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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  July 2, 2017 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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good evening, and thanks for joining us. right now at 4:30, a big turnout to remember a south bay woman allegedly run over by her best friend. plus, the bay area warming up ahead of the fourth of july holiday. and that has firefighters issuing a serious warning about illegal fireworks. and again, the president once again taking to twitter with a controversial video. the growing concern tonight that the commander in chief of the united states is going too far. the news starts right now at 4:30. thank fuiyou for joining us.
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i'm peggy bunker. i'm terry mcsweeney. the president tweeted an old video of him making an appearance at a wrestling match and attacking the wrestler. cnn's logo was superimposed on that wrestler's head. jennifer johnson has the story from washington. >> reporter: this is the video the president tweeted, edited to show him at a wwe event beating up on a man with a cnn logo on his face. cnn shot back saying a sad day when the president of the united states encourages violence against reporters. this after the president personally attacked "morning joe" host mika brzezinski and joe scarborough last week. mr. trump continued his media assault saturday night. >> the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house. but i'm president, and they're not. >> reporter: mr. trump says his use of social media is modern day presidential. some republican lawmakers are again calling on him to lay off. >> it's unfortunate.
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and people are now begging the president not to do this, and, you know, he ought to stop doing it. >> reporter: as dozens of impeachment protests are held across the across sunday, the white house denies the president is distracted and is working on getting the stalled gop health care bill passed. >> the president held multiple meetings within the white house, with physicians, small business groups, with other folks who have been harmed by obamacare. >> reporter: some republicans say they can't vote for the current plan because it's too much like obamacare. >> the bill is just being lit up like a christmas tree full of billion-dollar ornaments, and it's not repealed. >> reporter: republicans should consider repealing obamacare now and replacing it later. this week, the president heads to the g20 summit in germany where he'll have his first?/yk s putin since takingñ2hoffice. >> that tweet from president trump was on the minds of marched through san francisco today calling for the president's
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ñt(ñijense live alongñr the embarcadero whe that march wrapped w3up. some people just keep turning big numbers. jdo, think about it.ok 46 cities today that these marches were in. like this one, thousands of people at most of them calling for the president'sq impeachmen and saying they refuse to be."] silenced. the message is strong in their >> donald trump has got to go. >> reporter: a call for others >> don't be scared to howl into the void.xd >> reporter: a powerful notice resistance is growinglp and the voices woe s won't be silenced. >> resist, andxdñi resistw3 lou.
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the door slam when he's dragged out of office. >> donald trump has got to xdgo. >> reporter: they demand impeached before they say he damages the nation beyondq repair. >> every single thing that comes out of this president's mouth,eo every action he takes is contrary to what i believe and, frankly, i'veñi+ had enough. i'm raising daughters. are.raising daughters. i haveñr a lot of patients to te care of. it's an unheauky presidency for a veryfá sick country and we ne someone to make it better. >> no fascist usa. >> if we get into some sortñr o militaryxd confrontation based a temper tantrum, what are we >> reporter: a lott( of the fol out here also commenting on the president'sh.s(t( notor was vi tweet from this morning. some of them saying it's obvious he is trying tolpçó incite vhml against journalists.i] live in san francisco, thom jensen, nbc bay area news.
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>> the impeachment march just demonstrators met at columbus bkrcle voicing concerns on everything to thet( russia election qadinvestigation. trump supporters werexd there trying to shut down impeachment protesters. ==terry vo== for continuing coverage of the president )s social media attack -- as well as the protests across the country in the wake of it -- head to our website -- nbc bay area dot com. we )re updating all our social media platforms with the latest developments. ==terry/cu== a follow up now to that tragic hit-and-run crash in concord this weekend, that killed two children. the suspect is now officially under arrest. ==take vo== lemuel wilson junior was taken into custody by chp officers early this morning. he is facing two counts of vehicular homicide, hit and run causing great injury, and driving on a suspended license. bail is set at half a million dollars. ==take vo== a five year old boy, and ten year old boy were killed friday night after wilson allegedly veered off a highway 4 offramp, and slammed into their car. their mother, and a three-
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month-old baby brother survived. investigators say wilson was the one driving recklessly, and after the crash, several witnesses saw a man matching his description running away. ==peggy/h set== family and friends of a woman who was allegedly run over by her friend, continue to >> terrible story. >> family and friends of a woman who was allegedly run over by her friend, a childhood friend, continued to honor the victim's life. sally hernandez munoz was killed last tuesday. her childhood friend is behind bars accused of running her over in a campbell neighborhood. munoz was a dedicated member of the low rider community. today in san francisco, some of her friends had what they called one last ride for sally. >> the idea is to bring everybody together, to raise awareness. you know, unity, support. support and raise money to help out sally's family. >> now the group had decals of munoz on their cars so she could
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ride with them. munoz and her friend de la rosa travelled to campbell together in the same car. that's where they got into a fight after a long night of drinking. that's when de la rosa allegedly rammed into munoz leaving her to die. firefighters wasted no time containing a small grass fire in sonoma county this afternoon. this fire started just before 1:00 in an area of unincorporated santa rosa. and in less than an hour, crews were able to contain that fire. the structures threatens and no cause identified. firefighters are out in force this weekend warning people about the dangers of using illegal fireworks. a live look outside right now. the hills of sunol. the bay area continuing to warm up. meteorologist rob mayeda is tracking the forecast. a warm one. maybe not hot out there. >> warm and dry in the hills. thanks to the marine air, relatively cool and moist air right there in san francisco. 63 degrees. see san jose, mid-70s.
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inland areas like concord where it's 85 degrees and that mid-afternoon onshore breeze has started to fire up. these are the dry and breezy conditions we'll be watching. wind speeds 15 to 20 miles an hour. humidity levels in the 30% range. driest that we're seeing right now east bay counties and alameda counties. we'll see this repeat again tomorrow. warmest and driest conditions in the east bay and north bay. high temperatures for many inland areas climbing into the mid-80s. you saw the fog in san francisco. we're going to give you hour-by-hour outlook for your fourth of july forecast. what you'll expect temperaturewise and fogwise coming up around fireworks time. that's coming up in about 12 minutes. >> it's just around the corner. thanks, rob. not just concern about fireworks. cal fire is suspending burn permits. it banns all outdoor residential burning of landscape debris.
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these areas are currently covered with dry grass, brush or leaves. they are making it a perfect location for wildfires to start so they're trying to do away with that risk. the fire broke out in the port of oakland last night. it quickly engulfed a piece of machinery. workers reported the fire around 9:00. it started in the engine compartment of a hydraulic lift used to move cargo containers around. because hydraulic fluid was fueling some of the flames they had to break out the foam in addition to the water to put the fire out. took about a half hour to get things under control. afterwards, they made sure no liquid was leaking into the bay. one person was taken to the hospital as a precaution. developing news out ofu rack where iraqi forces are pushing deeper into mosul as the battle to take back the city from isis intensifies. hundreds of civilians have now fled the city but there are thousands more believed to be trapped there in isis-held territory. air strikes are pounding the last pockets under isis control.
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nbc's richard engel has the latest from mosul. >> reporter: we are now in the iraqi city of mosul. and a major offensive is under way to drive isis from this city. at one stage, isis controls all of the city of mosul, and this is a big city at its peak. 2.5 million people were living here. now isis just holds a small pocket of isil just a few square blocks really. we are now on a joint iraqi/american military base. it's a forward operating post. these are american military vehicles that you see behind me. the way it works is the americans generally stay on small outposts like this one, call in air strikes and iraqi troops do the ground fighting, advancing from house to house. we spent the last several days walking in that pocket of mosul where isis is still holed out. and it's very difficult terrain. a lot of damage. a lot of booby traps. that's one of the biggest ch challenges they're facing.
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booby traps in the road. even houses have been booby trapped. what isis will do is they'll booby trap houses even while people are still inside of them. the original inhabitants. isis members go outside, lock the doors from the outside and when iraqi troops come by, they hear people trapped inside. they hear the screams. they will come to try and rescue them only to see the door or the house explode. american and iraqi commanders expect we'll see more of this. more booby traps. more suicide attacks. it's the final phase of this mosul offensive against isis. richard engel, nbc news, mosul. still ahead -- what's the payoff to work at the white house? new numbers show just how much some of the president's closest aides are getting paid. also, at 5:00 tonight -- it's not just hot shots on the ice but also models. two san jose sharks stars are baring it all for a popular
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sports magazine issue. you won't believe the pictures. that's coming up.
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little rock nightclub this weekend has been arrested. the rapper performing when gunfire erupted inside a little rock nightclub this weekend has been arrested. ricky hanson performed and was arrested on outstanding warranted unrelated to the mass shooting. he's facing charges including aggravated assault and being a felon in possession of a gun. no arrests have been made in the power ultra lounge shooting which injured 28 people. multiple people there opened fire, possibly as a dispute between local gang members. two of the victims are in critical condition. the rest have nonlife threatening injuries. many of the president's most prominent aides are also the highest paid. a staff salary document released by the white house shows more than 40% of white house staffers earn more than $100,000 a year. 22 aides take home nearly $180,000 including that man,
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steve bannon. that man, chief of staff reince priebus and kellyanne conway and press secretary sean spicer. overall, the trump white house is spending less on staff than the obama white house did but that's because there are about 100 fewer staffers under president trump. the median salary now is $89,000 compared to $73,000 under the obama administration. >> really, really different administrations. hard to compare apples and oranges. making sure the fourth of july holiday is fun and safe. >> the extra enforcement not only on the roads and highways but also on bay area waters. see the low clouds around san francisco. 76 degrees. san jose right now should see 80s in the forecast as we head towards tomorrow. a closer look hour by hour at your fourth of july forecast when we come right back. water... and authorites want you
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to know they )ll be this holiday weekend is a
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good time to enjoy the water perhaps. authorities want you to know they'll be watching to make sure you are doing it safely. the coast guard is going to have extra patrols across the bay area to enforce boating under the influence laws. the coast guard wants to remind everyone that boating while intoxicated just as dangerous as drin drinking and driving, and it is illegal in every single state. >> that is a really good reminder because people don't always equate the two. it's a weekend to do all that fun stuff. nice out there. >> four-day holiday weekend. watching things warm up for the valley today. 80s today in some of the warmest places. also 80s up toward the sierra. squaw valley. high camp cameras. that's where the newscast needed to be based from. still poolside because look at the temperatures. 82 degrees. save that for the weather archives. july 2nd, you had some snow and folks out at the pool there up at squaw valley. still 80s around the bay area.
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looking out of belvedere back to san francisco. 80s across the north bay into san francisco. the low clouds. noticeably cooler. 62 degrees. sea breeze close to 15 to 20 miles per hour. over towards livermore, in the mid80s. warmer, but not hot, at least by midsummer standards. and 76 in san jose. once again, the ocean air conditioning making its presence felt keeping these inland temperatures from getting too hot. winds 15 to 20 miles per hour and we'll see low clouds filling in with patchy fog. there you see it on the satellite video. a few eddys. should have no trouble spilling in across the bay into inland valleys for the morning. mid-50s to start the day. and for the afternoon, similar to what we had today. downtown san jose, close to 80. mid-80s around saratoga, toward morgan hill. tri-valley, numbers in the
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mid-80s. heading out to the alameda county fair. upper 80s around concord and antioch. probably the warmest spot around the bay area. peninsula temperatures, mid-70s. mid-60s in san francisco. for the north bay, highs in the upper 70s to low 80s. here's the futurecast now for tuesday. we're jumping ahead to the fourth of july. the fog made a comeback inland. it's going to come back west of the golden gate bridge. by 8:00, as we approach fireworks time between 8:00 and 9:00, it looks like could see pink and blue clouds around san francisco. temperatures as we go through your fourth of july, pretty comfortable. similar to today. cooler. mid-70s in san jose. and only the warmest spots inland in the low 80s. a very pleasant looking forecast shaping up for the fourth of july. seven-day forecast will bring cooling and breezy conditions. first half of the week. warmest half of the seven-day inland
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areas, is going to bw0ñ towards the end of the week. upper 80s to lowko 90s. no big heat but probably warmer than theq weekend we're seeing. >> i'm tempted to go up to tahoe. >> isn't that amazing?qqi rjuáuy 11:00. >> stop right there. no more details. still ahead -- a new museum opening celebrating a certain type of ñ8rt. >> this art form has roots3w rt ♪ introducing the new sleep number 360™ smart bed. the only bed smart enough to change sleep as we know it. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you comfortable.
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to reveal its truest, richest state. if a paint could realize the fullest potential of any color... have to wonder... is it still paint? aura interior from benjamin moo®e . only available at independently owned paint and hardware stores. love. and it also marks a sort of anniversary fo this summer marks the 50th anniversary of the summer of love. and it also marks the sort of anniversary for one art form. >> nbc bay area's joe rosata jr. shows us a new museum devoted to it. >> it's hard to imagine anyone getting excited about an advertisement. or a summons for a meeting. then again, maybe they would if the idea was presented with a
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pop of color. >> all right. >> reporter: for more than 50 years, that's how artists in san francisco have drawn people to rock 'n' roll shows and gatherings through artful posters. >> it's still tremendous artwork. >> reporter: the art of colorful rock posters blossomed in san francisco around the summer of love with bands like the grateful dead and jefferson airplane. >> poster artist has -- it's public artwork that connects people. informs people. >> reporter: like most people who love the music, peter mcquaid loves the art. >> i love this art and have for 50 years. >> reporter: so mcquaid is now giving poster art its due by opening the art center devoted to the history and future of poster art. >> we're showcasing the start that's associated with psychedelic poster art. >> this one is by marty tucker,
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a female artist. this is wes wilson. he's breaking a lot of the -- and really using color. >> reporter: spraying from '60s culture. the bands, the venues and the drugs. the museum celebrates some of the most famous artists like wes wilson, lee conklin and -- >> stanley mouse. >> nice it's being recognized. >> reporter: mouse created the famous poster for the 1967 human being and the grateful dead's iconic skel conand roses. >> we were doing these works of love. >> you want to promote a gig, you send out a tweet. 1966, you made a poster and put it on the telephone pole. >> reporter: the center is also creating space where present day poster artists can work. >> it's a cooperative. it's going to be ultimately run by the artist for the artist. >> reporter: the center will open on july 1st with a public gathering, the kind of gathering that might deserve its own
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poster. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. thousands march in downtown san francisco calling for the impeachment of president trump. coming up in a live report, we'll show you what specifically they're talking about today. what happened this morning. and we're seeing temperatures in the mid-80s in concord as we watch out for rising temperatures, rising wind speeds and lowering humidity levels across the bay area. how fourth of july fireworks plans and fire danger have to be watched when we come back for the forecast in a few minutes.
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the news at 5:00 starts now. a warm day around the bay area. a little breezy, though, in some areas as well. let's take you outside right now. this beautiful hillside in sunol. you can see here, terry, a lot of dry hills. >> concerns for the firefighters. illegal fireworks can do things
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to those hills. meteorologist rob mayeda joining us. >> forecast for parts of the bay area pretty mild. we're seeing temperatures in the mid-80s. much different out toward ocean beach. only 61 degrees. and the marine air is still pretty thick. low clouds come in overnight providing drizzle in a few spots. about 2,000 feet thick. higher up above that layer of cooler marine air it's still quite dry in the hillsides where the grasses and brush have turned bone dry after all the heating over the last couple of weeks. combine those dry conditions and the afternoon breeze, inland locations especially contra costa and alameda, during the afternoon, humidity levels dropping to the 30% range and potentially a little lower than that over the next couple of hours. north bay hills, east bay hills and south of san jose. in addition to those warm temperatures mid-80s and a little warmer as we move further inland. coming up, we'll talk more about
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the low clouds and how that could impact fireworks viewing for your fourth of july forecast. that's coming up a few minutes from now. >> rob, thank you. not only is cal fire concerned with fireworks but it's also suspending burn permits. the suspension bans all outdoor residential burning of landscape debris. it's for rural areas in santa clara, alameda and contra costa counties. these areas are covered with dry grass, brush and weeds so, therefore, very conducive to wildfires so they're cutting down that risk altogether. the president at the center of controversy again over a tweet involving the media. the president tweeted an old video of him making an appearance at a wrestling match and attacking a wrestler. that was all done in fun. now the issue is cnn's logo was superimposed on the wrestler's head. nbc's jennifer johnson has the story from washington. >> reporter: this is the video the president tweeted edited to show him at a wwe event beating


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