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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 3, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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president trump going professional wrestling to further his attack on the media specifically cnn here but they are not the only target. >> we are in the iraqi city of mosul. a major oensive is under way to drive isis from this city. >> richard engel reporting from the flients where u.s. troops face isis booby traps and fighters hiding. beaches closed. tens moments for passengers as an engine catches fire. great news for fourth of july burger lovers as well.
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and the minions make mincemeat out of the house. "early today" starts right now. good morning to you i'm richard lui. new jersey governor is facing a major backlash after this image you see here surfaced of his family. enjoying a day trip to the jersey shore. headlines reading, jersey to christie, get the heck off the beach. now on any other day there would be nothing wrong with this picture. this is not your ordinary day. with a budget standoff with the governor and the legislature causing more than 50 state parks and beaches to close after the state missed a deadline. so while new jersey families are not able to enjoy sometime on the sand to ring in the fourth of july, police turning away people by thousands, their governor was able to do just that and he did so just before having this exchange with a reporter during a news conference on the shutdown. take a listen. [ inaudible ]
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>> no, i didn't. but go ahead. i didn't get any sun today. >> little the governor know that the image would go viral following his answer. his spokesman's response, yes, the governor was on the beach briefly today. he didn't get any sun, he had a baseball hat on. his approval rating is lowest in the nation with 81% new jerseyans disapproving of his job. the tabloids having a field day after president trump tweeted a 2007 video. from a wwe event. dock toward to depict himself beating up cnn. now, here's that video. the post comes just days after his own press secretary claimed that trump had not incited violence against the media. trump supporters tweeted the tweet. his detractors said one republican strategist worrying about the consequences it could
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bring. >> i think that if the president of the united states is taking things way too far. he is going to get somebody killed in the media. >> that tweet was sent out just as impeach trump rallies got under way and as the #25th amendment now trended nationally even catching the president's own staffers off guard. >> reporter: 28 seconds of presidential political theater. sent to tens of millions. a takedown depicting the president tackling cnn. ratcheting up his run ins with the media. >> the fake media is trying to silence us. >> the president's tweet contains its own fakery. the video was already on the internet. that cnn logo add ed to this 2007 pretend fight between
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businessman donald trump and the ceo, vince mcmahon. >> president trump is in a world he's not familiar with. >> i don't think no one would perceive that as a threat. i hope they don't. i do think he's beaten up in a way on cable platforms that he has a right to respond to. >> it is a sad day when the president of the united states encourages violence against reporters. we will keep doing our jobs, he needs to start doing his. opposition played out in several cities. >> the man knows nothing about what he's doing. >> crowds gathered for so-called impeachment marches. like ohio's republican governor says the president's tweets diminish the office. >> people are now begging the president not to do this, you know, and he taught stop doing it. it's one of the few thing that brought democrats and
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republicans together. >> but demanding the president change will not work. >> it's not going to do any good for me or anyone else to comment on things that we might not like about his twitter behavior. >> the art of distraction? >> i'm president and they're not. >> the media feud squeezes out other issues from the russian investigation to the travel ban taking effect and, of course, health care. >> incredible challenges around the world. >> secretary tom price says republicans struggling to come up with a plan are still trying, despite what's popping on social media. >> and while trump had no major meetings on his official calendar he did have phone calls with leaders of japan and china discussing the north korea athlete. we have an update on the little rock mass shooting that left 28 people judge -- injured. police arrested the rapper. ricky hampton was wanted on
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outstanding warrants for aggravated assault and gun possession. those charges are unrelated to the incident but they consider him a person of interest. they suspect multiple people carried out the shooting which appeared to be connected to a dispute with local gangs. two victims were in critical condition while the rest suffered nonlife threatening injuries. little rock's mayor said they expected to survive and the club would be shut down. a pennsylvania man is in custody and charged with murder four days after the fatal shooting of an 18-year-old woman in a case of road rage. bianca roberson just graduated high school and was planning to attend jacksonville university this fall. >> reporter: michelle and rodney listened as police said they found the man who allegedly killed their daughter in a violent act of road rage. >> this appears to be a senseless brutal act from one human being to another human being.
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>> the mystery driver at the center of a four day manhunt nine custody. the video shows the moment his pick up truck approached her carton way home wednesday night. they tried to merge into the same lane. he pulled out a gun and shot bianca in the head, killing her instantly. >> just as police were close to identifying the killer, they showed up at the police station to turn himself in. police recovered his red pickup truck and found the gun at his home. he faces a slew of charges including first and third degree murder. >> that was her senior graduation picture. >> her family now struggling to understand how something like this could happen. >> what's wrong with people's minds today that we flip out like that? that would cause a person to want to shoot her. >> a life they say was stolen just as it was getting started.
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>> officials in washington state are investigating what caused an amtrak train to derail about 45 miles south of seattle. four cars on the northbound train came off the rails sunday. only minor injuries were reported. one man says passengers were left in the dark about what happened. >> we felt the train go off the rails, the car floor was not level and we didn't hear anything for -- it was like ten minutes before they talked to us at all. >> amtrak says 267 passengers on board were given alternate transportation. service re-opened sunday night at limited speeds. some tense moments at denver international airport. a united airlines jet caught fire as it was landing sunday. it stopped quickly on the runway so all 59 passengers could evacuate. the plane came from aspen. no reports of injuries. it was a washout in parts of the country.
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heavy downpours in utica, new york causing widespread flooding. multiple cars were submerged in water as residents were forced to walk through flooded streets and subway stations in germany subway stations flooded. bill karins has a better outlook for this holiday. we like that. >> things are looking really nice. a nice two day period. bright sunshine through the west. temperatures are warm. 108 in phoenix. 95 in oregon. 66 san francisco. that's very typical of this mid-summer weather. all the bad weather in the east. fourth of july, getting warmer, 112, phoenix, 81 in areas around los angeles and fireworks forecast looks dry. to the
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pacific northwest. right now it's split between coast and areas of the mountains. the how about this for cute video of the day. a baby elephant wanted to have fun like we did. watch as he lies on her belly and slides down the hill. the amusing moment was caught by her trainer in china. the 2-year-old elephant was brought there after she was found alone and injured. she's fully recovered and having a blast in the mud. i can see you doing that richard. >> i don't know. my belly is not so big. >> we can work on that today at the barbecue. >> during the hot dog eating contest. thank you. just ahead we'll tell you what donald trump is paying his key white house staffers plus a deadly gas explosion hits a home in rural pennsylvania. details next.
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welcome back. this is a scene from a deadly gas explosion in pennsylvania. authorities say one utility worker was killed. two other employees injured. they've been investigating a leak after neighbors reported smelling gas. that house was complete lui leveled. four other homes were damaged. the owner was evacuated 20 minutes before the explosion. the battle for mosul is nearly over but isis remains a threat. richard engel has the details for us. >> reporter: we're now in the major city of iraq, month sues. now isis just holds a small pocket of mosul. just a few square blocks really. we are now on a joint iraqi-american military base. it's a forward operating post. these are american military vehicles that you see behind me and the way it works is americans generally stay on small outposts like this one, call in air strikes and iraqi troops do the ground fighting.
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can advancing house to house. we spent the last day in pockets of mosul where isis is still hold out and it's difficult terrain. a lot of damage, a lot of booby traps and that's one of the biggest challenges that both the americans and iraqys are facing right now. >> and many of mosul's residents are trying to escape what's left of the city but tens of thousands of civilians are still trapped. their food and water supplies dwindling. >> a new list of if the president's 400 staff has been released. a budget of nearly $36 million spent on staff. so far of those nearly 400 staffers, the money is spent mostly at the top with 22 senior staffers getting $180,000 a year. that's the maximum allowed. now, the trump administration, it does cost less than the obama white house.
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>> fast forward into monday. the wimbledon championships get underway in london. concrete and steel barriers are in place from tent the tournament from terror attacks. the heightened security comes after recent deadly attacks in london and manchester. this evening spacex will try to launch its falcon 9 rocket into orbit. last night their launch was scrubbed. and a weigh in will be held in in brooklyn fourney than's famous hot dog eating contest. it could see 70 or more hot dogs and buns eaten in just ten minutes. good news ahead of burger lovers and minion fans. cnbc business guru is keeping an eye on it for all of us live from london. >> reporter: good morning. lots of big stories. it's a holiday week. the markets are going to be shortened. no trading on tuesday.
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we have a big day including jobs report. 180,000 jobs. that comes friday ahead of manufacturing trade data and minutes from the last key federal reserve meeting which put up interest rates. as you mentioned, big grilling day on tuesday. it is the biggest barbecue day of the year for united states and beef prices have gone down a three year low. it competes with poultry and means americans will have a cheaper independence day barbecue and a big day for the movies. i went to see "despicable me 3". it's 75.4 million bucks as well. second was "baby driver" but will ferrell poor returns for "the house." so one of the worst opens ever for a will ferrell movie. back to you. >> a minion fan. i didn't know that.
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>> just ahead a simple solution to fighting skin cancer and you can't beat the price. you're watching "early today".
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on this july 4th weekend it's important to remember to be safe in the sun by minimizing the risk of getting skin cancer. one of the easiest ways of doing so is to use sunscreen and now at a growing number of beaches and beyond there's really no excuse.
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here's ann thompson. >> reporter: a day at the beach, you grab something to sit on, something to eat and something to do. do you have what could save your skin and your life? >> a lot of times what do you do? forget your sunscreen. >> reporter: less than half of us put on sunscreen. now no excuses any more at this famous beach. tucked aning connick rides and boardwalk of new york's coney island are yellow dispensers of free spf 30 sunscreen. doesn't everybody know about sunscreen? why do you have to put dispensers out? >> people do know about it but it doesn't mean that they use it and that's one of the things that we're really working on. >> reporter: these dispensers are popping up in sun splashed areas around the country as a reminder. more than 9,700 lives will be taken by the disease.
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this is more about convenience. programs like this actually make a difference. a study in the "journal of the american medical association" attributes a drop in the diagnosis to programs like this. a relief for hot sunscreen proponent carla when her two children and friends head for the waves. >> it's just a blessing and the kids may even take the initiative to get it themselves. >> reporter: making sure they take gnome thing but please memories. ann thompson, nbc news new york. >> you forget it, get it done. just ahead the democrat who wants to activate the 25th amendment. bizarre wedding in mexico. we'll tell you all about it when "early today" don't. ahh. where are mom and dad? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico!
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>> tomorrow night on nbc a family tradition, macy's fireworks spectacular. weather should be fantastic. good visibility and good time. traveling on the roads and highways, rain is shown in green, heavy rain in red. interstate 40 will have rain. as we head to tomorrow still watching areas of the central plains in the east for any storms. everything is all clear in the west fier west. >> the syrian capital was rocked by a deadly car bomb. government authorities saying that the suicide attack killed 20 people and wounded dozens more. it was one of three car bombs that were meant to blow up in crowded areas of the capital on sound.
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however, security forces destroyed the other two. no immediate claim of responsibility. in march damascus was hit by two separate bombings. one by isis and the other by a different terrorist group. pointing to the recent public outcry, one is encouraging to get behind a bill that could oust trump from office. he's getting the support of over two dozen democrats. it would create a panel who would carry out a medical examination of mr. trump to determine if he's physically and mentally fit to remain president. the bill has garnered a handful of sponsors as trump doubled down on attacks on the media. a sight to see where the country hosted the world pride week with a massive parade through the streets of madrid. revelers partying by the thousands. a convoy of more than 50 floats snaked through the carnival-like atmosphere. the parade was a celebration of
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the lgbqt rights and has been held across the world. it was started in 2000. spain always fun. a streak is over for a detroit tigers pitcher, verlander. he got lit up by the indians allowing seven runs recording zero strikeouts before getting pulled in the fourth inning. his streak had gone on since april of 2007 and tied with curt schilling as sixth longest in all of baseball. the tigers lost sunday's game. >> a ritual dating back to 1969. the mayor married a reptile. the princess complete with a flower crown. after the ceremony the couple shared a dance and the day set to bring plentiful harvest.
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i'm it's monday morning.
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a live look outside at san francisco ahead of the fourth of it is monday morning coming off of a great holiday weekend but, oh, yeah, the holiday is still to come. a live look outside at san francisco ahead of the fourth of july and just to make sure people knew this was, in fact, san francisco, plenty of fog, plenty of clouds there. now we know we're right at home. thank you for joining us on this holiday monday. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia-cannon. let's take a look at the july 3rd forecast. a lot of people will be celebrating. >> the next couple of days we'll all be celebrating and it may be a long weekend for you as well. thank you for waking up early with us. if you're about to head out the door we have temperatures that are feeling mild.


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