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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 28, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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how long are they going to stick around? >> about 9:00 or 10:00 before we get some clearing. clouds linger along the coastline and we sart out with temperatures now in the mid-50s for the tri-valley and the right side of your screen take a look at pleasanton and the north bay it's 55 degrees there as well, also some low clouds in san francisco, getting ready for drizzle. the south bay will see those highs reaching into the mid-80s and for the east bay we'll see some 80s in a few spots. mainly 60s and 70s. mike has an update for the crash in hayward. >> that's the critical place at a critical time. we talked about the rest of the bay looks great but we're looking to southbound 880 now starting to recover. that crash was in lanes for about 15 minutes. that's over on the right-hand shoulder. some quick recovery because of
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lighter traffic flow. a quick recovery indicates that volume. over to the san mateo bridge just south and west of incident and we're looking at a smooth drive west across the bay. some low clouds. visibility on the span is okay but of the high rise we can't see it from the east bay. that's okay. when you're on the bridge you're doing fine. >> b.a.r.t. taking a major step forward in becoming a safer place for riders. the transit agency will finish installing security cameras on the last of its commuter trains. >> bob redell is live in fremont this morning with the reason there was a lot of pressure for ba.a.r.t. to make this happen. bob? >> reporter: good morning, kris and sam. a lot of pressure because until about a year and a half ago many ba.a.r.t. riders weren't aware those security cameras onboard the train were decoys the rance it agency has installed real security cameras. b.a.r.t. announcing the
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installation is complete. the transit agency just released this video that is from four security cameras onboard a train that gives riders a sense of the camera angles and video quality. the fakes were installed in the late 1990s and the early 2000s to deter vandalism. did you realize about 70% were fake? >> i thought they were working cameras. >> decoys can be a problem. >> reporter: how important is it now that they're working? >> very important. >> reporter: riders became aware of b.a.r.t.'s decoy cameras last year after a man shot and killed another man on a b.a.r.t. train at west oakland in january of 2016. b.a.r.t. did release images of the suspect a camera at the
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ticket gate but mott frnot from camera onboard. a freedom of information request and found as you heard me mention earlier that 70% of the onboard cameras were fake. there was a backlash and b.a.r.t. announcing they have installed real security cameras. that installation complete. reporting live at the b.a.r.t. station in fremont, bob redell. thank you very much, bob. 6:03 now and continuing coverage. one man on the run after a lockdown at a shopping center in a peninsula city. a live look at belmont's shopping center. police say two men there met about 6:00 last night for a pot deal but the dealer ended up getting to whipped and his attacker took off with the back pack full of pot. police officers did spot the robber but he was able to duck into a drainage pipe and then get away.
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>> a live look at san jose's city hall. city councilmembers looking to change how they managed their own salaries. the council voted last night to give itself a raise after putting it off last month. "the mercury news" reports the mayor, the vice mayor, and two councilmembers asked for a new way that doesn't involve the city council itself. voters will be able to decide on that in 2018. the mayor's salary and the city council are getting a 3% raise this year, another 3% raise next year. we go live to capitol hill this morning and republicans had hoped to squeeze in a vote this week to replace obamacare before they recessed for the july 4th who wiholiday, but they gave up realizing they could not muster enough support at least not now. the fight is not over, though. republicans have at least two more weeks to get the votes in place to replace the affordable care act as they promised.
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nine republicans refuseded to support it or are wavering on supporting the legislation. leadership canceled the vote. laes mitch mcconnell yesterday. now they head home for the july 4th recess. >> the american people have spoken. hopefully the republicans in the senate and the house will continue to listen. >> president trump summoning republicans to come up with a new game plan. this morning investigators will begin looking at video from a muni bus that collided with a delivery truck late last night. nine people were hit in that crash and injured. it happened at castro beaver. we he talked with a man who heard the crash from his yard. >> i was out watering and turning off the water when i heard the bus honk twice and then a big crash. turned around and there was a
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truck. >> investigators will use video from cameras on the to piece together the moment leading up to that crash. kris, we have already seen plenty of grass fires and brushfires so far this fire season. this is not going to be the real thing, though. folks in san mateo county, don't be alarmed when you see a large plume of smoke in the mountains. cal fire is conducting a training burn at 10:00 this morning at the chrrystal spring reservoir. happening today san francisco launches a new bike sharing system called ford go bikes. made with the bay area's tough hills in mind. the system even works with clipper cars. the kickoff is at harry bridges plaza across the street from the ferry building. we're coming up on 6:07 with a cloudy start on a wednesday. a live look outside at san jose. as you get ready to head out the door we are going to have cool
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temperatures to start. low 60s by 8:00 this morning and then the sun break iing out arod 10:00 or 11:00 as temperatures warm into the upper 70s to low 80s. in san francisco you can see the low clouds hovering over the golden gate bridge throughout the day. we'll see the clouds departing a little bit and high temperatures reaching into the low 60s. a look ahead and the temperature trend coming up in about three minutes. now as we head over to mike giving us an update on where you may be slowing down. >> one of the slowdowns may be the bay bridge. we know about the metering lights. that is not what i'm reporting. most of the bay looking really good. recovery for hayward cleared to the shoulder. south 880 at 92 is west 80. the bay bridge into san francisco at ninth, one of your first off ram ms. reports of a vehicle, sounds like that car is stuck in neutral so bridge crews out there to help them hopefully get over to the shoulder and off the
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freeway. some slowing right there. not much of a build but we'll track that and, of course, as we said the metering lights. that's about it for the east bay. a smooth drive for the roadways and a smooth ride on the rails or any of the other mass transit agencies. b.a.r.t. trains running with no delays and cameras. back to you. >> thank you, mike. up next on "today in the bay" a very late night in the ballpark. this proves to be a good thing. the giants wrapping up their game early this morning. a much-needed "w" for the giants coming up. plus, san franciscos make a lot more money than regular americans. lots more. we'll tell you how much coming up when "today in the bay" continues. ==mike/trx==
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(mike ad li the marine layer giving us a cloudy start on this wednesday morning. let's head down to the town of los gatos and our temperatures start iing out in the mid-60s. we'll get some sun starting at about 9:00 there and some mid-70s by early afternoon. our high temperature 81 degrees. we'll be right there later on today. locking at some near average temperatures as we get ready to head into the first of july, temperatures getting a boost. i'll talk about that in five minutes. and look at this, top of your screen, just 26 minutes still under the half hour mark from highway 4 to the bay bridge but the backup, i'm tracking that disabled vehicle on the san francisco side and also the hayward jam coming up. mike, kari, thank you very
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much. coming up on 6:12 on your wednesday morning, happening today the central valley man accused of plotting to kill three of his doctors in palo alto is going to be in court. chen is appearing for a hearing this morning. the 58-year-old man arrested earlier this month by chp officers in san jose. investigators say the suspect had intended to shoot his doctors at their homes. palo alto police say chen was upset about some of the treatment he had received. golden state warriors' matt barnes has reportedly agreed to community service after a fight he was involved in it last year in new york city. barnes agreed to a plea deal in connection with that melee last december that involved a woman and her boyfriend outside of a nightclub. part of the agreement barnes will be allowed to serve his punishment here in his home state. the kindness of strangers in the bay area helps a band called sweet crude. on monday night they were town for a gig, someone broke into their tour van. the thieves stole luggage, two
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violins, computers, microphones, and before the show last night the brewing company gave band members a chance to pick out clothing from their store to help them out. fans showed support in other ways as well. one local even loaned a violin to a band member missing some key instruments. >> we were able to pull off some pretty impossible feats thanks to our management pushing us and giving us clothe to go wear. >> they're doing phenomenally. even if i didn't like their music i would still buy something. they ended up being fantastic as well. >> sweet crude heads to the music festival in quincy. they plan to camp there pour several days but band members will first have to replace stolen sleeping bags and tents. the thieves took that, too. target is taking on amazon's prime pantry service with its own version called restock. like prime pantry customers can fill a box with up to 45 pounds for a flat fee.
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but target is charging less, just $5 a box, and offering next day delivery. amazon usually arrives in four business days. target can do this kind of quick delivery because they're filling those boxes with stock from nearby stores instead of from warehouses. kris, there is some serious concern this morning that an online doctor's office may have lost patient data. >> scott mcgrew, this is not related to the hacking in europe. no, it's not. this is straight net. the doctor gave people marijuana prescriptions and data about those patients was stolen apparently by a former employee. the website is dr. davidson md that offers californians marijuana cards ononline for $2. people's names and phone numbers and patient notes were exposed. dr. davidson's office says it has notified police. a new report from the bureau of labor statistics say people make 53% more than the average
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american. we do have jobs that pay more, that's true. but even in jobs that don't tend to pay a lot, workers in san francisco tend to get paid much more than a person doing the same job in ohio. the study covers san francisco down to redwood city. now that same report lists jobs. the most common job you might have suspected this is programmer. but feeding them is second. retail and then cashiers. losses on the markets tuesday. remember from an investor's point of view had is less about health care and more about tax cuts. the dow fell 98. the nasdaq down 100. and the transportation agency, the tsa, getting pushback after one of its press people uploaded a photograph of a giant lobster that had been
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sent on a flight it in a cooler and, indeed, that is one big lobster. you can ship live lobsters legally. the tsa said it was legal. what's the point of the picture? we were going through people's luggage. >> what if they find my funny thing? >> that is my point exactly. >> do you have a crab? >> you don't want to see the hats i wear when i go in the sun. >> it's one thing if tsa says you can't take this on the airplane, and look at what's in here. >> shellfishing. >> shell weird. finding a lobster on there. thank you very much. denard span was the hero for the giants. he came through with a clutch hit right there, my friends. that plates gorkys hernandez and the giants win this game. it was a game that went almost five hours, lasted so long it's
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not just that the seagulls were circling, and you will see them en masse, but folks started getting cold out there, shivering as they were waiting to see it if they would pull this out. the giants win 4-3 in 14 innings. thankfully the giants did win. the seagulls enjoyed the spoils of that victory along with a few hearty souls braving those not so summery conditions. if this gentleman watched "today in the bay" he would have known to wear pants and maybe a lap blanket, right, ckari? all right. we'll get to kari. check this out. the a's are showing some burst. they're on a roll. a grand slam in the sixth inning that helped the a's to a 6-4 win over the houston astros last night.
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the astros, four wins in a row. the a's are seven games belbelo below .500. whether you're going to a giants game or an a's game you need to know whether to use sunscreen or pants. >> i try to plan this out for you by showing you the forecast. >> but then you have to listen. >> that's right, sam. you have to listen. >> i look like a lobster towelly. >> so, yeah, sunscreen. here is a live look outside at ocean beach. 57 degrees. i think we'll keep the crowds here. in spots in the south bay like hamilton, wanted to show you the sun rise because you can't see it right now as it happens. we are going to see those temperatures warming up. here is a look at the high temperature today. milpitas up to 77 degrees.
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as the seven-day forecast comes up, temperatures going up a few more degrees each day. concord will top out at 84. hayward 72 degrees there. the peninsula at 62 at half moon bay. and palo alto at 76 degrees. outer sunset, 61. mid-80s for santa rosa. mill valley up to 76 degrees. and if you are going out to the giants game, they must be exhausted and now they have an early afternoon game. we are going to see those temperatures right at about 60 degrees so we'll be cool again today, some clouds rolling by and those winds will be kicking up, too. our temperatures are reaching into the low 80s today, very nice after a cool start. expect a lot of sunshine today as well. and hen if you want to head to santa cruz, the beaches will be fairly chilly. some clouds rolling by and then we'll get more sunshine as we go through the day. highs reaching into the low 70s. and an early look at the fourth
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of july holiday weekend. hot inland. clean off the grill and get the guest room ready. we'll watch out for clouds. it looks like it will be clear as we keep those temperatures in the 60s along the coast, the inland valleys will see more of a swing in temperatures. the low 80s today. low 90s for saturday and then back into the 80s by the fourth of july. and mike now has some better news for the bay bridge. >> i do. an incident has cleared. things are looking great all arp the bay. we'll focus on the east bay it in a second. i do want to show you the connector into san francisco, the slowing starts a little earlier. it has been cleared. all lanes clear getting into san francisco.
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there's the backup at the maze. look how nice that is heading back up to richmond and the bridge. now the map on waze will show you what's going on. as that crash in hayward clears, waze says if you're going over to the peninsula you can get back on the nimitz freeway and, look, this long route is the same amount of time as it takes to cross the bridge with the cop je congestion. make the choice on your waze app. make sure you're a member of our team. select team and select nbc bay area wazers. rolls off the top. coming up next, good news for who don't like getting shots. the new pain little flu vaccine in the works right now. consumers sign up for one-on-one workouts but owe hundreds of dollars. i'm chris chmura. nbc bay area responds.
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more expensive. . consumers who say a local health club sold them one thing. >> they called our respond dote
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for help. chris chmura is here. >> reporter: we received several complaints. trainer verbally sold this man a 24 session package but several weeks later dan says the gym told him he owed nearly $200 because what he really signed up for was a three-month package that con ververted to month to h if you didn't cancel. >> it's a rip-off. it's bait and switch. >> reporter: fitness evolution's vice president of operations responded to our questions. insists the gym never misleads consumers about what they're signing up for. >> that's not something we as a company would ever allow within our business to tell people things that are not true and do it intentionally. >> reporter: tonight at 6:00 we'll plain how consumers ended up with something different than what they were sold and sharon
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the response to consumers' outstanding balances that they say they shouldn't have to pay. if you have a consumer complaint call or logon to i'll see you tonight at 6:00. you may be able to get a flu vaccine without crying about the shot. a skin patch that uses tiny dissolvable needles to deliver it. the experiment shows it is safe and just as effective as the traditional flu shot. patients can even give themselves the patch. this will increase the number of people who get vaccinated each year. >> some of us weren't crying but choked up. >> i remember that well. >> i bet you do. following breaking news internationally.
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a helicopter drops grenades and fires shots at government buildings in venezuela. the video in to our newsroom this morning. . >> reporter: voters overwhelmingly chose to have a say in high-rise buildings. i'll explain how a state agency is trying to take that power away. you're watching "today in the bay." s now? no! no. no. no. [ evil laugh ] ow! yes. [ gasps ] despicable me 3. rated pg.
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pleasant day ahead in the bay area-- with temperatures starting to right now at 6:30 we're
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getting ready for another pleasant day ahead in the bay area with temperatures starting to warm up as we head into the holiday weekend as we look live outside downtown san jose, you won't need to be in those fountains yet. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> maybe in a few days people will be changing their minds. that live shot looked cloudy, overcast. that's going to change. >> that will change as we head to the weekend as our temperatures warm up so enjoy the nice little break from the high heat and keeps the natural air conditioning starting out with some clouds and drizzle. highs will reach into the low 60s and then up to 70 degrees on saturday. and then it starts to come back down. it will be in the 80s. you may have to turn on the air
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conditioning but it will be long earp as we head to the end of the weekend saturday and then it starts to come back down into the 80s which will still be slightly above average for the early part of july. i'll have a look at things you may want to check out for the long holiday weekend. over to mike now you're updatinging what's happening on the roadways. >> the second crash of the morning for hayward. a light volume of traffic and a smooth drive as far as our sensors are concerned. hayward has been a problem. this is the second crash of the morning. the first one was at 92. this took a while to get out of lanes. we may have activity and partial lane blockage. a shift over to the san mateo bridge. that volume moves well through that portion, again, san mateo bridge picks up the volume but no delays. look how very light it is for 680 down through pleasanton and approaching the bay bring.
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bridge. we're almost 40 minutes from highway 4 through the congestion in berkeley. mike, thank you so much. a live look from our san francisco camera this morning. a court is now considering a proposition today, already passed by voters that impacts along the famed waterfront. >> pete suratos is live to explain how had this could impact all of our view of the bay. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you. the point was to give voters a say on high-rise buildings along a stretch of the city's waterfront. whether or not it can validate proposition b which requires voters to aproven the condition along a stretch of the city's waterfront between aquatic park to hunter's point making sure it doesn't exceed high building
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limits which vary between 40 to 80 feet. this is in response to a lawsuit filed by the state's land commission which says they actually have the power to have the final say on development along this piece of land. now as far as a time line on how we got to this point 59% of voters approved prop b in june of 2014. after the land commission filed a lawsuit against the city to overturn this, arguing the lands belonged to the state and are managed by the port. so the power shouldn't be with the city and the voters. they attempted to have settlement talks but those failed last year and that's where we're at at this point now, guys. those that are against this proposition say this is cutting off opportunities to build housing in the city. we'll learn more about this during the court hearing at 2:00 p.m. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." we'll see if the courts have the final word. pete suratos, thank you very much. we have breaking news that we are following this morning out of venezuela. the possible start of a coup after a police helicopter
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attac attacks. cameras capturing this, the helicopter dropping grenades and firing shots on both the supreme court building and the interior ministry building yesterday. nobody was killed. that attack was happening while the venezuelan president maduro was speaking on state television. he put the military on alert while denouncing that as a terrorist attack and it comes after mass protests against both the deepening political and economic crises in the country. the pilot went on to instagram after that trying to appeal to oppose tyranny. developing news right now sacramento county deputy is out of surgery after he was shot in the face during a violent confrontation. it happened yesterday just a bit before 6:00 in the evening at a light rail station. witnesses say the deputy got into a fight with the suspect. the suspect then pulled a gun and managed to fire two rounds.
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>> holding his face because he was bleeding so bad. the suspect fired twice and hit the cop in the face. >> that suspect did take off and made it to a nearby hotel. deputies located him about three hours later still holed up in the hotel. then they arrest ed him without incident. the deputy suffered extensive facial injuries but those injuries are not considered life threatening. well, you are going to have to pony up if you want to park in palo alto. city leaders have reportedly followed through on a plan that will will eventually send parking rates in the city soaring. councilmembers last night approving hikes that impact people who drive to work in had palo alto. yearly rates for the parking garage will go from the current $466 all the way up to $730. parking permits for california avenue are going to more than double to $365. we spoke with a restaurant worker who says usually has to
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move his car every two hours. >> i don't want to work for parking. it doesn't make sense. >> if you look at what it costs on a daily basis it's minimal. >> speaking of daily parking passes, those are also going up from $8 tripling to $25. councilmembers say they are hiking rates partly to encourage more people to find other ways to commute to the city. those new rates take effect next spring. the aptos and tiburon men charged with trading pornography by the fbi will be in court today. 19-year-old ryan spencer from santa cruz county and 24-year-old bryan petersen from marin county will appear in a san francisco court this morning for hearings. spencer is a former recreation al worker at an aptos elementary school and petersen was a babysitter. both are accused of having and sharing house of images of child pornography. happening later today a san francisco assemblyman wants to boost electric vehicle sales to
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do that announcing a bill to accomplish that today. it's happening at the civic center electric vehicle charging stations right across are from san francisco city hall. whether you're traveling across the bay or below the bay, south of the bay i should say, traffic flowing smoothly. you can ride below the bay on b.a.r.t. a little build for northbound 85. i'm checking but no incidents to report so far. it looks like your map here on my screen are frozen so i will try to make sure -- there we go. it's slow, a little slow this morning. i want to talk about the crash in hayward, southbound 880. some slowing remaining as crews are on the shoulder there. no delays for baffe.a.r.t. goin through the tube. it's fine. it's supposed to do that. to the east shore freeway as well and two things. you see the brake lights jamming
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up around poewway. there's a little moisture built up and also, yes, we do need to use a wiper as well. >> the spider heavy breathing. >> major points with my mom, by the way. >> outstanding . >> such a great quality. >> mama brock. >> wipe the slate clean and look at the forecast. >> we're almost to the weekend. for some people a long weekend. so you're really looking forward to making it to friday. let's check out saturday's forecast. it will be heating up. we're going to see the highs today in the low 80s but look at saturday. we're up to 90 degrees. the bay will be at 79 and you may be making plans to head to the coast where the highs will be in the low 70s. also seeing those low clouds and fog sticking around. we'll be into the mid-80s for sunday and 77 degrees by the bay and the coast will be at 67
6:39 am
degrees. we also in san francisco have the fillmore jazz festival happening. it's going to be a great weekend for that. we'll see mostly sunny skies and highs reaching into the mid-60s throughout the day. that's going on until 6:00 in the evening. that's when it starts to cool off just a couple more degrees. a live look outside in the sierra. still some snow on the mountain tops but this melting and our temperature for the next several days will be in the mid-70s, upper 70s, rather, for kirkwood with most sunny skies. if you plan on sipping on some wine heading to the russian river valley, on sunday some fireworks going on, sunday evening, so we'll see the high temperature in the low 80s and it will be the rm with aest on saturday topping out at 90 degrees. now coming up in three minutes i'll have a look at the temperature trend for san jose for today on the other side of the break, kris. thank you, kari. coming up next, major developments in the subway derailment that injured dozens of people in new york city. we'll show you what caused the
6:40 am
accident. plus, just a few minutes ago, the president called for an internet tax. it threw off a lot of people. we'll explain it to you coming up. plus, a lot going on if the world right now in washington and across the pond as well. investors are watching this morning as the dow jones industrial average is up 100 points to 21,411. this coming after comments from the european central bank about inflation that is boosting markets this morning. we're back with more news had in two minutes.
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6:43. we get ready for this wednesday morning with cloudy skies. maybe you have to clean out the guest bedroom. we'll start out in the low 60s today and some mid to upper 70s by this afternoon. hitting 80 degrees. we're in for some sunshine the next several days and that will heat up the temperature for the interior valleys. more on that and the coastal fog and the fourth of july forecast coming up in five minutes. this is your commute direction towards the bridge. we'll track this issue and i'll bring you the updates coming up. >> a live look from the b.a.r.t. station this morning. b.a.r.t. today reached its goal of equipping all trains with working security cameras and not just decoys.
6:44 am
b.a.r.t. just released this this morning of the cameras on one train so folks know what it looks like. since last b.a.r.t. spent about $ $1.5 million working to install those cameras. commuters say they're relieved about it. >> did you realize 70% were fake? >> i thought it was on the whole time. >> i thought they were working cameras. >> decoys can be a problem. how important to you is it now that they're working? >> very important. anything could happen. >> that issue first came to a head last year when b.a.r.t. admitted not all security cameras were functioning and that some were merely decoys. new this morning we now know what caused a subway train to derail in new york city injuring nearly three dozen people in the process. here is a look at the scene after that accident.
6:45 am
they blame it on human error not a track defect. this happened in harlem. originally investigators thought it was charged by a piece of replacement rail. that turned out not to be the case. this sent sparks and debris flying along the subway track. most of the injuries came from smoke inhalation. it is official, california has a new budget set to take effect on july 1st. governor signed off on that $125 billion budget yesterday in sacramento. for the second straight year brown did not use his line-item veto authority to cancel spending measures approved by lawmakers. a hearing on the new alameda budget. the county administrator proposed a $3 billion budget for next fiscal year and the plan would close a $108 million funding gap and is designed it to avoid service cuts and staff layoffs.
6:46 am
infrastructure is getting a boost in that budget. the parents of an american journalist kidnapped in syria five years ago are going to be speaking exclusively to the "today" show's matt lauer this morning. austin tice, a former marine, disappeared while working near damascus after 31st birthday. shortly afterwards this this video was released showing blindfolded and being held by armed men. that was the last time tice was seen. you can watch his parents on the "today" show coming up momentarily here at 7:00 right after "today in the bay. "you can catch lester holt's interview with the family tonight on the "nbc nightly news." 4:46. happening today president trump is expected to hold his first fund-raiser for his 2020 presidential campaign. it will be held near the white house at his d.c. hotel. he has raised more than $7 million for his re-election campaign through donations and make america great merchandise sales. this is the first time he will ask for larger donations.
6:47 am
tickets to the event cost $35,000. and the president is trying to convince nine senators to change their minds about health care bill. >> and so far, scott mcgrew, not much progress. >> none at all really, sam. senators met with the president on tuesday afternoon to rally support for their health care bill. it simply wasn't enough. a vote on the bill has been delayed until after the july 4th recess which could give constituents time to organize against it. protests have begun. this is video just in from washington calling it the people's filibuster. both california senators already oppose the bill. the republican senator from main susan collins says she cannot support the bill and minor tweaks won't change her mind. dean heller says no. that's led to republican on republican attacks.
6:48 am
here is a public action committee that supports senator heller. >> senator dean heller is saying no. call senator heller. tell him america needs him to keep his promise. vote yes to repeal obamacare. >> the president has slowed down his twitter, just a couple today, but a strange one. here it is. the amazon "washington post" sometimes referred to as the guardian of amazon not paying int internet taxes, which them should, is fake news. this one is hard to unpack. he's not saying his own allegations are fake news. it seems that way. he'sing "the washington post" is fake news. that's expected. the jaw dropper here, though, is the president just endorsed an internet tax, the president, a republican president, wants an internet tax is very surprising. we suspect he's angry at the "washington post" because they published a story about time magazine cover featuring trump hanging in trump golf clubs.
6:49 am
they weren't real. the white house just announced seconds ago its briefing will not be on camera after sarah huckabee sanders blasted the news media and the media blasted back. >> you're here to provide the answers, and what you just did is inpolicemflammatory. everybody in had it room is only trying to do their jobs. >> i disagree completely. first of all i think if anything has been inflamed it's the dishonesty that often takes place by the news media. >> we conditioned the president's tweaks and executive orders. we'd love to hear from you. you can reach me direct ly on twitter @scottmcgrew. >> thank you very much, scott. happening tonight it is the opening ceremony and first match of comedy sports. >> right here in san jose a long-running improv show
6:50 am
celebrating 30 years. tonight's show starts at 7:30 p.m. matchups last through saturday. mike, you've been involved 20 years. two-thirpdz two-thirds of the existence. >> every show is different. i'm thinking if i can swing by with my kids for the first part tonight. the opening ceremony should be great. the mayor is throwing out the opening jokes. it's a family friendly show. i'm not exposing them to bad language. >> it's not the improv. >> maybe he will tap into your material. >> a great weekend in store. >> warmer temperatures for the valley. the coast stays clear and also cool, we are looking at some cloudy skies as you get ready to head out the door but take a look at pleasanton on the right side of the screen already starting to clear in the
6:51 am
tri-valley and it's 60 degrees in the south bay. some patchy fog in spots and we may have the drizzle as we head into the next couple of hours. temperatures will reach into the upper 70s. milpitas, cupertino, and for the south county up to 84 degrees in gilroy. 80 degrees in danville and fremont, 76 degrees. low 60s at half moon bay. you'll have a hard time getting rid of those clouds again today. and palo alto up to 76 degrees. 83 in sonoma. that's a seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. check out our temperatures as we head closer to the fourth of july. a good day for something lightweight even though it starts out nice and cool we'll have a comfortable afternoon. we get those temperatures warming up for the inland areas and maybe making plans to head
6:52 am
to santa cruz today packing up and taking the kids there. noontime temperatures, 63. you may still need the long sleeves throughout the day with those gusty winds and then heading to the hiking trails or to the parks in the east bay we will still have cloudy skies during the morning but it will be starting to clear late morning and the sunshine will warm it up to 80 degrees by 2:00. the north bay heading to sonoma wine kcountry. a lot of sunshine. we'll see the morning clouds and afternoon sunshine for san francisco for the next several days looking at the interior valleys. saturday 91 degrees. what's happening on the east shore freeway? >> we'll be using the barbecue grill, not grilling ourselves. i was grilling chp, when are you going to have this cleared? they didn't tell me. they just cleared it.
6:53 am
cleared westbound 80 at the on ramp by denny's. off the shoulder away from the bay bridge but the east shore freeway, over to the bay bridge moves very well. starting the northbound push. i'm going to check the backup. i was going to update you because of the slowing down through berkeley. a good option for you. make sure on your app which is on your phone by now, right, folks, enjoy the waze ers by joining us. select that team right there. we'll send it right back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up we'll take a quick look at the top stories on "today in the bay" including some possible changes along san francisco's waterfront. the reason your view of the bay
6:54 am
could blocked. but first happening right now breaking news out of syria. activists claim that cluster bombs dropped on an isis-held village have killed at least 15 people. wildlife researchers in cambodia said they found a clutch of eggs from one of the world's most endangered crocodiles. only 400 siamese crocodiles left in the world. poachers are the main threat to the crocodiles' survival.
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6:57 am
in the bay... 6:57 now. before you head out the door here are the top stories on "today in the a view of the legal fight -- at the center of a legal fight. a court hearing this afternoon is going to consider if high-rise buildings can be built along the san francisco waterfront without voter approval. right now prop b requires that approval. it was pass ed by san franciscas in 2014. the state's land commission says the decision should be up to the state not to the city or the voters which could invalidate proposition b if the judge agrees. a live look at the parking lot in belmont's carlmont shopping center where police say a man was pistol-whipped during a pot deal. one man is on the run after the shopping center was put on
6:58 am
lockdown. two men met there last night. the attacker took off with a back pack full of pot. they he did spot the robber. he ducked into a drain pipe and got away. city councilmembers are looking to change their own salaries. the mayor, the vice mayor, and two councilmembers asked for a new way that does not involve the council it self. voters will be able to decide in 2018. breaking news in venezuela. the possible start of what could be a coup. cameras captured that helicopter, dropping grenades and firing shots on both the supreme court building and the .
6:59 am
protests against the political crisis in vens ezuela. and coming up in minutes on the "today" show overnight developments in the health care battle after the vote gets pushed back and after the july 4th holiday. looks like a nice commute. fair visibility for much of the bay area. our high temperatures in the low 60s or the inland valleys up to 82 degrees today. >> let's take you out to the maps and show you the speed sensors. the bay starting to build at 17. pretty typical there. here is berkeley with the arrow. westbound to the bay bridge is now in recovery mode after the ear earlier crash. we'll be back at 7:25 with
7:00 am
more live local news. >> join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. the "today" show starts now. ♪ good morning. breaking news, mounting problems from a massive new cyber attack targeting major companies in the u.s. and around the world, airlines, the food industry all affected. the hackers demanding a ransom. how will it impact you? good progress. republican leaders express confidence about passing their health care bill after a strategy session at the white house. >> i think we have a good chance to get there, it will take us a bit longer. >> until after the holiday break, will time buy them the votes they need neighborhood, held captive, tensions between the u.s. and syria, adding new


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