes it the largest social network five years ago the site had a billion members. >> the the much hyped george lucas museum is making progress. the l.a. city council voting unanimously to approve the shh
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1.5 billion project. the museum devoted to star wars and american graphsy director built next to the l.a. coliseum. lungds as you might know is a bay area resident and tried to have the museum built in san francisco. but it wasn't approved. it should be opened down in l.a. by 2021. okay we talked about the seagulls that means the giants are still in progress and a new pro football league debuted in san jose tonight we'll show you. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at
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disneyland resort. hero up!
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giants. this game is still going. =raj/2shot= seagulls...and a few fans. well some late night drama for the giants. game is still going on. >> as rob showed us we have a lot of seagulls and a few fans. giants and rockies from china basin major sugar high thp this is a few innings ago. kelby tom lynnance lesson the blooper to rightfield wsh scores brandon belt appear that's where stand the game into the 13th inning giants and rockies aside at 3. the a's at houston taking on astro .that rocket scar james
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harden. check going out behind home plate. sixth inning here gamed are game tide at one wp ryon healy with a grand slam. the a's lost ten tragt to the astros but tonight they snapped the strategic a's win it. >> would you watch profootball with big names terrelle williams and michael vick kicked off tonight in san jose. it is flag football, the debut of a new league exhibit attention game michael vick, chad johnson gnawing you recall game of the flag football league the goal is to have a tournament with a team starting next year. >> i really think this is going to hit the ground and going to hit the ground running and be extremely big at some point. >> i mean i'll assess it and see i think everybody had a great turn out great experience to plan this. >> about a thousand people saw vick tee beat the other time at
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ohio stadium. >> not sure. up next will they make it the next round the latest own a dance group from san jose competing in the world of dance." this friday...
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get ready... oh, no! run! for the breakout event... [ minion gibberish ] of the summer. we're going back to villainy. despicable me 3. rated pg.
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♪ the pos ee from the south bay back tonight on the world of daps for the next right now called the dual. the 7 teenagers from north cal dance arts and j low and knee wrote gave high zblarks you are so impressive to me there is something about a. >> tonight petition that'sed off against the soloist the posee got 86 the competition got 591 unfortunately it was the end of the road for the posee tonight but hats hover a great run fun to watch. >> that's going to do it for us tp see you tomorrow. bye-bye. >> good night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- steve carell, li c


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