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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 1, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, two young boys killed in a hit and run crash in concord. what we know about a person detained by police. >> the news at 11:00 starts now. good evening and thank you for joining us tonight. >> a family torn apart after a tragic crash in a dangerous 24 hours on bay area roads. the person of interest in a deadly hit and run crash remains
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in an oakland hospital. two boys are dead. >> we are live at the hospital with the details. sergio? >> reporter: lamel wilson is in stable condition here at the hospital. he may be the man who was involved in that deadly crash in concord who then fled the scene. this is the mangled infiniti suv that california highway patrol officers believe was driven by lamel wilson. >> catastrophic damage and unfortunately, a 5-year-old boy and a 10-year-old boy were both ejected from the durango. >> reporter: they did not survive. their mother was rushed to the hospital and their 3-year-old brother taken to a hospital. the silver suv was hurled into the air and landed a hundred feet from the point of impact. the driver who investigators
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believe was wilson climbed out of the mangled car and ran away. shoppers were horrified to hear that children died in the crash. >> no. [ speaking foreign language ]. >> she says losing your child is the worst thing that can happen to a mother. >> reporter: chp officers found items in the vehicle that led them to believe that wilson was involved in the crash and witnesses saw a man fitting the description running from the scene leaving a trail of blood. >> reporter: investigators are trying to determine if drugs or alcohol was a factor in the crash. wilson is under guard by deputies. reporting live in oakland, nbc bay area news. for continuing coverage of the crash in concord go to our website, websi'll post updates the investigation as it unfolds.
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another deadly hit and run crash, this one in san jose. a women killed after two cars were involved in a collision. chuck coppola has more for us. >> reporter: mclawfughlin is no reopened. it was closed for five hours while police searched for the driver involved in a fatal hit and run accident that happened before 5:30 p.m. this is just west of highway 101. the search is on for a male driver of a brand-new gray bmw with paper dealer plates of s & r motors of hayward. there is no description of the driver who took off. the woman who was the driver of the other car was pronounced dead at the scene. she was driving a white infiniti. this section of the road has three or four accidents a month.
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>> i think the problem in this neighborhood is the speed. so i think the city has to do something. because there's too many accidents already.  >> how fast do they drive down this street? >> 50, 55. >> reporter: there's just one stoplight between telly and story. and the san jose police looking for the hitten r and run driver. two weeks ago a bicyclist was struck at the same intersection. investigators are asking for help locating another hit and run suspect this time in napa. this is a woman that investigators are looking for. tips from the community helped to identify the alleged driver. the hit up run happened on thursday night and police suspect this is ha in her white suv when she allegedly struck a pedestrian. the victim remains in critical
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condition. this is the license plate here that the car had on that was involved. anyone with information is asked to call napa police. a deadly car crash in daly city. they tried to pull the driver over for speeding at 4:00 a.m. but he took off. officers chased the driver for a little while but backed away when the speeds became unsafe. the driver crashed on mission streets and was killed. tense moments in the south bay as firefighters in san jose are mopping up a brush fire that threatened homes tonight. it broke out at 6:00 near capital expressway. take a look at the situation here. a lot of smoke and effort to get that out quickly. parts of capital expressway were closed. neighbors say they were relieved to get firefighters on their side.
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>> did very good. excellent job. and then, i was scared because there is smoke. but they left because everything is under control. >> a lot of relief tonight. the brushy area is surrounded by homes and a middle school. it is not clear how the fire started. an update on a large brush fire in the south bay. cal fire says the ranch fire near mt. hamilton is fully contain contained. it broke out on thursday. a total of 85 acres burned. no word how that fire started but it is under investigation. no one was injured. firefighters have been busy across the bay area over the past week and a warm up is on the way. it is also fourth of july. >> it is the fourth of july and thankfully that warmup is going
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to be gradual. the temperatures will climb 4 or 5 degrees but we are ending saturday on a cool night. south bay is 59 and the tri-valley in the 50s. something you are going to start noticing is that fog rolled in and will stick around tomorrow morning before the marine layer starts to burn off revealing sunnier skies by the afternoon. right now we are seeing a breeze at the coast. 13 miles an hour in san francisco but the temperatures dropping into the 50s. we wake up with cloudy skies yet again. i'll have a look at the day planner coming up in just a bit. >> tuesday fourth of july. >> four day weekend for some people. >> track warm temperatures in the palm of your hand with the free nbc bay area app. a warning for people heading to lakes around the bay area this holiday weekend. there are potentially dangerous
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algae blooms from napa county to the east bay. park rangers expect to see more swimmers tomorrow but they say not everyone should go in the water. >> small children and small animals should stay away from scummy water if you see any algae blooms you want to avoid contact with them. >> park rangers say there have been no medical emergencies so far but two dogs did die after swimming in a important this week. illegal fireworks could be to blame for a fire that left six people homeless this on the corner of foxtail drive and foxtail court in san jose. the firefighters were able to get control of the flames from badly damaging a second home but the first house was completely destroyed. >> we've got reports from neighbors hearing fireworks and things like that but it's under investigation at this point.
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>> the neighbors heard the fireworks an hour before the fire started. no injuries to report. another crash to tell you about following a high-speed chase involving a marin county sheriff's deputy at 10:00 this morning. deputy was trying to make a u-turn after seeing drivers speeding by in the opposite direction. witnesses say a woman driving with a child crashed into that patrol car forcing the deputy's car to turn over. both the females were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries the child was not hurt. unprecedented. the president's tweets targeting members of the media, it continues on twitter. we'll have details. plus legalizing pot. a state right next to us here in california becoming the latest to legalize recreational marijuana. we are seeing june gloom in
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july. i'll have a closer look at the day planner and a look at fourth of july coming up.
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following developing news out of little rock, arkansas where dozens were injured in a nightclub. three people were hurt trying to get out of the building. all the victims are expected to survive. >> we know we have to use a big hammer on the people who would do violence with guns and hurt people. >> and the license for that club has been pulled. police say the youngest victim in that shooting was 16 years old.
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the latest now in washington, d.c. where the twitter tirade by president donald trump continues. the president and first family are at their new jersey estate for the fourth of july holiday weekend. on the golf course this weekend, the president continued to lash out against the co-hosts of morning joe tweeting crazy joe scarborough as dumb as a rock and mika are not bad people but their low rated show is dominated by their nbc bosses. our network, nbc declined to comment on the tweet. morning joe finished the highest rated quarter in msnbc history. the morning joe program criticized the president. hotels in germany are getting ready to host world leaders for the g-20 summit. the german government played up
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the fact that protesters will be allowed to voice their opposition to the event. this has created a huge challenge for police and hotels which must increase their security. starting today, it is legal to buy recreational marijuana in nevada. video now from las vegas after sales began at midnight last night. the state made it legal to smoke pot only in a private home. it is banned from public places. nevada is the fifth state selling marijuana for recreational purposes. the standoff continues in new jersey tonight. the state shut down after failing to reach a budget. chris christie signed a state of emergency. but parks and camp sites and ferry service and also the state motor vehicle commission are closed. now christie is calling the shutdown embarrassing and pointless.
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>> the speaker's inaction is inexcusable and inconveniencing everyone living in our state and visiting our state. >> new jersey assembly speaker is accusing christie of holding the state hostage. the assembly remains in session and voting on the bill remains open. one year ago a stranger saved a sacramento girl's life by donating bone marrow. and today the two met for the first time here in the south bay. 14-year-old trish tran was diagnosed with aplastic anemia in may of 2015. she needed a marrow donor as soon as possible to save her life but there were no matches in her family. in san diego a 23-year-old was inspired to join the bone marrow registry after his best friend's brother died of leukemia. he did not hesitate to be her
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donor. >> my family and i wanted to let you know it has been a joy to wake up every morning because you were able to sacrifice your time and effort to just save someone you didn't even know. >> wow. trish is vietnamese and the donor is filipino making this an unusual match. the asian american donor program shows it's an example how important it is for people to register especially minorities. >> her story is a good awareness campaign. >> and she is 14 and appreciating life like that. >> every day. we are here now with the micro climate forecast as we gear up for a holiday weekend. >> we have been off to a good start on this saturday and similar conditions on sunday. if you liked today you will like tomorrow as well. right now enjoying cooler conditions and starting to see clouds rolling in. in the south bay, 59 degrees.
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and in san francisco there it is, you can see some hazy skies and patchy fog that will start to get more dense overnight. north bay at 58 degrees and here it is, that doppler radar, you can see the fog building in. we have a marine layer keeping us cool. we have this system sits off to the pacific and that's going to keep the nice marine layer with that june gloom although it is july 1st we're keeping a lot of the fog on there. san francisco 13 miles an hour. but everywhere else at 14 miles an hour. concord, 18 miles an hour. and livermore, 7 miles an hour. not too much wind just breezier conditions. let's talk about tomorrow's highs. if you are going to be outside it's going to be a good day but it is going to be slightly warmer than today. we are expecting to see a gradual warmup on the way. cupertino, 81. morgan hill also in the 80s.
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concord, 86. one of the warmer spots in antioch as well. along the peninsula, comfortable temperatures as well we'll see more sunshine in the forecast for san francisco which will climb into the 60s. in the north bay, nice weather for wine tasting at 83 degrees as well. if you don't plan on wine tasting maybe the beach will be good for you. looking for a high of 64, 65. but just a quick reminder if you are heading to the beach remember to stay hydrated, wear sunscreen to protect your skin. and rip currents. if you are caught up in one, swim parallel to the sand and don't ever try to swim against it. take frequent breaks and look out for beach warnings. we see the 60s in the forecast and in inland areas we see a gradual warmup. and by next weekend some inland
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areas could climb into the upper 80s and maybe a 90 or two. we have a warmup on the way. but for tuesday, we're hoping the marine layer burns off a bit so we can see the fireworks through the fog, right? and of course fire danger we have to keep in mind too. >> the safety tips galore in that forecast. >> yeah. >> enough for everyone. good job. >> keep it in mind. let's get the latest in sports now. >> plenty of hold your breath moments in the giants and a's games as each were tied heading into the ninth inning. and no nhl player has more points since jumbo joe joined the league in '97. we have the details that will keep the center in san jose next in sports.
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matt moore's last start for
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the giants resulted in a fifth straight loss for the team and a 12th loss in 13 games. even bruce bochy said at the time, enough is enough. he only gave up one earned in game two against the pirates at pnc park. this one went to extras. and daniel hudson uncorked one in the 11th allowing span to score. in the bottom half of the inning, watch buster posey. you think he wants this win? out of the crouch, throws out mccutcheon. five wins in a row for the giants. they win 2-1 and take the series. joe thornton has agreed to a one-year deal to remain with san jose. jumbo joe will earn close to $6.5 million. since he joined the sharks in 2005 he has 215 goals and 722
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assists in 914 games only alex ovechkin and sydney crosby have more points over that span. and shaun livingston will remain with the warriors for three years and as much as $24 million. david west will return to the team, a one-year deal for $2.32 million. west won his first nba championship with golden state this year and is expected to retire at the end of next season. nba free agents can agree to terms of a deal but nothing can be signed yet. the all-star rosters will be announced sunday at 4:00. buster posey is expected to be the catcher for the national league. no surprise there. and after that -- the warriors have signed andre iguodala, agreed to a contract for three years. >> which is fantastic.
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a bargain price there. >> warriors are going to be back. >> a shuttle service through big sur. >> starting today.
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big sur visitors have a way into a popular state park that has been closed for a year thanks to a shuttle service to bring visitors into the area. >> perfectly timed. highway 1 is closed because of damage because of the mudslides. just in time for the holiday weekend, popular businesses cut off since february are back open thanks to this route. so you can go and enjoy it.
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>> go big sur. >> have a good night, everyone. see you back here tomorrow. >> good night.
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>> mr. trump? [ cheers and applause ] mr. trump, are you ready for your first meeting? >> kellyanne, what are people saying about my cabinet appointments? do they love them? >> um, they're certainly very passionate about them. i just saw one very nice tweet


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