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tv   Today  NBC  June 29, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> i've taken that route ny self. that's what's happening in the bay we'll be back with live noek local news. >> all right. the today show starts right now. >> all right. the today show starts right now. . >> good morning, breaking overnight. nbc news has learned parts of president trump's controversial travel ban set to take effect this evening. but there are a lot of questions this morning. just who will be banned and how will officials enforce the new rules? criminal behavior, sex assault charges filed against the highest ranking vatican official ever. a cardinal and a member of pope francis' inner circle. >> relentless character assassination. >> this morning, why he claims she a victim. and what the pope is saying about the accusations. central park mystery, nearly a year after a teenager lost his leg when he fell on a bag filled
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with explosives. the crime still unsolved. what investigators are now asking the public to do to help them crack that case. all that, plus powerful tornadoes slam the mid-west. lady gaga defense. and the iphone celebrates a big milestone, today, thursday, june 29th, 2017. >> from nbc news, there is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone, well col to "today" on this thursday morning, it's night to have hoda back with us, savannah continues on vacation, like before the iphone, can you remember? >> i have a tiny vague memory of a flip phone. the little blackberry was going on. >> we have a good news with lots of headlines tied to travel as we head into the long holiday weekend. >> after months of legal
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fighting the trump administration will begin implementing some of the president's travel ban a little later today. u.s. officials are also announcing new security measures for all flights headed into this country. but not that proposed ban on laptops. our team is covering it all this morning, beginning with nbc national correspondent peter alexander. good morning. >> matt. good morning. you said months after president trump signed this, his large travel ban, large portions will begin later today. they confirmed to nbc news overnight from the department of homeland security. already this morning, advocates worry airline and border agents may not be adequately prepared to enforce the new rules. president trump's controversial travel ban expected to take effect today. the restrictions on travel in the u.s. limiting entry to travellers from six muslim majority countries if they don't have any direct connection.
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the rollout following the supreme court decision monday clearing the way for now. the travel ban was a major focus of mr. trump's campaign, which is already gear ising ing u gea. he rallied supporters at a closed door event. no cameras allowed. nearly 10 million raised. the real action kickoff coming barely five months into the president's term. by comparison, barack obama doesn't hold his first re-election event until two years in his presidency. despite a stunning setback for the republican effort to repeal obamacare the president is expressing optimism. >> health care is working along very well. we could have a big surprise with a great health care package. >> reporter: even as mitch mcconnell tries to hammer out a bill by tomorrow before lawmakers leave for the fourth of july recess, some republicans are voicing doubts about the likelihood of a friday deal. >> and picks could fly.
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>> reporter: one idea now on the table, scrapping proposed tax cuts for the rich. >> this is policy driven. we really want this to be a good policy change for a lot of people out there. >> reporter: the chorus calling for a bipartisan bill is growing, even from the republicans. >> that's what we should have done from the beginning. >> reporter: chuck schumer including democrats at the table. >> he has to be very, very serious. he has done a lot of talking, bad talking. he just doesn't seem like a serious person. >> reporter: americans take the issues seriously, with three new polls showing overwhelming opposition to the republican plan. support hovering below 20%. that was among all americans. the senate republican plan is unpopular, even among republicans, several new polls show it's approval rating in the mid-20s and 30s. mitch mcconnell is hoping to get a revised version of the advanced bill done by tomorrow, with a goal of getting a successful vote before the next
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recess in august. matt, hoda. >> peteral sha alexander, thank. a change to airlines and passengers, the department of homeland security is raising the bar for every flight coming into the u.s. from a foreign airport. this though, is instead of a ban on personal electronics we have been telling to you expect. it's all tied to the ongoing threat from isis. nbc's tom costello is on that part of the story. hey, tom, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, go remember to you. to be clear this does not affect domestic flights in the united states. this is for the 325,000 people who come into the united states every single day. airlines must meet tough new security requirements. if they don't, they could be banned from flying into the united states or everybody on board would be banned from having any personal electronics either in a cabin or the cargo hold. if international travel is in
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your immediate future, expect heightened security on the return flight home. homeland security ordering any airline that flies into a u.s. airport from abroad to meet strict new security protocols. >> we cannot play international whack a mole with each new threat. instead, we must put in place new measures across the board to keep the traveling public safe and make it harder for terrorists to succeed. >> reporter: the new measures come after isis claimed responsibility for a russian jet lining over egypt. since march, passengers coming from ten middle east and african airports have been required to bag check any device larger than a cell phone a. plan was shelved after airlines and frequent flyers pushed back. instead, a noble security upgrade, more thorough carry-on bag checks at foreign airports, more bomb-sniffing dogs, more swabbing for explosives. more 3d carry-on bag scanners
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like the ones tested if engs into. they warn ever foreign airport is at risk. >> you have returning flighters who have been trained by isis or groups in the middle east that are returning to locations all around the world. >> that could increase the possibility of smaller airports being higher risk. >> reporter: in miami, mixed reaction. >> i do feel that it's kind of targeted to certain countries. i feel that, you know, it should be all countries. >> i feel that the world we live in today is some crazy, you just never know what's going to happen. >> i feel like we're trying to put a band aid on a flesh wound and call it good. >> reporter: so 2,100 flights being affected every single day. they come from all corners of the world the middle east, europe, canada, the caribbean, mexico. everybody treated equally. as a result, the airline industries says it wishes there had been more collaboration.
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it says it refers a risk-based approach, you focus on the riskiest airports, instead you have to go along with who homeland security tells it to do. >> thanks. while we're on the subject of travel, a record 44 million americans expected to leave home for the fourth of july weekend. good news if you drive to your destination. gas prices are plunging. the national average is now $2.24 per gallon. that's the lowest for this holiday weekend in years. gabe gutierrez is in suburban atlanta area with more on this, gabe, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, it's a different type of gas price story tanweer used to hearing. gas at this station now down to $1.89 a gallon. right now 34 states have at least one station offering regular unleaded for under $2. this morning, u.s. gas prices are at their lowest in 12 years, just in time for the 4th. >> this is awesome. you will make me get owl excited
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and giddy about it. it really is awesome. >> reporter: the cheapest gas on average, south carolina and oklahoma and indiana prices plunged as far as $1.49, drivers from california to arizona can save $67 cents a on. >> i don't have money to do that. >> reporter: americans will pay an average of $2.21 over the weekend, the lowest since 25. f 2005. christmas in july, we usually don't see such a big plunge just ahead of july 4th. the national average is down 15 cents a gallon now just versus two months ago, that's a pretty tremendous decline. >> reporter: according to the cheapest time to buy gas is monday the most expensive thursday. >> with the prices down, i'm more inclined to drive. >> reporter: fuming the drop, a surplus of crude oil, analysts predict some temporary price likes later this summer at the
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height of return season. >> after the fourth of july they might go up. >> it's a dramatic turn around, they expected it to be closer to $3 per gallon and says for every cent dropped, americans saved $4 million. back to you. >> all right, gabe, $2.24 sounds good. thank you. we have a lot more to get to this morning, including a stunning decision the that is rocking the vatican australian police have now charged a top cardinal, one of pope francis' cheap advisers with multiple accounts of sexual assault. this morning, we're hearing directly from him. chief correspondent bill neiley has the overnight developments. what can you tell us? >> good morning, hoda, cardinal george pell has defended the catholic church in the past against sex charges t. most senior official ever to do so. now he faces charges, himself. police didn't specify the ages of the alleged victim.
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this will shake the church, because pell wasn't just number 3 at the vatican the treasury secretary. he was a man hand picked by pope francis to change the way the whole church operates. ♪ >> reporter: never before has a cardinal been charged with sexual abuse at the vatican this morning. cardinal george pell insisted he is innocent. >> i am looking finally to having my day in court t. whole idea of sexual abuse is abhorrent to me. >> reporter: he's being the victim he said of relentless character assassination australian police have a different view. >> reporter: cardinal pell is facing multiple charges in respect to historic sexual offenses and there are multiple compliance related to those charges. >> reporter: this morning, pope francis said mass and the vatican said he regretted the news of charges against his cardinal for decades old
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actions. pell wasn't among the cardinals he greeted today zplo the whole truth and but nothing but the truth. >> reporter: last year he was accused of an australian inquiry of mishandling sexual abuse claims against priests. he admitted mistakes. >> it was a catastrophe a. catastrophe for the victims and a catastrophe for the church. >> reporter: now he is accused directly. >> it's going to be very difficult to untangle this. because it becomes as you know his word against their word. >> reporter: dark clouds over the vatican today it's thought the global wave of sexual scandals hitting the church have crested. now it's reached inside the very corridors palal power. he said there must be zero tolerance the test for pell, who is 76. begins july 18th at an australian court.
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>> bill neiley, thank you so much. we have new developments to tell you about at the criminal fraud trial of former pharmaceutical executive martin shkreli . the opening statements described as everything explosive to bizarre, thomas roberts has been following that case for us, good morning. >> matt, good morning to you, day three of the martin shkreli trial will begin here shortly in brooklyn. it took over two days to suit a jury. 200 were dismissed. they had negative intentions the prosecution is painting the brooklyn native as a liar, the defense said he is a genius and described him in odd parallels to the musical work of lady gaga t. star of opening stramts wasn't martin shkreli himself, but instead, lady gaga. the defense invoking her songs repeatedly. the defense attorney saying much like the pop star, his client was born this way, painting him
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as an eccentric genius who made millions for gossiping investors and colleagues. >> reporter: his attorney says they talked about him behind his back, saying he may be autistic or questioning his sexuality. is he strange? will you find him weird, yes, he was charged by the sec with committing a series of until frauds over a five-year period. he pleaded not guilty and has been freed on $5 million bond. these charges have nothing to do with what earned him the nickname farmer bro'. as ceo in 2015, he hiked the price of a life saving hiv drug by 5,000 percent from $13.50 to $1ri679 and copied the only copy of an album for a rumor of $400 and his attorney said you may have reason to hate him, but
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that is not a basis on which to convict. >> reporter: with all of these lady gaga references, do you wish robert had more of a poker face? >> i am happy with martin's face exactly the way it is. >> reporter: all right, so, the defense strategy here again, could it be the cureer to the prosecution's allegations, we'll find out shortly. now the trial is expected to take six weeks. as we know, he has embraced a bed romance is headlines from the media. we will see how this day goes in just a little while. >> lady gaga, go figure. thanks, very much. all right, we have newly released video to show you of a deadly police shootout earlier this month. an officer boards a bus in baltimore to confront an armed suspect. he orders passengers to get off the bus after shooting from the doorway with two handguns the suspect makes a run for it and police say ignores and order to surrender. >> drop the gun!
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>> 42, suspect's down. show your hands! >> the suspect was killed when an officer and a bystander were wound t. video backs up their conclusion the use of deadly force was justified. we have an update now on a story we have been following the son of a former major league baseball player seriously injured while playing in a game. according to his family, doctors say the teenager may have now turned the corner after his latest surgery. katiebeck has more on this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt, nearly two weeks ago when jason lockhart was fit in the hayhit t turned into a life and death situation. the morning, for the first time, family and friends of 15-year-old jason lockhart are breathing a sigh of relief after what's being called a successful surgery and a great report from doctors. his sister sydney writing on facebook wednesday night that
7:17 am
lockhart is awake and still in recovery and that doctors are confident that this latest surgery resolved the bleeding problem. it's the first piece of good news since this nightmare began for the lockhart family nearly two weeks azpo, when the teen, playing in a baseball tournament was hit in the face by a thrown baum t. injury tearing an artery in his nose, doctors unable to stop the bleeding. according to his sister's frequent media, his latest surgery is at least his sixth in one days. one day they sedated him to allow him to heal. >> we have a lot of reportth arteries that fracture can cause bleeding, it can be hidden back in those bones, it can be very hard to find. >> reporter: the family thankful, asking for more prayers as jason begins his road to recovery. again, doctors saying he se through the worst, really turning a corner after that latest surgery, this is good
7:18 am
news for the lockhart family, who has been through so much this week, really sticking together by that bedside, hoping and praying for his full recovery, matt. hoda. >> thank you so much. we hope so as well. >> i love when there is a follow up like that one. mr. roker, we have tornadoes in the country. >> we have 26 reports at least yesterday. we have more on tap possibly today. this is near sydney, iowa, in the southwestern part of the state. there you can see another frontal cloud. we have reports of tornadoes from wisconsin all way into the mid-west and the central plains and we got more activity firing up this morning. we got severe thunderstorm watches, warnings and flash flood watches out now along this line of showers and thunderstorms, that are firing umm. we have a risk today for 15 million people, including an enhanced risk throughout parts of iowa on into missouri and parts of nebraska as well, tomorrow, it's from oklahoma all the way into western new york and parts of northeastern ohio.
7:19 am
we're watching this line that will develop this afternoon, scattered severe storms make their way across. we will be looking at this fondly into the east coast. by the time we get into friday afternoon, strong storms, heavier rain, an additional four-to-six inches as you get into the mid-section of the country. we will get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. the united states postal service. priority: you ♪ good thursday morning i'm meteorologist kari hall adds we get a look at the clouds for parts of the inland areas. we are seeing those temperatures
7:20 am
now in the mid-fists, tri-valley has cleared out but we're still seeing the clouds in san francisco and the north bay. 49 degrees in the north bay and san francisco will see the highs today up to 66 degrees, 68 degrees tomorrow. and as we go into the weekend our temperatures stay nice and comfortable while the inland valleys will be heegt up. expected to be as hot as 89 degrees on saturday. >> that's your latest weather. thank you very much. still ahead, the mysterious leads in the central park explosion that cost a college student his leg. the surprising podcast from an unexpected place that is rocketing to the top of the charts. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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>> a major milestone, the advice that changed everything.
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the house of representatives is scheduled to vote on "kate )s good morning to you it's 7:266. the house of represent tifds is scheduled to vote on kate's law today. that laws 'inspired by this woman kate styly who was shot and killed at peer 14 in san francisco two years ago by an undocumented immigrant who had been deported five times. the law would have harsher penalties for people reentering once they had been deported. let's take a look at your weather forecast which is cool to start. it starts aul out cool and of thanks to the clouds and drizzle in san francisco as we get in a look live at the golden gate bridge. as we go into the day we're going to get some areas clearing
7:27 am
away from the coastline we'll see those temperatures warming up. look at concord today, up to 90 degrees while half moon bay will be at 64. napa 85 and san jose expecting a high of 80 degrees and some upper 80s today in morgan hill. heading into the next several days, all eyes on the holiday weekend forecast as our temperatures stay nice along the coast. and in the city but the interior valleys will see those highs up to 93 degrees on saturday. now let's go to mike for an update on the roadways. light traffic throw flow for this morning's commute as we expected for this pork and tomorrow morning. as you're heading out in the bay area out of i-5, we're look at 152 kbh is currently closed right by the garlic plabt. some wires are down. you're alternate a little to the north by the out let's past the garlic factory to fergusson. meanwhile, the earlier crash has cleared, that's actually mild through hayward going into the
7:28 am
city. back to you. >> thank you. we have more local news coming up for new just a half an hour.
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7:30 now on this thursday morning, june 29th, 2017. we take a look at the nerve center of the "today" show. >> is that what we call it? >> i was going to say the brain of the "today" show, and i thought i'll just go with nerve center on this thursday morning. >> we've got a lot going on this morning. let's get right to a check of your headlines. the white house is expected to be implementing parts of the president's travel ban later tonight. the move follows a supreme court decision to reinstate much of the order before hearing the administration's case this fall. a powerful explosion badly damaged this dormitory at murray state university. that's in kentucky. dfs apparently kaugd by a natural gas leak. students were gone for the summer break, but one college employee who was inside that
7:31 am
dorm was taken to the hospital for treatment. a colorado springs woman pulls into a garage and found that, yep, that's a black bear. that's her screaming. honking her horn. she's trying to get that thing out of there. believed to be the same bear that stole ice cream and m & m's from a different home in the same neighborhood. wildlife officials are working to track that bear down. a virginia teenager lost part of his leg in that blast. one year later investors are still searching for clues, and the victim's father is speaking out. nbc stephanie gosk has the latest. good morning. >> hey, good morning, matt. in just a few hours there will be lots of tours and kids on these rocks just like there are every summer. just like connor golden was almost exactly a year ago today. the police say he was just an
7:32 am
innocent victim in all of this. in the wrong place at the wrong time. they still don't know who planted that explosive or why. >> we need a lot of information. >> it was july 3rd of last year when golden jumped off the rocks and landed on a plastic bag filled with explosives. the blast so strong his left leg was severely injured. his parents at home in virginia. >> he was put on the line. he was conscious at the time, and he told us that he had stepped on the bomb. >> reporter: a surgeon called back later to say that connor was going to lose the lower part of his leg. >> we were very sad knowing that he would not have the use of his leg for the rest of his life. >> reporter: while golden struggled to learn how to walk again, investigators followed many leads, but came up empty.
7:33 am
they still don't believe it was terror-related. >> there wasn't a timer, shrapnel, and other things. >> reporter: the explosive known as tatp has been used in the past by terror groups like isis and was used in the bomb at the arianna grande concert as well as in attacks in brussels and paris. >> because it is made of several simple widely available components and the instructions are available on the internet, it's a compound we've come into contact with a number of times. >> reporter: the nypd has increased the reward to $40,000 for any information that leads to an arrest. connor golden's father appreciates the work they are doing, but says the lack of answers is painful. >> we're frustrated that, you know, this occurred in one of the most watched places in the world, and we don't seem to be able to identify who is responsible for it. >> one of the key questions for
7:34 am
investigators is how long had the explosives been here. they need to narrow that timeline. they say it could have been here for days. they're asking anyone with photos or video of this rock to turn it over to them. there could be someone walking around right now with a key piece of evidence on their phone and they might not even know it. guys, back to you. >> stephanie gostk in central park. thanks very much. >> time to check in with al roker for the all-important fourth of july coming weekend weather. >> that's right. we're going to get to that in just a little bit. first, it's a little hotter than the fourth of july out west. look at the wildfires then in southern california. this san clement yea, right now this fire about 30% controlled, but there's a lot of fire going on out west. red flag warnings over 119,000 square miles out west, and, in fact, at this hour we've got 43 large wildfires burning from the pacific northwest all the way into texas, and it's all because of the heat depending on which
7:35 am
side of the high pressure you're on. if you are on the clockwise side, you are looking at temperatures that are below normal, but if you are on that return flow of very warm air from the south, you're going to be seeing temperatures that continue to rise. phoenix, triple digits. we're going to see fresno at 100 degrees by sunday. reno, 98. salt lake city, 96 on sunday. denver, we'll see a high of 90 degrees, and the heat will be on in the east as good morning i'm meteorologist kari hall. our temperatures be heating up as we go into the weekend, but san francisco stays into nice and cool as we will continue to see the clouds and fog along the coast. only making it up to 71 degrees on saturday while the interior valleys will see those highs reaching into the 90s starting tomorrow. and the peak of the warm will on saturday, early next week in time for 4 am of july highs in the mid-80s and the clear skies at least for the valleys while the coast will be foggy.
7:36 am
>> that's the latest weather. >> can we get into the fourth of july over here? >> we will. >> he is making us wait. that's how you do. >> next hour. >> all right. coming up next, the eye-opening prison podcast that is suddenly become an unlikely hit. coming up right after this. suddenly ♪ ♪
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7:41 am
>> it's all about life inside california's notorious san quinton state prison, and it is rapidly climbing the charts. >> their voices are suddenly unshackled. >> i don't want to leave anything on the table when i go there to tell my story. >> inmates at san quinton state prison are featured in a new podcast with residents of this very institution. >> i believe this is a glimpse inside of the world of prisons. hearing stories that people may not hear every day. dploo why do we need to hear those stories? >> because i believe that we're human. we're regular people. the story just didn't end when we were convicted. >> we have an opportunity to shed light on what really happens in prison. >> the podcast is called ear hustle. >> ear hustling is prison slang
7:42 am
for eavesdropping. listening in to something that may not be your business. >> williams, who is serving 15 years for armed roev e robbery, is the sound designer, while woods, sentenced to at least 31 years for attempted robbery, is the co-host. he is joined by nigel, an artist. >> one of the reasons we have it co-hosted by an outside and inside person is to mirror this idea that inside and outside people can work together as equal colleagues with respect. >> woods took us to his cell. 3 north 76. >> how big is this cell? >> this cell is 4 x 9 feet. >> he shares this tiny space with another prisoner, which inspired the podcast's first episode entitled "cellies." another slang term short for cell mates. >> what's your biggest fear about finding a celly? >> i have several fears, but one of them is someone that talks too much, that's always talking. >> reporter: the podcast first season is ten episodes long and
7:43 am
will cover a variety of topics, things like parole, prison fashion, what it's like to celebrate a birthday behind bars, or even start a family. >> i think this is going to be a more interesting question for people to answer. >> reporter: define stories they venture on to san quinton's sun pummelled prison yard krks a place rife are thousands of memorable tales. they don't want to minimize the crimes committed. their latest episode focuses on a gang member's remorse. >> it's about taking an incarcerated person, letting them tell their truth, but owning up to it. >> reporter: the trio's big break came when they won a contest by the podcast in network radio topia topping other entries. >> it's a feeling that it can't be described. i can't really put into words. t gave me a sense of value that i believe that i have lost. >> reporter: ear hustle has been a fixture on the itunes podcast chart reaching as high as number two. their voices now stretching far beyond this prison's barbed wire
7:44 am
covered walls. for "today" joe fryer, nbc news, san quinton, california. >> a lot of people going to download that to learn more about it. >> when you think about all the people who like watching those shows like "locked up" and the rest of them on tv, i know there will be some people who say why would we be listening to what's going on in there, but you sort of get it. >> meanwhile, 4 x 9 for two people. that's a small space. >> tight space. yeah. >> just ahead, chanelle, what's happening in the orange room? >> today's big milestone for the iphone right after this. r sales event is on. it's gonna work, i promise you, we can figure this out. babe... little help. -hold on, mom. no, wifi. wifi. it's not a question, it's a thing. take on summer right with ford, america's best-selling brand. now with summer's hottest offer. get zero percent for seventy-two months plus an additional thousand on top of your trade-in. during the ford summer sales event get zero percent for seventy-two months plus an additional thousand on top of your trade-in. offer ends july 5th.
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we send our kids out into the world, full of hope. and we don't want something like meningitis b getting in their way. meningococcal group b disease, or meningitis b, is real. bexsero is a vaccine to help prevent meningitis b in 10 to 25 year olds. even if meningitis b is uncommon, that's not a chance we're willing to take. meningitis b is different from the meningitis most teens were probably vaccinated against when younger. we're getting the word out against meningitis b. our teens are getting bexsero. bexsero should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects are pain, redness or hardness at the injection site; muscle pain; fatigue; headache; nausea; and joint pain. bexsero may not protect all individuals. tell your healthcare professional
7:48 am
if you're pregnant or if you have received any other meningitis b vaccines. ask your healthcare professional about the risks and benefits of bexsero and if vaccination with bexsero is right for your teen. moms, we can't wait. >> looky, looky wrrks. >> 7:48. we're back with a special anniversary for apple. channele is over in the orange
7:49 am
room for carson with that. good morning, goti. >> this is it right here. this little guy is the first generation iphone. it's smaller. it's a little slower when you fire it up, but other than that, it feels pretty much the same. the world hasn't been the same ever since. >> we are calling it iphone. >> ten years ago on a stage cuppertino, steve jobs made a promise. >> today apple is going to reinvent the phone. >> this is how you turn it on. >> a single device that would banish all blackberries aqwirti keyboards. when it finally came out, lines around the block. >> it's like a historic occasion. >> reporter: steven levy was one of the first journalists given a prototype. >> you could see right away that this was a device that was
7:50 am
different than anything that had come down the pike. >> reporter: ten years and 15 models later steve jobs was right on the money. apple worth nearly $1 trillion. over one billion iphones sold. >> and this is a call on your iphone. >> reporter: the iphone bringing to market touchscreen, selfie cameras all connected to the i cloud and carrying more computing power in our pocket than it took to put a man on the moon. drawing people from afar closer together and sometimes making us forget about those a few feet away. the app store has become fertile ground for tech giants, facebook, uber, snapchat all given a space to grow into their own revolutions. even here in the news it's ino vated the way we can broadcast from fires to yosemite and even on a surf board among the waves. >> live. >> reporter: a phone that changed everything. >> i think this is where the world is going. >> reporter: the steve jobs prophecy that came true. >> and i hi, guys.
7:51 am
we right now are in the studio broadcasting live. it may not be as pretty, but this is via facetime. this is something that would have been absolutely impossible about a decade ago. hard to imagine where we're going to be in another ten years, and, guys, one more fascinating little piece of trivia. since the iphone came out, of all things chewing gum sales have dropped, and the theory because now people are staring at their phones in the grocery store check-out line instead of per using like they used to. >> they're not pulled into that eye candy there at the aisle. that's interesting. >> exactly. no app for that. >> thank you. we all may feel like we've mastered the iphone by now, but take a look at how things went ten years ago today when we first got our hands on the device. >> i got a phone call coming in. i think it's from me. >> i don't know. look at this. >> hello. >> hello. >> i told you never to call me here. >> no, it's still ringing. >> i think you have to answer it. >> see, the thing doesn't work for me. >> you are blowing the whole
7:52 am
schtick. you know what, mare death, what i'm hearing in my handset is you have been forwarded an automatic voice mail. >> isn't that funny? it was hard back then. we couldn't figure out how to do it. i think we have a better handle on things. social media users are sharing throwback photos. one man stood in line for ten hours and paid $699 for the original phone. he says it still powers up today. who knows what will happen in the next ten years, guys? >> happy birthday. iphone. we're back right after this. out tomorrow... ♪ for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto helped more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine.
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[ light music playing ] you've wished upon it all year, and now it's finally here. the mercedes-benz summer event is back, test at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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good thursday morning it's 7:56 and we start out with some clouds look at our high temperatures today in the south bay. as warm as 87 degrees in morgan hill. over to the east bay we'll be up to 76 degrees in hayward and 91 degrees in antioch, pleasanton today 89 degrees. half moon bay keeps the clouds and fog, 64 for the high while it will be up to 78 degrees in palo alto and 68 degrees in the mission district. north bay looking at highs that will range from the low 60s along the coast to up to 89 degrees today in santa rosa. as we head into the weekend, expect those temperatures to continue to warm up a few degrees away from the coastline. we'll really feel the difference in the interior valleys as our highs will reach into the low 90s on saturday up to 93 degrees and in time for the 4th of july, cooling down just a few more degrees. let's go to mike for an update on the roadway. look at.
7:57 am
live shot you see way in the distance a flashing light. i spotted a tow truck traveling across that san mateo bridge. over on the right a second crash happened in the back there so that's a risk. over all the rest of the day moves very well but we're looking at the closure from 152 over there by the garlic plant just off of highway 101. see the arrows, those will get you around the zintd. those wires are across the freeway. it takes to over to i-5. back to you. the invite-only event brings together business, agriculture and silicon valley tech-- and features speakers and sponsors from all three industries. =rvl= it brings together m april to june. 3 other warriors join him in the top 11 spots -- kevin durant, klay thompson and draymon green.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
. it is 8:00 on "today." taking effect. the president's travel ban following the supreme court decision. how much has changed. and we are live on capital hill. >> recipe for success. >> i can't kwantify how many hours it saves. >> the little apron, cook it yourself company, now going public. on-demand dinner trend. >> and music minions and milestones, julie andrews joins us to talk about her life, legacy and return to the world
8:01 am
of "despicable me." tuesday, june 29th, 2017. >> we have three generations with us this morning on the plaza. where are you from? >> houston, texas! >> i need you to see this sign. >> you have been a fan since 2002. >> these dance moms have a special message. >> we love you matt lauer. >> where is the 4-2-3? >> chatnooga, tennessee. >> we have a first timer. >> north carolina. >> we just got married! >> welcome back, everyone, to "today" on this thursday morning. we are happy to have hoda here. we are happy to have this music.
8:02 am
he will be our summer concert out on the plaza, remind me. marvin gaye and get it on. >> how about your fan club? >> isn't that nice? >> dance moms. >> start this half hour with a look at your news at 8:00, the trump administration rolling out the president's national security program today. chief correspondent, good morning. >> one of the president's high profile and highly controversy campaign promises go into effect, the travel ban, of course. >> the homeland security said it will be implemented today. travellers from six mostly muslim countries banned for 90 days, and it is temporary, until
8:03 am
the supreme court decides whether or not to make it permanent. some immigration experts say some may not be ready for the changes. the they are looking for a victory on health care as they scramble to try to put a new plan together some hope by tomorrow. one compromise, getting rid of tax cuts for the wealthy, and a possible bipartisan solution, even from some republicans. all of it am cans as the president works on his re-election, a fundraiser at d.c., with protesters outside. to raise money for the 2020 push. >> now, to the vatican. one of the highest ranking officials charged with multiple
8:04 am
counts of sexual abuse. he has been granted a leave of absence to dating back to when he served as a peace. he is the first cardinal charged with abuse. he is calling the charges false. he said he is looking forward to having his day in court. >> a lot of cleaning up to do after damaging tornadoes touched down in the northwest. this is one in iowa. severe storms left people without power, at least one person injured. and wisconsin, dozen of farm buildings were damage as well as. >> imagine this strange sight, an avalanche of foam. people were surprised to find themselves surrounded. the frufy stuff outside of an arcade in tokyo. it was released when a car hit
8:05 am
this. firefighters got busy cleaning that up. not an easy looking job. >> more ahead on thursday morning. how meal delivery businesses like blue apron revolutionizing the way we eat. >> the man who changed breakfast for millions. also, the legendary julie andrews would be here. andrews would be here. >> how did you do so, if anyone has a reason that these two should not be wed, speak now. (coughs) so sorry. oh no... it's just that your friend daryl here is supposed to be live streaming the wedding and he's not getting any service. i missed, like, the whole thing. what? and i just got an unlimited plan. it's the right plan, wrong network. you see, verizon has the largest, most reliable 4g lte network in america. it's built to work better in cities. tell you what, just use mine. thanks. no problem. all right, let's go live. say hi to everybody who wasn't invited! (vo) when it really, really matters, you need the best network and the best unlimited. just $45 per line for four lines. lash sensationall! full fan effect mascara from maybelline new york. our unique fanning brush reveals layers of lashes for the sensational full-fan effect.
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8:09 am
a big announcement tied to the food world's hottest trends. >> nbc business correspondent has the story. >> this is big news. the popular on demand delivery service blue apron is going public on the new york stock exchange. they led a business boom in ready made meal kits, serving up $4 billion in food this year alone and turning tables on how families do dinner. they made it look easy. >> what happened? school today? >> a lot of stuff, dad. >> fast forward, and it's not black and white. we have a growing appetite for convenience, now snatisfied online with meal services that
8:10 am
provide the ingredients in a box rea ready to be chopped and cooked. it's a fast growing trend by blue apron, founded five years ago and now a $3 billion business. >> they took away the stress of what to make while still getting something that's fresh and something consumers customize to their own specific tastes. >> reporter: they delivered 159 million meals across 48 states starting at $9 a person. >> i can't quantify how many hours it saves. simple as using an app. >> reporter: they are trying to take a bite out of the $600 billion grocery store market while others ramp up their delivery game. blue apron is facing a long list of hungry competitors like plated, hello fresh, and home chef. celebrities are getting in, and
8:11 am
tom brady backed high performance meals with purple carrot. the rise of a meal in a box comes as eating out is slowing down. restaurant sales the weakest in four years as millennials eat out less and demand locally sourced ingredients. >> this is more people cooking and staying home and not ordering in and going to restaurants and people have control over what they eat and it's positive for health. >> reporter: family dinners coming back with no need to think outside the box. for now, it is more expensive than a gresh ri store trip, but options like blue apron or plated are more affordable than takeout or ordering in. what's interesting, you got to do all the prep, right, and, actually, most people end up leaving the meal kit delivery service after six months. >> really? >> oh. >> yeah. >> because there's work to do. >> yeah, little interesting tidbit. >> your hair looks awesome. >> with the dress. >> thank you, thank you!
8:12 am
>> it works. >> thank you. >> i didn't see that coming. >> hi, al. >> what about my hair? >> really great. >> thank you very much. let's look at what's going on right now. we still have some severe weather to talk about, especially in the midsection of the country. we're looking at severe thunderstorm watches, flash flood warnings, and we have the last three hours that the storms fired up on their march to the east, stretching, and you can see right now, we got 15 million people at risk for strong storms, enhanced risk in the midsection of the country, and, tomorrow, we got more of a risk again for oklahoma city stretching to springfield, missouri. 21 people at risk for thunderstorms by later in the afternoon with another 4 inches of rain in the mid mefz and ohio river valleys. severe storms today and heavy rain in the gulf the heat continues out west where we've got high fire danger, beautiful day in the pacific northwest with temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. that's what's going on around
8:13 am
the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're getting a few peeks of sunshine in the south bay and the temperature now at 60 degrees. more clearing for the peninsula while the trivalley is all bright and clear, 59 degrees there. low clouds in the north bay and we are also seeing those clouds in san francisco that will give way to some mist and drizzle here soon. as we go boo this afternoon, we'll see highs reaching into the mid to upper 60s and it trends a little warmer as we head into the weekend while the inland valleys will be as hot as 93 on saturday. weather. >> thank you, al. it is time to trend, before my trending topic, going around the table to ask a rapid fire question. how many drinks do you think is okay to order on a first day-to-day? date? >> at a time? like -- >> set it up, parky. >> i think three at a time. three vodkas, please. >> no!
8:14 am
>> no? >> overall two. >> al? >> one. >> two. >> why? >> i think one for me. >> one? >> on a first date, after the second, i start confessing things. i start, you know, sometimes something hits a a button. you get weird. >> that's what happens. >> i asked because there's a a headline from gq that says three drinks is perfect on the date. >> three? >> sharing her dating experience and two drinks is nice, four drinks, risky, but three is just right. >> four drinks? wow. >> that's when you are confessing all. >> yeah. >> what about other dating etiquettes do and don't? >> you don't talk about previous relationships. >> that happens, though, have you done that after a few drinks -- >> two's enough. two. >> oversharing is one of the worst things you can do. >> yes p. >> i think on a first date you
8:15 am
can learn everything you need to know about something. >> yeah. >> i believe that. >> how they order, how they treat the waitress, if they pick the bill up quickly, that stuff. >> people say you can learn everything you need to know about a person playing golf. you see whether they are honest -- >> oh, yes. interesting. >> what are you like as a golfer, matt? >> not very good right now, for sure. >> that was good. >> shall we start? >> why not. >> beginning with the academy awards. they invited a record 774 new members in effort to create diversity in the voting pool. invited to join the 2017 class is sarah paulson, betty white, dwayne johnson, leslie jones, chris pratt, and keegan. michael
8:16 am
phelps, the most decorated, and he's gearing up to face the most dangerous opponent yet, a great white shark. this is during discovery's shark week. the trailer just released. take a look. one trained to be the best since the day he was born. the other has been perfected by evolution. the great white shark meets the greatest of all time. >> everybody's going to watch it. team phelps or shark? >> i hope for his sake he wins. >> are they in the same lane? >> i don't know how -- >> that's -- >> it's like that old joke, i don't have to outrun the bear, just you. >> by the way, michael fey cay'y tomorrow. >> could be his last. >> al! >> tune in july 23rd on
8:17 am
discovery. all right. finally, macy's 4th of july fireworks annual celebration announced the lineup with jennifer lopez, brad paisley, and more. it's the largest display in the nation. catch it on gjuly 4th at 8/7 central here on nbc. there's another big concert lined up tomorrow here on our plaza, taking over the city concert stage tomorrow, and that's your pop star. >> going to be great. >> yeah. >> more, more. >> here we go, a few buddies were out on what seemed to be a a successful fishing trip. look. they pulled out a good size carp to the water. showed to the camera. see it there? they got too comfortable, and look, the carp has different plans, wiggling itself free. watch this. >> bye, bye, see you later.
8:18 am
>> good. >> move further from the water next time before celebrating. >> he's gone. >> out of there. >> thank you. now to a a man who brought big changes to breakfast tables to the country. >> a decade ago, you didn't know about greek yogurt, but that changed with controversy along the way. savannah talked to the man at the center of it all. >> hi. >> welcome. >> thank you for having us. nice to meet you. he's the man who changed breakfast ten years ago. seemingly everywhere now, it may be hard to believe his product, chobani, only hit stores in 2007. does it feel like ten years? >> it does not. i don't remember the first six years because it was blackout because i was in the factory. >> greek yogurt was 1% of the market, what is it now?
8:19 am
>> 52. >> how much is chobani? >> no. 1 on the greek yogurt seed. >> the journey to the top of the food chain started in upstate new york, a charming rural landscape, reminding him of his childhood in turkey where he raised sheep in the mountains and devoured one particular thing. >> i loved yogurt, i love how my mother made it. >> at age 22, he left for america with no family, friends, and little money, took a risk and big loan to buy a owe plant that was shutting down. >> it's been a a painful experience. >> what do you mean? >> you worry all the time , you don't think about anything else. i'm glad i did not have my son there, i've never been a ceo, know nothing about financing, branding, marketing, never done that before. >> in five years, chobani sales went from $3 million to more than $1.1 billion, but his
8:20 am
mission remains personal. >> somebody says i don't like the yogurt, i get involved. i take it personally. why? why? like, is that the strawberry? can i make it something else? >> do you call them up? >> i did for five years, yes. i have a son. when you make the food you serve to your own kid, that's the test. if the answer is no, shame on you. >> today, he's gracing the nation's top magazines, not just for his yogurt, but the pioneering policies, extending paid leave to new mothers and fathers for six weeks. famously giving every employee a 10% stake in the company. >> thank you, thank you. >> and making a point to hire refugees. >> i say the generosity of this country, and you see people from all over the world being here is part of the country's amazingness. i hope that never breaks.
8:21 am
>> pro-immigrant stance made the company a tact and sued alex jones, the controversial internet host for making false claims about chobani employees. >> i regret we characterized them the way we did. >> 100% okay with people having opinions. that's society. we have a line that we cannot cross. >> you wanted an apology, right? >> we wanted to be corrected. that happened. it's solved. >> it does seem you have two sides to the personality. on the one side, you are the shepherd humanitarian, benevole benevolent, ceo, but on the other hand, you're killer with your competitors. >> do you have another million dollar idea? >> so many. >> and one that's about to hit the shelves. he's getting into the traditional stuff. >> the people who doesn't want
8:22 am
greek yogurt, this is it. >> this is like a wine tasting. >> i do this day after day after day after day. i probably eat, like, ten pounds of yogurt. >> i was going to say, have you gotten tired of yogurt? >> in. >> he's never forgotten the chance this country gave him. >> a kid from the mountain one day can come, build his dream, and give the recipe of mother's to everyone in a proud way and bill life. this doesn't happen. >> it's the american dream. >> it's the american dream. >> impressive. >> great story. >> yeah. >> i wish i had a billion-dollar idea. >> don't we all. >> earlier, we talked about the tenth anniversary of the invention of the iphone. back to the moment we messed with it here on the show. >> oh, phone call coming in. look at this. hello. >> hello.
8:23 am
>> i told you never to call me here. >> it's still ringing. >> it doesn't work for me. >> you're blowing this whole thing. >> you have been forwarded to -- >> well, talk about someone who end bra embraced and learned low to use technology. >> what? >> good morning! >> how are you? >> i'm fine. i was sitting here on my deck in massachusetts. look at this. >> wow! >> nice. >> thought i'd send it to you. >> so your day just got better. >> you're welcome. >> what? >> so your day got better? >> yeah, my day got a lot better, sure. >> what size phone do you have now? >> what do you mean? it's white. >> which number? >> which phone? oh, i think this is a -- is it
8:24 am
possibly a 6s or something? >> yes. >> anyway, sorry we woke you. i apologize. >> you didn't wake me. i've been up for hours. >> do you have that dog, jasper. >> of course, jasper, come here, honey. >> oh! >> jasper! >> that dog loves me. seriously. >> this dog has never liked you. >> okay. there it is. >> hates one person, you. >> that's true. >> have a great vacation. >> are you seriously on the air? >> yes, you are. shut this off. >> good-bye! love you! >> bye. >> so sweet. >> where are you going, hoda? >> come on, i'm with a legend. >> royalty. >> julie andrews in the house. she's going to talk about despicable me 3 and so much
8:25 am
more. ♪ ♪ i )m ...
8:26 am
lawyers at s-f-o plan to offer their services for anyone effected by the reinstated travel ban. =vo= that ban was met with protests when ifi good morning. i'm kris sanchez. lawyers plan to offer their services to anyone affected by the travel ban. the supreme court earlier this week allowed parts of that ban to return. this does not affect current u.s. visa holders but new applicants must have a lawyer to bypass that ban. it applies to children and parents. grandchildren and grandparents don't count. the ban goes into effect at 5:00 this evening. let's look at your travel. >> looking over here, a smooth drive around most of the bay, lighter traffic sfloes. we expected this morning. expect midday to be crowded as
8:27 am
folks head out of town. if you're trying to get to i-5, this is a problem, 152 is currently stopped because we have wires across lanes. that takes you past the outlets and down ferguson road. that will get you past that scene and that will help you get towards the pass and i-5. san mateo bridge the earlier issue we saw with the flashing lights, they've cleared. look, a quick easy light drive now back to the peninsula from 880 to 101. not a problem, lighter traffic and the bay right now. >> more local news coming up for you in just a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back now 8:30 on thursday morning, it's the 29th day of june, 2017. look at the nice people out on the plaza. listen to the great music. that's charlie puth's song, he'll be live in our concert series tomorrow. if you're in the area, what a great way to kick off holiday weekend. >> charlie already on the plaza.
8:31 am
>> there are some people who love them some matt lauer. who loves matt lauer the most. >> let me go over and say hello. >> the most? >> "dance moms." >> these are dance moms. >> where are you from? welcome, nice to have you here. i love you guys, too. thank you. >> do you dance? >> tell us why you love matt lauer. >> the suit. >> the suit. >> i love the suit. >> thank you. >> i'd like to know why. >> al is wearing a suit as well. >> thank you. very nice. >> anyway, coming up -- >> that's right. we are so thrilled to have julie andrews here. she's doing to talk about everything from minions to mary poppins and everything in between. >> if you're headed to the beach or pool this holland weekend, we have the best book. >> some success stories from
8:32 am
drop ten today plan. talk about how the weight can stay off as you go to things over the summer like barbecues, amusement parks. by the way, such a simple ploy, i love matt lauer and you get on tv. >> shameless. that's all it takes. >> mr. roker, check of the weather. >> let's see what we have happening. hoda, here is your july 4th weekend forecast. >> what is it? >> strong storms saturday, hot temps out west, sunny and dry through the plains. then on sunday -- sunday! -- warm and humid in the northeast. summer heat continues out west. some showers down through the southeast. then on monday, on the 3rd, we're looking hot and dry weather continuing. the western half of the country, some showers in the mid plains and southeastern atlantic states. then on tuesday those storms move east and north up spinto mississippi and ohio river valleys. toasty into the southwest
8:33 am
for your fourth of july. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. i'm meteorologist kari hall. still cloudy and some drizzle in san francisco. we'll get a little bit of clearing today and we'll see the high temperature up to 66 degrees. 68 degrees tomorrow and then as we go into the weekend, a little bit warmer on saturday, but we'll really feel the heat for the inland valleys, up to 93 degrees on saturday. and it will still be feeling very much like summer on sunday. early next week our stps coming down, we'll be up to 84 degrees on the fourth of july. don't forget. get that weather any time you need it. go to the weather channel on cable. hoda. >> despicab"despicable me 3" hi theaters tomorrow and legendary julie andrews returns as the mother. she shares a secret with her son that not even a spoon full of sugar will help. >> you never told me i had a
8:34 am
brother. you told me dad died of disappointment when i was born. >> yeah. that was the agreement. >> agreement? what are you talking about? >> shortly after you and your brother were born, your father and i divorced. we each took one son to raise on our own and promised never to see each other again. obvio obviously i got second pick. >> oh, my god. julie andrews, good morning. >> good morning. >> isn't she terrible? >> she's horrible. i don't picture you playing anything but a light, lovely, happy person. >> this is such fun. >> a little nasty, a little mean? >> she couldn't be more awful. >> she couldn't be. >> yes. >> in the very first film the little tiny orphans say, he looks like a girl, in the pictures i'm shown, yes, an ugly
8:35 am
girl. >> so that accent, tell me about that accent. >> it's thanks to steve carell. i heard his first. i said, what do you want me to do? i don't think i can do this? why me, miss white bread english lady. he said try, just keep trying. >> it must be fun to do these movies. >> what do i have to lose. >> you must have a ball. your grandkids can see it. have they seen you in the first "despicable me"? >> yes. they haven't seen this one. >> what do they think of these movies in general when they watch? >> they love them. i'm as much a child as anybody. these minions i adore. they make me laugh so hard. it's their voices, i think. >> you've had -- we love this movie but you've had so many incredible roles in your lifetime. when you think about those roles, mary poppins, the sound of music, everything, how do you
8:36 am
think you wound up with such great roles. >> as i say, i have a sign in my house that says, are we lucky or what? and i am. i just think -- i can't tell you why. i think it's just one foot in front of the other. great good fortune and wonderful mentors and doing the homework kind of led up to it. i happened to be in the right place at the right time when people were looking to fill the roles. it's amazing. >> you're so humble, by the way. that's the other thing about you. >> no. i know how lucky i am. i really do. >> for "mary poppins" you won an oscar, which is amazing. now there's a sequel coming out with emily blunt. >> yes. >> when you heard about the sequel, were you excited about this? what do you think? >> listen, hoda, it's 55 years since that "mary poppins" was made. this "mary poppins" is going to star emily blunt, which i'm a
8:37 am
huge fan. it's a totally different story. disney had all the other "mary poppins" stories in his archives. why not use them up and make another one. >> emily said when she heard she got your stamp of approval she cried, it meant so much to her. have you guys communicated? >> i have met her. she's fun and real and very talented. >> i love you do different projects. you have something on netflix i saw for the first time and fell in love with it. tell us about the project. >> julie's greenroom? i love it. i'm a lady who runs a small regional theater that gives master classes in the arts, teaches young, young children. but my children happen to be puppets and looking like wonderful kids but they are puppets. i call them my greenies, because it's julie's greenroom.
8:38 am
>> you bring in so many actors. i saw alec baldwin came through, singers like farrell. you think it's important for kids to be informed about the arts? >> i do. you can't bring the arts too soon to kids. the arts are the first thing in schools that are cut in terms of funding. >> sure. >> everybody struggles. it's worse than it ever was now. >> julie, you're so beloved. you had a cup of coffee and you said to me, can i give you a sip? you're such a sweet person. >> like to be the only one here. if you want some. >> thank you so much. appreciate you joining us. >> i can't wait to see this. i've done my bit but i haven't seen the whole thing. >> you're going to be back in the next hour to talk some more. "despicable me 3" from our sister company universal opens tomorrow. coming up, treats to bring to your fourth of july celebratio n.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
welcome back, 4th of july weekend almost here, so beaches, barbecues, and books. here with their favorite beach read, buzzfeed books editor, new york times best selling author, emma, and, guys, ladies, good morning. happy almost 4th. we have teachers back here. [ cheers and applause ] >> three categories, fiction, nonfiction, and dealer's choice. talk fiction. >> my man, steve sebastian, a sports novel for everyone, a midwestern story about a wrestler driven to the brink of insanity by his ambition. it's a fantastic read because it's such a compelling character. this is a sports novel for everyone. if you're a human being who has drive, this is a book for you. >> emma, in the fiction? >> this is "do not become
8:42 am
alarmed," favorite novelist, and this is the most gripping, yet one that really makes you stay up late. it's two families on a cruise, things go wrong. >> things disappear. that's all we should say. >> yeah. >> brad? >> i got john grisham's latest book. this is a a caper book, and the criminals make a critical mistake at the first moment of the crime setting off a great chain of events. a fun book. >> we love him around here. what about nonfiction? >> nonfiction. this is a book to read. this is "hunger." >> you love her as a writer. >> i do. taking the literary world by storm, compelling mind, and to spend time with her is incredible. this is a memoir, a powerful story told through her body, her life through the lens of her body. anyone who has a body should read this book. >> count me in. you, emma? >> "the bright hour" published
8:43 am
postmuse mousily, her journey of dying from cancer, really, beautifully written. makes you want to live every single day and hug your kids and write about your experience. >> when life is limited. >> absolutely. >> great choice. >> my choice is "world changer," great for the 4th of july. her son died in the seals, but it's a positive book to reach kids who want to make a difference in the world. parents, people who care about the future of the planet and country should kraed this book. >> all right. great. now the next category, we said forget fiction, nonfiction, give us an author's choice. what did you come up with? >> "sour heart," now, this is the first book out in print at penguin random house, a short story collection about imgrants, children of immigrants, young women, compelling writing what it means to be a teenager. it's brilliant. it's dark. it's humorous and filled with
8:44 am
love. out in august. >> how dark? >> dark enough you want to -- you're compelled as a human, but not so dark you want to put it down. >> all right. em emma? >> this is "what we lose," and we opened a bookstore, and this is why. we want to have books by new writers people have not heard of and put it in their hands. it's told in the really short vignette, about being the daughter, about being a mother, marriage, it's really, like, an exciting debut. >> all right. s what did you pick? >> matt, this is my favorite book of the summer, i love this author. it's by brad, my new one just out this week called "news reports." >> give me the crib notes on this. >> in italy, and when it's id,
8:45 am
alarm bells go off. they looked for the guy for three year, pops up, they realize things are actually going to be worse than they imagined. a new thriller, use of force. >> people are talking about this book. i don't want to leave brad pitching it on his own, people are picking it up, seeing it everywhere. >> i love that fact you're a bookstore owner. >> yes. >> i really do. >> yeah for bookstores! >> let's hear it for bookstores. have a great summer. >> thank, matt. >> find the full list and a bonus pick from each of these people exclusively at today's show's app. up next, joy shares your drop pin success story, but, first, this is "today" on nbc. toy succa
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
the past few weeks we've been helping you get summer ready with drop 10 today channel. >> dr. oz and nutritionist joy bauer shared perfect way to lose weight. here are success stories. >> i started on the plan april 26, i lost seven pounds. >> i've lost 28 pounds since being on drop 10 today plan. >> my name is adririenne and i lost 13 pounds with drop 10 today. >> what i love about this plan, i'm not hungry. >> my favorite tip would be drinking water before every meal and 15 healthy snacks. >> my tip would be to keep it fresh and fun. you'll find you can lose, eat good fun and have fun at the same time. it is possible. >> my number one drop 10 today tip is stick with that amazing
8:49 am
water, the key to success. >> i love those women, so in spirg. we have more than 5,000 people formally following along, so those are just a few stories. >> so it works. now we're really getting into summer. there's some places where we go where we get tempted and you've got some tips. >> that's right. we're going to first start at the amusement park. the whole idea here is you don't have to give up all of the fun and experience in order to stick with the diet plan. i think you're going to be surprised because you're not going to see one carrot stick or celery stick throughout this entire segment. >> thank god. you have choices when you go to amusement park. these are a couple, funnel cake, cotton candy. >> instead of funnel cake, this is like great big mound of refined dough in a vat of oil, 760 calories. >> sign me up. >> lose the funnel cake. but choose the cotton candy. it's only 175 calories. that's pretty good deal. >> to be fair, that is not the typical cesc side you see at
8:50 am
amusement park, maybe cut it in half. >> no, you know something, 175 is for the typical size. if you can cut it in half, even better, matt. i love that tip. >> a milkshake? >> minstead of a milkshake at 80 calories go for a slushie at 200 cal came rice. a refreshing beverage. instead of snow cone, go for ice pop. no matter how big it's going to be 80 calories. this one is 40. >> great ideas. now we go to a ball game. that's where i really fall down at a ball game. >> two tips for the ball game. you know what to do with that seventh inning, stretch, walk around the ballpark and get exercise. also for beer drinkers, stick with light beer. you want to alternate each beer with a water, so this way you feel less pilatbloated and more
8:51 am
control of your choices. >> peanuts. >> peanuts and popcorn, more than 2,000 calories. this is so much oil. you want to go for the elephant peanuts. 28 is only about 160, so you could have two or three times the portion -- >> i love peanuts like that. >> it takes work to get them out. >> heart healthy protein. >> what about the soft pretzel. >> it's so delicious but so much carb. 630 calories. this is a little melty soft serve cone, 190 calories. >> i don't know what i think is more caloric in these two but help us out. >> when you get the fries with the cheese sauce, it's about 1300 calories. a lot of people get this. instead go for chicken fingers. even though it's still battered and fried, you're going to be taking in a lot of filling protein and it's about half the calories, 700 calories.
8:52 am
>> chips instead of fries. >> hoda, so not good. >> tortilla chips. >> barbecue, baby. >> backyard barbecue. >> so good. is that a t-bone. >> you want to give up the porter house and prime rib, all the fatty meats and wings. on average at 8 ounces, this will cost you -- these are oversized portions. this will cost you about 800 calories. this one, on the other hand, only about 300 for lean london broil or sirloin or thighs or breast from the chicken. >> that looks good. >> it does look good. >> it doesn't matter, you can do a thigh and that's fine. >> thighs and drum sticks, breasts are good, too. >> okay. >> so this is half a rack of fatty pork ribs, 550 calories. instead, get a burger, regular burger, pile on lettuce and tomato, use the bottom bun, ditch top bun, that's only 360 calories. >> cole slaw or corn. >> definitely corn.
8:53 am
cole slaw, mayo and sugar, 290 calories per cup. that corn on the cob with pat of butter, and you can put a little bit of lime on, just 130 calories. >> people put lime on their c n corn? >> i do. i love it. >> good ideas. not a celery stick in there. >> the only lettuce was just right over there. >> i like it. for even more tips sign up for one small thing newsletter by texting the letters ost to 66866. it will be on the website. back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:54 am
8:55 am
we're back on a gorgeous day. we're going to celebrate. >> you betcha. always ready for that. bring on smucker's jobs and say happy birthday to minnie, 100 years old. she worked for u.s. army signal corps during world war ii. that's fantastic. thank you so much for your service, minnie. and enriqueta, 100 years. her secret to longevity, drinking a beer every day. i'll drink to that. carmel, new york, served his country in world war ii, we absolute you as well.
8:56 am
consuelo from miami, secret to longevity, a cocktail every day during happy hour. i see a trend developing here. r.b., 100, loves watching braves and collecting baseball caps. a happy birthday to irving, former pilot, work as master machinist for 30 years. don't forget somebody celebrated milestone birthday, tell==topvo new screening measures are now in effect for passengers flying into the u-s. the department of homeland security saying it will forego expanding the ban on laptops and other electronics. good thursday morning. i'm sam brock. the department of homeland security says it will forgo the ban on laptops and other electronics. instead they're adding a new layer of screening to prevent terror plots. those added layers would include more thorough carry-on bag checks, more bomb-sniffing dogs,
8:57 am
more swabbing for explosives and other procedures as well. those new security steps are going to be phased in this summer and it will affect approximately 2,000 flights every day coming from some 105 different countries. happening right now, pier 1 import's stock tumbled by 10% on wall street, reporting sales $20 million below forecast for the first quarter. the retailer currently has 11 fewer stores than it did this time last year. and republicans on twitter right now criticizing president donald trump this morning for a salvo of tweets mocking mika brzezinski of "morning joe." ben sasse and lindsey graham calling out the president on twitter saying his insults, quote, were beneath his office. if you want to see what he said, we have that's what's going on around the country on our website. the home of "wow" savings.
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this morning, legendary actress julie andrews, dishing on her "despicable me" role. all-star cast of baby driver. we'll kick into high gear with summer shape up secrets coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to thursday morning, june 29th, 2017. you are listening to something people said about me, talk to much. >> since like birth. >> i got in trouble in third grade because i talked to much. >> i think we all did.
9:01 am
>> don't you imagine al probably talked a little -- >> mrs. shimer was my first grade teacher. mrs. hamburger. yes, ps 272. she said, albert would be so much more if he didn't talk so much and if he didn't want to be the center of attention. >> but now look at him. >> i love being the center of attention. >> i remember the first time my mom, she didn't hit me hard but popped my hand while she was driving. she was like, sheinelle, would you stop talking. i'd go, doo, dao, dao, i'm not talking. >> remember when we were driving and you'd go, are we there yet? are we there yet? >> memories. >> throw back to last night. >> that's what throw-back thursdays are for. >> debra and layel leila were o just the boys, did some
9:02 am
grilling, striped sea bass, zucchini. >> whenever i look, i follow you on instagram. who doesn't follow al on instagram, it's a good follow. whenever i look at your instagram meals i become unbelievable jealous. al roker, invite me over. >> i made a rookie mistake, i forgot to score the skin of the fish. if you put some cuts in it, then when you flip it over it doesn't curl up. >> yes. do you know how it's not a rookie mistake because you use the word score when cooking. >> neither one of us understood what you were talking about. >> on saturday we're taking nick to summer camp for a month. >> my gosh. >> he'll have his 15th birthday while at camp, so we're going to drive up and see him for his birthday. this is a throw-back from his fifth birthday, number five shirt. >> how cute is that nf there he was. >> goes by too fast.
9:03 am
>> he's 5'10" wearing a size 13 shoe. >> it's fun y, still looks like the same guy, just stretched out version. >> i looked at pictures of iphone and i found one from my early karaoke days, this day in history like circa 1982 or '84 or something like that. this was in philly. i'm far right. that was my neighbor and big sister. can you tell we used the backdrop of the shade at our stage. >> that's very cute. >> so cute. >> i was just going to say, you look exactly like your daughter or vice versa. >> clara looks exactly like you. >> so funny. >> you liked performing even at that age. >> i liked -- it was fun to me. there wasn't anybody watching. it was fun to just -- >> you're a performer. >> am i? but i don't need people. >> no. >> that's what it is. >> i do think when there's a
9:04 am
person around. >> there a show going on in your head. >> #dropmic. >> i like this next photo, this is you. >> this is me at a baby, if we can get to it. >> what's your last name? >> bush. >> how old are you? >> two. >> what's your favorite color? >> blue. >> blue. >> what's your name? >> the funniest part, what's your first name. they called me benny as a little girl. somebody came up to my parents and said, what cute boys. my parents were the type that played along with everything. they were like, they are cute. >> what's their names. >> this is benny and beauregard. >> you notice i say benny. >> last name. >> boji. >> that didn't sound like bush. >> it was like my name was jenna
9:05 am
bush but i didn't want either of the names right. >> what's your last name? >> boji. >> how old are you? >> two. >> you had a cold, too. >> evidently my mom couldn't wipe my nose. i probably wouldn't have chosen this one if i had seen it closer. >> that's adorable. >> also, why did we all have bowl cuts. >> not all of us. >> just me? >> it was a look. >> it was an '80s looked. my mom is shocked by how long mila's hair gets. >> she doesn't want to cut it? >> no. >> it's so cute. it almost looked like it was on film. >> it is. >> you can hear the camera. >> my dad's voice sounds like he was sucking helium. >> they used film. >> super 8 movie film. >> cartridge. >> y'all didn't use film? >> no. i don't think so. >> i mean, i don't know. i'm not an expert. >> camcorders were in at that point but they were big and
9:06 am
bulky. this had just came out. >> this was a little thing. >> i kind of like that look, don't you? makes it artsy. >> vintage. >> exactly. speaking of vintage, one of our producers, gaffe p, looks kind of vintage? >> he does. >> he definitely looks like he was at woodstock. >> we take shots of gavin and our producers, if allie is up we get that, too. >> with adam. >> somebody on twitter is now taking off after our man gavin. we're allowed to make fun of gavin but not folks at home. so there's this, quote, actor named mike biddle. >> looks like an actor. >> says get this man a razor, not a fan of neck or facial #puppy. >> they called him today puppy.
9:07 am
>> the cutest puppy in the world. >> there you go. >> first of all, i don't like the idea mr. biddle is out there beard shaming. >> trolling. >> we like you as you are, gavin. >> thank you. >> i love you as you are. i will say from the moment i met you, i thought you were a throw-back from a different generation. >> different era. >> we went to vegas together. >> that's random. >> he went to vegas with the 10:00 and we did this hangover skit. gavin was totally up for it. he was the part of the boy who woke up with a pizza box over his head, where am i? i was like, this guy -- >> no shirt. i had to have no shirt for that. >> you weren't wearing a shirt? but i thought he was -- >> see, we can do it, just not you, biddle. >> here is the thing. we decided to set up a poll and we want your feedback at home. should gavin shave his facial hair?
9:08 am
#shavetoday or #noshavetoday. >> i hate to promote this guy, biddle, he's got this hair product and he's got this faux serious i'm an actor. >> tweet about you. >> leave us alone. >> i will say this. >> we love your oscar winning performance as -- oh, i'm sorry. >> here is the question. trolls are going to troll, al. >> trolls be trolling. >> let's leave those trolls alone. >> my thing is you call out the trolls. you do not -- >> i don't think that's a good idea. >> don't engage. >> i like to shut them down. >> sometimes it doesn't shut them down. smlts sometimes it starts them up. >> gives me anxiety. >> we want to know, should he shave? >> i don't think so. >> only thing, maybe under just to clean it up just under there, but i like facial hair.
9:09 am
>> me, too. >> i think you should trim it. >> i have an idea for a summer cut. >> you be you, gavin. do you. >> what do you want to do, gavin? do you want a trimy trim? >> no matter what i found, even when i shave i look like a bearded guy. i just am a bearded guy. it doesn't matter. >> the most important opinion, what does your wife think about it? >> shave. shave and definitely a haircut. she says i look like a clown. >> by the way, our hair stylist, his name is elliot. do you know he's a hair stylist to the stars? >> i did not know that. >> he does questlove's hair. >> there you go. >> that's a huge beard. >> i love questlove, but i guess it's work getting that together. >> that means gavin, he's going to clean it up. >> are you ready to go, gav? >> start tweeting. >> the sides of your hair?
9:10 am
>> faux hawk. >> do my haircut. >> like a sheep, i sheer it and it grows back. i don't style it. >> one of the fellow producers says let's wrap this. >> #shave, let's see what happens. here is a good question. after you're married, are you able to stay friends with somebody you have a crush on. we ask this, because this is that star milo vicinity milmilo played an engaged couple. a throw-back photo, in a movie they stayed close friends even as alisa went on to get married. can you be friends with opposite sex? >> i say yes. >> for the most part. >> for the time -- >> we say yes.
9:11 am
>> up next we say yes to gavin going into the barber perhaps. we'll see what you say. #america. #america. >> this is #america, i was in shock #america. >> this is #america, when my dentist was explaining to me the acidity of foods and what they can do to your teeth. thinning of the teeth and leading to being extremely yellow would probably gross me out! my dentist recommended pronamel. it can help protect enamel from acid erosion. my mouth feels really fresh and clean and i stuck with it. i really like it. it gives me a lot of confidence. pronamel is all about your enamel. helping to protect your enamel. ♪ did any bag of dog or buy cat food at petsmart we give a meal to a pet in need? help us reach our goal of donating more than 60 million meals so hungry pets across the country get to eat. buy any bag, we give a meal to a pet in need.
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9:14 am
♪ . back now, more of today's take, should gavin change facial hair? 67% say yes. >> a nice towel. >> nice. >> that moistens and makes your beard easier to shape. >> one of my least favorite words is moistens. >> i've got to tell you, for guys, one of the greatest luxuries you can do is get a hot shave. straight razor shave from a barber who knows what he's doing is the greatest thing going. it's like a facial. >> do you get one once a week
9:15 am
but every now and then. >> for a special occasion. >> i get my head shaved. >> you don't do it your self? >> no. sometimes i do. >> can i feel it. >> please. >> didn't say rub it, said feel it. >> i've always wanted to rub al's hair for good luck. >> want to touch it. >> that's okay. >> she doesn't like germs. >> no, i'm fine. >> it's actually not what i thought. >> what did you think? >> what did you think? >> like a hairless cat. >> you know what it is? it's like -- this is going to be the wrong word, kind of sticky. >> i didn't think so. i thought it was soft. >> no, right there. see. >> i think he has some gel there. >> you put your hand there, you've got to pull it. >> no, you do not. >> i have makeup oppose up there. >> on your head? >> yes. otherwise it shines. it's all shiny. >> i feel like we really got
9:16 am
important things. >> what were we going to talk about? where are we? >> oh, man. is it too late to put in for the good morning, i'm kari hall. we still see the low clouds other the golden gate bridge right now and we'll continue on with sun throughout most of the day. we'll see the high temperatures reaching into the low 60s if upper 80s with more sunshine in the north bay and parts of the tri-valley. san jose going up to 80 degrees in oakland today expect a high of 72. all right. let's take a look at gavin. >> he's being shaved. >> all right. getting ready. >> up next, a summer shape-up change challenge. three viewers on their own.
9:17 am
see if they kept the weight off. we'll help you kick your weight loss into h this is the bash that starts the summer. nervous? nah. you're not just a mom. you're jamie's mom. the parties you throw are straight-up cannonballs, and even the parents are jumping in. with these inflatables, your pool's a float above the rest. fueling summer fun has never looked so bright. 100 water balloons in 60 seconds? there's no hiding from these festivities. this summer, turn up the mischief. you're despicable me party headquarters, only at party city. despicable me 3 in theaters june 30th.
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♪ ♪ the best way to get together is with a treat you make together. ♪ ♪
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(rose) they put this in me my lto drain the fluid. everyday i prayed that they would remove it. my tip is; be careful what you wish for. that chest tube hurt a lot more coming out than it did going in. (announcer) you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. we gave people "how clean do you feel after going to the bathroom?" (laughter) (laughter) then we asked the experts i feel as clean as a little, white tiny kitten. a ah ooh, a twinkling iceberg! that's because only cottonelle® has cleanripple® texture. designed to clean better... clean as a shimmering mermaid.
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cottonelle® wants everyone to feel as clean as a shimmering mermaid. how cottonelle® do you feel? now for our summer shape up challenge, check in. nutritionist joy bauer with celebrity trainer, author of "the cut lose up to 10 pounds in 10 days and sculpt your best
9:21 am
body." >> back in may find out best way to lose weight, diet, exercise or both. three amazing viewers put that question to the test. >> lisa, a busy mom of three who tried out joy's idot plan. a new mom schar leap who tried both plans. a dad and cop who tried out obi's exercise plan. it's been a month since we last seen them. >> hi, guys. how are you guys? lisa, let's start with you. your starting weight was 185 pounds. your current weight is 167. i'm not great at math but that means you've lost a total of 18 pounds. >> how much did you lose from a month ago? >> i think almost about 8 to 10 pounds. >> in a month. >> yeah. so it's been great. >> that is incredible. >> what's been the hardest part? >> the hardest part for me, through this journey and even before was stress eating.
9:22 am
i would try to get myself focused or run to the pantry, refrigerator, and see if there's any cookies or chips there. i had to refocus and maybe take a walk or exercise on my nordic track bike, which is great. it's been really great for helping me with that part of it. and just refocusing. basically, i would look at something, if i had a stressful time, that problem is always going to be there. it's not going to make you better by eating something that's not good for me. >> obi, what's some of the ways to relieve that stress. >> there's a great stretch called side and pec stretch. you put your hands behind the back of your neck and go to the side. this will open up your lungs and stretch your side and chest. >> and makes your muscles look much bigger. >> geez, obi, i didn't realize what was under that.
9:23 am
>> just make us all feel like -- >> whoa. >> stretch to the side, make sure you're breathing. >> your story, weighed 227, current weight 259. you've lost 18 pounds. >> 18 pounds. >> yes. yes. >> what's the biggest challenge? >> my daughter's plate, gold fish, shts she leans into her plate and sometimes they hop into my mouth. >> that's the hardest. >> what do you do, joy? >> biggest thing is preplan, have things in the frig you can nibble on, unlimited food. first cherry tomatoes, so fabulous now, juicy, sweet. a full cup less than 30 calories. this you can eat until the cows come home. >> i love these. >> frozen grapes. >> they are fabulous, like little slushies, almost like
9:24 am
italian ice. >> reuben, quickly, have you done fantastic. >> starting weight 283, current weight 266. you've lost 17 pounds. that's you a make. >> thanks. >> what's it been like for you? >> it was hard. i had a death in the family. my son reminded me about the show, when are you going to go back. i had to make sure i stuck to it. >> it is hard to do when you're grieving. >> that's tough. guys, thank you so much. we're going to continue to follow you. you've done fantastic. by the way, joy, i've got a tip for all of our viewers. my daughter leila found these. they are caldecole called cotto grapes. >> where can you buy them? >> i found them at fairway, a local market. >> local market -- >> cotton candy grapes, they are insane. >> coming up, obi and joy show
9:25 am
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...we borrowed from the experts. blue diamond almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. =take vo= new details on this morning )s heavy police presence in good morning, it is 9:26, new details this morning on a heavy police presence in fremont. police arrested a man accused of stealing an suv with a 14-year-old girl inside. the 14-year-old told police that she ordered the suspect out and he would not so she jumped out. he was arrested around 1:00 this morning. >> firefighters on the scene of a blush fire, it burned about 12 acres yesterday. the ohm owners thinks it might have been illegal fire works.
9:27 am
the cause is still under investigation. firefighters are also looking at the possibility that mowing equipment could be to blame. >> firefighters continue to battle a wild fire that started at 7:00 last night. it spread to 100 acres in one hour. it grew from 100 to 700 acres. 400 firefighters are on scene trying to put it out. a look at traffic coming up after the break. weather toss to traffic
9:28 am
traffic good thursday morning, i'm kari hall. we still have the low clouds and fog over the golden gate bridge. also over san francisco and the coastline. we'll see some clearing inland that will help warm up the temperatures. in concord we're up to 90 degrees. san jose 80 degrees and 85 in
9:29 am
that's s nassau. let's see how the roads are moving. >> a couple slower spots. northbound 280 at high 17, gravel spilled all over the slow lane. it p is a slow drive for that one section. further south we have a stop for the freeway traffic. there is wiring down, it has been there for hours. take the alternate to go by the gilroy outlet. more local news coming up for you in just a half hour.
9:30 am
we are so excited today to have hollywood royalty with us oscar emmy golden globes grammy winner julie andrews. >> of course we all know she made her big screen debut with just a spoon full of sugar and classic "mary poppins," brought music back to the von trapp family as maria, more recently part of the franchise "the princess diaries." these days she's turned down right despicable in "despicable me 3" playing drew's mom. take a look. >> these are my diving instructors. vincen vincenzo, paolo.
9:31 am
ciao, boys. what do you want? >> mom, do i have a twin brother? how did you find out? who told you. >> what? it's true. you never told me i had a twin brother, and you told my dad died of disappointment when i was born. >> best part you barked. >> do i have a brother? >> it's funny, because you're very sassy, you've got attitude in this role. >> you know what, anything goes in this role. it's the pleasure of it. it's the worst lady you could possibly play and it's great fun. >> is such the opposite of julie andrews. >> what have i got to lose, al. i said, i can't do that, why are you coming to me? they said, please just come and try. it became such fun. now it's mine. >> you have ten grandchildren.
9:32 am
>> i do. >> is this the type of film you want to take them to? >> yes. >> what's your grandmother name? >> granny jules. >> look at granny jules gone bad. >> i don't have to say a thing. they know. they know. >> when you do this you're not -- >> one of pleasures of these movies, you don't have to get into makeup, don't have to do your hair, just put a cap on. just go in front of the mic and try and try and try whatever the director would like you to say and try. >> you've been so busy lately. there's so much hype over the sequel with emily blunt? >> are you going to be in it? >> no, it's totally her movie and totally different. it's not a recreation of the original by any means. disney had a whole mass of the
9:33 am
other stories. >> it's not the same. >> people think it's a remake? >> no. it is about the same character and other aspects of what she did in her life. >> i think that's good. don't you? >> yes. >> i love emily blunt. i'm a great fan. she's great. >> let's talk about arts in schools. i have two little girls. avis teacher. i so believe in it. how important is it to you? >> oh, my gosh. the trouble is these days, the arts in schools are the first things that go, gone. if there's a cut to be made, it goes with the arts. the arts are out. it's heartbreaking because i can't imagine a world without the arts. can you? >> no. >> it's so proved -- it's been proved beyond a shadow of a doubt they make you a more responsible human being as you grow up. more able to be smart, do your math, all of those things, if you're involved in the arts. >> speaking of things, we know
9:34 am
favorite things, you're associated with that phrase but we know roses and rose gardens are some of your favorite things. >> yes, they are. >> what is it about roses you love so much? >> there's a kind of quiet pleasure in pruning them. i have some very beautiful. >> how beautiful. how did you do that? >> wait, there's more. >> there is more. >> because you're our favorite thing. >> you could not have made me more happy. >> in your dressing room. >> are you kidding? >> do you like them? >> they are beautiful. >> al got them for you. >> i grew them. >> not g-r-e-w but g-r-u. >> thank you so much. i have some lovely roses because i live by the sea. they have to survive the sea air, and they do. they are especially great for that. >> can i quickly -- princess diaries 3, any possibility?
9:35 am
>> there's always been talk about it. >> would you want to? >> it's a yes if they ask me. wait, wait, wait, only if it happens, of course. >> let's make it happen. >> julie andrews you bring me such joy. >> anne hathaway. >> our sister company universal "despicable me 3" in theaters tomorrow. finally get that scale moving in the right direction with food and fitness tips right after this. >> thank you.
9:36 am
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we are back with experts leading summer challenge joy bauer and celebrity trainer obi obadike. other three with us on the challenge. >> a diet reboot. exercises and pantry staples to help you get back on track. okay, obi. not to put you on the spot again but we're going to start with you. >> on the spot. >> i like to put you on the spot. we're going to start with exercises all of us can do at home and should be doing. >> exactly. first exercise move is cardio boot camp move that will help you raise your heart rate, burn calories. it's called vertical jump. a lot of people have bad knees. we're not asking you to jump out the gym. it's just a small hop. squat down and just like that.
9:40 am
squat down, boom. >> when doing vertical jumps, you wan to make sure you get low center of gravity and explode. >> you really want to make it hard you do horizontal jump. >> exactly. horizontal move. going to work glutes, hamstrings and also help burn calories. it's cardio. if you do it maybe 10, 15 seconds, three to four sets. you'll really feel it if you do it several times. next exercise is called quick feet. it's almost like you're jumping on egg shells, moving your feet just like this. real quick. done this before. just like this. you do it for about 10 to 15 seconds three to four sets and you'll feel it. these are moves you can do in your living room. cool moves. not too much pressure on knees and hips and joins. >> is that all you've got for us. >> those are the two moves. >> that's enough. >> there could be something with the abs involved. >> wow, what's with you?
9:41 am
>> all right. joy. >> i'm going to show you five staple items that everybody should have in the kitchen because they are super versatile and help keep you on track. lean ground turkey. you can do so many things with this. turkey burger, turkey tack osama. >> looks like meat ramen. >> i love your turkey tacos. >> turkey chili. >> legumes. >> black beans. >> no, you're exactly right. so a can of black beans. again, you can do so many things with it, toss it in a salad, stir fry. >> refry it but not actual fry it. >> with a little on the skillet. you could do that. eggs, of course, whether omelettes in the morning. i make fridttatafrittatas.
9:42 am
>> sometimes when my husband isn't home i make eggs for dinner. >> frozen vegetables. they are just as healthy as fresh. >> say that again. we don't know that. they are just as nutritious. >> think about it. they pick them, they flash freeze them and lock in all the vitamins and minerals. the nice part about frozen is there's no waste. you can use it at your leisure, they don't go bad in the refrigerator. fruit. the idea is make sure the fruits you like are in the house. nothing like a totable banana, 100 calories. it can travel, put it in your purse. we talked about frozen grapes. i like organic pitted cherries, eat them out of the freezer. >> they aren't like italian ice but they are good. joy, thank you so much. time to do weather now. let's find out what you're going to be looking at as far as your
9:43 am
july 4th weekend. we start off saturday, strong storms in the middle east, mid-atlantic states back through texas. western third hot but sunny. we move into sunday -- sunday! -- warm and humid in the northeast. wet weather through the southeast. summer heat continues out west. then on the 3rd for monday, sunshine in the mid-atlantic states, new england. we've also got wet weather through the gulf, hot and dry out west. finally on your firecracker 4th, heat continues in the rockies out into the southwest. storms start to move east through the ohio and mississippi river valleys. we will have a decent amount of sunshine and clear skies for your fourth of july coming up right there on tuesday. good morning, i'm kari hal. we're still here with mostly cloudy skies for parts of the coast. we're getting some clearing and for the valleys, we're going to see high temperatures in the
9:44 am
tri-valley and the delta. san francisco stays at 66 for the high and a gradual warming trend going into the start of the weekend. by early next week it will start to cool down again with a high of 93 on saturday. >> that's your latest weather. you want us planking? >> plank, great exercise. >> for abs. >> push-up position. >> coming up next, car chases set to music. going to be fantastic. >> hold it. >> all about baby driver. sheinelle catches us up coming up with jamie foxx, jon hamm and the all-star cast coming up next. ♪ ♪
9:45 am
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9:49 am
music. ansel elgort stars as baby, the fresh faced getaway driver who has to queue up the perfect song before hitting the accelerator. >> i've got to find a song. >> okay, go. >> his passengers, an unhinged band of thieves led by kevin spacey's doc. >> that's my baby. >> jon hamm and eiza gonzalez with jamie foxx rounding out the gang as bats, king of crazy. >> position taken. >> baby wants to leave his criminal life behind. but ditching the crew isn't easy. >> it's like a real group of people. you believe them because they are such insane characters. baby wants to be quiet and not get into any trouble. at the end of the day you realize he just wants to run away with debra. >> his girlfriend played by lily
9:50 am
james. >> music drives the movie. chase and fight scenes choreographed by the rhythm of the beat, edgar wright. >> i'd listen to songs and it would give me ideas. >> two decades to make, longer than ansel has been alive. >> i waited for him to grow up, 22 years. >> can we talk about driving scenes and how this works. >> full sequences where four of us are in a car that's going the wrong way on a busy active street. sometimes ansel is driving, sometimes the stunt driver was driving and sometimes on a rig that makes it look like we're driving. either way we're going 50, 60 miles an hour going sideways in certain cases on an active freeway. >> really? i wondered about that, behind the scenes. you really did that in traffic? >> yes. we made a lot of people miss church that day.
9:51 am
>> what? >> taking every -- >> watch it. >> were you afraid when you were doing those things? >> i'm a man. i am a damn man. no, to be honest with you, i'm going to tell you the trickiest thing, which was great, is when the truck goes underneath the diesel. that's practical. that's real. >> what was it like on the set for you guys. >> i couldn't stop laughing. >> it's fun. >> jon hamm, jamie, kevin, these dudes are so funny. it was like, i'm finally working with these oscar winning actors, emmy winning akers, and i can't stopping at serious scenes. i'm never going to make it as an actor. >> there were moments we'd spend a lot of hours in the subaru. a lot of things kbo down for that amount of hours. >> these guys are like
9:52 am
incredible. there is a thing you get, i call it eating popcorn, when an actor is so great at doing his lines, you're just like -- >> with fast cars and hot music tracks, "baby driver" takes us full throttle on an adrenaline filled ride. >> great. >> so good. not unlike anything else we've seen so far. "baby driver" is in theaters now. back in a moment. >> is that your new movie? >> check in on gavin, find out about ♪
9:53 am
introducing the new sleep number 360 smart bed. the only bed smart enough to change sleep as we know it.
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it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you comfortable. and snoring... does your bed do that? right now save on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, it's the lowest prices of the season with savings of $500 on our most popular p5 bed. ends saturday. all right. time now for dpafin's big reveal. gavin, come on in. >> let's see you gavin. >> you look amazing. unbelievable. >> thank you very much. >> gavin.
9:55 am
>> thanks for playing along. let's bring him in. gavin, come on in. >> gavin. >> turn around. >> look at you. >> rico suave. >> you're welcome #america. >> in the back. >> once it dries and it's not curly. >> still a work in progress. >> wait to see his proceed out. >> you'll see it tomorrow. >> justin here. >> just tip is going to co-host with me today. >> yes. >> of course. >> lucky you. >> you're welcome, america. you're welcome. >> #you'rewelcome, america. >> =wx sot!!=
9:56 am
oc: as drivers head out good morning, i'm kari hall, a lot of sunshine for the inland areas. the temperatures up to 89 in livermore and san jose will see higher 80s.
9:57 am
oakland a high of 72. heading into the weekend we'll see more of the warm weather for the inland areas while the coast stays fairly cool with highs in the 60s. now let's get a update on the roads as drivers go out. >> overall, drivers are heading out of town for most of our areas as far as the morning commute is concerned. we have a lane blocked by gravel here still. it is jammed up and it is a major problem. not sure when those lanes will clear same with these ones at frazier. go around it, the toll plaza is clear. >> where did everyone go? >> right now june is i'm grant heritage month, and they are showing support. there will be a pop up event
9:58 am
today and tomorrow at the laundry gallery and it started in 5 minutes. amazon's whole foots purchase is hurting other grocery store stock. we'll have more news in half an hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. well, hello to you. it's thirsty thursday, june 29, 2017. kath's taking a few days off, but look who is here. >> ah! >> a smokin' hot celebrity on the hottest show, i think, of the season. definitely on nbc, but all around. this is justin hartley you guy, from the show "this is us." hi! >> hi. how are you? >> look at you. >> look at you! good to see you. i had to dress up for you. >> i am like, wow.


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