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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  July 5, 2017 12:37am-1:38am PDT

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>> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- danny devito -- from "i love dick" actress kathryn hahn -- president and ceo of planned parenthood cecile richards -- featuring the 8g band with thaddeus dixon. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening everybody. i'm seth meyers, this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] great to hear. that is great to hear. president trump yesterday attacked the investigation into his ties with russia tweeting quote, "when will this taxpayer funded charade end." yes mr. president, when will this taxpayer funded charade end.
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[ light laughter ] dude, you made barack obama show two birth certificates, and you called the pope "disgraceful." [ light laughter ] but you're gonna reserve judgment on this guy who looks like the tow truck driver from a horror movie? [ light laughter ] need a ride ladies? [ applause ] you're not gonna get cell service out here.
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[ light laughter ] authorities were called to a florida airport yesterday to deal with angry passengers after spirit airlines canceled multiple flights. just look at this. [ shouting ] [ bleep ] >> seth: man, the only time i've seen people that mad is when a spirit airlines flight wasn't canceled. [ light laughter ] what, i have to get on it? queen elizabeth was spotted driving herself home from church yesterday in a jaguar. jaguar, all i see is a cougar. [ laughter and applause ] your way, my way girl. a toyota recently set a record for world's fastest suv after going 230 miles per hour. it was driven by a mom who forgot her kid at soccer practice. [ light laughter ]
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a new study shows that most people plan to retire sometime after they turn 65. i said, "a new study shows that most people plan to retire -- [ cheers and applause ] when they turn 65. [ applause ] you could golf more if it was possible. on this day in 1960, the fda approved the worlds first commercially produced birth control pill. and on this day in 1961 the first couple learned what "99.9% effective" means. [ light laughter ] and finally, a twitter plea from a teen for a year of free wendy's chicken nuggets is now the most retweeted post of all time. followed by the time justin bieber accidentally tweeted out the number three. ladies and gentlemen we have a great show for you tonight. [ cheers and applause ] he is nominated for a tony for
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his role as gregory solomon in arthur miller's "the price." danny devito, one of our favorites back on the show tonight. she is the star of a fantastic new amazon series "i love dick." that is the title of the show. her name is kathryn hahn, she's our friend. she's back. [ cheers and applause ] also, she is the president and ceo of planned parenthood. i can't wait to talk to her about everything that's going on. cecile richards joins us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] before we get to all that, on friday, a jury convicted a woman of disorderly conduct for being disruptive during attorney general jeff sessions recent confirmation hearing. she laughed, got kicked out, and loudly protested. so, while she didn't get arrested for laughing, it did help her get to the point where she got kicked out. so to help make sure this doesn't happen to you, please welcome one of our writers amber ruffin with a segment called "how not to laugh at jeff sessions." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> greetings everbody.
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now, usually i want to come out here and have fun, but now is not the time for games. it is the time for very important steps that will keep you out of jail. okay? okay. protester desiree fairooz was arrested. and i thought, "this is crazy?" they'd arrest a white woman? [ light laughter ] and also, there's a white woman named desiree? [ light laughter ] now i don't want this to happen to you so for your own safety here's how not to laugh at jeff sessions. number one -- when you find out his full name is jefferson beauregard sessions, don't imagine someone saying it like this -- jefferson beauregard sessions. cause that could get you giggling and the next thing you know, you're in jail. [ light laughter ] and certainly don't add extra words like "jefferson beauregard sessions, get your hand out of that cookie jar. [ laughter ] i know it's fun but don't do
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that. for your own safety. now number two -- do not let his appearance get to you. even though he looks like a mike pence shrinky dink. [ light laughter ] stay cool. even though he looks like you put an old man's face and faceapp and press baby. [ light laughter ] do not think to yourself that he looks like a garbage pale kid named plantation nation. [ laughter ] or you will not be able to keep it together! and now if you are anything like me, when you hear his name, you want to put it in a parody of the song "confessions" by usher like this -- ♪ these are my jeff sessions just then i thought put all are good ♪ ♪ ♪ don't do that. okay. another great way not to laugh at jeff sessions is to think about how horribly racist he is. in 1986, a senate committee denied sessions a federal
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judgeship because he was deemed too racist. you know how racist you had to be to be considered too racist in the 80s? [ light laughter ] they were so racist, we haven't even unpacked it all yet. people still have yet to get mad about "walk like an egyptian." and you know that's coming. [ light laughter ] just think about all those broke racist games and you will be fine. but you will not be fine, if you think, jefferson beauregard sessions, stop slurping mint juleps. [ light laughter ] do not think that. even though he looks like he could grant wishes, be careful cause he cannot. unless your wishes to have three-fifths of a vote. [ audience ohs ] ♪ these are my jeff sessions just when i thought i said i like -- ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] really, you should not laugh at jeff sessions. he cannot take the teasing. if you want to laugh at someone, laugh at this guy. he loves it.
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this has been, "how not to laugh at jeff sessions." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: give it up for amber ruffin everybody. you know, um -- i'm in my 40s now. i'm married, i have a kid and nothing, nothing makes me feel older than when i don't know the new slang terms that teenagers are using. and it seems like these days teen slang terms are evolving so fast, that sometimes it's hard to keep up. so i went out, i did some research. i talked to some real teens. and they filled me in. and so i want to do you the favor of passing on to you in our segment "seth explains teen slang." ♪ [ applause ] >> seth: our first new teen slang term that actual teens are using is "algebra." lets see what it means. a bra that is extremely difficult to solve. [ light laughter ] here it is in a sentence. i was fooling around with jenny, i was about to make it to second base. but, her algebra was so complicated, i had to use the
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quadratic equation to get it off. [ laughter and applause ] our next routine slang term is "united passenger," let's see what it means. [ audience oohs ] it's the drunk kid who gets dragged out of prom. [ laughter ] here it is in a sentence. mike got so drunk, he ditched his prom date to grind on a water cooler. and the next thing you know, two large men were dragging him out of the door with his belly exposed. #unitedpassenger. [ laughter and applause ] moving on -- you all probably know patrick dempsey. patrick dempsey the ageless, hunky mcdreamy from "grey's anatomy." and he's huge with teens. [ light laughter ] very popular with teens. so popular, that teens have come up with a new slang term based on how ageless patrick dempsey is. it's "patrick hempsey." lets see the definition. it's weed that's 51-years-old, but still looks fantastic. [ light laughter ] for example, found some kush from '66 in one of my grandma's
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old boxes. but i got to say, that grass didn't look a day over 40, #patrickhempsey. [ applause ] up next we have "gastronaut." this is a noun used to describe someone who goes really far away to pass gas. [ laughter ] for example, i think ian has stomach problems, because every 15 minutes he floats away from the group, #gastronaut. [ laughter and applause ] up next, we have "rasputin." this is the guy at the party who you can't believe hasn't passed out yet. [ light laughter ] for example, thought greg was a goner after he took 22 tequila shots and chugged that bottle of shampoo but that rasputin is still tearing up the dance floor. [ light laughter ] moving on, this next slang term is hyper specific. i cannot stress how specific it is, but i also cannot stress how happy you will be to know it if the situation should arise in your life. and here it is, the word is "squakward." and here's what it means. it's an adjective used when your
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pet parrot says your ex-girlfriends name while current girlfriend is over. [ light laughter ] for example. hey, julia, check out my parrot roscoe. bwak! take it off, susan! well, this is squawkward. [ laughter and applause ] when i was a teen, we didn't have that. you had to say this is awkward, that my parrot did that. this saved so much time. [ light laughter ] next up it's "kentucky doobie," let's see the definition. when you get so high, you can't remember how to walk, so you have to ride on your friend's back like a jockey. [ light laughter ] for example, i smoked so much of grandma's patrick hempsey last night, that i hopped on big mike's back and he galloped all the way to my house and i fed him some apples. #kentuckydoobie. [ applause ] moving on, kids teens, teens huge fans of msnbc. our next term is "morning joe."
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this is when two teachers announce they're a couple even though everyone has already known for years. [ light laughter ] here it is in a sentence. mr. collins and ms. arnold finally morning joe'd their relationship today even though everyone knows they've been boinking in the teachers lounge since the reagan administration. [ laughter and applause ] up next is, "fast and furious." this is someone who is very dumb but makes a lot of money. here it is in a sentence. tyler is dumber than a bag of roast beef, but that boy rakes in the cash getting makeup tested on his face. #fast and furious. and finally, our last teen slang term is, "frisbeef," what does it mean? well, it's when two ultimate frisbee teams hate each other. for example, it started out so innocent -- just a game between friends, but after the first quarter, it turned into something else, something sinister. suddenly, there were no rules, no laws, no moral compass. it was kill or be killed. when all was said and done, and the field ran red with the blood of good men, i knelt down next to the fallen brother and looked up to the heavens, when god?
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when will this frisbeef end? [ laughter and applause ] that was "seth explains teen slang." we'll be right back with danny devito everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ out out! get get get!
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♪ >> seth: welcome back everybody. please give it up for the 8g band, right over there. [ cheers and applause ] also, back with us tonight on drums, he's played with some of the biggest names in music like meghan trainor and bryson tiller, and he was with us for our week of shows in washington, d.c. last year. thaddeus dixon, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] so great to have you back with us, thaddeus. >> thanks so much. >> seth: my first guest tonight is an emmy-award winning actor you know from t.v. shows like "taxi", and "it's always sunny in philadelphia", he was just nominated for a tony award, for his role in arthur miller's "the price", now on broadway through may 14th. please welcome back to the show, the very talented, danny devito, everybody. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back! >> hey, baby! >> seth: i'm so happy to see you. >> how's it going, seth.
12:55 am
>> seth: it's good and congratulations. >> aw, thank you. >> seth: tony nominated. >> tony. >> seth: this is your first broadway show. >> and he gets a tony nomination. >> seth: yeah. [ cheers and applause ] nice, yeah yeah. it's very, very, very exciting. >> seth: for your first time, do you think this spoils your second time now? >> i don't know, what do you think? >> seth: i don't know, i feel like you're gonna say i'm -- >> a high expectation? >> seth: yeah, i'm a lock for a tony now. >> i don't know. >> seth: have you ever been to the tony's? >> never been to the tony's. >> seth: i think it's a wonderful awards show. >> you've been to the tony's? >> seth: i haven't. but, i like watching it because they do songs from the show. >> oh yeah, cause people get up and do musical acts, stuff like that. >> seth: it's fun, because at the oscar's, the oscar's, they just show clips. >> yeah, but you got the people right there. >> seth: they get the performance. >> yeah, the performers are up there doing it. i have seen that. it's really good. >> seth: and i want to ask this, 'cause you famously went to the oscars in 2001, and you brought, you had carrots with you. >> oh i had carrots and celery. [ light laughter ] >> seth: yeah, and you were just eating. >> well, the thing about it is you go and watch the oscars, the oscars' long. >> seth: it's long. >> you know what i mean, you're up there. you're in the middle of the
12:56 am
thing. we were nominated for "erin brockovich". "erin brockovich", the movie. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: yeah, it's excellent. >> yeah, so in midway, when i was leaving, i was drinking before i went, so you know, i didn't eat. [ light laughter ] on my way out, i grabbed a handful of carrots and celery and stuck them in the tuxedo, right? >> seth: loose or in a ziplock bag? >> not my tuxedo. it was a rent-a-tuxedo. no they were loose. >> seth: okay. [ light laughter ] >> yeah, and really seriously, and sure enough in the middle of the show, i was starving. >> seth: yeah. >> i mean i was really hungry. i didn't want to move. so i just whipped them out and started eating them. and they're not the most silent food you could bring. [ light laughter ] it's not like bringing a piece of bread. you know what i mean? it's crunching, like i think steve martin was hosting, and he brought me dip. [ laughter ] >> that was cool. it was kind of -- i am very much honored and looking forward to going to the tony's. it's gonna be a lot of fun. >> seth: you get to eat a hard boiled egg every night in this show, so you don't have to bring
12:57 am
anything? >> no, i won't bring -- >> seth: your character actually eats food. >> i could bring a hard boiled egg, you know, frank on "sunny" always operates with a hard-boiled egg. [ cheers and applause ] i always have a hard-boiled egg in my pocket. it's a good thing, it's a very nutritious thing to have. and you can always whip it out, and crack it anywhere you want. >> seth: and you get to -- but now you are eating an egg, but you are acting. you are now a character eating an egg. >> yeah. >> seth: and mark ruffalo, your incredibly talented co-star in this play. >> absolutely. >> seth: you have spit -- you've accidentally spit egg on him -- >> the thing about it, it's a scene where we're having an argument that i take out an egg, and he says, "what's this now? lunch?" and i say, "you gave me such an argument, i got hungry." so, i eat the egg and i actually eat the egg on stage and depending on how the scene went before, like if i feel like he was good to me -- [ light laughter ] i'll leave him alone a little bit. but if he pissed me off a little bit, i start spitting at him. [ light laughter ] i mean, yolk, white, everything's going on him. a couple nights it was really,
12:58 am
really messy. and if you're gonna come to see the show, it's only playing until sunday. probably best thing not to sit in the first couple rows. [ light laughter ] >> do they give you ponchos, like seaworld to keep the egg off you? >> it's really interesting to see that, because it's all -- lit like this, you don't see the audience basically. it's a lot of backlight, and it's a lot of like -- so when i spit the egg out, i can actually see all the yellow, the color, and everything is so beautiful as it arcs through the air. [ light laughter ] >> seth: yeah. it's funny, yeah, cause you never see eggs well-lit. >> and that's like yeah -- >> seth: you really don't. >> right, it's like so -- >> seth: have you had to adjust -- >> like, such a serious actor, i mean like, you know. >> seth: have you adjusted your diet at all to the fact that you're eating an extra egg a day. >> i used to have an omelet in the morning, but, now it's eight a week, it's like really bad. i'm worried about the cholesterol. [ light laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> everything like that. you gotta be really careful. >> seth: and people say actors don't take risks. you are out there eating an egg every night. >> are you kidding me? i am a man on a limb every night with an egg in my mouth. [ light laughter ] crazy.
12:59 am
>> seth: this is an arthur miller play. what does that feel like? >> well that's the gift right there. arthur miller's a brilliant, brilliant playwright. everything, by the way, in the play, i play a 90-year-old, yiddish furniture dealer. and i got the accent, and i do the whole thing, i got the voice. and i'm like, it's so much fun to do. but every single thing, when people say to me, like you know, i saw the show and you did the egg. you did this, and you did that. everything is written. arthur miller wrote it all. he was like a big fan of like yiddish theater, you know, the borcht belt, and all this kind of stuff. and it's just amazing. and i'm with tony shalhoub, who is like, wonderful actor. you know. [ applause ] mark ruffalo and jessica hecht, and it's just like a gift to be on stage with those four people, three people. i'm the fourth person. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> i'm not very good at math. >> seth: i now i've heard that you, in order to warm up for this show, and again, this is surprising to me, because you are playing as you mentioned a
1:00 am
90-year-old yiddish man. >> yeah and -- tonight i'm doing it. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. serious. >> seth: well you don't have to self-promote. you already got the tony nomination. [ light laughter ] >> seth: but you warm up, which does not strike as how a 90-year-old would get ready for a show, but you warm up on a trampoline. >> yes. yeah i got a trampoline, a little trampoline, i got it online. it's really cool. it doesn't take up a lot of space. >> seth: expensive? how much? >> $27 bucks. >> seth: okay, great. [ light laughter ] >> delivered. >> seth: oh, wow. >> it just folds up, unfolds. you put it up. and i, what i do is i go early to the show and i start jumping a little bit, you know, a little bit. then i get some makeup put on, i jump. put some clothes on and start. [ light laughter ] >> seth: okay, so now that's weird, because now i have to go back to the first two times, and realize you were naked? >> i was naked. >> seth: you were naked with no makeup. naked with makeup. >> exactly. >> seth: then your clothes. >> then i put the clothes on and gradually i wind up in the costume, on the trampoline with a overcoat, jacket.
1:01 am
it's a wool suit, a hat, a cane, everything. it's like the whole nine yards and i'm bouncing. i should take a picture of that. >> seth: why wouldn't you? [ light laughter ] >> oh i will, i will. i'll send you -- >> seth: okay, good, do you listen to music on your trampoline? >> i do, i listen to like a lot of -- like i'm into, you know, like it goes -- varies, like last night, it was a lot of frankie lymon. >> seth: okay. >> you know, "why do fools fall in love". >> seth: sure, that does it again. >> yeah, and then all kinds of like, real cool, upbeat stuff that you can bounce on the trampoline. >> seth: yeah. you don't want to listen to adele on a trampoline. >> nah. you don't want to float away on a trampoline. [ light laughter ] >> seth: yeah. and president obama and malia came to the show? >> that's right. >> seth: was that exciting? >> they came to a preview. and it was really exciting. i didn't know they were going to be there. and she is a bring fan of "it's always sunny". >> seth: right. i mean, he wouldn't have come to see me. [ light laughter ] but she -- >> seth: look, you only have to get one of them. yeah. >> she was great. they were great. they had a great time. i have these little nut balls
1:02 am
that i eat. they're uh -- [ light laughter ] >> seth: you only eat, it sounds like you only eat things that are round. [ light laughter ] seth: so you have nut balls -- >> i have these little nut balls that are like spirulina, and uh, kinda healthy stuff. >> seth: healthy, yeah. >> and i, at the break, in the intermission, i went and gave them a couple nut balls. [ light laughter ] >> seth: oh, really. >> yeah. they were hiding in a, like a dressing room near mine. you know, it was so many secret service people there. you know, the whole nine yards. so i brought two nut balls in. she can't eat 'em because she's allergic to nuts. >> seth: so he got an extra one. >> i gave him both balls. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter and applause ] i feel like that's something you can only do once someone leaves office. >> yeah, no that's true. >> seth: and i'm also very excited. you're doing a show with jeff goldblum on amazon, and another great actor. you guys have never worked together? >> no we never worked together. and he's like, he's very tall. >> seth: he's very tall. >> no, so it's very difficult to do a two-shot. the idea is we're gonna work it out, see how it goes. >> seth: so this is a real
1:03 am
cinematographer's challenge? >> it will really challenge, yeah. cameras are up there, and down here. [ light laughter ] >> seth: well it's always a pleasure to see you. >> it's great to be here. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: congratulations again. danny devito, everybody, we'll be right back with kathryn hahn. ♪ rickie fowler's a professional golfer. when it comes to hitting perfect drives, nobody does it better. he's also into oil painting. looking good. but when it comes to mortgages, he's less confident. fortunately for rickie, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so he can understand the details and be sure he's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently. except for every ladies' night. vegetarian... only glad has forceflex to prevent rips, leaks, and punctures. so whatever you throw in the bag...
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our next guest is a fantastic actress you know from movies like "bad moms" and "step brothers" and shows like "transparent." she stars in a new series "i love dick" which is available on amazon prime video starting may 12th. let's take a look. >> i love that you just go by dick because usually someone -- if one is born a richard, they were rich, rick, richie, ricky. there's so many -- >> just dick. [ light laughter ] >> is it possible that i saw you on a horse yesterday?
1:08 am
>> yeah, the ranch just outside of town. >> how big? >> you want to know how big -- my ranch is? [ laughter ] >> seth: please welcome back to the show, my friend kathryn hahn, everybody. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back. >> hi, thank you for having me. >> seth: i am so happy to have you back. your show is fantastic. it's so different. and from the clip, kevin bacon plays dick. you are obsessed with him. >> yes. >> seth: therefore the title of the show, "i love dick." >> "i love dick." exactly. just something i would -- could be proud of calling my parents to tell them i got a new gig. >> seth: were you -- [ light laughter ] were you surprised that the title -- because this was based on -- it's based on a book. >> yes. by our writer chris kraus. we were shocked that amazon --
1:09 am
that we kept waiting for the phone call for amazon to be like, you guys. the title. >> seth: what about new friends? >> yes, exactly. i love richard. >> seth: yeah. >> right. exactly. but no, now we can't. we're just giggling when we see, like, billboards all over town. i can't believe we got away with this. it's kind of amazing. >> seth: you have -- [ light laughter ] you have a seven and a ten-year-old. is it weird? do they -- obviously they're aware of what you do for a living. >> yes. >> seth: in the show -- how has that been? >> you know, it is strange when your ten-year-old very casual just asks you what you're working on. he'll just be like, what are you working on tonight, mom? dick? and i'm just like -- [ light laughter ] no, how do i deal with it. yeah, yeah, yeah. it is a little bit -- but in a -- it's actually surprisingly easy to say once you keep saying it for a while. first we would just casually refer to it as i-l-d. >> seth: uh-huh. >> that was like our code when i would go to, like, check in at the gate. and so they'd be like, so what are you here for? i-l-d? i-l-d, i-l-d, i-l-d. and then by the end, i was like, "i love dick." like really out loud. it feels actually really good to say. >> seth: yeah, i agree. i've enjoyed it, and it's only been a day for me. >> keep saying it.
1:10 am
[ light laughter ] >> seth: thank you. then -- but like, you obviously -- you're out doing press. it must be strange to have a show that -- i'm imagine everybody like i am doing right now. >> it's surely a salacious title. yes. for sure. that is definitely an opener. you know, doing even like shock jock radio, to us, has been interesting. just to hear these dudes getting a little flustered. which always just makes me giggle. yeah, it's an amazing, amazing book. >> seth: you were on the "today show" and they -- none of them would say it. >> they were not allowed to say it, i guess. because they were afraid it was going to be turned into something called a meme. >> seth: oh, right. [ light laughter ] sure. if you only -- i will be honest. you only have to say "i love dick" once on camera. i realize it's too late for me. but then -- [ laughter ] then it's like a thing. >> that is a thing. >> seth: and memes are -- the thing memes don't have is context. >> so you just see us summoning, like, i love dick. >> seth: yeah. >> okay. yeah. >> seth: in a vacuum and then your -- >> in a vacuum. >> seth: you're mind decides on it's own. >> yeah. >> seth: so this show it's based on a book.
1:11 am
you're obsessed with kevin bacon. >> yes. >> seth: but, tell us a little bit more about it. >> i would say it's like a -- kind of a sexy love triangle between kevin bacon, who plays our dick. griffin dunne, who plays my husband. he's phenomenal. and myself, i play -- griffin and i are married. we -- i kind of have always been, i'm like a flailing film maker. i'm a little bit of a mess. never could get my feet under me. we -- i end up taking him to this fictional art institute in marfa texas where he has a residency and that's where i fall madly head over heals in love. i think obsessive love with this man dick, and i wrote him a series of letters. like thousands and thousands of letters. that, of course, at first never had any intention of sending, but then realized it's actually the best art that she's ever made. so it becomes this really kind of desire, art, like it's a pretty -- it's a really intense show. >> seth: the first episode is fantastic. i can't wait to see more. and there is -- you are not lying when you say it's very intense. [ light laughter ]
1:12 am
>> yes is it. it is. >> seth: because it's only a half an hour. and i feel like jill soloway, who created this show and created "transparent." >> yes. >> seth: they're very similar in that they're half hours, they're very funny. but they're also very real and you kind of feel like you've watched an hour of television when it's over because there's -- so much has happened, emotionally. >> and again, like it is, because it is -- there is something really thrilling about something that has such a salacious title and underneath it, it's based on this kind of pretty amazing feminist cult book from the 90s, that has kind of dog eared and passed from woman to woman over the years. so it's pretty -- it's a pretty amazing launching pad for material and there's some amazing performers in it. and marfa texas is like, mwah. incredible. >> seth: yeah, i've heard amazing things. >> yeah, it's beautiful. >> seth: i think i know one person, maybe. [ light laughter ] >> it's a long way from home. >> seth: you went to sundance with this show and i want to ask, there is a paparazzi photo, but i wanted to ask you about, that there is more to this story. before i show the photo. >> this is -- this is really good for my ego. this is -- i think i had -- this is what my single paparazzi experience.
1:13 am
paparazzi, when you come -- when you go to sundance and you go down to get your luggage, like there's huge -- i guess sometimes photographers there. and i had one lone guy who took some pictures. it was fair to say, i walked over to get my bags at the carousal. and he wandered over to me. he's like, listen, i wouldn't do this, but i like you. and i thought you might want to just look these over. probably because they were so bad. that he let me -- he let me delete them. and i was like, "oh my god." and then this is what he -- this is the redo guys. >> seth: so this -- he let you -- >> it's not great. >> seth: he let your -- he let you stage your own paparazzi. >> this is how i staged my paparazzi. >> seth: he said, let's get one you're happy with? and you guys both looked at it and said, yep. we're done. this is so unnatural. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> in my, like, snow boots. >> seth: yeah. >> look at that, so she's ready for sundown. look at that pained face. i'm so dehydrated already. >> seth: yeah. >> like just waiting for luggage, its' so staged. [ laughter ]
1:14 am
oh, she's like, "stop." so sad. >> seth: look at all the people in the back who are just star struck to see you. [ laughter ] >> oh yeah, they couldn't even look me in the eye. >> seth: yeah, they were just like, oh pretend -- pretend we lost luggage. i don't want her to see us. >> like looking directly into the sun. [ light laughter ] >> seth: kathryn, it's always great to see you. kathryn hahn. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> seth: all episodes of "i love dick" will be available may 12th on amazon prime video. we'll be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ what's that?
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our next guest has been the president of planned parenthood federation of america since 2006. please welcome to the show cecile richards, everybody. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome to the show. >> it's great to be here.
1:28 am
>> seth: i'm very honored that you're here. i want to congratulate you on a birthday, planned parenthood just turned 100-years-old. >> exactly. >> seth: in october, that's incredible. [ cheers and applause ] >> it's good. >> seth: and 100 seems to be a number we're hearing a lot. we just got through 100 days of the trump administration. 100 days of what many are calling the resistance. how do you feel being, safe to say, more team resistance than the other. how do you feel it's going? >> so, i think we have more in 100 years than they've done in 100 days, i'll say that. and -- [ cheers and applause ] but it actually -- it feels great. we started out with one little clinic in brooklyn, new york and now we have hundreds of health centers. one in five women in this country have been to planned parenthood. and frankly because of some of the, i think, attacks on us, we've actually never been more popular in the united states of america. >> seth: you were at -- [ cheers and applause ] i think there's a lot to be said to that. you were at the women's march the day after the inauguration. >> yes. >> seth: how -- do you feel as though the energy you're seeing here, i mean, has obviously, must feel very positive to you.
1:29 am
do you feel as though it can be harnessed for actually change? >> absolutely. and it was amazing to be in washington. i think -- but a thing that was amazing to me was not only that washington there were thousands and thousands of people, but there were 10,000 people in salt lake city utah. and there were people marching in fairbanks alaska in a snowstorm. there were folks in antarctica marching. they were in every single -- every single continent. to me, that shows that this is a resistance movement that is broad and deep. that's everywhere and women are leading it. and that is really exciting. i think about, you know, the one in five women in this country that have been to planned parenthood, i feel like they are on the front lines now protecting women's health and rights. >> seth: so you talk about one in five women and obviously those who have a story to tell about their experiences with planned parenthood. right now this bill went from the house to the senate. there are 13 senators who are crafting their version of it. they are all male. >> i noticed that. [ light laughter ] >> seth: you're paid to. you're very -- how do you feel,
1:30 am
how egregious is it to not have women also sort of talking about the -- how this bill is affecting women's health? >> well i -- i mean i definitely feel like if more members of congress and the senate could get pregnant we wouldn't be fighting about planned parenthood and about birth control. [ cheers and applause ] so that would help. and i think because this particular bill is so harmful to women, there's an extra special duty to make sure that women are represented in these conversations and in the final -- you know in the final -- final bill. >> seth: you were saying you saw mike pence was having a meeting with all men talking about -- talking about health care. and you were saying that you wished you could have gone and taken a photo of it just to show people how insane it looks to just have men talking about it. >> right. >> seth: but then he tweeted it. >> i thought that was really good of him. yes, actually. >> seth: so this is -- >> you have it right there. >> seth: yeah he thought this was a good look for talking about health care. that is -- [ light laughter ] and then a very funny guy named justin shanes tweeted this photo and said that it's about -- basically right after and said it was like dogs -- [ laughter ]
1:31 am
talking about cats health care. [ light laughter ] do think that's accurate? [ applause ] >> i think it's got a point of and i'm not -- i actually think maybe i would rather have golden retrievers determining the next health care bill than the congress. actually, not a bad look. but the thing that's important about that photograph, i'm sure -- i'm glad you showed that is because that was actually the freedom caucus that went to the white house to determine all the final details of this bill. and the main thing that they negotiated was to get ride of maternity benefits for women in america. that's how dangerous it is. and so what's frustrating, because this bill also, of course, ends access to birth control at planned parenthood for millions of patients. so i feel like this congress is trying to make it harder for women to prevent an unintended pregnancy and a lot harder to have a healthy pregnancy. >> seth: well this is -- you know obviously, you know planned parenthood and abortion are not separated in our discourse in anyway, shape or form. you know and it's a very emotional issue and people have sort of married the two. but i think it's important to say that this is -- this
1:32 am
healthcare bill for the people who are choosing to have children, for the women who are the making the choice to go through their pregnancy, this does them no favors at all. is that safe to say? >> actually -- no. in fact, it's much worse. because of course, this bill that supposedly defunds planned parenthood, but we're not in a federal budget. it basically just blocks folks from coming to planned parenthood. has nothing to do with abortion because federal funds do not pay for abortion. so what it's actually doing is saying to women you can't go to planned parenthood anymore for cancer screenings, for birth control. i was actually just in speaker ryan's own district. we have three health centers there. these women are saying how in the world am i gonna ever -- to get my annual exam if i can't go to planned parenthood anymore. >> seth: you mentioned there are three in his district. there are so many places it seems now in this country where there are no places for women to go. and it doesn't seem like this is a great concern to the federal government. >> i hope that they really think about this. and that's why i'm so proud of the women all across the country who are not only marching, but they are calling congress and they are going to town hall meetings and telling those
1:33 am
stories. because again, this bill would do so many things to cut off coverage for women. and i know in my home state of texas when they tried the same kind of thing, we've actually seen not only dozens of women's health centers shut down, but a doubling of the maternal mortality rate in the 21st century. it's really unbelievable and it's unconscionable. >> seth: so moving forward, what would you say to people that have sort of been emboldened by this -- you know this protest movement, this voicing the way they feel about what's happening now? what are the steps for them to take? is it to continue to protest? is it to donate? what would you ask of them? >> i would say definitely, you know marching is good. going to town hall meetings is good. calling congress is incredibly good. we've shut down -- women have shut down the congressional switch board, i don't know many times. and then also, i'm supposed to say, you can text defend to 22422. i was afraid i couldn't remember the numbers. but, and if you do that, then actually it will connect you at planned parenthood and tell you everything that's going on every day. and it's -- look that's what gonna change the direction of
1:34 am
this country and that's what's going to influence congress and this white house is people taking action. >> seth: well, you know, i do think the one thing that always surprises me, because i understand, again, that abortion is this very emotional issue and i understand and i respect that certain people have a different opinion of it than me. but it seems like women's health, at it's core, is something that both sides the aisle should agree on. and thank you so much for fighting that fight for them. >> absolutely. it's an honor. yeah, thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: cecile richards everybody. you can check out our extended conversation on the "late night podcast" tomorrow. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ do you really use head & shoulders?
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to danny devito, katheryn hahn, cecile richards, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] thaddeus dixon, 8g band. stay tuned for carson daly. see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪


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