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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 7, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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it )s finally friday... as we take a livlook outside at san jose.. it is finally friday. as we take a live look outside right now at san jose, and it will be just a little bit easier to get out of bed this morning. you grab that cup of coffee and got a little extra bounce in your step. glad you're with us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we thank you for coming in early. >> this is rare. for us. >> weekend weather team is representing this morning. >> the crew out here on a friday morning. what are we looking at heading into the weekend? >> countdown to using the air conditioning is beginning. next three to four hours, temperatures climbing. not very cool for parts of the bay area. show you san francisco. we have the fog machine right now across the golden gate.
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mid-50s currently but heading into san jose, starting off the morning, cloud free. spider running by there. 63 degrees in san jose. look at the temperatures this afternoon. 90 in san jose. climbing close to 100 degrees in to concord and fairfield. heating up. see your friday morning commute is shaping up. >> so far so good. we are seeing slowing in the south bay and due to a fender bender but off to the side so nothing there any longer. we are seeing reports of what looked like to be another fender bender along state route 92 and definitely not expecting any delays in the area. a quick check of the south bay drive times right now, northbound 101 from 85 to 87, 12 minutes. northbound 87 from highway 85 to highway 101, 10 minutes. northbound 17 from highway 85 to 101, 8 minutes. back to you. >> thank you. breaking new this is morning, evacuations in progress
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as firefighters battle a brush fire near winter in yolo county. awaiting an update this morning on the fire fight. at the last check, last night, it's burned 1,000 acres. firefighters only have it 15% contained. roads are blocked at highway 128. mandatory and advisory evacuations have been ordered. we'll have more on the fire as we continue to get updates when pete joins us with a live report coming up in half an hour at 5:00. developing story closer to home, several mountain lion spottedings part of a popular south bay park shut down this morning. >> we are live at the park in san jose with more on some frightening encounters happening up there. coming after several hikers saw a mountain lion we understand. >> reporter: good morning to you. correct. not only have the number of hikers seen the mountain lion here, a park employee was able
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to capture it on video. if you want to take a look at the tv screen, see it basically in center of the frame amidst that foliage. alum rock park ranger believes it is a resident of the park. given it's sighted multiple times each day they believe it's on the move so the park has shut down two trails, one one way road and the other south rim, for 48 hours to give the big cat the time and space to roam at its own leisure. hikers have access to 25 other trails that wind throughout the park. >> hmm, this's kind of distressful to see that. but i would just have to be very careful. >> you'll still go hiking? >> will, yeah. i'll still go hiking. i have extra meat on me. >> he's not showing any aggressive or he or she. it is not showing any stalking behavior. it appears to be in good health.
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>> reporter: those two trails, one way road and south rim, will remain closed until tomorrow saturday. then the park rangers will reassess and determine if they need to remain shut down or reopened. reporting live here outside alum rock park, bob redell, today in the bay. >> be careful out there, bob. brave, brave folks. thank you, bob. happening right now, the g20 summit in hamburg, germany. you are looking at live images at the summit of the world's 20 largest economies is under way. you see german chancellor merkel there. she is hosting and the meeting of donald trump and russian president vladimir putin so closely watched. those two leaders meet publicly for the first time though they did shake hands briefly in what's described as a colee jal encounter. there are once again protesters on the streets of hamburg, many protesting capitalism. the protests have turned violent. this morning, an east bay
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city is offering rewards for homeowners who help them catch vandals. cleaning up graffiti can be costly. oakland spent $25,000 going after taggers over the last year dealing with 30 incidents just on the weekend of june 3rd. now, the city is offering rewards up to $300 for clear evidence of those taggers in the form of video or photos. 4:35. happening today, this morning two men charged in the deadly ghost ship fire make another court appearance. of course 36 people died in that fire last december. the two are each facing 36 counts of manslaughter. both men have a plea hearing later today. one was the master tenant of the warehouse. harris lived there and working. both men were arrested last month. san jose police say they have arrested five people involved in fatal shootings of last year. san jose police say castro
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walking down mindel avenue. passengers got out and shot him. police say the final suspect was arrested june 3rd. three are juveniles. police arrested a roanoke park shop worker accusing him of running over a teen who allegedly tried to rob him. police say two teens entered the shop on wednesday and allegedly demanded money from the worker richardson and allegedly got into the jeep wrangler and ran over one a mile away. the teen was taken to the hospital and police arrested richardson the next day. coming up, another way to earn some extra cash. put your car to work. the bay area app that's airbnb for cars. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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morning.. airbnb for your car.. when youre n d all right. business and tech news this morning, some airbnb-type service for your car not driving it, rent it out. >> i have a nice van in the parking lot. it's a new way to side hustle here in the bay area. nbc bay area anchor raj has the story. a nice car. >> reporter: you might call it a four-wheel version of airbnb. people who need rides connecting with people renting out the cars for some extra cash. jennifer simpson rented out the honda civic 200 times thanks to a company of turo. >> three years and helped me pay off my car.
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>> reporter: totally? >> yeah. this car is 100% paid off. >> reporter: to advertise the car, jennifer joined 150,000 other car owners nationwide using this online service offering insurance. and prices that are often cheaper than a rental car. for example, a 2010 toyota yaris for $26 a day. a 2006 ford escape for $39 a day or a 2015 bmw for $60 a day. but say you want to go high end. well, there's a market for that. $248 will get you a porsche. almost $300 a day will get you a mass raty. >> young people are getting access of cars when they need them. >> reporter: for many it's avoiding the hassle, cost and time of city driving. >> convenience wins over a rental agency. >> reporter: joining the experiment, tesla, chevy, lexus
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and cadillac. all competing with uber and lyft. but is america truly willing to give up that family car. >> more people are giving up owning a car in favor of ride sharing or car sharing. but we're a long way from america saying, take the keys. i don't want to own it anymore. >> reporter: may be a city trend but americans' love affair with the cars might be stalling. >> in order to rent a car from turo, might be 21 years old, a cell phone in your own name and meet the auto insurance score criteria. >> all right. that answers the question. really interesting idea and make sure whoever is taking my car has a clean driving record and don't get it back with a giant dent in the front. >> you may. hey, coming up, the temperatures are warming up inland across the bay area. rob is in for kari this morning. >> watching the temperatures, in the 60s for the bay area. los gatos, temperatures climbing into the 90s by early afternoon. how hot those weekend
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temperatures will get in the forecast coming up. we have plenty of early morning commuters especially at the san matteo bridge. look at the people already out on the road. i have a feeling they're ready to get the friday over with and ready for the weekend. no doubt about that. 4:42 and fewer californians accepted to the university of california system this year out of state students becoming the preferred choice. why the change? all that coming up. ad lib live picture-- san
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francisco a very good morning to you. taking a live look outside. san francisco this morning. sparkling lights. you can see it at least. as we have been fogged in in many parts of the bay over the last week but the temperatures, boy, they are on the rise. >> that's a good point. i don't think we have seen one shot all week until friday where we could make out the skyline this early in the morning. >> good time to head to the city. >> the island is cooling. heading through the day today, temperatures on the weather map same as the color you're wearing. >> 20. >> yes. fuchsia today is temperatures soaring as you're about to see. right now, it is foggy around the golden gate bridge. notice the mist by the camera there. watch out for that. let's show you liver more. look at that. coolest point of the day, 64 degrees. and also, seeing 60s this morning from palo alto into san
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jose. as we have clear skies inland and still a little bit of an onshore breeze reaching fairfield here and what's interesting is marine air is compressed. areas of yellow and orange for the morning and the hills seeing humidity levels below 25% and high pressure strengthens that marine air is compressed down. some l patchy fog around san francisco and then unfortunately today especially in the hills as the areas in orange and red show, elevated fire danger today or midpoint of the afternoon. most of the hills north bay, east bay and south bay seeing humidity levels below 25% so hour by hour lunchtime, 70s around the bay. mid-80s inland and upper 90s in reach for most of our valley locations today. there you see upper 90s around santa rosa and sonoma. fairfield 102 degrees. 99 in concord. 90 in san jose. 70s around san francisco and oakland. here are the bright colors on the map. 107 in fresno today.
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20 in palm springs. 90s around l.a. so it is quite hot. heading into southern california later on today, see the temperatures around san francisco, not too bad. actually, staying cooler moving through the weekend and valleys, hot today. and then numbers dropping into the low 90s by the end of the weekend. now, let's see how things shape up with your friday commute. >> i usually like going to palm springs but i think i'll avoid it for a while with the temperatures. i don't know about 120. but what is looking pretty good out here, though, are the roads. right now, the speed sensors showing fairly green conditions and for the traffic maps flowing smoothly. no major slowing. we were seeing a minor fender bender in the south bay and cleared off nicely to the right-hand shoulder and southbound 680 from 580 to vargas road, ten-minute delay. 28 from 385 to 880, two minutes. and our bridge drive times fairly nice. westbound 580 to richmond
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bridge, eight minutes. westbound 80 to the bray bridge about eight minutes. and san matteo is very busy already at 12 minutes. a live look right now, yesterday they turned on the metering lights about 5:26. let's see where they turn them on today on a friday. back to you. >> thank you very much. 4:48. fewer californians accepted to the university of california this year and more out of state students will be coming in. that is according to the latest numbers released by the uc office of the president. here are the official figures. almost 70,000 californians were admitted, down around 1,200 students from last year. as you can see there, out of state admissions increased by 3% and about 1,700 more international students got in, up 5%. >> we are supposed to have an advantage being from california and paying our taxes to get our child into a uc school. >> that was daniel smith, he is
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the father of an applicant who wants his son to get a spot in the system and fears it will go to an out of state or international student. it is official. governor jerry brown will be hosting a massive global climate summit in san francisco next year. he made the announcement in a video. this is the message in the global system festival in hamburg, germany. the climate conference is scheduled for september of 2018. you can see more drilling for oil and gas in california. president trump is now directing more public lands to be opened for drilling. that order was signed by the interior secretary yesterday. the sf chronicle reporting that land leases auctioned off four times a year. drilling likely in the interior central coast region and the southern san joaquin valley. a new decision on the travel ban, a judge denied hawaii's
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motion to broaden the scope of exceptions. hawaii argued the plan for the executive order excluded grandparents from the list of close family members to get visas to the united states. there is no such thing as a free ride. right? unless there's more free rides. new this morning, the rail transit district added eight more days to the free preview period. the free rides started last week taking people to and from the marin county fair and the civic center and still not a date for full paid service actually starts. and big changes coming to public transit on the peninsula. eliminating three routes. 11, 43 and 89. that guess into effect on august 6th. board of directors said that ridership is low on the routes. that decision was made after hearing input from the public on ways to cut costs. the board says eliminating buses on the three routes saves about
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$170,000. 4:50. bart passenger rushed in to help a woman after a mob of teenagers robbed her. the 62-year-old brown was on a bart train last week an she saw a group of teens steal a woman's cell phone and run off. brown says his instincts kicked in. he jumped into action. brown is a trained security officer licensed to carry a gun, pepper spray and a baton. brown managed to chase down the suspects and wrestle the phone away. now, he has a message for anyone looking to do harm. >> you never know where i may be or someone like me so don't try it. >> brown adds, no one has a right to make a person fear for their life. it's a second large mob attack on bart this year. bart changed the security procedures after the first mob attack happened back in april. 4:51 right now on the friday morning. the search continues for gas thieves in the north bay. police said they're stealing
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fuel meant for school buses. the fuel heist happened wednesday night and police are now searching for this van. a man and a woman reportedly stole hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel from the bus yard. custodians spotted that couple siphoning the gas from underground storage tanks. coming up, cleaning up the debris and praying for the best. up next, to italy where there's fear of what crews find getting to the bottom of this crumbled building. but first, happening right now, breaking news out of iraq. a major counter attack by isis and mosul. officials on the ground say 50 to 100 isis fighters pushed back iraqi army forces. plus, rescue workers in japan searching for survivors after heavy rains lead to flooding in that country. about 20 people are missing in the southern part of japan. at least six are confirmed dead. unfortunately, there's more rain expected there, as well. we're back with more news on this friday in two minutes. ad lib live picture---golden
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gate a very good friday morning to you. can you make out where this shot from? that's the golden gate bridge. you can kind of see the lights there in the distance fogged in at the moment. inland is pretty warm this week. rob is in for kari. we'll check with him in a minute. developing news right now from across the world. new video out of italy where search crews there are digging by hand right now to try the find out if anyone is trapped underneath all of that rubble. that is a crumbled building. five-story apartment building collapsed this morning near naples. firefighters said that six or seven people are believed to be buried underneath that rubble but so far no word on what
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caused it to collapse. new this morning, a russian river beach is closed due to bacteria discovered from water testing. the department of health services posted warning for people to keep away from the water. test results showed unsafe levels of e. coli. bacteria can make swimmers seriously ill if ingested. record year in the marin county fair this morning. the fair made more than $1.6 million in ticket revenue, that is up nearly 7% from last year's sales. the event themed on the 1967 summer of love attracted nearly 120,000 people according to the department. we go live right now to san francisco. this is a look at the transamerica building this morning. what was once the tallest building in san francisco. that is no longer the case. that honor now belongs to sales force tower and a design
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discussion right now, what kind of lighting to put on it drawing criticism. the examiner reported this morning that the planning commission compared the designs to a carnival. normally redwood trees and public art. the designer has gone a different direction, apparently. opening the space to pedestrian with light fixtures. no word on what plans they settle on. >> could change the lighting even more day and night. coming up, the hot weather continues with a big warm-up this weekend. >> yeah. right now, seeing patchy fog across the bay. heading up to sonoma and napa this afternoon, look at the numbers around lunchtime. low 90s. a few spots close to 100 today. we'll show you where coming up. the roads are definitely starting to wake up. this is a live look at palo alto. we can see more cars on the road but at this hour thankfully no major incidents to report. a quick check of the drive times coming up. breaking news, people told
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to evacuate as a fire burns out of control near their homes. a live report from the fire lines coming up after this break. happy friday morning..
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taking a live look outside from our emeryville a very good friday morning to you. let's take a peek outside from the emeryville camera. see the camera there. little haze in the air but clearer, as well, than seen earlier this week. a lot hotter coming this weekend. hope you are ready for it. thank you for joining us.
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>> we are seeing the crazy temperatures all over the west right now. 116 in phoenix today? reno is going to be up there. what are we doing in the bay area? >> not that hot. maybe close to 100 degrees out by concord and fairfield for sure. right now a study in contrast. golden gate bridge at times, misty skies to start off the friday morning. mid-50s there and interesting looking at san jose, coolest point of the day starting off in the 60s. so high temperatures today around san jose, close to 90 degrees. 9 in concord. 70s around san francisco and oakland and a quick check of the statewide forecast. 120 in palm springs. as you see there. l.a. into the 90s so the bay area not all that bad relatively speaking. now a look at the friday morning commute. >> we have continued to enjoy fairly light traffic. thanks to the holiday. all week long. but we have seen that picking up over the past two


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