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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 29, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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all of a sudden the wind picked. and it took the fires crazy. beth directions. >> right now at 11:00, a fire seen in the south by, many home owners taking action to protect their own property. today's fires, an ominous sign ahead of the july 4th weekend. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening everyone. thanks for joining us. >> raj mathai, face-to-face with the flames. we could see more fires as the weather heats up in the next 48
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hours. hot spots remain tonight. but the real drama came late this afternoon. >> nbc bay area ian cull is in along east 80. >> >> reporter: jessica about a dozen home owners out here with garden hoses watering down the area of of brush. one neighbor telling me they take precautions every year to make sure the fire doesn't reach homes and it worked. >> tonight a dark quiet neighborhood recovering from a ferocious afternoon. >> all the sudden the wind picked up and took the fire crazy. >> flames tearing through the field after 4:00 p.m. karen in the yellow started spraying the brush in front of her home. >> started getting close to the houses whoever wasn't home we took their hose and started watering everywhere we can. it was scarey. >> boo five acres burning, the street working as a buffer. >> we started calling neighbors
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to make sure that they know the house could be on fire shortly. >> downwind along penitencia creek the wildlife center of silicon valley started ee vaccing the animals rehabbing there. tonight, safe. >> we had to move quickly. luckily we had a plan in place and we coordinated with the fire department to make sure they knew what we were doing. >> today the fire department spread thin across fires in the south bay. no damage from this grass fire. >> scarey. >> she has been living here 20 years across from this field wondering when this day would come. >> and here it is. and hopefully never see it again. >> reporter: the neighbors say that someone was out here about two weeks ago cutting the tall grass. they routinely till the soil in the area to prevent the fire from spreading beyond this point. and tonight those neighbors say it likely saved homes. reporting live in san jose ian cole. >> close call right across the
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street. thank you. not far from the neighborhood where ian is, three fires on mount hamilton also in san jose. tonight firefighters are still on the scene and they do have some key questions. they're concerned, because all of these fires started at the same time. about 85 acres burned in all. these fires about 75% contained. a wall of this was unfolding we were tweeting updates as well as videos and pictures ever all the fires. we invite you to follow us on the twitter feed for all the latest information on breaking news and dwelling stories 24/7. the handle at@nbc bay area. >> no ban, no wall. the trump regime has got to fall. >> a legal victory for the president that led to concern around the world. reaction to the travel ban swift tonight at san francisco international airport. attorneys are there offering free legal aid and protestors are there voicing opposition. nbc bay area enjean monitoring
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the flow monitoring the impact which is sure to escalate, jean. >> jessica attorneys spent hours at sfo tonight say they are not aware of anyone detained or denied entry because of the ban but it is generating a lot of concern. >> no ban, no wall. the trump regime. >> a small group of protestors and team of attorneys at san francisco international airport. as the latest version of the trump administration travel ban takes effect. the u.s. supreme court is allowing the banff people from six mostly muslim countries who do not have bona fide relationships with a person or entity, like a school or business. >> it's scarey because you hear all these things about you know trump administration, about how how he thinks all the muslims are bd. >> the travel ban is generating concern at the international terminal. his family came in from pakistan
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it's not on the ban list. but he is worried about his family being treated unfairly. >> we are worried, get questioned more and you know other things go. but like i said we don't know if we go back we don't know if we'll be able to come back or not. >> many muslim fans were relieved to see loved ones exit customs. >> they spent time answering question base what a bona fide relationship is. the trump administration says spouses parents siblings and cussens qualify. >> the the state of hawaii filed an emergency motion asking for clarification. >> the concern is around how the trump administration will interpret the question of what a bona fide relationship is. >> reporter: the administration added fiance to the list of accepted relationships late tonight. now terns tell me they plan to return tomorrow. reporting live at sfo, nbc bay
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area. also now at 11:00 a deadly night in las vegas. three people are now in the hospital after a shooting at a health clinic. police say the gunman had been turned away from the clinic because he didn't have an appointment. he returned a short time later with a gun, and opened fire. three people were shot. the gunman killed himself. a powerful gun law set to go into effect this saturday here in california now blocked by a federal judge. the san diego judge blocked a voter approved law that would bar gun owners from possessing high capacity magazines, including anything with ten bullets or more. in his ruling the said would have made criminals out of thousands of otherwise law abading citizening owning magazines. the judge issued a preliminary injunction it's unclear where it goes from here. >> toemd planned parenthood will close three bay area clinics richmond pittsburgh and vaccaville.
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administers site money struggle for what they say are forced closures specifically due to low reimbursement rates from the government. administrators fear they could lose more funding in the affordable care act is repealed. it's that time of year you might have smelled it boy now or even tasted. for many us the drinking water stinks. here the area double, livermore, pletsant and and are dublin low pressure sergio joins with us answers. >> reporter: raj the people we talked with tonight say they noticed the smell around last we can or so. some of them say it's improving. but unfortunately for others it's isn't. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> at the beach hut dell y commerce noticed the problem at the soft drink fount zbloon our seweda tasted odd as well the
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water tasted terrible. >> just opened the restaurant and didn't want trouble for her customers she opted to buy canned and bottled soda to serve a few days. adriana decided to wash her clothes as a laundromat because her water at home smells bad. >> even doing the dishes it's like this horrible smell comes up from just smelling the water itself. >> even when you put soap in it. >> yes. >> the smell is coming from algae blooming thanks to hot summer temperatures at local reservoirs. water officials insist the water is safe and the smell should dissipate soon. she already noticed a difference. >> they said it would take two to three weeks to improve. 80s been over a we can. >> ozone is the best treatment for the smell but they won't have upgrade completed that allow them to add ozone another two years. that means if we have another
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long hot summer next year and the year after, that smell unfortunately could return. reporting live in livermore sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> thank you sergio. a live look at the capitol where the house -- or the the mouse passed two immigration bills backed by president trump. the first name after kati stanley the san francisco woman shot and killed by an undocumented immigrant along the embarcadero back in 2015. the suspect deported multiple times. now kate's law would enforce longer prison sentences for violators like him. the other bill is the no sanctuary for criminal acts which would pressure sanctuary cities like frist to cooperate with federal law enforcement or lose funding. the bills head to senate where they face tough err opposition. >> san jose police mishandled hundreds of thousands of dollars according to a report released by the department of
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justice. the. inspector general says it improperly indicated for funds received over a three-year period. in the report they failed to receive spend more than a million it received for stfs federal investigations they are reviewing the report. watching for another right now of low cloud and drizzle for the morning commute but fire danger concerns as rice in the humidly levels low. rising temperatures in the weekend high pressure how hot it gets in your neighborhood. >> the story this that isn't sending, the twaet hits a new low. what we learned about the host at the center of the controversy. and the warning of a possible radioactive cover-up at a san francisco shipyard. new allegations of fraud tonight after a series of reports from the investigative unit.
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she he's postponed vocation the msnbc anchor at the center of the latest twitter controversy will be back on tv tomorrow. mika brzezinski is expected to address the derogatory comments. it all played out on twitter and led to nationwide outrage the first message by the frpt i heard poorly rated morning joe speaks badly of me don't watch anymore. then how come low i can crazy mika along with saiko it quo joe came to mar-a-lago three nights in a roe a greers we've she was bleeding badly from a face lift. i said no. reaction to the president's tweets, from both sides, swift. >> i think it's so blazantly sexist. >> these are ininconsistent with the greatness of the country and the office. >> there is no need for such uncivil language. >> white house spoerk person sarah huckabee sanders defended the president though saying the morning joe program has
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criticized president trump incestantly and he was triking back sbloo. back in the bay area abafter more than a year of lawsuits investigations and protests be krush system has a new skaul harassment are policy with while the complaints fl ornl nated on the kaylie campuses other campuses are reported problems with insufficient action from administrators. the uc system promises investigations within 60 days, discipline follows 40 days after. the alleged victims will have an opportunity to respond to investigation findings. and accused faculty members receive a peer review. >> lots of complaints about affordable housing in the beau. but palo alto may have taken a big step forward today in helping people find a way to live here. city leader on hand tor the grand opening of mayfield place, the city's first 100% affordable house dwechl. the homes for families earning
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at or below the median income for the area np they enter a lottery when chosen they say it was well worth it. >> yes it's affordable. so that's one thing that -- it took me a little while to find housing here in palo alto close to work that was affordable. so very happy. >> housing development will also help preserve the local non-profit vista center a program for the blind and visually impaired. >> one of the most pieces of undeveloped land in san francisco remains a hot spot for controversy. for four years our investigative unit has exposed ails of misconduct at the hunters point shipyard. >> former workers involved in the cleanup of the superfund site are warning of a radioactive cover-up and they want the company at the center to pay the price. investigative reporter liz wagner has new details of the move to stop the company from winning future government
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contracts. >> jess and raj this petition filed today asks federal regulators to revoke the license of contractor hired to clean up radiation at the shipyard, radiation left over from decades of use as a research lab. in the petition seven workers detail ways they say the company cheated on the billion-dollar cleanup. this filing paints the most comprehensive picture to date of alleged misconduct at hunters point. >> since 2006 virtually every step of the radioactive cleanup at hunters point was a fraud. >> reporter: the message coming from critics thursday was chlor. the government needs to stop tetra tech from performing anymore radiation cleanup. the community group green action filed this petition with the nuclear regulatory commission, details what whistle blowers call intentional fraud by the company. >> that's why we are here today.
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>> former workers same together to say for years tetra techdown played the extent of radiation on the shipyard, slated for parks shops on canned os. they say they cut corners to make money. in the declarations they contend radioactive soil ended back in the ground without being cleaned up and that contaminated soil was being shipped across the state under the guys that it was clean. >> it didn't matter. it just didn't matter. >> former worker art jar controlled the truck coming in and he saw what left. >> do you have confidence that the soil leaving hunters point was actually clean. >> i have confidence that it very often wasn't. >> jarr and other works worker say there was tampers with raid yoigs detect dwimt and changed results. they say the activity was directed by supervisors top level manager. >> the whole process was a fares. >> burt bowers points to to a. where soil was scanned for raid
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yiegs. hen areas osay the woman in charge either through incompetence or intentional fraud made it look like the soil was clean when it wasn't. he says a lot of the soil was put back into the shipyard where it remains today. >> we're talking about contaminants on the site that present a significant hazard. the haphazard way it was handled. >> the bowers and other workers spoke with nbc bay area starting in 2014 warning off a boched cleanup. the investigative unit also exposed that tetra tech was caught miss willing soil samples. they say they cleaned up the problem areas and retrained workers. >> it's got to stop now. >> now former works say they want the public to know the full extent of the fraud they say happened at hunters point. and they had the feds to act quickly. >> the nrc has four months to respond to the petition. meanwhile following our series of reports the navy is
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investigating the past activity on the shipyard of the company. in a statement the tetra tech said the tp emphatically defies the allegations that it engaged in a cover-up of the fraud on naval shipyard and asserts there is no basis for the claims. with the investigative unit, i'm liz wagner. become to you. >> thank you very much, liz. if you have a tip for liz or anyone in the investigative unit give us a call at 1-888-996-tips or you can all send an email to the unit at website. >> rob mayeda is with us i think people will be cheating a bit tomorrow, friday. >> four-day weekend. right around noon people will cut out of work. >> what a good idea. >> you got to be here tomorrow night, sorry. >> all of us are here. >> we're seeing nice weather taking shape for most of the bay area a little bit warmer temperatures not as hot as the heat spell we had about a week 1/2 or so ago. you'll see temperatures in the warmest plate placing getting to
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90 degrees but in the meantime drizzle appear low clouds against in san francisco. 57 degrees current and emeryville also hazy skies around the camera 58 dree trags low clouds. san jose 58. and we will see the low clouds being another staple of the forecast for tomorrow morning. but i do want to point out this map showing you relatively low humidly levels in the hills of the north bay, east bay and once again east of san jose. right around mid-afternoon we had the fire flaring up east of san jose. we'll see similarly dry conditions for tomorrow. but one of the changes we'll begin to see is the temperatures coming up areas here in orange ought ever downtown chance of mid-80s. little the outline of red into the parts of the tri valley may get close to 90 thp things will be turning warmer and the hillsides continue to dry out as things heat up lab. approaching the we could but the start of the morning commute dealing with low clouds coastal driz and clearing sky for the afternoon. like we're seeing now eventually
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bottoming out in the mid-50s for tomorrow morning with cloudy skies. then for the afternoon trending a little bit warmer downtown san jose closer to 80. mid-80 downtown. mid-80s close to 89 degrees in pleasanton some of the warmest temperatures around highway four heading to up the silen o county. comfortable 70s in oakland. on shore breeze keeping things comfortable with upper sixth around san francisco and north bay temperatures in the 80s. santa rosa may get close to 90 degrees. the outlook for san francisco you notice not much change, a little bit warmer upper 60s. and then breezy and cooler towards machined and today's. . closer to 90 for a couple of days here trending cooler into monday and tuesday and region by legion outlook for that tuesday 4th of july forecast looks mild in fact see low clouds on the
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coast pb patchy low clouds into san francisco which around fire works times the way things are taking shape looks like partly cloudy skies heading towards tuesday. seven-day forecast will warm things up and then cool it off. coolest day in the next seven days monday and tuesday for the fougt of july plans. >> that sounds perfect. >> if all of us skip town tomorrow at noon who is anchoring tomorrow 90. >> tune in to find out. >> we will be here. thanks rob up next the hottest real estate in the market is in the bare that's not surprising but it's not san francisco or san jose. or oakland. the answer might surprise you. >> and we have jimmy. hey guys rodriguez. music do not change the channel. hang now technology helping to provide a sneak peak of the big upgrade to south bay mall. shoppers can soon use virtual
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reality to get a glimpse of the make overof the mall on the facebook page a moupten pass opening to yosemite latest date in two decades. back with more news in a moment. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at
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disneyland resort. hero up! more details are ee more and moring this evening about the deadly crash involving tennis star venus williams. police say williams is at fault. williams suv reportedly darted into an intersection in near hero florida home a few weeks ago. the other driver couldn't stop her car in time and hit williams' suv. the driver's husband, the passenger, suffered head injury injuries and died two weeks
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later. venus williams has not been charged or cited. the crash is under investigation. when it comes to the hottest housing market in the country there is a new number one. it is in the bay area. but maybe not exactly what you would expect. it is the vallejo fairfield market. according to a new real estate tool, the hotness index. it measures where homes sell the fastestive np vallejo fairfield the index says homes are typically gone within 31 taste process. . number two on the list the san francisco oakland area come in at number nine, san jose, santa clara area. the first time passenger get a chance to ride the smart train. stood the insomnia an marine rail transit district, smart, offered free rides to mrp county. the frans it lines will offer free round trip on saturday and the 4th of july. but the official opening date is unclear. this is more of a soft opening come and ride. >> very smart. >>y he. >> up next a smr camp that's
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cool. the warriors show up.
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okay they're spending money over at raiders headquarters in alameda. last year they resigned derek
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cari. today they resigned one fortunate guys protesting cari. gabe jackson agreed to a contract extension, five years, $56 million good moaning if you can get it. baseball tonight want to see the play of the week? a's and astros in hufrt. check it out the matt joyce, over the wall in rightfield stealing this home run from josh reddic who is a former member of the a's he says i tip my cap but the a of an can't get it done the first place astros win of-1. >> how is this for summer camp, a total basketball experience over the organized by the warrer in kicked off at monterey bill. autograph warriors memory bealia and a special appears by shaun livingston zaza pachulia. >> any chance to be around the
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kids, see the glow in the eyes, see how they light up when they see you. interact with them that's what it's about. >> the camp runs through saturday. the full experience sets you back about $$1,100. >> i would love to do that. >> pretend we're kids. >> up next, right next to you right now, it's just turned ten years ol. we'll tell you what we're talking about. stay with us.
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[ minion gibberish ] of the summer. we're going back to villainy. despicable me 3. rated pg. okay. it's changed the way we talk. text and do just about everything. you know what today is? the 10th birthday to the iphone. since june of 2007 apple sold more than a billion on that day ten years. steve jobs said he would change the way a and reinvent the phone. >> he did. >> he did in a big way. happy birthday thanks for joining us. >> see you tomorrow. bye-bye. nd applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- alex rodriguez, nick kroll,


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