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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 2, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the low clouds and how that could impact fireworks viewing for your fourth of july forecast. that's coming up a few minutes from now. >> rob, thank you. not only is cal fire concerned with fireworks but it's also suspending burn permits. the suspension bans all outdoor residential burning of landscape debris. it's for rural areas in santa clara, alameda and contra costa counties. these areas are covered with dry grass, brush and weeds so, therefore, very conducive to wildfires so they're cutting down that risk altogether. the president at the center of controversy again over a tweet involving the media. the president tweeted an old video of him making an appearance at a wrestling match and attacking a wrestler. that was all done in fun. now the issue is cnn's logo was superimposed on the wrestler's head. nbc's jennifer johnson has the story from washington. >> reporter: this is the video the president tweeted edited to show him at a wwe event beating
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up on a man with a cnn logo on his face. cnn shot back calling it a sad day when the president of the united states encourages violence against reporters. this after the president personally attacked "morning joe" host mika brzezinski and joe scarborough last week. mr. trump continued his media assault at a veterans rally saturday night. >> the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house. but i'm president, and they're not. >> reporter: mr. trump says his use of social media is modern day presidential. but some republican lawmakers are again calling on him to lay off. >> it's unfortunate. and people are now begging the president not to do this. and, you know, he ought to stop doing it. >> reporter: as dozens of impeachment protests are hold across the country sunday, the white house denies the president is distracted and it working on getting the stalled gop health care bill passed. >> the president's held multiple meetings within the white house itself with physicians, with small business groups, with other folks who have been harmed
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by obamacare. >> reporter: but some republicans say they can't vote for the current plan because it's too much like obamacare. >> the bill was just being lit up like a christmas tree full of billion-dollar ornaments, and it's not repealed. >> reporter: the president says republicans should consider repealing obamacare now and replacing it later. this week, the president heads to the g20 summit in germany where we'll have his first face-to-face meeting with vladimir putin since taking office. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. thousands of people walked the streets of san francisco this afternoon. they were chanting in unison for the impeachment of the president. that cnn tweet was just the latest in a series of events that many marchers say forced them to end their silence and call for the president to be impeached. thom jensen talked to marchers along the embarcadero. they had various reasons for thinking these were justified but the latest tweet generating a lot of controversy. >> reporter: of course, as you
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know, impeachment can only come if the president commits treason, bribery, other high crimes or misdemeanors. still questions about whether or not that happened in the meddling possibly with russians or in the investigation by the fbi into the russian possibly russians collude with the trump campaign. one man told me he was energized by that tweet, though, peggy. and it was too much for him to remain quiet anymore. he was already thinking about joining the rezftance movement. and that tweet was it for him. people continue to show up in big numbers for these presidential protests, though. you can sense the passion. these marchers had as they walked toward the fisherman's wharf chanting anti-president trump slogans and carrying signs calling for his impeachment. the tweet the final straw for some. for others the thing that will keep them energized until he is really out of the white house. >> to just go after the media which is the pillar of our democracy just because they disagree with what you're saying
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is fundamentally one of the breaking points. >> it's appalling. our freedom of speech, our freedom of press is seriously being jeopardized. >> how can you not say that he's inciting violence when he's clearly inciting violence? no two ways about it, right? you can only read that one way. >> reporter: there was a strong police presence out here like we've seen with the other marches. it seems like the san francisco police department is also getting the use of all these marches and rallies. they're well organized. we did not see any incidents out here along the march route. didn't see any counterprotests. everything seemed to go off without a hitch. thom jensen, nbc bay area news. the impeachment march in san francisco just one of many across the country today. one in new york. demonstrators meeting at columbus circ elvoicing complaints on everything to the russian election investigation.
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some supporters were there as well trying to shout down impeachment protesters. they rallied in downtown l.a. as well. smaller demonstrations in austin and atlanta. for continuing coverage of the president's social media attack and the protests across the country, head to we're updating all our social media platforms. a follow-up to the tragic hit and run crash in concord this weekend that killed two children. the suspect officially under arrest. he was detained yesterday. now under arrest. the officers arrested wilson jr. this morning after he spent the night recovering in the hospital. wilson is facing two counts of vehicular manslaught ehit and run causing great injury and driving on a suspended license. bail set at $500,000. a 5-year-old boy and 10-year-old boy were killed friday night after wilson veered off a highway 4 off ramp and slammed into the car they were riding. their mother and a 3-month-old baby brother survived. investigators say wilson was the one driving recklessly and after
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the crash, several witnesses saw a man matching his description running away. family and friends continue to mourn the death of a south bay woman allegedly killed by a childhood friend. sally hernandez munoz was killed last tuesday. her childhood friend is behind bars accused of running her over in campbell. she was a dedicated member of the low rider community. these were her favorite cars. in san francisco, some of her friends got together and had what they called one last ride for sally. >> the idea is to bring everybody together to raise awareness. you know, unity, support. support and raise money to help out sally's family. >> the group put decals of munoz on their cars so she could ride with the group. police say munoz and her friend de la rosa drove to campbell together in the same car. they got in some kind of fight after a long night of drinking.
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de la rosa allegedly rammed into munoz and left her to die. firefighters making quick work of a small grass fire in sonoma county this afternoon. the fire started just before 1:00 in an area of unincorporated santa rosa. in less than an hour, crews overwhelmed it and contained the fire. only charged three acres, no structures fired and no cause determined. fire broke out in the port of oakland and quickly engulfed a piece of machinery. workers reported the fire about 9:00. it started in the engine compartment of a hydraulic lift. a lift used to move cargo containers around the port. because hydraulic fluid was fueling some of the flames, they used foam and water to put it out. took about a half an hour to do it. afterwards, they made sure no fluid was leaking into the bay. one person was taken to the hospital as a precaution. still ahead -- demonstrations continue in germany ahead of the g20 summit. protesters not just taking to the streets but also to the water to make sure that their voices are heard.
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plus, mother nature in action and the massive eruption of steam and ash from a volcano in mexico. we'll show you more.
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germany.... ahead of the g-20 summit. ==vo== world leaders will gather in hamburg friday for the meeting the first of many protests started today in germany ahead of the world summit. they'll gather in hamburg on friday for the meeting. this is the first g20 summit for president trump. you can see the protests out of town. they've already begun. this is in hall and they are calling for more action on issues such as inequality and climate change. they are carrying flags and signs. so far the protests are peaceful but they are prepared in case future protests become violent. amazing video here. an active volcano in mexico has erupted blowing ash and steam over nearby communities. take a look at this dramatic video right there. this is a volcano that erupted this morning spewing an ash cloud more than 6,000 feet above the crater. this volcano is southeast of mexico city and has been active
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roughly 20 years now. there are more than 3,000 volcanoes in mexico. kind of scary, but only 14 are considered active. >> really cool to see that, though, isn't it? >> so crystal clear, too. >> beautiful. still ahead -- keeping a close eye on the sky. not just for fireworks. >> live look at the golden gate bridge. overcast. air quality concerns for others, though. for the fourth of july holiday. we're watching the fog, the air quality and the sun around hillsberg right now. if you like those temperatures, good news for tomorrow. similar numbers close to 80 degrees. what about the fourth of july coming oup tuesday? hour-by-hour forecast when we come back.
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==take live cam== so the bay area air quality not only can they be dangerous but fireworks can cause a lot of air pollution so the bay area air quality district is asking people not to use their own fire dlrt works. the smoke, the dust can lead to asthma attacks. a lot of coughing and wheezing and eye irritation. the agency says even safe fireworks have metal salts in them that leads to the excessive levels of smoke. plenty of events going on across the bay area. i mean, everywhere. and you can go to our home page, for a complete list of fireworks shows. the legal and safe kind, spectacular kind, professional kind. also festivals and parades going on leading up to the july 4th
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celebration. >> all right. rob mayeda here. i love that shot of the snow up at tahoe. but here in the bay area, if you want to be 60s, go to the coast. 80s move inland. it's all about choice and freedom. all the climates covered. if you want to go to the sierra, still snow. >> you heard about air quality. look at that first because it's not for the prime pollutant of the year. our spare the air days. the expectation of smoke pollution over the next couple of days that has mod risk air quality levels from the coast to the central bay. not a spare the air day tomorrow or the fourth of july with a good sea breeze going. you may notice that if you have asthma or other respiratory issues that may be affected by smoke pollution. 75 right now in san jose. nice evening under way. night even need a light jacket as temperatures drop to the 60s after 8:00 tonight. sunol, dry hillside. one of the spots they'll be watching as humidity levels low
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and high temperatures again tomorrow in the mid-80s. san francisco, quite cool as you see low clouds coming in. that's probably a sneak preview of fourth of july. we'll be seeing low clouds around this time. 63 currently. up to the sierra at hyde camp. folks there still poolside. snow not too far away. very similar temperatures as we go through the day tomorrow. you'll see highs around the sierra. head to the high country for your fourth of july plans. numbers close to 80. by the end of the afternoon, fairly chilly. 40s and low 50s around south lake tahoe. wind speed still onshore. 15 to 30 miles an hour. even with the marine air about 2,000 feet, the onshore winds really limiting the valleys from warming up too much. it's really pretty nice except if you are around pacific or half moon bay. not much nice about being stuck in the clouds all day and drizzle. the futurecast taking us into tomorrow morning shows low clouds filling in back across the bay. trying to get to the carquinez
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strait and tri-valley. highs tomorrow will be eventually in the 70s and 80s. mid-50s. clouds acting like a blanket. almost everybody waking up to similar temperatures for the morning. highs close to 80 in san jose. should still see mid-80s in los gatos, campbell heading into morgan hill for tomorrow afternoon. tri-valley temperatures mid to upper 80s, closer to sunol. 85 in livermore. 86 to 87 around antioch. oakland and hayward in the low 70s. similar for belmont over towards san mateo. 60s on the coast. low clouds around throughout the day. mid-60s around san francisco and the north bay, outstanding weather. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, highs in the upper 70s to low 80s. now let's give you the futurecast, hour by hour for the fourth of july. status quo. no change here. slow lowe clouds to start off the day. midmorning, clearing across the bay.
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notice these clouds here around san francisco? a lot of fireworks times around 8:00 to 9:00. you can see, low clouds spilling back across san francisco and some misty skies on the coast. clear for the north bay. alameda county fair fireworks. those look okay. san jose and milpitas in the clear. san francisco, you'll be dealing with low clouds and with the steady sea breeze. likely highs there on tuesday. again, like we're seeing now. mid-60s. upper 70s to low 80s around the south bay. tri-valley, concord, the warmest spots. those numbers for tuesday, part of a downward trend we'll see in the seven-day forecast. as the sea breeze picks up. the marine air thicken up as we start the week. you see it there. san francisco, also some high clouds going by on wednesday. watching that for a chance to see thunder. keep an eye on the wednesday forecast. certainly cooler. and then next weekend, that's when we think the 90s make a comeback. not especially hot, but a lot
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warmer than the temperatures we're seeing now. weatherwise, pretty nice around the bay area. watch the hillsides above the marine air still quite dry and still warm temperatures through the fourth of july holiday. >> if that next weekend looks too hot, head up to the sierra and try to catch a little snow. >> if you look at the long-range forecast, three, four weeks out, not that you're betting on that forecast, but you have an inkling. any big heat waves? >> the end of the week, 7 to 10-day period. it's going to stay just far enough to the east we don't see 100s here but some of the other computer model runs have put some hundreds out toward fairfield and concord. friday and saturday, stay tuned. could see that heat trying to creep further west. >> thank you. still ahead -- new allegations of fraud surrounding a valuable piece of san francisco real estate. >> coming up, we investigate the warning from whistleblowers of a possible radioactive cover-up at a san francisco shipyard. one of the most valuable pieces
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of undeveloped land in san francisco -- is still a hot spot for controy. one of the most valuable pieces of undeveloped land in san francisco is still a hot spot for controversy. for four years, our investigate of unit has exposed allegations of misconduct at the hunters point shipyard. >> the developments have been very interesting. former workers involved in the cleanup of the site are warning of a radioactive cover-up. they want the company at the center of it to pay the price. investigative reporter liz wagner has the details of a new move to stop the company from winning future government contracts. >> reporter: this petition filed today asks federal regulators to revoke the republicans license contractor hired to clean up
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radiation at the shipyard. in this petition, seven former workers detail ways they say the company cheated on the billion-dollar cleanup. this filing paints the most comprehensive picture to date of alleged misconduct at hunter's point. >> since 2006, virtually every step of the radioactive cleanup at hunters point was a fraud. >> reporter: the message coming from critics thursday was clear. the government needs to stop tetra tech from performing any more radiation cleanup. the community group greenaction filed this petition with the nuclear regulatory commission detailing what whistleblowers call intentional fraud by the company. >> that why we're here today. >> reporter: former workers came together to say for years tetra tech downplayed the extent of radiation on the shipyard which is slated for parks and condos. the company cut corners to make more money.
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in these declarations they contend radioactive soil likely ended up back in the ground without ever being kleened up and contaminated soil was being shipped across the state under the guise it was clean. >> reporter: art jar controlled the trucks that came in to hunters point and saw what left. >> you have confidence that the soil that was leaving hunters point was actually clean? >> i have confidence that it very often wasn't. >> reporter: jar and other workers say employees tampered with radiation detection equipment and changed test results. the activity was often directed by supervisors, even top-level managers. >> it was falsified. the whole process was a farce. >> reporter: compliance officer bert baurs points to a process where soil was scanned for radiation. he and others say the woman in charge either through incompetence or intentional fraud made it look like the soil was clean when it may not have been. bauers says a lot of that soil was put back into the shipyard
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where it remains today. >> we're talking about contaminants on that site that present a significant hazard. the happenhazard way that it was handled. >> reporter: bauers and others spoke with nbc bay area starting in 2014 warning of a botched cleanup. tetra tech was caught mishandling soil samples and falsifying data. the company says it cleaned up those problem areas and retrained workers. >> it's got to stop now. >> reporter: now, together, former workers say they want the public to know the full extent of the fraud they say happened at hunters point, and they want the feds to act quickly. the nrc has four months to respond to the petition. meanwhile, following our series of reports, the navy is now investigating the company's past activities on the shipyard. in a statement, tetra tech says the company emphatically denies the allegations that tetra tech engaged in a fraud on the hunters point naval shipyard and
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asserts there is no basis for these claims. i'm liz wag are in with the investigative unit. >> if you have a tip, give us a call. 1-888-996-tips. or send us an e-mail to theunit fine tuning their skills on the ice and also in front of the camera. >> it's really like you've never seen them before. we're talking about two san jose sharks stars. they're not hiding anything in a recent photo shoot. we've got the pictures, coming up.
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oh, boy. sometimes hockey players missing teeth. now they're missing clothes. this is really like we've never seen them before. hockey helmets and mouth guards is usually how we see them. two san jose sharks are taking it off on the ice.
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>> wearing nothing but their trademark beers. joe thornton and brent burns. they are poising for the espn body issue. this is a shot of the men wearing towels. they are set to hit the internet on wednesday. they'll hit newsstands on friday. so if that's not enough, there's more to come if you want to check it out. >> by the way, burns and thornton are the cover models for this issue. and one person has commented, so much hair, because they've had the beards. they have a lot of hair. >> a lot of people enjoying the holiday weekend at the movie theater. "the mignons" are a draw. "despicable me 3" is the number one movie so far this weekend. it features the voices of steve carell and trey parker. more than triple the number two movie. overall, the summer box office is down 8% from last year at this time. >> waiting until it gets really
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hot to take the twins to that. good air-conditioned alternative. "nbc nightly news" is next. we'll be back at 6:00. >> see you then. on this sunday night, tale of the tape, the president with a provocative new attack, in a doctored wrestling video, starring him on the same day a member of his cabinet says, there are incredible challenges facing the country. deadly road rage arrest. a suspect turns himself in and is charged with first degree murder in the fatal shooting of a teenager on a pennsylvania highway. cruise ship crimes. when sexual assaults happen on the high seas, they're rarely prosecuted. tonight we look at why in an nbc news investigation. and running wild, growing concern about the future of these majestic symbols of the american west. "nightly news" begins now.


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