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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 8, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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site fire in oakland. right now at 5:00, the clean up continues after a massive construction site fire in oakland. people now still out of their homes. the dangerous and tedious process for firefighters that just got underway. and a gruesome investigation. a woman under arrest after police say she murdered her parents. first a brush fire breaks out in rodeo and spreading quickly in this heat. >> the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening to you. we do begin with that breaking news in the east bay right now. the brush fire near the phillips refinery has grown to 100 acres. take a look at these photos here. you can see the smoke there.
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white smoke and black smoke there as you continue to fight this fire. it broke out about 3:30 this afternoon. this is at interstate 80 near the coming sky way. firefighters say the blames are burning down a ravine. the winds not helping out the situation. they are fuelling the fire. cal fire says it has the potential to grow quickly, so they are concerned in acting fast. firefighters say the refinery is not threatened. no evacuations have been ordered. now taking you to a live picture here. this is what it looks like at the 101 southbound. this is in san jose. traffic very slow here as crews battle this brush fire. this started after 4:00. you can see that 680 interchange just over the 101 there. a lot of smoke there on both levels. and of course the back-up there on 101. here's what the fire looked like at its peak. it is unclear here what started the fire. right now we're not hearing
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about any kind of injuries. crews are being pulled in from as far away as santa cruz to fight three brush fires that broke out early this morning. flames early this morning you can see before the sun came up, the fires were reported near brentwood. this is the scene a few hours ago as crews battled to knock back the fire. two of the fires have been contained. investigators say the way the fire started was suspicious. >> with three incidents of this magnitude without having any weather events, it is suspicious and it is currently under investigation. >> they also started in the middle of the night and took out about 225 acres. right now we are looking at 60% containment. all that heat, the dry winds out there as well. these fires come on a sweltering day here in the bay area. tracking these conditions. boy, a really hot day to be
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battling brush fires. >> bone dry conditions. you can see one of the fires there off to the northwest. the smoke blowing by where we're having temperatures in the upper 90s near 100 degrees. you see walnut creek. 97 degrees currently. look at these humidity levels. bone dry across the east bay and locations under that red flag warning. humidity levels down to 7%. right now 10% relative humidity in concord. notice the wind speed. some of the stronger winds we're seeing right now. 15 to 25 miles an hour. so the red flag warning in effect until 9:00 tonight targeting these east bay hills and areas east of san jose. in addition to that, heat advisory continues tonight. but you might notice late in the day seeing a big change now in the forecast. big temperature drop occurring in the north bay. how much cooling can you expect for your sunday forecast?
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a look at that coming up in about 12 minutes. >> all right, bob. thank you so much. you can track this heat wave with our free app. click on the weather app to find a detailed forecast for where you live. a follow up on the massive fire that ripped through a building in oakland yesterday. crews have started mismanting a large crane in danger of collapsing there. we are live near the site now. i guess the first question here, what about the people who live here? when will they be able to go home. >> reporter: at the moment that's not going to be happening. we'll show you why. just as you said, that big construction crane out there, that was damaged in this fire. so we have been told that fire crews and other crews that have been brought in are going to actually pull that crane down. i want to show you they're bringing in two large cranes to pull it down in a controlled fashion. it is going to be yanked down into that parking lot. and until that crane does come
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down, safety inspectors cannot even enter any of the neighboring buildings because anywhere that crane could fall poses a risk. this morning crews began dismantling the scaffolding that surrounded this site. it has been a slow process. 700 residents remain displaced from neighboring buildings. residents have told us their concerns about not being able to get into their homes. but fire crews say they have to work methodically to take that damaged construction crane down. they brought in a crew that had some experience. they took down a damaged crane development recently. >> at this point, our primary concern is how are we going to bring down this crane safely. we will be briefing again once the crane is down and we'll have more information at that point. >> reporter: this is a fire that started early friday morning at 4:30 a.m.
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this was a seven-story development. no one was injured, but this has been deemed a suspicious fire. now one of several in the oakland area over the last few years. crews have brought in some very heavy equipment, as i mentioned. there is a couple different cranes that will be tethered to that damaged construction crane so they could pull it down into a neighboring parking lot. we will be watching that unfold over the next couple of hours or so. reporting live in oakland. >> all right. we'll be checking back in with you again. now, since that fire first broke, we have been covering those incredible pictures. just amazing to see how huge this fire was. you can check out these photos and video all across our social media platforms. our twitter or facebook feeds as well. or head to our website at nbcbayarea got come. >> a fire ripped through antioch. fireworks could be to blame. it broke out about 10:00 last
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night near turner elementary school. it started outs a a grass fire but quickly jumped to three buildings there. paramedics rushed three people to the hospital. witnesses say they think the fireworks started the fire. >> there was little kids out here playing fireworks all day long. nobody was telling them to stop. so it started a big fire. >> now red cross is helping people out who are displaced. the fire remains under investigation. new at 5:00, a county woman is under arrest for allegedly killing her own parents. 50-year-old called pittsburgh police on friday morning saying that her parents were dead inside her home where they all lived. now, officers say when they got there, it looked like the couple had been dead for a few days and someone tried to clean up the crime scene to make it look like the couple stabbed each other. pittsburgh police department saying she later confessed to the crime.
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she is now booked in jail. and the family of a disupon innocent man shot and killed by a police officer on the force in july last year has filed a federal lawsuit against the city. the man's family spoke at a news conference today saying ining 18-year-old was not armed when officers fired. christy is live in san jose with those details. christy? >> reporter: this is a copy of the complaint that was handed out as the group gathered here today and it suggested anthony n was not holding a gun at the time he was shot. well, the family says they just initially called for help. >> what happened that day, we still have no answers. >> reporter: sandy was emotional talking about her son, anthony. >> he was doing great things with his life. he didn't deserve to die. he needed help, and that's what
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they should have brought, not guns. they should have brought ambulance and help for him, not guns. >> reporter: she joined her attorney and supporters outside city hall to discuss a federal lawsuit filed. the 18-year-old was shot and killed last july by police. >> to provide any kind of services to deescalate the situation for this young man who obviously was feeling depressed, who was suicidal and really needed help. >> reporter: they say he wounded himself with a gun and relatives called for help. >> the dispatch person says take the gun from him, which he did. and he took that gun and placed it in the backyard. >> reporter: he says security videos shows him going back and forth and witnesses say there was nothing in his hand when he was shot. police explained he emerged from the home with a gun and officers encouraged him to drop it. back in 2016, san jose police
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chief spoke about what officers say led up to it. >> at one point the subject emerged and began pointing the weapon in a threatening manner. >> i want my son back. and what i want to come out of this lawsuit, i want changes to be made so there is not another victim. there is not another anthony. >> reporter: today the family also raised questions about the location of that gun after the shooting. we did reach out to san jose police for comment. they referred us to the city attorney's office. i did hear from the city spokesperson who said at this point the city is reviewing the lawsuit and has no further comment at this time. reporting live in san jose, christy smith nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. well, the g20 summit is now over and president trump is on his way back to washington, d.c. after a second trip abroad since taking office as president. at the center of that three-day trip was the first face-to-face meeting with russian president
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vladimir putin. tonight the fall-out from that meeting continues. nbc's jay gray has been following this story and joins us with the latest. this is all people can talk about, jay. >> reporter: yeah. peggy, good to talk to you this evening. you're right. the white house and kremlin clearly have a different take on what happened during that meeting. many of the world leaders held the press briefing before they left hamburg here today. president trump did not and he is yet to speak publically in detail about his crime with president putin. president trump leaves europe. his second overseas trip in office met by cheers in poland and pro tetests at the summit i germany. the president met with several world leaders on the sidelines of the conference. but it was his sit-down with russian president vladimir putin that grab the world's spotlight and seemed to define his visit.
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the two leaders talking for more than two hours, covering a wide range of topics. speaking publically for the first time since their meeting, mr. putin today confirmed that he was questioned repeatedly by president trump about russian hacking into the 2016 election. >> tv trump is very different from the real trump, from the trump i had before me. >> the russian leader denied any involvement. >> he asked me questions. i answered. i clarified and i think that he was atszfied with my answers. >> the white house has said the president only agreed to move to other topics after pushing the issue for 40 minutes. mr. trump's only public comment came this morning as he met with the british prime minister theresa may. >> i had a tremendous meeting yesterday with president putin. >> 20 individual meetings in three days, according to the white house as the president works to establish his administration's spot on the
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world stage. >> now, president trump will be back in europe next week. he'll travel to paris after an invitation from the president of france to take part in the field days ceremony. that's the latest live here in germany. >> thank you so much. continuing coverage of the president's visit to europe and the g20 summit is straight ahead. that's coming up on nbc "nightly news." that begins at 5:30. still to come, tragedy overseas for an american tourist. the investigation after police say an aspiring fashion designer is found dead. and a prominent coffee farmer in hawaii sent back to mexico. it is gaining national attention after a decade-long battle. dead, after a bar brawl on the
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greek island of "zakynthos." zack-in-thos a young american tourist is dead after a bar brawl on the greek island. 22-year-old was found dead at a bar called bar code early on friday with serious head wounds. henderson had just graduated from the university of arizona with a degree in business administration. his family says he was on the island for a photo shoot while preparing to launch a few fashion line. friends say they just can't believe it. >> he puts everything out there. i'm just as shocked as everyone
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else. he was my best friend and he'll always be. >> several people have been taken into custody in relation to the case. police say the two main suspects are the bartender and also a bar bouncer. after months long legal battles that gained the national attention and established coffee farmer has been deported to mexico. he left for mexico from hawaii last night. he's been trying to obtain u.s. citizenship for nearly 30 years. government officials ordered him to report for removal four months ago. his appeal gained national attention after a guj cajudge c the deportation inhuman. >> i am very sad and very disappointed in many ways. but it is not much that i can do than just follow what i have to do. hopefully in a little bit that things can be better. >> he is now facing a ten-year ban before he'll be allowed back into the united states. well still to come a wild
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fire growing here sacramento. homes destroyed as firefighters struggle to get control of this fire. 97 degrees in walnut creek, but check out the sangs now havhave san francisco 65. what you can expect for sunday when we come right back.
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where a massive wildfire is now now to a story we are
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following near sacramento. a massive wild fire spreading to neighborhoods. you can see the structures here are fully on fire. this is a wall fire burning near the city. it has grown now to 2,000 acres. cal fire says the flames have spread. they are destroying at least ten structures there, including homes. evacuations are in order. the flames are only 2% contained. cal fire says one crew member suffered injuries in that fire. they are expected to be okay. the cause right now is under investigation. checking in right now with rob who is joining us here with his forecast. we already have this really dry weather. and then all the brush fire. >> just the worst conditions you can have. we're seeing that still underway. right now outside, though, beginning to see changes and changes that started out on the coast. the fog making a comeback, and that's the view now in san francisco. look at that. 65 degrees, sea breeze starting
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to crank up. still 97 degrees. and our temperature trend today very toasty in walnut creek. let's fast forward to what we're expecting tomorrow. instead of near 100 degrees, still hot, but improvement over what we had today. the temperature trend was near 100 degrees today. let's take a look at tomorrow and you should see a drop of about 10 degrees for those high temperatures. still on the warm side, but clearly today the hotter of the two weekend days. the sea breeze is kicking up, making a huge impact. look at the temperature we're seeing now. almost 20 degrees cooler. and thanks to the south wind. so we'll see that cool down take effect for this evenings. eventually some misty skies and an even deeper marine layer. so morning temperatures 50s for
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the first part. maybe a few low 60s and high temperatures tomorrow, at least 5 to 8 degrees cooler. upper 80s to mid-90s south of san jose. still some low 90s. you see those temperatures, too. low to mid-70s from oakland. you see temperatures mainly in the 70s and san francisco out of the 70s, highs mainly in the mid-60s. for the north bay, should stay away from 100 degrees. but still upper 80s and maybe low 90s to the north. what we're going to see in the seven-day forecast short term is a little bit of cooling. the sea breeze will kick up in response to this low pressure off the coast. but stay tuned. thursday and friday look at what happens. high pressure makes a comeback. it will strengthen. temperatures going back up again and we're going to have to watch to see if some monsoon moisture
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will creep back up towards the bay area by next weekend. you have some cooling through the weekend. now at least two beginning to see tomorrow. but 90s probably doesn't feel much cooler for our inland folks. but monday through wednesday much cooler. look at the end of the seven-day forecast. back up there to see hundreds by next weekend. still to come, a major honor for barry bonds. how the giants honored the leg dare players ten years after his days at at&t park.
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the wall of fame. a major honor today -- for barry well, his career has been controversial, but now he's on the wall of fame. barry bonds, one of the most iconic players in giants history. it has been ten years since bonds played for the giants. now, the giants declined to invite bonds back for the 2008 season. but bond returned to the giants as a special advisor. bond said today, it's good to be back. >> we've all come a long way and i'm so grateful for being a part of that. i love you all so much. and, you know, i can never, never, never, never thank you guys enough for what your loyalty to me and my family. >> the giants are also expected to retire bond's number, number 25. but there is no date that has been set for that event just
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yet. much more on bond's comments. that's coming up in our newscast tonight at 6:00 in sports. quick break here and we'll be right back. - grocery outlet is the home of "wow" savings.
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- give $5, get $5. a really important story coming up. do little girls really think they're not as smart as little boys? on sunday night, megan kelly dives into stunning new research revealing by young girls underestimate themselves? >> are you very smart or medium smart? >> very smart. >> a new study from nyu and princeton revealing that some girls don't think they are as smart as boys even though the average iqs of young girls and boys are id cal. it is the topic of this week sunday night be megan kelly. that's at 7:00. should be very interesting.
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let's break here. we'll be back at 6:00. see you then. on this saturday night, what did they say? what vladimir putin revealed today about his closed-door conversation with president trump. the white house saying only that the president handled it brilliantly. show of force. u.s. bombers joined by planes from south korea and japan in a display of air power as the president says something has to be done about the north korean threat. the heated debate over removing confederate monuments in the south. and an angry confrontation between the ku klux klan and its opponents. great escape. a dangerous inmate breaks out again from a maximum security prison. this time with some high-tech help, maybe even a drone that flew in tools. and "inspiring america." he's one of the boys


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